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The Walk Away the Pounds Boxed Set from Video Action Sports contains 3 great In-Home Walking workouts that you can squeeze into your busy schedule to help you walk your way to a healthy body. The video includes Get Up and Get Started (1 mile), High Calorie Burn (2 miles) and Super Fat Burning (3 miles). You can trust Leslie Sansone for safe, easy and fun walking programs.

  • In-Home Walking is different--you stay home and walk miles for good health or weight loss
  • Package includes 2 soft weight balls you fill with water at home
  • Small area in front of the TV is all the space you need
  • Better than a stroll around the block because In-Home Walking uses more muscle and burns more calories
  • Take a healthy walk anytime you choose - rain or shine, day or night

Customer Reviews:

  • walk away the pounds..2 miles
    i have had trouble finding a workout that doesnt make my arthritis ache.this tape is so easy and doesnt hurt my arthritis at all.it only uses 4 basic moves and is very easy to follow.my 8 year old even works out with me sometimes and he even loves it!i will never own another video besides this one again.its wonderful....more info
  • over hyped infomercial product
    AS SEEN ON TV sometimes is great, but other times its a joke, as these Leslie Sanson videos are....you can walk around the neighborhood or walk from the parking lot to the grocery store and get as good a workout...more info
  • wlkng2bfit
    I LOVE these tapes! I have struggled with exercising for years, but this series has given me the motivation to keep on working out. Very easy to do, only 4 key movements, but what I like best is how you can change the intensity just by stepping out a little further or kicking a little higher. On days I feel energized, I give it my all. On days I'm feeling slower, I don't push it. I still break a sweat either way and come back for more the next day! My next purchase is the Express!!...more info
  • Pile Of Junk
    Any doctor could tell you the same thing; for free. Just another money grubbing fitness "Guru"; out to make the quick buck....more info
  • Great and Easy to do.
    My mom and I love these videos. We haven't exercise in years and are out of shape. These videos are easier than others out there and when we are done we feel full of energy and good for doing something for our health. Leslie makes us feel like we are right there exercising with them. I don't mind the music at all. HighLy recommended for those of you that out of shape....more info
  • love this video
    I was going to order a Richard Simmons video but after reading reviews on Amazon that his tapes are hard to follow I looked up Leslie Sansone because everyone wrote how easy hers was. I was amazed to read that people who never excercised and who got tired easily - like me - were able to do her video. I ordered the 3 volume set with the weights from Amazon and have only tried the 1st one - the 1 mile twice but I love it and can do it!!! I am not discouraged. It is very pleasant to watch and do. I can do these at home, with very little space involved, and very little coordination involved also for a beginner like me. I just love it. The input on Amazon was exactly correct. I am so glad I researched it on Amazon. In addition, I have tried exercises from books and after doing them, I felt like I was hurting myself. The moves on the viedo are very mild and I feel very good after doing them not sore. ...more info
  • Review from a really senior citizen
    I am 82 years old and have been using these videos since April, with unexpectedly great results. I live in a retirement community where they provide exercises for us, but I wanted something more vigorous that would tone me up and help me lose weight. I appreciate being able to walk without going outside in the heat or cold and I have lost about 10 lbs since April. Better than that, I have lost inches in my waist and abdomen. My friends tell me that I look much thinner, though I haven't lost that many pounds. I think it is the fact that my body is better proportioned (if that is a valid description!). I certainly feel much stronger, my balance is far better, and I have much more energy.
    I heartily recommend these tapes to any older person who, with their doctor's approval, is willing to work up a sweat every day and see results.
    I started the 1 mile walk in April, soon graduated to the 2 mile, which I did daily for 2 months, and am now going on to the 3 mile. I have the version of the tapes using the Stretchie Band, and notice a great improvement in my upper body strength, though in my case that is still nothing spectacular!
    Recently I was on a visit to friends who have no TV, so I recorded the sound from the video on audio tape and continued to do my walk daily. The beat of the music is very helpful, and Leslie is so encouraging and supportive. A really great exercise video, and I have tried more than a few.....more info
  • Motivational, Fast and Super Workout
    I love these videos!!!! I've been using them consistently for about 2 weeks and can't tell you how pleased I am with the results. I feel stronger and am proud of myself for taking the initiative to get back into shape. I take the stairs rather than the elevator. I've found that my posture is better. And most important, at the end of the workout I know that I've done something good for my heart, lungs, muscles and overall physical health. I am only in my mid-20's but have a bad back and knees from my cheerleading days. These are the first workout videos that I can complete without hurting or feeling frustrated because I can't do the moves. I completed the 2 mile today and am amazed at how fast the time went and even more amazed that I completed the entire session. If you haven't exercised in forever, are frustrated with videos that are too intense, have a habit of quitting your exercise routine after 2 days, or simply feel unmotivated about exercising then I encourage you to buy these videos and give them a chance. I guarantee you that you will be proud of yourself and your body will thank you for giving it such a great workout....more info
  • So easy & fun!
