WWE - Stone Cold Steve Austin - What?
WWE - Stone Cold Steve Austin - What?

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No matter how beloved a wrestling superstar becomes, there is always a point during his career when he turns heel. Hulk Hogan did it, the Rock did it, but no one did it better than Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2001. The beer-swilling, bird-flipping "Bionic Redneck" went from trailer-trash American hero to a hated, vicious psychopath, and as this DVD proves, he loved every minute of it. Stone Cold Steve Austin: What? covers all of the major events of Austin's yearlong heel period, from his shocking turn at WrestleMania 17 (the conclusion of a bloody, legendary match with the Rock) to his alliance with Vince McMahon and Triple H to his reign of chair-bashing terror over the entire WWE roster (women and announcers included). All of it is narrated by Austin from his ranch, and he offers droll insight into his character. The DVD also contains a ton of solid extras, including complete matches with Triple H and Ricky Steamboat. It's a must for any Austin fan. --Dave McCoy

Customer Reviews:

  • Great DVD!
    "What?" is a good account of Austin's year in 2001. Here are the things that you can expect from this DVD:

    -His match with the Rock at Wreastlemainia X-7 and his shocking heel turn
    -Arn Anderson talks about how WCW misused Austin
    -Austin joining forces with Triple H
    -Austin talks about Vince McMahon
    -Includes the skit with Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle that has Austin playing guiter and singing to them (from Smackdown) classic!
    His match with Chris Benoit on Smackdown on May 31st, 2001. Should have included this in DVD extras. I saw the match and it was that good.
    The post 9/11 show (Smackdown)
    His match with Kurt Angle at Summerslam. Should have included this in extras too.

    Extras include the following matches:

    No Way Out 2001 verses Triple H 2 out of 3 falls. This match is one of the greatest in WWE history.

    Bash at the Beach 1994 Vs Rickey Steamboat for the United States title. Another great match
    Victory speech at the 1996 King Of The Ring
    5 more interviews

    Buy it!...more info

  • There wasn't enough history of himself and his background..
    I remember seeing him for the first time in the ring as 'Stunning Steve Austin'. It was when I was in high school. I was either a sophmore or junior back in either 96' or 97' at 17 or 18. It was watching WCW and it was around the time Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan fromed the NWO.

    I liked him. I liked that personality. He was cauky, energetic, brash, and arrogant. I wanted to see more of that side of him. I would've enjoyed seeing him get interviwed as 'Stunnng Steve Austin' or at least have him say a few words.

    Yes, I liked Steve Austin better as 'Stunning Steve Austin'. Also, more info and pictures on his past when he was growing up would've been nice.

    Other than that, this documentary was alright,
    Steve...more info

  • What?!
    What? SCSA has a new dvd What?! no need to check if it is good or not cause this is a Stone Cold dvd and StoneCold is always at his best when he has his very own special dvd or VHS WHAT? so don't think about it SC fanz,take this ad from an expert and just do it cause CRAZY SNAKE said so WHAT? OH HELL YEAH!!!!...more info
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin's Greatest Matches
    If their was a dvd on Austin's best matches, here would be the list of his best matches

    Stone Cold vs.Jake"The Snake"Roberts
    (I Quit)
    Stone Cold vs.Bret"Hitman"Hart
    Stone Cold &"HBK"Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart & The British Bulldog
    Stone Cold vs. Owen Hart
    1998 Royal Rumble Match(feat. Austin)
    Stone Cold vs."HBK"Shawn Michaels
    Stone Cold vs. Dude Love(Unforgiven)
    Stone Cold vs. Dude Love(Over the Edge)
    (First Blood)
    Stone Cold vs. Kane
    Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker(Summerslam)
    (Buried Alive)
    Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker(Rock Bottom)
    (Steel Cage)
    Stone Cold vs. Mr. McMahon
    Stone Cold vs. The Rock
    (Ladder Match for control of the WWE)
    Stone Cold vs. Shane McMahon & Mr. McMahon
    (First Blood)
    Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker
    Stone Cold vs. HHH vs. Mankind
    (Street Fight)
    Stone Cold vs. HHH
    2001 Royal Rumble(feat. Stone Cold)
    (2-Out-3 Falls)
    Stone Cold vs. HHH
    Stone Cold vs. The Rock
    (No Holds Barred)
    Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker
    Stone Cold vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
    Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle
    Stone Cold vs. RVD vs. Kurt Angle
    Team WWE(The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Big Show, and Kane) vs. Team Alliance(Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, Booker T, RVD, and Shane McMahon)
    Stone Cold vs. Chris Jericho
    Stone Cold vs. Scott Hall
    Stone Cold vs. Ric Flair & Big Show
    (Return of Stone Cold)
    Stone Cold vs. Eric Bischoff
    Stone Cold vs. The Rock...more info
  • The Best Of Stone Cold
    If the WWE were to make a DVD on the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin this is what I feel would be the appropiate material for this DVD set.

