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As Greatest Hits--and particularly the busking pavement jazz of "Lovecats"--reminds us, the best Cure singles were very often tangential exercises; they offered a goth-free playtime divergence from some of the weightier studiousness of those early albums. Or, as smudged frontman Robert Smith says of this 18-track collection, "Songs that are sung with a smile." This wasn't always true--witness the refrigerated fogginess of the classic "A Forest," the Blair Witch Project of its day. What this compilation does is focus attention on the Cure's perennial unpredictability--the breathless claustrophobia of "Close to Me," the New Order-lite of "The Walk," the brass- section embellished thrust of "Why Can't I Be You." Oddly, chart-wise, the Cure's lost weekend began immediately after "Friday I'm in Love," their most ebullient melodic moment and the ultimate "clocking-off to kick those heels" anthem. But at least the inclusion of two new songs, "Cut Here" and "Just Say Yes" (with Saffron from Republica), indicate that the Cure remain a healthy, ongoing concern. --Kevin Maidment

Customer Reviews:

  • the cure greatest hits
    I never received this item. I made complaints to the seller and to Amazon and never received an answer...more info
  • yes, it's been done, but still a great album
    Yes, they already have a hits album (or two), but this has some of the later stuff, which new fans might be familiar with and want. I think this is a great first record, if you are looking to get a sample of the Cure. Hardcore fans might not be into it, but it's a good album for most....more info
  • New Wave junk
    I bought this cause The Cure kept coming up in my conversations with people. Boy, does this music suck. I actually burst into laughter while listening to these songs. It is so ridiculous and gimicky that it's almost like a Cinderella or Poison album. ...more info
  • The Cure-Greatest Hits
    This is a most awesome CD.All the best songs by the Cure are here,including "Lovesong" and "Lullaby".I highly recommend it to any and all fans of the Cure.The only thing that could make this an unbeatable CD was if the track "Burn" from "the Crow" had been included....more info
  • Can't Rip on a Computer!
    An unimpressive album, used only a couple great tracks, otherwise n good. And the worst part is it can not be ripped by a computer! ...what gives!?...more info
  • The Cure's greatest hits
    Don't get me wrong, The Cure are probably one of my favorite bands of all time but this Greatest Hits collection to me is pretty skimpy. Like one of the previous reviewers said, The Cure were never a "hits" band. Plus it's impossible to pick 18 of their best songs to put on 1 CD. This CD does feature some of my favorite songs by them such as "A Forest", "The Walk", "Lovecats", "In Between Days", and "Why Can't I Be You?" but they have tons of way better songs than say "Friday I'm In Love". It does include 2 new songs "Cut Here" and "Just Say Yes". The former is really good but the latter is pretty bad (even worse than Round & Round & Round on WMS). To get a perfect introduction to The Cure, just pick up the 2 singles collections and try going for some albums too....more info
  • Not an immeadiate buy
    The Cure were hardly ever a "hits" band, which makes this CD a puzzler. By omitting a large amount of earlier material and both "fascination Street" and "Pictures Of You," it pretty much rates as a misfire. Of the two new songs, "Cut Here" is the better of the two. But for a complete overview, you're probably just as well off picking up "Staring at The Sea" and "Galore" as a two pack.

    PS. I will say this, if you can find the double disc of this CD with the "Acoustic Hits" bonus, the rating jumps a star. The same 18 songs played in a much looser format, sounding almost like they were done on a single take....more info

