Sony PSLX250H Turntable
Sony PSLX250H Turntable

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Product Description

Dust off your old records because this turntable is designed to work with virtually every current mini/midi/full-sized audio system that has an auxiliary input! Supplied moving magnet phono cartridge with bonded diamond stylus for accurate playback and long-lasting durability Built-in phono preamp that works even when your amp doesn't have a designated PHONO input - Conveniently connects as an auxiliary input device Bonded diamond stylus Includes a hinged dust cover to protect your turntable Dimensions - 3.75 High x 17 Wide x 14.125 Deep (stackable with most home audio components) Unit weight - 6 Pounds, 6 Ounces 110V AC Power supply NOTE - Some user assembly required

Get into the groove with the fully automatic PS-LX250H turntable from Sony. Hook the turntable up to any stereo and reacquaint yourself with all of your old vinyl records. The turntable is compatible with all stereo receivers, even units without traditional phono input jacks.

The PS-LX250H doesn't require a lot of setup out of the box. A built-in preamplifier adjusts the audio output, giving you a terrific sound. The phono cartridge with a diamond stylus needle snaps right into place. Adjust the turntable EQ setting to your stereo receiver's input configuration and you are ready to go.

The PS-LX250H spins at 33-1/3 and 45 rpm, allowing you to enjoy albums and singles. A spindle adapter is included for your singles. All of the controls are on the front panel and easy to access. The fully automatic, belt-drive turntable features push-button controls that allow you to change the turntable speed and record size, and raise the tone arm automatically.

What's in the Box
Turntable, dust cover, 45 rpm record adapter, user's manual, warranty information.

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Supports 33-1/3 and 45 rpm playing speeds
  • Belt-drive system
  • Static balance tonearm
  • Convenient front-mounted controls for simplicity

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent turntable for the money
    through the years, I've owned the Thornes TD 124 with the Grado Wooden Arm, also the Shure stylis, and even the Pioneer tangential tracking turntable. I have also used this Sony Turntable for the last year and a half with no's the best buy for the money. Recording records to CD's.....with a good record, or even a somewhat older record with a few scratches nicks etc. or with a good program such as Roxio, you can't beat this turntable........that's why I'm buying another one of them in case something happens to my older want be sorry, believe me. Of course it's not one for rough handling such as a disco d.j.'s for people who want good music....from their old L.P.'s....more info
  • Sensitive Turntable
    Turntable was simple to assemble and seems to operate perfectly. The only difference I noticed was the sensitivity - certain records skip and jump when on my old one they would play just fine. This is probably not a problem when using it for records in perfect condition but can be a bit of a problem when playing old platters....more info
  • Yea it works! After a bit of fiddling...
    Just picked my order up at the post office today and got it home and out of the box and wanted to share some thoughts of my initial experience.

    First off there is some assembly required.

    You need to determine what the output is - if you are hooking up to a system with PHONO inputs then you turn the EQ switch to off, if you are hooking up to AUX inputs (which most people probably will be), then you turn on the EQ switch.

    You have to mount the cast aluminum platter and stretch the drive belt over to the drive spindle. And then drop on the rubber mat on top of the platter. They have a nice little piece of red ribbon that you use to stretch the drive belt with. It's actually pretty easy to do all of this.

    The instruction manual shows you how to attach the dust cover - but it came already attached on the unit I got.

    Ok, now I've got it assembled and the power cable plugged in. Now to attach it to my "system". Right now I'm hooking the turntable up to an old computer of mine, so that I can backup some of my old LPs to CD. The turntable comes with standard R/L RCA male jacks, so I needed an adaptor cord with a 1/8" stereo phono plug on one end and two RCA female jacks. Luckily I had one of these in my junk drawer. Plugged the 1/8" plug into the LINE-IN jack on my computer's soundcard and hooked up the RCA jacks to each other. Unfortunately the adaptor cable I've got isn't marked as to which is the right channel and which is left - so for now I'm going to guess and figure out if I was right later.

    Now to play the first LP - the turntable has some very simple controls consisting of four buttons on the front of the unit - speed selection 33/45, start, stop, up/down. There is another switch on top of the deck, to select the size of record 17/30. You can only play one record at a time. Make sure that you also flip up the protective cover on the stylus.

