WWE No Way Out 2002

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February 17, 2002, Milwaukee, WI. A lethal virus has been unleashed on the World Wrestling Federation, it's called...The nWo. Hulk Hogan returns to the WWF! The day the World Wrestling Federation fans never thought they'd see! The nWo is coming to the Federation! Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and yes... Hulk Hogan!

Customer Reviews:

  • No Way Out 2002 means New World Order 2002
    A very horrible PPV. Milwaukee deserves better. The only good matches were Austin/Y2J & Taker/Rock.

    Rock/nWo promo--Classic!

    Extras that could have been used on this DVD--
    RAW--February 18, 2002
    nWo-Austin Confrontation
    Angle-Triple H rematch...more info

  • BEST EVER!!!!
    This movie rocks! I think this is the best movie ever! I am the worlds biggest WWF fan so......... I really Know what is going on! I collect all of the videos. I thought this was the best no way out ever!...more info
  • No Way Out was NO Way Interesting
    I was expecting, like previous No Way Outs, that this was going to be a great show, but this was one of the most boring WWF PPVs I have ever seen. I dont know if all the wrestlers were just resting before Wrestlemania, but no-one put on a good show. The NWO coming back was pretty good, but predictable, and the main event was just half an our full of chest slaps, with below average wresling....more info
  • nWo- new World order!
    WWE Tag Team Title Match:
    Spike and Tazz{c} vs Booker T and Test **(out of *****)
    -Umm.. why are Booker T and Test here? Why not switch them with a
    deserving team like Christian and Lance? Booker T and Test have not wrestled as partners in a long time and they get a ttitle shot? This makes no sense what so ever.

    Tag Team Turmoil ***
    -This match was not that great and could have been a whole lot better. I still don't get why the WWE didn't use the APA, Dudleys, Hardys, Billy & Chuck, or Christian and Lance Storm in the Tag Team Title Match but oh well.

    Now the good stuff:

    RVD vs Goldust ****
    Edge vs Regal ****
    'Taker vs Rock ****
    HHH vs Angle ***1/2
    Austin vs Y2J ***1/2

    -And thats it, this PPV wasn't too bad, if only the WWE did something with that Tag Team Division. If you want a real good PPV from 2002, check out these:
    Royal Rumble ****
    Wrestlemania X-8 ****1/2
    Judgment Day ****
    Vengeance ****1/2...more info

  • No Way Out 2002
    1.Tag Team Turmoil Match
    APA vs.Lance Storm & Christian vs. Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Billy & Chuck

    2.Rob Van Dam vs. Goldust

    3.World Tag Team Championship
    Spike Dudley & Tazz vs. Test & Bokker T
    winners=spike and tazz

    4.Intercontinental Championship Item on a Pole Match
    William Regal vs. Edge
    winner=william regal

    5.The Rock vs. Undertaker
    winner=the rock

    6.Special Guest Referee:Stephanie Mcmahon
    Kurt Angle vs. Triple H
    winner=kurt angle

    7.Undisputed WWE Championship
    Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    winner=chris jericho...more info
  • Solid - Need I Say More?
    There was a lot going on with WWF. The Monday Night Wars ended almsot a year before. The WCW/ECW Alliance had been vanquished. Ric Flair returned to the WWF. And the least likely of champions was a miserable wreck whose insecurities drove him to succeed, and tick fans off in the process.

    There's a lot going on with this PPV, too. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley just ended their TV relationship. WWF "co-owners" Ric Flair and Vince McMahon made each other's lives a living hell. And one of them in a desparate act brought back the New World Order.


    First off, the nWo comes out to kick off the show. I'm not gonna get into the debate of whether bringing this faction to the Fed was good or not. But I will say that Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, & Kevin Nash cut a promo that was surprising & heartfelt, even though their speeches proved false by th4 PPV's end. Nothing great, but still worth the airtime.


    1) Tag Team Turmoil
    Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert v. Christian & Lance Storm
    v. The Hardy Boyz v. The Dudley Boyz v. Billy & Chuck v. The APA
    ---The stipulation here was that the winners would get a shot at the Tag Titles for WRESTLEMANIA X-8. Although this eventually became hogwash (four of these teams ended up in the 'MANIA match), this opener remains an exciting kickoff. What you want from matches like these are fast-paced action, a variety of performances, and good time length. You get all of that here. Each team puts on a good show yet loses (or wins) in a believable fashion.
    "7.5 / 10"


    2) Goldust v. Rob Van Dam
    ---These two men are as creative and innovative with their in-ring talents as any other WWE superstar. Both men utiltized intersting counters, and couple of "OUCH!" moves. Frankly, I don't understand why some reviewers aren't into this one. The Milwaukee crowd seemed to be into the match. No, this isn't the greatest match I've ever seen. But it's as solid as a rock, and one of the most underrated PPV contests in recent memory.
    "7.0 / 10"


    3) Tag Team Championships
    Booker T & Test v. Tazz & Spike Dudley (champions)
    ---Okay, let's call a spade "a spade". This match is as dull as it looks on paper. I've never been a huge Tazz or Spike fan, which doesn't help. I mean, I can't stomach how this combo ever won a match together. Booker T & Test make a good team, and I wish I got to see them work more. But the problem is that either the champs are getting beaten mercilessly, or pull off unbelievable feats out of nowhere. Because the match is kept to a fairly quick pace, it's never boring. Just don't expect a believable match.
    "5.5 / 10"


    4) Brass-Knux-On-A-Pole Match
    Intercontinental Championship
    Edge v. William Regal (champion)
    ---The third consecutive PPV showing between these two, and easily the best. I'm not a fan of their VENGEANCE showdown, but their ROYAL RUMBLE match was very good. When Regal was healthy, he came up with unique, sitff offense that I loved. And Edge...is there anything I need to say? He's always been great, but 2002 was his best year to date. Even Matt Hardy admits that he's an excellent in-ring performer. Both men use some traditional ground grappling, and eventually some "pole psychology". There are especially a lot of apron spots, too. This is a good example of a slow burn, where you get a tad exhausted just watching the wrestlers work. This match is so good, it might increase Regal's seemingly small fan base.
    "7.5 / 10"


