Aliens Versus Predator 2

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Go to the Planet LV1201, where three diverse and bloodthirsty species battle for survival. The action is heart-stopping. You can choose to play as Alien, Predator, or Marine as you use your physical prowess, killer instincts, or superior firepower to stay alive.

The Alien and the Predator are two of filmdom's most beloved and feared creations, and fans have been clamoring for a matchup between the two species for years. Their dreams were teased by a brief shot of an alien skull in the Predator's trophy room in Predator 2, indulged by several uneven pairings in comic books, and finally fulfilled in Rebellion's underrated Aliens Versus Predator video game. Fox Interactive, teamed this time with developer Monolith, delights these fans again with Aliens Versus Predator 2, and the result is easily one of the most intense 3-D shooters ever released.

Like in the first game, there are three distinct campaigns. One lets you play as the Predator, another as an Alien, and a third as the overconfident humans they prey upon. This time out the stories are much more detailed, even crossing over in interesting ways. The plot concerns some arrogant human scientists, a group of heroic marines, a rogue Predator, and the faceless Alien horde found on LV-1201 (the planet from the first two Alien films).

As a human, you play a fearless roughneck sent to check things out and perform missions. This generally involves rescuing fellow marines, recon work, restoring power to various systems, and trying to stay alive against fast-moving killing machines with acid for blood and nasty dispositions. You're armed with the incredible pulse rifle from the films, other weapons such as a knife and a smart gun (which automatically locks onto targets for you), a tension-inducing motion tracker, and a shoulder-mounted flashlight that casts eerie shadows. The Predator is armed with his shoulder cannon, cloaking device, spear, and his famous wrist claws.

The Alien campaign is the most interesting as it first casts you as the spiderlike face hugger. You've got to roam the corridors looking for a solitary victim. Once you implant a human, you play the small and snakelike chest-burster, seeking out rodents and other tiny prey so you can quickly molt and grow into a full-fledged alien. Then all hell breaks loose as the humans become your prey. You can claw, perform a head bite (which restores health), and execute a fearsome pounce attack that literally explodes the target. Aliens can also cling and climb on walls, which takes some getting used to, but the effect is exhilarating, as is the hunt.

The graphics are evocative of the films and feature strobe lights, flashing reds and whites, ample darkness, abandoned barricades, sputtering ruined equipment, and horrific scenes of carnage. The music rises and falls with the drama and draws heavily from the Alien films in particular. And the game is relentlessly creepy, whether or not you are the hunter or hunted. The audio is equally effective, from screaming humans to screeching alien attackers to the familiar Predator purring chuckle. The game is also filled with often amusing conversations between guards, marines, and scientists.

The three campaigns offer 21 missions, but the wide range of multiplayer game modes deserve special mention. The game has legs, no matter which species you prefer, and already a community has sprung up for challenges between gamers. Unfortunately, the Net code is a bit buggy: be sure to download the latest patch.

Monolith has created a much better game than the previous installment, mainly by pumping up the atmosphere, refining the controls, and making sure the three stories combine into a greater tale of horror and survival. Oh, and most importantly to some, the game lets you save whenever you want. Just remember this when playing the game--on the Internet, no one can hear you scream, but your neighbors can. --Bob Andrews


  • Superb atmosphere that evokes the best of the movies
  • Excellent graphics and single-player gaming
  • You need the marines to do a bug hunt in the multiplayer code

Aliens Versus Predator 2, sequel to one of the most frightening games ever made, takes you to Planet LV1201, where three of the most dangerous and bloodthirsty species in the galaxy battle for survival. The story-driven plot weaves together the fates of all three species. The action is as intense as the blockbuster films on which the game is based. Choose to play as Alien, Predator, or Marine, and use your physical prowess, killer instincts, or superior firepower to stay alive.

Customer Reviews:

  • Just Like a Movie,a must have PC FIRST PERSON GAME!!
    AVP2 is suspensful,adrenline flowing,and scary.

    The Aliens are alot of fun to be,the ability to walk on walls with the smaller more agile aliens is great.You can start as a crawler,snake,drone and moth all the way to a big bad black Queen!

    The Predator has several races to play also,and his vision modes,invisibility,and weaponry is just like in the movie.

    The Marines,has several class operators,and is my favorite role player. The amount and power of the weaponry is awesome.

    At my home,we play over LAN,next to Unreal Tournament 2003,this is the next greatest PC first person game.

    Better have atleast 32mb or 64mb video card. I had problems late in the game with my Prosavage S4 video card,I aftwards,purchased the Nvidia Geforce 4 64MB AGP video card,with s-video output,now the game plays flawlesly,and we can watch it on the 27" big screen TV.

    A bonus to the game,is the ability to play LAN or Internet servers,upgrade your game first,the first time you play,on the internet. I recommend that you also upgrade the game (free) over the internet at the official Sierra website for this game....more info