    I randomly picked an LP out of the old box of albums I pulled from the closet and carefully put it on the turntable and then pressed the start button. The turntable spun, the stylus picked up and moved over to the start of the recoded and dropped smoothly in place and the record started to play. After a few minutes I started scratching my head - the album just didn't sound right - sounded really high-pitched. Double checked the setting and they were correct, but still it seemed too shrill. Stopped the record and dropped on another one - still sounded funny to me. Started thinking it was maybe the cheap computer speakers, so I tried a pair of headphones - same sound. Best guess I could come up with was the turntable was playing just a little too fast. Not as fast as when set to 45, but still fast enough to make the playback funny sounding. Stopped the record, turned everything off and disassembled the turntable and checked to see if there was some sort of speed control adjustment that I missed - there wasn't. Put everything back together and tried pushing in and out the speed control button several times. After doing this the turntable now seems to be playing at the correct speed. Not really sure what made the difference - reattaching the drive belt or working the kinks out of the speed control button. So far I've played a number of albums and the unit seems fine now. Only giving this unit a four-star review since I had a little bit of trouble with the unit, but I would recommend it to anyone wanting a new inexpensive turntable. But be warned, there is some assembly required.
    ...more info
  • happy!
    Just plugged it into my 40 year old amp and it worked perfectly. Johnny Cash and Loretta sound as fine as ever....more info
  • the turntable that got me into vinyl!
    the sound is suprisngly good but i used the preamp on my reciever instead of the one built in.
    speed is abit off on this but not bad.
    you will instantly tell if you like the sound of vinyl more than cd. if you do, join the club!...more info
  • Great for recording LPs to CDs
    Nice basic turntable. Good sound quality. I bought this turntable for use with Acoustica Spin It Again to convert my record collection into MP3s and CDs. The built-in preamp is great for this since I was able to hook it up directly to my computer without needing a separate stereo system. The only things that could be improved would be to have longer cables. For the price this is a great value....more info
  • Great Value For The Price
    I started buying records a few years ago to hang up on the wall but recently decided that I wanted to start listening to them. A friend had this record player at his house and I really enjoyed it and wanted one of my own. For being a Sony product, this is definitely a great price. The records sound great and this machine is simple to set up and use. I did my fair share of shopping around for this specific record player and Amazon was the only place that I found it at this price.

    TIP: This record player has the stereo (red/white) output cables built in, coming out of the back. Since I don't have an up to date stereo system that has a receiver with the stereo (red/white) input, I bought a stereo to 1/8th (headphone jack) cable. This allows me to connect the record player into this cable and from that plug it into my speakers that have a headphone jack (1/8th) input. This lets me listen to the record player through my speakers without having the required stereo (red/white) input anywhere.

    Maybe some of you know this already, but I thought this might help....more info
  • Good enough
    Met need to transfer LP/45 records to CD/CT. Easy set up. Works good!...more info
  • Amazing shipping time, great product!
    I was told by Amazon when I ordered that it would be a couple of weeks. Lo and behold it arrives the next day and with free shipping! Installation was simple and I had the records spinning within 30 minutes of opening the box. The RCA output cable is short and could cause me to need an extension at some point but overall I am very impressed with what I paid for the player. If you are the occasional vinyl listener, this is a great deal....more info
  • Simple and enjoyable
    This turntable was very easy to set up, with clear directions that my seven-year-old helped me with. Now, both he and I are having a great time listening to all of my old records that I haven't been able to listen to in years. If you just want simple access to your old albums, I highly reccommend this product....more info
  • Good player, but rubber band belt is questionable
    The turntable plays as it is suppose to play. I'm not an audiophile, but I do have alot old vinyls from the 1970's and early 80's and they played well on this turntable, at least the ones that were not too scratched. Only paid $79.95 so it was a good deal. The platter is 100% aluminum which for some unknown reason influenced my decision to buy this item. The only thing that concerns me is the drive belt, basically it is a thin rubber band. This raises some questionable quality and longevity issues down the road, but other than that it was a good purchase....more info
  • Sony Turntable turned out to the perfect gift!!
    I bought this turntable for my boyfriend and it was perfect, he uses it non-stop. Very simple to use, affordable, and great design!!! It doesn't have so many fancy un-needed features for the average listener or collector. ...more info
  • So, how do I hook it up to my pc?
    I bought this for my mother, who has an extensive classical record collection that is 50 years or so old. They sound like they are brand new.