    I bought this set off of Amazon in January and I really love it. Leslie has got a great personality. She's energetic without being overly perky and annoying. The rest of the "cast" is great too. I am pretty uncoordinated (and overweight) but I have no problem doing the moves in these videos. There are only about 4 basic moves that you will do, everything else is just modifications of those moves, like adding arm movements or the weights. I really like this set because there is a variety of videos (1 mile, 2 mile or 3 mile) so I can decide what I am feeling up to. Also in each video, she has two of her people modifying the moves in different ways for you to follow if you cannot do the regular routine. If you are trying to lose weight and are looking for an easy but effective workout, give these videos a try!...more info
  • I love this!!!
    My delivery of walk away the pounds was recieved way faster then I though it would. Just got it today. I tryed it out and I love it I really needed a progam like this since I am so out of shape.
    Thanks...more info
  • it doesn't work unless you take her fat burner pills
    this workout is as [bad] as it gets. THe only way to walk way the pounds is by taking unsafe fat burner pills. THis is not a good workout video, period!...more info
  • walk around your block and save the money
    this is so lame, i thought this might have value, but it does not at all. i would rather walk around my neighborhood than to listen to this odd shaped woman doing standing aerobics....more info
  • The best workout I've done!!
    I absolutely love this workout! It's so easy yet effective and it's something I actually enjoy and want to do everyday! The only thing I think could improve this workout is I think she needs to add some more stretching. I really don't think she does enough but I just do them on my own when the tape is over. Other than that I would definately recommend this tape to anyone,especially those who are just starting out because it's fun and easy to stick with!...more info
  • Go at your own pace
    To me this is an excellent concept. No fancy gadgets and minimal space required. For someone with fibromyalgia like me, it really helps because I can choose what intensity and length of time I'm up to on any given day. Leslie also includes variations since everyone has different levels of flexibility, strength and endurance. This is a no nonsense method of exercising. I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Happy Walker
    I would like to thank Leslie for coming up with the hottest idea for losing weight. I have tried everything that came a long from bulky exercise equipment to dance your pants off to something I couldn't stick with . The walk away the pounds is out-standing and I share with all my friends and bought one for my daughter in az.I am 55 and still try to maintain after a bad car wreck. I had eight broken ribs that never healed. The ribs over lap and are diplaced so that means I cant do sit ups for my abs. So I developed a what I thought was going to be a permanent blubber ring around my waist, but the walk away the pounds is helping me whittle it off. Also I couldn't do lateral raises with nautilus equipment, but with the stretch cords on the belt I can raise my arms with ease and no discomfort. I use my walk a way the pounds everyday and have noticed abig differance in how I feel . Its hard getting older and with this I now can do it gracefully as planned . I love my walk away the pounds and will use it faithfully. Thanks again for making me feel good about my self.
    charlotte macleod...more info
  • You get a work out
    This is a great product to use at home that allows you to get a quick work out in without moving all of the furniture. You are basically marching in place. It is quick paced so you do get in a good work out. Even my kids (6 & 3) join in for a little exercise. We use soup cans for weights instead of the weighted balls. ...more info
  • walk away the pounds
    I am not a person to go to gyms to work out. I have been trying to loose weight for awhile and have been having trouble doing so. A friend of mine recomended walk away the pounds since I like walking. I have been walking in the halls of my building since its winter and I wasnt very motivated to walk in snow and 10-15 degree temps. I bought the 3pack of tapes with the weights about 3 weeks ago and although I had been slowly loosing weight before this with my walking the halls this has pumped up my energy and the pounds are coming off faster. Of course I also have been watching my diet and I do the tapes in the morning and will walk the halls after work when I dont have as much energy to do the tapes. ( I usually walk about 1.5-2 miles after work as well) but, the tapes are nice because if you dont have time for the higher level one you can do the one mile and feel as though you have had a great workout....more info
  • Excellent workout set for overweight people.
    I've lost 80 pounds since January 2003. Initially, I was too overweight to exercise much, but this 3-pack set of Leslie Sansone's was ideal. I started with the 1-mile tape. Worked my way up to using the weights, then graduated to the 2-mile tape, which is much faster paced. It was some time before I was able to accomplish the 3-mile tape - extremely good workout. At first, I had difficulty keeping up with the tape, but Leslie encourages you to work out at your own pace. Now, I'm up to speed with the best of 'em! Excellent tool for weightloss....more info
  • Great workout in little time!
    This is a very effective workout in little time! She is motivating, the music is right on, and before you know it you are at the stretch. Excellent if you have a small space to workout in or little ones walking around! If you are in decent shape you will get through the 1 mile and 2 mile quickly. The 3 mile really gives you a nice workout. The weights are wonderful and easy to hold....more info
  • Walk Away the Pounds 3 Pack
    I'm rushing toward my sixty+th birthday and decided to get "off the couch!" I have really enjoyed a low impact way of walking...not in the Washington rain. I've lost about 15 pounds, but feel soooooooooo much better. I'm more flexible and have more endurance....more info
  • Great Choice, your doctor will be soooooo happy!
    I bought this set as an impulse buy off TV. I finally got around to using them. Pulled a leg muscle with the 1 mile walk and the weights (boy was I out of shape)

