Roger Waters - In the Flesh (Live)
Roger Waters - In the Flesh (Live)

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Studio: Sony Music Release Date: 09/10/2002 Rating: Nr

Recorded on a single night in June 2000, In the Flesh: Live is a thrilling live testament to the strength of Roger Waters's peculiar artistic vision. Backed by a crack ensemble of both fresh and seasoned players, the former Pink Floyd songsmith powers through Floyd classics, underserved relics, and highlights from his spotty solo career. The man is in great shape, physically and musically, and he obviously has a blast playing live.

What of the axe work? Accept the fact that Waters and Floyd guitarist David Gilmour no longer play together, and you'll appreciate stand-ins Snowy White and Doyle Bramhall II--and the degree to which they honor the parts and solos immortalized by Gilmour. (See the lavish but impersonal Pulse for a healthy dose of Gilmour's Floyd.) The Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix is massive, presenting both the music's inherent spaciousness and the favorable acoustics in Portland, Oregon's Rose Garden Arena. The DVD's 18-minute documentary is long on downtime and short on musical interplay. Any way you cut it, though, this is a must for Floyd fans and a real treat for lovers of arty, intelligent rock. --Michael Mikesell

Customer Reviews:

  • WOW!
    WOW, fantastic sound, entertaining show, polished performers and those wonderful Pink Floyd songs. Personally, I really enjoyed hearing Roger's solo work. My favorite was 'Amused to Death' but 'The Bravery of Being Out of Range' has an upbeat energy and is done very well with a better sound than the released 'faux' concert version on the original album. After seeing Roger's 2006 tour I now think the visuals were the only weakness in this DVD but the true fan will love it and look forward to his next release from The Dark Side of the Moon tour. Here's to hoping!...more info
  • Great Collection Of Floyd, Old And New
    Granted, this is not Pink Floyd, but Roger Waters assembled a great group of supporting musicians for this tour. Doyle Bramhall II looks a little out of his element, but he handles some faithful renditions of legendary David Gilmour solos. A definite must for any Floyd fan....more info
  • Get it now
    A performance that was very,very well put together. I just got it in 2005,. Wish I new it was available sooner. From the song selection ( listed in above reviews )to the overall stage performances a MUST for Roger Waters fans. Roger's stage performance is laid back and he is very much aware of his counterparts exceptional performances. Roger himself is incredible in his way of singing the playset. Not to take away from anyone in this concert. The three women on the background vocals capture Water's interpretation of his lyrics to the tee.
    From start to finsh a complete and fulfilling DVD to have even if you never listened to Floyd or Roger. The two songs from The Final Cut were my favs, cause that album to me is one of the best ever released. Mother,and Wish You Were Here brought chills to my body, and yes maybe tears. If you don't have this concert you are certainly missing something speicial.

    Love ya Roger God bless

    ...more info
  • Excellent sound and visually pleasing
    "In the Flesh Live" is certainly one of the most well-produced live music DVDs to date. The performances of classic Pink Floyd songs and Roger Waters solo material are given by an exceptionally capable assembly of musicians. Inevitably, there will be comparisons to Gilmour's Pink Floyd (sans Waters) but I am a fan of both. Well, at least I think the Floyd songs as performed by Waters are more organic and true to their original compostion than Gilmour's recent (if 12 years can be called recent) performances of the same music. But Waters' solo material has never engaged me, and as I watched and listened closely to the lyrics of such songs as "Amused to Death", I was more turned off than entertained by his tired, cynical, wordy philosophy and worldview. Each of his songs from his solo career seemed to have the same tone and message of doom and gloom, despite the small and belated hope of Each Small Candle. Waters is a clergyman preaching the very familiar and tired (and debunked)doctrine of humanism and liberalism. This is not to say that the performances are musically pleasing and accomplished, but I prefer the Floyd material over Waters' self-absorbed, self-righteous pronouncements against the human race. True, Roger's Pink Floyd songs are written from the same depressed and angry point of view, but they are ten-times more artfull and not so overbearing as his solo work. As alluded to previously, the sound and video of IN THE FLESH LIVE is terrific, including the direction, editing, and overall production. ...more info
  • Pink Floyd: Uncovered
    Being a fan of Pink Floyd's music in the early 80's, this DVD was a real treat! For the first time, seeing Roger Waters singled out was a real eye opener for me. I had only really thought of Pink Floyd as a sum of its parts; not as unique musicians coming together to be a part of something very special.
    Seeing Roger on stage, behind the scenes and interacting with his fellow band mates made everything seem more "real", better understood.
    I whole-heartedly recommend this DVD for those who are only even partially interested in Pink Floyd's music. The sound quality is unbelieveable and the video quality is at least as good.