    One of the earlier comments mentioned that this could be hooked up to a computer's sound board, so you could move all your old records onto your computer. Has somebody done that? There is no mention of that in the turntable's directions....more info
  • Good Turntable
    I've had this product for about a month and has worked great. It's easy to install (all you have to do is put the belt on) and connecting it to a reciever is easy too. The turntable has great sound especially since I enjoy listening to records over CDs or digital. Also a great price and free shiping on amazon is great too!...more info
  • Turntable
    Easy to set up, great accuracy, clean uncluttered sound, perfect for my old 60's & 70's albums....more info
  • great player - some knowledge needed for speed tweaks...
    I got this record player from a friend who wasn't using it any longer. It's a great player, and the built-in pre-amp is great. My player, however, was playing slowly, so I got a new belt, and it was still slow. I went to a local record shop and he said it could cost me as much as the player for him to figure out what was wrong and fix it. He then said it was probably a slippery slope and it will just break more even if I did fix it. I called Sony, and they said they knew nothing about how to fix it, but I could pay to ship it to them in Texas and then pay $51 for a refurbished replacement.

    As it turns out, nothing was wrong with it at all - it just needed a speed adjustment, which I found was right on the motor itself. There are 2 rubber slots that say 33 and 45 that can be accessed from the bottom of the player. After doing an online search for a "printable strobe" (a device that has lines or circles, that under a fluorescent light [it won't work under normal lights] will appear to be still while the player is moving), I was able to use a VERY small flathead screwdriver (like, for fixing computers or eyeglasses), which inserts right into the black rubber slots on the motor, and tweak the speed with VERY slight adjustments. It now plays wonderfully and at the correct speeds.

    The player itself is extremely easy to use - and while not quite an audiophile player, it will get the job done for those of us that wanna hear the hiss and pop of our old records for nostalgia sake. ...more info
  • sony turntable PSLX250H
    Good basic turntable. Can be started by push button, but I prefer manually placing the needle on the record. Very easy to hook up, like the dust cover better than the clear plastic on my old one....more info
  • Great Rekkid Playa
    This is my first turn table. Super easy to use and to hook up. Thanks Sony!...more info
  • Keeps the wife happy
    My wife has refused to throw out her LP collection for years. Her last turntable died a few years ago and we just hadn't managed to replace it. This year, she informed me that she was getting a turntable for her birthday. She then scored several boxes of opera on vinyl via freecycle. Faced with a house overrun with unplayable vinyl, I encouraged her to find SOMETHING to do with it all.

    So she got her turntable.

    She's quite happy with this model. It plays Puccini and Siouxsie without discrimination. She can spend all day bouncing about to Shriekback before deciding the baby needs to hear some Pavarotti.

    I know little about electronics, but I know a lot about a happy wife. And I've got a happy wife....more info
  • Sony PSLX250H
    I am finding it difficult to provide a review, and only do so because of the name Sony. This unit require's an amplifier, and I am having trouble finding one. Amazon does not carry them, and, only after e-mailing them, did I get a list of phone nembers to call regarding an amp. Sell the project, not just the item. Still looking for an amp., so I can plat my 33's....more info
  • Works very well
    I have not been disappointed with the quality, and it was considerably less expensive (40%) through Amazon....more info
  • Sony Turntable
    This turntable was exactly what I thought it would be. It plays records well, and wasn't difficult to complete the assembly. My only complaint is the length of the amp leads. Being only about 18" long, I had to reconfigure my system to get the tuner very close to the amplifier.

    Other than that, it is a good basic turntable....more info
  • Needs preamp with older receiver
    This turntable gave spotty service; older pop LPs were almost impossible to hear without additional amplification. About six months after purchase, the needle/tonarm started sliding across the record. It's no longer usable until we find a repair shop....more info
  • Very Good Quality
    This item lives up to the Sony name. Very easy to operate, the sound quality is fantastic. It makes my older 33s and 45s sound like new. Price is great too....more info
  • Night of the living homeless
    I know all of you are expecting just the typical review, but unfortunately I cannot offer that. If you're looking for a review about the quality and functionality of this product you should probably skip ahead.

