The Soul of Healing Meditations

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Featuring the soothing narration of Deepak Chopra over the trancelike music of Adam Plack, The Soul of Healing Meditations serves as an introduction to meditation for neophytes and as a more advanced tool to help overcome a physical ailment and/or emotional toxicity. That may make it sound like a digital elixir, but as Chopra says in his liner notes: "We like to tell our patients (at the Chopra Center for Well Being) that the body is the best pharmacy in the world and is capable of making wonder drugs." His message here is that one can naturally prevail over serious life challenges by becoming more attuned to one's body--by relaxing and filtering out the external world, focusing on and influencing internal sensations and biorhythms, and banishing negative thoughts and focusing on the positive aspects of life. This CD is not meant as a cure-all for physical or emotional ills. Rather, it's a supplemental experience to other treatments or programs, and it shows how enlightening and empowering meditation can be when practiced properly. Its actual effects will depend upon the receptiveness of the listener. Plack's accompanying soundtrack ranges from delicate ambient tones to more active Indian music, appropriately serving the mood of each of the album's eight tracks. --Bryan Reesman

Customer Reviews:

  • Peace & Joy
    Wonderful CD! It's a joy to listen to! Some tracks were very calming, others were energizing...the benefits were apparent immediately. Dr. Chopra's voice was very soothing, and the lessons were very useful & comforting. The music was cool too.

    Very quick & convenient way to bring some peace into your life & get you ready to face the world. Highly recommended. I even lost weight after listening to this a few days (crazy, right? more nervous binges)...more info

  • breathing, healing
    This CD is a good investment if you are looking to work on self-healing. The music is relaxing and Deepak's voice has its usual melodic, soothing effect.The visualization where you are guided to release negativity towards others is wonderful.I also enjoyed sending words and imagery throughout my body.
    Other great CDs I am working with are Indigo Dreams:Adult Relaxation and Guided Meditations by Bodhipaksa. If you enjoy international accents I would get this or Bodhipaksa. If you are looking for an American voice I would go with indigo dreams. Either way you will be calmer and healthier....more info
  • Great for those who like guided meditations
    When I feel like being guided through a meditation I often take out this one. It brings me quickly into my heart, into an appreciative state where I feel very connected....more info
  • calming
    This is great for calming oneself and slowing your breath. I have not been able to take any inner journeys of self discovery while listening to it, however, which is something I have been able to do with other guided visualizations. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent tape. I use it a lot. Soothing, healing. I would recommend it for anyone who is serious about utilizing guided imagery for healing....more info
  • Definitely Healing
    I have several guided meditation cd's and this is one of my favorites. The background music is calming and Deepak's voice is not distracting at all (that's what usually ruins a guided meditation for me). I meditate with this cd 3-4 times per week in the mornings. It's a great way to start the day feeling refreshed from the inside out. ...more info
  • Truly Amazing
    This meditation is truly amazing. Even for the novice in meditating, the guided meditations on this CD take you through an experience for every need that you might have. Once done with a session, you are relaxed, beathing is more even, every bodily system seems to be in sync. With regular guided meditation, I feel like I am able to face any challenge head-on and watch it turn into an opportunity. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Experiencing divinity
    This CD has become part of my lifestyle. I have derived tremendous benefits by listening to it since 2003. To me, it's all about belief and faith. Not necessarily in a religion per se but in experiencing divinity through the soul of healing meditations.Thank you Mr Chopra for this creation !...more info
  • New to meditation? This is a MUST!
    I have been working with this CD for almost a year, and I think it is incredible. Deepak takes us through a series of techniques to help create wellness via a breathing meditation, forgiveness meditation and creating awareness for what we already have created that we are grateful. This is an important step toward creating our desired future. Overall, this meditation is a very energizing experience as he gently guides us to healing. (I won't give it away) This has saved me from feeling sick at various times in my life and produced results in more ways than I can explain. It really works. I also love the music. I'm inspired and I will continue to do this daily and never get bored! Thank you Deepak! ...more info
  • AMAZING!!!
    A must CD for renewal and revitalization of the body and spirit. POWERFUL AND DYNAMIC MUSIC AND WORDS! THANK YOU DEEPAK CHOPRA! THANK YOU!!!!...more info
  • The Soul Of Healing Meditations by Deepak Chopra
    This is a gentle meditation that anyone can do to start out... stating with a smile... (on the back of the CD) that No experience is necessary. Requires no incense,no concentration, no painful sitting positions, no saffron robes, chanting optional. Requires only your Self. Enquire within. I smiled...the perfect place...the inner space...the Self.