    Finally got up to the 2 mile walk with weights every other day, and today, I actually did the 3 mile walk (without the weights).

    The 3 mile walk tape is the walk your doctor told you about, fast paced 45 min. brisk walk. Tomorrow I'll do the two mile walk with the weights, this progam is so customizable.

    Between these tapes, and changing to a soy based vegetarian diet, I've been able to bring my insulin intake down 20 units a day (from 80 units to 60 units) - I'm very interested to find what will happen as the pounds start really walking away.

    I wish Leslie would make a tape with just streching. I love the real people in her crew too. ::::::waving at Randy:::::: and there's even a woman who is close to my age.

    Well, I hope the adage is true, they say if you don't use it you lose it. Lets wait and see. I sure am using it now and glad for it. I have increased energy, good blood sugar levels, and just adore Leslie and her crew of wonderful folks....more info

  • Great, motivating videos!
    I just started using Leslie's workout system and I have to tell you that I just love it! I'm not very interested in working out, so I HAVE to like what I am doing in order to keep my interest. I needed to combine some aerobic activity with my Yoga practice in order to burn my calories. Leslie's program does not require a lot of room to complete and she is very motivating without being "overkill." I also love the fact that she has different types of people doing the workout (older and younger, great shape and not so great shape).

    The only negative I really have is that I find the weights that are supplied to be a bit annoying. I didn't realize you have to fill them with water, which takes a LONG time. I thought they were going to be already filled. I use my regular two pound hand-weights with the program and they are just fine.

    Good Luck with your weight loss program! If you get these videos, I promise you won't be disappointed!...more info

  • These Videos work great
    I've had these videos since christmas and they work great!!!! I absolutley love them the videos are easy and simple to do.You dont feel like u r pressured into using the videos and dont feel bad if u miss a day or two. When u r really tired and you do these videos all of the sudden after u do them u feel great they make me feel like i just started the day over. They work great and u really can see resluts within a week or 2!!!!!!...more info
  • Great for the "really out-of-shape"!!!
    I have ALOT of weight to lose. I ordered the videos from an infomercial I saw on TV and it cost me $40! But it was totally worth it. The one mile is a little challenging for someone out of shape like me, but a great workout. I have not made it to mile 2 yet, but I will soon.

