I Am Sam - Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture
I Am Sam - Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture

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Jessie Nelson's poignant tale of a mentally challenged man named Sam (Sean Penn) who recruits a lawyer to help him regain custody of his young daughter leans heavily on the lead character's obsession with Beatles songs, and his innocent trust in their wisdom and emotional truth. It's an artistic gambit that shrewdly lends itself to this mostly rewarding collection of Beatles covers by a wide range of contemporary artists, many of whom no doubt leapt at the chance to record a treasured song by their own musical heroes. The renditions are by and large faithful, and inform the elemental genius of the originals by the strength and variety of the artist's voices alone. The husband-wife team of Aimee Mann and Michael Penn (Sean's brother) can't help but find resonance in "Two of Us," just as Nick Cave's latter-day, heart-on-his-sleeve crooner infatuation makes "Let It Be" all his own. It's the reinterpretations that are riskier. While Paul Westerberg's stripped-down, nasal reading of "Nowhere Man" perceptively underscores Lennon's inherent Dylan fetish and Howie Day turns "Help!" from anxious plea to desperate dirge, Grandaddy smugly alt-rocks the energy right out of "Revolution." The Beatles hardly need anyone to burnish their reputation, but this album goes a long way toward underscoring their most undersung legacy as rock's most transcendent melting pot. -Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • Inspired me to revisit the originals
    When I received this album for Christmas and popped it into the CD player, I, like many other Beatles enthusiasts, prepared to be disappointed ~ and was pleasantly surprised. First of all, how wonderful to hear the Stereophonics on the CD! (Those of you who don't know the Stereophonics, pick up "Just Enough Education to Perform" ... it's a fabulous romp through Welsh rock.) I found their cover brilliant, Michael Penn and Aimee Mann's cover of "Two of Us" enchanting, and The Vines' "I'm Only Sleeping" a wonderfully contemporary version of one of my favorites. With the exception of "Julia" (okay, I'm sorry, but I just found him oddly scary), the covers ranged from "amusing" to "toe-tapping" to "makes me stop what I'm doing and listen". It inspired me to break out my Beatles albums and listen to them again, something I haven't done for awhile. Another plus: two of my friends who are self proclaimed "Beatles Haters" (why am I friends with these people?!) listened to the albums and announced they loved the songs; they loved the range the different artists brought to the soundtrack. So there's that. Which is nice....more info
  • Too Safe
    Although there are some excellent musicians on this CD, they play it too safe. Most groups are trying too hard to sound like the original songs and they add nothing. The only exception is The Chocolate Genius' excellent version of Julia. Most sound like the original tune on Prozac. What would Let It Be sound like if sung by Ringo Starr? Listen to Nick Cave's version to find out. Grandaddy's sloppy version of Revolution is downright annoying.

    Rule: If you can't make it better, don't do it. I would rather hear the originals.

    For die hard Beatle Tribute band fans only.

    [DW]...more info

  • A Most Perfect Movie Soundtrack
    When Michael Jackson - who owned the rights to The Beatles music at that time - put a $300,000 price tag per use of each song, Sean Penn had two options for this soundtrack; write a check for at least $4.5 million or commission artists to record cover versions.

    He opted for the latter and - in a project which was recorded in about three days - what was produced is one of the finest movie soundtracks ever. The 17 tracks - the European edition has three additional songs - are fitting tributes to the poetic majesty of The Beatles, with each artist adding a bit of spice from their own performance repertoire.

    The signature song may be Across the Universe by Rufus Wainwright, as the vocal/guitar combination is absolutely stunning. Heather Nova's rendition of We Can Work It Out is nothing short of powerful, while Grandaddy brings a healthy dose of David Byrne-inspired quirkiness to Revolution.

    Eddie Vedder (You've Got to Hide Your Love Away), Ben Harper (Strawberry Fields Forever) and Ben Fields (Golden Slumbers) are standouts, with Nick Cave's Let It Be a fitting way to end the CD.

    The soundtrack stands alone as a masterpiece and - at the very least - will be pointed to by music critics and fans as a beautiful tribute to a revolutionary band whose music will continue to stand the test of time....more info
  • perfect condition
    I Am Sam - Music From and Inspired By the Motion PictureMy CD was in excellent condition, still wrapped....more info
  • What a great collection of Beatles covers
    When I first heard this collection of Beatles covers, I had to get this album for myself. I am so glad I did. All of these songs, from "Two of Us" to "Revolution" to "Let it Be" are both faithful to the original Beatles, yet have a modern twist all their own, carrying a stamp of the artists who recorded them for this album. I have listened to it over and over again and have not gotten tired of it. Now, I just need to see the movie . . ....more info
  • i am sam
    too good for words...you just got to listen and feel the power of the album...more info
  • It's not The Beatles!
    I can't believe that this would happen! Has everyone gone stupid? These bands have taken the rights to some of the worlds greatest songs and gave them to the likes of Eddie Vedder! What has the world come to? I get so mad just thinking about it! I can't believe that Sarah Mclachlan can live with herself after what she did to Blackbird. Have I fallen off the planet Earth... Am I in some parrellel universe where this type of thing is acceptable? Please someone tell me... I'd like to get back to where people don't mess up good music with there "so called talent". I just think this is insane! I bet anything that John Lennon and George Harrison are rolling in their graves as I write this. It is my opinion that anyone who likes this CD has no idea or concept of good music... These are the same people that listen to Kenny G and Yanni, They have no idea of what music should sound like. If you want to hear the actual song, the good music, type in The Beatles in the search box and check out Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or Rubber Soul, That's what music should sound like. If you don't like those then you should stop listening to music all together and just watch T.V. or when your in you car turn on one of those talk radio stations, because you are clueless when it comes to music! Have a nice day and stop polluting the air waves with the likes of this CD. Thank you, enjoy....more info
  • What a sweet collection!
    Really nice takes on a bunch of awesome songs.
    Also a very touching movie....more info
  • A great album of great songs...
    Don't let the ultra-purist Beatles fanatics sway you into thinking that this isn't "just like the Beatles" or that this CD's renditions aren't up to some inflated expectations of what the Beatles could be doing today. Of course they aren't "just like the Beatles." These tunes are well-performed by thoughtful, talented, and excellent musicians.