    "Shine on, you crazy diamond!"...more info
  • Dolby Digital maybe, 5.1 Surround Sound...NO WAY
    Don't get me wrong..this is a great concert, great repertoire. However, I have to say that although the option for 5.1 surround sound appears on the menu, what you get is only sound from the two front speakers and the subwoofer. No sound comes from the central speaker and surround sound speakers.

    One past review mentioned this...he is right. I would have loved for this music to come on real 5.1 surround sound but it still sounds good though...2.1 surround sound maybe....that's why I give it only 3 stars.

    ...more info
  • The Best Ever
    I was at one of the concerts they filmed for this DVD, and I have to say being there was AMAZING, and this DVD comes pretty close to what I experienced. I love watching this and remembering seeing him live at this show. He was in top form, much better than his more recent dark side tour. If you like Pink Floyd, please do yourself a favor and buy this, you will not be disappointed....more info
  • sweet
    It is a pretty decent concert- sound and video pretty good- its a keeper...more info
  • Vintage Floyd Flashback
    I have every album the Floyd ever put out and most DVDs Gilmour and Waters have been associated with and have to say this is a fantastic journey through time. While David Gilmour and Company delivered a stellar performance in "Pulse" Roger proves that he was a driving force lyrically and his choices of vintage Floyd classics to perform in this live performance do not disappoint. Although my favorite Floyd album is Wish You Were Here, my favorite song on this DVD is "Dogs" off the Animals album - simply amazing. For you lead guitar enthusiasts, Roger has two of the finest I have ever watched. Any Floyd fan would consider this a key component in their collection. I was living less than 200 miles away when this concert was performed and am ashamed to have not known it was coming....more info
  • How a Concert Should Be Filmed
    Hands down this is the best concert DVD ever made. The video quality and the sound quality are just superb. The band is absolutely loaded with talent. From Brmahall III on guitar, to Graham Broad on the drums, and of course the keeper of the Floyd sound John Carin is amazing. Roger choses a fantastic song selection, much better then seen on Pulse. His voice has aged, no doubt, but he still delivers a solid and inspired performance.

    All other directors should take note of this DVD. The camera does not jump every two seconds. You get to really take in everything that you are seeing. You really feel like you are in the front of the audience viewing this show live. I recently saw Waters on his current Dark Side of the Moon Tour and this really does capture what the live experience is like.If you are a fan of Floyd you need to get this DVD. It is the type of disc you will play again and again, it just never gets old. Pop it in, crank it up, relax and enjoy. They broke the mold on artists like this, truely one of a kind. ...more info
  • Muy buen concierto !!!
    Para mi como "new Pink Floyd fan" este concierto me parece de muy buen gusto, buen sonido y calidad de video. Vale la pena tenerlo y no le paren bolas a los que le dieron 1 o 2 stars rating... Es Roger Waters y punto. El tiene mucho credito con la musica, letras e ideas de la maravilla de PINK FLOYD. DAVID GILMOUR en PULSE es buenisimo tambien y es mas "concierto format". Ambos son talentosos y espectaculares. YOU CAN'T GET WRONG WITH THIS DVD FOR JUST 10 BUCKS, C'MOM HAVE IT, ENJOY IT AND BE HAPPY,IT'S PINK FLOYD. IT HAS GOOD SONGS.... ...more info
  • Comfortably Numb Watching This Show
    Some love Waters and hate Gilmour. Others do it the other way around. I say love them both, because honestly together they've done some of the best music ever. In "In The Flesh (Live)" we get a great taste of the Floyd legacy, performed by incredible musicians who make this DVD as indispensable as they come.