    5) The Undertaker v. The Rock
    ---To my complete surprise, I was incredibly bored with this one. Taker was a terrific heel because he was just a bullying S.O.B., and The Rock continued to use more than his signature moves. But something was just off this time. Maybe it was because the fight was too wild for its own good. Rock & Taker brawl all over ringside, which I usually don't care for. And when they're in the ring, Taker dominates most of the time. I dunno, maybe I need to rewatch this one again. But I'm not looking forward to it. And what's with Taker's Limp Bizkit song being edited out of the DVD? Aren't they "The WWE's Favorite Band?"
    "5.5 / 10"


    6) Winner Goes To WRESTLEMANIA X-8
    Guest Referee - Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
    Kurt Angle v. Triple H
    ---Again, this event isn't good for the reasons I expected. I expected this to be a classic among classics. The last time these three were in a storyline (2000), we got to see some excellent matches. But this time, I liked what I saw, but didn't love it. HHH & Angle complement each other very well, and Stephanie's role as a refere never get boring. There are so many ways this one could've gone wrong, but these three avoid them. Where they slip up is putting on a classic they're capable. You see all of the signature moves, the counters, and the guest referee spots...but there's not much originality in any of it. The only original aspect of the match was the finish, but WWF dropped the ball with that days later. Don't get me wrong: this is a good match, but Angle & HHH have done better.
    "7.0 / 10"


    7) Undisputed WWF Championship
    Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Chris Jericho (champion)
    ---Just as good (and crazy) as the VENGEANCE main event that catapulted Jericho into WWE history. Sadly, many fans (myself included) didn't appreciate what an honor it was to see Y2J carry the ball. He was ahead of his time, but if you give this DVD a look, you'll see just how good he was. Anyone who's read my reviews knows I'm not a big fan of Steve Austin, but I could watch him face Chris Jericho any time of day. One of Austin's greatest matches was his 1st title win against Shawn Michaels; well, Jericho is a lot like HBK, so do the math. What you'll probably remember most about the match (besides nWo interfering) is how much these two guys chop each other. Even J.R. & Lawler can't believe how much damage is done to both men's chests. But I digress, this main event is good enough to erase any disappointments I might have with the PPV.
    "7.5 / 10"


    This PPV is a solid card from beginning to end. All the promos, interviews, and backstage shenanigans work. All the storylines make sense. And all the matches tell their stories well. Granted, I didn't care for a few of the stories (underdog Tag champs, for example), but my quibbles are a matter of personal taste. NO WAY OUT 2002 is definitely worth buying if you haven't seen it yet.

    DVD Note - Why in the world are the entrance themes for RVD, Tazz, & Undertaker changed?...more info
  • "there are better WWF/WWE DVDys out there and lots of them"
    WWF No Way Out 2002 is possibly and probably the worst pay per view (ppv) of 2002, the wrestling was for the most part poor and the New World Orders Return was to most people a disappointment. Below is a review of all the matches and the overall DVD, hopefully it will help you decide if you should buy this DVD or not. The review will not directly give away who wins any of the matches but the winner may seem pretty obvious by my explanations of some of the matches.

    ( Match Reviews )

    --- Tag Team Turmoil Match for a Title Shot at Wrestlemania 18 - Hardy Boyz Vs Dudley Boyz Vs Christian and Lance Storm Vs APA Vs Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert Vs Billy and Chuck ---

    This was for the most part a fast paced match, the Hardyz made there return allowing for Jeff to do some of his high risk moves. The last two team to be in this match are in my opinion the two least entertaining teams in the match. I believe the winners are undeserving. Although the match truly is not bad it is still the worst tag team turmoil match the WWE has put together that I can think of. (5.5/10)

    --- Goldust Vs Rob Van Dam ---

    This was a basic RVD match except this is slower then usual and contained a few cool moves and submissions by Goldust. This match dragged on at points however it did go back and fourth, contain some cool counters and have some stiff moves, pretty good match. (5.5/10)

    --- WWF Tag Team Championship Match - Tazz and Spike Dudley Vs Booker T and Test ---

    There is not much to say about this average tag match that contained some sloppy moves and a pretty good and slightly comical finish. (4/10)

    --- Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship Match - William Regal Vs Edge ---

    This was like a cheap version of a ladder match, it contained some high impact moves however the biggest move of the match turned out very sloppy. The finish is screw jobbed however it works alright with the match. (5.5/10)

    --- The Rock Vs Undertaker ---

    Despite this matches fast start the action in this moves pretty slowly, the match contains some sloppy moves and long walks through the crowd and around the ring. There is pretty good back and fourth action and again, although the finish is screw jobbed and chaotic it worked alright with the match. (4.5/10)

    --- No. 1 Contender Match - Triple H Vs Kurt Angle ---

    This whole match is basically a chaotic screw job served with a bunch of ref bumps. This suplex filled match was poorly paced and to unrealistic, even for wrestling. (4/10)

    --- Undisputed WWF Championship Match - Chris Jericho Vs The Rock ---

    This match was a huge chop fest, the chops where basically needed to give the crowd any sort of life. The match moves around the ring and contains 3 repetitive superplexes. Austin and Jericho do a good job of countering each other's finishers. I believe the screwjob finish did not work because the interferer's of the match provided minimal damage. It is predictable but overall not an bad match, by my count the best on the card. (6/10)

    ( Overall DVD )

