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Deluxe Baby's Essentials Healthcare & Grooming Kit meets all of the safety, health and grooming needs of your baby in one package. Keep everything handy, whether it is a nail clipper or a thermometer in the stylish travel case. Keep your baby happy and healthy with this kit.

  • Includes nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, strip with case, pacifier medicine dispenser
  • Includes medicine syringe, comb, brush, nail clippers, 6 emery boards
  • Includes teether, gum massager, finger toothbrush with case
  • Includes 5 alcohol swabs, emergency information card and stylish storage case

Customer Reviews:

  • horrible
    i put this on my baby shower registry and i sure am sorry. the thermomoter BARELY works...the nails files do not work on my baby's nails. The bulb is way to hard for me to suction anything out of DD's Nose. The hairbrush works pretty good for DD's hair.;..why would I use the toothbrush that they give me for my kid/?...Id go to the store and buy her a new one....the Temperature Tester doesnt work fast takes 10 yrs to move a degree....
    Of i were you spend your money on a more expensive kit....I know DF and I are........more info
  • Convenient, Economical and Useful
    This Nursery and Bath Care Set contains a number of highly useful baby items stored in a case that's compact and sturdy enough for regular travel. Our son recently turned two and we still have the kit on-hand for almost daily use.

    The best items include

    * the well-designed medicine spoon: It stands upright on its own so you can pour liquids into it and see how much you've dispensed; the guidelines are metric on one side and English on the other; the spoon itself is sized well for baby with little to no mess

    * the nail clippers: Big handle for sure gripping while holding a potentially squirmy customer

    * the bath thermometer: Much more accurate than so many other bath toys that try to do double duty as a thermometer).

    The most disappointing component was predictably the thermometer. It's a pretty simplistic digital model that needed to be held in place too long to get very accurate readings from a baby. My wife and I use it ourselves and it works fine. If your baby tends to get a lot of fevers, invest in a high-end ear or forehead thermometer for the best combination of accuracy and speed. The toothbrush is also not very helpful because by the time baby is ready to begin brushing, he or she will want a less clinical-looking model with a smaller, softer head than this one has.

    One note on the negative review at the top of the page: maybe everyone should move to Ann Arbor, MI before delivering because the hospitals and pharmacies are much more liberal with their giveaways there. We loved our hospital experience, but our parting gifts consisted of a bulb aspirator (which wasn't as nice as the one in this kit), a pat on the back and a "have a nice day now". Leaving the hospital and coming home with a newborn, especially your first, can be an unbelievably hectic time - I wouldn't want to rely on the possibility of freebies to help us take care of our baby.

    Given the low cost of this kit, it's well worth knowing that you're prepared to come home with your newborn. And the Nursery and Bath Care Set will continue to pay off with its travel convenience and useful contents for years to come. ...more info
  • I use almost everything!
    I love this kit. Everything in this kit is a necessity and works well. My only complaint is the nail clippers. They are a bit big to use on a newborn...
    Oh, and I wish I knew what hospital the lady went to that received all of these products...I got diapers and a formula bag...I had to sneak the t-shirt and blanket for memories!!...more info
  • Awful Set - Practically useless
    I'm not sure what the other reviewers are talkinga bout. We registered for this set and got it as a gift. I have used NOTHING from it. The green suction bulb is so hard I can't possibly get it to compress with one hand - its useless for suctioning babies nose, we used the one from the hospital. The same thing with the dropper. The tweezers were so hard to handle, I just used mine. The brush and comb are okay. The nail clippers are too difficult to see what you are doing and so I end up cutting my daughter's fingers - the nail scissors are too dull to cut her nails.