    This is a good workout because it is low impact, very easy, and you don't have to use the weights. Also, as other reviewers have mentioned, Leslie is very upbeat and friendly. The people exercising with her are all ages and walks of life. There is one man, too. Also, a chart comes up every so often to tell you how far you have walked. The miles start right away, and there is a small cool down after you finish. The only complaint I would have is that the music kinda sucks! After getting used to the steps, you could turn down the volume and do it to a CD or something.

    I highly reccommend the Walk Away the Pounds tapes! It's good stuff!!! :)...more info

  • Walk Away the Pounds Set
    I love this set. I get bored easy, and need motivation, so I love to switch up my workouts. This workout is great because you can choose the workout for how you are feeling that day, whether you are up to a 45 minute challenge or short on time and want a 20 minute workout. It is also great for getting rid of post pregnancy pounds! I know, I have two kids! Also it is easy to follow, my four year old loves to do this workout with me! She asks if we can exercise together!I really like this workout too because it is different from anything else out there. Leslie Sansone is nice,easy to watch and fun! She really inspires you to keep going. And the people she works out with are real people of all fitness levels, not just super buff aerobics instructors. If you want something to stick with this is it!...more info
  • Excellent for any age!
    I am 69 years old and have been using Leslie Sansone's videos for a few years now. I have walked away the pain from fybromyalgia, pain from arthritis, stress, heart problems, and recently walking my way back to health from major surgery. I could go on and on, but I have never been injured from any of her work outs. I have the Walk & Firm for older adults, Walk 2 miles for 40 plus, Walk Aerobics for Seniors (Live at the Club), and I my favorites are the Walk Away the Pounds Series of 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile and 4 mile. Before my recent surgery, I used the Walk Away the Pounds 2 mile and 4 mile walk daily for about 1 week. I was only in the hospital 2 days and the doctor told my husband that he was amazed at my strength. And my pain level was considerably less because of the daily works out.
    I thank God that I can do these exercises, and I think this lady for creating a safe work-out for almost anyone....more info
  • leslie sonsone
    the tapes maybe ok but keep an eye on your credit card account, they keep sending tapes and charging your credit card. wish I had never made the phone call...more info
  • Great workout for beginners and overweight people!
    I absolutely love these tapes. I am obese, I haven't exercised for 20 years, and I can't do any high impact aerobics, or any exercise involving jumping or jogging (due to a chronic condition of my legs). The only exercise I can do without harm is walking, but the weather doesn't always allow me to. I don't like complicated choreography, either.

    So when I heard about walking at home, I couldn't believe it!
    I ordered these tapes and they really work. (I have lost 4 pounds without dietary restrictions so far). Now, whenever I feel like (even at 10 p.m. or at 6 a.m.) I pop out a video and exercise! The circulation in my legs has improved, I feel so much better since I started using these tapes. Thank you Leslie! God Bless You!...more info