  • I thought I had screwed up, but...
    When I first purchased this two CD set, I thought I had screwed up. Although, the Greatest Hits are good, they sound dated to me & I would have been happier with the inclusion of more stuff off of the Disintegration CD (Fascination Street would have been nice). However - and this is the BIG however - the Acoustic Hits make this set worth buying alone! They sound so fresh & new & are played so well, that I am sure they will attract a whole new, younger audience for The Cure. The Acoustic Hits ROCK! I'm glad I bought the CD set!...more info
  • Really Good
    Alot of people say this cd sucks because it doesn't have a few good hits. But if your not a hardcore fan this cd is pretty good for what it does have. One thing I want to know is why they have two versions of "Just Like Heaven". There is the one on this cd and there is another one you can find on other compilations....more info
  • You're all wrong
    This album isn't weak because it lacks the obvious greatest hits from the Cures' past. And it is by no means good because it contains more 'obscure' tracks, because these tracks really aren't obscure. Furthermore, the tracklist is in fact more poppy than earlier singles collections, countering the rebuttal to the criticism of this album that 'people don't like it because it's not mainstream-based and has more depth.' This album has little depth. This is an excellent collection altogether, and when it comes down to it you just have to decide which of the singles' cds has the songs you want. In all fairness, it's hard to pack 18 Cure songs on to a greatest hits album without there being complaints....more info
  • Now hold on...
    I read some of the reviews on this cd, many people complaining that this album just features the Cure's most mainstream/poppy tracks.
    What's wrong with that? For one thing, they are not all bubble-gummy just because they are for the most part more upbeat than other Cure songs. Take "Close to Me", for example. Listen to the lyrics of that song and tell me what it is actually about. That is what I like about the Cure. Sure, they feature some really dark tunes on other albums (Faith is especially moody) but life is not just about darkness and pain. Robert Smith is different because he can take a serious song and put it behind an upbeat background, and have it still make sense. Then when he does a truly optimistic song, it is more honest and genuine. "Mint Car" is an example of this, because it is truly happy and carefree and not superficial like a lot of pop tunes you hear on mainstream. "Lovesong" and "Just Like Heaven", I must admit are among the most mainstream but they are also a couple of my favorites. "Lovesong", for example, may be a love song, but I could definitely listen to it over and over and it would never get annoying.
    So I say don't criticize this album just because it is all the popular tunes. Granted, I only gave this album 4 stars. This is because it does leave out a lot of really great songs. "Pictures of You" is one tune that I was very disappointed not to see. So if you really want those tracks get Galore or Staring at the Sea. Galore has newer stuff, Staring at the Sea has older stuff (these two albums were released 10 years apart). Also there is a new box set out with all the B-sides. Give this album some credit, though....more info
  • Good for Casual Fans Not Veterans
    My title says it all. It's too much of the lite and fluffy crapola for me, but probably alright for casual fans. If you really have an interest then buy 'Staring at the Sea' and 'Disintegration' instead. Still The Cure is brilliant and these are good songs so I won't complain too much... but I'm not going to buy it either....more info
  • Long, split review ahead
    Chances are, if you're on looking at the Cure's Greatest Hits you're either:

    a. Someone who's interested in getting into the Cure
    b. A longtime Cure fan, seeing if the chosen songs are worthy.

    As a result, this review will have two sides: "New to Cure" and "Cure veteran"

    New to Cure:

    Ok, here's the deal with the Cure:
    1. The band has two sides. Light, poppy, and somewhat happy is one side. Dark, complex, and miserable is the other.
    2. Every one of the Cure's albums falls into one of these two categories; there is no gray area.
    3. The band's best work is really on their dark albums (i.e. Pornography, Faith, Disintegration), which primarily contain long, drawn-out, complex, beautiful, dark, depressing mood pieces.
    4. However, long, complex mood pieces don't tend to make good radio singles, so this Greatest Hits collection is composed almost entirely of their lighter, poppier, happier songs.
    5. If you're interested the Cure because you've heard songs like "Boys don't cry", "Close to me", "Just like heaven", "Love song", and "Friday, I'm in love", this collection is perfect for you. It's chock full of irresistibly catchy, poppy, and danceable tunes.
    6. However, if you want to see the Cure at their absolute best, pick up the albums Disintegration, Pornography, and Faith. They take repeated listenings to really get into, but trust me, it's worth the effort.

    Cure veteran:

    If you're like most Cure veterans, you're probably all set to go off on a rant about how this collection basically only contains their poppy stuff and hardly has anything from their darker albums. Well, to that I say, what did you expect? This is a GREATEST HITS collection, not a "best of." We all know how great their dark, depressing stuff is, but the singles from those albums (excluding Disintegration) hardly made any impact on the British charts, let alone the American ones.

    Even if you are a Cure veteran, I still say this is a wise buy. There's far too much filler on their happier albums, like Kiss me kiss me kiss me and The head on the door. This Greatest Hits collection, however, gives you a great overview of the best of their lighter side without any of the filler. But, if you have either Staring at the Sea or Galore, I'd recommend skipping this one over and saving your money for the box set. ; )...more info

  • weak cash run
    Is Robert hurting for money? Seriously, this is nothing more than the past two singles collections (you know, the previous cash runs) smashed together. And trying to squeeze 13 albums down to one is impossible. Your better served just getting a standard Cure album, as their songs are better in context anyway. I recommend Disintegration or Faith....more info
  • better to get the whole collection
    This collection is poor... it doesn't give justice to Robert Smith and the cure gamma of music. It's better for you to save the money and buy complete albums of the cure...

    but that's just me.....more info

  • Don't underestimate these songs
    Well, certainly this is not a collection of the best Cure songs, it doesn't even include the majority of my favourite songs, BUT:
    1) Almost every song in this collection deserves 5 stars!
    2) It surely shows the development of Smith and band during their career.

