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A neatnik cop who prefers everything just so is teamed up with a big ugly dog who wreaks havoc on his life his house & his heart. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 03/02/2004 Starring: Tom Hanks Craig T Nelson Run time: 99 minutes Rating: Pg

Much better than your average cop-and-dog movie (e.g., K-9), Turner and Hooch is really a love story about a control freak (Tom Hanks) who gradually resigns to the messy chaos of a sweet hulk of a pooch named Hooch. The excuse for this relationship is that the dog can identify a murderer and Hanks needs him, but the film is really about such hilarious moments as Hanks bathing Hooch with a long brush, and a wild chase through the streets when the sharp-eyed mutt spots his suspect. Layered over this is a healthy love story between Hanks and animal vet Mare Winningham, who share a terribly sexy scene together--while fully clothed--doing no more than making breakfast. (Hanks directed this scene, though Roger Spottiswoode directed the rest of the movie.) --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • It's A Cute Movie But The Ening is Very Sad!
    Turner and Hootch is a cute movie about a cop played by Tom Hanks who has to look after a dog named Hootch and Tom Hank's character is a neat freak and the dog is very messy and This is movie is cute but the ending was very sad!...more info
  • one of my favorites
    I don't expect anything more of a movie than to enjoy it and be entertained. I don't seek to psychoanalyze or offer up in-depth critique, it's only a movie. I either enjoy it or I don't. I LOVE this movie, Hanks and Beasley are just wonderful to watch over and over. A little action, a little romance and a lot of laughs..perfect!!...more info
  • Best Movie Ever!!!
    Where was the Best Movie Oscar on this one? Hanks is great, but Hooch is the absolute best! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll drool....more info
    I know this movie is a tad corny..... no, actuallly it's incredibly corny, but come on, Tom Hanks and a pitbull? What can you not love about this movie? This movie is pretty much your classic-stright laced guy gets some type of animal aganist own will, hates it at first, but grows to love it as much as a child type of movie. Yes, I may sound crazy and immediately after reading this you will probably vote aganist me, but trust me after you've seen Turner & Hooch you'll understand....more info
  • this is the best movie
    I have a dog like hooch of my own and it is funny to see what dogs like that do. i thought that the acting was great. if you haven't seen this movie you should...more info
  • A Fun Ride
    This is kind of a mixed species version of 'The Odd Couple'. Tom Hanks plays a neat freak police detective (and non dog lover) who ends up getting 'stuck' with an excessively slobbery dog.

    As with all movies of this type (cop and dog), the storyline is pretty much the same: cop hates dogs, gets stuck with one, ends up loving the pooch. This one is better than most. There are several very funny scenes.

    It is a movie that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages....more info
  • Hanks best work since Gump... good acting by Hooch
    The feel good movie of the year... some gratuitous shots of Hooch's doggie balls kept me from giving it a 5 star rating....more info
  • Hooch
    This movie is hilarious. I loved the dog Hooch. He really made the movie. Well worth watching....more info
  • A good comedy, very funny.
    One of the first Tom Hanks movies that has come out. Turner and Hooch is about a Man and a dog bonding in a weird way. Its absolutely hilarious. You have to see it. Also there are some good tear jerking moments....more info
  • Turner and Hooch DVD
    I love this movie ... it has action, suspense, romance and of course some comedy. I had been looking for this movie on DVD for the longest time (I had it on VHS)and decided to look on Amazon, just in case. Low and behold there is was and at a great price. I ordered it early in the week and had it by the end of the week from one of the Amazon venders. Great service! Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • One of the least appreciated, sweet little films of all time
    Thoroughly charming - one of those rare films that is unabashedly what it means to be: a simple movie about a man learning to love something besides himself. In this case, it happens to be a dog (a very unusual beloved beast). There are little gems of performances, John McIntire as Amos, who brings the old saw about "people look like their dogs" to life, and Mare Winningham who really shows how powerful a performance understatement can make. And of course Tom Hanks, who is as always the most charming human being in the world. He also brings this very flawed person to admirable life. Then Hooch, of course, whose real name is sadly lacking in the list of credits.