    Starting out with the unavoidable "In The Flesh" and naturally flowing into more "The Wall" material (including what is probably the most heartfelt rendition of "Mother" I've ever seen), I think this show really starts to shine with "Dogs". You can't really tell this is a 17-minute epic, because it just flies by. What really struck me was Jon Carin's voice, the keyboard/guitar/lap steel player who just sits up there quietly doing his thing until this point and here unleashes a powerful, forceful tone. The musicians are all top notch, from the incredible stand-ins of Doyle Bramhall II (this guy is just spot on) and the classy Snowy White, to a brief appearance of Norbert Statchel on sax for "Money" and "Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun", well... the list goes on. The background singers are beautiful and sing just lovely. The perfect backdrop for all that's going on around them.

    The solo Waters songs also get appropriate treatment, with highlights for me being "Amused to Death", "Perfect Sense" and "Each Small Candle". Finally, many probably agree that the highest moment of this show is undoubtedly "Comfortably Numb" with Bramhall and Snowy White trading back and forth parts of one of the best guitar solos ever laid on track.

    Technically, the image quality is excellent, and the soundtrack is crystal clear. I have absolutely no objections to the technical merit of this release. My only complain is the lack of extra material, which includes only an 18 minute documentary about this tour plus some stills and biographies of each band member. I'm still giving this 5 stars based on the sheer brilliance of the show itself, though.

    This is an absolutely must-have DVD. Period....more info
  • I liked it, really, but nothing from K.A.O.S?
    If Roger Waters has made one mistake since his departure from Pink Floyd, besides going to blows with Gilmour, at least verbally, it is how he's forgotten about Radio K.A.O.S. This, I've always thought, was his most unique, interesting, and best sounding album since his Pink Floyd Days. And for someone touring solo, certainly he could fit in one song from this album.

    Other then that, though, I really enjoyed this DVD. The Wall stuff on this video was great, he played a really rocking version of "Set your controls for the heart of the sun" a song I've always liked, just sort of, until I heard this version. The Dark Side of the Moon stuff sounded good but seemed dull in comparison to a brilliant version of "Dogs" which made the 17 minutes just fly by.