    The DVD itself is poorly put together with no extra features, some superstar and the ppv music is changed to much poorer themes. There is no 3 minute or so music video to start off the show, The show starts immediately with a short graphic and pyro that lasts about 3 seconds. None of the matches are absolutely horrible (although some come close) but none of them are anything special either. The whole show is rather boring to sit threw. The three main events plus the pole match end in screw jobs. The New World Order's return was a disappointment by my standards and not a good enough reason to buy this DVD. The reason I gave this DVD 1 star is because I simply cannot recommend it to more than 20% of all wrestling fans. The fans I could just maybe recommend it to are those who where at the event, those who like to collect historic footage and those who like to collect wrestling DVD's despite there overall quality. Its your choice but there are better WWF/WWE DVD's out there and lots of them....more info

  • NWO comes to the wwf
  • Dreadful event with bad booking and terrible wrestling
    No Way Out 2002 was well known for the event where the supposed cancer, the group of stars who Vince McMahon hired to poison the WWE, the nWo made their debut in the WWE. While this overshadows other proceedings, there is a triple main event, a WWE championship match between a revengeful Stone Cold taking on the first ever undisputed champion Chris Jericho in a tedious brawl, Triple H and Kurt Angle fighting over Triple Hs Wrestlemania title shot in a passable encounter, and The Rock squaring off with the Undertaker in an decent outing. While those three matches did not contain the topnotch action WWE fans have came to expect, the undercard is just as weak. All this with a dead crowd and bad angles you have an abysmal event. Also, if you bought this tape looking for lots of nWo action, you will be dissapointed as they are involved very little in the event and certainly don't resemble the poison they were hired to be. I will review each match and rate it out of five stars (*****):

    Tag Team Turmoil Match - Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert vs. Lance Storm and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. Billy and Chuck vs. the APA: Semi decent opener, but the crowd were not really into it and even the much hyped return of the Hardy Boyz the match seems pretty dull. **1/4

    Rob Van Dam vs. Goldust: Another decent outing, this time the crowd were pretty much into it, and it was backed up with a good storyline. Still, it lasted for too long, and was boring at times. **3/4

    Tag Team Championship - Test and Booker T vs. Spike and Tazz: The match itself was okay, but it was very predictible and had very little build up. **

    Intercontinental Championship Brass Knuckles on a Pole match: Edge vs. William Regal: The stipulation was ridiculos and the feud between Edge and William Regal had became very stale by this time. **

    The Rock vs. The Undertaker: Finally a good match, although it was full of interference towards the end. Still, perfectly acceptable wrestling which was pretty enjoyable. ***1/4

    No. 1 Contenders Match - Triple H vs. Kurt Angle - Special Referee Stephanie McMahon: Another acceptable match, but it was too short to come to anything and there was little content between the five ref bumps and screwjob finish. ***

    Undisputed Championship - Stone Cold vs. Chris Jericho: Tedious wrestling which could and should of been much better. Furthermore, the finish was very predictible, and the crowd sounded like they were at a funeral. **1/2

    Overall a dismal event. The matches were either repetitve, interference filled or boring, and the crowd were dead for the entire event. The main event is very weak, and few titles were on the line, making few care about the event. A complete letdown in my opinion. Check out No Way Out 2001 for some quality wrestling. Rent if you must but do NOT buy.

    Final Rating - 2 stars (**)....more info

  • Not as good as the Feb. PPVs since 97.
    Nothing Big here and cannot lead up to the previous Feb. PPVs since 97'. Let's get started. By the way this is when nWo comes back.

    Starts with the nWo , strong reaction , they stand and talk, the people love Hogan.

    Tag team Turmoil 7/10 : Storm,Christian V. Albert,S2H V. 3D V. Team Xtreme V. APA V. CP & BG . I won't spoil which team comes
    in when. Alright opener.

    RVD V. Goldust 5.5/10 : RVD tries to save it but these guys styles just don't go good together anyways whatever.

    EDGE V. Regal 6.5/10 : Brass Knucks on a pole, good ol fashioned fun. Edge [missed] again.

    TAzz , Spike V. Test , BT 3/10 : the big guys control most of the match then spike gets the big tag Tazz dominates then ends.

    Rock V. Taker 7.5/10 : Pretty good actually, nice ending.

    Angle V. HHH (Steph as REF) 8/10 : Fun match nice ending but shocking but then the next night everything is ok again.

    Stone Cold V. Y2j 6/10 : so predictable and most of match is just flair chops! Y2j's reverse on the belt is good and the ending is good I guess.

    Overall : 6/10...more info

  • First ever PPV watched!
    This is the first ever Pay Per View of wrestling that I ever watched. I must say, I was impressed by the card now that I look at it 6 years later. I loved seeing Hulk Hogan come back to the WWF after seeing him in numerous WWF old school videos. Many people say it was a bad ppv, but those are their opinions. I think this was a pretty good show. Rock vs Taker was match of the night in my book. Quite possibly HHH vs Angle was also. Jericho vs Austin could've been better, but was ended early w/ the nWo invasion again. All in all, good show....more info
  • no Way out 2002
    No Way Out 2002
    Best Performence - Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Best Match - Kurt Angle vs Triple H -#1 Contender Stephanie McMahon Guest Referee

    Opening Match Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert vs Christian & Lance Storm vs Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs Dudley Boyz w/Stacy Keibler vs Billy & Chuck vs APA - Tag Team Turmoil Title Shot at WrestleMania X8
    Great return from the Hardy Boyz as they put on a high pace show. The Hardyz and the Dudleyz worked the best together but the match never got boring and the crowd was into the match. Nice opener.
    Best Performence - Matt Hardy
    Match Rating 8/10

    2nd Goldust vs Rob Van Dam
    Rob Van Dam was grounded most of the match as Goldust used his offensive for the majority of the match. The exciting points of the match were Rob Van Dam offensive but were few and far between. Goldust also didn't have much heel heat to make the match better.
    Best Performence - Rob Van Dam
    Match Rating 5.5/10