    Stone Cold vs. Jake"The Snake"Roberts @ King of The Ring 1996

    (I Quit) Stone Cold vs.Bret"Hitman"Hart @ WrestleMania 1997

    Stone Cold vs. Owen Hart @ SummerSlam 1997

    Stone Cold vs."HBK"Shawn Michaels @ WrestleMania 1998

    Stone Cold vs. Dude Love @ Over The Edge 1998

    Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker @ Summerslam 1998

    (Buried Alive) Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker @ Rock Bottom 1998

    (Steel Cage) Stone Cold vs. Mr. McMahon @ St. Valentines Day Massacre 1999

    Stone Cold vs. The Rock @ WrestleMania 1999

    (Ladder Match for control of the WWE) Stone Cold vs. Shane McMahon & Mr. McMahon @ King Of The Ring 1999

    (First Blood) Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker @ Fully Loaded 1999

    Stone Cold vs. HHH @ Survivor Series 2000

    (2-Out-3 Falls) Stone Cold vs. HHH @ No Way out 2001

    (No Holds Barred) Stone Cold vs. The Rock @ WrestleMania 2001

    Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle @ SummerSlam 2001

    Stone Cold vs. RVD vs. Kurt Angle @ No Mercy 2001

    Stone Cold vs. Chris Jericho @ No Way out 2002

    (Return of Stone Cold) Stone Cold vs. Eric Bischoff @ No Way Out 2003

    Stone Cold vs. The Rock @ WrestleMania 2003


    - A Look At Austin's Childhood
    - Stay In WCW and ECW
    - Brian Pillman
    - Austin's Catchphrases
    - The Neck Injury
    - Austin vs. McMahon
    - Turning Heel
    - What?
    - Relationship With J.R.
    - Austin Walks Out On WWE
    - Night Before WrestleMania XIX
    - On Screen Roles (Co G.M., Sheriff Austin, etc.)
    - All Austin/McMahon, Austin/Undertaker, Austin/Rock, Austin/Kurt Angle, Austin/Bischoff Memories
    ...more info
  • Excellent offering
    This DVD is an incredible journey. This picks up where the last one left off (Hell Yeah). This in the fourth and last in the series (not counting Austin vs. McMahon: The Whole True Story or Lord Of the Ring). The first two are 'Cause Stone Cold Said So and Austin 3:16 Uncensored.

    This DVD is culled from mostly 2001 moments including his triumphant comeback from neck surgery. I would have like to have the match with Rock from WrestleMania X-7 in full here because it is just that good.

    This is my favourite series from WWE/WWF featuring arguably their most talented performer. The Ent. did not realize how good they had it and starting [messing] with his character and sticking him in secondary storylines....more info

  • Stone Cold's best matches
    Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart (I-Quit, Wrestlemania 13)
    Stone Cold vs. Owen Hart (IC title, Summerslam 97')
    Stone Cold vs. Shawn Michaels (WWE title, WM 14)
    Stone Cold vs. Rock (WWE title, WM 15)
    Stone Cold vs. Undertaker (WWE title, Summerslam 98')
    Stone Cold vs. Kane (First Blood WWE title, Badd Blood)
    Stone Cold vs. Undertaker (Buried Alive, Rock Bottom 98')
    Stone Cold vs. Rikishi (No holds barred, No Mercy 2000)
    Stone Cold vs. Rikishi vs. HHH vs. Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker vs. Rock (WWE title 6 man hell in a cell, Armageddon 2000)
    WWE Royal Rumble 2001 (Steve Austin wins 3rd royal rumble)
    Stone Cold vs. Rock (WWE title, WM 17)
    Stone Cold vs. Triple H (3 stages of hell, No Way Out 2001)
    Stone Cold vs. Chris Jericho (No Way Out 2002, WWE title)
    Stone Cold vs. Triple H (WWE Title, No Mercy 99')
    Stone Cold vs. RVD vs. Kurt Angle (WWE title, No Mercy 2001)
    Stone Cold, Shane McMahon, Booker T, RVD, and Kurt Angle vs. Rock, Jericho, Big Show, Undertaker, and Kane (Winner Takes All, SS 01')
    Stone Cold vs. Eric Bischoff (No Way Out 2003)
    Stone Cold vs. Rock(WM 19, Austin's last match)
    Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle (Summerslam 2001, WWE title)