    We have truly enjoyed the CD from the first track to the last. It is nice to hear some of the greatest tunes of all time done with a different edge to them....more info

  • Just Ok, but I really liked a few...
    I was not quite as impressed with this album as some of the other reviewers. I will say that the "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" cover by Eddie Vedder is better to me than the original Beatles version! However, this is sadly not the case with most of the songs. I found that many of the songs are ok but really not as good as the originals; for instance Lucy in the Sky and Let it Be which are two of my all time Beatles favorites. Many of the covers fail to leave any lasting impression at all and the rest are notable for being pretty bad. I enjoyed this soundtrack a lot more when I was watching the movie!...more info
  • 2nd Generation Beatles Maniac
    As a second generation Beatles Maniac, I've grown quite accustomed to my favorite tunes sang by the Fab Five. When I first watched this movie, I immediately knew that this soundtrack was one that I would buy and play for a long time to come. The producers did justice to the Beatles and their fans with this CD. Sheryl Crow, Eddie Vedder and many more pay tribute to the Beatles while adding a new flavor and sound to these wonderful classics. This CD took me back to my childhood and filled me with fond memories (Sarah McLachlan's singing Blackbird) brought tears to my eyes. If you're a Beatles Fan, this CD is a must have....more info
  • Ghastly
    This is piece of filth. Beatles songs should not EVER be covered--especially by this untalented menagerie of "performers." The ghoul who sanctioned this album should be tracked down and psychologically evaluated (and imprisoned with a life sentence). I would never wish the trauma associated with listening to this garbage on my worst enemies. The songs are butchered beyond belief and some are almost unrecognizable. I shouldn't have expected any better based on the quality of the film and cast. Any true Beatles fan will be horrified by how badly these treasured songs were brutally maimed. I honestly get nauseous when seeing the track listing. I have never even heard of most of these singers (for good reason, obviously). So please do EVERYONE a favor and buy the original Beatles albums if you want to hear the songs the way they were meant to be heard....more info
  • Intriguing tracks
    I Am Sam is a great, really interesting listen for anyone who's seen the film, or hasn't. As some people have mentioned, not many artists on this collection have taken interpretative chances...but a few do stand out.

    Ben Harper's cover of "Strawberry Fields" is no less than great, Sarah M. does a great job also, and Stereophonics' "Don't Let Me Down" has an amazing antiquey feel.

    The most outstanding interpretation is Howie Day's, with "Help." His desperate, bittersweet version is powerful....more info

  • Nick Cave, Grandaddy, and Chocolate Genius...
    ...provided the only tracks I really liked on this disc. The other tracks were fine and all, but I am not a big fan of the beatles. I have Sgt. Pepper's, but I never listen to it anymore. If I WAS a big fan, I wouldn't buy this, because tributes and covers of songs I like just make me want to listen to the originals.

    I listened to my roomate's copy of this because I saw that the three artists I listed above contributed songs. Here is my review of those songs.

    First is Chocolate Genius' take on "Julia." Chocolate Genius (Mark Anthony Thompson) is an artist I admire a lot, and one of my favorite songs of his is "My Mom." It's a song about how his mother didn't know who he was anymore as a result of alzheimer's disease. He sings about how he'll go and see her, and they'll talk and spend quality time together, but she doesn't even know his name. It is simple, direct, and touching. It's fitting that he covered "Julia," since the song was about Lennon's deceased mother, and he knows how Lennon felt. Other people have posted that they hated what he did with the song, probably because he took liberties with it, but I feel it has real emotional impact. The mood of the music is multifaceted, evoking sadness and loss, but also joy. Well done.

    Grandaddy's take on "Revolution" is another track that people seem to hate for not sticking to the original closely enough. The original seemed too anthemic to me. If the beatles would have taken a subtle approach, like Grandaddy's rendition, the song wouldn't have shown up in a commercial. The snotty way Jason Lytle delivers the "well, no" makes me grin. The band did a great job of injecting the song with their sound, and it comes off so well I would have thought it was a Grandaddy b-side if I never heard the beatles do it. And being the young gun that I am, the first time I heard the original was in a commercial.