    So this all started after I ordered my turntable. I was in Chicago and had it shipped to Dallas. Upon arrival to my apartment I rushed straight to my apartment complex to pick up my package. Not there. I checked online and surprisingly found the location of the package to be "Front Door". Are you serious? Would someone really leave a package at my front door instead of taking it to the apartment office? The answer...yes. And of course, it was gone. Stolen. Awesome.

    Now I was a bit upset. I had all these aspirations of jamming out to "Highway To Hell" with the classic analog sound, but now I'm stuck with digital media. At any rate, I had errands to run and rushed out pretty quickly. I hop in my truck and speed out of the parking garage, but as I'm leaving I nearly strike a homeless man! I slam on the breaks just in time and signal him to proceed, and he smiles and waves. I thought to myself, "What a nice homeless guy". I study him for a second and realize he is carrying something under his arm. After closer examination, I realize that HE HAS MY TURNTABLE!!! And no, of course I didn't confront him. Have you ever confronted a homeless guy before? Didn't think so.

    Moral of the story: I'm not sure if I would trust Amazon for delivery, but I can't knock on this product. You should buy it....more info
  • Great buy for anyone new to vinyl
    I am 17 years old and have never experience vinyl before. Recently I've been collecting a few lp's and hoping my grandfather would let me have his old turntable and stereo receiver. Unfortunatley he had already given the turntable away but the receiver was mine and is in excellent condition. So now I needed to find a turntable. Being a 17 year old recently graduated high school student who is unemployed, I needed something not too expensive that will get the job done. This record player is exactly that. I have entered the world of vinyl and I find myself enjoying every minute of it. The little assembly of this product that is required is not difficult at all, afterall I am just 17 years old and put it together with no trouble at all. So if you're looking for relatively inexpensive turntable that works great, look no further....more info
  • Excellent for my needs.
    I needed a good quality sounding turntable to convert certain LP's from my extensive collection to CD's. This Sony PSLX250H does the job perfectly, and for a reasonable cost. Recorded to CD as WAV files, the sound is excellent when played through my audiophile system with Mirage speakers....more info
  • Good until it breaks on you...
    I bought this turntable from Best Buy a few years ago and it did survive fine between all the moving I did in college, except it eventually half-broke, and ironically, it broke after sitting on a desk for months, not from a move. The motor goes at the wrong speed and sometimes the table needs help getting started. I don't know how common the breaking I experienced is, but if the electronics and mechanics are designed such that things like this happen, I doubt the quality of even a working model.

    Play it safe and buy a turntable with lots of reviews, and with no "it just broke" reviews like this one....more info
  • Lakewalesferg
    Very easy to set up. Simple to operate. Good quality sound. I am enjoying my vinyl once again....more info
  • Great product for the price
    About three years ago I discovered how easy it was to tape vinyl records using your computer to burn them to CD. I found an old Sony PS-LX150H model at a second hand store and my $3.00 investment lasted just over two years. Impressed enough with the older model's performance to seek out a newer model, I recently purchased a Sony PS-LX250H. This turntable is perfect for recording records to your computer. I have never heard records played on higher grade turntables that cost $250.00 and up but I feel the sound quality produced by this unit is superior for its price range. I like the fact that this model has the auto start feature to begin listening to the records. You can also use it as a straight manual if you desire. The worst thing I can say about this model is the needle was a little bit more difficult to install then any other turntable I've used but it is also newer than any other turntable I've ever used and it wasn't that difficult. There is a setting feature for the size of record you are going to listen to, 12 inch or 7 inch. The settings on this model are in centimeters so users unfamiliar with the metric system(like me)may have to refer to the instruction manual on that one. All in all this is a wonderful turntable in my opinion as I really don't know what else could be expected of this unit for its price range. It is also, I might add, very easy to set up and start using right away. I would recommend it for anyone seeking a turntable that can't spend upwords of $400.00 on a unit....more info
  • what am I doing wrong???
    Sony PSLX250H Turntable

