Black & Decker V7210 7.2-Volt Double Action DustBuster Cordless Vac

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The Double Action DustBuster cordless vac offers all the extras of previous DustBusters, but with more oomph per feature. The exclusive Double Action DustBuster filter now lasts three times longer, the 13.6-ounce bowl holds 70 percent more dirt and debris, and the unit comes with a crevice tool for reaching into narrow spaces and an upholstery brush for gathering dirt and hair. The extra tools are stored conveniently onboard, making it a whole lot more difficult to lose them in the closet. Like DustBusters of the past, this one charges in a wall-mounted base for grab-and-go convenience. Your dirt won't stand a fighting chance. --Rivers Janssen

  • Tools stored onboard for convenient use
  • Exclusive filter lasts three times longer than previous filters
  • 13.6-ounce bowl holds 70 percent more dirt and debris
  • Charges in wall-mounted base for convenience
  • Crevice tool and upholstery brush included
Customer Reviews:
  • Functional but please read the "It's Not the Battery" Review already posted
    I bought this handvac over 7 years ago and about a year ago, I noticed the charge wasn't as good and declining. I then read the reviews here and found the one about the battery charger that someone wrote earlier. I have another B&D handvac with a "good charger base" so I switched the vac to that one to charge and "voila" the vac performs fine. By the way, Black and Decker's website does sell replacement charger units for this for $12.58 (charger unit and base). Besides the charger issue, this is one tough handvac that cleans easily, the nozzles and the filters [but not the motor fan unit] can go into the dishwasher). My older unit had a filter that is plastic and not paper so I can't describe what comes in the new versions of this vacuum. Decent vacuuming power that picks up almost anything dry that kids regularly spill on the floor.

    I big thanks to the party that did the electrical test on the charger for all of us. Before I buy the new charger, I am going to check the non-functioning charger unit to see if the contacts with the handvac are clean and making contact but if that isn't the case, I'm buying the replacement charger to save a couple of bucks with a perfectly good handvac that seems to work fine now. I haven't found a website yet that sells a replacement battery but that might be too expensive and push me over the edge to just buy a new handvac.

    It certainly pays to read (and write reviews for people on these websites that have some real life experience and details....more info
  • Great Little DustBuster
    I've had my DustBuster now for several years and have had no problems with it whatsoever. Of course, like the review re: charging batteries, I do not leave my vac on the charger, I only put it on the charger when it runs out of charge. I use mine everyday to pick up crumbs and hair and only have to charge it up every couple of weeks. I don't use it for regular vacuuming, just picking up small messes, so I'm not overheating the battery either. I've had an older dust devil and it still works, but does not have the power this little vac has. I love my DustBuster, and after several years of use it is still working great....more info
  • A Total Waste
    I bought my vac about 2 years ago. It has never worked well. I thought it may simply need to charge but even after charging for days/ would die off after 30 seconds of use. Then I thought maybe something was wrong with the outlet - not the case. Have finally accepted that it's useless and going in the garbage....more info
  • stinks
    batteries. this is a great product killed by now having internal batteries. versapak version was great, but this "next generation" model just doesn't hack it. you can take my word on it. ...more info
  • Junk, not made to last!
    My Dustbuster lasted a whole two years, but the last year it would only work for 3-4 minutes before the charge ran out. I found myself running like a maniac to quickly clean up a mess before the battery ran down. It also has low suction, so heavier things like sand don't get sucked up completely. This is one of several Black & Decker appliances I have been dissappointed with in the last few years. From the product lifespan, to the lack of customer service - they aren't the same company my parents loved. My mother had one of the earliest dustbusters which lasted 10 years, and charged like a champ. Oh well.

    Instead, I recommend the Euro-Pro shark. I have had one for a while now, and love it. It has a very long cord, it's lightweight, and it has enough suction to pick up small children and pets! It cost a little more than the Black & Decker Dustbuster, and outperforms it completely. And if you can't rely on your hand vaccuum, then the price is irrelevant....more info
  • It's *NOT* The Batteries...
    I too owned this particular model, and by pure chance, so did my neighbour. Mine stopped working after 6 months, in which I followed the directions and kept the unit clean. My neighbour's stopped working after 8 months. Instead of throwing them away, (there were no service centres nearby, and B&D's shipping charges were insane) I took my tester out to see where the trouble might lie. Much to my surprise, there was no power reaching the charging base of the Dustbuster, so I immediately focused my attention on the charging unit. I separated the wires from the charging base and put the tester to work. Sure enough, there was no power coming out of the charger! The verdict? It wasn't the BATTERIES after all, it was a defective charger. (just like the other reviewer said).