    If you're a Floyd Fan or a Roger Fan, or both, you'll find something in this DVD, to latch on to. Roger is defiantly the most animated of the Fab four which made up Pink Floyd in the 70's.
    ...more info
  • Great
    Doyle Bramhall adds a new dimension to the guitar lead on your favorite Pink Floyd music....more info
  • It sure felt like a Pink Floyd Show...
    ...with all the songs that RW has written for the band. It's interesting to contrast this work to Pink Floyd, Live at Pompeii (1970 ish), and Pink Floyd's new Pulse DVD. One song, Comfortably Numb, is so skillfully performed on RW's DVD that you can tell who wrote/sang the different parts back when it was part of The Wall. This DVD is a treasure for the RW and PF lover. ...more info
  • A great Show. Roger and his band do well... most of the time!
    Roger Waters puts on a good show. His voice has diminished a bit, but he still does a good job at delivering vocals. It was nice to see him sing 'welcome to the machine' and 'wish you were here' where Dave Gilmour would have sang. To me it sounded awkward at first to hear him sing those songs due to his voice limitations, but also, nice at the same time to see the person who wrote the lyrics actually sing the song. I liked that he started off with a loud and explosive 'In the Flesh'. It was nice to hear some of his solo work as well. I'd hoped he would have done more from 'Pros and Cons' and 'Final Cut', I like the way he remixes 'set the controls' it was different and good! Also thru out the show when he's doing the Floyd material, Roger and his band make little chages/tweeks to the songs at times that are interesting to hear if you are very familiar with the studio versions. 'Set the controls' is an Obvious one, but also the femaile vocals in welcome to the machine 9a great touch), too many to name. Roger also plays with a lot of physical movement. When he's not singing he's all over the stage; weather he's playing bass or guitar he plays with heart. he also used a lot of non verbal hand communications to describe things happening in the song. "My hands felt just like 2 baloons" When that lyric from 'Comfortably Numb' is sang (by Doyl Bramhall) Roger conveys the feelings to the audience. Now...about Doyle Bramhill. I did not like any of his vocals to fill in for the Dave Gilmour parts; sounds like he's trying to sing like Gilmour, but not doing well. He is though an excellent guitarist, delivering great solos and just excellent playing. Keyboardist/backing vocalist/other instruments Jon Carin (who has played w/ Foyd on their last 2 tours, the double agent) sings (and plays accoustic guitar) most of the Gilmour vocal part of 'Dogs'. This wasn't so bad, despite it still being a Gilmour imitation. I didn't like the drumming on this one. The drummer was great thru the show, but on 'Dogs' I really like the way Nick Mason played them on the Floyd studio recording. He just did better fills, and uses more creativity to go with the flow of the music. I think the closer 'Each Small Candle' was a really good song, and a great way to end the show; 'Each small Candlel should have gotten more attention when he started playing it. I'd hoped he would use that song towards a folow up to 'Amused to Death' (which came out almost 15 years ago!). Guitarist and once Floyd touring guitarist Snowy White also does a great job. The concert is fun to watch. It doesn't bombard you with lasers, smoke, etc as seen on Pink Floyd's 'Pulse' dvd which I love and recommend since that was also a great concert performance, but 'In the Flesh' does seem to have a more intimate feel to it than 'Pulse'. Overall, a great viewing and listening experience. Highly Recommended! ...more info
  • What a treat!
    This is an amazing concert! The sound is out of this world... especially if you have surround sound speakers. I saw him live at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of years ago, and feel that this is as close as you can get if you were not fortunate enough or if you were and want to experience it all over again! The female singers bring a essence of power and artistry. You will view this one over and over... your neighbors may think you are obsessed... but who cares... it is quality music and music genius! The price is awesome for what you get... A+++++++!...more info
  • Simply great
    This concert is simply the best that's out there. The song selection is absolutely perfect (although "whish you were here" could have been replaced by, say, "Hey You" or "Echoes" or any other song; since it seems to be part of any live performance of Floyd or Waters). I'm glad they did "Dogs", which IMHO is one of (if not) the best Floyd number. As for Waters' Solo songs, "It's A Miracle" along with "Every Stranger's Eyes" rank the top with Graham Broad's astonishing drums and Jon Carin's keyboards . "Comfortably Nomb" is nice duo between Snowy White and Doyle Bramhall. All in all, this is a must have for Floyd fans or people who like to watch more than two hours of "great" music....more info
  • In a word: Spectacular, Tremendous, Awesome!
    OK that's three words, but a DVD this great can't be summed up easily. Especially to think you can pick this up for less than $10, it's unbelievable. What a great group of musicians and a great collection of songs. Really, REALLY well done. Ok, the documentary is inadequate, but who cares! The performance is what counts. I bought this and watched it 3 nights in a row. Even my wife, who is a so-so classic rock fan, sat through all three playings. If you don't have it, order it now!!

    Update: Several months later, this remains my favorite concert DVD and I have about 40 of them now. I just can't explain to you how good this is. Buy it and see for yourself!!!...more info
  • Excellent Concert Video
    Roger Waters and band put on an excellent show in "In The Flesh." Waters assembled an exellent band around him and they give the listener/viewer an all around sample of his work both with Pink Floyd and as a solo artist. The song "Dogs" is a particular highlight with keyboardist/guitarist Jon Carin singing the lead vocal.
    I only wish Jon had done some more lead. Doyle Bramhall II is a fantastic lead guitarist but his vocals are rather weak.
    One of the highlights is, not surprisingly "Money." Andy Fairweather Low's solo is very entertaining.
    Highly reccomend the extras as well, particularly the mini-documentary about assembling the show. Watch that first....more info
  • Great Concert
    A few disclaimers:
    I'm not a die-hard Floyd Fan
    I don't worship at the alter of Waters or Gilmour
    Neither Floyd nor Dark Side... nor The Wall "changed my life"