  • Ok but needs graphical updates.
    I had gotten this game the day it came out. Since then i've beaten the alien levels 13 times, predator 17, and marines 7. There were a tremendous number of slow-downs, and the graphics need a huge update, mostly the character models. The sound effects and voice acting are stunning, most of the time. The ships that occasionally fly above your head when your a predator are awesome! The predator's special visions are cool to have. I found the predator campaign to be much to easy! There are cheat codes for this game, but they don't work for the alien. The graphical chugging is the main issue. I've had to restart my computer at least 30 times because of this game! The gore in the game is pretty realistic but cool. Overall this game is mostly fun but won't give that much gameplay. If you want cheat codes for this game try cheat And remember, watch LOST. ...more info
  • Hook up those pair of head phones, turn off the lights..
    ... and be ready to scream louder that you ever have screamed before. Well, at least for the first 3rd of the game. I was looking for a good scary game, heard of this game, and picked it up. Indeed, few games have scared me more than the marine campaign of this game, if the makers just made that campaign longer and kept the different races in multiplayer, I just might be happy with my 30 dollar purchase of this game. The predator & alien campaigns are just bad compared to the marine one. For many reasons too, it is well paced, has a memorable main character, and it is SCARY. I screamed almost every single time an alien popped up onscreen. You might want to pick up the game, because of the low price is charging it. I think it is a dissapointment...more info
  • One of the Best Computer Games I've Ever Played!
    Aliens Versus Predator 2 is one of the best computer games I've ever played! It has great graphics and it is fun to play as one of the 3 species. You can play as a Marine named Harrison(his nickname is Frosty), a drone Alien, or a Predator. Some of the sounds in the game are taken directly from the movies. For example, when Jesse Ventura used the minigun in Predator, the exact same sound is used. The snarling, clawing, and screeching sounds from the Aliens are the exact same sounds they made in the Alien movies. And for the Predator, that clicking purr he makes from his mouth is the same sound too, and so is that evil laugh he makes. Other Predator sounds include when he fires his Plasma Caster, and when he draws his Disc. As the Alien, your weapons include claws, tail, and teeth. As the Predator, your weapons include the famous Wristblades, Combstick, Plasma Pistol, Spear Gun, Plasma Caster, Disc, Netgun, and Remote Bomb. You can also Cloak yourself and be invisible so enemies can't see you. Aliens see you anyway. As a Marine, your weapons include a knife, pistol, shotgun, Pulse Rifle, Smartgun, flamethrower, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, minigun, and sniper rifle. You also get a shoulder lamp for seeing in the dark. It is also neat being a Predator because you get to use the vision modes he used in the movies. Being the Alien is fun to because when you start out you have go through the alien life cycle, by finding a host, and growing into a drone. You also get to crawl on walls and pounce to eliminate your enemies quickly. It can be funny listening to the human's conversations. When you sneak up behind a human, they say something funny like, "Quit trying to scare me!", or something stupid like, "That better be a dog!" When they see you they make this funny sound that sounds something "Ahw!" Then it makes this suspensful music. It can be funny when you are walking around, and all of the sudden this music starts playing, and you look around, but you don't see anybody, but it keeps playing this music. Watching the mini-movies is fun too. The Marine movie when you start is funny. It starts off like this, "Hurry up, Frosty. We ain't got all day." "Don't you have work to do?" "Everybody's wait'n on you, heck, I even prep'ed your gear for you. Wasn't that nice of me?" "Thanks Duke. I'll remember who's a** to pull out of the fire first when everything goes to hell." Then, this other person cuts in and says, "Duke, we have an operation to run here. Quit flirting and get back to work!" Over all, very entertaining game to play....more info
  • Well balanced game
    Aliens versus Predator2 is a very good game,with very few flaws.
    Predator fans mite wonder why the Predator is dulled,so it will be balanced.Still playing the Predator,Marine or Alien wil make you feel like a real Predator,Marine or Alien.All three species have unique,and deadly weapons.This game is great,it has three very interesting storylines,all unique.The graphics of this game are incredible.
    This game is very well balanced,it is interesting,so it's worth buying....more info
  • Great for any fan of the movies
    If you've ever wanted to play as a predator or a alien than this is the game for you. There are 3 campaigns The marine, the alien, and the predator.The graphics aren't great but there ok. This game also has one of the best multiplayer. However people that use AIMBOTs or wall hacks can really ruin the experience which is why I usally only play with my friends...more info
  • Best FPS Ever Made. Halo cannot compete!!
    I would give this game 4.5 stars, but unfortunately, Amazon will not let me rate it as 4.5 stars. So, 4.5 rounds up to 5 stars. This game combined excellent graphics, sound effects, music, and control with a plot (well, 3 plots) that will blow your mind and incredibly balanced races. Once you beat the single player missions, online play is even better. True, you die about every 15 seconds, but its just so much fun. However, I would not reccomend online play for somebody without high speed internet, because loading takes forever and it is hardly worth your trouble if you have dial-up internet. So, to break it down for you:

    Incredible plots
    Beautiful Graphics
    Sounds and music(as well as weapons!!)str8 from the movies
    Wonderful online play

    Too many deaths in online game
    Not worth playing online without DSL or cable internet
    Movies could have used some tweaking...more info

  • awsome game
    one of my friends was telling me about this game. I was going to buy this game so I did. I love this game. Keep it up....more info
  • Great Game, Captures the feel of the Alien/Predator Movies.
    This is an overall excellent game, I have only the demo which contains one mission for each of the three species but I am planning on purchasing this game. I would recommend downloading the demo, to see if the game suits your tastes. The three species (Alien, Predator, Human) are all interesting and fun to play as. Playing as a Marine will definateley get your heart pounding and adrenaline going as well. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Predator, as the introdction of the Energy Sieve and Medicomp renders you pratically invincible. The Alien is possibly the most fun species to play. Though the Wallcrawling technique takes some getting used to (a plus, the developers added arrows that indicate up and down, which is a step up from the first AvP which forced you to figure it out for your self). Overall, a worthy game and one that is worth buying, also make it a point to obtain patches to work some minimal bugs out....more info
  • Another Glorious Day in the Corps!
    When the original AvP came out I quickly snapped up a copy, playing it only during daytime because it was too much on my heart. The graphics were really good and the game gave new meaning to the phrase "Adrenaline Overload".

    Here's AvP2, and in almost every way it's an improvement over the original, which I didn't think was possible. Every species has been retooled and new weapons have been added making each character type you play very different from the next. And my God, it's even more heart stopping than the original!

    The plot centers around a particular alien-infested planet. A research station run by Corporates has had something go awry so the Marines are sent in to figure out the goings on and fix it if possible. The Predator goes in to rack up points for his Hunt while searching ultimately for the Boss of the base, a kill that got away years before. And the Aliens, well...they're just out to kill.

