Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Carpet Extractor

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Product Description

With the Platinum Force carpet extractor from Dirt Devil, you don't have to settle for cleaning just the surface of your carpet. Dirt Devil's design ensures that cleaning solution gets deep into the nap of the carpet and then back out just as thoroughly. The power of the machine lies in its two motorized brush heads--which rotate in opposite directions to clean carpet fibers on all sides--and its powerful dual suction nozzles that get floors clean and dry quickly. The one-gallon capacity of the clean-water tank, combined with the separate shampoo tank, means you don't have to refill often or guess at correct solution mixing. Plus, you can switch off the shampoo, for a plain water rinse, if you choose. The ample dirty-water tank is conveniently see-through and easy to carry and empty. Fingertip controls allow easy monitoring of power, solution release, and brush roll rotation. Dirt Devil's wishbone construction makes the machine easy to maneuver, while the 25-foot power cord and removable tool caddy give you versatility and range. Converting to hose-cleaning is easy, thanks to a solution trigger on the hose handle and an upholstery attachment. Quick-release cord hooks and a foot-pedal handle release add to overall convenience. Though the Platinum Force is no runt--its footprint measures 12-by-19-inches-it's well worth its storage space. --Emily Bedard

Royal MCE7900 Platinum Force - Just as two heads are often better than one, the two suction nozzles built into this mighty carpet shampooer are most definitely better than one! Dirty water never has a chance to soak into your carpet, which guarantees drier, cleaner results. Designed for with large, easily filled and emptied quick release tanks 7 amp motor 25 foot cord 8 foot hose Onboard tool

  • Dual motorized brushrolls and dual suction nozzles
  • Turn off brushroll for straight vacuuming suction
  • 8 foot hose for stair, upholstery, and spot cleaning
  • Two-year warranty
  • Fingertip controls for power switch, brushroll, and solution
Customer Reviews:
  • Worth the money
    Used this on carpet badly in need of cleaning. Did a very good job. Not like new, but it got the spots out. Easy to assemble, easy to use and I like the clean water rinse. It does leak a little when standing still, but just vacuum over the wet spot and it's fine. Got an amazing amount of cat hair from the carpet even after vacuuming with a Dyson. Heavy, but feels solidly built. ...more info
  • Not that great
    The reviews on this machine were over all rated good so I decided to purchase it. When I received it the box was busted up pretty bad but the machine seemed to be fine. I got it put together and decided to take if for a spin on my carpet. This thing is really heavy and very hard to push and pull back and fourth. My arm was hurting after just one room. The shampoo that came with it did smell good but the cleaning power was not good enough at all. I have two dogs and one of them just happened to be sick at the time I used this machine for the first time. I had to go over a stain about 15 times before it actually lifted it from the carpet. It does ok at picking up water but as far as cleaning the carpet I felt all this machine did was spit out soapy water and suck it back up. I sold this machine on Craigs list and went out and purchased a Bissell. The Bissell was way better at picking up sick puppy stains. It lifts them out of the carpet with one pass over it and the brushes on the bissell are 10 times better than the soft toothbrush like brushes on the Dirt Devil. I am way more pleased with the Bissell that I had to pay 299.99 for than the piece of junk this machine was that I only paid 149.99 for. It would be a better machine if it had better brushes and if the machine wasn't so heavy and hard to move around....more info
  • "The best" I have tried
    I tried a Hover, Bissel, and Rug Doctor before purchasing the Dirt Devil. It is by far the best for its price (the rug doctor is effective but at $700 a bit pricy).
    If you take your time moving the unit, it is as good as the rug doctor. Even better is the features: brush on or off, soap or rinse, and - the best in my book - the ability to clean out the 'intake area'. Even with vacumming, dog hair clogged my Hover and deminished its efficiency. You can fully clean the dirt devil without breaking it (as I did the Hover !!).

    Well built, well designed and a fair price. Money well spent....more info
  • GREAT for the price.
    For the price I definitely give this unit five stars. It worked perfectly right out of the box. Admittedly, we do not have a large carpet area to clean (mainly a living room area). But it did an outstanding job.

    Our carpet is light in color and was badly in need of a good shampoo. Professionals charge a minimum of $100.00 to shampoo our carpet. And they do no better job that our new Dirt Devil.


    Santa Ana, CA...more info
  • He ain't heavy, he's my carpet cleaner!
    My old Royal Featherlight carpet shampooer died and I began to search for a replacement. However, I ran across ads for the CE7900, which appears and it much more of a heavy duty machine.

    WHY? The motor is larger, greatly improved suction...no soggy carpets, which includes Berbers which are hard to clean and especially to extract water from. The separate detergent container eliminates mixing and "over soaping" the carpet. You can control the soapy water spray, and just plain water spray, separately. Dual rotating brushing greatly improve the machine's cleaning ability.

    The upholstry hose rides onboard which is nice, but adds to the weight. The machine is much heavier than their older models...probably to to a larger motor. It is difficult to push across the carpet. It is not for the frail and weak. However, if you can put up with a heavy machine you will reap the benefits of very clean carpets. ...more info
  • "Stop looking around"!
    Stop looking around, this is a GREAT product! Very easy to use and it cleans your carpets. A little heavy for the lady's to use very long but water is heavy when loaded into any machine. Warranty should be your concern, 2 years you can't beat that. Always said if your machine is so good, stand behind it, these folks do. We have 2, 5 month old puppies and a cat do I need to say more. When this machine arrived I couldn't wait to test it out on the puppy carpet,GREAT RESULTS. The color of the dirty water, you don't want to know! Vacuum's up the water with great results. Easy to take the dirty water tank and fresh water tanks out for cleaning and filling. Stop SHOPPING around, save money, GREAT WARRANTY, it WORKS! GREAT service from Amazon! What are you waiting for, ORDER THE MACHINE!!...more info
  • Some good things - however my unit had problems
    I used this carpet cleaner successfully for 4 rooms. However, my unit failed on my sons carpet and I had to purchase another unit. Here are the good and bad points with this unit.

    Good Points:
    1. Unit has a rinse option - the $150 Hoover does not. Not sure on Bissel.
    2. Option to turn brushes off when using the hose attachment.
    3. Price is fair at arround $150.
    4. Cleaned carpet OK on the first use.
    5. Water & soap fill up are easy, also dirty water disposal is easy.

    Bad Points:
    1. Water leaked out on the second time I tried using it. Their is a valve to release the water to mix with the soap that malfuctioned. This happened when when squeeze the trigger to apply soap or water to the floor. It was stange all the water would run down the side of the unit on to the floor.
    2. The hand wand attachment would not work so weel. It took a few seconds to get water only or soap only when you select these options.
    3. Floor suction was OK, but the Hoover replacement I bought was much more powerfull.
    4. Lint is a little harder to remove from the dirty tank.
    5. Brushes stopped working on second use, but I was able to fix that by taking the screwed cover off and pushing the belt.

    I returned the unit back to Amazon for refund. I really liked the Hoover I bought as a quick replacement much better. However, the Hoover was around $230, so it is not in the same league.

    I rated as three stars as I am suspicious on reviews rated one star(they could be written by Hoover employees) and I wanted mine to be read. Actually, two stars would be more appropriate. Unit is not too bad for the money, but I don't want to take a chance down the road. I was looking for some thing that would last five years with moderate use. The Hoover may be that unit. ...more info
  • Great for 7 years hard use, replacement is same great tiem
    I bought my first CE7900 back in 2001, and with 2 Siberian Husky dogs living inside/outside - have used the cleaner on about 1,000 sq ft of carpet just about every month - sometimes more often (think springtime, mud, and happy dogs digging in mud).

    The first unit always gave great results, both on carpet and the uphoulstery (yes, I 'let' the dogs on the furniture - sometimes people too..) This cleaner is a bit smaller than some of the Bissel & Hoover machines, and this is a big plus, because:
    - You can maneuver the machine into smaller areas
    - It is very easy to push/pull (I've had back surguries, so this is critical to me - and you if you don't want a very sore back from cleaning)
    - All of the suction and spray is concentrated on a narrower width, meaning better cleaning compared to same suction over a wider area.

    I found it very easy to empty & replace the 'dirty-water' tank, refill the hot-water and soap tanks, and even put it all away. It is an effecient design in terms of using it on a regular basis.

    Well after 7 years of very faithful service, I finally wore out the machine, and was dreading having to pick out a new model since after 7 years very few things remain the same. But to my great joy, the exact same unit is still made - absolutely identical. I received the newest unit a week ago, and it is GREAT - which is to say it performs just like my prior one. I really appreciate that Dirt Devel did not 'mess with a perfect design'.

    For cleaning solution - I typically get the Allergen product at Costco, but have also used Simple Green (dilute it 3 parts water to 1 part Simple Green before putting in Soap Tank), or also look at Home Depot for the "Zep" brand solution in 1 gallon jugs for "Steam Cleaning". The Allergen product is the 'freshest' smelling to me, by which I mean the least perfumed or other obvious odors.