    3rd Booker T & Test vs C-Tazz & C-Spike Dudley - WWF Tag Team Championship
    Spike Dudley is terrible, Booker T put on a great show carrying Tazz and Spike Dudley even though Tazz can wrestle Booker put on a show. He looked very good and showed he should be in more important matches.
    Best Performence - Booker T
    Match Rating 4.5/10

    4th Edge vs C-William Regal - IC Championship Brass Knuckles on a Pole
    William Regal had a great match, he really showed he can wrestle but there was just too much going after the pole and not enough high impact moves after that. The brass knuckles really didnt come into play and Edge didnt show how well he can wrestle.
    Best Performence - William Regal
    Match Rating 6/10

    5th The Undertaker vs The Rock
    Well somehow this turned into a No DQ match because both men should have been DQ'ed and Counted Out in this match. The Undertaker dominated the early match with the Rock not having much offense until the end of the match. The owners got involved to keep this match interesting as in the beginning the match was a little poor.
    Best Performence - The Rock
    Match Rating 8/10

    6th Kurt Angle vs Triple H - Hunter's WrestleMania X8 Title Opportunity Special Guest Referee Stephanie McMahon
    The deck is stacked against the game but is quickly shifted when Angle clotheslines Stephanie. The match has some humor and some great wrestling from Angle and Hunter. I will never forget the elbow Stephanie dropped on Tim White, Great Moment.
    Best Performence - Kurt Angle
    Match Rating 9.1/10

    Main Event Stone Cold Steve Austin vs C-Chris Jericho - Undisputed Championship
    Austin showed why he was on of the best ever to wrestle but Jericho didnt live up to his ability. Jericho is a great wrestler but made to many mistakes. Again both men should have been DQ'ed and Counted Out but things happen. nWo.
    Best Performence - Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Match Rating 8.5/10

    49.6/70 = 71%
    Triple Main Event was right Three good matches and nice opener with crap in the middle. However the nWo returns and have funny altercations with The Rock and Stone Cold so I recommend this to all viewers.
    ...more info
  • A Great Set-Up For Wrestlemania X8
    This is a Great Pay Per View to be so slow. The nWo did have an impact on the main event. They came back with a bang. Good to see them back. The matches at this No Way Out set up Wrestlemania without a doubt. My match reviews go like this:

    Tag Team Turmoil:
    Hardy's -vs.- Dudley's -vs.- Christian & Lance Storm -vs- APA -vs.- Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert -vs.- Billy & Chuck

    Started off slow but picked up when the Hardy Boys entered. Sucks how they get beat up after defeating the Dudley Boys. Pretty good opener. 4/5

    RVD -Vs.- Goldust

    A great match. RVD got his but kicked all over the ring, but in the end lands the 5 star frog splash. 5/5

    Tag Team Title Match:
    Tazz and Spike -Vs- Test and Booker T

    Tazz is extra tough. Both put on a hell of a show. The ending is pretty funny. Gotta love the champs. 3.5/5

    InterContinental Title Match:
    Edge -Vs- William Regal

    Brass Knuckles is a page out of the idea of the Ladder Match.
    Edge beat the hell out of William Regal. Regal used an illegal pair of brass knuckles and knocked Edge out. A lot of nice spots for both competitors. 5/5

    Rock -Vs- The Undertaker

    A lot of emotions mixed in this match. This match started off very fast with the Rock landing a lot of high impact, fast paced moves. The Undertaker made this match very slow. Rock showed how great of an entertainer he was by making the match interesting again. The ending was the best of the night. 5/5

    # 1 Contender Match:
    Triple H -Vs- Kurt Angle Special Referee: Stephanie McMahon

    A great match, but after Triple H dumped Stephanie, you knew that he had no chance in hell. Triple H did put on a show with a lot of good spots from him and Kurt. The ending sucks, but a good match. 5/5

    Undisputed Title Match:
    Chris Jericho -Vs- Stone Cold Steve Austin

    This was not a good main event. A good match, but not main event material. The NWO made their presence in the WWE felt with their impact on the main event. Not a worthy main event. Should have been Kurt -Vs- Triple H. 4/5

    This DVD is one of the slowest, as far as the matches go. The matches were drawn out and boring at some spots, but other spots showed the WWE that everybody knows and loves. I say buy it, especially if you like the nWo. I recommend that if you buy this DVD, that you also buy Wrestlemania X8....more info