    Not much to say about the Nick Cave track. You either like his voice or you don't. I do, and though I don't think much of the song "Let it Be," it is interesting to hear him take a stab at it. It's kind of jarring, and also refreshing, to hear him crooning after listening to song after song of mostly lightweight artists with high voices trying their hardest to mimic the original tracks.

    A final note: Does anyone else find it funny that Sean Penn's *mentally retarded* character in the movie was a beatles fanatic? What does that say about people who really, really love the beatles?...more info

  • Fine soundtrack/tribute album for so-so film
    I'm a little mystified here. Tribute albums are supposed to be about an artist intrepeting someone else's work in their own style. Otherwise, why bother to redo a classic? The best tracks on this tribute/soundtrack album to the film of the same name are those tracks that remain faithful in spirit but take the material into a slightly different direction. Two of Us by Mann & Penn and Vedder's You've Got To Hide YOur Love Away do both and quite well. Many of the other tracks succeed for precisely the same reason.

    There are a couple of flawed tracks. I have to agree that Grand daddy's version of Revolution snuffs the life out of the song. Lennon already did a slow version that was quite good thank you very much. Sure, the originals are classics but what keeps the material fresh is the ability to reintrepet this stuff in a contemporary style. I may not like all the selections but I appreciate the effort.

    This isn't meant to be a replacement for The Beatles versions of the same songs. Instead, it was designed for fans of these artists, the film and Beatles fans as well. At worst it could do nothing more than spark more interest in the band and their history. At worst, it's a fine tribute album that never strays from what's important--a great song well played and sung....more info

  • ...Soundtrack is Great
    ... I Am Sam the movie was one of the stinkiest things I've seen in the last year and a half. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal however.

    Weird thing is, I dig the songs that sound the least like the original Beatles' recordings the most. I think the Grandaddy cover of Revolution is absolutely inspired, and does a great job of illustrating what a great cover can be - unique, even in its sameness. It take a masterful hand to light up someone else's song in a completely different way, especially when you're dealing with a juggernaut group like the Beatles. I loved Paul Westerberg's cover, and Nick Cave brought his typical darkness to "Let It Be" that really changed it for the better. Also, don't miss Ben Harper's cover of "Strawberry Fields Forever." It's incredible.

    My least favorite tracks were the Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow, and The Vines. Thanks guys, but if I wanted to hear the Beatles version of a song, I'd listen to it.

    These psychotic Beatles-devotees have got to take up knitting or something. I can't even believe how worked up they're getting over an album of covers. I guess it's nice that something still holds emotional value, but from the reaction, I'm expecting some Paul McCartney shrines lit up with Ringo-shaped candles.

    Look. Get this album. It grows on you. It's great. Unless you're a psycho death hand Beatle fanatic or something and the thought of hearing the words of a Beatles song coming out of anyone's mouth besides the original four makes your crazy little pinhead explode....more info

  • Beatles tunes in I am Sam: An Excellent Choice
    In looking over the reviews for this album, I noticed that many of the reviews focus on the quality of the Beatles covers presented therein. This seems to me an errant methodology regardless of how one rates the covers.

    "I Am Sam" is not a movie about the Beatles, it is a movie that's primary focus is on whether a mentally impaired man is able to raise his daughter. It is a movie filled with a range of emotions. I have seen the movie and listened to the soundtrack on cd on several occasions. Each time the music greatly enhanced my experience of the narrative of "I Am Sam."

    The soundtrack for "I Am Sam," in my opinion should be judged by how the songs fit into the movie and not by how the songs compare to the Beatles orginal renderings. Therein lies the risk in using covers of songs in movies rather than original works or at least the original renderings of established recordings. Especially in doing covers of such acessible artists as the Beatles (in this case) or Elvis Presley (Honeymoon in Vegas).

    I think however that the choice to use Beatles Songs as the soundtrack of I Am Sam was to borrower from the film's protagonist: "An Excellent Choice". The Beatles in many ways are a road map for the main character. He is able to relate the history of the band to most every aspect of his life. It feels very natural and real to have the songs of the Beatles perform as a raod map of sorts for the film.

    I found the selection of the songs and their placing in the film to be extremely evocative. The Wallflowers' rendition of "I'm looking through you" for example captures the idea that Lucy is noticing for the first time the limitations of her father's intellect and ability to deal with the outside world.

    Both Rufus Wainwright in "Across the Universe" and Eddie Vedder with "You've got to hide your love away" convey the brooding emotions of a family in turmoil.

    To judge the quality of the music in "I Am Sam" simply by the measure of the Beatles covers would be very similar to judging Sam's ability to effectively father Lucy by the measure of his I.Q. I believe the film clearly shows that either of these judgements would be a grave mistake....more info

  • Strawberry Fields Forever!...FIVE STARS PLUS for this music!
    It will always be incredibly challenging to match the artistic talent that The Beatles possessed. Nevertheless, this set of songs by the artists on this CD is as good as it gets to achieving a proper, respectful tribute to The Beatles with thoughtful and passionate cover songs.