    Overall, this is a cheap set and I would not recommend it....more info

  • It's a waste of money
    Your much better off getting another all in one kit. This kit hardly works. Everything just seems to big for the baby, the nail clipper the comb, the brush. The nail clipper works better on adults than infants. ...more info
  • so-so products
    I picked this set apart and most of the pieces never get used. The aspirator is too stiff and hard to clean. The clippers are pretty good. The sissors are too bulky. The tweezers aren't sharp enough. And the medicine dropper is too stiff to use. I bought a separate 10 second themomoter so this one is now my back-up. As a set its not worth the money, buy the pieces individually you get much better quality....more info
  • Worth it because of the nail clippers
    I agree that the majority of things in this kit are worthless. I think the only things I have used are hairbrush, comb, toothbrush and nail clippers. I have to say that I love the nail clippers! I have had mine for almost two years now and they are the best. I have tried other clippers and they just don't compare. Definitely worth it because of the nail clippers!...more info
  • Good Variety Not So Good Quality
    I like the variety this product offers, but after only using the nail clippers a couple of times, they broke- the top unsnaped from the bottom and I was unable to put it back together. The Nasal Aspirator is to thick to fit into the nose easily, especailly when your child doesn't like to have their nose sucked out anyways....more info
  • Not worth the money
    I registered for this item, and received it as a shower present. The first time I opened the kit to take stuff out, the nail clippers broke. The bulb syringe seemed a bit stiff as well, but I never got the chance to use it since I took it back before my baby was born. Now that my son is 6 months old, I realize I would not have used half of the stuff in there. The only things I use often are nail clippers, files, nasal aspirator and a brush. You can buy better ones for less than the whole kit. Also, the hospital will provide you with a better nasal aspirator than anyone you can buy....more info
  • Good
    It was much more economical to purchase the kit as opposed to buying everything individually. There are things that your baby will not use at least for a couple of months but it is very user friendly.

    The only downfall is that when the battery in the thermometer goes dead it cannot be replaced. I received mine with a dead battery so my thermometer is useless but there is also the forehead temperature reader so I am using that instead.

    This product isn't bad but when purchased try to get one with a reusable thermometer....more info
  • Not necessary and poor quality
    Nail clippers broke after a few uses. As for everything else, I rarely use any of the items...practically everything in the kit will be given to you when you take your baby home from the hospital. I thought it seemed like a smart idea to register for this. No one needs to waste their money on it....more info
  • Great set!
    Everything that I need in a bath care set is in here...very convenient....more info
  • Not worth it!
    The thermometer didn't work, and neither did the room temperature gauge (I think that was what it was, there was no instruction booklet). The nasal aspirator is too hard to depress. The brush works fine and is soft enough, and the nail clippers aren't bad. I'd buy those 2 items separate and get a digital ear thermometer -- I've been through 2 digital thermometers and my daughter hates for me to take her temp under her "wing." You can use your own nail files and tweezers and a comb was unnecessary....more info
  • Better for older baby/child
    I wouldn't give this as a shower gift, some of the items really aren't geared for small infants.
    Otherwise a decent item.
    Nasal asperater, and combs that come from hospital are MUCH better than those in kit in my opinion, also the clippers seemed too large for delicate little baby nails...more info
  • Great new baby kit
    This is a great kit, everything you need and the case keeps it all together. I use the nail clippers all the time, even for me. As for all the hospital freebies... the only thing we got from the hospital that was in this kit is the nasal bulb. I'm a first time mom and I didn't have any of these things not even a thermometor. We use the clippers and hair brush almost daily and have had no problems with in the 17 months we have had it. I must say that the nasal bulb wasn't as good as the one we got at the hospital and I never used the bath tub thermometer. Overall I am quite pleased and have definately gotten my money's worth out of this product....more info
  • A pretty good set
    I received this as a shower gift. It's pieces are overall very useful- but some of them are rather bulky for use on a newborn. I attempted to use the clippers and the scissors- both were too big and clumsy for use on a small fingernail.
    The thermometer and the medicine droppers are great, and the rubber grips make them easier to use. The set is very attractive- if that makes it more appealing to you. But it may be more economical and easier to assemble your own kit with the best of individual tools. I reccommend a small curved nail scissor for your newborn- the kind you would find in an adult's manicure set. Very dainty and precise for use on tiny little nails....more info
  • Useless. Very disappointed!!!
    I got this on my registry and was disappointed when I used it. The thermometer does not work. The nail clipper is of adult size and not made for infants. The nasal aspirator is too hard to use. The comb is too big for my baby's head. Nothing worked as I had expected. I would have returned it if I kept the packaging. I had to go out and get another set to use on my baby. Please don't buy or register for it. It's a waste....more info
  • Excellent
    This set has everything you need to take care of the baby at a great price. I highly recommend it to every parent. It combines two sets that are sold seperately and it is so convenient. It is a great thing to have....more info
  • Not very useful
    I agree with the raters who found this product to be not very useful. I wish I had not registered for it. My problem with it is that the individual items are either not very good quality, or not particularly useful. The digital thermometer, for example, takes a very long time to finish and doesn't have a beep or anything to signal to you that it is done. You just have to wait and wait and wait and guess. I have a much better digital thermometer already anyway, that cost less than $10. I have a much nicer nail clippers and also a better nasal aspirator that came FREE with Little Remedies gas drops and saline spray. The medicine dropper is pointless--as others pointed out, any medicine you receive for your infant comes with its own dropper. It's also a bit big for a newborn's mouth, if you ask me--we used it to syringe-feed my son in the first week to avoid nipple confusion, and it was unwieldy. As for the emery boards and alcohol swabs, who on earth doesn't have this stuff in their house already? Five little alcohol swabs are not going to get you through the umbilical stump period--you are going to need cotton balls and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I guess this kit might be a good backup for when you run out of or misplace your "good" items, but nothing in it is my first choice for caring for my son. You are much better off buying a clear plastic makeup-type bag and filling it with good-quality items, if you like the convenience of having a "kit" of everything you might need....more info
  • Cheap!
    I got this last weekend at my shower. I took it out to look at all the little pieces. The nail clippers came apart, the tweezers don't line up and the sticker on the thermometer is bent and crooked. I will be returning it and looking for something that will last....more info
  • Terrific set
    I received this set as a gift. I do agree with one of the reviewers you get some of the items in the hospital, however, we didn't get all of the items and when you're a new parent pressed for time, it's awfully convenient to have everything you need packed into one kit.