    Happy Cleaning!...more info
  • Easy Cleaning
    I have owned other carpet cleaners but have found this to be the best so far. It is not as heavy as I thought it would be and was very easy to assemble. The water tank, dirty water reservoir and soap tank are all very easy to get to. The tanks are easily removed and very easy to clean and put back. This is the first cleaner I have owned that has separate switches for turning the soap and brushes on and off. Once you have cleaned a patch you can switch off the soap and go back over to rinse it. I have't used the extension hose yet but hopefully that will be as easy. I would certainly recommend this to my friends....more info
  • dirt devil carpet extractor
    I chose to purchase this model after being told by my local vaccum shop that the Royal brand shampooer was the best. The dealer mentioned Royal also makes Dirt Devil so I compared the two products and purchased Dirt Devil for about $100 less than the Royal. Makes sense as they are the same machine just different names. The shampooer works very well and I will definately consider Dirt Devil and Royal in the future. ...more info
  • Very satisfied
    Works great. Removed very unsightly pet stains, after pre-spotting with SureSpot (Home Depot), that had been in foyer carpet for over 5 years. Very powerful suction, carpets dry within 4 or 5 hours. Also used on upholstered chair seats, did a great job. Was concerned that unit might not be dispensing soap (didn't seem to be using much, if any) as mentioned in another review. Contacted Dirt Devil by email, got somewhat helpful reply after a few days, basically saying unit requires several clean water tanks usage before soap usage will be noticed. But when cleaning chair seats later, noticed soapy water being sucked up when vacuuming. (Harder to see when doing carpet since suction not directly at eye level.) Completely satisfied now....more info
  • Great Price,Cleaning and Reliability
    I bought this product back in February 2005. It has gotten alot of use. It survived my small apartment and a clumsy husband and has cleaned ketchup, soy sauce,soda and various other food spils. We bought a fully carpeted home and added a German Shepherd puppy and it has been a necessity- I could not do without. We use it about once a week sometimes more. It has worked great! Never an issue and you can't beat the price which hasn't dropped but hasn't gone up. I haven't used other machines but I do know in the same time frame I have gone thru 3 regular vacs....more info
  • Really Good Shampooer
    My old Hoover carpet shampooer finally bellied up. I read that the Dirt Devil had good reviews. So I bought one. What a great decision. The Dirt Devil is a little heavy when full of water. But it does a great job. To top it off, the Dirt Devil was cheaper than the Hoover. I really like that it is so much easier to clean up after use. Hands down, the Dirt Devil is the best carpet shampooer I've ever owned....more info
  • kicks butts

    This is the best shampoo machine I have ever used. Wayne...more info
  • mystery toy
    It worked the first time and second time. But by the third time the water did not come out. I took it to the warranty service guy and it just needed a new washer where the water came ; this was an imposition on my time . Later I tried to use the upholstery hose and I could not tell if the water was coming out. Since there was no water in the recovery tank this indicated that the water was not coming out. It is difficult to know if the soap is coming out and how much is coming out. The carpets that were cleaned were actually well cleaned. This machine has used up alot of my time trying to figure out if it is working or not. I bought this machine for the purpose it was created- to clean the carpet and upholstery but it behaved like a mystery toy with all manner of tics and maladaptive behaviors....more info
    Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Carpet Extractor is the best. A little heavy but the cleaning power it has makes up for it. It cleaned my carpet better than the Rug Doctor that I used the last time. Easy to assemble (4 screws and your ready to go. For the price and the fast shipping you get from Amazon.com, you just can't go wrong. I give it 5 stars and recommend it HIGHLY....more info
  • Mostly great...
    Things I love: 1) The fact that the soap is separate from the water is fantastic, I'll never go back to the mixed type again. 2) It does a good job of cleaning, both carpets and upholstery. Much better than expected. 3) Easy to assemble, took less than 5 minutes; 4) Easy to clean and reassemble.

    Things I don't love: 1) It's very heavy to push, much heavier than any other machine I've ever used. 2) A lot of the carpet stains have resurrected since the last cleaning (about 2 weeks ago). I don't know if this is a function of the machine not cleaning deeply enough, or if it's just the carpets. The way it looks, I'll have to shampoo at least once per month.

    Would highly recommend to someone that is strong enough to handle the weight of the machine - great quality, great price. If you have ever had carpal tunnel or arthritis, though, or any trouble with your hands then I think you'll be happier with a lighter machine. ...more info
  • hard to push
    Hoovers are easier to push. My old one was a Hoover and I loved it. This one only lasted a couple years if that. I am just doing my review and I have already had to replace it....more info
  • Fantastic Performance and Price
    This has proven to be an excellent value and cleans exactly as I had hoped for. It cleans as well or better than the models I have rented from the big box home improvement centers in the past. I highly recommend this unit for anyone looking for a good machine without breaking the bank....more info
  • Good but not great.
    I purchased the Dirt Devil Platinum Force because I read somewhere that it was the most reliable of cleaner of this type. ( I've owned a long line of Bissell spot cleaners and Proheats that worked great, then died as soon as their short waranties expired).

    After my first use, here is how it compares to Bissell Proheat:
    - While still heavy, running the DD seemed to stress my arms and back less.
    - I miss the Bissell's water heater.
    - I miss the small attachment tool being ready to use at any moment. (You have to attach/detach this one for each use).
    - The DD seemed to leave the carpet more damp.

    Overall, DD did well, but the Bissell just cleaned better. And the DD is less handy. So, if you have no expectations for a cleaner lasting longer than 1-3 years, buy the Bissell. Why can't somebody make a great carpet machine that lasts? I wish everyone could ship all their broken junk machines to the Bissell CEO's home....more info
  • Very Impressive Machine
    While vacationing in our camper, our dog got into the garbage, which contained coffee grounds, and strewed it all over our Berber carpeting. We borrowed our friends Dirt Devil carpet shampooer and the carpet cleaned up like new. As soon as we got back home I ordered one exactly like hers. At home, I have pile carpeting throughout, including the kitchen. Over time, I have owned three other shampooers and have had my carpet professionally cleaned. This unit outdid them all!

    I think one of the major reasons it works so well is that you can go from shampooing to rinsing and from brushing to just vacuuming by just pushing buttons. Rinsing gets rid of any shampoo residue and just vacuuming extracts so much of the water the carpet dries in no time.

    ...more info
  • Great carpet cleaner
    Received this item in record time. Ordered on Saturday, and received it on Tuesday. Wow!! Item is easy to use and does a great job. Recommend it to all!!...more info
  • Dirt Devil CE7900
    The cleaner did everything the mfg. said it would do. I think it's a little heavy for a woman to use on a large carpet. At $150.00 the price is right.

    mrtom...more info
  • Dirt Devil carpet cleaner
    My new Dirt Devil carpet cleaner with attachments is the best one I've ever owned!! My new Dirt Devil vaccuum is what made me switch products. They are best and easiest to use and can really clean everything!!
    Idaho...more info
  • great carpet cleaner
    this thing works the best i have used others and this by far has the best cleaning power easy to use and clean ...more info
  • Wonderfull!!!!
    I use this in a complex apartment building for tenants apartments.
    It is light, and easy to use. I am very happy with this product. I would reccomend it to my friends.
    ...more info
  • First carpet extractor
    I bought this extractor because of other reviews that I read. I am quite happy with the job it does of cleaning the rugs. I was surprised at the small amount of soap it used since I cleaned three rugs with it. The amount of dirt it picked up was amazing. It paid for itself by just doing the three rugs. When I sent just one of the rugs to the cleaners, it cost about $160 for one cleaning. I would definitely recommend buying a Dirt Devil....more info
  • Owned for 4 months, doesn't work already`
    Heavy, cleaned ok, (no better than others I've tried), hand tools didn't work well the ONE time I used it, now sprayer doesn't work at all. I purchased it mainly for my upholstery. Overall, I regret buying this product....more info
  • Dirt Devil Platinum Force
    Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Carpet Extractor We are not new to this Dirt Devil product, we owned one before. It worked well for us so we decided to buy one again. The only thing we had a problem with was the top tank. You must be careful setting it down and putting it in the machine. The tank is kind of weak around the bottom and can develope a hole. Other than this we had no trouble with the machine and we used it for five years....more info
  • Dirt Devil CE7900
    The product was very easy to assemble. I have two dogs so I plan on using the Dirt Devil frequently. The units is easy to fill w/ water and easy to empty. I like the reservoir that mixes to detergent with the water so you don't have to. I have been pleased with how clean the carpet gets and also the amount of water extracted. The unit is also very east to clean after using. I have used the unit about 5 times so far and the only downside I see the the weight. It is relatively heavy so if that is an issue for you, it may be a problem. Overall, I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • Hard Push

    The carpet extractor is hard to push on thick carpet and the cleaning has become a drudge. the design lacks imagination; The machine should have a self propel lever to engage the rear wheels for easy operation similar to a self propel lawn mower. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor
    A gift for my son & his wife because they liked mine so much they wanted one....more info
  • excellent buy
    After reading many reviews, I bought this carpet shampooer. I couldn't be more pleased with it. I have already used it 4 times and haven't had any trouble with it. The extractor really gets most of the water back out of the carpet and it dries very quickly. I wondered if a heated unit would do a better job, but this one really seems to get the carpet clean. It got out stains that had been set in for quite a while. I had an old Bissel cleaner and this one just blows it out of the water. ...more info
  • wow
    This cleaner is easy to assemble, really easy to use, and does a great cleaning job!!! I can not believe what actually came out of my carpet!! I am also one of those people who do not allow shoes in the house, the kids must use a wipe to clean their feet, if they are barefoot, before they enter the home. I know I am a little obsessive, but that certainly did not keep my carpets clean, this will!!...more info
  • Love this!
    I bought "The Extractor" after reading many reviews.... It was the right choice! I did not find it to be too heavy, maybe when it is it's fullest but not normally. I get excellent results, at least as good as the truck guys with the wand cleaner. Plus, it dries much faster than those cleaners. It takes about one day with towels down plus one night with the towels removed. The only thing better is when you have the professional cleaners who use the ROTO-VAC system, that is way way better than the wand, and even still, I can get my carpets that clean with "The Extractor". As long as I take my time and make several passes, as you are supposed to do anyway, it is almost just as clean and dries in about the same amount of time. I have used it about three times a year for 4 years, each time for an entire day, and it is quite a workhorse. Even my husband thinks that buying this unit was a great idea and is very glad we have it! I definitely recommend this unit!...more info
  • Awesome Dirt Devil Platinum Carpet shampooer
    I shopped and shopped and read lots of reivews prior to making my decision to purchase the Dirt Devil Carpet shampooer. I previously owned the Hoover upright shampooer and seemed to be happy about that choice for several years, but I wanted to investigate what was available and what was out there before making a new purchase on a new carpet shampooer. I read several good reviews about this Dirt Devil shampooer, comparing all prices, reviews and availability it seemed to be a better choice over the Hoover and other machines out there. I can tell you now that I have owned it and used it for 6 months, I just love it. I have to agree with the reviews. It is user friendly, has a nice size fill tank and a nice size storage tank and they are both easy to fill and drain and the machine is easy to use and does a great job. You can use really hot water and it fills easily at the kitchen sink. It also empties easily too. The only draw back I can see, which other people mentioned in thier reviews too was that it is a little bit heavy; however, I think this is not a drawback but really a benefit because I think it really helps to clean and extract water from the carpet. This machine really shampoos's nicely and extracts the water well from the carpet, much better than the Hoover I previously owned. In fact the carpet seemes to dry in only a couple hours after shampooing. I am sure this depends on the time of year summer/winter, but over all I am very pleased and happy with my choice. I love this shampooer, it stores easily, it is easy to use, and it really does a fine job. It does much better than my previouse owned Hoover shampoo model, therefore, I recommend it to anyone. The Dirt Devil Platinum Carpet Shampooer is an awesome machine. It should last for many years because it seems sturdy at a great value for the buck. In my opinion, It is the Top of the line in its class, it is a great choice at a great price around $150.00. ...more info
  • Good, but nothing like a commercial cleaning.
    This machine is probably one of the best for household cleaning, but don't expect it to turn out like a professional job. It's definitely better than renting a Rug Doctor though....more info
  • Solid Cleaner
    This unit cleans floors very well, even short berber patterned carpet that has different levels. It is easy to use with the separate soap dispenser. Overall it works well. My only 2 compliants would be the upholstery attachment spray is sporadic and it is hard to clean out the used water tank and path. I have dogs and it takes some work to get all the dog hair out....more info
  • Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Carpet Extractor
    I bought this steam cleaner because I heard its the best one yet! I agree! It works wonderful! The only down fall for me is that is kind of heavy and for a little house wife like myself, its hard to push it around for longer than 10 minutes. Maybe I need to get to the gym. Overall, I love it!...more info
  • Surprisingly effective and easy
    I've rented carpet cleaners. They work OK. When I realized that I could buy something that worked and not have to worry about the 24-hour rental period I decided to give it a try.