    The CD has a whopping 17 tracks for almost an hour of music from the movie (or inspired by the movie) I Am Sam. The music was beautifully woven into the movie; but even with just this CD you'll be blown away! It's a must-have for fans of The Beatles, the artists here, and fans of great rock everywhere.

    The CD starts off strong with a rendition of "Two Of Us" by Aimee Mann and Michael Penn. I think their personal relationship helped make them harmonize so well for this song. The Black Crowes do an excellent job with the musical arrangement for "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds;" the drums are first-class! Sheryl Crow injects a great country music accent to "Mother Nature's Son." Sarah McLachlan performs a very sensitive rendition of "Blackbird;" and the CD ends beautifully with one of my very favorite Beatles songs, "Let It Be" performed by Nick Cave with Chaz Jankel on piano. Awesome!

    Amazon writes that some of the "reinterpretations (on this album)...are riskier." I don't agree. While risks were taken, you won't know it! For example, Grandaddy does a great job of adding their own spice to "Revolution" and Paul Westerberg's voice was rather pleasing to my ear on "Nowhere Man."

    The quality of the sound is excellent; and all of the musical arrangements are very thoughtfully produced. The liner notes come with a few color pictures from the motion picture I Am Sam; and you also get the song credits.

    Overall, this CD is the product of an exceptionally talented group of artists who perform a noticeably sensitive suite of covers of great Beatles songs. This album will touch a nerve in you and leave you wondering why they couldn't have recorded even more. The singers expressed even the finest of nuances in the meanings of every word in every song; and I treasure this album as one of my preferred CDs. If this were a vinyl album I would have worn the grooves off of it long ago.
    ...more info
  • OK , could have been better
    I love the beatles, and i think this CD could have been better. The best song is let is be by nick cave, closely followed by strawberry fields forever by ben harper and then blackbird by sarah maclaughlin and you've got to hide your love away by eddie vedder. The other songs are forgettable. Fiona Apple does a good version of across the universe that i would have like to have seen on here....more info
  • Not bad.
    Most soundtracks are pretty awful, give or take a few. Before I bought this, I was expecting an album full of Beatles songs and a few others thrown in here or there. I think it's neat that they got all of these wonderful artists to contribute to the soundtrack. It shows that the Beatles spirit is still alive, even after 3 decades.

    Some of the best songs on the album:

    The Wallflowers' version of "I'm Looking Through You" is amazing. Dylan has got a great voice and makes a song that wouldn't disappoint Paul, Ringo, or George.

    The Vines also do another great cover of "I'm Only Sleeping", which is probably my favorite on the whole album. These Aussie boys are simply great, and they prove so much in this song; they performed it so well.

    The Stereophonics are one of my favorite bands. Kelly's voice is more amazing than the Wallflowers' Dylan, but a little innapropriate for a Beatles cover. But hey, it's the 'Phonics, and their guitar skills are the best.

    What would would this album be without a little grunge touch? Pearl Jam's Eddie Veddar stops by on what is one of the most promising tracks on this album, and his voice flows beautifully over the acoustic guitar. Awesome, awesome.

    Sarah McLachlan does a beautiful job on "Blackbird". Her voice is so smooth and beautiful and distinct. The guitar on the track is played beautifully too.

    Beatle fans and non-Beatle fans can appreciate this album from the first track to the seventeenth.

    -emily....more info

  • title here
    It was awesome hearing The Beatles songs in how the artists creatively sang it in their style. I think it's silly and obnoxious how many people disliked it JUST because it wasn't The Beatles, or because the style wasn't /copied/ the exact same way.

    I think Eddie Vedder's voice was perfect for 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Way.' Aimee Mann and Michael Penn did a great job on 'Two of Us.'

    I actually loved Grandaddy's version of Revolution. I think people would've like it more if they knew it wasn't originally a slower song by The Beatles, but I have to admit I thought their version catchier than The Beatle's. Not that I think Grandaddy is superior, I'm actually listening to The Beatle's Revolution right now.

    I did not like The Wallflowers' 'I'm Looking Through You' as much, but it was decent. Other good ones I thought were The Vine's 'I'm Only Sleeping' and Ben Folds' 'Golden Slumbers.'

    There were a couple of bad ones of course, as you can tell from the other reviews....more info
  • poor
    received cd scratched so bad will not play, no jewel case, no liner notes. None of this was mentioned by the seller. Very dissatisfied. Do not reccomend this seller. Will not purchase from this seller again....more info
  • interesting!
    Some of the songs on this album I'd never heard of before seeing the movie I Am Sam. Although I'd have to say the contributions of Sarah McLachlan, The Black Crowes, and Rufus Waynewright are all great!...more info
    This cd is amazing. I consider myself a huge beatles fan and this cd does not dissapoint. Some of the songs mirror the original recording such as Ben Folds exceptional cover Golden Slumber. Even my mom who was a Beatles groupie loves the cover and it's her favorite beatles song.

    Another exceptional cut is grandaddy's cover of revolution. This one is a slight departure from the original incorporating a stronger beat and slightly distorted guitar.