    Being alone with no distractions will bring the most awareness and enhance the quided meditations. On a soft rug, like a flying carpet, (smile) in a softly lighted room.

    Concentrating on breathing seemed easy to do this evening as the days energy slowly winds down. You must have enough time so you can relax through this first 5 minutes which seemed like it was going to be forever...but it wasn't.

    The heart awareness was gentle and pleasing.

    Body awareness...mostly I was non-existent except for one small area that insisted on being present the whole time.

    The heart sutras were relaxing and made me smile.

    Evoking the gods of Healing...the first time I wasn't so sure about this part...this time is was ok and I had read the liner notes that explained that these gods and goddesses were aspects of our own souls that connect to the collective soul...always only going inside to find my answers I embraced this meditaion this time.

    Inviting the Spirit of Healing..of course, we all want to be a part of the healing process and this was pleasant.

    Banishing disease everywhere...this was great...I really believe its possible. All but one area responded and I'll have to dig deep inside my psyche to see what's going on here. Knowing without a doubt that our mind/body connection is absolutely interconnected.

    Ode to Solomon was beautiful and always we want to be filled to overflowing with love to share.

    I became one with the meditation and the experience was intense.
    Impossible to open your eyes slowly after only a few moments...I wish to remain in bliss....more info

  • Good the first few times
    This CD takes you from one state to another of relaxation. It starts with breathing then on to other concepts. It can get boring quickly though as you are told what to do and how to do it, not so much open meditation where you might simply drift. The music is very good....more info
  • Soothing and comforting
    This CD helps me each time I listen to it. The comfort I receive is confirmation to me that it truly is healing! Dr. Chopra's voice and the different meditations is completely soothing and relaxing. I enjoy the music they have included on the CD also....more info
  • You have to listen to it to get the benefits!
    I just finished listening to the CD. WOW! You have to experience the whole CD to get the benefits from it. I did listen to the tracks online before I ordered it. I had a hunch it would turn out to be a peace filling experience.... And it was! I recommend this CD to anyone who wants to relax and let go any tension in their body. It is simply amazing! I had heard about Deepak Chopra's books but this CD is pure healing....more info
  • The Soul of Healing Meditations
    This is a very easy to follow meditation Deepak Chopra voice is very calming he knows how to get you into a deep meditation mode. His choice of music also helps to put you in that safe and quite inner self. ...more info
  • I love this meditation
    I have quite a collection of guided meditation CD's (and tapes). This is incredible, my favorite. I was amazed as Deepak Chopra so calmly guided me to direct the flow of my blood, and how easy it was to fall into a breathing pattern that allowed me to experience sensations that prompted a major shift in my awareness. I love this CD! Feel you body respond to your thoughts and know your connection and power.The Soul of Healing Meditations...more info
  • Julie
    Excellent meditation CD. I use it several times per week on a regular basis. I enjoy the visualizations and self healing segments. I also use the section on gratefullness when I am doing my cool downs at the gym.I find the CD to be very centering and it helps to keep me in a positive place....more info
  • instant sense of peace
    I suspect I will wear this CD out. I really appreciate the immediacy in its ability to deliver a sense of peace to me. Sometimes, at work, I repeat play track 8. The daily grind and this crazy world can make me over-anxious. I turn this CD on and am pleasantly mesmerized, relaxed and removed from the world's poor choices by Deepak's voice and the wonderful music collaborating his intent. Thank you, Deepak, for thinking of others and giving us such a gift.

    I have read other reviews negating the CD because of the reviewer's Christian faith. There is nothing in this dialogue that would harm oneself or other people in any way. Jesus is my savior, and I have no fear of what is being delivered in this CD. It is Universal in the goodness it brings. The reference to "the gods" isn't objectionable to me. When I reach that point, my faith naturally brings to my soul my one and only God. Deepak makes references to verses in the Christian based "Course in Miracles", the Bible, Ghandi and others in a variety of his other works. This CD speaks to all faiths (that promote positive living). I think he is willing, as I am, to appreciate the ideas that promote true wellness and a oneness (aka the Church) irrelevant of faith. How do we expect to develop "tolerance" as is the buzz today, if we don't review what other people believe? I appreciate and respect that sentiment. Jesus meditated, the Word speaks to meditating to rejuvenate one's soul. In my on-going search in life to build upon my spirituality, I haven't found Western rituals that teach people how to meditate. The regular practice of going within does bring on the much needed peace, I don't believe anyone is excluded from needing. Thank you again, Deepak. If that is you chanting somewhere in the middle of that CD, you are magnificent. I'm ready for more. ...more info
  • Relaxing and Useful
    I'm new to the area of meditation, so when I picked up this CD I was skeptical. To my pleasent surprise, this CD was not only helpful, but has become extremely useful in my daily meditation ritual.