    I gave it four stars, because it's not what I would've chosen for a selection of Cure songs.

    I haven't bought the CD (I already own all the songs..), but got the DVD version instead. It contains the original CD + all tracks in acoustic versions + original video clips + some extra videos of acoustic versions....more info

  • Great for the new or casual Cure fan! Old fans stay away!
    One note before getting into this review: If you are a diehard Cure fan that already has Staring at the Sea and Galre, and who knows what else, stay away from this collection unless you can find (and want to hear) the version with the Bonus Hits disc with all the songs done acoustically.

    That being said, this collection does have its merits. For those people who are just casual fans or testing the waters of all the great songs this band has to offer and are not sure they want to go and buy more, this collection works great. It has a nice (but by no means comprehensive) selection of old and new stuff on it which allows the new or casual fan (not to mention some of us older fans) to listen to how the Cure musically and stylistically changed from Boys Don't Cry all the way to Mint Car.
    I actually bought this for the bonus acoustic hits disc which makes for pleasant listening but in the end, this compilation makes for a concise, convenient collection of most of the Cure's hits to grab and listen to at a moment's notice (even though it may not have this or that song on it). Hopefully if you aren't a big fan of the Cure or just a casual fan, this collection of songs on this CD will make you want to check out other releases and expand your Cure collection. Again, DIEHARD FANS STAY AWAY/NEWER AND CASUAL FANS PAY AND PLAY (and ENJOY)!

    P.S. Even though the diehard fans may know this... if you bought the DVD of the Cure's Greatest Hits, there are three hidden videos on the disc (the Caterpillar, Closer to Me (Closer Mix), and Pictures of You....more info

  • Weeping confession...
    I have traveled a long and tortous way with this burden, to the point where it's burning me from the inside, a searing confession just aching to get out.

    I must submit myself to your forgiveness now. For I... I...

    I had never payed much attention to The Cure before.

    Yes! It's true! Through my years as an avid music listener, I always dismissed The Cure as idiotic britpop, often associating them with A-Ha and such, even if I'm not entirely sure if A-Ha are british, but that's beside the point.

    The point is, after stumbling upon this Greatest Hits compilation, I realized what a great band they truly were. I seriously enjoyed the fun, punky feel of "Boys Don't Cry". The alarming, almost paranoia-inducing "A Forest". The jazzy edge of "The Lovecats". The dreamy "Just Like Heaven", the psychodelic rush that is "Wrong Number" and the nostalgic yet refreshing new track "Cut Here", which is worth the price of the compilation by itself.

    Many people could argue that this only provides a few of the more succesful singles and is in no way a true representation of The Cure's sound, and there ARE two other compilations on the market, but this one is a great starting point for someone who's never really cared about this band.

    As soon as I was done fully absorbing every single song in this album, I went out and bought the "Pornography", "The Top" and "Wish" albums and I finally saw the true greatness of Robert Smith and co. I suggest others do the same....more info

  • "Greatest Hits", not a "Best of".
    This collection is way better than 3 stars, but I understand the rating. Based on what's here, it's easily 4 star. But it gets a low rating from fans because it doesn't evenly represent the band. These are primarily the pop and happy songs here, whereas the more "goth" songs aren't to be found. Only really "A Forest" and "Lullaby" are very dark. If you really only want one disc of hits, this is it. But if you can, get the collections "Staring At The Sea" and "Galore". Those two cover things pretty well. If I had to suggest one album, it would be "Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me". It's the most diverse and lengthy....more info
  • Not the Greatest Hits
    This really isn't worth much unless you can find the double-disc version that has a whole second cd with acoustic versions of all the songs on the greatest hits disc. It has a brief glance of old Cure (the only Cure that counts), the generic stuff from Disintegration/Wish/Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, and some junk from Wild Mood Swings (by far the worst Cure release). If you're looking for a greatest hits to start off with to get to know the Cure go for Staring At the Sea, it's loaded with great old songs from Boys Don't Cry up to Head On the Door (pre-Disintegration unfortunately). If you're looking for a Cure greatest hits with newer stuff try finding Galore, actually, no, nevermind, don't get Galore, it has songs from Wild Mood Swings....more info
  • Just my thoughts
    This album was my first introduction to The Cure, believe it or not. If you've never heard the band, this is a great place to start; if you have, I don't know what to tell you. I mean, just because you're reading this probably means you already listen to the band and own every song in this compilation anyway. But for me, I wouldn't be the same if it were not for songs like "Lovecats," "Just Like Heaven," and "Friday I'm In Love." They have all picked me up from the floor and made my spirits rise like no other music I've heard. That's all I can really say. I'm no authority with Robert Smith and his history, and I'm not pretending to be. I just want to say I love this album. I'll go now....more info
  • Missing the point...
    I don't know if it is the drummer counting the beat when EACH song begins, but this album feels very artificial as a whole. There are a handful of these acoustic versions of The Cure classics that I really enjoyed, namely "A Forest", "Lullaby", "Lovesong", and "High". Maybe it is the fact that most of the songs were chopped to fit a commercial standard 3-4 minute length, or the fact that music by The Cure hardly lends itself to the "unplugged" format that we've gotten used to in the past decade, but the songs sound more like covers of the band sung by Robert Smith than anything else.