    Now, with that out of the way, I loved this concert! Like many of us, I was familiar with Floyd for their 30-year presence on FM Radio. I recognized and enjoyed their music, but never enough to actually buy one of their albums. To be honest, I could hear Floyd any time by just turning on the radio or visiting my friends' houses. Whether this is true or not, it seemed to me that the friends who smoked the most dope seemed to have Floyd on most of the time, so I just figured Floyd was stoner music. But when I saw these 60-year-old guys get up and close the London leg of the Live 8 broadcast, I was literally blown away. I taped the MTV rebroadcast and it was even better without any of the host commentary. Since then, I have bought some greatest hits collections, and even rented The Wall to see what the fuss was all about. Well, big disappointment, I guess you had to be a disaffected young person to get anything out of it. But that aside, the music is still great. I bought this DVD just to see a Waters interpretation of the music, as the Pulse video was all Gilmour. My conclusion: it doesn't matter who is playing it, this is great music. Give this one a try if you even remotely like Floyd; you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Amazing culmination of talent
    This is really just an unbelievable DVD that needs to be viewed by all people, regardless of their feelings for classic rock or Pink Floyd. Snowy White, a British blues guitarist, and Doyle Bramhall II, a Texan with an SRV style to his playing, take over for Mr. Gilmour and do it justice. Doyle Bramhall... his attire takes some getting used to. Hes easy to dislike. I rolled my eyes and sneered upon the sight of what looked to me like a high-class gigolo from the 80's.... but this kid ROCKS. In fact: As I'm writing this he is on tour with Eric Clapton, along with Derek Trucks from the Allman Bros. Believe me: Bramhall II, is a legend in the making (and I think hes toned down his attire lately... which is good). Kudos to Roger for grabbing this talent.
    Jon Carin, who amazingly enough is now touring with David Gilmour... is obvously a very talented and likable fellow. What he and the band do with Dogs is beyond words. Carin's strumming and excellent voice along with Bramhall's ferocious guitar chops... you just got to see/hear it to believe.
    The backing singers are very soulful. Well two of them are... the skinnier girl on the right (from your/audience's perspective) does close to nothing as far as I can tell and screws up her only solo (on the Bravery of Being Out of Range), but the other girls belt out some spine-chilling solos. The way the one lady sings Mother... and the way the other girl sings Perfect Sense... you couldn't ask for more soulful, well-honed voices with those two around.
    Roger, as another reviewer said, is very at ease and constantly expresses his enjoyment... for better or worse. I guess the thing of it is, and my only real gripe, is that this concert shows that Roger Water's Live doesn't really need Roger Waters. Half the time his hands aren't on the instrument!!! but he is instead interacting with the crowd. Cool, but uh... you get the feeling that he may as well put down the bass and just do his singing/talking. Fairweather-Low is usually playing the bass lines that you hear.
    I won't go track by track (C. Numb rocks!), but will just sum up by saying that I love all Floyd, and do consider Mr. Gilmour's unique, expressive guitar to be perhaps the most quintessential piece to what is really Pink... but if you just take this concert for what it is... it is a true masterpiece....more info
  • Like WOW!!!!
    Oh my god, Get this DVD man. I was walking back home on a sunny afternoon in Wales. I visited the shop HMV to look around for some good cd/DVD. And there it was, no one told me!!How could they:( I grabbed it, paid for it, did not even say 'Thanks', I sped off like there was a herd of angry cows chasing after me. I popped this 'I-thank-God-for creating-Waters' DVD and I sailed. I sailed, I flew, I dreamed.....This is a killer. I only wished they had 'Great Gig In The Sky' as well. All tracks were superb, but 'Comfortably Numb' was a gift to us, the buyers. I guess we have to actually pay a little more for that song. Like 'WOW!"...more info
  • Roger Waters = Perfection
    This video is the best I have found of Roger Waters. It is obvious that Waters is a musical perfectionist. He has put together a superb group that comes as close as you can get to the original Floyd. All props to Gilmore, but in this video Waters clearly shows he is the best at reproducing the sound and experience of Pink Floyd live. A must have for any Floyd fan. ...more info
  • Great sound and extremely well played
    Like most others here, I love this DVD - along with Symphonic Yes, it now has pride of place in my collection. However, I'm a bit amazed that almost nobody has mentioned the drummer (Graham Broad). I reckon he did a top job - very tight, controlled and focussed. His sound was like the backbone of the whole concert, while the guitars and keyboards, all of them excellent, wound their magical way around it. I especially like watching him hard at work at the start of "Time".