    The CD playing time is around 45 minutes and takes you from listening to you breathing to listening to your heart to forgiving others to healing yourself. It is very relaxing and if you concentrate and work at it you can heal youself of all your troubles and problems. It is truly amazing what the body can do given the proper chance to do it.

    If your new into meditation, or just looking for a change in your daily routine, try this one. I'm glad I did and use it on a daily basis....more info

  • Perfect meditation
    This meditation tape takes you through meditation steps that are focused and completely satisfying and successful. I was preparing for major surgery and had hopes that I could help myself through the fear and apprehension. What this tape did for me was to open my mind to the amazing value of meditation for all purposes in my life. I see it as a beginning to a greater education. Dr. Chopra has a calming voice and an obvious desire to teach. For this, I am grateful. ...more info
  • Very professional, great intro to meditation
    I settled on this after looking for an introduction to meditation. I am peculiar in that I find some people's voices/accents really distracting to the relaxation process. Every guided meditation album I listened to was either too nasal or too twangy or the music was too lame or... well, you get the picture.

    For me, Deepak Chopra's voice is the only one I find soothing! This is a great album, and the music is relaxing - not too silly-keyboardy airy-fairy. It's very professional.

    I listen to this while tucked in bed and unfortunately I usually fall asleep before the end! (I like to imagine that my subconscious is still getting the benefit even if I am zonked out 2/3rds of the way through!)

    I would recommend this to anybody looking for an introduction to meditation. I have no real previous experience in meditation, eastern philosophy or similar and I found this to be very accessible. ...more info
  • Excellent guided meditation
    This is an excellent guided meditation for beginners or more advanced meditators. I have used it many times and it has helped me through some tough times. Deepak Chopra is great, and his voice is beautiful and soothing. Highly recommended....more info
  • more than satisfactory
    Very restful. Feel whole after doing everything as instructed. Some of the music gets a little wierd and I thought it was the cd, but after using it for a week, I understand how it all comes together. Would recommend it for anyone under stress of mildly depressed. ...more info
  • Great CD!
    This is the first guided meditation CD I've purchased, and it has grounded me and helped me relax oh so many times. I do not like the second half of the CD due to personal preference, although I do not find it offensive per religion (I believe in the power of all religions), I just don't like it as the pace changes a bit. But the first half is EXCELLENT! His voice and the meditations are calming and grounding. ...more info
  • The Soul of Healing Meditations
    The Soul of Healing Meditations, by Deepak Chopra is wonderful. It is the best meditation tape I have ever used. I love it. Deepak is the best, He knows how to put meaningful material together that works well....more info
  • excellent, mellow, cool,
    This CD is excellent if you want to be led into the zone and left there like a pet rock in a state of deep relaxation and meditation. It is one of the few guided meditations that doesn't irk by somehow giving verbal directions constantly even as you are trying to tune out everything.
    ...more info
  • A great healing meditation
    I love this CD and use it quite regularly. It has helped me through some difficult health situations. I always come away feeling calmer and lighter after I listen to it. The Indian music used as background to Deepak's voice is not the usual and I like it a lot. It really adds to the experience. The CD takes about 45 minutes and you will want to listen to the whole thing....more info
  • Best guided relaxation source I ever had.
    I have several guided meditation tapes, CDs and videos but none have ever taken me so deeply within my Self as this one.