    The one "add on" that we put into the kit ourselves was a digital ear thermometer. Other than that, it had everything we needed.

    It's great for travel, and the items are well made and attractive in appearance. It would make a terrific gift....more info
  • Great kit for new parents!
    I registered for this item and it arrived while I was in the hospital. I was so relieved to find it when I got home. I'll admit that not all the items are necessary, but it is still a fabulous kit. All I came home from the hospital with besides my son was an aspirator and ointment for my son's circumcision. The brush and comb are obviously highly useful. The nail clippers are my favorite even though I did get several pairs with gifts and such. The adjustable and extra long handle is great. The scissors and aspirator have also been handy. I never used the alcohol wipes or emery boards. I haven't used the tweezers yet, I just haven't needed them, but I'm sure the day will come.
    I used one of those rubber finger toothbrushes until my son was about 9 months old, but when he bit clean through it and bruised my finger we switched to this toothbrush. (my son was a fairly early teether and was cutting his molars by then). We're now on are third toddler toothbrush and he's not even 2 yet. The temp tester has been used since his first tub bath at just a few weeks old and still is. I've never had any problems with it being variable or unreliable. The digital therm. has been great. I've always used it to get an underarm temp. not an oral. I was told by both my son's doctor, her nurses, and the workers at Babies R Us that the ear thermometers were less reliable unless you got a hospital quality one, which is not what is available in the stores. I haven't used the medicine dispensers because most medicines come with their on droppers but if I ever loose one or have to throw one away for some reason I can because I have these reusable ones as backups.