    The Marines are still my favorite. Heavily reliant on Pulse Rifles and Chainguns, the Marine campaign is nothing short of spectacular. From the word go you're immersed in what has to be simply put the best fusion of all the movies put together. Predictably after landing, your character is separated from his comrades and must rely on his minimal ammo load to make it from point A to B to C, fighting with Aliens the whole while. Hints that the Predator is around are seen everywhere by the numerous "skinned" bodies hanging upside down, and the telltale clicking noises he makes. The brilliant addition of a shoulder lamp helps enormously, making you less reliant on your finite source of flares. And to say this particular campaign will make you [appreciate it] is the understatement of the century. Even when you know that the dark and scary locale you're in is loaded with Aliens wanting to disembowel you is not enough to prevent even the most hardened gamer from screaming out loud at his or her computer in surprise.

    The Predator portion is for the most part true to the movies. They've somewhat weakened this character from the first game, where the Predator was something of the uber class to play, mostly for multiplayer balance I would imagine. While the atmosphere is still eerie, knowing that you have auto-tracking weapons helps alleviate the shock of seeing an Alien running at you. A close eye must be kept on your energy bar as too many shots off of your Plasma Caster will deplete it rapidly.

    But the real overhaul of the game, and by far the single biggest improvement is to the Alien. My God, this class has become so much fun! The original AvP had a very weak Single player story for the Alien, in my opinion. I must not have been alone in this way because the boys at Lithtech retooled the whole deal and made it very immersive. You start out as a simple facehugger...running from place to place looking for a victim to "impregnate". Playing cat and mouse with patrolling Corporate guards is something like having Thief crossed with Quake, and you'll want to avoid all contact for as long as possible. Once a suitable host is found, you spawn as a baby alien, even getting to *shudders* watch the chest-bursting act from a whole new perspective. This really adds to the entire experience and my hat's off to Sierra for making this happen.

    Multiplayer is an absolute riot. You've got your standard array of maps and arenas, with the continued options such as "Deathmatch" and "Species Deathmatch", with the addition of notable scenarios like "Evac", where a group of Marines works together to escape a facility, while Aliens try to pick them off one by one. Get to the dropship on time and your team wins. Combat gets really hairy and confusing, and you'll never get used to crawling through airshafts that an Alien opponent is using to hunt you, reminding me of poor old Captain Dallas.

    Buy this game. Play this game. And be prepared to be a stockholder in the Fruit of the Loom company, because you'll be changing your drawers hourly and often, especially in the Single Player Campaigns. Anyone up for a game of "Evac"? ;)...more info

  • Over in Five Minutes
    True, this game is far superior to it's predecessor,
    but it is also too short, like it's predecessor. Why
    the hell can't they get it right??? MAKE A GAME THAT
    LASTS LONGER THAN ONE DAY....more info
  • Overrated.
    This game has a couple really innovative, interesting features, and big name franchise monsters. So it had a great start.
    But the implementation was... horrendous.
    Unlike most first person shooters, this game tends strongly towards one hit kills, both towards you and towards your opponents. This basically means that you will find yourself dying frequently until you can memorize exactly where the machine gunners, et cetera, are, and take them out quickly and more or less instantly before they retaliate. The gradual health decrease thing? Doesn't exist here. You make a mistake, you die. And very often, "mistakes" come in the form of not having luckily guessed which random passage is the one that leads behind the enemy, or having read a walkthrough first. In addition to bad design of combat, this is bad design of levels.
    In fact, speaking of bad level design, I couldn't complete the very first Predator mission without consulting a walkthrough. How sad is that?
    Climbing on walls and ceilings as an alien is incredibly fun... until you figure out how hard it is to pounce on something from a perspective that switches once you stop clinging to the wall or ceiling. Oh, and it's not so good for sneaking around, either, as humans in this game can look way up and don't seem to be fooled by shadows much.
    In addition to all this, this FPS has the worst multiplayer I have ever seen. The Predator race is vastly more powerful than the other two, and the aliens in particular are practically cannon fodder against them, since the predators can see them clearly in one of their vision modes and blow them away long before they get close enough to pounce. Humans (real ones, unlike the AI ones) can't see quite as well, and have actual limited (as opposed to the effectively infinite Predator) ranged ammo, but no real advantages to make up for this. The aliens? They can, uh, climb walls and stuff. And it's really cool for you to do, really it is, but it's not gonna help you survive at all.
    Even heat vision, wall-climbing, and a couple cool monsters aren't enough to keep this game from sucking very badly in the gameplay area compared to Half-Life or even Doom. If you want to experience the fun innovative features, try the demo. But don't buy the game, it's a waste of money....more info
    I would have rated it a perfect 5 if the game was a little longer. However, if you play all three species, the length is ok. I just expected the marine mission to last longer.

    However, length aside, this IS one of the best games I've played. I can't believe you can actually be a face hugger.

    AWESOME!...more info

  • This game is soooo SWEET!!!
    This game is probably by far one of the best FPS to come along in years! This game is soooo freaky, so don't consider playing it at night. This is one of those games where you stop playing it to give yourself a break, you just have to keep playing it to see what you have to do and what new things you can find and get. So, if you're waiting for the next DOOM or QUAKE game to come out, don't look any longer than this. I highly reccomend it!...more info
  • Best onlime game ever
    I have been playing AVP2 for a few years now. In my opinion, it is the best onlime game I have ever played. It takes a while to get good at it. this game was released in like 2001 and it does not look like another sequel is in the works as of today. You can still buy it online for under $20. Own it today, you will not be disapointed!...more info
    I don't know why everyone on the front page is on the Marine's case. I love the Marine's game. Why? Atmosphere. Sure, playing as the Alien is awesome, but there's a reason why they don't make movies from the Alien's prospective. Being the hunter is suspenseful, but being hunted scares your pants off.