    As for the setlist, I don't think I could have asked for a more representative and richer sampling from the Pink Floyd collection. I'm not very familiar with Roger's more recent stuff, but I'm beginning to get to know and enjoy those as well.

    This is a DVD which I regularly listen to (up loud, when I'm alone!), and which I don't think I'll ever get sick of....more info
  • continues to get the job done
    Prior to purchasing this DVD, I had been looking for a good live Floyd product since I never saw the band live. I read the reviews on the other Floyd and Gilmore DVD's and decided not to ingore their warnings. This one appeared to have the most favorable feedback. The production does not disappoint. Roger proves that he can continue to deliver without the rest of the boys. His team in this footage pulls it all together. The concert is so good that I play it to listen even if I'm working on something else that doesn't allow me to watch. If anyone comes across another product with Gilmore, Mason, etc... that compares, please let me know as I would like to see it. ...more info
  • Fantastic
    This DVD captures Waters and his all-star band at their best. Most of the Pink Floyd classics are played. Waters mixes in some of his solo material as well.

    The show appears to be broken into segments; each to honor a particular album. The show opens with a 4 song salute to "The Wall." "In the Flesh," "Happiest Days of our Lives," and "Another Brick in the Wall 2" are all true to the original versions. The guitar solo in "Mother" tingled my spine.

    A couple of songs from "The Final Cut" are played; somewhat of a rest for the show. This allows the viewer to take a breath in anticipation for what comes next.

    The next part of the show focuses on the Floyd classic album "Animals." This can be summarized with one word - "Dogs."

    "Wish You Were Here," is a very underrated Floyd Album. "Shine on You Crazy Diamond," is played in full with incredible percision. "Welcome to the Machine" is accominapied by the classic Floyd visuals.

    "Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun" is the one song in the set from the very early days of Floyd.

    The DVD reaches its peak as Waters and company pay tribute to "Dark Side of the Moon." "Breathe," "Time," "Money," "Brain Dmage," and "Eclipse," are all played. These songs have stood the test of time for the past 30 years and likely will be listened to by music fans 100 years from now. Timeless.

    Waters then reaches in to his solo catalog with cuts from "Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking," and "Amused to Death." Good stuff, but not Floyd.

    The show is closed with stunning versions of "Comfortably Numb," and "Each Small Candle."

    While Waters is the obvious focus of the DVD, I found Doyle Bramhall II to be the star of the show. Bramhall plays most of the lead guitar and sings many of the parts orginally sung by David Gilmour. Bramhall absoluyely blisters his guitar. The rest of the band is very good too.