  • Been Using 3 mile Video for a year now
    I have been using the 3 mile video now for close to one year. Here lately every other day. On alternate days, I have started doing Pilates. I have lost over the past year, close to 55 lbs!
    Excellent way to lose weight and get in shape. I am 51 years old and if I can do it, you can do it....more info
  • It Works!
    This is the first exercise program I have stayed with! I look forward to doing them and feel deprived when I am not able to get them in! My eating habits have changed and I do not miss the junk food or overeating! It didn't take long for me to accomplish the 3 mile walk. It is exhilarating....more info
  • so far, so good
    received this yesterday and unpacked today. when i looked at back cover of one mile tape and saw it was 18 minutes i was kind of disappointed...what the heck can you do in 18 minutes.
    well.....i just finished ..actually its 20 minutes..and i worked up a sweat. i have only been exercising 8 months on a daily basis(after giving up 40 years of cigarette smoking and inactivity) and i have quite a collection of exercise tapes but
    i need to buy more after a while when i can mouth the instructors words before she utters them.
    i only gave leslie 4 stars as i still havent used mile 2, and mile 3 tapes but if they are as good as this first one...its money well spent!...more info
  • FABULOUS!!!!
    Great program. Makes you want to get up off the couch and WALK AWAY THE POUNDS!!!!...more info
  • Fun, Easy, Great Exercise
    I love these videos! It is really fun to do. The one mile tape is great for someone out of shape like me. I've even done the two mile tape. But if you are looking for something to get you off your butt for 18 minutes a day to help get you started with a new healthy lifestyle. The one mile is a great start. I love it....more info
  • Great way to build up fitness
    If you're out of shape, these workouts are a great way to build your fitness level. Those who are at an advanced level might find them less challenging, but they can add heavier weighted balls to make the workouts more challenging, or use the shorter workouts as a warm up before heavier exercise or jogging.

    These workouts are very low impact and easy to do. There aren't any fancy steps to learn. ...more info
  • shipping
    Shipping was fast, and the video is just great!...more info
  • Tapes are great, "weights" are a joke!
    The tapes are a great start for anyone just starting to exercise - they are easy to follow and just challenging enough for a beginner.

    However, the "weights" are a joke. It would seem you are supposed to fill them with water - tho I can't imagine how. I actually feel insulted that anyone would pass these off as useable. Buy your own weights. I can not say this strongly enough without resorting to language that will get my review pulled - these things are JUNK....more info

  • Great for EVERYONE!
    I have been working out with the Walk Away Videos for about 5 months. I have lost 45lbs. And NO I HAVE NOT BEEN TAKING ANY SUPPLEMENTS (contrary to what another opinion might have you believe). I feel that all three videos (1,2, or 3 mile) are a great workout even as my fitness level continues to advance. I like the variation in the length of time that it takes to do each video. I can do the 1 mile in just under 20 minutes for a quick pick me up or I can do the 3 mile (about 50 minutes) when I have more time. Add weights if you want...or not. I love the way I can take these workouts and make them mine. There is no possible way that these workout videos deserve less than four stars. I am PROOF that they do work. You have to stick with it and make the decision that you really want to be healthier. Once that decision is made...these videos are a great place to start....more info
  • Great and Fun Exercise!!
    This video is a lot of fun and you actually work up a sweat! I have tried pilates and found that after a few days of not doing the work out I had to start all over again. These tapes are so basic and fun that I can miss a day and still be able to finish the entire tape. I have worked myself up to three miles and feel a real difference in my endurance. Thanks Leslie!! Now I can exercise no matter what the weather!! Great work out!...more info
  • Worth the money
    I bought this product hoping that I could finally find something that requires little to no coordination but still provides a good workout. I started with the 1-mile walk on the first day. It was a good start and enabled me to learn the simple moves. I quickly went on the to the 3-mile walk. It is definitely more challenging, although not painful like so many other exercise videos. There is some annoying chit-chat, and it's difficult to turn the volume down because you need to be able to hear the beat of the music. The more I do the tape, the more annoying it is. It is a great workout, though and it's easy to learn. I love being able to walk 3 miles in the house, rather than 3 miles in the snow....more info
  • Easy and Effective Workout
    I bought the 3 mile walk about 4 months ago. For the first 2 months I used it 5-6 days a week. Since I've started doing this workout (currently mix it in with several other DVD/ VHS workouts), I've lost 15 lbs! That's pretty significant considering that I'm only 5'4"!

    I really love this workout. It's not hard on my legs/ knees, it makes me sweat, and it's so easy to follow that I can put my TV on split-screen and watch a TV show on half the screen with sound and still follow along with the muted workout.

    There only bad thing I have to say is that the repetitive music and hearing the same old jokes again and again; it's hard to take. That's another reason I'm so glad I can do the split screen workout with the VHS muted!