    The covers that really surprised me were Ben Harper's cover of Strawberry Fields, and The Vines cover of I'm Only sleeping. Ben Harper made Strawberry Fields uniquely his own and The vines did a traditional cover of I'm Only Sleeping. Now i really don't like The vines much, but they did a darn good job.

    All in all the songs are really well chosen and flow very well. Even if you don't like the bands on the album, if you are a Beatles fan you must own this cd....more info

  • Great Soundtrack!
    If you liked the movie, you'll definitely like the soundtrack. I totally fell in love with it, especially the first part of it. Although there are some songs that I like like less than others, I think that overall it's a good soundtrack. I think that using Beatles songs is an interesting little twist. I listen to this CD all the time, and it's one of my all time favorite soundtracks. If you haven't listened to it before, give it a chance. My favorite songs on the soundtrack are Two Of Us, Blackbird, Across The Universe, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Don't Let Me Down, Golden Slumbers and I'm Looking Through You....more info
  • I just listened to I AM SAM again for the umteenth time.....
    and I still love it. I love the Beatles. I believe their songs are wonderful and should be sung by as many artists as possible. It's great to hear other artists interpretation of such famous songs. The words are worthy of hearing and this album is worthy of listening to. ...more info
  • Ben Folds is a genius
    Worth it for the Folds alone.

    Although, Ben Harper, Eddie, and Nick Cave really add to the album as well.

    ...more info
  • A Great Set of Remakes
    Remakes are often a very good change from the original song, but not if you are crazy about the Beatles(think they are the only half good group out there like some people I know...) There are really good remakes in this CD, all of original beatles songs, and anyone who LIKES the Beatles would enjoy it alot. If you've seen the movie(it's good too)and liked it you would enjoy this. And if you like remakes of oldies. Uh...that's it....more info
  • Way Cool!.
    I thought it was cool to hear other artist's takes on some of the most popular Beatles songs. They were covered, without being buried....more info
  • Half good and half weak.
    Aside from the fact that anyone else playing the Beatles songs could never be anything but a nostalgia trip, this disc starts well but never really takes off. Some of the renditions of songs are really great-I like Aimee Mann and husband Michael Penn singing "Two of Us". Sarah Maclaughlan's "Blackbird" is consummately professional if ultimately lacking any emotion whatsoever. Rufus Wainwright sounds great on "Across The Universe", at times very similar to Lennon. Ben Harper, The Vines, Stereophonics, Ben Folds, and The Black Crowes all do a nice job as well. But what are we to think of Sheryl Crow's awful "Mother Nature's Sun"? Is it just me or was she shrunk down to a seven-year-old by the ray-gun in "HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS"!? Also, the Chocolate Genius, Grandaddy, and Howie Day versions are at best forgettable, at worst, blasphemous. This disc has its moments, but overall it is average. Use caution......more info
  • the originals are always better, but...
    ... kudos to grandaddy for trying something different. very very cool.