  • 2002 No Way Out means.......N.W.O !
    The best thing about this pay per view is the long awaited return of (Hogan,Hall,and Nash), aka N.W.O. Love-em,or hate-em,any fan of the New World Order should own this video. These bad boys of wrestling are at the top of their game here. They talk the talk,and walk the walk, during their days in the w.c.w. the N.W.O. made it cool to be bad. The rest of this event is also worth seeing. The 2002 No Way Out is a,"to sweet", sports entertainment event....more info
  • nWo is no Way out.
    The event was ok. Nature Boy made a big mistake by interfereing in the Undertaker vs. The Rock. He hit Undertaker a few times with a lead pipe. He had no buisness being involved with the match. Well, Undertaker got his revenge at WM X-8. I was glad to see the nWo return. I was also glad they shut the Rock up the next night on RAW. Scott Hall said it best "So much for the People's taste". I was glad Kurt Angle won the match against HHH. He deserved that title match at wrestle mania, but ric flair [cheated] kurt otu of the title shot the next night. I can't stand billy and chuck. So I was glad to see Tazz and Spike retain the titles....more info
  • No Way Out 2002- The WWF Produced Another Blockbuster Event!
    The World Wrestling Federation had a lot to live up to coming into this February 17th mega event. Vince McMahon promised that the nWo (New World Order) would be at No Way Out. I do not want to spoil this event for you so I will just do a run down of this event. The nWo came out in the beginning and talked a lot of B.S. The opening contest was the tag team turmoil match with the winner receiving a shot at the WWF Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania X-8. Many people expected the Hardyz or The Dudleyz to be victorious in this one but they were not. The ending of this was a huge surprise. I would give this match a 7.0 out of 10. Another match featured Goldust squaring off against "Mr. PPV" Rob Van Dam. This match was quite long and featured Goldust's first singles PPV match since returning at January's Royal Rumble. This match really reminded me of the 1996-1997 time period where Goldust had obessions with certain wrestlers and played some heavy mind games with them(ex: Razor Ramon and Roddy Piper). Many spots in this match were botched but al in all I give this one a 6.5 out of 10. The WWF Tag Team Titles were on the line as Tazz and Spike Dudley defended against Test and Booker T. This match was crap. I give it a 4.0 out of 10. William Regal defended the IC Title against Edge in the first ever "Brass Nuckles on a Pole Match". This match was probably the best of all 3 of Edge and Regals matches. I gave this classic encounter a 7.5 out of 10. Now we move on to the triple main event. The first match of these 3 was The Rock taking on The Undertaker. This match in my opinion was the best on the card. I gave this a 8.5 out of 10. Kurt Angle squared off against "The Game" HHH with Hunter's ex-wife Stephanie McMahon as guest referee. this match was good but not great. I have seen much better between the two. The stipulation in this match was that the winner would go to the main event of Wrestlemania o face the Undisputed Champion. I gave this a 6.5 out of 10. And finally the main event. The Undisputed Title was on the line as Y2J Chris Jericho fought Stone Cold Steve Austin. Great match with a little surprise from the nWo. I gave this one an 8.0 out of 10. So thats No Way out wraped up. I really enjoyed this event and can't wait 'till it comes on video. A must buy. Obverall this event was an easy 8.0 out of 10. Not perfect, but pretty damn good....more info
    I liked this pay per view the best thing about this were the nwo!when you first watch this dvd you will hear the nwo"s music then they will come out acting cool just like they always do.The best classic moment has to be when the rock goes up to the nwo welcome"s them to the wwf and the nwo they say some thing cocky as they always do and the rock does not like it 1 bit he makes fun of them and says hey kevin nash big daddy cool diesel whoo whoo hey chico scott hall the bad guy razor ramoan and the 1 and only the immortal 1 hollywood hulk hogan the red and yellow drink your milk and take your vitamins. And you should see the special guest referee match stephanie mcmahon has never looked so good at a pay per view then this "1".The best match has to be tag team turmoil winner gets a tag team shot at wrestlemania18 hardy boyz vs"dudley boyz vs"christian & lance storm vs"apa vs hotty & albert vs" billy & chuck!....more info
  • No Way Out
    alrite well the only good part of this ppv is the nWo ...usually the No Way Out PPV's turned out good but this year it kinda went down the drain cuz they had no matches to build up really they were juss mainly matches that you would see on Smackdown or RAW if u wanna see a good No Way Out PPV get 2000 or 2001...more info
  • Average At Best
    Match with Van Dam and Goldust is the best match of the night in my opinion. I was really disappointed with most of the other matches except Rock vs. Taker and Jericho vs. Austin, which were both great matches and helped set up WrestleMania. NWo coming back was good but they ruined the main event's finale in my opinion....more info
  • O.K. and dissapointing
    The matches are ok but what I really looked for in this event was the return of the NWO. It was a stupid decision to let the NWO come out as soon as the ppv started. They should have did what they did at Bash at the Beach in 96 and let the NWO have their grand entrance at the end....more info
  • What is this?
    This is probably the weakest DVD the WWF has put out yet. They edited out all the "real" music! I was at the PPV live (it seemed a lot more exciting then) and they played all the "real" music for the show, but it's dubbed over on this DVD! The official song was "Feel So Numb," by Rob Zombie which they played incessantly and was a pretty cool song, but here it's dubbed over with a dumb guitar. Undertaker doesn't come out to Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'", they dubbed in some more generic music. Edge's theme has been dubbed to his old (when he was tagging with Christian.) And RVD's kickin' new theme by Breaking Point has been replaced with his old generic song. It's not like it dramatically changes the show or anything, but the original songs were many times better. Also, there are no special features (unless chapter breaks that don't make sense and alternate Spanish commentary count) and the sound is...well, not all that great.

    The show itself isn't spectacular, not NEARLY as impressive as No Way Out 2001 (one of the WWFs best...where's the DVD for THAT?) It's not a bad night of wrestling, but when you consider how stacked the card is you'd think it'd be better....more info

  • NUMBER ONE TAKER FAN RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tag Team Turmoil Apa vs. Lance Storm, Christian vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Scotty 2 Hotty, Albert vs. Billy, Chuck
    Well already most of the teams are already going to going after the tag team titles at mania anyways not so good of a match in my opinion

    Goldust vs. Rob Van Dam
    Well Goldust really came back for his first match and lost still a good match this match helps the PPV a little

    WWF Tag Team Championship Tazz, Spike Dudley vs. Test, Booker-T
    Tazz and spike retain in a okay match, but Tazz and Spike as tag team it's only like Tazz is by himself since Spike sucks

    Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match for IC Championship Edge vs. William Regal
    Is it the title Edge wants? or william? Well this was one good one on the card REGAL WINNNNNNNNNNNS YESSSSSSSSSS!