    The background chanting and oriental music was a pleasant surprise....more info

  • Expect Abundance
    The music is wonderful, taking you from a slowing down to a joyful expression of Divine Love. From watching your breath to an Ode to Solomon, your soul will be healed.
    "Chopra saves his best for last. The meditations complete, he ends by reciting from the "Odes of Solomon": "You split me/ and you tore my heart open/ and you filled me with love." Over a tambourine, a cooing female voice, and a come-hither electric bass line, Chopra recites this ode in a way that encompasses the listener; perfect love is at work in these words, guiding Chopra's beneficent intent. "I have become like paradise," he notes. "And because I have become like paradise/ my soul is healed." Your soul can be healed too; no effort is required beyond playing this disc and letting yourself be guided by Dr. Chopra's melodious voice."...more info
  • Very relaxing and healing
    The guided breathing starts the relaxation process and progresses into a deeper relaxation. The healing affirmations help to release regrets and resentments of the past. This is very liberating as you can feel the tension let go to be replaced with an inner peace the more often you practice this meditation. This CD is excellent for times when you need comfort and assistance in gaining the discipline to practice meditation on a regular basis. It helps release the tensions of the day when practiced in the evening....more info
  • Deeply relaxing
    This is a beautiful CD that it deeply relaxing to listen to. it begins with breathing meditation, moves on to gratitude and forgiveness, and then total body awareness. After you are very relaxed Deepok begins some healing hymns from his Eastern tradition which I believe is Hindu but I am not sure. It is very haunting and restful, invoking healing in all parts of the body. The cd ends with the Song of Solomon which is one of the most beautiful passages in the Old Testament. I cannot recommend this more highly for someone who wants to relax in a very positive way at the end of the day or someone coping with pain either physical or spiritual....more info
  • Very helpful
    This guided meditation CD has been extremely helpful to me. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a little assistance to jump start their meditation practice. Deepak Chopra's soothing voice and the beautiful music on the sound track really help to create a peaceful meditative state....more info
  • Too weird for me
    Although I feel it's not "pc" to say, I was distracted by Dr. Chopra's strong accent. I found the hindu god calling a bit "out there" for my mind set. I will listen a few more times before passing final judgement (and maybe passing on the CD)....more info
  • the soul of healing meditations
    This book or Cd was given to the Good will because I found it Not useful. I will never reccommend it to anyone, I am very disappointed since Chopra is one of my favorite authors.....pat...more info
  • Heal Yourself with Deepak Chopra meditations
    I noticed significant changes in my physical body and my awareness after the first time. I highly recommend this to everyone who is willing to commit the time to reap the benefits. It's powerful and awesome. I love it....more info
  • Awsome and Profound
    This CD is a must have for those on a spiritual healing path. I LOVE, the results are amazing from just the first time. I am very excited about adding it to my usual nightly meditation routine....more info
  • Could be better
    I bought this to assist my recovery from a long bout with Lyme disease. I found it minimally useful. It is relaxing, but I was hoping some more creative visualizations directed toward healing one's body. Perhaps it is intended to heal the soul, which may ultimately heal the body, but I was disappointed....more info
  • Excellent meditation instrument
    The narrator's voice maintains the meditator's attention and focus. The words, music, chants and poetry utilized on this cd are exactly what is needed to slow down and bring your focus inward. If you are looking for a guided journey type cd, this is not it. This cd focuses on healing, breathing, the mind/body connection and the ability of the meditator to generate healing via meditation practice. ...more info
  • Breathe, Open Your Heart, and Heal
    This is one of my favorite meditation CD's. I find that some of the exercises are very powerful for me. The section on opening your heart and letting go of resentments and CHOOSING the miracle is something I had to transcribe. The music on the CD enhances the experience, and Mr. Chopra's voice is pleasant and unobtrusive. For beginners the CD may run a little long, but it can be stopped at any section and still feel like a complete meditation session. ...more info
  • Stan's Review:
    I enjoyed the first part of this CD but it left me flat when it went into Hindu gods. Don't get me wrong--if you can believe that wtuff feel free but as a Christian I don't plan to flirt with breaking the first commandant. I thought the CD would be more in line with Buddhism. Buddha, as I understand it, did not believe in God, per se, but he was a very admirable person and did a lot of good for the human race. I am also a great admirer of the Dalai Lama. I did give this CD to a nurse who is a Buddhist and she enjoyed it. I also like Deepak Chopra and wouldn't I love to have his money....more info
  • I can Remember my Dreams
    After meditating with this cd I can remember my dreams now. My dreams are more like HD tv. It is not foggy, I am there. I am more pieceful. I don't get angry any more the way I use to. Meditation gives you a pieceful high without taking drugs or alcohol.

    I am not a participant in my problems but more of an observer which sort of disconects me and allows me to see both sides of a situation rather than looking at it just from my point of view and taking things so personally.

    It is not a dull cd it has some good sounds. If you can, try it and see....more info
  • Relaxing...
    This is a great platform to start your experience of learning to relax and meditate. It truly releases the tensions of the day and renews your sole for a peaceful start to your evening....more info
  • fantastic
    the forgiveness meditation is fantastic what a way to fall asleep with forgiveness in your heart, this was a great guided meditation very helpful for beginners at meditation and long time practiciners...more info