    Overall I think this is a great kit for new parents and I'd recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Very handy kit to own
    I received this as a gift at my baby shower. My daughter is now 16 months, and we have used several of the items, and know the others are there if we need them. Yes, the bulb syringe isn't the greatest, but the brush is handy for the diaper bag, the clippers are comfortable and easy to use (esp. for a first time mom), the scissors and files are great for the newborn, and the toothbrush is wonderful (my daughter LOVES to brush her teeth, and learned on this brush). Also, most pediatricians recommend rectal temps, they're more accurate than those taken in the ear. The bath thermometer is also handy until you get used to what bathwater should feel like for a baby (again, first time moms!). Overall, I was very pleased with this set!...more info
  • Pretty Good for a First Time Mom
    I put this on my registry and received it at my shower. I have been pretty pleased with it as well!
    *At first, I didn't think I'd need the thermometer because I also had an ear thermometer, but my child's pediatrician said they aren't accurate with newborns or infants, so I've gotten plenty of use out of it as an under-the-arm thermometer.
    *I didn't like the bulb syringe at all... it's not very flexible. I much prefer the one given to us at the hospital.
    *The nail clippers work great! I use them quite a bit since my son's nails grow so quickly. Some say to just tear the end of the nail off, but I'd hate to accidentally get it tearing into the nail bed! Ouch!
    *I won't use the medicine measurer anytime soon thanks to the little syringes the hospital gave me, but once he's bigger and takes larger doses of medicine, I'm sure they'll come in handy.
    *The brush is pretty soft, but his hair isn't long enough for the comb yet.
    I think it's a great set, but this is the only one I have and I haven't checked out any others. I'd definitely recommend it with the fact that you won't use everything at once in mind....more info
  • So far, completely useless
    I registered for this because it had a nail clipper and other seemingly useful items. After 2 months I haven't used a single thing. The nail clipper is an adult size, and I had to buy a baby one (about $2 at the drug store). The emery boards didn't work at all on the baby's soft nails. I use the nasal aspirator from the hospital. The baby bathtub we have has a built-in temperature sensor, but it is easy enough to just feel the water and know if it is right. Maybe once the baby is older, things in this kit will come in handy. Don't bother putting it on your registry- there are more important items that you need and this is a lot of money for nothing very useful....more info
  • Not a neccesity
    I put this on my baby registry cause I thought it would be useful, but I found that it really isn't. The only things I use are the comb, brush, and nailclippers. The nasal aspirator is very weak. When you get medicine from your pharmacy they give you the measuring tools, and you're not supposed to use any other than what they give you. Other than the brush, and comb it just looks really nice on the bathroom cabinet....more info
  • Only a couple of useful items - clippers are the best tho'!
    It's been 1yr. now, and at first I thought this kit was the bomb. But the only items I regularly use are the baby-hair-brush and the nail clippers. You can buy both of these seperately & I would have if I knew I'd not use the rest of the kit! I do highly recommend the Nail Clippers from this manufacturer, they have seen much use over 1 year's time and they still work great.

    Tried using the Thermometer but it was very difficult to use - bought a better one for very little money AND we ended up getting an ear-thermometer anyway, as for the medicine spoon & dropper, (as any doctor will affirm) it is important to use the medication dropper provided WITH any medicine you purchase (I did not know this as a new-mom previously)....more info
  • Don't buy it!
    The very first time I used the nail clippers, they broke! The bulb syringe is worthless. It was way to hard to depress and the suction was not good. Thankfully I took one home from the hospital. The nail scissors work OK but they are hard to use because the handle is so big.I haven't attempted to use anything else except the brush which is fine. I found the whole set to be worthless and cheaply made. Pass this one up....more info
  • Nursery Care Kit
    I like all items that came w/ it and not to mention the case that holds everything. Also liked that the clipers have a large grip handle to them. I am thinking these kits come in various colors but if not I would just like to suggest that maybe they could make them in green, blue, pink and yellow as well. I like the purple, just thinking along the lines that some people are picky about colors go for boys & girls....more info
  • don't waste your money
    seriously you only need baby nail scissors, clippers, a thermometer, and a bulb get a bulb syringe from the hospital and a comb, too...the other things in the kit i haven't used...ask other mom and find out the items you really need and just buy those...for the money...not a good value...more info
  • Flimsy set
    The Nail cutter broke right after being taken out of the case....when I tried to flip it over. Buy these products individually and you can ensure better quality....more info
  • Great product has everything you need
    It's been awhile since the last review so I thought I'd share my opinion. While some hospitals may (did) give you some of the items in the kit, it's not a guarantee that they will and there's nothing wrong with having a backup. I actually have 2 of these kits, one for the house and one for the diaper bag....more info
  • Good to have around the house
    I received this kit as a gift and I actually use quite a bit of the products. Recently, my daughter (3 mos.) was very ill and I had to give her small doses of pedialyte. The syringe came in handy. I also use the aspirator quite a bit too. Most of the items look somewhat cheap (i.e.- the nail clippers, which have broken) for the money it is useful for the basics......more info
  • Not a bad little kit
    Contrary to what another reviewer said I did not get any of these things or any baby care items when I left the hospital with my baby. So this came in handy. The only items I really use are the nail clippers, thermometer and baby brush. Because the nail clippers are so big in my hand I don't drop them as easily as I would regular small ones if my baby hits my hand. They are nice and sharp also. I haven't found a need for the way the top is able to swival though. Everything is pretty standard and not very low quality as I had feared. The brush is like a typical baby or doll brush (very soft and fine) and doesn't help getting the cradle cap scales off very well. The tub thermometer is ok, but is rather hard to read underwater. The carrying case is clear and zippered which I found very handy since I could see at a glance what was in it and what was missing. I think I would have prefered to just buy the items individually for more money, but if you don't have much to spend this would be good....more info
  • I love this because...
    I love the in tub thermometer!! My husband and I live overseas and do not have the benefit of experience or a grandmothers helping hand. I was really nervous about the temperature of the bath but this made it so ease. The suction cup sticks to the plastic bath surface and the metal sink perfectly!! I haven't tried most of the other things but the themometer makes it worth it!!...more info
  • Buen producto...
    Buen producto, posee lo b®Ęsico para el cuidado de un beb®¶, realmente lo recomiendo, es fundamental contar con ®¶l....more info
  • It was okay...
    Like I said, it was okay...nothing to get too excited over. The only thing that really got me about this kit is the thing for the nose is WAY too hard so we threw it away and used the one the hospital gave us. I don't have a clue why they made it that hard. Feels like they mixed cement in with plastic!! Almost impossible to even SQUEEZE without some muscle!...more info
  • Nursery & Bath Care Set Review
    The Nursery & Bath Care Set was exactly as pictured. Perfect new mother gift!!...more info
  • Most useful piece breaks easily
    This is a handy set to have and includes most, if not all, of the grooming tools you'll need for your baby.