    The screenplay itself is a marvel of simple, unassuming comedy. If we want to get "appreciatin'", then Hanks' urgently yelled, "I got a muffin for you, Hooch!" is a far more immediate and understandable cry of the everyman than "Reuben! Reuben!" And there can be no more perfect cry of human frustration than Hanks imploring Hooch (who has, after eating, sleeping, and going on his nightly "rounds", continued to howl all night), "What?! What?!"

    Hooch's ending is very sad, especially if you have young ones in the house, but the sadness is redeemed by a hopeful ending. I love this movie. It never ceases to make me smile after the worst of days. And no film can have a higher commendation than that....more info

  • Filmed in My Hometown!
    Honestly, Turner & Hooch is a fun movie but the best part is that it takes place in my home town. The movie was filmed entirely on location in Pacific Grove, California which is called "Cypress Beach" in the movie. "City Hall" is actually a local bank, and the church across the street is now a furniture store. The chase scene along the ocean was filmed about two blocks from my house. We love to watch it in slo-mo to catch little glimpses of familiar places and things....more info
  • Funniest movies of all time
    This is such a good movie, I keep watching it often. Only funnier movie I ever saw was Rat Race. Buy it an d be happy....more info
  • Be Warned - PG is NOT what this movie should be rated
    Parents, I would strongly suggest pre-viewing this movie before allowing your younger children to see this movie. Near the begining of the movie, two people are murdered; and while you don't "see" it, you can hear it. You also get to see Scott Turner (actor Tom Hanks) running around in his underwear. Plus there are two or three sexually suggestive scenes - one is a very heavily suggestive scene.
    If you could cut those scenes out, this would be a great film. You just have to love the mastiff playing Hooch, and the scenes where the dog is destroying things is just plain funny!...more info
  • Hanks is great in this one.
    I have a Dogue de Bordeaux like Hooch. Therefore, I am coming into this review with some bias. The movie starts with Hanks who has only 3 days to go before he is to start his new job with the highway patrol. His friend (Amos, Hooch's owner) is murdered and Hanks inherits Hooch. From that point, Hanks' well organized and planned life is changed. It is a story how Hanks comes to realize that Hooch misses his original owner and accepts Hanks' obessive/compulsive way of doing things. Of course, Hanks is great in his interaction with Hooch and doesn't loose his character as Scott to Hooch's character. The murder investigation of Hooch's previous owner is secondary to the interaction of Hanks and Hooch. Hanks is absolutely funny in this movie. If you like a movie with some heart, this is a good one....more info
  • sad ending
    All the humor and amusing antics of the script go completely out the window when Hooch dies at the end. Bah! Kill Hanks but not the dog!...more info
  • The Greatest Dog Actor of All Time
    This is a great light and funny comedy that I think everybody can enjoy. It does have a bit of violence but it is not over the top with it. Hanks is his usual funny self and this is one of his early roles before he became the serious icon that he has become and rightly so. But the STAR of the movie is HOOCH the Dogue de Bourdeaux (or French Mastiff). This dog has the most charisma I have ever seen in a dog. The big red beautiful (in the eyes of the beholder)beast has everything it takes to steal the spotlight from Tom Hanks and everybody else in the movie. He is at the same time one of the ugliest and cutest animals ever on film. The dog has the chops, the look and the acting ability to make Turner and Hooch and all time favorite for both adults and kids (maybe not too young though cause of the crime plot) but watching Hanks play off the dog is hilarious. ...more info
  • Classic Tom Hanks
    Hooch makes Tom even funnier than normal. As a small town police detective who is moving up to the big city in a week, Tom is a neat freak who is about to learn some life lessons. A good movie and fun to watch with the kids....more info
  • Best Movie Dog
    What a great movie. Ever since this movie came out my daughter has wanted a mastif just like Hooch. Thank goodness she can satisfy herself with this dogs antics by watching the movie over and over again. Although this movie looks very eighties/early nineties it has timeless appeal. Definately worth owning....more info
  • Tom Hanks Best Movie....Turner And Hooch.
    This movie is by far Hanks' best film to date. His awe inspiring performance is mezmorizing. His on screen releationship with Hooch is titilating. Without a doubt, one of the best movies of all time. It has a little something for everyone.....with a very, very sad ending. You'll laugh, you'll cry. But all in all you will walk away with a little Hooch in you.