    The machine arrived in good shape. I put it together, filled the soap and water dispensers and started to use it. The results are at least as good as with the rental machines, and WOW is it so much easier to use.

    I haven't had it a long time, nor have I used it heavily so I can't offer any comments on durability.

    What I don't like: The plastic hose / tool carrier on the upright portion doesn't do a good job of holding the hose, power cord and/or tools.

    What I do like: The aptly named Dirt Devil does a great job. The dirt gets sucked away. The two dispensers for soap and water are very convenient to use. I like the clear plastic parts so I can see what's going on. Since I don't have to worry about return deadlines I can do parts of the house at my convenience. The price is right.

    What you should know: Buy some soap. The bottle that comes with it will get you started but not much more.

    Bottom line:
    If you have a closet or basement to store it and especially if you've rented a carpet cleaner more than twice, I can highly recommend a system like this. I haven't compared this brand / model with others but I've had a great experience with this one....more info
  • great
    I don't have kids or dogs or cats in my house, and I didn't think that my carpet needed any deep cleaning, but this product and the carpet cleaner which came with it really made a difference. It made the carpet look like brand new again, leaving a fresh scent. ...more info
  • Carpet extractor
    The machine works well. It is easy to use. Worth the price. ...more info
  • Great steam cleaner
    I bought and used this steam cleaner for the first time today and am very pleased with it. It does a great job of cleaning the rugs and furniture. I had a Hoover which I loved until the plastic water tank started cracking apart, it would have cost too much to buy a new one just to break again. It is a little heavy to push which was not a big deal. I loved not having to stop and fill the water and soap...I cleaned the living room, hallway and two bedrooms with one soap container and filled the water tank only twice. I have had a dirt devil in the past and was pleased with it. I've bought a Bissel in which the soap clogged up and had to get rid of and the Hoover after that which is now a big expensive blow dryer for the carpet since I can't use it to shampoo anymore. I am very pleased with this Dirt Devil steam cleaner!...more info
  • Worst of the Worst
    I wish my husband had listened when I told him not to buy a Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner 2 years ago when he bought this one. Unfortunately, we did not use it within the time period to take back to the store, because the first time we used it, it died. I mean, it completely shut down. The dealer fixed it, but that took about 2 months.

    However, even working, it's the worst home steam cleaner I've ever used.
    It will barely clean anything, & there is almost not suction for the water. I'm so desperate I'm asking for a new steam cleaner for Christmas, and it had better not be a Dirt Devil. I would give this "0" stars if possible....more info
  • Good while it lasts
    We purchased this machine 4 years ago. We used it twice (for a total of 12 hours, at the most) and were pleased with the performance. However, the motor died 2 hours into the third use. We called Dirt Devil, but they would not compromise on the 2 year warranty. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Platinum Force
    I bought the Dirt Devil Platinum Force after reading other reviews, and I am not dissapointed. Highly recommended! It does the job....more info
  • Dirt Devil Shampooer
    Thought the unit was very easy to use. Of all the units I have used in past, this was simple and compact. I think the on unit clean water rinse really added to the cleanest carpet and least quick dirt attraction. These type units are always heavy and hard to handle, this was same, but certainly not any worse than others. You do need good arm strength....more info
  • Cannot recommend this - motor burnt out after only a few hours use
    We bought this in 2004 and used it maybe 3 or 4 times each year for a total of less than 20 hours on regular carpet (shorter than 1/4"). Then, suddenly, the motor was burnt out. As if this wasn't enough - the machine was still under warranty (a few months short of 2 years after purchase), I brought it to the local shop for repair... and it's *in repair* for more than 3 months now. I got all sorts of different excuses (motor not received, wrong motor etc).
    So, I really cannot recommend this. I feel any machine with a price tag over $100 should be built so that it lasts longer than 100 hours - let alone 20 hours of use....more info
  • This is a life saver.
    I must clean my carpet a lot more then most people, having had many children and pets. I like a clean house. I have had quite a few brands of cleaners and worn them out before this one. It took me three years to wear out my last one and it cleans better then the rest I have had. Normal use should make it last longer. When it came time to buy a new cleaner I only wanted another one of the Dirt Devil Platinum Force Extractors....it rocks. Just follow the instructions and treat it with care. The parts are plastic with all of them, so don't smash it into things and you will do fine....more info
  • Made Really Old Carpet Look Good
    Pros: Price, simple to operate, versatility
    Cons: Is heavy to push on shaggier carpets

    I have a long history with carpet cleaners. I got my first one over 30 years ago. It looked like a miniature floor polisher; well actually, it was. It had special brushes for cleaning carpet. It was a Sears model, and lasted about 12 years before it wore out.

    Then there was a Bissell tank, with a 30 or 40 foot hose (2 actually) that you had to lug around with you while you used the machine. Cleaning that puppy afterward was a nightmare. That house burned down with the Bissell in it, after about five years.

    Then there was the Hoover SteamVac, a nice improvement in that it was self-contained, but the float in the dirty water tank was too sensitive; it used to trigger for no real reason when the tank was near empty, then you have to shut the machine off, so the float can drop back down. Also, the soap had to be mixed in the fresh water tank, so when you want to rinse, you have to redo the tank with water only. Why did I always seem to have one square yard of dirty carpet left and have to mix a whole tank of soapy water when I was nearly done?

    Replaced that one after about five years with a Bissell SteamPro. By the way, when fully loaded that machine is also rather heavy. Anyway, that machine was a continuous stream of problems. Poor design makes the soap bottle very difficult to refill, then the soap leaks something terrible. I think I once went through a 16 oz. bottle of soap in a 10x12 room. If the filters and o-rings are not seated and screwed in just so, the machine will not suck. Well, actually, it does suck, but not in that way!!

    After only three years of screwing around with the Bissell steamer, it stopped pumping water, and my husband refused to try to fix it anymore.

    I did some research, bought my new DirtDevil Platinum Force, and I am very pleased with it. I love not having to change tanks or bottles to rinse. I also love being in control of the brushes.

    A few months ago, we moved into an old house. The carpet in one room is 15-20 years old. The DirtDevil did not make it look new, but it was filthy and now looks clean and bright. One poster said the cleaner does not work well on thick pile. It didn't seem like it was, but the dirty water tank told a different story.

    As another poster said, if you have a spray attachment on your sink, the parts of this cleaner are quite easy to clean. The whole thing takes about five minutes or so to clean after use.

    I gave it 4 stars only because I haven't had it long, so I can't speak to the durability aspect. Also, I haven't tried to clean upholstery with it yet. However, I have never had any carpet cleaner I was really happy with for upholstery cleaning.

    Overall, I am very happy with my DirtDevil Platinum Force, and hope to be using it for many years....more info
  • Crappy construction, failed after a few uses
    Motor burned out after a few light uses - plain old junk!...more info
  • Get the Hoover steamvac 5914 instead
    I had this for several years until the water tank cracked and I decided mayber it was time to just get a new carpet shampooer. I thought the Dirt Devil did a decent enough job for the price, until I decided to try the Hoover Steamvac 5914 (which costs about the same when on sale) to see how it worked, and let me tell you - there is no comparison. The Hoover Steamvac 5914, works much better - lifting and cleaning matted down carpet that the dirt devil couldn't touch. I had been using the dirt devil carpet extractor regularly for the past 5 years, but my carpets were still looking old and worn - the dirt devil just doesn't do a very good job of getting into the fibers, or of sucking all the water out afterwards. After using the Hoover only 2 times, my 10 year old carpets look almost like new again. So my advice is, pass on the dirt devil and get the hoover - you won't regret it....more info
  • Well worth the investment
    This carpet scrubber is worth alot more cash than what I have invested in it. I have used the $300.00 Hoovers, they cannot compare to the value and the job that the Dirt Devil does. Very happy so far....more info
    I am really quites surprized with the problems listed in some other reviews. Are we talking about the same cleaner!!!
    The things I love about my cleaner:
    I paid about 100 for it with some sale Amazon was having.
    Its water tank and dirty water tank are easy to remove and reassebled when cleaning. ( have you ever tried to empty the kind you rent! easy for women and kids)
    Like others have stated in their reviews it really gets the hair up and out I vacume daily too. You will see mud in your tank when you are done. We have a large family with lots of traffic.
    It can be a little heavy when the dirty tank is full but only for a short while.
    I ran over something and broke the belt.I was told at our local vacume store that they did not carry these carpet cleaner belts but on a whim I took it in and he Oh its a .... vacume belt. And it cost me less that 2.00 dollars to relplace. WE replaced it and it worked fine
    After I bought this I wondered why I had not bought one when my kids where younger.
    It really cleans up the couches nicely too. I think for the price it is a steal.
    I have rented commercial cleaners 2 times a year for years at about 30.00 each time. I have never really felt like the carpets where clean afterwards. Now my carpets actually look clean. Is it possible that this inexpensive machine could actually outclean the commercial models!