    Take the first Marine mission for example. You are caught in a booby trap set by the soon-to-be-devoured scientists, that damages your radio receiver (although you can still listen to your fellow marines talking about you), leaving you alone and isolated. As you make your way through the level, you see the predators mopping up the human survivors. You see hanging bodies with no skin, people getting blasted to pieces, but you never see the aliens or predators. . . not yet. At one point, you see a jeep speeding towards you. KABOOM! A plasma blast sends it's flaming hulk careening over your head! At one point, the lights go off, and you see something running through an air vent. . . which you do thousands of times in the alien game. This level comes directly from the movies!!!

    There is so much in the marine game that's fun. . . If you buy this game, play all three missions to the end!...more info

  • Aliens VS. Predator never looked any better
    You could not ask for a better game.It'll always keep you on the edge of your seat.Fast pace and great story.I just can't wait for the expansion pack for this one....more info
  • The best computer game I've ever played!!!
    This game is simply amazing, i don't know how I ever got along without it! It's a first person shooter game but unlike other games of the same genre, you can be the aliens and the predators, rather then just a human (which u can also play as)! The game is amazing with just its 1 player mode, but then you get great internet play as the icing on the cake!

    The first player gameplay is superior to other games of this genre because of its suspensful atmosphere, well developed-interlocking storyplots, music always playing and a realistic damage ratio. Unlike other first person shooter games, you don't take 10 bullets to the head and keep going! Some people don't like this idea because if you're killed so easily, then you'll have to start the whole missionover again and again until you have the entire game memorized right? WRONG! Aliens vs Predator 2 allows you to save your gameplay at any given time! So all you have to do is save frequantly and if you die, you can load up ur saved game without doing over the mission. Of course you don't even have to do that if you don't want to, you can just use codes if you think you die to fast. Even if you get lost codes can help you, just clip through the level to get your berrings, you can even fly with the clipping mode in case your stuck in a pit or something!

    But lets not forget what truly makes this game the best, its Aliens vs Predator! You get to be any one of the species each with their own special weapons and abilities.
    -Marines have the largest arsinal of weapons, with the knife, the pistol, the shotgun, the pulse rifle, the grenade launcher (with 4 different types of mines), the flamer, the smartgun, the missile launcher, the minigun and the sniper rifle (most of these weapons have an alternate fire)! *Stop to catch breath* you also get the torch cutter, hacking device, flares, flood light, night vision, and the motion tracker! You can also fight in an exo suit (which have a flamer/laser gun and a mingun/missile launcher).
    -Predators have the a weapons arsinal that is almost as big with creative foreign weapons including the wrist blades, the combistick spear, the pred pistol, the speargun, the shoulder cannon (with laser sight), the smart disk, the net gun and the pred mines (most of these weapons have an alternate fire aswell)! You can also heal yourself at any time with you medical kit, and replenish your energy at anytime with you energy shifter, you also have a predator hacker device, the ability to zoom in and out with your vision, 4 different vision modes that allow you to see all three species with ease, and of course the greatest ability of all, the ability to turn invisible! You can even collect skulls, this game leaves nothing out!
    -Aliens (my personal favourite) do not need to collect weapons because they have their claw slash attack, poison tail whip, pounce, and head bite (which will give you health, as well as slashing the corpses). Aliens also have the advantage of seeing its enemies pheremones, so no one, not even predators can hide from you! Aliens also have a second night vision, they can climb on walls whenever you want to, and of course they are the only ones with the lifecycle! You can start as a facehugger and pounce apon the face of your enemy to implant them and can burst out of your victims chest!!! Like I said, this game leaves nothing out!

    The multiplayer is just as entertaining, so you'll continue to play this game even after you've gotten bored of the 1 player missions (I'm still not even bored of them). The multiplayer allows you to host your own server or join one that suits you, there are tons to choose from. The multiplayer allows you to choose from 4 different marine characters (who can start with different weapons if you choose), 4 different Corporate characters (another human side so its like your playing with 4 species), 4 different predator classes, and 4 different types of aliens (including the drone, the runner, the predalien, and the preatorian-each alien is slightly different). Humans can use exo suits and aliens can molt into queens if they kill enough people and you can turn lyfecycle on and off in deathmatch and team deathmatch. There are also multiplayer modes like evac, overrun, hunt and survivor. You can even change the damage ratio if you think the characters die to quickly or slowly. Don't worry too much about cheap kills, most of the servers boot people who kill cheaply just ask the server nicley if you think someone should be kicked from the server with your chat. You also have team chat, and can chat with a specific person. Most people get good at the multiplayer once they've gotten enough experience, you'll also get used to the slang gamers use and you get to meet and befriend with so many people from around the world. Many people also like to join clans and be part of a certain circle of friends. The multiplayer on Aliens vs Predator is amazing and is only topped by the multiplayer on Aliens vs Predator: Primal Hunt (the expansion pack)

    If you haven't already, I advise you to buy this game as soon as you can if you are an alien or predator fan, or just a fan of shooting games. This game is deffinetly worth its price, but don't take my word for it, judge for yourself!...more info
  • Hey, is that you smi-aaagggghhh!!!!!-unlucky scientist
    let me say this is one awesome game. after completing the single player and dipping into multiplayer I can safely say it is one of my favorite games.... ever. however to truly appreciate rent Aliens (not Alien, Aliens) at the beggining of the game or when you finish it....more info
  • Windows XP Users BEWARE!!!
    I gave this review to Aliens Versus Predator 2 the three-star treatment because it's the mid-grade score. So why the mid-grade score? It's a fun game, by all means (especially the Alien campaign), however, if you own a computer that runs Windows XP, the game won't work well as it did for those that gave this game a better grade.

