America, Why I Love Her

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This sentimentally over-the-top spoken-word recording was originally issued in 1973, during the height of Watergate and the final, unsettling days of the Vietnam War. In the wake of September 11, 2001, the John Wayne Estate reissued it on CD. And why not? Marion Morrison, a.k.a. John Wayne and the Duke, remains an enduring symbol of America--a country with an endlessly conflicted legacy of largely improvised symbolism, national myths, revised-on-a-dime history, and the freedom to make a buck on effusive patriotic rhetoric. Kitsch collectors may welcome the chance to own a true genre staple in digital sound, while others may yet find genuine solace in its orchestra-and-choir-backed oratory. With a poetic sensibility that seldom strays from the "Carolina pines/Appalachian mines" level of its opening verses, Wayne's processed voice (which betrays the health problems that would be his demise) expounds on topics that range from his homeland's undeniable natural beauty to his son's high school football career and the wisdom of a fictionalized aging Mexican caballero. The would-be idealism in "The Hyphen" aims to erase ethnic and racial boundaries, yet modern hyphenated Americans may find continued prejudice and the vagaries of history have rendered its rhetoric distinctly double-edged. Still, Wayne's love of country emanates from every track. Patriotism may be the last refuge of scoundrels, but it's been graciously hospitable to Hollywood icons, from the Duke to Dutch Reagan. --Jerry McCulley

This best-selling recording was performed by the legendary John Wayne. It's finally available as Duke's spoken-word CD of poetry, written by Big John Mitchum. It's a must-have for all patriotic Americans, film buffs, collectors and poetry fans.

Customer Reviews:

  • perfect
    i love this CD, i've even played it at formation proir to my troops assuming guard duties! every american will be touched by something, if not everything on this disk....more info
  • "Why I Love ...." - this CD.
    There are so many reasons. The music is inspiring and beautifully arranged. The choir voices too are wonderful. Add to that the uplifting words spoken by John Wayne and delivered full of feeling and in a way only he could do, and you have a formula hard to beat . The whole production is very moving and quite simply amazing to listen to. I am not American but whether you are or not this CD is about appreciating and thinking about our surroundings , feelings and values. It is a very unique work .There has not been anything like it before or since. I bought the LP version for my mother in the 1970's and I think I like it as much as she does - which is alot!We are both delighted that at last it is on CD though our album is still like new .This is a CD that everybody should hear . It really is brilliant from start to finish. Of course it is a must have for John Wayne fans but even if you are not a particular fan it is simply something fantastic to listen to that anybody can identify with . Listen to it and realise the wonders of nature we forget in everyday life - the value of effort and loyalty and doing whats right. ...more info
  • John Mitchum - author of "America Why I Love Her"
    John Mitchum was a prolific poet as well as an actor and story teller. From the moment I met him, he seemed to tenaciously cling to his one favorite poem, "America, Why I Love Her", though he wrote many others as well or better.
    With his brother, Robert, he once traveled across America as a hobo and got to see America where most Americans have never dreamed of going. It is through this poem that he shares with us his vision of America.
    What could be better than to have his pictographic and historic words blend with the voice of John Wayne to give America a heritage so rich in culture and diversified in truths.
    God bless John Wayne for lending his voice and talents to record this wonderful message. God bless John Mitchum for writing the words for Americans to have forever.
    God bless America!
    Ermal Walden Williamson - Author, Actor, John Wayne Look-alike....more info
  • Disappointed!
    I ordered "America, why I Love Her" but never received it.
    Amazon mailed it to the wrong address and it was returned....more info
  • America, Why I Love Her
    John Wayne did a phenominal job with this! I LOVE it. I'd give it 10 stars if the scale went that high!!...more info
  • Why I love her.
    I have waited so long to get my hands
    on this album and now i finally have it.

    I am thrilled to bits!!!

    this is an outstanding patriotic album.
    After the attacks of 9-11 and the patriotism
    that swept America afterwards, I predict this
    album will sell out quickly. Especially
    before the next July 4th.