    ...more info
  • This is a great carpet cleaner!
    Over the years, I have owned several carpet cleaners in addition to using professional cleaning services.

    This cleaner was the best. It left my carpets the cleanest and the machine is easy to use. Other machines were bulky and messy; this machine is relatively light and doesn't leave a mess.

    I bought the Dirt Devil Extractor after workers had gotten sawdust over everything and when I finished cleaning, the carpets looked like new.

    My mom was trying to clean her carpets with spray carpet cleaners and they were only looking worse. One time through with the Dirt Devil Extractor and she was amazed at the difference....more info
  • Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!
    We run a small rescue from our home and have 8 large dogs, not all of whom are housebroken. Sometimes they get oopsie and sometimes one of us spills things. Not to worry, whip out this baby and suck it right up. It also does a magnificent job of getting up the dog hair that our powerful vacuum leaves behind. Dave says this carpet cleaner could suck the color out of a crayon.

    We had a small flood in the basement and used it to clean it up.
    We felt it did as well as a shop vac.

    The only thing is that it is messy to empty and to clean. But it's the only thing going if you need a powerful machine at a moment's notice and I would buy another one if something happened to this one....more info
  • Worthless lump of plastic
    I bought one of these a couple years ago to accompany my new wall to wall carpeting. It ended up just sitting in its box, completely unused for over a year -- we were careful with the rugs and regular vacuuming alone did the trick. After getting a dog and finally having reason to use it, we did a couple spots of use here and there over a few months time. Then one day it started making this horrible noise when turned on, and produced virtually no suction. Now, at the point of breakdown, it had been used a maximum of 4 times, for a total 'on' time of less than 30 minutes.

    I did a quick inspection of its insides -- no hair, grime, or other foreign material in the motor assembly. I could see no reson for the motor to go.

    So I call the 800 number to ask where to bring it... which ends up being a 90 minute drive from my house (I live in Portland, Maine, which is the most metropolitan region in the entire state, and there's nothing closer than *90* minutes???). OR, I can ship the thing to Ohio at my own expense. Nevermind that this thing is for all intents and purposes brand new... now I have to pay more to have it actually work?

    So I do some calling calling, and find a place that sells and services Royal stuff that's only 40 minutes away - they say they can do the warranty repair no prob. It has about a week left of its warranty at this point, so I bring it in. Royal then proceeds to drag its heels on giving them a replacement part, since my vac is a Dirt Devil, but the place sells Royals (even though they are made by the same company and are the same damn thing). In the meantime, the warranty expires. So now I have no working vacuum, no repair part, and no warranty. Basically a big plastic waste of my money.

    So yeah... I'm never buying anything made by that company again. Even if most of their stuff is good, the fact that any of their products could break virtually out of the box says that they have either quality control or design problems....more info
  • Pet owners, stay away from this junk
    So do the all people who appreciate a decent customer service.

    I purchased the item in October. In April, after mere 5-6 uses, it died on me -- by the smell of it, burnt motor.

    I called Dirt Devil, obtained a list of warranty repair centers, and took it to a local Sir Vac. There I was told:
    - it probably died because dog hair clogged the motor (I always vacuum the carpet before steaming it)
    - I should buy a better vacuum than I have (I have a nice $350 Kenmore)
    - Sir Vac won't repair units purchased on Amazon.com

    Since then, I called Dirt Devil a few times, and here is what it comes to so far:
    - Yes, Sir Vac (authorized Dirt Devil/Royal warranty repair center) won't do a warranty repair on units not purchased from a local vacuum dealer. And there is nothing Dirt Devil/Royal will/wants to do about it.
    - There are additional repair centers adhering to this policy.
    - There is one repair center (out of 5 that I called so far) that may perform the repair.
    - Dirt Devil notified me, that if the failure is indeed due to dog hair it won't be covered under warranty.

    This machine wasn't stellar when it worked (I would've given it 3 stars based purely on performance), but based on reliability and customer support -- 0 is more like it....more info
  • Dirt Devil is not responsive to customer complaints.
    I bought the CE7900 two years ago. After using it just 4 times it refused to work and leaked out the solution and water. Since I am handy, I determined that the water supply port was broken. The web site did not show a part number so I called Dirt Devil's customer service and was told that they could not send me the part, I had to go to an authorized dealer. I went to the dealer they told me was the nearest to me and gave them a copy of my receipt and they promised to order the part. I never heard from them again.
    I will never buy a Dirt Devil again. It's performance was okay but it was difficult to clean. I know that parts were covered under a two year warranty but I was willing to even purchase it if they had it listed on the web site or by phone. The web site only allows you to purchase standard items like filters and customer service would not sell me the part....more info
  • pleased
    I am happy with this purchase. There are certainly better carpet cleaners out there, but for me, keeping the cost under $200 was important.

    I have white berber carpeting and outdoor cats, and this vacuum has been invaluable for keeping the carpet from being constantly dirty from what they drag in. Like others have said, it doesn't adjust for pile depth, so it doesn't clean berber as deeply as it might. However, I still get great results with mine. If there is a spot that needs deeper cleaning, I simply use the hand tool.

    I also found that using very hot water helps. I use the hot water from the tap and then add a pint or so of boiling hot water to the mix. This really gets the dirt out....more info
  • One good cleaner!
    I have two cats, and I do vacuum on a very regular basis to keep up with the pet hair, but to my surprise, this thing kicked up nearly an entire cat's worth of fur! On top of that, the water was FILTHY when I finished cleaning. I cleaned my carpets with my sister's Hoover only about 6 months ago, so it was a little surprising how dirty they were. I had no real tough stains, but the Dirt Devil easily took care of the stains I did have. The unit was easy to put together (done in minutes!). Yes, it's heavy when it's loaded, but well worth pushing around the load for the job it does. I did a lot of research, and the only thing I would change if I had it to do over again would be to have purchased the Dirt Devil sooner. I am very happy with this machine....more info
  • Good Unit for the Price
    Well, after reading all the reviews on this product I ordered one and as always, it came much quicker than Amazon said it would. It was a snap (for my husband) to put together and not too heavy for me to use. My only caution is DON'T USE BOILING WATER in the clean water tank as one reviewer suggested. Since the clean water tank is plastic the boiling water turned it to jelly and when it cooled the tank looked like it had curvature of the spine! I was still able to use it after securing the tank in place with a bunji cord (and cleaning up all the water that spilled on the rug). The float in the dirty water tank is a pain since it keeps disengaging and suction could be better. I used much more water than I sucked back up but the results were pleasing and the carpet was dry to the touch in a few hours. I had lots of grime and spots that now are gone. I did go over heavy traffic areas multiple times once with the shampoo and then rinsed those areas twice. Overall it's fairly easy to use and definitly worth the money. Now the only question is WHERE CAN I GET MORE OF THE DIRT DEVIL BRAND SHAMPOO? I went to Target, Wal-Mart, Sam's and every grocery store in the area. Can't find it anywhere. Any ideas?...more info
  • Not recommended!
    I was very excited when I ordered my Dirt Devil Platinum Force Carpet Extractor. And I am always amazed how fast amazon.com is able to ship things! But when it arrived the Dirt Devil Carpet Cleaner was broken, the motor did not work. I reported my problem that night and Amazon had UPS pick up the cleaner at my door the very next morning, with no cost to me. Within just days a new Dirt Devil arrived at my door as a replacement. So I happily started cleaning - but unfortunately this cleaner lasted only 4 minutes (!) , then the suction motor broke down, I was so very disappointed. I really wanted a carpet cleaner because I have 2 dogs and I really appreciate Amazon's costumer service. I decided to give it another try and ordered the "Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac V2 with SpinScrub Hand Tool" from amazon.com. It is a little more expensive but the difference to the Dirt Devil is huge! It seems so much stronger build and has done a really, really good job on my carpet! And it is not expensive to buy an extended warranty for the Hoover, so even Dirt Devil offers the 2 year warranty it is not worth its money. I now always prefer Amazon to any other seller as their costumer service is just the best. But I do not recommend the Dirt Devil CE7900 to anyone.
    ...more info
  • Works great!!
    I just got this a week ago and have already put it to good use. It did a great job on my beige carpet. It had a visible "path" on it and it cleaned it right up. I really love that the machine has a clean water rinse to get out all of the soap. The suction is great and even got out some dog hair and fuzz that my vacuum missed. The carpets took a couple of hours to dry and they feel soft and look great.