    I did some more research on this, and found that there were several Dustbusters made (maybe hundreds?) that seem to have had faulty chargers. Why B&D never issued a national recall remains a mystery, but it makes perfect sense that maybe they didn't know about this issue? If they did, then they looked the other way, hoping that the problem wasn't too widespread. I remember the salesman at Sears saying that quite a few of these models came back for the exact same reason. (Dustbusters in Canada have a 2yr warranty) I think there was a quality control issue at their plant in China, and interestingly enough, the newer Dustbusters have a different charger on them. We shall see if this problem has been resolved, as I've just purchased another one (model CHV9600-see my review) and will take note of how long that one lasts me. My first Dustbuster purchased in 1990 lasted 8 years, and all models after that have given me trouble!...more info
  • PLZ!!!!!!! READ THIS.
    I got mine about a year ago and it's still working... well.. working too well perhaps. The motor starts running too, a away too fast I am afraid it might explode. Is this because I put it in charger unit for too long?? Anyway, don't buy this product. How can you use vac. with worries that it might explode right in your hand??...more info
  • Another piece of Dustbuster junk.
    Don't waste your money on this or any other "dustbuster" vaccum. This is the 3rd one I've owned, lukily it was a gift, so I didn't waste my money on it. The problem is that Black & Decker still uses NiCad batteries, which develop a memory if you don't completely discharge before you recharge (and when do you ever do that with a dustbuster?) The result is a vaccum that works OK for about 6 months, but then works for about 1-2 minutes before the battery goes dead. For a few pennies more they could use a NiMH battery pack, and maybe this thing would work. Until then, I reccoment a corded Dirt Devil Scorpion. Having to pull an extension cord is well work having a vaccum that actually works....more info
  • Worst thing ever made!!!
    I got this as a present because I wanted a dust buster so I could vaccum my truck out. This thing never ever stays charged!! It also cant even suck up anything. A waste of money!!! I now own a shop Vac!!!!...more info
    Black&Decker should mention in LARGE print that although this vacuum is rechargeable, the rechargeable battey eventually loses its charge and is not replaceable -- mine lasted less than a year (I used it 10 minutes a week on average). Unfortunately, I recycled the battery pack before I learned I needed it to get a replacement unit under the warranty. Also, B&D website was dense and hard to navigate. I had to contact their phone support (which only operates M-F) to find out I had worthless piece of garbage. I would recommend another model or, for me, another brand....more info
  • Same as labmommy
    I agree with labmommy--great product but short life! After only a few months of having it (and cleaning it diligently) the motor stopped running. I tried everything--charging it, looking at the motor, and it's dead. I might as well just go to Sam's or Wal-Mart where I can at least return it without much hassle. Good thing this was only $30....more info
  • Powerful and Does the Job
    This is a great little gadget that every household could use. I dont even own a dust pan anymore because after I sweep I just suck up all the dust with this.It's not bad to clean either..just take it apart, shake out dirt in trash, run parts uder hot water (the parts that can get wet) and dry. Not hard to reassemble. The only thing keeping me from rating it at 5 stars is I get annoyed reconnecting it to the charging base. I never seem to get it on the first try..has to be lined up just right....more info
  • Excellent Cordless Vac
    I got sick and tired of all these folks whining about the battery issues.

    Getting a Versa Pack or any other hand vac with removable batteries is NOT the final solution. What you're doing is making the manufacturer rich from buying their battery packs.

    There's nothing special about the rechargeable battery in this vac. It's a 7.2V NiCd "pack" - you could grab six NiMH AA batteries, solder them in series, and it'd work the same.

    We used to have a problem with charging cordless drill batteries as they'd start to not charge up after a year.

    You COULD buy a new drill or replacement batteries, but you could also "boost" them. I'm not going to post the procedure for this, as it should be left to professionals such as electrical engineers (electricians and technicians are ok too, but EEs that have hands on experience are preferred), but basically it's worked on all batteries that could be saved. The ones that can't be saved by this procedure are FUBAR'd anyhow.

    Generally speaking, a "pack" dies because one or two batteries in the pack are leaking or really dead. You could just replace these batteries and fix your "pack"
    This applies to mainly NiCd packs. If your device uses a SLAB (Sealed Lead Acid Battery) then you will have to make your own pack to replace this POS (SLABs aren't really good batteries. I prefer NiMH or NiCd for cordless devices). Again, this should be left to the professionals.

    Back to the vac:

    This handheld vac has a neat filter system that doesn't require you to buy new bags left and right and you can empty out a lot of the larger solids w/o changing filters or bags. Just pop out that front piece and dump out the refuse.