    They should also include in the dvd:
    - Austins neck surgery
    - Austins promos
    - Austin vs. McMahon
    - Austins early days in wcw and ecw
    - Clips from when austin returns to wwe after neck surgery
    - clips from best feuds
    - clips of austins best catch phrases

    Heres what i think of austins best feuds in the wwe from 5 to 1:
    5. Rikishi
    4. Kurt Angle
    3. Undertaker
    2. Triple H
    1. Rock
    ...more info
  • Decent WWE DVD
    "Stone Cold Steve Austin What" chronicles Steve Austin's 2001 WWF year through a combined mix of interviews and video footage. In addition to chronicling his year 2001, the video also takes a quick look back at his time in the old WCW. Overall, while the feature can be criticized for its brevity (with a runtime of approximately an hour) it is a decent review of his year 2001.


    The feature reviews the following:

    1 - His feud with Triple H during the beginning of 2001, in particular their Match of the Year at No Way Out 2001

    2 - His feud with the Rock for the WWF title

    3 - His heel turn

    4 - His quick feud with Chris Benoit

    5 - His lead role in the ill-fated Invasion angle

    6 - His awesome feud with Kurt Angle

    7 - A handful of the comedy sketches he did on WWF TV in 2001 with Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle

    8 - His appearance on MadTV

    9 - A quick look at his WCW career as "Stunning Steve" with interviews by Ric Flair and Arn Anderson and footage of Ricky Steamboat and Brian Pillman.

    10 - How he came up with his "WHAT???" catchphrase (you'll be surprised how it developed).


    WWE is starting to put out better extras on their DVDs. It's good to see they are putting SOME use to the WCW footage they acquired in the buyout. Here's the rundown of the extras on this DVD:

    1. "Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H" No Way Out 2001. THE Match of the Year of 2001. 2 out of 3 Falls Match (Regular, Street Fight, Steel Cage). Talk about intensity and athleticism. 5 stars.

    2. Coronation speech from King of the Ring 1996. Witness the birth of "Austin 3:16."

    3. "Stunning" Steve Austin vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Bash at the Beach 1994. Austin's favorite match against his favorite worker. Actually, from what I understand Austin wanted the match from the Clash of Champions against Steamboat. Oh well. Decent 23 minute bout. 3 ? stars

    4. Extra Interviews:

    1) "Origins of 3:16" Austin gives his thoughts on the catchphrase.

    2) Arn Anderson: 1 minute spot where AA talks about a trip to Japan with Austin.

    3) Camera Guy: 2 minute spot with the camera guy talking about his relationship with Stone Cold

    4) Wildlife: 1 minute 30 seconds. Austin talks about his ranch animals.

    5) "Back on the Ranch": 3 minutes. Austin talks his pets and the types of food and music he likes.


    While the feature is decent, the one limiting thing about it (and this applies to just about ALL WWF/E DVDs) is the one hour time limit. There is just SOOOO much more that they can include on these but don't. Some of the other things they could have included:

    1. More on his WCW career (including more bonus matches). They have the footage.

    2. His feud with RVD during the Invasion.

    3. His feud with Booker T.

    4. More bonus matches.


    Aside from these criticisms, the feature is OKAY. The stuff they do put on is quality and it is a decent watch for Austin/WWE fans. The bonus matches make this a worthwhile viewing/purchase.

    Recommended...more info

  • Nonstop LAUGHTER
    This new AUSTIN "WHAT VIDEO" is a must for those types of WWF fans who love a good laugh. The WHAT catch-phrase caught on very quickly and it produced outstanding comedy courtesy via STONE COLD. This video is a must for WWF fans and I promise you, you will see it again and again as its TOO DAM FUNNY....more info
  • What? WWE Dropped the ball
    I am a huge fan of the WWE and their products. I was extremely pleased with the Triple H DVD as I felt it covered a lot of what the man was about. I also realize that Steve Austin has had tapes based on him before in different times in his career, so I understand that this only covered about the last year of storylines.

    However I feel that there is way to much left out. While it was a good overall look beginning wth the Rattlesnake's heel turn at WM X-7, it seemed light in a lot of areas.

    The interview segments were good. I like hearing how Austin comes up with ideas. he speaks frankly about how the fans didn't take to it at first and how he gets ideas for certain things. What was missing were some great skits featuring Kurt Angle and some of the confrontations Austin had with Rob Van Dam.