    The machine is very easy to assemble and although it is heavy, I think that helps it do a better job of brushing the carpet and extracting the water. It is very simple to fill and dispose of all of the nasty dirty water. The suction device is also pretty easy to clean. All in all, I'm very pleased with it....more info
  • Fantastic
    Does a great job. Only reason I rated it 4* is I can't find any Dirt Devil cleaner. Used Bissell, worked just fine. Used it in the cleaner dispenser first time...did OK. Next time mixed cleaner in the clean water dispenser and it did a much better job. Doggone thing is pretty heavy but if you keep as straight of a back and forth pull as you can it's not as bad.....all in all happy with it.....now if I can just find belts......more info
  • Motor locked up the fourth time it was used!
    It worked well while it lasted. The reviews on this site convinced me to buy this product. Don't make the same mistake. I called Dirt Devil and there is NO repair facility in a Metro area of almost a million people. Closest one is 60 miles away and they don't want it. The guy told me, "Those things are Chinese junk!" Dirt Devil told me I will have to ship it back to them (could take 16 weeks!!!)and they cannot tell me what it will cost! Buyer beware!...more info
  • I'm actually having fun cleaning my carpets... :P
    This machine gets the job done.
    It's hefty, but that I believe contributes to how well it gets into the carpet to clean it as well how effectively it removes the water from the carpet when your done.
    It takes about 10 minutes to get this machine out of the box, assembled (minimal: 4 screws and a sticky screw cover-up thing), and loaded with shampoo and water; and then you're good to go.
    The controls are at your fingertips. The switches light in the on-position so you can see at a glance what your settings are.
    The machine has two brushrolls and two suction nozzles. The brushroll bristles are soft, but have no trouble scrubbing; and the nozzles provide really good suction. The carpets are left damp, at most. My carpets have taken between 2-4 hours to dry.
    You'll be amazed at (or disgusted by...) what gets yanked out of your carpet by this machine! I found potting soil in the dirty water tank from a plant that fell over months ago. I had vacuumed up the mess immediately and have vacuumed many times since. Even vacuuming moments before using the CE7900, it pulls up dog hair you can't even tell is there.
    At the list price, you'll be happy with the results you can achieve with this machine... At the Amazon price, you'll be thrilled!
    Icing on the cake: it has a 2-year warranty!...more info
  • Effective, well-designed & EASY to operate - a must-have!
    Let me begin by saying that I don't understand the "it's too heavy" reviews, either. Well, yes, a lot of water is heavy. But I cleaned our carpets with this machine while seven months pregnant with no problem - and I'm your basic couch potato. Personally, I MUCH prefer a good-sized tank to emptying the dirty water & refilling the clean water multiple times per cleaning, as I have had to do with other machines.

    I HATE to read the directions for anything and fortunately, found this machine to be so intuitively designed that it's a no-brainer to assemble right out of the box and to put back together after emptying the tanks or cleaning it.

    As far as effectiveness, I guarantee you will be SHOCKED by the amount of dirt & debris that this machine gets out of your carpet. It seems to work miracles on even pre-existing set-in stains, especially if you pre-treat them first. Amazing results on high-traffic areas and the clean water rinse leaves your carpet soft and free of the detergent residue which other machines leave behind - so with this machine, your carpet stays clean much longer.

    Long story short, I highly recommend the Dirt Devil Platinum Force. At $130 to your door, it pays for itself the first time you use it....more info
  • The Suction Sucks!
    My first shampooer was a Hoover SteamVac. I had it for three years and it endured LOTS of use and abuse (4 cats, one dog, and two small boys!). The final result--the motor bearings just couldn't handle the use anymore. Sadly, I had to retire it from indoor use because it's terribly loud (actually, I'm still waiting for it to totally die, I just use it outside while wearing earplugs to shampoo my car's interior--it's now a car shampooer!). My mother decided to lend a hand in helping me pick my next shampooer, since my budget demanded something reliable at a very reasonable price. So, the Platinum Force was considered and purchased for about $75 less than the original price I paid for my Hoover.

    The first test for the new Dirt Devil was a rather large glass of chocolate milk spilled on my carpet, thanks to my 17-month old son. I was so eager to use my new shampooer and was confident that it would easily take care of this problem much like my Hoover did. HA! I was very disappointed by the very little suction the machine has to remove such spills! After running the machine over and over the spill for about 20 minutes (since the machine was still showing milk coming up through it), the result was a super-wet floor that took three, yes, three days to totally dry! And, once dry, I noticed that the milk hadn't entirely been extracted from the carpet! In fact, when I walked across the area, the carpet was stiff and hard from the remaining milk that had dried into the carpet fibers and pad.

    Subsequent spills had the same result. My Hoover never left water and spill residue like the Dirt Devil did. I decided to do some more investigating to find the reason for the lack of suction. Upon looking at the back of the unit, I noticed that this unit only has 7 amps of power. My Hoover had 12 amps! No wonder the suction is so poor on this shampooer. I'm now sorry I didn't look into the amperage before purchasing.

    The only thing I don't like about this machine is the lack of power/suction. All the other features I really do like, in fact better than Hoover's! I like the ease of cleaning the unit, the accessibility of all the tanks, and the overall ease of use. Additionally, a two-year warranty on parts and motor is much better than Hoover's one-year warranty. Hoover could take a lesson on these things. However, nothing beats the power that Hoover has in their shampooers! I think any shampooer featuring less than 12 amps is really a waste of money and yields very poor results.

    Dirt Devil, you have a great product with great features; just up the amps, please?!

    ...more info
  • Would work better if soap dispenser worked
    Well everyone, I hope my CE7900 problem was just a fluke and no one else has had this problem. The unit did arrive on time from Amazon and unit seemed to be very well put together and well made. The problem with my unit from the very first time was the auto soap(cleaner) dispenser did not pick up the soap and mix it with the water. In fact the clean water filled up the soap dispenser and gradually overflowed and leaked out the air vent on the top of it. I tried cleaning it, soaking it and removing the white tip on the soap pick-up tube and even changed the soap level to make sure it wasn't somehow air locked, but nothing helped. Well I had already cleaned a complete room with water only before realizing all of this. Very discouraging. I actually mixed it manually to finish our project and the unit did clean quite well . The unit is very easy to clean-up compared to the Hoover model we have tried before.
    Calling Dirt Devil customer service was no real help either.
    Now it is off to the authorized repair center with my almost new CE7900. Hopefully this will take care of the problem. Wish me good luck. ...more info
  • So Easy to Use
    I bought this machine based on your customer reviews and was not disappointed. This is the first time I have ever used a carpet cleaner and it was soooooo easy to use and worked so well. I would definitely recommend this cleaner for ability to clean, for the great price, and for the ease of use. By the way, one of the reviews stated it was hard to find Dirt Devil carpet cleaner. I found lots at Target. ...more info
  • SO far, quite nice
    It seems to be a quality machine for the price. Even I, who would normally be content with just a vacumed carpet, notice the difference in the shampooed carpet.

    The only downers-

    1 - It's heavy for a smaller person (my wife is only 4'11").
    2 - It's got a LOT of instructions.

    BUT - it does A LOT....more info
  • Good cleaner, but do not expect miracles
    I read all the great reviews and decided to buy this Dirt-Devil. Well, it's not a "devil" for sure.
    I have and old bright carpet in my apartment, and latley it had a black accent on top of it. The macine took all that dirt away. I can see the real color of the carpet now. But really tough stain still on the carpet (but more blur now).

    It's very easy to operate this machine and clean it after use.

    I do recommend this product, but do not expect miracles (especially if you have an old carpet)
    ...more info
  • Five Starts - For the Price!
    Great product, excellent price. Not much else in this price range to rival the quality, features and performance of this Dirt Devil carpet cleaner.

    Okay the name is kind of cheesy. My wife laughed out loud after the UPS guy dropped off the box. But after I cleaned our living room carpet last night it is I who have the last laugh, Ahahahahah!!!

    Seriously, I believe one of the most under appreciated feature of this carpet cleaner is the separate soap tank and the ability to switch off the soap at the flick of a switch. So on one pass I am shampooing, and the next rinsing. No need to measure and mix the soap, just fill and use.

    I was really looking to get a carpet steamer, but something that another reviewer mentioned made perfect sense: just fill the water tank with hot water, it'll be at least as hot as the water from the steamers.

    The brush is soft, but definitely works. A few passes over tough stains and everything comes right out. About the only real complaint I have is that the suction doesn't seem to be all that great. I used 2 tanks of water but only extrated about 1/2 tank of it back, so that's a 25% retrieval ratio. I was hoping for closer to 50%. But the carpet is clean and I am really happy with the results. After one night of drying the carpet is only very slightly damp. It is a heavy piece of equipment and dragging it across carpet is definitely a chore....more info

  • Platimum Force Carpet Cleaner
    What a great machine. It was simple to operate and putting together was a breeze. However I had a hard time finding the bolts and nuts,( they are on the inside of the handle). Simple to use and got alot of dirt out of my carpet I was amazed. I ordered it from amazon got free shipping which was great. I placed my order on the 31st of May and they told me it would take til the 7th for it to come. It was sitting at my door on the 3rd. The directions were simple and it was easier to move around then a rental machine. I did an 18x24' area of carpet in less then an hour. I like the fact that it has separate switches for the shampoo and separate containers for each so you don't have to mix the shampoo. There are only two things that I may have issues with. I can't locate the shampoo that is recommended to use, except on the internet, ace hardware says they carry this product but went to three and they didn't have it. However it appears that I can have it shipped free to the ace close to my house. The other thing is the attachment hose for stairs and furniture, it is in the way, but can be removed completely. It will be stored. I was suprised how quiet the machine was. My vac is louder then this system. It really did a good job cleaning my carpet and picked up most of the water out of the carpet. Great job Royal on this product. I will recommend it....more info
  • poor quality
    We have had this unit for about one year. We have found the seal around the base of the water reservoir leaks/falls out. the tool/floor lever selector has worn out/broken. We need to wedge a spoon under the lever to keep the Vac from flipping to the tools position when trying to use as an upright. It is impossible to clean inside the components. Would not recommend....more info
  • The great reviews are true we love it..
    This machine works quite well and easily.
    we had no idea how much unseen cat hair was on our carpet until this device sucked it up along with the dirt.
    I can't imagine getting a better carpet cleaner without paying hundreds more. If you need an effective carpet cleaner look no farther....more info
  • Minor Miracle Maker
    Let me begin by telling you that this is a great product. It works as advertised. I have used many, many other cleaners and this one is as good, if not better than most other consumer class carpet cleaners, even many rental/carpet cleaning professional services. That being said, there are a few quirks.

    Many people complain about the weight, it is not that bad. The weight could have been put to better use though, if the suction was under the motor. Think of using it as an excerise routine for the day. Another problem is ONLY using Dirt Devil brand cleaner. Why?? I would suggest if you use a different brand to make sure that it is not tinted in any way so incase you need to use the warranty the plastic will still be the original color.

    Now for the best part, the warranty is a good one. My first unit leaked badly when shut off and when reading other reviews, I thought that was a design flaw. Wrong! My old unit had water leaking into the motor cover and it did not dry out. It shot the motor and I got a new one. My new one does not leak. Another warranty plus, you dont need to ship it off for repair if you have a certified repair shop close.