    most of the rest are just shameful. ...more info
  • Inspired me to revisit the originals
    When I received this album for Christmas and popped it into the CD player, I, like many other Beatles enthusiasts, prepared to be disappointed ~ and was pleasantly surprised. First of all, how wonderful to hear the Stereophonics on the CD! (Those of you who don't know the Stereophonics, pick up "Just Enough Education to Perform" ... it's a fabulous romp through Welsh rock.) I found their cover brilliant, Mark Penn and Aimee Mann's cover of "Two of Us" enchanting, and The Vines' "I'm Only Sleeping" a wonderfully contemporary version of one of my favorites. With the exception of "Julia" (okay, I'm sorry, but I just found him oddly scary), the covers ranged from "amusing" to "toe-tapping" to "makes me stop what I'm doing and listen". It inspired me to break out my Beatles albums and listen to them again, something I haven't done for awhile. Another plus: two of my friends who are self proclaimed "Beatles Haters" (why am I friends with these people?!) listened to the albums and announced they loved the songs; they loved the range the different artists brought to the soundtrack. So there's that. Which is nice....more info
  • This is an absolute must
    I have to say, this is one of the best things I ever heard. I have the DVD and also the soundtrack and being a huge Sheryl Crow fan, I have to say my all time favorite track is "Mother Nature's Son". The others are good too but Sheryl did a phenominal job. This is a must for any Sheryl Crow fan, especially if you're like me! And I know she probably never reads this but Sheryl if you ever read this, I give u my props!! You are like a sister to me and will remain that way forever!...more info
  • old tunes with a few spices!
    I really enjoyed this collection of old songs turned new by many of today's popular alternative artists. Blackbird is my favorite! And Nick Cave does his own great version of Let it Be!...more info
  • Wow
    I had fallen away from the Beatles music, but this soundtrack drew me back in. Although I had spent some time listening to other genres and styles of music, this soundtrack reminded me of how much I really did love the Beatles... And still do. I must say that among these renditions of the great Beatles hits the Eddie Vedder (Hide Your Love Away), Black Crowes (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds), Sarah McLaughlan (Blackbird), Sheryl Crow (Mother Nature's Son), and suprisingly Aimee Mann and Michael Penn's (Two of Us) performances were AMAZING. Although nothing will ever be as good as the original, once you've seen the movie you gain a very deep appreciation for this soundtrack. Once you've seen the movie you really learn to love Rufus Wainwright's version of "Across the Universe" you can even hear in the back of your head Lucy trying to convince herself that "nothing's gonna change my world." And also, in the tender moment with Lucy and Sam on the bus, when Lucy is running away from the social worker, "Strawberry Fields" (One of my favorite Beatles songs by far) by Ben Harper adds a very soft sound to that moment. This is overall a great soundtrack. Don't let any of these negative criticisms on here deter you from buying this one. It's a keeper....more info
  • Decent renditions of Beatles classics songs
    I saw the movie and decided to buy this CD after hearing some of the songs in the background during the movie. I would say the first 11 songs are really good, especially "Two of Us," "Blackbird," "Across the Universe," "I'm Looking Through You," & "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." Songs 12-17 though are not as good--those renditions are way too slow and strange or depressing. I'd say the worst cover is "Julia." That band really ruined a beautiful song. ...more info
  • A Travesty
    I accidently heard this and think it is a terrible album. Why would anybody in their right mind want to listen to bad cover versions of classic songs by mediocre "artists?" Why not listen to the originals? Nobody should be allowed to touch The Beatles' music. Ever. The horrible versions of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and the masterpiece "Let it Be" are especially heinous, but they are all terrible in their own ways. Some are almost insulting. The people contributing to this soundtrack can only wish that they'll be remembered and relevant in 40 years. Maybe I'm sounding harsh, but if you are truly a Beatles fan, you will probably agree with me. Oh, and the movie was terrible too. ...more info
  • Do your homework
    Sean Penn wanted the orig Beatles tunes...they wouldn't give him the rights, so he used other artists' versions....more info
  • A great soundtrack for Beatles fans
    This is a very nice cd. It has some great remakes of Beatles songs. If you are a beatles fan, you will enjoy it. It has some artists we have all heard of and some that we dont all know, but is very enjoyable! If you haven't seen the movie, you should check it out too....more info
  • Heaven Has a Soundtrack!
    And it's this motley collection of Beatles songs. The Beatles are definitely the most "covered" band of all time. They are, after all, the single greatest band of all time. If you want to listen to the Beatles, listen to the Beatles! These "interpretations" are downright great. Nick Cave can hardly sing and he sucks all the life out of "Let It Be". Eddie Vedder belts out an classic version of "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" and heck, it's all good. Except for Rufus Wainright's semi-decent cover of "Across The Universe". The only thing that could have made this a better soundtrack would have been Michael Jackson's version of "Come Together" or Sinatra's half-asleep cover of "Something." I am giving the album an extra star just for not having those songs on it. Buy this ab-luhm right now!...more info
  • Uneven, I guess
    With Beatles covers it is generally a matter of doing as little harm as possible, and some of the artists on here manage just fine. Ben Harper and Ben Folds do fine versions of "Strawberry Fields" and "Golden Slumbers", respectively, and Rufus Wainwright is another high point. But Sheryl Crow's torturous rendition of "Mother Nature's Son" is mostly notable for her disgusting poppish slides into just about every note she sings, its ridiculous bubbliness, and the fact that that Crow brings little new to the song. Some of the artists do not seem to grasp the weight of the tunes, instead latching onto the happy feel-good qualities of the songs. And Nick Cave's Let it Be sounds not unlike a version I once heard played on NPR's "Annoying Music Show." Even those songs which have been re-interpreted in ways that I personally do not like are better than those which are utterly devoid of imagination....more info
  • If you like the movie, get the soundtrack!
    After seeing this movie, I decided I needed the soundtrack. Not because I was in love with each and every song on it but because I never wanted to forget the movie. These songs bring back a memory of each scene they were played with. Get the soundtrack because you love the movie and you want to remember it (and its message) always....more info
  • Decent.
    As opposed to some of the other reviewers, I rather liked this album. True, not every track is good (a few are *bad*) but many are great. Ben Harper does a great job on Strawberry Fields, and "Country Boy" is wonderful. Though the original Blackbird will never be replaced, Sarah does a good job here. Rufus Wainwright's version of Across the Universe is alright, but they ought to have used Fiona Apple's, it's killer.

    All in all, I'd suggest simply downloading a few tracks unless you really enjoy beatles covers as I do. Some are better than the originals, in my opinion.
    ~14:30...more info

  • Mellow rock tribute to Beatles
    Even before I bought this album, I was surprised at the comparative lack of obvious covers. Of the songs featured here, perhaps the most frequently covered are Let it be, We can work it out and Nowhere man. Yesterday and In my life are conspicuous by their absence. Classic songs like Strawberry fields forever and Lucy in the sky with diamonds are rarely covered, so their inclusion here is most welcome.

    Having listened to it, what really surprised me about this album is how mellow it is. Most of the album seems to have been recorded with a certain amount of restraint, even where the pace picks up a little as on I'm looking through you. This is a very modern album in which the songs sound very different to the original versions, but that (at least) is what expected..

    With various artists albums, favorite tracks often depend on who your established opinion of the various performers. I haven't followed rock music as closely in recent years as I once did so I am not familiar with their other work. I was particularly impressed with Sarah McLachlan, who recorded Blackbird. However, many of the other tracks are also impressive.