    I would stay away from this album. As other reviewers pointed out, there are better albums to begin your journey into music by The Cure....more info

  • Excelente compilacion
    The Cure esta vez saca un CD con 2 canciones nuevas, una mas tranquila (cut here) y la otra mas movida (just say yes). Ambas buenas aunque gente dice que just say yes es una cancion hecha simplemente para vender. Yo creo que en este disco Robert Smith quiso sacar, como el dijo, las canciones mas importantes de cure pero lamentablemente tuvo que optar mas por lo comercial que por lo profundo. Si alguien tiene la version inglesa del disco doble, podra ver que las versiones acusticas son excelentes y muy fieles a las normales, disco muy interesante sobre todo para los fans....more info
  • Know what it really is
    Okay, so if you approach this album as the 'contractual obligation' collection instead of G. Hits, you won't be so taken aback. As in "intro" to the cure, it contains a number of songs whose choice is slightly dubious, but it's not supposed to be the Cure's NIFTYEST Hits, just singles that have charted. Make an interesting gift, but the real gem is if you get the version with the acoustic renditions of all the songs on the album. That's why I bought it, and if you're looking for "Acoustic Cure Album, with two new songs", then this is worth purchasing. Even if "Cut Here" has The Cure sounding like a New Order cover band, hehe....more info
  • Good, lacking the great
    This selection would probably be better for the new listeners of the Cure. Besides, people who have been fans of them longer probably already have every song on here with the exception of Just Say Yes and Cut Here. Just Say Yes is pretty good, but Cut Here is excellent in my opinion. I actually have the 2-CD version of this with the acoustic CD (I give that one a five). So if it's worth it to you for the extra few dollars, get that one. Basically, if you're a fan who already has every song on here on one of the other albums or compilations, you have to decide if it is worth it to get the 2 new songs and/or the acoustic CD. That's the choice I had to make, I bought it, and am very glad I did. Like others have said, if you're a new listener, this really doesn't include some of the best Cure songs, like Pictures of You and the goth songs from the earlier days. If you bought this, Disintegration, and something along the lines of Boys Dont Cry, 17 Seconds, or Faith, you'd have quite an array of the Cure's sounds going on....more info
  • They should release a 2-disc Greatest Hits Compilation.
    ...and this is the list of songs they should put on the compilation

    Disc 1.
    The Singles:1979-1987

    1.Killing an Arab
    2.10:15 Saturday Night
    3.Boys Don't Cry
    4.Jumping Someonelse's Train
    5.A Forest
    6.Play for Today
    8.Other voices
    9.Charlotte Sometimes
    10.The Hanging Garden
    11.Let's go to Bed
    12.The Walk
    13.The Lovecats
    14.The Caterpillar
    15.Inbetween Days
    16.Close to me
    17.A Night Like This
    18.Why Can't I Be You?
    20.Just Like Heaven
    21.Hot Hot Hot!!!

    Disc 2.
    The Singles:1989-2004

    2.Fascination Street
    4.Pictures of You
    5.Never Enough
    6.Closr to me(Closer Mix)
    8.Friday I'm in Love
    9.A Letter to Elise
    10.The 13th
    11.Mint Car
    12.Strange Attraction
    14.Wrong Number
    15.Out of this World
    16.Maybe Someday
    17.Cut Here
    18.Just Say Yes
    19.The End of the World
    21.Us or Them

    ...more info
  • Hidden stuff
    I found this info on the Internet; I haven't verified it yet.