    If the DD brand cleaner does not work on a spot, I suggest using another good spot cleaner and then run back over it with only the water and brushes on. Different cleaners for different stains. Any price under One Fifty is a good one....more info

  • Great Product
    This is a great product. It's effective and easy to use. Good value for the money. My only beef is that it is large and therefore diffucult to store in a small apartment. However, it functions well enough that I don't have any regrets about buying it....more info
  • Terrific bang for the buck
    My wife and I have 11 cats, and it's spring. They've all been neutered, but we're still having a bit of mating-time competitive marking. I was using a little spot cleaner for awhile, but my little friends soon got ahead of that. I filled the soap dispenser of the Platinum Force with PetZyme and went to work. It not only does a bang-up job of extracting dirt out of the carpet (even replacing cleaning solution with PetZyme), it extracts so much of the dirty water out that the carpet (burber) was almost dry when I was done. It was quite dry in four hours....more info
    I was really looking forward to getting this machine after reading all of the reviews! It was easy to put together,but it is so heavy you basically have to be a body builder to use it. It does a good job cleaning,but after a few days my carpets looked really matted up. I would recommend it,but only to someone who has the muscles to use it! My mom has a hoover steamvac and I could clean my whole house with ease using it! It took me about 3 hours to clean to rooms with this one! I think next time I'll go with a hoover!...more info
  • ka- put after 3 uses
    Wow !! rinse pump died on the third use after 14 months. We'll see about warranty, two years, good thing, BUT Royal says to ship complete unit back, prepaid!! UGH!!...more info
  • Good Product, very simple to deal with
    Bought the Dirt Devil and just like the reviews said, it was very easy to assemble. A few screws and your done. Easy to use, nice features, easy to clean afterwards. The suction is excellent.
    The only negative thing I have to say is that its pretty heavy and hard to push. Not impossible, but its heavy.

    Overall for the ease to operated, and put together, its well worth it. You will NOT be dissapointed....more info

  • Great product
    Bought this product in October 2003 and give it 5 stars. It looks complicated but isn't and cleans very well. Had a few problems with some set in stains but when I took my time over them they came up nicely. It is a bit heavy but that's to be expected with the water and soap tanks. It's a great product at a great price....more info
  • Disappointed!
    After being offered this item in my Gold Box, and reading its rave reviews, I was really looking forward to getting it and seeing how it worked on my fairly new (but stained) family room carpet. What a letdown! It was complicated to put together, heavy, and didn't even begin to remove dirt or stains from my carpet. If I still had the box, I'd send it back (my good ol' Hoover Steam-Vac works much better)....more info
  • White carpet next to the kitchen
    Some things you never consider is the dirt you track out of the kitchen onto the carpet in the family room. White is not the correct color choice. This area gets dirty quickly and always looks dingy. I bought the CE7900 after getting the little brother CE6100 and taking it back. The CE6100 has a brush, but the only movement it does is your movement.

    The counter-rotating brushes in the CE7900 appear to do a pretty good job of pulling out the grime. I did the family room and front hallway out of the garage and both look great. I'm looking forward to keeping the carpet a bit brighter now.

    I like the fact that this machine lets you chooses soap, brush and vacuum. I can apply soap and spot remover, brush is in and rinse it out with the soap turned off. Hopefully I got all the soap out so it doesn't clean off the wifeys shoes when she gets home from work.

    Overall, I'd say this is a winner. For the price, and some comparable units are pushing $300, this is a good machine. :)...more info

  • Great Machine. No Regrets.
    I've spent the last several weeks doing the same research you're probably doing right now. After reading all of the reviews and a trip to the local vacuum cleaner store we chose to buy the Dirt Devil Platinum Force Carpet Cleaner. I was more concerned about getting a carpet cleaner that actually cleans, and not leak while doing it, than I was about the price.

    I did the carpet in my living room today. There were many small stains across the carpet and a half dozen pretty serious ones, from an aging cat that occasionally can't keep down dinner. I took my time but it pulled everything up. Our carpet looks new. We have been having them cleaned a couple of times a year by a professional service. But they haven't looked this good in years.

    When comparing brands, I was concerned about the two beater bars on the Dirt Devil that are used to scrub the carpet. They seemed a little wimpy to me. The Hoover has 5, and some models 6, rotating brushes which seem like they would do a better job. But our previous cleaner was a Hoover and the Dirt Devil does a better job of cleaning. Also, I thought the brushes were a little too soft on the Dirt Devil but they are about the same on the Hoover and other brands. Maybe it's no big deal.

    Easy to load. I found that filling the reservoirs on the Dirt Devil very easy. It has separate reservoirs for the shampoo and clean water. I easily filled the shampoo reservoir without even removing it from the machine, which is also easy to do. Removing and filling the clean water tank and putting it back in place is also a snap.

    Easy to empty. The dirty water tank lifts out easily and without making a mess. Click open the release and you lift it straight up. Just as easy to put back in.

    Does not leak. This machine does not leak a drop. The frustration that I had with our Hoover (F5913-900) is that it frequently poured water out the back end at a furious rate. I spent more time cleaning up the mess than cleaning the carpets. The dirty water tank on the Dirt Devil fills from the top. It can't leak like the Hoover or the Bissel that have the fill plug on the bottom of the tank. No wonder they always leak. Dirt Devil has a float in the dirty water tank that audibly lets you know the tank is full and prevents the tank from overfilling.

    Weight. The weight is similar to competing brands. I did not find it particularly difficult to handle. As you push or pull there is certainly some resistance. However, some of that is due to the fact that, in addition to the cleaner itself, you have up to 10 lbs of water and other liquids onboard. Also, it has pretty good suction, which creates some resistance, but I think that's a good thing in a carpet cleaner.

    I bought our Dirt Devil Platinum Force from Amazon.com. I could have purchased it from our local vacuum cleaner dealer for $60 more and still that would have been a bargain compared to Hoover and Bissel. I ordered it on a Sunday evening and chose the Super Saver shipping option (Free). They estimated 10 days shipping but it was delivered to my door in 4 days. Great machine. No regrets....more info

    Just received the Dirt Devil and put it to work. We were shocked to see the amount of dirt and sand being sucked out of our kitchen carpet. Just unbelievable especially when you conside we had borrowed a neighbors carpet shampooer and did our carpet just a month ago. The suction on the Dirt Devil is great. If it had larger wheels and thus easier to roll it would be a 5+ for sure....more info
  • hate to be a party-pooper, but....
    I was so excited to get my dirt devil delivered so that I could use it to clean my area rug under my dining room table. The main reason I ordered it was because of the mutitudinous positive reviews from other amazon customers. Well, I assembled it easily enough and got going on the carpet....it was such a let-down. It was not very effective, I had to go over and over the same spots which were light/not major stains. In the end I unassembled it, put it all back in its box and had it returned. I must say, amazon was great about the return...picked it up at my door and gave a full refund quickly....more info
    After having three Bissell machines (one upright and two "Little Green Machines) that ultimately failed after maybe a dozen uses, my vacuum cleaner repair person recomended this Dirt Devil machine. He told me that they rarely get these in for repair, and have a room full of Bissels and Hoovers for repair! (I did complain online to the Bissell Corporation about the many problems I was having with my last two machines.. They did not even give me the courtesy of a reply. So much for Customer Service and standing behind their products!!!) This Dirt Devil machine is very easy to fill and clean. It is a little heavy but not too bad. It did a good job on my carpets and stairs. I like the fingertip controls on the handle as opposed to Bissell having them on the back of the machine, where you always have to bend over and find them to turn the machine on and off. The "rinse only" feature is also nice to get the remaining soap out of the carpet. The reason for my four star rating is that when using the upholstery attachements, the prongs in the hose are not long enough and the attachement hose does not twist into the cover plate very far. This results in the attachement hose popping out of the cover plate frequently. I had to continually stop and re-attach the hose which was a nuisance. Overall, I would still recommend this machine, especially for the price. It is about half the price of the top of the line Bissell!...more info
  • Dirt Devil CE7900
    I was amazed at the cleaning power of this machine. It's easy to fill and I don't think it's heavy compared to other machines. My carpets look great!...more info
  • Good carpet cleaner
    I have used a couple of rental machines previously and this Dirt Devil is better than all of them: it's clean for one thing and the brushes are not worn out and filthy. It is relatively heavy but they all are. You need to use two hands to pull it back and forth. But since you need to move it slowly anyway, it shouldn't be a problem. I had my 14 year old daughter do it after I showed her how and she actually enjoyed seeing the carpet come back clean after a pass or two. The point is to be realistic: it won't clean up dried epoxy glue for example. My pros are:
    -pick up tank easy to disengage and empty
    -hot water tank easy to fill
    -cleaning solution dispenser is not glued on like on the Hoovers'.
    -the various on/off buttons on the handle allow you to turn off the cleaning solution mix to rinse. Very handy. Also turns on and off the water and the vacuum. Turn everything off except the vaccuum for a minute before stopping and you won't get any drips at all. This also allow you to suck up more moisture from a finished area to speed drying.

    -take up tank has lots of baffles so its hard to rinse out totally for storage (but not impossible)
    -portable tool is very basic compared to Hoover's. Don't know if it makes a big difference or not.

    Don't let the manual scare you with the "Don't use any other cleaning solution or there is no warantee", they are all basicly the same detergent based product. I've used three different ones with no problem. All in all a pretty good product so far for the money....more info

  • Mixed!
    Like many others I did lots of research before buying a steam vac. For me it was between the Hoover F7425-900 (Hoover) or the Dirt Devil CE7900 (DD). Reviews of both units complained of some leaking so I was cautious about spending the extra hundred plus dollars for the Hoover so I tried the DD. From a store with good return policies.

    First, the DD was easy to assemble. It is actually better made than I had originally thought. The wheels are not that small. I like the way that the soap container sits below the clean water tank and will not leak. It is easy to take out the soap and clean water tank for filling. They both secure into the machine quite nicely. Impressed here.

    The dirty water tank has gotten quite a few negative comments. I did not experience any dripping. Yes, it is harder to get the water out due to all the baffling in the tank. Fortunately, I have a deep utility sink and just put a bucket in there to catch the dirty water and then washed the tank out under the faucet. I liked the way it easily fit into place and securred down with the front piece which is only tilted forward to get at the dirty water tank.