    Buy it now and spread the word.

    you wont regret it!!...more info

  • Great!
    For John Wayne fans and patriots of the USA. This cd is good item to have....more info
  • Anuerica, Why I Love Her
    This is a group of songs by a true American, John Wayne. He tells it like it is. This should be required listening for all the youth of America. We really don't have any John Waynes today which is a sad
    state of affairs. God bless America!!!!...more info
  • Proud to be an American
    Brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. It's what America is all about....more info
  • John Wayne! What can I say?
    The title cut on this album is worth every penny you pay. There was no one like John Wayne. He was a man who loved his country and was not shy about saying so. He says what he thinks and this album refects his feelings. Just listen to his voice and you can hear how he feels....more info
    THANK-YOU...more info
  • John Wayne America, Why I Love Her
    I purchased this as a record album in 1973 which is now scratchy.
    I have tried for years to get another copy of the record.
    I am glad that it is now on cd. A must for any collection.
    Only John Wayne could do this album.
    God Bless the USA...more info
  • Another hit!
    This was a Christmas gift and he kept asking where in the world I had even found this one. He was very pleased. Thank you....more info
  • Powerful words of conviction
    John Wayne has long been recognized for his patriotism. This cd puts his feelings into words for all of us to hear....more info
  • Outstanding
    This CD should be required in all schools and at all new citizen swearing in....more info
  • America, Why I Love Her
    A patriotic, heart-warming CD for all. John Wayne's rich baritone voice and accent perfectly express the John Mitchum poems and hearing them reminds us we have much to appreciate in this country. Everyone should listen to this daily! I do!

    The volume must be turned up higher than the rest of my CDs, which causes the next CD in my 5-disc player after this one to be very loud! ...more info
  • Wayne = musical genius
    There is a phenomenal range of musical styles on this truly remarkable disc - from a falsetto roots reggae duet with Shabba Ranks to an exhilarating anarcho-punk version of Yesterday, Wayne pulls out all the stops.

    The Duke's love for the Aeolian Harp was common knowledge, but his appreciation of the ancient Swiss art of yodeling and of camp musical theatre (as evidenced by his Judy Garland medley) had, until now, remained a mystery.

    For those who believe that John Wayne was nothing more than a one-dimensional, war-dodging actor with fascistic tendencies, this excellent CD will be a revelation. Quite simply, it reveals the Duke to be a sensitive and profound musical interpreter....more info
  • america needs more like him
    i got this for my fathers b-day and listen to it; it was very moving,it brought me to tears and filled my heart with pride. i highly recomend this cd to anyone who claims to be an american. fill your heart with pride and love for your country and god bless all the service people giving there all this day this very hour to keep us free....more info
  • Right wing patriotic drivel by a right wing movie icon
    Don't get me wrong here,as an actor John Wayane has few equals..But John wyane was not only an actor..During the McCarthy era he and a lot of his acting pals(Most notably Ward Bond,one of his close friends)were in the forefront favoring a"blacklist"and demanding that all alledged"communists"be drummed out of Hollywood(or worse)..Likewise,during our last UNNECESSARY war,in a little place called Viet Nam,John Wyane was outfront,using his star status to energise the so called"silent majority"to waste more millions(then,BILLIONS today in Iraq)and shed more blood for absolutely no purpose..So it is interesting,to say the very least,to find this album by him,extolling virtues that,by his actions,he himself had little faith in...John Wyane,like a lot of other public patriots,never served in the military,never fought to defend this country,never was in any danger whatsoever championing the values he sings(or,rather,speaks )about on this disc..Now I have read a lot about how this album reflects american ideals,american values,ect.,ect.,ect.,but it would be a welcome change if the next album like this that is put out in order to pander to the patriotic crowd is done by someone who at least believes in the sentiments expressed by the songs/POST SCRIPT...So if the Duke was such a patriot how come HE NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY?Other stars of his era did...Jimmy Stewart...Clark Gable..Eddie Albert(who WAS a real hero besides being an entertainer)...No..The Duke only pounded his chest about"patriotism"and "american values"(like someone else we all know,whose initials are G.W.B.!)..Give me a break...John Wayne's patriotism was all flash and no real substance,which perhaps makes his album the perfect vehicle for most of today's "patriots"...more info
  • Great gift for Dad or Son
    I thought at first to buy this for my father, a veteran and in the generation of John Wayne, but after I bought it, I realized how wonderful it was for my son. It bridges the generations giving the younger folks an understanding of what their grandfathers and fathers fought for. After such a terrible national reaction to Vietnam, this helps fill that void about our country's patriotism and hope.
    Keep up the good work ! We need more 'music' to bring our families and nation together and learn to support each other !
    Thank you....more info
  • The "DUKE"
    I do not yet have this cd, but have heard some songs from it, I loved them. John Wayne is awesome!!! He is my Fav actor as well!
    CAS...more info
  • How did he know?
    I still have this CD in my car since I purchased it. I've enjoyed it so much. In the songs, you can hear John Wayne's love for this country. I agree with him that America is the greatest country on earth. There are some songs which I know will offend people of today. One song is called the "Hyphen". The message is that anyone who uses it (African-American for an example) is a divided individual. Torn loyalties between countries. Yet, if you love and stand up for this country - call yourself an "American" and leave it at that.