    Another thing: I've managed to hook 4 people that I work with, and several of their friends/ families on the same 3 mile walk! These people all asked how I was losing so much weight and then borrowed the tape for a trial before going and buying it themselves. One person has lost 20lbs in 2 months from doing the workout 3 times a week!

    In short, I would say that this program definitely delivers!...more info

  • a great start to better health
    if u want to get your exercise but have been too lazy to do it- this will DEFINETELY get u started. trust me i am the laziest person around and u will not believe what a difference u feel after completeing the first tape, and how much energy u have afterwords. Leslie has a great technique and keeps u going throughout the tape. You will definetely get results...more info
  • No-excuses, a no-brainer
    If you can walk you can do this workout -- and it works!!! It's especially great on those days when you don't feel like doing a "jump/dance" workout. You'll sweat, burn and tone just the same. Should be included everyones fitness video library....more info
  • Great for all fitness levels
    I am 50 and have done some form of exercise since I was 25 years old. For about a three or four year period I got lazy and gained about 50 pounds. One day I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself and saw the Leslie tapes (1, 2, 3 and half hour walk package). I ordered and, to make a long story short, it gave me the incentive to exercise and have fun. Before I knew it, I lost 45 pounds and am probably in better shape than I have been since my 20s. I now walk, do stepper, work out with weights, watch what I eat and do Leslie's tapes at least once per week. I do a combination of the one mile and three mile. That four miles goes by quickly and it is fun!! I just recently ordered Leslie's 'I Can' tapes from Amazon and can't wait to use them....more info
  • Really convenient and user friendly!
    I can use the tapes no matter the weather or what my schedule is for the day. The walkers look like real people and I like the fact that they are all ages. I am working on the 1 mile tape now and plan to move on to the 2,3, and 4 mile tapes as well as the tapes designed for more mature adults. I use Leslie's walking workout more regularly than any other form of exercise that I have ever tried....more info
  • Leslie is the Best!
    I LOVE THIS GAL! I had heard rave reviews about the Walk Away the Pounds program and I decided to give it a try. What amazed me the most the first time I played it, was the abundance of love Leslie had not only for her audience but also for her workout gals as well. I really felt as if she was really concerned about our well being. Leslie puts no pressure on you at all and makes it very clear that if you have difficulty doing something, don't worry about it, do what you can.

    I have been doing her workout every day for two weeks now. The two mile in the morning. And the quick one mile in the afternoon. IT IS WORKING!!! :) :) :) My clothes are getting looser, my stomach is starting to go down, my arms are getting smaller and I can start to feel more muscles forming in my legs.! ALL THIS WITHOUT CHANGING MY EATING HABITS! I have yet to work up to the 3 mile walk but when I do I know I will loose the weight even faster. (In case you are wondering how many pounds I have lost I have no idea because my children broke my scale and to be honest with you, that is just fine with me :) But I can feel the difference in my body and that is what really matters.

    So if you want a safe effective workout with an instructor who genuinely cares for you I would highly recommend this series. For me Walk about the Pounds is definitely the way to go! ~May God Bless You All Abundantly :)...more info



  • Outstanding Workout
    People like Betty Sue really has no business writing reviews that give out false information. I doubt that she has even tried the Leslie Sansone tapes. It is BLATANTLY false to claim that walking in the parking lot can give you just as good of a workout. These tapes, especially the 2 and 3 miles walk, are really outstanding aerobic workouts and the weights give you good upper body training. Trust me, this is a really wonderful set of tapes. I have lost 25 pounds in the last 4 months to prove it!...more info
  • great item - SLOW SHIPPING
    This is a fanastic item, it gets you started slow, builds you up to a great workout, and is easy to follow. One problem, while it says it ships within 24 hours, it certainly DOES NOT! I ordered a copy of this item for a family member on Feb 17, it's now Mar 04 and it still hasn't shipped. Very disappointing Amazon!...more info
  • Great for expecting moms...
    I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The insulin treatments were not working, so after a lot of research, I decided to go on a veggie diet, including whey protein and walking the 1 mile 2-3 times a day.