    The first time I used the tool attachment I failed to completely engage the lock on the solution hose--dripped here. Once I completely secured it--it performed without a drip. The main hose attaches nicely to the front of the unit with a good solid twist friction fit. It won't pull out on you! This seems better than the Hoover which I experiemented with in the store.

    As far as construction. This unit is well made!

    Now for the negatives. These negatives might be totally due to the type of carpet I have. It would be nice if reviewers would describe the type of carpet they have to make informed decisions easier. My carpet is a very, very thick plush. It takes a lot of effort to even separate the strands. The DD didn't do much with my carpet. The brushes are not stiff enough to even look like it went over the top of the carpet. As far as the aspect of dirty water pickup. Yes, there was dirty water. However, I measured the input (the clean water tank holds a little over a gallon to the fill line). The recovery on my carpet was about 70-73%. That leaves about four cups of water in the carpet for every 16 of clean used. I went over the same area many many times to extract water and even used the hand tool to pick up some of the water. The ratio would have been much worse with the vacuum unit itself. Like I said, this might be due to the type of carpet I have. For comparison purposes the Rug Doctor pickups up over 80% for me. The Rug Doctor works much better for my carpet than the DD.

    What score to give? Well, I give it a 5 for being well built. For water pickup I give it a 2. Cleaning ability on dense, plus carpet is a 2, the brushes just don't do it. Since the purpose of a unit is to do the job of cleaning the water pickup is vitally important. I wonder if having the two pick up areas (one in the back of the machine & the other the V's in the front spread the suction out too much. Maybe just the front suction would result in better pickup. Thus my over all score for this unit is a 2. Again keep in mind the type of carpet you have when considering my comments. I would reconcider this unit for myself with different carpet or a much smaller area to clean....more info

  • 4 dogs....enough said!!!!
    I have owned several different shampooers but this one takes all! Easy to use, no confusion on adding soap due to separate tank for soap. Clear water switch for no soap & power brush switch for brushes on or off. I use it A LOT & have replaced the belt twice which is also easy. Large water tank & very easy to empty & clean.
    The others that I have bought didn't last this long or work as well!!...more info
  • Pleased
    I just purchased this machine in August. We had some fairly set in stains in a light cream carpet. I wasn't sure how much dirt this machine had gotten out until I empyted the "dirty" tank. I vacuum every day, and was shocked to see the amount of dirt coming out in the water. (We just recently had our carpets professionally done). I have done the carpets again, since, and there is still dirty water. Makes me wonder about the "professional" cleaners. Regardless, I like having this machine. I can clean the carpet on my own schedule, and have paid for this machine by avoiding one "professional" cleaning charge. It isn't a miracle, but it's a great help. The only way to have "new looking" carpet, is to have "new" carpet installed. This machine is far more cost effective, after the estimates I received for replacing carpeting. Good luck, follow the directions, and I think you'll like it. One last thing, it doesn't do too well with berber carpeting. If you have the regular plush carpeting you'll be fine....more info
  • Great Name, Great Cleaner
    Briefly put, this cleaner really works. For the money (less than $ 150.00 plus free shipping from Amazon.com), you can't beat it. It takes some getting used to, but once you have the drill down --- loading clean water in, and dumping the cruddy water --- you are good to go.

    It's not perfect, comments made by others are true ..... it's heavy when fully loaded, it drips a little, the dirty water container is hard to get really clean .... but man, does it get the carpet clean and standing tall.

    My wife keeps small children, so the carpet gets a weekly barrage of droplets of sticky sweet liquids coming from "leak proof" sippy cups, plus all of the other nasty stuff pre-schoolers can leave behind. She needed some way to clean up fast, so her weekends could be more free .... mere vacuuming just would not cut it, and spot cleaners are a pain in the..... well, they're a pain. Enter the Dirt Devil Extractor ... problem solved. She (or even me) can load this bad boy, hit the high traffic areas, and be done pronto. One of the best features is the carpet is left virtually dry, not soppy like the rental units leave it.

    Finally, it makes you feel good. Just seeing that gray, nasty water going down the drain lets you know you have accomplished something positive....more info

  • Great Name, Great Cleaner
    Briefly put, this cleaner really works. For the money ..., you can't beat it. It takes some getting used to, but once you have the drill down --- loading clean water in, and dumping the cruddy water --- you are good to go.

    It's not perfect, comments made by others are true ..... it's heavy when fully loaded, it drips a little, the dirty water container is hard to get really clean .... but man, does it get the carpet clean and standing tall.

    My wife keeps small children, so the carpet gets a weekly barrage of droplets of sticky sweet liquids coming from "leak proof" sippy cups, plus all of the other nasty stuff pre-schoolers can leave behind. She needed some way to clean up fast, so her weekends could be more free .... mere vacuuming just would not cut it, and spot cleaners are a pain in the..... well, they're a pain. Enter the Dirt Devil Extractor ... problem solved. She (or even me) can load this bad boy, hit the high traffic areas, and be done pronto. One of the best features is the carpet is left virtually dry, not soppy like the rental units leave it.

    Finally, it makes you feel good. Just seeing that gray, nasty water going down the drain lets you know you have accomplished something positive....more info

  • Best investment i've made
    I'm still so impressed at how easy this machine is. From set up to use it was all around simple. It really is out of the box and ready to use in 10 minutes. And the results were phenominal. I have a 3 year old in my house who spills a lot but my carpets no longer look like it. Because it is so easy to use, it is a machine that i can use almost as frequently as my vacuum cleaner. I recommend this machine to anyone who wants a reasonably priced machine that gives top quality cleaning....more info
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!
    I puchased this cleaner after getting sick of scheduling carpet cleaning appointments and their expense. We just did some major home renovations and I knew there was dust and dirt trapped in my carpets that was beyone what a vacuume could reach. I put together the product myself in less than 15 minutes. The manual is wonderful and goes step by step throught the process of putting it together. I cleaned all of the carpets on my house in a single weekend and I was horrified at what was living in them all this time. I had just has the house professionally cleaned 6 months ago and this cleaner did a much better job. The attachment tool is extremely easy to use and I used ti for sopt cleaning carpet areas as well as the furniture. It is very easy to use and to clean. It is a little hard to push, but I'm a petite person so I wasn't surprised. I would highly reccommend this product to others. Dirt Devil did a wonderful job with this one....more info
  • I love it!!!
    This carpet extractor does a great job, is easy to use, clean, and store. Best of all, it's on sale plus I got it as a goldbox member for $...!!! What a great price. Even at the $... it's well worth it....more info
  • one year later and still going strong
    I am so pleased w/the performance of this product.I had found this 6 month old chocolate milk stains on my carpet and thought ok I'm screwed I'm not getting back my security deposit.I gave my new steam vac a try and it came right off w/ the help of the brush attachment.We were living in Guam last year and our apt. got soaked from the super typhoon.We used this steam vac to help suction out the wet carpets and worked like charm,then we went back and shampooed it over,over and over again.well,it's one year later and still going strong.It's easy to use,clean and manuever.I highly recommend this product and I hope it works as well for you as does for me....more info
  • Does The Job!
    Cleaning carpets five minutes after opening the box. Does the job just as good as my neighbor's way more expensive Hoover (he spent double what I did). Could not believe the dirt and dog hair that came out of our "clean" carpet. A little heavy, but the workout's good for you. Glad I bought it....more info
  • Very Impressive!
    I recently acquired the Dirt Devil CE 7900 and man, am I impressed! We had previously had our friend who owns a carpet cleaning business do our carpets. He uses a special cleaner with counter-rotating, deep penetrating brushes, etc. I ran the new CE 7900 and got up the dirt balls like he had, and even got a spot clean that he had not been able to get fully clean after two different tries. We had our friend in to clean carpets about six weeks ago, and you would not believe how black the dirty water was when I emptied it each time as I was running the CE 7900. Seems his system (Which I truly believe is better than most professional systems I have hired.), was missing more than met the eye. The carpets look as good as when we moved in. (The previous owner had had two different carpet cleaning companies come in to get these light carpets in shape for the sale of the house.) More expensive machines may work better in some way or another, but the ingenious three tank system allows stopping to get really hot water for an espicially stubborn spot and other convenient things I hadn't thought of before buying this machine. This is not a professional grade machine, but it seems awfully close.

    For the money, I see no comparison. I have just completed a full cleaning of our 2,500 sq ft house and paid for the machine with this one run (at the sale price). My friend would have charged a minimum of $$$....more info