    Even with the game running on the lowest/minimum settings on audio and graphics, the game suffers from severe lag and awefully dragged out loading times. My computer specs tower over the minimum requirements in order to play this game, but Windows XP doesn't seem to have the compatability in order to enjoy this title.

    What I could play and deal with, the game showed much promise to be great in both single player and with the online multiplayer games. I just never got too into the game because of all the problems with the system crashing, long loading times (and we are literaly talking about 5-10 minutes here), and bad lag. I installed and played the game for nearly ten hours and got only two levels into it (My character died many times because of the lag).

    If you are running Windows XP, avoid this game!!! There are just too many problems to overcome. If you own a previous Windows edition, this game will most likely be a great title....more info

  • Single player is good, multiplayer is great!
    Fans of the movies should love this game. Fans of games like Halo and Doom should enjoy it as well. The single player offers the opportunity to play human, predator, or alien. All great fun to try. The alien being the toughest to get the hang of controlling, but a blast none the less. Once you learn how to wait to see your teeth extend when above a victim and do a headbite you will be proud of your ability.

    Once you get the hang of running these three you will want to jump on one of the many multiplayer servers that are free. You can play corporate in addition to the three I mentioned above. I often host games for a group of my friends. We have a blast fighting each other and trying our hand at each of the races. We find that each of us are better at certain types. My stepson Jason scares me regularly running the Alien. I highly recommend this game. I recently picked up a copy at a local store for under ten dollars. Get it while it lasts....more info
  • This is the best game ever!
    This game is great! Especially multiplayer! It gets you hooked for hours. There are alot of quests for aliens, predators, and marines on single player. It is worth the money and the time, so buy it!...more info
  • awsome game
    this game is great you can be come alien to queen alien my brother has this game this game #1...more info
  • Better than I expected...and very scary!
    I have played several shooter and strategy games and this one ranks up there on the fun meter. Yeah, I'll admit that the graphics could be a little better, but the gameplay is fantastic. The alien wall crawl is really cool too. For those of you who are considering this game, it's as much fun as MoHAA and Jedi II outcast....more info
  • A Great Sequel
    I loved this game! It scared the heck out of me; severals times I jumped, severely, and then laughed at the greatness of that ability in a game!

    The graphics and music are really exceptional and creepy! Did I mention creepy! I don't even mind that the music picks up before you're about to be attacked because it makes it that much more suspenseful. If they didn't give you any warning, I think this game would be a little too scary! Definitely a sweaty palms kind of game.

    Also, this was the first time I was able to complete the Alien mission. In AVP, for some reason, there was too much wall walking and tunnel traveling for me to stand it to the end. In AVP2, starting as a face-hugger, then changing to a chest-buster really helped alleviate that constant swirling screen. Maybe I'm the only one afflicted by this phenom, but I was appreciative of that change. It also made it challenging, having to sneak around as a baby alien, hardly able to do much of anything...very interesting and creative, and truly alien to all of us gamers used to walking around on two legs toting letal hardware.

    I also found the gameplay improved from AVP. All of the best elements are there, but without some of the annoying the talking guy on the monitor and not every single room is darker than dark...sometimes I like to see a little bit and they did well there. Adding the rechargable shoulder lamp instead of just having the image intensifier was a terrific addition.

    What I really love are the intersecting story lines...crossing the same territory as all 3 species was great! It also helps when you're playing the Alien if you've been in these areas before as a Marine or a Predator.

    There's a large array of weapons, but I found that some are unnecessary. Maybe that's because I haven't played the most difficult settings yet, and don't play Multiplayer, but in the single-player, regular settings, I didn't have to use most of my weapons, especially as a Marine. Since I don't play MP, I miss the Skirmish mode from AVP, where using the cheats you could have all the weapons and really learn how to use them best, but the rest of the game was so good, it doesn't bother me. I wouldn't like AVP without the Skirmish mode, but AVP2 is fine without it.

    I had no technical problems running this game, which is always nice. There were a few times when an Alien would kind of just sit there and claw at me, but not reach me, making it easy for me to blast it, but those times were few and far between.

    As always, playing a Marine or Alien and going up against the Predator is totally awesome! Fox Interactive really has something here and I hope they continue to team up these two great SCI-FI stories.

    Final Answer: Whether you have played AVP or not, you'll enjoy this game if you're into SCI-FI/Horror and FPS. This is what it's all about!...more info