    The Rock vs. Undertaker
    Well since I'm Undertaker's fan and he loses that got me mad that damn rock got help by that old geasor Flair with a pipe overall excellent match

    Triple H vs. Kurt Angle

    WWF Championship JERICHO VS. AUSTIN
    10/100000000000000000!! GOOD

    ...more info
  • great ppv as usual
    tag team turmoil......very entertaining, wow what a clothesline
    edge vs regal......average joe kinda match, watchable
    test/booker vs spike/tazz......nice to see the little guys win, even though im not not a little (at all)
    rvd vs goldust......i liekd it, that goldust is one wierd dude
    hhh vs angle......evebn though i dont like hunter, too bad he lost, i think he really had it, after 8 painful months
    rock vs taker......what more is needed, 2 great athletes goin one on one
    jericho vs stone cold......good match

    that dam NWO..........more info
  • Not Worth Ordering
    This PPV was a total bust with only the Main event, Austin vs Jericho, being watchable. The rest was just extended RAW matches. It will not be remembered so don't get it. Buy an ECW DVD, you won't regret it....more info
  • No Way Out of a Bad PPV for the WWE
    When it comes to the WWE and February Pay Per Views, they usually deliver. however, Hogan and the rest of the nWo screw up a potentially good show. with everyone talking about the arrival of three guys who should have called it quits three years ago, the bookers took a vacation.
    Tag Team Turmoil had a very small chance of being good and it wasn't. how do the APA go over the Hardys and Storm/Christian?
    RVD tried desperately to get a good match out of Goldust, but failed miserably.
    Booker T and Test and Tazz and Spike was mildly OK, however, it exposed what a joke the tag division really is.
    Edge and Regal put on a decent Intercontinental Title match, despite the [junky] gimmick associated with the match.
    The Rock vs. Undertaker was horrible, as are most of Taker's matches. (he's still a personal favorite)
    Triple H and Kurt Angle put on a good Raw main event, however, this is a pay per view and we need just a little more. (Stephanie looked really good in the ref outfit, though)
    Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin was the best match on the card, although, that isn't saying much. the only good thing about the match is that the WWE realized that Chris Jericho totally kicks some [rear] and they put him over Austin.
    All in all, a disappointing show which could have been really good. i have been watching WWE wrestling my whole life and this was one of the badder shows....more info
  • Best WWF Pay-Per-View on DVD yet!
    Okay, so you've just paid 34.99 plus all taxes that brought your WWF pay-per-view to over 40 dollars. You taped it, you watched it, but it just lays dormant. If you missed it, you don't care as you find out what you missed easily. So why is this DVD so important to actually own you ask? The entire WWF soap opera goes through many so-called "eras". They stick with storylines for a great deal of time. If you are a newcomer to watching WWF Wresteling Entertainment Inc?, or missed so much of it that you feel you can't keep up, this is the DVD to buy. In years, the WWF never had so much for the fans to catch on to, to learn, to figure out. The owner bought out his competition, thus re-drafting many old and new favorite superstars in one year that made WWF fans heads spin, yet stick with the program. In the year 2002, with the release of even more new superstars on a constant basis, this became more impossible to figure out and nearly lost my attention until "No Way Out" aired. "No Way Out" introduced the world once again to the famous "Hollywood, Hulk Hogan", along with other old favorites. This was the start of the famous New World Order (otherwise known as the NWO) in the World Wresteling Federation. "No Way Out" was the start of a whole new era with new storylines developing, new superstars and superstars re-visited. I personally was at the event myself, and from seeing the DVD, they left out nothing. If you have just tuned into the WWF, are asking yourself "What is Hulk Hogan doing back?, or trying to get a new refresher that will answer all your questions pertaining to what is currently happening, this is the cheap DVD to own. You will learn it all, questions will be answered, you will see and love all your past-time favorites as well as all new ones and be less confused. Superstars include The Rock, Chris Jerico (Y2J), Steve Austin, Rob-Van-Dam, Goldust, Edge, Stephanie, Stacie, and more. You must buy this DVD, there is "No Way Out" of talking yourself not into buying it!!!!...more info
  • Bad ppv
    1. tag team turmoil 8.5/10 a great and fast nonstop match with a cool clothsline from hell at the end

    2. rvd vs goldust 8/10 a pretty good match of course every match rvd is in is awesome cuzz rvd has the coolest high flying moves

    3.wwf tag team championship tazz and spike dudley vs booker t and test 5.5/10 not that good of a match because spike gets his ass kicked and what fun is that

    4. brass knuckles on a pole intercontinental championship match 5/10 the object was to climb the turnbuckle and get the brass knukles hanging on a pole to use as a weapon i mean the idea is kinda cool but why not just have a ladder match bad ending with regal using another pair of brass knucks to hit edge with

    5. the rock(the peoples champ) vs the undertaker (the phenom)8/10 a awesome match with a awesome ending even though im a undertaker and a rock fan

    6. triple h vs kurt angle winner gets a main event title shot at WRESTLEMANIA 18! with stephanie mcmahon as the special frekin refree 9/10 sweet match with some good spots like stephanie gettin hit in the face ending is stupid though

    7. wwf championship chris jericho vs stone cold steve austin 9/10 another great match with lots of superplexes and austin beating the hell out of jericho horible ending to such a great match

    overall not that good of a ppv the only good matchs were the last 3 the worst ppv i have ever seen DONT GET THIS PPV!!!
    ...more info
  • A very good show.
    I dont see why there are so many bad reviews for this event. This event was awesome.

    NWO Speech: One of the best ever, seriously.

    Tag Turmoil: Good match. MVP Christian

    Goldust vs. RVD: Another good match, could have been better with a hardcore stip.

    Tag Titles: Decent, nothin special

    IC Title match: I dont really like Regal but this match was solid.

    Rock/Taker: Match of the night. Just great from the beginning.

    HHH/Angle: Good but not great. Not a fan of those guys

    Austin/Y2J Good match but ending is confusing, why didnt hall razors edge him?...more info
  • The REAL Best of Jeff Hardy
    If youre gonna have a Jeff Hardy DVD it should be the matches below, not the one that other guy made.