    In summary, if you like Floyd, but this DVD NOW!...more info
  • Absolutely Amazing!!!!
    Waters the Pink Floyd's Soul & Brain comes back with this amazing concert, a real masterpiece, the only sad thing is that is not a DTS sound in the DVD but that's not a impediment to enjoy it. ...more info
  • Major Score!!
    Picked this up for 9.99 (at another major retailer, but that's hardly the point, 11.99 is a great price) yesterday, got home and popped it in.
    Starts out with "In the Flesh?" and you can clearly see that Waters is having a blast being on stage performing. The sound quality on this first track seems to waver at points; almost made me think the whole disc was going to sound this way and be a "one-timer" (one watch). NO WAY. I was wrong. If you're a die-hard Floyd fan, order it now, you won't be disappointed. 170 minutes of classic PF with a few of Roger's songs added to the mix. His guitarists switch leads and each do a fantastic job of emulating the sound of David Gilmour and if you close your eyes, this IS Pink Floyd. I'm not going to get into the track listing, you can get most of it from the other reviews and from the companion CD's track listing; but believe me, it's worth every penny....more info
  • Roger Waters In the Flesh
    If you love Pink Floyd, you will like this. There were a few songs that I ff on. But most songs were great....more info
  • Get it!
    This DVD is better than I expected. I was at this concert at the Gorge and it was the same show! Even my friends that are not fans watched it intensly. I recommend having the closed caption on so you can follow all the words....more info
  • amazingly genuine, but...
    Well... This DVD shows a really amazing content. Roger Waters on stage, after years and years and years... "In the flesh" is, for me, the most impressive part. It reminds me of "old" Pink Floyd times. In musical terms, the DVD is absolutely perfect and well done. However, Waters has, with age, lost lots of his cynic behaviour, which I find is a pity. "Another brick in the wall" is sung with enthusiasm - but all the despair of the "original" wall is lost - just the elements which made this masterwork so unbeatable. Well... we all become older, and, to be fair, I leave 4 stars behind. The show is modest but effective....more info
  • Pink Floyd fans take note
    This is little know Roger Waters album done live in Portland, Oregon. I first saw it on PBS and was so impressed that quicklly ordered the DVD. (not sure if a CD is available) He does songs from 3-4 Pink Floyd albums. It's a lot of the same band as the Live in Berlin album. It is now in my top two along with Pulse....maybe better....more info
  • Waters vs Gilmour debate useless
    Reading a lot of the previous reviews is like listening to a bunch of spoiled children. The Waters vs Gilmour debate is useless. Neither is as good without the other. Having seen both of them I can honestly say that Waters needs Gilmour just as much as Gilmour needs Waters. "Momentary Lapse of Garbage" and "Division Crap" do not sound anything like classic Floyd, so to try to argue that Gilmour is Floyd is ridiculous. Roger Waters solo album "Amused to death" blows away either post Waters Floyd albums. I would also listen to any Waters solo albums over Gilmour's own solo albums any day as well. Having said all that I would have to admit that Gilmour is probably better live and at playing the classics. If you are a true Floyd fan, there is no debate, enjoy each on their own terms. The "In the Fesh" dvd is well worth the viewing and is an excellent dvd period. ...more info
  • Coming up with Pink Floyd
    In my teen years there were several inspiring rock bands that molded our lives. Pink Floyd was my personal favorite. When they split, I was of course devastated. I caught an opportunity to see Roger Waters "Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking" tour back in the 80s and I didn't expect much, but I was blown away. I later saw David Gilmore's version of PF and felt Roger captured the spirt of PF that I remember. This DVD pretty much let me relive that Roger Waters concert I saw so many years ago. I gave this DVD to my older brother, who was also a Pink Floyd fanatic, and he was likewise, blown away!...more info
  • Superb
    Ok, like everyone esle, I am a Pink Floyd fan. Ok big shock. What I never got into was the tiff about who is the soul of Floyd. Roger? David? Forget all that.

    Makes no difference which you prefer, if indeed you do. Doesn't matter.

    This is hands down the finest Concert DVD I have ever seen and I have seen plenty. I have a 54inch sony wega and a nice surround sound stero to watch them on and there isn't anything finer.

    If you even remotely like Pink Floyd and would like a DVD of some of the great hits.. This is a fine DVD. Roger Waters is in fine form and the musicians backing him are awesome. The production value of this DVD is outstanding. None of the teenager camerawork. This doesn't look like an MTV concert.