    I don't use the storage pouch, instead I keep everything in the baby's bath basket.

    The nail files are difficult to use on a small baby's hands because the nails are soft. I had much better luck using the nail clippers. However, the clippers tend to come apart on me. They can be put back together, but it's a little bit of a hassle. Also, I've seen clippers at BRU that have a little magnifying glass attached. Thay would have been very helpful when we first came home from the hospital.

    The brush is excellent. My son has mild cradle cap and I can use the brush to clean his poor little head. The bristles are very soft and don't irritate his sensitive scalp.

    The bulb syringe isn't as easy to use or as soft as the one that came in my New Parents Survival Kit from Little Remedies.

    The water temperature taker won't stick to my baby's tub but I let it float in the water and have tested it against my kitchen thermometer. It is accurate.

    I haven't used the other pieces yet....more info

  • Good for the Money
    This item is good for the money. A couple of the items, like the digital thermometer seem a little cheaply made. On the other hand, the rubber grips on the tweezers and nail clipper are great. It also comes with a bulb suringe which is much better than the new bulbs that do not suck very well....more info
  • 1st time mom
    I recieved this kit as a shower gift. I have found that everything in it has been very useful and easy to use. We got a second kit by a different company and It is not as safe. I like the way that you can keep everything together. The clippers are a little big, but with a gentle touch and a little care they are still really the easiest to get the figernail clipped with out hurting your baby. The bath therometer is great. I have not had to use the medicine despencer or a couple of other things, but everything I use so far has worked out great...more info
  • It actually is useful
    My son is three and I STILL use these nail clippers. They have always worked well for us. I too use an ear thermometer or a temporal artery thermometer, but I do use the thermometer to test the bath water and it works great for that. I have also used the aspirator and the brush. No, most of the items are not neccissary, but its a nice kit to have. And for the ladies who keep insisting everyone should get everything from the hospital, some of us don't deliver our babies in hospitals. We are not sick and neither are our babies and we don't feel the need to make birth a medical event. I have my babies naturally, at home with midwives and yes, buy my own aspirator and baby brush. I guess I had to sacrifice those "freebies"...more info
  • Picture does not match actual kit! Please don't buy if you're looking for the items in the picture!
    I bought this kit because I wanted the temperature tester that many people raved about in the reviews. However, when I actually got the kit, it wasn't the kit that was pictured. In fact, it's a 26 piece set and not a 24 piece set. You actually get the Deluxe Baby's Essential Kit from Summer Infant instead. Apparently, they no longer make this kit and when I wrote Amazon to complain about it, they told me to take it up with Target instead. Finally ended up keeping the kit because it was such a pain to resolve the issue and they don't offer the kit I was looking for anymore. Haven't really found anything useful in the kit except for the nail clipper and nail files. Save your money and just buy the pieces you need instead....more info
  • Useless for a newborn
    My baby is 4 weeks old, I have not yet used a thing from it. Regular adult stuff is more useful and better quality....more info
  • Fair
    The quality of the products does not seem as good as the picture. It looks cheap....more info
  • Somewhat disappointing
    When I registered for this item, it seemed like a good, all-in-one kit. I have found the brush, comb, nail clippers and bathtub thermometer to be quite useful. BUT, the nasal aspirator is too hard to be of any use, and the medicine dropper is made of a similar, unflexible plastic. It's hard enough to use these items in general on an infant, but the products here turn it into a baby wrestling match. I ended up buying a separate nasal aspirator and a separate medicine dropper. In retrospect, I would have been better off registering for a grooming kit and then the individual "medical" items separately....more info
  • everything you need and MORE