    For those who have seen, enjoy and know what John Wayne stood for - will enjoy this. ...more info
  • So True
    Some great words to live by. Ideas and American Ideals that America has forgotten. I just love listening to this. The lyrics are very poignant and expressed in no better way than by John Wayne....more info
  • America Why I Love Her
    Was happy to receive it as I have the LP from years ago and NOBODY uses them anymore! I love it....more info
  • Fantastic
    This is a great product for those of us who love our country. If you're an America-hating liberal you won't like it. ...more info
  • The Duke...
    As a fan of John Wayne I jumped at the chance to own a copy of this directly after it was released. Now, I tend to consider myself a patriot, and I loved the Duke no less after I heard this album. However, we live in a nation now, which celebrates it's diversity, indeed, what each of us brings to the whole. This is represented by many millions of Americans, by the hyphon, something which the Duke considers "evil". Now, this was a different time, different place, and a different point of view, which should still be heard and considered. I personally feel this was the "wrong" point of view, but he surely had his reasons. If seperate was not equal, that to seperate ourselves, limits how we are similar or equal. In fact, I used to think this way, but not anymore. Now, I love the Duke anyway; overlooking this small point. Buy the CD, you'll love every minute of it, whether you agree with the man or not....more info
  • America needs John Wayne!!!
    As the album says - one would be hard pressed to name an individual who stood for the virtues and the strengths of the American spirit more than John Wayne.
    This album is re-release of a 1973 collection of recitations by the Duke. Though dated, it is still relevant today. It should inspire love and pride in your country, and challenges you to remember the cost of the freedoms we hold dear.
    If you don't have this album, you should. In the words of John - God Bless America!!!...more info
  • Something Every American should Listen to
    John Wayne puts a ton of feeling in the words he says on this album. He may not have written them but you can tell he believed them.
    This should also be required for those applying for citizenship....more info
  • John Wayne CD
    If you enjoy John Wayne, you'll love it. Decent quality reproduction of touching and patriotic verses, mostly spoken. I'd heard it before so I knew what I was getting. Wonderful stuff!...more info
  • Most patriotic and true utterances ever
    Each time I listen to this CD, I can not help but get choked up and teary eyed. There seems to be a stronger sense of patritism, since 9/11. It's sad that it takes such a tragedy to stir the feelings of patriotism. Now that we have it heightened, lets keep it. Listening to this CD will definetly help in keeping those feelings peaked, 'The Duke' has his special way of saying what needs to be said. He gets in to the core of ones being and stirs the emotions.