    Ok, everyone seems to have gotten their turntable to work ok but me. No sound whatsover. Yes, the white in the white, the red in the red. I have "phono" jacks on my TEAC reciever, so I turned the EQ to "off". CD works, tuner works, etc...just not the turntable. I notice there's no ground. Could that be the problem? And I had my old favorites out, ready to play...jeez. nothing. I'm taking it back tomorrow....more info
  • Great trip back in time
    This phono works wonderfully and allows me to play my records from the
    70's and 80's. My kids are having a blast seeing how their parents
    listened to music. ...more info
  • I bought it as a gift and haven't heard from the recipient yet.
    I gave this as a gift; the recipient hasn't hooked it all up yet, so I'm guessing on these answers. He was delighted to receive the turntable, the price was great and shipping was terrific and fast, but the exact item? Can't tell ya yet. ...more info
  • Sony Turntable
    Nice looking, works well right out of the box.
    Plays LP's with surprising quality.
    Unit itself is light and a little flimsy but I do not
    regret selecting it. It works perfectly with my
    old record albums and my new Sony surround sound system.
    Great price!...more info
  • Simple and suits me just fine.
    I've been searching high and low for a needle for the original turntable that came with my Sony stereo set, as I missed playing all my LP's.

    However, when I saw the Sony PSLX250H turntable that was just slightly larger than what I had, I still could not pass up such an opportunity.

    It is simple (easy to mount and use), and worth every penny, and I am now once again able to enjoy all my golden oldies on LP. ...more info
  • Excellent Product For the Price
    This is not your heavy metal turtable like I owned in the 1960s, but works quite well and I'm pleased with it. I bought it essentially for the one time usage of digitizing about 2,000 jazz LPs to place in iTunes. So, it only has to work for a month or so. It has three buttons on the front: #1 automatically starts the turntable and places the needle arm on the LP (placement is excellent) #2 lifts the arm, returns it to the off position and stops the turntable, and #3 directly raises and lowers the needle arm. The 33 1/3 rpm speed seems accurate; haven't used the 45 rpm. The unadjustable needle arm seems just a tad light and I've had to tape a dime on the arm to dub some of my LPs, although on 99% of the LPs the weight is just fine. My only complaint is the extremenly short (about 3 feet) cabling.... I had to spend another $10 for extensions. It has a nice dust cover that is well engineered to remain in the "up" position when needed. Again, it's no Mercedes, but is well worth the price!...more info
  • SONY Turntable PS-LX250H
    I am very satisfied with the purchase and use of this turntable. As a matter of fact, I had ordered two of them (one by mistake). AMAZON handled the return and refund of one of them, very expeditiously and professionally, and I thank them for that.

    The turntable, I have installed into my sound recording system, and use it expressly for transferring LPs and 45s to tape and CD. I am very pleased with it's simplicity and reliability and would suggest it to anyone requiring that type of use. Thank You...more info
  • For the money, and excellent unit.
    If you are lloking for a decent turntabnle, this fits the bill. ...more info
  • Plays records
    Well, it does what it's supposed to do - plays records. I do like the feature that let's you stop and start from the same place at the press of a button. Our turntable that broke didn't have that. Other than that, it's cool. Pretty good price too....more info
  • Perfectly adequate and easy to use.
    I've been using this model turntable for about five years. Other than replacing the belt once, it's offered reliable and satisfactory performance. It's certainly convenient to have a built-in pre-amp, since this stays connected to my Mac for digitizing analog. I reserve serious listening for my Music Hall MMF-2.2 turntable, which I also highly recommend.

    I strongly encourage upgrading the stylus to an elliptical for improved fidelity and less record wear. The supplied conical stylus produces a muddy bottom end and tends to distort the highs. As others have noted, this uses the same stylus as the entry-level Audio Technica, namely the ATN3600. Check out for compatible options.