    1) Go to the song select. There is a hidden star after "Just Say Yes" that shows the "Greatest Hits" album cover.
    2) "The Caterpillar" Highlight "The Walk" and press down, right, right.

    3) "Close To Me (Closer Mix)" Highlight "Close To Me" and press up, up, up.

    4) "Pictures Of You" Highlight "Friday I'm In Love" and press down, down, down.

    All 18 videos are under Title 1, Chapters, 1-18.

    All 6 acoustic videos are under Title 2, Chapters 1-6.

    The Cover of the Greatest Hits album is under Title 3, Chapter 1.
    There are three bonus videos:

    "The Caterpillar" is under Title 4, Chapter 1.

    "Pictures of You" is under Title 5, Chapter 1.

    "Close to Me (Closer Mix)" is under Title 6, Chapter 1.

    All of the videos, including the live and hidden videos are available in both 5.1 and stereo mixes.

    ...more info
  • A bit thin of a career retrospective.
    A career overview of tracks selected by Robert Smith, "Greatest Hits" may be a bit of a misnomer, at least here in the United States, but nonetheless this proves to be a fine overview of the Cure's tenure with Fiction Records-- the only shortcoming of the piece is that as a single disc, selection had to be carefully performed and a number of critical pieces were omitted.

    The album opens with one of the band's early singles, the moody "Boys Don't Cry" and tracks their time with Fiction, from the early, somewhat bleak stuff ("A Forest") to the flirtations with pop ("Close to Me", "Why Can't I Be You?", "Just Like Heaven", breakthrough "Friday I'm in Love") to funky experiments (horn-laden single mix of "Close to Me", which is vastly superior to the album mix, "Mixed Up" new track "Never Enough") and the bleaker pieces the band's reputation centers around ("Lovesong"). The collection also includes a pair of new tracks-- "Cut Here" and "Just Say Yes". Both are driven by programmed rhythms and while "Cut Here" is decent enough, I actually find the somewhat forced ecstacy of "Just Say Yes" to be downright irritating.

    But there is a lot missing, and with the record clocking in at only 68 minutes, there was room for a bit more-- no "Killing An Arab" or "10:15 Saturday Night" from their early days, nothing at all from "Faith", "Pornography" or "The Top", with several pieces from those albums being fine candidates ("Shake Dog Shake", "Primary", non-album track "Charolotte Sometimes", "The Hanging Garden" or live set feature "One Hundred Years") and a noticably absent "Pictures of You" from "Disintegration" (curiously, it was included on the European release of the record). Maybe a two disc set would have served better, but certainly some of these could have been included with some songs quite frankly making me wonder why they were chosen in place of those ("High" for example).

    Still, no collection is perfect, and this one does a pretty good job at what it targets. If you're new to the band, it's a decent overview.

    A final note, when the album was initially released, it included a bonus disc with acoustic renditions of all the songs on the record-- fans will want to track this one down....more info
  • Self explanatory
    If you like the greatest hits by the Cure, you will like the greatest hits album by the Cure. No brainer....more info
  • always wonderful
    every cd put out by the cure is wonderful! if you are a serious cure fan like me defiently should get this cd!...more info
    stop crying everyone. get over it. so 'pictures of you' isnt on this album. it doesnt matter, every song on here is great, and essentially there most popular songs from the charts.

    UNBELIEVABLE! the cure are the best band ever....more info
  • A Victim Of 1 Disc Band Overviews
    Around the turn of the century, record companies began to released one disc compilations that attempted to take artists with a ton of output and try to make an 80 minute attempt to capture the essentials. Needless to say, all of these attempts have failed. Great songs were overlooked, and instead of giving a quality overview of the band, one got instead the feeling of being ripped off. The Cure's Greatest Hits falls victim to the one disc overview.

    A greatet hit album serves two purposes. One is to collect the best for fans who may desire to have many of their favorites on one album. The second is to provide new-comers to the band an overview of their career. The problem with The Cure is that they have released over 30 singles, and no single disc set can truly capture the best of their work.

    For instance, how does a Cure best of ignore "Pictures of You"? It would be akin to a Billy Joel best of leaving off "The Stranger". This song is considered one of the Cure's best, and leaving this off for stuff like "The Walk", "High", and "Never Enough" is an insult.

    While "Pictures of You" is the biggest example of a song that is missing, there are plenty of other songs of lesser impact that still should have been on there. For instance, the sublime "Catch", the melancholy "A Night Like This", or even "Jumping Someone Else's Train." And what about their break-out single, "Killing An Arab"?