  • just what I wanted
    I really wanted this game, and was super excited when it came. It's even better than I thought.
    Get this game!...more info
  • Aliens versus predator is THE great fps for cpu
    In the game, you play as either the colonial marine, the predator, or the alien. The alien can slash with its claws, bite with its extra set of teeth, stab with its tail, crawl on walls, and pounce to gain the element of suprise and tear your victims apart. The marine is the hunted and is the least evolved but has superior weapons technology. You will carry weapons such as the M-41A Pulse Rifle, Incinerators, miniuns, smart guns, shotguns, rocket laucnhers, sniper rifles, and even a knife! And last but not least, the awe-inspiring Predator whose survival skill and taste for killing makes it the supreme being. With its 4 types of visions, cloaking ability and array of deadly weapons, the predator is a deadly foe. Its shoulder cannon can rip through xenomorphs and marines easily while its claws will tear apart anything foolish enough to cross its path. Its combo stick is one of the most devastating and gory weapons of the game. The graphics are supreme and the gameplay cant be beat. The sounds of the aliens and the creepy music will scvare the socks off you. If you can play a bloody, action-packed, scary as crud alien game, go out and buy it now! The only drawback is the long list of system requirements....more info
  • Suprisingly flawless sequel and a great FPS.
    The first AvsP felt very buggy and weird, but this was like a revelation. Seriously one of the best FPS I've ever played. The multiplayer value and perfect replication of what it should be like to play as an alien or a predator are what make this game shine. I didn't think a franchised FPS could be so good, but really, its up there with the better FPS of all time. FUN....more info
  • gore galore
    this game is once of the best first person shooters you will ever see. the graphics are excelent, the levels are filled with excitement, and the weopons are awesome! for the marine, the fulse rifle [as] a touch of automatic weapons and the napalm rifle dives you a small touch of melee. the alien is probably the worst of the character because this is all you do: slash, claw, headbite.....slash, claw, headbite..... slash, claw heabdite and so on and so on. Then you get to the predator, with its large amount of gadgets and gismos. the cloaking machine is very useful but it can drain you energy like a bug zapper. the vision modes are useful for sniping but while each one makes one character easier to see, the others become practically invisible, plus you need a helmet to use it. my one piece of adivice for you is that if you buy this game, steer clear of the combat knife when fighting an alien or your face will look like a chew toy....more info
  • Great gameplay, mediocre multiplayer
    The single player aspect of AvP2 is great and since everyone else who has written a review for this game spends a ton of time on it, Ill just skip to the multiplayer. If you have played half life or BF1942 or any other good fps online then you would know that there are some people out there who play multiplayer games and just get cheap kills. In the AvP2 multiplayer everyone just gets cheap kills. Both aliens and predators have 1 hit kill weapons, so expect to die a whole lot. Other than the multiplayer, this game is great!...more info
  • AWESOME!...
    Aliens vs. Predator 2 is by far one of the best PC games ever made. If you liked Half-life and other first person shooters then you'll love this game. Gamers can play as the Marine, the Predator, or an Alien. I think it's most fun being a marine. There are tons of scary moments when you'll be walking around in the dark or in a tunnel and an alien will pop out of nowhere or off the ceiling, making you jump. As a marine you get the following weapons: combat knife, M4A4 pistol, shotgun, M-41A pulse rifle, M-56 smartgun, M-240 flamethrower, M-6B rocket launcher, M-92 grenade launcher, M-90 minigun, and a WY-102 sniper rifle. Many of the marine levels are similar to parts of the second Alien movie. As a predator you get the following weapons: wristblades, spear, plasma pistol, speargun, plasmacaster, disc, netgun, and remote bombs. As an alien, you start out as a facehugger, then a chestburster, then a full-size drone. You can headbite, claw, pounce, and use your tail. The best part about being an alien is wallwalking. One of the coolest things about this game is that you can beat it three times as a different character. All three stories fit in together perfectly also. After beating the game, you can play online. The bad thing about this game is that you need a really fast computer or else it lags a lot. Overall this is one of my favorite games....more info
  • SCARY AS ...
    When I first played this game, the first alien that poped up on my screen made me jump. This game is so terrifying that whoever plays it probably won't be able to sleep for weeks. This game also [is cool]. What makes this game so cool is that it puts you in the shoes of the movies. I have to admit, the movies are so cool that I thought that it was the best idea to make a game out of it....more info
  • Alins Versus Predator 2
    This game is the best be a human, alien, or a predator. It is all there this game is almost 5 stars. The game locked up on my computer which has XP on it...more info
  • too easy to cheat
    The game itself is very good. But the multiplayer version has two major drawbacks.
    1- the game server is abysmally slow such that the game does not play in anything like real time.
    2- there are far too many people who install game mods to make
    their characters faster and invincible. If you don't care to learn the programming necessary to install mods, you are just
    cannon fodder in multiplayer....more info
  • Sierra grow up.
    This game is a great, over-due follow up to the Atari Jaguar prequel. Sierra just needs to get one thing right for a 5 star review... make it for Mac ...!...more info
  • An upgrade
    This game is definitely an upgrade from the original Aliens vs Predator PC game. I'm not talking just graphics, game engine, sound, etc, I'm also talking plot, atmosphere, action. The game has cutscenes, dialogues that can be overheard, all these help contour the scenario. There's even a few interesting twists in the plot along the way.
    This game is definitely worth buying....more info
  • Predtor Campain
    Ok! who ever wrote the predator campain out look has no idea what he/she is talking about. You must not understand what the predator dose, He hunts duh and what is he doing HUNTING, he is hunting someone and s trying to settle an old score try reading the story lines....more info
  • Excellent Game, Crushes all Predecessors!
    All I can say is "Go out and purchase this game, and experience the nailbiting, adrenaline pumping action brought to you by AVP2!" There are way to many pros to talk about in 1000 words so all i will say is: "MULTIPLAYER GAMES RULE!" and even if you have a [bad] connection, single player is great also! One bad side is that it has no skirmish mode, like in AVP1. However, the ability to choose many a characters in Multiplayer mode has sorta made up for that. All of the different multiplayer "modes" are great too! (Evac, Death Match....)
    GO BUY IT! Then buy the Expansion (Primal Hunt) when it comes out!...more info
  • Things that go bump in the night...

    Large spoonful of slimey teeth
    Fresh smoke, steam and dripping water
    Pinch of Doom 2
    Garnish liberally with terror

    As a big fan of the Alien films I've launched myself into a lot of the tie-in games that have been released over the years, including the genesis, super-nes, gameboy and playstation versions.
    Most of them, including this latest incarnation follow the same basic plot: government agents with machinations of global domination stumble on alien beasty, and take it home for show and tell. Said alien escapes, and there follows much running and screaming in steam filled corridors. However, this game sets itself apart from its long lineage with a truly immersive survival-horror experience. Depending on how you look at it this game is best played on your own with the lights off and the sound up. For better or for worse this game scared my panties off.

    You can play as three different species, each with its own weapons and characteristics and all with an intertwining plot. Choose the alien, and you'll be running up vertical surfaces and biting people in the face. With the predator you'll get to play with lots of shiny gadgets like heat-vision (yeah, like in the movies) and various stabby/choppy weapons for taking off heads (literally). And, as the poor weedy human marine, its back to 3d shooter basics with pistol, shotgun, fast-but-weak machine guns and lots of sweat.