    My favorite items are the nail clipper (which you can actually hold on to), the water temp (much easier to read than the one with the tub), and the brush (nice and soft). A lot of the other items I've found pretty useless to me. We're about to go on a trip and the portablility (case) is great....more info
  • I recommend the 30 piece hospital kit instead.
    The Hospital's Choice 30 Piece All-in-one Child Care Kit contains everything here and other items I have used such as the hairbrush (my son loves the feeling of this brush on his scalp and it was helpful with cradle cap), medicine dropper, rectal thermometer, and nail clipper. IMPORTANT: THE BEST TOOL FOR CLIPPING INFANT NAILS IS A NORMAL ADULT CUTICLE CLIPPER. It is easier to manage and you won't clip off pieces of their fingers, as I have done with the infant nail clipper (and many other mothers have done the same I have since learned). Nail files are not effective, nor is biting their fingernails! I have tried everything. I love the storage aspect of the 30-piece kit as it zips up neatly and allows enough room to consolidate other relevant things such as teethers. If you were to buy various kits separately for the items you will use, it would add up to the same cost without the benefit of one nice bit storage bag. One of the reviewers was kind enough to list all the items in the 30-piece kit, which I found extremely helpful when I initially registered for the kit. You'll also be missing out on the changing pad and baby wipe container none of the other kits come with.
    The little remedies kit will have everything else you may be missing from a medical sandpoint....more info
  • Nice looking but you won't need it!

    This is another one of those nice looking set geared towards new parents/ You see it and think you need it all and it will all match and be in this neat little case when you need it. But the truth is you won't need most of it.

    Let's start with nail care. The clippers in this set are adult size with a neat little handle added. Well adult size is too big to use on those little bitty hands...that is why they back infant sizes. Those nails are also so soft the first couple of years that you won't be able to use the scissors or files on them. I ended up using the files and we use the scissors to cut tags off of new outfits.

    Then you have all medical stuff. The nasal aspirator in this set doesn't work. None you will ever buy will work as well as the one they give you in the hospital. Keep all the free stuff from the hospital because 99% of it is better than what you can buy. This also goes for the thermometer. They will be taking your babies temp frequently after birth and they use a digital unit similar to this one but better. The one we got at the hospital works in 3-5 seconds. Another reviewer said to get an ear unit. Don't waste you money. They are inaccurate and the doctor will not take readings form them.

    We still haven't used the medicine spoon or dropper. If you child needs medication it will come with a syringe which is quiet frankly easier to use then a dropper. And at 14 months our daughter still can't take any medication from a spoon. Our doctor said that usually doesn't happen until 3 years of age.

    Then there were the tweezers in this 14 months we still have not figured out what these things are for! You've also got the toothbrush. It's far too big for a toddler mouth and you can't use it until they are at very least a year old. the bristles are also more like that of an adult toothbrush. So this was added to our stash of cleaning brushes.

    So what have we used of this set...the brush. The comb still makes her cry (it scratches her head) and gets tangled very easily in her curly hair. But we use the brush every single day. We also use the cute little case to store all the junk that came with this kit that we've never used.

    So all in all, take everything the hospital gives you and buy a brush because the rest of this set is useless.
    ...more info
  • It's got everything!
    LOVE this kit! The kit includes directions for every single item and I cannot believe that such a compact kit has it all. I especially love the hair brush, the thermometer, the nail files, the medicine dropper, and the bathtub water thermometer.

    Definitely add this to your registry, especially for first-time moms. In the beginning, it's hard to figure out exactly what you'll need, so this kit makes it very easy to have everything at your fingertips with very clear-cut instructions. Even the case is great!...more info


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