    This is movie quality work. Get it. you're gonna love it. Even if you never heard of Pink Floyd before. :)

    My Top 3 DVD Concerts.
    1. Pulse if it ever gets out and meets expectations.
    2. Roger Waters - In the Flesh
    3. Roy Orbison - A Black and White Night

    Honorable Mention
    The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over

    Can't go wrong with any of these quality DVDs....more info
  • The real soul of the pink floyd sound
    This is so far the best DVD available of Pink Floyd music (the old ones). Roger Waters did what Pink Floyd (current) never did before, giving you the real psychodelic music. The scene of Shine On your Crazy Diamond, where shown Syd's face is to me the best part of the show. No question about PULSE and IN THE FLESH, both are great concerts but IN THE FLESH is more deep in sound and feeling. Just listen the first track "In the flesh?" it will take you to your young ages with the wall....more info
  • Excellent Concert, Excellent DVD
    I recieved the DVD as a gift for my birthday a while ago. Let me start off by saying I am a huge Pink Floyd fan, but I am not obsessed by them. I listen to many kinds of music, I like Blind Guardian, Dream Theater and I even listen to harder stuff like Death Metal some times. Even thought I dabble in those things, I always have to come back to Pink Floyd to keep myself grounded. But this is not Pink Floyd... no, if it were Pink Floyd, the world would be a different place, for me at least :D

    The sound is incredibly good in this DVD. Better go get some good surround speakers with all the good stuff. Pink Floyd will always have to right money to pay for good production. The camera work is excellent, the view is never obstructed or ambiguous like in Delicate Sound.

    I missed Mr. Screen (the circular screen that floyd use in their concerts), but the projections behind the musicians were very good.

    Allright, the solos are not performed by David Gilmour, and they sound different. The musicians have done a good job, though. Snowy White has always been part of Floyd in concert, so his sound can be recognised... but Doyle Bramhall II... he was awesome. The solos on Comfortably Numb sounded a lot different from the original, but they rocked. Hard.

    The show didn't miss on good old floyd synth lines. The synth section in the middle of Dogs is when Roger and the guys have the nerves to play some cards in the middle of a concert :D I thought that was funny.

    Oh yes... and Roger.

    Roger rocked. What else can I say? His voice is 70% what made the Floyd sound, and the sound is here. It was good to finally hear parts of The Final Cut live. Southampton Dock was very very good, a lot better than the album version, and quite emotional.

    My favorite songs on this one would have to be:

    1) In The Flesh: the starts with an explosive barrage of flangered guitar mania. Roger looks extremelly thrilled pointing at people in the audience and ordering to have them executed. I love how he moves around on the stage showing the hammers sign, with his bass guitar hanging.

    2) The Final Cut part: This is like 3 or 4 songs, I can't remember correctly, but I love them. Excellent delivery.

    3) Welcome To The Machine: This song is actually quite scary.

    4) Dogs. Wow, just wow. This was an excellent part. People seem to want to skip over this song because it's so long, but it's worth it. A classic song that gives you the floyd feel.

    5) Comfortably Numb: Once again... wow. I have played the solos over and over and I just can't express how cool they are performed by the two guitarists, who harmonize together in the end to create a wonderful climax.

    6) Each Small Candle: Amazing... amazing Roger Waters style emotion and rage. The song just seems to go deeper and deeper.

    Songs I don't like:

    I feel the Dark Side of The Moon part fails to raise to expectations. Something is simply wrong... maybe because the original album relied so much on the other members to make it sound like pure Floyd. Doyle doesen't have the right voice for the job.

    Wish You Were Here: Butchered... I think I skip over it each time. What a wonderful song and what a dreadful performance. It is clear that the album was David Gilmour's magnum opus... without him, it's nothing.

    Shine on You Crazy Diamond: The song was pretty good, but a lot of the Floyd feeling was lost... too bad. They didn't use the right kind of distortion for the solos.

    In the end, I urge you to buy this album. If you are not a floyd fan, it's the perfect thing to get you into it. ...more info
  • Roger Waters - In The Flesh
    I had seen this video a couple times over the past few years. I always loved watching the performers. They are some very skilled artists and bring together the Floyd/Rogers music in a most enjoyable venue. I highly recommend this video for any fan of Floyd or Roger Waters solo material....more info
  • The Sound is Perfect
    Roger Waters in The Flesh is one of the best sounding DVDs on the market. The sound is just perfect with Klipsch Ultra 5.1 Soundblaster X-FI soundcard...more info


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