    Its the marine single player game that really shines, as you creep around lots of 'abandoned' military installations, movement tracker bleeping. If you've watched the movies you'll know its only ever a matter of time before something with big teeth and an attitude problem jumps out of the ceiling at you, and man, does this game deliver. Expect to jump frequently, firing blindly into the darkness at the very scarily accurate alien hordes. Sometimes there will be as many as six or seven of the critters bearing down on you, and the crisp graphics really excel in bringing the movies to life.

    As far as the Alien and Predator games go the tension is somewhat diminished since, after all, you're the monster now. Its initially very amusing to watch the AI controlled civilians quake and scream at your approach, and there's lots to be said for the Alien's acrobatic can leap huge distances, and explore airducts and sewer systems with ease.

    However, you'll probably find that sooner or later the Alien and Predator missions get fairly samey. Still, there's lots of great graphical effects on show, with great smoke and lighting throughout all the missions. Again, the sound is excellent, with distant screams and scuttling behind walls bringing everything to terrifying life.

    The online multiplayer game is also very well balanced, and features a nice variety of playing levels and game modes, with more downloadable from the official site. In the long term this is where the game stands out, since beyond the marine missions the single player is really a one-off affair.

    Overall this is a good solid game, with some stand out moments in the single player, and lasting appeal in the multiplayer. It is both violent and gory, so the sqeamish should probably shop elsewhere, and for obvious reasons if you didn't like the films this is probably a poor choice. But, for both film and horror shooter fans alike Alien vs Predator 2 is a game to sink all four sets of teeth into....more info

  • A pleasent adventure
    After completing all twenty-one levels of Aliens versus Predators 2 I feel like itys time to give a review. I have never played the first so this review will focus entirely on AVP2.

    -The Marine-
    The marine was the easiest out of all the scenarios (Predator, Marine, and Alien) it also went by the quickest. Compared to all the first person shooters the marine campaign felt uninspired, unoriginal. For the plus side the Marine campaign had the best atmosphere in the game, and one of the best atmospheres in a computer game I ever encountered. Some of the weapons were useless in the single player aspect of the Marine such as the grenade launcher and sniper rifle. The story line was semi-addicting with its twists and turns and it never failed to surprise the player. Being in the Robot on the last level was cool and refreshing for a change. The lighting effects got annoying, having inadequate light for the entire mission you turn to three options: 1. Night vision 2. A shoulder lamp 3. Flares. The night vision is the best but it drains the battery way to quickly, the shoulder lamp only exposes a tiny bit of the dim room and still drains the battery quickly, finally the flares work okay for exposing area but you have a limited amount that you do not replenish quickly in the coarse of the mission. The motion detector is a useful tool accompanying your missions, itys easy to read and utilize and the monotonous beeps help aid the brilliant atmosphere of the marine campaign. (4.5/5)

    -The Predator-
    The predator was the weakest part of this game. With no astonishing story line, heart-wrenching atmosphere, or originality it lacks in almost every place. This campaign should have been a disaster but was strangely fun, maybe by advertising that you are the predator and not the prey, a huge change from the marine campaign. The four views the predator has was a major use in beating the seven levels presented. The first was regular, the second was good at detecting humans, the third at detecting aliens, and the fourth and final one detecting predators even while their cloaked. You might find yourself switching vision modes when the light patterns get exotic, then youyll search for which one works best. Almost all the weapons have their time and place and a good sum of them were unique enough to pass by. You also had the ability to cloak but somehow the humans still could see you from many yards away so it was not as useful as you might start off thinking. The ability to regenerate at any time of the mission made the campaign way to easy. The story line lacked in almost every way. And therefore you probably would pay little attention as the story line progresses and tosses in some curves. Shallow fun with weak story line and poor creativity the Predator campaign was the weakest part of the game. (4/5)

    -The Alien-
    The strongest part of the game was the Alien campaign. The story line had the most twists and turns, the game play was far different from the marine and predator, it had a nice bland of atmosphere, and it was loaded with creativity. Walking on walls and ceilings was fun but the view became quirky from time to time. Letting you start as a face-hugger and then biting and clawing your way out of the victims stomach was a nice touch. I also liked the idea of having to eat your enemies to regenerate your health. The story line was the darkest out of all the campaigns. It was hard since the alien had little health and some creatures like synths (artificial humans) and predators are tough to kill and you canyt regenerate off them, you can only regenerate by eating humans. The alien has two views normal and something equivalent to night vision. Normal picks up the hormones of humans and predators allowing you to see them far away in the dark. All in all great seven levels with a great storyline: (4.75/5)

    The game was fun, it had some minor puzzle solving but the fact that itys linear helped keep it full of action. The graphics were okay when the game first came out, in todayys day and age they are outdated. The sound is good, and there is very little music but the stuff thatys there is pretty good. There is very little technically problems provided you have a Radeon instead of a GeForce. (4.6/5) A-...more info