    I have a number of Beatles tribute albums and while this is not my favorite, it is very interesting. It will help to remind young people of the Beatles' legacy, as so many of the performers here will be familiar to them. It will also tell oldies like me that contemporary rock, at its best, has plenty to offer....more info

  • Absolutly fab
    What can I say- the CD was a gift and one that I didn't particularly want and now its one of my favorites. All the artists did justice to the beatles originals. This is truly a fun CD. For some younger listners who weren't familiar with the older tunes this will be a particularly sweet treat. Enjoy......more info
  • Keep An Open Mind
    First, a warning: if you're the kind of person who holds Beatles music sacrosanct, and believes nobody but the Beatles should be playing Beatles songs, you'll probably dislike this album intensely. Stay away from it.

    For the rest of us (those of us who prefer that our music not be trapped in amber): if you like to hear good songs thoughtfully reinterpreted, this is the album for you. Some covers will probably appeal more than others, according to taste, but don't let your preconceptions stand in the way of liking a song on its merits - for instance, I'm not any kind of fan of Eddie Vedder or the Stereophonics in other contexts, but their respective cover versions here are favorites of mine.

    So, once again: if you don't believe any popular music recorded since 1970 is worthy of your attention, don't buy this album. Everyone else: open your mind and your ears, and give it a spin....more info
  • Very Good!!!!!
    I enjoyed the music in the movie so I decided to purchase this CD. It was a good choice..All good beatles songs....more info
  • Good Enough To Play
    This is a selection that my wife picked up, and as with most of her music I am very skeptical at first and sometimes am glad I gave it a chance later (ref. Barenaked Ladies, Tori Amos, etc.) I would say that you should buy this album just to get the cool version of Revolution done by Grandaddy which is a stellar band. I just groove that song. The rest of it is the Beatles, which was barely acceptable done by them (IMO) and then covered doesn't help a whole lot. If you want great rock from that era, check out the Rolling Stones....more info
  • Great album.
    Best Beatles cover album I think I ever previewed! Movie pretty good too....more info
  • Don't Let Me Down....and it did
    At the risk of sounding elitist, I've never been a fan of "tribute" albums, and I've never been a fan of cover versions of Beatles' songs....quite simply, covering Beatles' songs shouldn't be done (that said, there are a handful of worthwhile covers, namely Rickie Lee Jones' rendition of "For No One").

    However, with the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Sheryl Crow, and Sarah McLachlan, I was going to give this album the benefit of doubt. Listening to this album only proves my point. This album is so very wrong on almost every level.

    Passable is "Two Of Us" and maybe "Mother Nature's Son". The worst: "Julia", "Help", "Revolution", "Let It Be". The others
    just plain forgettable, if not at times, unlistenable.

    I must say, however, this album is a slight, very slight step above the truly horrible, Pete Frampton "Sgt. Pepper" movie, "In My Life" George Martin tribute.(How can any one possibly take an album with Celine Dion and Jim Carrey as a "tribute" seriously???)

    Other reviews both on Amazon.com and other sites praise this album as "essential" or "must have" for Beatles fans....no, I'd say if you want to listen to Beatles songs, listen to The Beatles.

    ...more info
  • Really Fun Covers - Beatle-philes uncynic yourself!
    This is a really fun soundtrack/album. Much of the criticism I've read seems to surround 2 things - 1) Why did they do the remakes and keep them so similar to the originals and 2) Gosh darnit, they don't sound like the original Beatles songs which were the best ever yadda yadda.

    OK, number 1 - from what I read about the soundtrack, the movie creators wanted to use the original Beatles songs, and had paced and molded the movie to fit them. But, the Beatles (or their lawyers, I expect) said 'No Way, you can't use Beatles songs in movies.' So.... rather than rewrite the movie they found some great artists to cover the songs with one request - please pace it like the original so that it still fits with the movie.

    Number 2 - they don't sound like the Beatles because, well... do you see a Beatle on the list? Nyahh. So loosen up - it's not the Beatles.

    Given number 1 and number 2 - now you know why the songs are, and why they are the way they are.

    My favorites are Two of Us, Blackbird, I'm Looking Through You, and Mother Nature's Son. This is one of the first soundtracks that I've heard in a while, that while I was watching the movie I thought - 'Hey, I really would like that!' It's driving down the road on a crisp fall day with the windows down kind of music.

    Have fun....more info

  • Touching Movie, Beautiful Soundtrack
    The music on this soundtrack compliments the movie alot. They're deep songs that fall into a deep story of a mentally ill man fighting for his right to care for his daughter. The songs on this CD are all meaningfull. They are all based off of Beatles songs. This album is 100% worth buying along with the movie....more info
  • did they stack it on purpose?
    The albums starts off beautiful, then gradually fades from there (with one notable exception.) Did the producers do this on purpose, knowing that we hear the first few songs ten times as often as we do the ones at the end of a long disc like this one? Except for "don't let me down" and "we can work it out", you can take everything after number eight and leave it on the studio floor.