    1. No Mercy 1999 Hardyz vs Edge and Christian Ladder Match
    2. Wrestlemania Triangle Ladder Match
    3. Summerlslam 00 TLC
    4. Wrestlemania 17 TLC
    5. vs Triple H for IC title
    6. Invasion 2001 vs RVD
    7. Summerslam 01 vs RVD
    8. RAW Ladder Match vs Undertaker
    9. TLC 2002 (as seen on RAW Tenth Anniversary)
    10. No Way Out 2003 vs Chris Jericho
    11. TNA Victory Road 2004 vs Jeff Jarret Ladder Match
    12. TNA Against All Odds 2005 vs Abyss Full Metal Mayhem Match
    13. TNA Destination X 2005 vs Abyss Final Assault Match
    14. TNA Lockdown 2005 vs Raven Six Sides of Steel Table Match
    15. TNA Hard Justice 2005 vs Raven House of Fun Match...more info
  • great ppv
    The matches were awesome on this ppv especially stone cold's return.
    Eric Bischoff vs. Stone Cold
    Test vs. Chris Jericho
    Triple H Vs. Scott Steiner
    Team Angle vs. Edge Benoit and Brock Lesnar
    The Rock vs. Hogan icon vs. icon II

    These were some of the matches on this ppv. Even though Steiner lost to triple H and Hogan got ... out of his match against the rock it was still a great ppv because its all leading up to the grand daddy of them all wrestlemania....more info

  • WWF No Way Out 2002
    WWF No Way Out 2002

    NWO Return
    Hulk Hogan,Scott Hall,Kevin Nash

    Tag Team Turmoil
    Lance Storm & Christain vs Scotty 2 Hottie & Albert vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz vs Billy & Chuck vs APA

    WWF Tag Team titles
    Tazz & Spike Dudley vs Booker T & Test

    WWF Intercontinental title
    Brass nuckles on a pole match
    Edge vs William Regal

    Goldust vs Rob Van Dam

    The Rock vs Undertaker

    Triple H vs Kurt Angle
    Stephanie Mcmahon Referee

    WWF Title
    Stone cold vs Chris Jericho...more info

  • Awesome PPV
    I order no Way out on PPV and it was an experience to say the least. the nWo came out first and although i wasn't perticularly thrilled with the way they were introduced,they did the opposite of what was expected,so they get points for that. It is amazing to see Hogan,Hall,and Nash back in the WWF. Now on to the matches:

    Tag Team Turmoil: APA, Billy&Chuck, Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Christian&Lance Storm, and Scotty&Albert.-I didn't really get into this match. I was glad that the Hardyz came back and I think that Storm/Christian could make a really good tag team if pushed right. I think that Billy and Chuck are funny characters,but I can't stand their new entrance music. I give it **1/2 stars.
    RVD vs. Goldust-I'm a big RVD fan,so I love most of his matches. This match dragged in some parts,but overall was very good. It was interesting to see these two wrestle since they both have vastly different wrestling styles. I give this match *** stars.
    WWF Tag Team Championship: Booker T& Test vs. Spike&Tazz(champs)-I love Tazz and Spike as the tag champions. That said I don't like the pairing of Booker T and Test. Booker T is a great wrestler and so is Test,but there characters have been dragging. Test has pretty much stopped his immunity gimmick since the Alliance has ended and Booker T has gotten stale... There really wasn't any build-up for this match. I think it was announced the week of no Way out,so there really wasn't and feud to it. I think if it was built up more it could have been better. I give it ** 1/2 stars.
    Brass Knucks on a pole match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship: Edge vs. Regal(champ)-I like both of the wrestlers,but their feud has grown stale. I was anxious to see this match however though because it is a classic WCW match. I think this match could have been better. I think the way that Regal won was really cheap and it gives him less credibility as a champion. ** stars.
    Rock vs. Undertaker-I was excited about seeing this match as it is two of the biggest starts in the WWF going at it. Some people have said that the Undertaker has lost a step or two,but I don't think he has. His match at Vengeance w/RVD was awesome and definately his best in a while. The biggest problem I think in this match is that the Rock doesn't do a lot of moves. The sad thing is is that if you've seen some of the Rock's old matches he used to do a lot of different moves. I think they need to expand his wrestling style and give him a couple of new moves,so that his matches become less repetitve. *** stars just for nostalgic purposes.
    Triple H vs. Kurt Angle w/ Stephanie McMahon as referee, winner goes on to WrestleMania X8 in an Undisputed Championship match...so this match seemed kind of pointless. However,the ending was very much a shocker and I would have loved it if they had kept it that way. I think that Angle/Jericho at Wrestlemania would have been awesome. alas it is not to be. very good match though even though the screw job by Stephanie was expected. overall though *** stars.
    Undisputed Championship: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Jericho(champ)-The whole match I was waiting for the nWo to come down. I knew that Jericho was going to Wrestlemania,so I wasn't expecting much from this match. I'm a fan of both wrestlers,so it's always fun to see them wrestle. The ending was semi-predictable because of what happened earlier in the night. I give it *** stars just because of Hall spray painting nWo on Austin's back.

    Overall,this was a really good ppv. I think more could have been done with the nWo,but it is great to see them back in the WWF. They pretty much overshadowed all of the other matches. One note though. Hogan should never ever take off his bandana. It's true his bald head really shows his age. Other then that I think the nWo made a decent entrance into the WWF and a lot of the things that happened throughout let really well into Wrestlemania. I hope they put a lot of extras into this dvd as they should. It really is a monumental event and the next night's RAW is something that should not be missed....more info

  • The Poison Of The nWo Arrives
    Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall, Kevin "Diesel" Nash, and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan returned to the WWF under the group known as the nWo. The nWo for the most part would be involving in the beginning & end of the show along with some backstage segments but for the most part, this PPV was another step on the road to WrestleMania & helped established the programs going into the event.

    Tag Team Turmoil Match: This was an average opening match with nothing really memorable about it once it was over. Everyone put forth a solid opener & got the crowd into it so it served it's purpose.

    Rob Van Dam vs. Goldust - RVD's at his best when he's allowed to go fast paced & high flyin' but that wasn't the case here as Goldust had RVD grounded & one the defense for a majority of the match here before pulling off the eventual victory. This match isn't boring but it's obiviously a filler.