  • AVP2
    Althow the graphics are not the best in the world this game is one of the best fps games I have ever played. The single player campain has an exellint plot line that mixes for all three species. The multiplayer aspect of the game is the best part of the game. You are easialy able to make new friends and have a great time because there are only 30-100 people on at a time. The only downside to multiplayer in this game is the hackers. AVP2 is being overrunn with hackers intent on ruining peoples game. I give this game a 5 out of 5 because when you do find a server without hackers it is well worth it!...more info
  • Good game, but lacks the difficulty of the first.
    Alien vs Predator 2 is a solid game, the reason being that the graphics have been vastily improved from the first AvP game, and that you can save mid game is a blessing. Also that it contains scripted events like half-life to give it more realism and depth.Both of the three species have been improved greatly since the first game, the best improvement is that as a marine you do not die quite as fast, and can take more damage. Therein lies the problem, though. If played on easy, the marine levels are just that. Once you've gone around the block to play a certain level a few times, you can predict when the Aliens will appear (scripted events are a curse and a blessing) and the game looses its fun. Inbetween battles you will be anxiously awaiting the next confrontation. As Predator it's a cake walk with the added "Energy Sieve" which draws ambient energy to recharge source. This addition along with the well known medicomp renders the player practically invincible, a virtual tank. When playing as the Alien, you sacrifice the speed advantage for an attack caled a pounce attack. While this destroys an enemy on contact I rarely use it because it takes the fun out of the game. The biggest qualm I have with AvP 2 is the fact that the Alien isn't sneaky or fast as hell anymore. In Avp a tangle with a marine armed with a smartgun or multiple marines (about five) head on would result in instant death. You had to sneak up from behind or use your huge speed (think cheetah on crack) advantage to surprise them. Now you can go toe to toe with a bucnh of marines and survive, but if played on Hard and your life dissapears very fast, you still lack the speed (arrgh)to get away and hide. And the fact that killing the lights doesn't work anymore, so you cant create patches of darkness to hide in. For some reason the Marines can still see you even from a great distance or if it is pitch black and they have no visible means of seeing you. I was greatly disappointed when I played the Alien on AvP and then on AvP 2, and immediatley realized the glaring differences.
    Another is the lack of enemies, as alien in AvP there were at least eighty enemies in a level, and they never showed up in the same place twice. They also would show up in the darndest places to boot (air shafts and alien tunnels). That aside, the game is immensely fun to play, especially mutliplayer where the ability to die very fast makes it a tough battle. All that said, it is a great game but I will still love the original for it's brutal difficulty and absurdly quick deaths....more info
  • Great Game!
    Overall this game is awesome. Sound is soooo realistic. In single player mode you can play as a Soldier, Predator, or Alien. This game can scare the pants off you if you like thrillers. You dont know whats around the next corner. Multiplayer adds so much fun to the aspect of the game because you can play with up to 16 players on one server. Best of all, for you 56K users out there, this game doesnt lag, and when it gets slow, you dont have to quit playing, frame rates dont slow and keep going. A little graphically intense for younger audiences so I recommend it to 15+ year olds....more info
  • More frightening than most movies
    This game is far more frightening and tense than most movies (at least playing as marines). From the start of the game it scared the [] out of me. There are tons of scripted events in teh begining all as frightening as teh one before it. You'll constantly be looking over your shoulder for more enemys. However I have a small gripe about its "scariness" the first alien you encounter takes much of the fear away because they are extremly easy to kill taking away some of the atmosphere the movies created. However the atmosphere itself is just plain down freaky.
    Each species (human alien and predator) have their own strenths and weaknesses, but I believe he human is the only really scary one which is what this game is about. However each species is fun to play as. Recommended for those that want scared or a different fps experience....more info
  • "Fun, fun, fun!"
    Like the last game, you play three characters, Alien, Predator, and Colonial Marine. Being a Marine really [stinks], but Alien and Predator are cool. I like being an Alien drone because when you slash someone or sting them or both it all happens in one big, stylized action sequence so that was really cool. The first Alien level is really hard, even at an easy setting, so I'd also rate the level of difficulty 5/5. Predator, however, isn't all that hard. It's very easy to stay alive, the only really hard part is that it will take you a little bit to figure out where to go. Also, as a Predator, you will start with only your Shocker, Speargun, and Wristblades. You must find your fellow Predators and they will give you weapons such as the Blade Staff, the Slicer Disc, etc. Also, if you set your Predator settings to easy, you will have an Energy Sift Device, which will allow you to restore your energy whenever you want (unless you are at full energy), Also, you will, of course, have the Medicomp. Personally, I think the Alien and Predator are a lot more fun to be than the Marine. So, pick up this game....more info
  • That's some crazy stuff, yo!
    It makes u feel like u're in the movie ALIENS. A little bit more work on language and game is ready to get an oskar :))) Multiplayer is great. There are maps of NOSTROMO, SULAKO and AURIGA.
    BEST OF THE BEST...more info
  • Good multiplayer and online!
    This game is GREAT! Especialy if you played the SNES game and arcade games and wanted to play alien but only had predator or marine to play with.
    If you play the marine mission first and you're sad because you couldn't kill Rycov or Eisenburg, don't worry. Eisenburg kidnaps the queen in the Alien story and Rycov is the predator's target in the Predator story.
    The marine story feels like a horror type game, but falls short a little if you wern't scared by either the Predator or Alien movies.

    The Predator story isn't as scary as the marine story, and, don't worry, you don't have to skin humans. The medicomp and energy sift tools made the predator story feel a little bit too easy.
    If you're freaked out by gore, do NOT play the alien story. You rip your opponents limb from limb, then eat what's left. And, of course, there's the part in the first level, Birth, where you have to actualy eat your way out of the human you facehugged as a facehugger, but that's not as gory as it sounds. It's mostly just red globs flying everywhere.
    The story line feels more like Alien 5 featuring Predator than Aliens versus Predator. Oddly, the three story modes are so entertwined that the main character in each story couldn't survive without the other two.
    But story mode is really just training for multiplayer mode. It's very very addictive. The multiplayer mode has only 3 things that are not good about it.
    1. The predators die very fast if you're not careful, they have 1/1000 the endurance that they did in the movies.
    2. People, and I don't mean a few people, whine and cry about losing, spawn killing, type killing, even just being killed too many times.
    3. Jerks, a lot of jerks play this game in multiplayer, and all of them are foul-mouthed.
    Don't worry, the jerks and whiners are only about 30% of the players, so multiplayer is a lot of fun.
    GET THIS GAME IT'S GOOD!...more info


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