    I bought this so I could clean my car w/o paying for vacuum time at the gas station or lugging a 100ft extension cord to power a Dirt Devil....more info

  • disappointing purchase
    I bought the Black and Decker 7.2 V Dustbuster primarily to clean up occasional ashes and bark chips in front of a fireplace and secondarily for picking up bits of dog hair from the carpet. Seems like pretty reasonable tasks for a portable vacuum, right? Well, the Dustbuster did a fine job for maybe 1 or 2 months before it began its downward slide to oblivion. Then with each additional use, both the duration and the intensity of the suction decreased until there was none and the battery no longer charged at all.

    Unless you enjoy discarding small power tools after owning them a few months, DO NOT BUY THIS DUSTBUSTER.

    Upon tossing the Dustbuster in the waste can, I recalled that in my workshop were four portable power hand tools with removable, recharable batteries. So if there are other small power tools that perform quite acceptably with 12 or 18 v batteries, why doesn't Porter-Cable or Bosch or DeWalt (or any of several other reputable power tool manufacturers) build a reasonably priced, effective portable vacuum?

    In a catalog I received today, there was an entry for a "new" DeWalt multi-volt cordless/corded vacuum. Hurrah!! Here is to the demise and extinction of all small power tools that do not have removable, replaceable, and interchangable batteries....more info

  • Decent cordless vac, but battery will die
    While this is a good cordless vacuum, I would recommend the Versa Pack version (VP7240) instead of this model. They're identical vacs, but the Versa Pack uses the standard B&D battery pack system - so you can replace the batteries when they eventually die. We've had this model for about 12 months and the batteries hold a very small charge....more info
  • Information on rechargable batteries
    What most people who buy cordless tools don't understand is this: battery life depends on a few things. 1) never leave the battery in the charging cradle full time. Doing so will not do the battery any good. After a full charge, remove the tool. Once a month you should allow the battery to fully discharge prior to recharging. When using the tool, try not (if possible) to run the battery down from a full charge quickly. This heats the battery up. Doing so damages them. Run the tool for a while then let it rest, thus cooling the battery down. Most rechargable batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times. Keep these few tips in mind and your cordless tools will last much longer....more info
  • Only one complaint...
    Each time I would use this hand vac when someone was visiting, they would always comment on how strong of a suction this hand vac had. Everyone thought it was so amazing how well it picked up, and I agree. I also never realized how much of a convenience it would be to have the tools right onboard. That is a great feature that most hand vacs do not have. This is my only complaint: I had this hand vac for over two years and then the battery could no longer recharge. At first, I could get 15-20 minutes of vacuuming done at one time. But, slowly, the battery started to lose its ability to recharge until it wouldn't recharge at all. I could not find a replacement battery anywhere so I gave up and decided to get a new hand vac. The ONLY reason I didn't choose this same vacuum again is because I wanted to find a hand vac that had a battery that can be replaced....more info
  • Great until the charger stopped working
    This was wonderful - I loved the filter, but then the wall charger stopped working. Yes, I can charge batteries in the charger I happen to have for my cordless drill - but that's not the point. Black and Decker no longer carries replacements, so you are stuck trying to track one down from a service center. The nearest service center is not that near at all (and I live in a major CA city). I tried, without luck. Now that the charger does not work, it is not really that convenient. It is pretty new too....more info
  • Great Product
    I have been extremely happy with this product. It has plenty of power, and is very heavy duty. The filtration system, which is a new innovation since that last dustbuster model, is a big plus--the waste can be emptied without actually removing the filter.
    I have owned this product for a year, and I consider it to be an outstanding product....more info
    There's nothing handier for quick clean-ups than this small wonder. I especially like the inclusion of a crevice tool and upholstery brush. As a cat owner, I've found one of the most daunting tasks is cleaning cat hair off our feline's favorite chair. This DustBuster does it in a trice. It seemed to me if it could do that, it could do anything. I haven't tried anything yet, but the crevice tool located peanuts that a guest accidentally lost in our sofa. Maybe best of all is its ease of use - I can whip it out and clean up in the time it takes an unexpected visitor to walk from the curb to our front door. It's one of our favorite appliances....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I purchased this over 6 months ago and feel as if I wasted my money. It just wont hold the charge even after charging overnight it will only run for a little over 5 minutes before it dies. I wish I could find my receipt and take it back....more info
  • Good product that will last a good 6 years....
    We got one in 1991 and it finally died in 97. Got this one and picks up where the other left off.

    Nice to have when you have young children, 3 and under and they like to make messes!...more info