    For less than $100, this probably fits the needs of most people either looking for an inexpensive way to enjoy those old records or a simple way to digitize those same records. After five years, I've more than received my money's worth. Recommended....more info
  • Great turntable for the money
    We are very satisfied with this turntable. It was very easy to connect and the operation and sound quality are excellent....more info
  • Excellent bang for your buck
    This turntable has well surpassed any expectations I could have had. If you are new to vinyl or wanting to replace an old turntable with a good, reliable model, this is the way to go. It was extremely easy to assemble and connect, and the sound is great. I've got several used records that are pretty scuffed up, and even on these, I barely hear a crackle. Don't be deterred by the mixed reviews here. Most are coming from people looking for audiophile-grade turntables. These reviewers should not even be looking in this price range if their ears are this sensitive....more info
  • Incredible in every way
    Vinyl record players are no longer only for audiophiles and the technologically stubborn. There are more and more labels pressing new albums on vinyl and with companies like Sony putting out turntables like their PSLX250H everyone who loves music should be making the switch (or switch back?). The sound produced is infinitely better than a CD and certainly better than an mp3 and the experience of placing the needle on the rim of the disk and listening to an album in its entirety and in the intended order is indescribable. There are a lot of brands putting out turntables now but none of them have the trustworthy name and quality of production that Sony has. I recommend this record player HIGHLY and suggest everyone to invest in one today....more info
  • Happy At Last
    I can say that I received my product on time and the people that I had contact with was very nice and also my product was packaged very well and I am pleased with my Turn Table, I would reccomment anyone to try this product, are any other product.
    ...more info
  • Could not assemble it
    I opened the box and began to read the directions. They were no help at all. I continued to try but I could not get the belt assembled and therefore was unable to try it out. I never learned whether it worked well or not. I got so frustrated that I boxed it back up and called for authorization to return it. The directions should have been more specific and/or the turntable should have been shipped ready to use. ...more info
  • Outstanding workhorse!
    This turntable is used in a university library where it sees constant and heavy use by many different types of operators. It carries on despite the heavy handedness of some users while maintaining the ability to satisfy the more discerning audiophiles. It's a good product that delivers quality sound....more info
  • Good product!
    Good product and great deal for a way to play your old LP's on any stereo system....more info
  • Sony PSLX250H Turntable
    Excellent product. Easy to install to existing music system and performs flawlessly. Product was shipped and arrived in a very timely manner.

    I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
    ...more info
  • Turn Table
    Some assembly was required, but it was very easy. It was simple to connect to my existing stereo system and it works great. ...more info
  • Sony Turntable Review
    I purchased this turntable to copy my vinyl albums to mp3. It works great. Very easy to set-up, easy to use. Sounds great. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Good if you want to replace it in a few years
    While it lasts, this is a great turntable. I've had it for a few years and haven't had any problems with it (until now). And if you're considering getting a turntable that's this cheap, you probably don't have expensive enough speakers to notice any difference between this turntable and a high-end audiophile turntable.

    But as other reviewers have noted, there's not much you can do with this after the stylus wears out. The manual says that happens after 500 hours of play (I listen to a lot of old, beat-up records, so it happened a lot earlier for me). After that, you pretty much need to buy a new turntable. The cartridge isn't replaceable at all (I think this has become standard for main-stream brand turntables), and a new stylus costs about $55, more than half the cost of the entire machine. 500 hours isn't much when you can get a turntable from another brand such as Audio-Technica for only about twice the price that will last you a lifetime....more info
  • It works and it works well.
    I had to replace an old turntable of the same make and model (my grandson's had experimented on it I think) and found this one for a good price. The original worked well and this one, after listening to Jon Anderson's 3 Ships, works well too....more info
  • Sounds good, not user friendly.
    First off, let me say that I may be a little biased when it comes to Sony products. They do not last in my personal experience.