    But there are some true gems in those first eight. Aimee Mann always sounds a bit wry to me, and that adds an intriguing twist to the ohsohappy lyrics of two of us. Sarah McLachlan's voice is perfect for Blackbird, somehow.

    Is it possible to do a Beatles song better than the Beatles? I once heard Huey Lewis sing Oh! Darling, and you know that's what Paul wanted to sound like. The Wallflowers might pull it off with "I'm looking through you." They have a tightness and energy the original version lacked. And the Stereophonics version of "Don't Let Me Down?" Again, you know that's what John and Paul were shooting for. But Paul has always been a crooner, not a belter. Why all the early discs are painful in spots.

    A good disc, lots of worthy stuff here. But not all good....more info

  • It's all right.
    At first, I thought this collection of Beatles covers was really good. Indeed, some of the songs are inspired, particularly the Eddie Vedder, but the collection, as a whole, doesn't age well at all. This has long been out of my regular CD rotation.

    Oh, and who on earth thought of that song segueway on the end of the Ben Folds' "Golden Slumbers"? Awful....more info

  • Covering the Beatles
    I will admit that I come close to holding Beatles' songs sacrosanct. However, I also appreciate an artist who brings something new to the table in terms of interpretation. I have also discovered that it takes more than one listening to appreciate what an artist has done either for a song or to a song. In either case, there are some very good interpretations of Beatle's music on this CD in addition to some that, while perhaps not travesties, make me queasy.

    I did not recognize "Two of Us," a nicely executed rendition by Aimee Mann and Michael Penn. This song is simply performed with little embellishment and the folk interpretation seems appropriate to this Lennon/McCartney tune. Similarly, Sarah McLachlan brings a nice touch to "Blackbird," remaining faithful to the Lennon/McCartney original.

    I am less impressed with Rufus Wainwright's interpretation of "Across the Universe." Some songs require careful interpretation and John Lennon's lead vocal is the standard for this song. Sorry, but Rufus Wainwright just does not measure up. Similarly, Paul had "I'm Looking Through You" nailed on "Rubber Soul," and the Wallflowers' version sounds like the Monkees with deeper voices.

    Eddie Vedder does breathe a different life into "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," from "Help!" The musical interpretation remains to the original, including a lovely harmonica inserted into the bridge. Vedder's growling voice is close enough to the original with enough difference to make this song interesting and fun. I also enjoyed Ben Harper's version of "Strawberry Fields." However, I also thought the version in the "Sgt. Pepper" movie was nicely done, so you may want to consider my bias.

    We go from a selection of nicely done songs to yet another that just does not do it for me. The only version of "Mother Nature's Son" that I have enjoyed, other than Paul McCartney singing the Lennon/McCartney original, is the version done by John Denver. If you like Cheryl Crow maybe this will be your song, but if you are a big fan of the Beatles this track is one to skip.

    When Ben Folds begins singing "Golden Slumbers" I first thought it was the original. Ben sounds so much like Paul as this song starts. More than a copy, this song was nicely done. "I'm Only Sleeping," yet another song that had John Lennon at the helm in "Revolver," is very nicely performed by the Vines. The style is modern and yet has so many elements from the 60s that there are moments where I was disoriented as I tried to separate the old and new elements.

    I am unsure of how I feel about the Stereophonics' interpretation of "Don't Let Me Down." John Lennon's vocals on the original were excellent, and this song has always been one of my favorites from the Beatles. The lead vocal on this version is very different, and even after trying to appreciate the difference it makes from the original, I still struggle coming to grips with how different the vocals are.

    I am always concerned when someone tries to do a cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." The original with John Lennon doing the lead vocal honors is the standard, but the Elton John version was excellently done and I enjoy it as much as the original. The version here by the Black Crowes is also nicely done, and while I think it falls a bit short of Elton John's version, it is a worthy interpretation and a nice addition to this album. However, I could have done without the embellished ending.

    Chocolate Genius's interpretation of "Julia": I think the interpretation was in another language, one I do not care for. While Heather Nova's rendition of "We Can Work It Out" remains true to the original, her breathless vocals leave me a little cold. Bring back Paul's vocals for this one.

    Howie Day's version of "Help!" is very interesting. While the vocal style is very different from the original, as is the pacing, Day has created very interesting version that is even more desperate than the original. However, it does take a bit to get accustomed to this version. Another interesting cover is Paul Westerberg's version of "Nowhere Man." Think Bob Dylan singing a Lennon/McCartney tune.

    As for Grandaddy's version of "Revolution," I am not pleased to say that this track can be skipped and you will then not want to break this CD. Perhaps fine for a soundtrack (well, maybe not, but it did not sound quite this bad in the movie).

    The final song is another of those that I have mixed feelings about. I love Paul's vocals in the original, which is one of the Beatles' most poignant songs. Nick Cave certainly does bring a different dimension to "Let It Be," but I keep thinking of Paul's vocals, which I think I will always prefer.

    There are many who struggle to understand the power and influence of the Beatles in their own era as well as today, but this album reminds us that for now their music has become timeless and the music of all generations. Not all these songs work, and several border on being atrocious, but when the songs do work, it makes me long to get out my Beatles collection and spin them all again.
    ...more info


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