    May his legend of Patriotism be displayed in our daily routine by kindness to our fellow man,the continued waving of the Stars and Stripes, and teaching our children and grandchildren what it means to honor the Constitution of the United States of America. May God help us all be better Americans....more info

  • A wonderful album by John Wayne and a best seller as well
    Marion Morrison, a.k.a. John Wayne, recorded this wonderful album that peaked at #66 on the Billboard album chart and stayed on the charts for 16 weeks when it was released on RCA LSP-4828 in 1973 during the height of Watergate and the final days of the Vietnam war. This album has 10 wonderful poems written by John Mitchum including the title track and 9 other classics including Why Are You Marching Son? which is another standout track in this classic heartfelt album. When it was released there was a tie-in book available but as of this writing, the book is out of print, but you can find a used copy available on the Internet if you are lucky to look at the Auctions and zShops available here, and also at Advanced Book Exchange and eBay or wait until the book is reissued, if it will be reissued. If you are an American Patriot, a collector, a film buff, a poetry fan, or a John Wayne fan, this is a must have for your collection....more info
  • John Wayne - America
    I first bought this compilation on an 8-track - a long time ago. I literally wore it out. When trying to find a new edition, I found it was "out of production." I can't tell you how many times I've tried to replace it. Something told me that 9-11-01 would re-issue this wonderful production. Listen carefully - enjoy - and you'll hear about the REAL "America" by a beloved American....more info
  • John Wayne - America
    I first bought this compilation on an 8-track - a long time ago. I literally wore it out. When trying to find a new edition, I found it was "out of production." I can't tell you how many times I've tried to replace it. Something told me that 9-11-01 would re-issue this wonderful production. Listen carefully - enjoy - and you'll hear about the REAL "America" by a beloved American....more info
  • A Must Have Patriotic Album
    This is a must have album to include in your patriotic collection.I got this cd for the title track Why I love her but all of these sound great.Most of these songs are done with John Wayne narrating and music and background singers in the background.All of these songs are very patriotic.I give this cd heavy play along with Lee Greenwoods American Patriot during the 4th of July and Memorial Day.I'm glad they finally released this 1974 album on cd....more info
  • John Wayne is The West
    I've always loved John Wayne and so has my dad and when this cd came out to commemorate 9/11, we loved it and still do!...more info
  • America - Why Everyone Should Love Her
    When my wife and I married, 20 years ago, her family had a large collection of record albums and she was given her choice. She selected those which were most memorable from her childhood - a lot of nursery rhyme sing-a-longs, several comedies (Bill Cosby) and "America - Why I Love Her", by John Wayne.

    I'd never heard it, and my first thought was, "I didn't know the Duke could sing." Of course, on this album, he doesn't "sing", but he does a wonderful job of reading poetry in such a way that it comes across like conversation - like he's simply sharing his own thoughts about America.

    Some of the selections brought tears to my eyes. Others a heart-felt "Amen"! All were wonderful and extremely well done. As my own sons (now 17 & 19) grew, they both began to leave those old nursery rhyme records behind in favor of John Wayne. In a very real sense, the selections on "America - Why I Love Her" helped to shape their patriotic souls. Today, they are fine young men, ready to answer their country's call, if need be. They may not be sure of what they want to do with their lives, but they are sure that they are Americans - and proud of it.

    I do not own the CD, but I imagine that it's even better than our old record. Can't wait to get it and share it with all my family this Christmas! I recommend it to one and all!