    I also felt like more time should be spent on his days in WCW and even a little in ECW. When Austin and Brian Pillman were together it was classic. That was only touched upon. Doesn't anyone remember "Flair for the Old"? Then there was a tag match that both Ric Flair and Arn Anderson talk about, and it's not included as an extra on the DVD. Instead they put the boring Bash at the Beach match with Ricky Steamboat. Austin had way better matches with Steamboat than this one, where is the one from Clash of the Champions?

    I think the extras is where the ball was really dropped. In past DVD's WWE offered rare first matches of wrestlers and lost gems from RAW of years past. There is nothing like that here. There was a great match with Chris Benoit from November 2000 that should have been included (I don't think it was the same one they cover on the DVD). How about RAW segment with Ted Dibiase when Austin (then known as the Ringmaster) explains how he's going to dominate the industry?

    This DVD could have easily been 3 hours long. They didn't include the singing with The Rock, and his antics with The Alliance. I mean this guy was on TV every week for almost an entire year. They could have shown the entire segment with the Hardy Boyz and Lita. There is so much that was left out.

    I am a WWE superfan, and I realize that you can't put EVERYTHING on these DVD's, but I felt that there should have been a better attempt to really showcase that 1 year heel turn.

    This DVD is good for the casual fan, but drops the ball for the true fans....more info

  • Another Great Austin DVD
    This is an outstanding DVD for any Steve Austin Fan or a general wrestling fan. This DVD starts from Wrestlemaina 18 and goes alomst up to current storylines. Lots of Video packages, WCW footage, match highlights, different wrestler comments and Austin's comments on everything.

    DVD Extras
    Match vs Triple H 2 out of 3 falls [ No Way Out 2001 ]
    Match vs Ricky Steamboat US Title [ 1994 Bash at the Beach ]
    King of the Ring 1996
    Origins of 3:16
    Arn Anderson
    ... Among others...more info

  • Don't let the title fool you...
    This DVD is an awesome look at the recent Stone Cold Steve Austin, HOWEVER, do not let the title fool you. There is very little of the "WHAT?" skits in the DVD. I was disapointed by this. In fact, there is only a few minutes of "What?" clips, alot of which are fans doing immitations. The rest of the DVD is very well done though, so if you are a fan of Austin, you won't be disapointed. But, if you're a bigger fan of the "WHAT?" phenomenum, you will not be satisfied....more info
  • This (WHAT?)...is a great (WHAT?)...DVD (what?)
    One of my favorite Stone Cold DVD's, this looks at The Rattlesnake's reign though-out 2001. Filmed on his ranch with Jim Ross, Steve Austin talks about his awesome match against The Rock at WrestleMania X-7, his shocking alliances with Vince McMahon & Triple H, his insane 2/3 Falls Match (Match of the Year) against Triple H at No Way Out, the all-too-brief feud with Chris Benoit, his run in WCW (I believe this is one of the first WWF/E DVD's to feature WCW footage), his TV spots on MAD TV, the hilarious moments with Vince & Kurt Angle, how "What" came about & caught on, his SummerSlam match against Kurt Angle, & his thoughts on the post-9/11 SmackDown show.

    Extras include:
    - 2/3 Falls Match: Steve Austin vs Triple H - No Way Out 2001 (1st fall - regular match, 2nd fall - Street Fight, 3rd fall - Cage Match)
    - The historic speech from King Of The Ring 1996, where 'Austin 3:16' came about
    - US Championship: Steve Austin (c) vs Ricky Steamboat - Bash At The Beach 1994
    - Austin's thoughts on the 3:16 phrase
    - Arn Anderson tells a story about Steve in Japan
    - the camera guy talks about his times w/Stone Cold
    - Austin talks about this animals on his ranch
    - Austin runs down some of his personal favorites (animals, food, music)

    If you can find it, buy it. Great stuff. The parts with Austin, Vince, & Kurt Angle make me laugh every time. Highly recommended....more info
  • MUST HAVE dvd
    This DVD is by far the best WWF DVD yet. Has a lot of extras. Great footage of Austin when he was in WCW. Even a match of Austin-Steamboat from a WCW PPV is in the extras section. Great DVD that gives you awesome insight into Stone Cold Steve Austin the character and the person. Great never seen before footage of Austin entertaining the crowd after RAW/Smackdown goes off the air. If you are a WWF/E fan you MUST and i mean MUST get this DVD!...more info


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