    Tag Team Champions Tazz & Spike Dudley vs. Booker T & Test - Tazz & Spike Dudley were again playing the underdog role here against two former teammates in the former WCW/ECW alliance. Booker T was the main workhorse here & deserves credit for making what would have came off as another dull filler somewhat more entertaining than it would have been. But again, this was just like the previous match...it came off as nothing more than a filler.

    Brass Knuckles On A Pole Match: Intercontinental Champion William Regal vs. Edge - Regal & Edge's styles of wrestling do not clash well together & have produced two boring matches at the two previous PPV's. This was one match that again bored me.

    The Rock vs. Undertaker - These two have a great match here between the two of them as it was pretty much straight up & didn't involve anything extreme like their previous one-on-one PPV encounter (on Undertaker's DVD). Rock looked dead set on revenge while Undertaker was just beating The Rock down. The ending involved Ric Flair setting up their match at WrestleMania.

    Winner Gets The WrestleMania Title Shot: Triple H vs. Kurt Angle (Special Referee: Stephanie McMahon) - If you've seen one "special referee" match where the referee was heavily biases towards one wrestler then you've seen them all & this was no exception here. The entire focus of this match was Stephanie & Triple H while Kurt Angle played the background character...the same role Jericho would play in the WrestleMania main event the next month. I'll give it credit here as Stephanie took & delivered some comedic bumps here but she was the entire focus here & it took away from what could have been an awesome contest here just knowing what both men were made of.

    Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold - This was better than their Vengeance matchup but then again, both men started off fresh this time instead of Jericho already wrestling a long match right before. I don't know what it was about this match but it didn't have the main event feel to it as the crowd wasn't heavily into it & the match itself got real slow & dull at times...which it rarely does during an Austin match. The ending came when the nWo came out & attacked Austin helping Jericho escape with the titles before spraypainting Austin.

    In the end, this was one of those PPV's that is average & watchable but nothing here was memorable except the start of the WWE version of the nWo. If you can find this really cheap & have some spare bucks then go ahead but otherwise, you can pass....more info
  • No Way Out 2002
    No Way Out 2002 saw the return of the nWo or Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Personally I ordered this PPV just on the hype that 3 of the most influential guys in the business were coming back to the WWE. I ended up being very disappointed in the end.

    The matches, for the most part, were average at best and ridiculous otherwise. Edge vs Regal (Brass Knuckles on a Pole) IC title on the line wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. Nothing special and I was getting REAL tired of Regal using the brass knuckles at this point. And I still am, why? Because the last time anyone used the brass knuckles on a regular basis to win matches is when Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorf went heel in the 80's. Obviously, you see where I'm going with this. Look just because it's a classic tactic, doesn't make it good. If you think that it's great that he uses the brass regularly, you probably thought that the "Heart Punch" was a great finishing move as well.

    Spike Dudley and Tazz vs Booker T and Test, Tag Team title. This was an O.k. match but it really showed which direction the Tag Team ranks were going, IE: put 2 singles competitors together and call it a tag team. I'm sorry but the last time that worked is when Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart were a tag team and a good one at that!

    Austin vs Jericho, WWE Championship, was probably the best match of the night and it's still not saying much because of the rest of the card. I will say that the match was pretty good and we did get a little classic nWo "spray paint". Nothing like the height of the nWo when they'd mess up every match and spray paint everyone, but still good enough.

    The other thing that absolutely bothered me about this PPV was that the nWo got (for lack of a better term) hoed out the entire night by several top WWE names like Austin and the Rock. Really, it's Nash, Hall and Hogan. That in itself was disappointing just because you know that back on WCW, Austin and the Rock would've gotten their butts handed to them in a paper bag for smarting off like that. Really, if they wanted to hoe out the nWo, why didn't they just bring back Disco Inferno?

    Anyway, skip NO WAY OUT 2002. Instead, go straight for WRESTLEMANIA 18. It's much better in all ways from matches to even replay of the PPV (worth watching more than once). Seriously, this was the worst PPV of 2002....more info

  • No Way Out 2002 review
    APA v Dudley Boyz(w)Stacy Keibler v Hardy Boyz(w)Lita v Billy+Chuck v Christian+Lance Storm v Scotty 2 Hotty+Albert Tag Team Turmoil 7/10

    Rob Van Dam v Goldust 8/10

    Tazz+Spike Dudley v Booker T+Test Tag Team Titles 6.5/10

    William Regal v Edge Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match for the Intercontinental Title 6/10

    Rock v Undertaker 7.5/10

    Triple h v Kurt Angle (Guest Referee Stephanie McMahon) Winner advances to Wrestlemania Main Event 7.5/10

    Chris Jericho v Stone Cold WWF Title 5.5/10

    Plus the return of the NWO...more info
  • WWF No Way Out 2002
    This whole ppv was overall boring.Im going to create my own No Way Out ppv with a better card and better matches.

    Raven vs Hardcore Holly

    William Regal vs Goldust(hardcore title)

    Tag team championship;

    A.P.A vs Booker T and Test(champions) vs The Hardys vs Christian and Lance Storm

    European Championship
    DDP(champion) vs Al Snow

    Kevin Nash vs Ric Flair

    Ladder match for the I.C title

    Edge(champion) vs R.V.D

    Big Show vs Kane

    Triple H vs Kurt Angle(no holds barred, falls count anywhere)

    The Undertaker vs The Rock(no dq)

    WWF Championship Y2J(champion)vs Stone Cold with special referee Shawn Michaels

    Now thats a better No Way Out for sure....more info
  • Pretty Good
    The tag team turmoil was a dead give away(like in royal rumble) because if you come out near last you have a good chance of winning.in rvd and goldust match it was just boring.Also william regal had some brass nucks in his trunks. the # one contender match was a rip off but stephanie got hit a lot. The rocks match was the best on the card because of the ending(it suprised me. Then in the undisputed match was very borring they were just chopping and hitting each others heads on the turnbuckles for 30 minutes. Then the nwo comes out and paints on stone cold....more info


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