    I have seen this movie a hundred or so times and I keep wishing that the movie just mind end a little different. Please Mr. Director....there has to be an alternate ending. Can't wait for a sequel....more info

  • Tom hanks and a drooling dog
    funny movie. tom hanks is an uptight cop, who gets custody of a dirty smelly drooling dog after his owner is murdered...

    fun movie.
    ...more info
  • Doggone Good!
    Me and my brother watch this all the time. This is the perfect family movie. You should watch it!...more info
  • Dogue lovers' special
    This feel good comedy with apropriate moments of drama is one of the better human/dog movies to come out of Hollywood since Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. A true tear jerker in the end, it is appealing to animal lovers and has plenty of lightheartedness throughout. In spite of the overshadowing premise that this is a "cop movie", it goes well beyond that. Hanks is his usual funny yet at times poingnat self and the personality of his new "partner" Hooch, a fine Dogue de Bordeaux present a wonderful contrast....more info
  • In The Same League As Old Yeller!
    This Tom Hanks and Beasley The Dog movie from 1989 has always been a great movie to watch for it's wonderful story about man's best friend. It's great to see the relationship between the Hanks character and Hooch develop during the movie, from Hanks being at odds with Hooch's slobbering ways to eventually becoming his best friend and partner against crime. Like another great canine film, Old Yeller, the ending is a sad but ultimately happy one. Rent a copy of this under-appreciated classic....more info
  • Funny but could be better
    Tom Hanks perfomance is very good, but the dog is very ugly indeed,I think with another dog would be better...The film don't deserve more than two stars....more info
  • A good family comedy/tearjerker
    This is a good example of one of actor Tom Hanks earlier works. He is terrific in the role of a somewhat nuerotic police detective who finds himself straddled with the loveable, slobbery Hooch, a gigantic messy dog turned witness in a small-town murder. This is not a "great" film in the artistic sense, but it's terrific fun film to watch with the whole family for a bunch of wholesome fun and laughs. Though it is mostly a comedy, the movie has an ending that leaves me in tears every time I watch it. This is a movie to buy and watch over and over with your family....more info
  • A man and his dog
    There are buddy cops. And then there are those like Turner & Hooch. The war begins when a ordinary, clean detective (Tom
    Hanks, who's wonderful, and comedic) must solve a crime with a slobbery, chew on people's shoes, mess with records and everything else that's your property dog named Hooch (who, if you're smart like me and see the end credits, is played by Beasley) must solve a murder he was witness to of a old man
    (and Turner's friend).The only big roles here are of Hanks,
    Beasley, and Mare Winningham, who plays Turner's doctor and girlfriend later on in this movie, but that does'nt stop it from being good, and it is....more info
  • Funny!
    Turner and Hooch is a funny and bittersweet movie. Fans of both Tom Hanks and dogs should enjoy it....more info
  • It's A Cute Movie But The Ending is Very Sad!
    Turner and Hootch is a cute movie about a cop played by Tom Hanks who has to look after a dog named Hootch and Tom Hank's character is a neat freak and the dog is very messy and This is movie is cute but the ending was very sad!...more info
  • An all time favorite
    There are few movies as wonderful as this (OK, being a big dog lover helps). I thought Tom Hanks did a fabulous job, and I enjoyed him much better in those days then I do now. Hootch was the best dog actor I've ever seen. No looking over at the trainer all the time, at least that we could see.

    I want to buy this DVD, but I can't see if there is a commentary or any extras....more info


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