    When I bought this turntable, I was relatively new to vinyl and didn't really know the difference between one turntable from another. My problems with this particular one, first off, is the fact that it has no fine tuner for the speed. At first I figured this would be no deal, since the thing is supposed to be automatic and shouldn't need fine tuning. Alas I was wrong though. After not too long of having it, I noticed that it was playing slightly too fast and everything was higher pitched than it should be. I dealt with it for some time, but knowing that the music I was hearing was not what it should be, I couldn't take any more and started to look for some way I could adjust the speed on the thing.
    Apparently there are some screws underneath you can adjust for this purpose (I found this info online) which I gave my attempt at. Well It did not work like it was supposed to; in fact, what happened was while no noticeable change was there to the speed, after turning it in certain positions the thing would not turn off anymore. Even with the arm back in place in the cradle, it would not stop spinning without cutting the power. I had to turn it little by little in order to find a "sweet spot" where it would function properly again. Also, a couple times I pressed too hard on the screw with the screwdriver and the whole assembly inside would jump and knock the arm inward, resulting in the stylus rubbing on the rubber mat. Needless to say, very frustrating and not healthy for the stylus. It made me feel like the thing could just fall apart in my hands at any second. I wonder if my source was wrong, though I do not see any other way to adjust the speed from any other screws underneath the unit.
    This goes along with my bad experiences with Sony receivers, my first one stopped working because apparently if you turn the volume up past a certain point, it would go into "protection" mode, basically halting any function of the unit. This could not be turned off either, you'd have to take it and have it fixed at a sony dealer I'm assuming (I guess they had a lot of problems with this feature not working the way it was supposed to) and THEN my buddy let me borrow his sony receiver, since he had just upgraded because it was acting up as well. The thing would not switch off of any source except the AUX input. After a while of collecting dust, he gave it to me, and it worked fine for about a week. Then it started doing it again.
    My conclusions are that Sony makes things purposely flawed and in a way that you can't fix it yourself, so you can pay them even more to fix the slop they dish out. Either that or their quality control is awful, or I just got really unlucky and came across every lemon unit (I've also had walkmans and dvd players that crap out before they reach a year old).
    Don't get me wrong, the sound quality itself is decent, but it's not really worth the headache if you wanna try and get more out of your hard earned money, something which I personally feel for a hundred bucks should be standard. I mean does it cost an extra hundred bucks just for them to put a speed knob on there? Probably more like $3.

    Overall the sound quality is good, but the unit is cheap and not likely to last. Personally, I will never buy another Sony product again. One thing after another has just been a bad experience....more info
  • good buy
    if the rercod your playing is in great condition, the sound quality is great, if the record is not in very gooood condition, its tnot soo good...... so with this item you get what u buy for its exactly how a normal record player is supposed to be...more info
  • Now I can listen to my LPs again
    I haven't been able to listen to my LPs for 10 years; it's amazing to hear the quality of the sound, the immediacy of the performance....more info
  • My Sony Turntable
    It works like a top! Thank you for making it available to me....more info
  • Bad distortion and rumble
    I bought this turntable to replace an old but excellent Connoisseur turntable I was using to transfer LPs to audio disc. The Connoisseur required a new belt at $60 so I thought I would buy the Sony.

    I immediately notice a major problem - significant rumble. Annoying, but I could deal with this by applying a low frequency cut-off filter.

    Many transcriptions had noticeable distortion on loud passages but I put this down to a problem with the LPs. Then I re-transcribed two LPs I had previously recorded with the Connoisseur. These recordings now had significant and highly annoying distortion in loud passages. It probably wouldn't be noticeable with pop music but with loud legato passages in classical music, e.g., choruses or organ pieces, it is terrible. This is not overload as I was careful not to have line-in at too high a volume.

    Conclusion: this turntable has a cheap and nasty cartridge and/or pre-amplifier. I'm junking the Sony and going back to the Connoisseur.
    ...more info
  • Very Good Choice
    I really Like the Player and it does a really good job. The only shortcoming is it doesn't have a needle arm to lift the arm up and down. Just a start and stop button. Other than that it is an excellent choice for player your records....more info
  • Can't recommend
    I can't recommend this turntable. Its cheap junk. I've had it for a few years, but I've never used it much at all. Its spent 90% of that time in the box. In the last month I started listening to more vinyl though, buying a few jazz LPs off ebay. Now when I move the needle to the playing position it wants to retract and stop. I can get it to work, but then it will start doing it again. I opened it up to try to figure out what was going on with it. I can see what's causing the behavior but I don't really know what happened to make it do what its doing. Its like there is something missing. I got annoyed looking at the stupid, cheap design of the thing and just resolved to buy a new one (not Sony) with direct drive that will hopefully last. ...more info


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