    Not only are my sugars "in normal range", I'm feeling really enegetic. When I can feel myself feeling a bit tired, I get up and walk and I am back to my perky self!

    Love this walk. My tummy is so big I can only do about 20 minutes of exercise at a time, so the 1 mile is perfect!

    I'm about 4.5 weeks away from giving birth and hope to continue to the end. I'm going to check out her other stuff for after the baby....more info
  • It Really Works
    Walk away the pounds is so easy to do. Walking around the block was not working for me. It always seemed to be raining, too hot, too cold, or dark. Now I can walk at anytime no matter what the weather is like out side. When I started doing this in home program I was 245 pounds. With a modified eating plan(www.provida.com)and walking in the home I am now down to 210 pounds in just 7 weeks. I feel great after I walk with Leslie. I tried Taebo but I could not do that --it was just too hard. Walk Away the Pounds is GREAT....more info
  • walk indoors, if you must
    I bought this set a couple of weeks ago as a rainy day alternative to my usual two-or three mile outdoor walk. And in that regard it's really great. I don't think this workout is challenging enough for the avid excerciser, it's more for someone who is just starting a workout program. I skipped right to the three mile walk and it was pleasantly challenging, but found that I needed to increase the intensity in order to feel like I've really worked.I like adding ankle weights. The 2-mile is a good, enjoyable walk though not terribly challenging. The 1-mile is great for when I don't have a lot of time, but want to get in some aerobic exercise during the day. Leslie is somewhat annoying---ok, VERY annoying, with all her chattering and laughing at her own jokes, so I turn the volume all the way down and put on my own music. My favorite thing about these videos is that I don't have to be a contortionist or in any way coordinated to feel like I've gotten a decent workout, like I felt with pilates and yoga.
    These workout tapes are a great way to work off daily stress, when I don't have a lot of time to spend taking care of myself.
    Oh, I don't like the weights that come with this set. They're a pain to fill and awkward to hold. I much prefer dumbell weights. I gave the weights from this set to my kids to play with. They love them....more info
  • 54 yrs old and this is a great work out
    I'm 54 and I love these tapes! It is not one of those programs that you feel if you miss one day you might as well quit. I walk whenever I get a chance, I don't feel guilty if I miss a day or two. I worked my way up to the 3 mile tape now. I know the routine so I can mute the sound and listen to my favorite "oldies but goodies" while I walk. I have lost weight and inches, it is the best tape I have and I have a lot of tapes.....more info
  • Easy, fun home workout
    I love WALK AWAY THE POUNDS!! That's exactly what you'll do if you use the tapes regularly. The set comes with a 1 mile-get up and get started, 2 mile-high calorie burn and 3 mile-super fat burn. This set also includes a pair of weighted balls that make the workouts more challenging. They are easy to hold and are of about 2 lbs each. I would recommend this tape for anyone who wants to get in shape and can't get to the gym. Great, easy to do home workout! ...more info
  • Love it!
    Now only after two days of doing these tapes I can feel the effects already! These tapes are easy to follow and you don't need a whole lot of room to do it either. Leslie is very encouraging and supportive. You don't ever get confused but the challenge is there too with the 2 mile and the 3 mile. I plan to use these tapes every day and I'm sure I will see great results and soon. The only problem I had was with those weights! Filling them with the water that is! It was not as easy as I thought it would be and now one is over inflated! Oh well - I can use my dumbells instead but otherwise a great buy - I totally recommend it to anyone looking to lose the pounds. Now if only I can stop eating the candied popcorn the weight may come off even faster!...more info
    As a self describes fat person, 215# at the start I had no problems working out to the 1 mile tape, made me sweat and I felt like I had a good work out. Afer 3 weeks of doing this tape 5 nights a week I was able to move on to the 2 mile. I have lost 9# and 8.5 inches in 4 weeks. I would highly recommend this set to anyone who is just starting out with an exercise program....more info
  • The only thing that keeps me moving!
    I used to work out every day with friends while in college, but after I moved back in to my family home two years ago, I haven't worked out. I have to be one of the most un-motivated exercisers out there! If I don't have someone pushing me, you can bet I'll be on the couch!