    The problem with this album is that it attempts to provide an overview of the Cure but instead only barely touches the surface. Leave this one on the CD racks and spend the extra money to get Staring at the Sea and Galore....more info
  • whet your appetite for the Cure with these tunes
    Being a Cure fan who did not at all like this talented and innovative band's early music when it first came out (way too dark and down for my pop sensibilities), and really only turned on to them with a few tracks on The Head on the Door, but mostly with Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (not only 'cause the band put out such great music by then, but because I became friends with one of the guys in the band's brothers, who was a really nice guy and a huge fan and supporter of their music, of course), this CD satisfies my desire to hear many of their mid-to-later career singles, all in a handy single disc that I can keep in my car and play whenever I need a quick Cure fix. Songs like The Lovecats, Just Like Heaven, Inbetween Days, Lovesong, Why Can't I Be You?, Boys Don't Cry, Let's Go to Bed, and Friday I'm in Love bring me back to a different time and head when I need some escape from the stressors of the present, and always provide me immense aural pleasure. A good collection from the 1985 and on (I think) period to whet the appetites of future fans, who can then go out and get the LPs from whence these songs came for a real bite of the band....more info
  • Bowing to Robert
    I'm so mad at myself for not listening to them sooner. I started listening to them when I was a senior in high school, 3 years ago. I brought this cd, my first Cure cd, when I moved to Manhattan for college. I was really depressed from leaving Dallas, and I have to say, WOW! The Cure really did CURE me.
    These songs were amazing and I just love every song on it.
    Just Like Heaven is no doubt my wedding song. So, about every week I ended up going to Virgin in Times Square and buying another cd of theirs. I pretty much own most of them. I haven't gotten around to listening to all of them because I just can't seem to stop listening to my favorites. None the less, Third Eye Blind is my favorite band of all time but The Cure sure is very close in 2nd place. Both are amazingly talented and have greatly affected my life. Robert Smith, you are a God....more info
  • Where are the "greatest" hits
    I'm a fan who has lost a few The cure cds and I was looking to regain my favorite songs back; "Pictures of You" and "Letter to Elise" but they are not on this album. The other songs are great - don't get me wrong - but I agree with the other reviews...this album is not for the hard core fan....more info
  • Good but...
    I find this collection a little unnecessary when there are "Galore" and "Staring at the Sea" already. I hate to say it but I'm not the biggest fan of "Greatest Hits". Who's to say what the best songs are from a band who's repertoire spands over two decades? Then the record companies release the same songs over and over again giving the collections differet names (Greatest hits, best of.., essential ect. ect.) I always thought The Cure was a better album band than a singles band anyway. I can understand using this as an introduction to The Cure and it's not a bad one by any means but I'd rather show someone a copy of "Pornography" or "Disintigration" and say "Now THIS is The Cure" ...more info
  • Past ,Past and did I say Future woops
    I love the Cure and will go to the grave a die hard fan but this album let's the loyal posse down because it is the same as the last 3 or maybe 4 albums. The music keeps getting recycled. This group is running a record for the most greatest hits made. The only thing that refutes this statement is that there are 2 new songs at the end that pumps you up just to put you out again. This album is good for a person who stumbled on to The Cure and like the mainstream stuff. The raw,doom and gloom, emotional music that real cure fans demand was left on the Kiss Me Kiss Me Album.For a first time listener this would be a 5 star but for a regular its a 3 because we have rated this album under a different title before.
    ...more info
  • why?
    How could they call it "greatest hits" if it doesn't include "Hot, hot, hot" or "Pictures of you"?...more info
  • Definitely worth looking for the acoustic double album
    This album is a great starter for the intro Cure fan. It is true that many of the Cure's greatest songs are missing from this album, especially those from disintegration, however, it can be also be argued that fans who don't already have both "Staring At the Sea" and "Galore are newcomers and would prefer something more comprehensive. I believe that is who "Greatest Hits" is marketed towards. I don't know what these reviewers who gave the album one and two stars were expecting.
    In addition, a previous reviewer falsely stated that the "Acoustic Hits" version of this CD was packaged as a double album in the UK only. This is not true. This was a great move by the band in an effort to get those reviewers giving the album one and two stars to buy it. I purchased the album simply for the bonus acoustic disc which was available in the U.S. for a limited time. I am sure with a little effort, tose interested will be able to find the double disc version in their local used CD store or online for a pretty reasonable cost. Being a owner of this acoustic disc I can tell you it's definitely worth looking for....more info