    Roy Payne
    Clinton, MO...more info

  • The DUKE
    I've had this CD for a while and I think it's Great ! It's so true after you hear it you will love it too. John "The Duke"really loved this country. His voice was so clear and beautiful thru the whole cd. I always loved his voice it was sooo relaxing. Txs Bev...more info
  • A True American
    John Wayne, one of America's greatest actors and patriots has brought some of the best feelings forth in this CD version of the original LP and 8 track. I am very glad and honored that the Wayne family allowed the re-release of such an american icon. I thought it wouldn't be long till I could no longer listen with LP's disappearing....more info
  • America, Why I Love Her
    In typical John Wayne style, he talks of all the pride and reasons he loves America. We owned this album on original 8 track tape and are estatic that it was re-released. Especially in these times, this CD will touch the hearts of many Americans. No one with even a little pride in this great nation will come away with less than goose bumps and a sense of oneness. A great album then and NOW>...more info
  • Inspirational
    This CD is especially inspirational. It brings patriotism from your heart to your throat with the awsome quality of John Wayne's powerful words. The music that supports his words is exceptional. I can't say enough about this patriotic piece. My heart swells and tears come to my eyes; it is incredible. I love it, play it often....more info
  • America Why I Love Her
    A must have for any John Wayne fan or patriotic person which of course go hand in hand. He'll bring tears to your eyes and make you think deep thoughts. Every one of the tracks on this CD is relevent and should be played over and over for the kids of today. I had this album in vinyl every since I was in high school, now in the more convenient CD form I purchased it for my daughter to listen to. It would be nice if our politicians would listen to it too, maybe they would remember who they work for. We the People....more info
  • American
    I had this as a Teenager growing up in South America and Europe. Loved it! Now I am getting it on CD. John Wayne has always been an icon and there is nothing wrong with being patriotic. Unfortunately, the reviewer of this CD is just another left wing hack who thinks that loving your country is some how wrong and that the true essence of intelligence is to criticize. America is not perfect, John Wayne knew that, but he loved her anyway. Living overseas through high school in the 80's taught me just how good we have it here....more info
  • I pledge allegiance to the Duke
    The year was 1973. Patriotism was at an all time low thanks to Vietnam and Watergate. One man decided to do something about it. From out of the west came... an actor. No, not Ronald Reagan! It was John Wayne! Yes, the Duke himself. He recorded a narrative tribute (with orchestra and chorus) to America. Wayne himself did not sing, which may have been for the best. I don't know if this album restored anyone's patriotism. I admire John Wayne as an actor, but honestly, this album is kind of corny and boring. If you are more of a flag waver than I am, you may get more out of this album than I did....more info
  • Star Spangled Awesome
    Thoughtful and inspiring. A reminder of a time when it was cool to be proud of one's country. A reflection of the idea that our country was made great by people taking pride in the great democratic process-a land of the people, by the people, and for the people....more info
  • The Duke
    My Father passed away a few weeks ago and I have been reflecting upon his life. My Father was an enormous John Wayne fan, so my thoughts often drifted towards his love of "The Duke" in my moments of reflection. I remembered an album that my Father loved and had played quite often for us as children. The album was called "America, why I love her" by John Wayne. I searched to see if the album was even still available, and there it was. The album is touching and extremely patriotic. I'm not embarrassed to admit that it brings a tear to my eye each and every time I hear it. The combination of John Wayne's unmistakable voice and America's patriotic anthems make for a powerful mix. I will miss my Father forever, but listening to this album helps me feel him all around me.

    Patrick Gibbons...more info
  • Wonderful
    Being a great fan of the Duke I bought this on vinyl when it came out in the 70`s. I still have the album even though it is well worn. Browsing Amazon recently imagine how I felt to see its re-issued. I placed my order. Fair enough I live in the U.K and the disc is very patriotic to the U.S but this was Big John he was proud of his country as everyone should be of their own.
    I thank the Wayne family who were responsible for its re-issue.All fans of the Duke should have it in their collection....more info
  • america, why i love her
    i am a john wayne fan and when i saw this i had to get it, it is so good and you can tell how much he belives just by his voice.i would say everyone should have this to remind them how lucky we are. he has given us alot besides movies....more info
  • Heartfelt Patriotism Lives On
    This CD is something that EVERYBODY should add to their collection. America is a precious commodity, and we all need to remember why we're here, and what it cost us. Who better to remind us than an American icon, John Wayne? Go to any other country in the world and they know that name. This CD is an incredible statement of patriotism....more info
  • America, Why I Love Her
    This CD should be required listening of every adult and child in this country. John Wayne nails it on the head about America. Fantastic! It is time we get back to this type of American....more info
  • Best Ever
    This is the GREASTEST collection I've ever heard.. I didn't know it has been around for so long.. VERY ENJOYABLE......more info
    This is John Wayne, and America at it's best I could listen to it all day. It has such a positive message about America. I can't help it, I love all the flag waving we can get right now.
    And it makes me proud to be an American and reminds me of how lucky we are in this country. Every one should have this one....more info
    These recordings by John Wayne were awesome when they were first released back in 1973. They are even more AWESOME today! They stir the patriotic heart and challenge the listener to wave Old Glory high and proud, and to once again pray, "GOD BLESS AMERICA!" A must for every proud American, and especially for all John Wayne fans!...more info


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