    I have at least 10 workout videos at home...none of which I've used more than 5 times. I received these videos two weeks ago and I've been using them 5-6 times a week! I skipped over the 1-mile and am now using the 2-mile or 3-mile when I have more time. I'm not able to finish the 3-mile with the weights...but Leslie has one of her group members drop the weights just when I'm starting to burn out on them. Perfect!

    I took step classes for two years while in college and never could get the moves down! This video only asks for 4 SIMPLE steps besides walking: side steps, knee lifts, kicks, and back-kicks.

    Some people have complained about the trouble they had filling the weighted balls with water. I have a tip...make sure the opening is completely covered with running water. Then, slowly pull apart the sides of the ball. The suction will pull in the water!...more info

  • Really Walk Away the Pounds!
    I only had a total of 15 pounds to lose and I need 5 more now. I've been doing the videos since last year, I stopped and then started again this January. I love Leslie Sansone, you can never go wrong with any of her videos. I own 6 of her workouts. the weighted balls really do make a difference in the workout. I have seen my arms get more defined. I really enjoy the 2 mile more than the 3 mile. I think it's more fun and challenging. I look forward to doing these workouts. There is no jumping around, who'd have thought that walking would get your heart pumping and the calories buring? Only a small amout of space is needed, and no complicated moves. The people in the viedos are all different shapes and sizes. The music is ok, and Leslie doesn't chat that much. These workouts rock! I highly reccommed them......more info
  • Great for Beginners
    I have been walking outside for 6 months and because of an old soccer injury, was having a lot of trouble adding intensity and paring down my times. I am up to walking 2 1/2 miles outside. I got the tape set because they were recommended to me by a friend who walks marathons and still uses the 3 mile tape a few times a month. I am still on the 1-mile tape, but it is great!!! Suddenly, I am stronger and my outdoor walking times are faster! The combination of simple steps strengthened my muscles in a way just straight walking wasn't able to without aggrevating the old injury. In fact, that knee is complaining less in my regular walks. If you are very out of shape, like I am, take it slow. Have fun. And be proud of yourself!!!...more info
  • not very good
    I do not think this tape was very effective. I would think a very obese person would benefit from it, but to lose a few pounds it is not worth the money, I felt no benefits after 4 weeks of doing it, I started with the 3 mile right away & did it 6 days a week...more info
  • Amazing!
    I have this series of tapes and I just wanna say I love them! All three videos are easy to do and you don't need a lot of space for moving around. Leslie Sansone is a pleasure to workout with. She's so upbeat! There are no fancy moves but you work every part of your body. I really like the weighted balls that come with this series. You can't find a better deal then this folks. Go for it!...more info
  • Great progressive workout...
    This workout is so great. I a have been doing the One mile for one month - 5-6 days a week - and have dropped 26 pounds. I am now ready to start the 2 mile - which I plan to start next Monday. It burns calories, keeps your heart rate up but is VERY VERY low impact which is great if you have joint problems or are very over weight like myself, and you need to EASE into a program.
    When I first did the one mile, I was SHOCKED at how easy it was - and I was convinced I wouldnt get any results because I wasnt gasping for air or feeling like I was going to collapse. But because it wasnt that hard, I didnt avoid it the next day, or the next. It's simplicity, made me less afraid to do it each day. And now a month later, Im moving onto the next tape! Yayee for me! I also own other great tapes like, Denise Austin's Ultimate Fat Burner. That one is REALLLYYYY good if you are wanting a tough thing to make you sweat and work all those muscles. I got that one before the Leslie Sansone ones and I feared doing it more than once. I look forward to the day, I am able to do that workout - thanks to the slow but sure workouts I get from Leslie.
    I really enjoy them. They are so easy - whether you're heavy or young. My 4 year old neice does the workouts with me. It is easy enough for her to follow along with. So anyway, this is gettig to be a long review - but I wanted you to know, I enjoy it. Boring? Yes, they lag a bit at times, but it is the first video I was actually able to commit to every day....more info


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