  • Make sure you can find the shampoo before you buy
    I ordered this on-line and got my 16 oz bottle of shampoo which was enough to clean my living room carpet plus a recliner. It does a great job. I've been trying for a week to find the carpet shampoo. I can't find anywhere on-line to purchase it. The warranty is VOID if you use another brand of shampoo- and I'm hesitant to try since there is a separate reservior for the shampoo. I called customer assistance and they told me to try K-mart or Wa-mart but couldn't tell me if they had it in stock. I insisted that their web site didn't have those products and I was given the product number to type in. Guess what it came up empty. So make sure you have a place to buy the shampoo before you get this cleaner!...more info
    I researched several machines on the internet and then I read all the reviews for both the Dirt Devil and the Bissell and decided to go with the Dirt Devil...I just shampooed, my 1 year old carpet, 2 weeks ago. I have 2 cats but kids are grown and out of the house so carpet shouldn't be too dirty. I have it in my den where I watch tv and cross stitch...WELL I was amazed at the water...I had used a rug doctor the first time(2 weeks ago).
    The machine doesn't seem heavier then others...it does a great job and as others mentioned the "fill the shampoo with soap and go" is nice (no mixing..didn't think it was that big of deal until u dont have to mess with it)...I didn't find it that hard to clean...but next time I think I will do the suction part in the tub...amazed how much cat hair it picked up...and my husband vacumes this floor every week...even though it looks clean. So, to find all that cat hair in there really surprised me.
    The machine was easy to put together ...4 screws...took me longer to find the srcews taped to the handle then to screw them in. If you don't like the attchement hose on the machine it is no big deal to keep it off...it doesn't need to be on if you aren't using the hand wand for steps or furniture. It was easy to fill and empty. I added a little boiled water to make sure it was hot. It was really nice to be able to do just water for a rinse and to turn off either or both the brushes and the soap.
    As for leaking...I didn't have that but then I turned off soap and brushes and left vacume on for a few seconds before turning off the machine entirely..maybe the solution to the dribbling.
    I was surprised how well those 2 little brushes worked...my old Sears one was a big mama...and so I was skeptical...but the Dirt Devil was more then worth the money. I have never been too impressed with Dirt Devil's before...we all have those little things that couldn't pick up a hair much less dirt so i was pleasently surprised...You will not be sorry with this product...I was worried that with my back and arthritis it would be too much but it seems ok....I'll let you know tomorrow!!!...more info
  • Great Cleaner for the Price
    I purchased the Dirt Devil CE7900 last week here at Amazon. I am very happy with the job this unit does. For what I would have spent to rent equipment or have a service come in once, I own a machine that does just as good a job. It is very easy to assemble and simple to use. I will admit the unit is fairly heavy so be ready for a workout if you plan on doing an entire house. I have read other reviews complaining about the dirty water that drips out of the front when emptying the dirty water reservoir. I Just carry a little towel or rag to place under the front while I dump the dirty water. I had a one or two stubborn spots/stains that I ended up treating with a different product but the dirt devil worked wonders on heavy traffic soiled areas and the spots where the dog lays. I have not owned other carpet cleaners but I can say this one is a great bargain at [this price]....more info
  • Not sure what I cleaned more my carpet or the machine
    First very easy assembly of machine. I as a 38 year old 130 lb woman didn't find it difficult at all to lug upstairs. I didn't like the way the accessory hose wraps over machine, as it falls off A LOT. Also I don't like how the machine is difficult to clean afterwards. Ravelled carpet fibers and dirt get trapped in corners and suction apparatus. This machine would be difficult to clean stairs with as tool hose isn't very long. Electrical cord also is not long so you have to plug into each room, and can't go room to room with it. I have to say it cleaned my carpets well (gosh they were THAT dirty), but I think I could easily rent a machine twice a year and not have to worry about storing this machine and still get same results....more info
  • I just love it!
    Read the reviews so bought one. It is heavy but I think it's because of the extractor it has to be that way. I cleaned my three carpets also two chairs. I did my new berber rug and it did a great job. It was a workout but was worth it. This is one of the best I had... I also love the tank for the shampoo and the other for water. It pick up so much dirt I was shocked ..
    I have two cats and dog so you can see why I needed one....more info
  • No-brainer !!
    ...BR>Picked it because of the great reviews on amazon.com. ...
    Ordered direct from amazon. Great price, shipping included. UPS delivered it right to the door. 20 minutes to read the manual and insert the whole 4 screws. Put in the soap (small bottle provided)and water and went at the filthy (dog "poop" stained) carpet. Took about 40 minutes from move the movable furniture (heavy), cleanthe carpet, and wash out the carpet cleaner parts that need washing. Stayed off the carpet overnight to let it dry.
    What a fantastic job this cleaner does! The carpet could have been clean all along. Duhhhhhh. (If you find any areas that you missed or needed extra cleaning, the touch up takes 1/2 as long)
    As an engineer & been in Quality Assurance (forever), this is one clever design, and (believe it or not), made in China, defect-free. No parts were missing, worked perfectly. And, yes, it IS heavy; but you wouldn't want it to do a wimp job of cleaning.

    ...P>Not a bad investment at all.

    I'd better go rest and (smirk about how pleased I am with myself)....more info

  • Good bang for the buck, but not without some weak spots
    My previous shampooer, after owning a long line of impotent noisemakers, was a Hoover upright w/no rotating brushes. It got the loose dirt up with not much effort. Great suction helps to move that crud. The superior suction also dried the carpet very nicely. However, I knew I was leaving a lot of embedded pet hairs without the moving brush feature. After a bit of shoddy research, lots of calls to biased vaccumn shops and reading many slanted reviews, I decided on the DD CE7900 model. The CE7900 has a handle with 3 rocker switches (2 w/lights!!) that resembles Maverick's F-14 joystick. But, instead of "switching to guns or missiles" you can "switch to soap and/or brush" Or you can hit the third switch: "bail out" or "off" and go get another beer. The extractor has 3 tanks that hold liquids: fresh clear water, dirty water and detergent. The fresh water tank has the feel and look of a distorted 2 liter 7-up bottle with screw-on cap to match. It's easy to take off and fill. (Also doubles as a lemonade container) The dirty water tank is also easy to detach. The dirty water is also easy to spill. Just hold up the tank's chin while pulling up and you won't have to apologize for your bad language. The detergent tank is best left in the machine for refill. Pulling out the detergent tube will only produce more chances for an apology.
    I used my Hoover on a few rooms and then as a test came back with the CE7900. The CE7900 pulled out more hair and dirt than Madonna has boyfriends,..well maybe not that many, but it was a bunch. The counter-rotating brushes and detergent solution are very effective in lifting pet hairs that the vacuum just can't touch. Unfortunately the vacuum action on this machine is lacking. Drying out the carpet may take some time. (Consider renting a helicopter to hover in your living room)
    This machine is heavy and needs larger diameter wheels. (Wheels like you see on the monster truck shows would be nice) The weight, however, helps push the head into the carpet which is good. (If you use this machine you won't need a health club membership)
    The CE7900 probably would have been the best shampooer I ever had if it just hadn't broken right away. The cold water tank's plug/valve began leaking and then upon inspection departed the tank looking for a better place to reside. Other than that, I somewhat highly recommend the CE7900....more info
  • Good bang for the buck, but not without some weak spots
    My previous shampooer, after owning a long line of impotent noisemakers, was a Hoover upright w/no rotating brushes. It got the loose dirt up with not much effort. Great suction helps to move that crud. The superior suction also dried the carpet very nicely. However, I knew I was leaving a lot of embedded pet hairs without the moving brush feature. After a bit of shoddy research, lots of calls to biased vaccumn shops and reading many slanted reviews, I decided on the DD CE7900 model. The CE7900 has a handle with 3 rocker switches (2 w/lights!!) that resembles Maverick's F-14 joystick. But, instead of "switching to guns or missiles" you can "switch to soap and/or brush" Or you can hit the third switch: "bail out" or "off" and go get another beer. The extractor has 3 tanks that hold liquids: fresh clear water, dirty water and detergent. The fresh water tank has the feel and look of a distorted 2 liter 7-up bottle with screw-on cap to match. It's easy to take off and fill. (Also doubles as a lemonade container) The dirty water tank is also easy to detach. The dirty water is also easy to spill. Just hold up the tank's chin while pulling up and you won't have to apologize for your bad language. The detergent tank is best left in the machine for refill. Pulling out the detergent tube will only produce more chances for an apology.
    I used my Hoover on a few rooms and then as a test came back with the CE7900. The CE7900 pulled out more hair and dirt than Madonna has boyfriends,..well maybe not that many, but it was a bunch. The counter-rotating brushes and detergent solution are very effective in lifting pet hairs that the vacuum just can't touch. Unfortunately the vacuum action on this machine is lacking. Drying out the carpet may take some time. (Consider renting a helicopter to hover in your living room)
    This machine is heavy and needs larger diameter wheels. (Wheels like you see on the monster truck shows would be nice) The weight, however, helps push the head into the carpet which is good.
    This machine probably would have been the best shampooer I ever had if it just hadn't broken right away. The cold water tank's plug/valve began leaking and then upon inspection departed the tank looking for a better place to reside. Other than that, I somewhat highly recommend the CE7900....more info
  • Works Wonders!
    Just got mine today! Opened it, put it together and used it! 2 weeks ago we had the carpets cleaned and let me tell ya, I got a lot of filthy water out of them! We have a mini-dacshaund and she has "little accidents" when not wlked on time. The Platinum Force got them up with no problems! I didn't even pre-treat the spots! It is a bit heavy when filled with water, but well worth the effort to push it along as it cleans so well. I used to have the Bissell Proheat. It didn't fluff the carpet even half as well as the Platinum Force does! Thank You Royal Dirt Devil for such a wonderful product and a great warranty to boot! It cleans deep and throughly and the water rinse option is great!...more info
  • An Excellent Price for a Great Carpet Cleaner
    After doing a great deal of research on carpet cleaners, I recently purchased the Dirt Devil Platinum Force Carpet Extractor from Amazon.com. It arrived yesterday, and has already been put to work in our high traffic rooms and on the dirty stairway carpet. So far, I am extremely pleased with the results.

    When deciding which carpet cleaner to buy, I focused my research on this unit and the comparable Hoover. The reviews for both were impressive, but the following unique features on the Dirt Devil stood out in my mind:

    1.) Automatic soap dispenser - This eliminates the need to mix soap and water prior to each use. This saves time and means that the cleaner is always ready to use by just adding water.

    2.) Water rinse feature - This was important as our allergic dog has been known to get a rash after laying on freshly cleaned carpet.

    3.) Price and 2-year warranty - The cheapest comparable Hoover is at least $40 more expensive and only offers a 1-year warranty. To get the above features on a Hoover would cost $250 or more.

    Of course, the Dirt Devil is not perfect. Others have mentioned that the dirty water tank leaks, but I have not noticed this to be a problem. There may be a slight drip when the unit is first shut off, but nothing significant. Also, the tool caddy could be better designed; I just remove the hose and attachment tool when running the unit. Hoover seems to have an edge on the attachment tool, but the one on the Dirt Devil did a decent job on my stairs.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this carpet cleaner. It is well designed and easy to use - a bit heavy when full of water, but this is to be expected. Without a doubt, it is much more user friendly than the Rug Doctors I have rented in the past. My carpet dries within 12 hours, and looks great. With 2 adults, a toddler, and two dogs in the house, this purchase will pay for itself in no time....more info

  • Very, very pleased
    I bought this carpet cleaner based on the other positive reviews and am so happy with it that I wanted to add my own for further emphasis.

    I have 1 dog, 2 cats (which barf--a lot!), and a new puppy (now nick-named "The Piddler,"). I love this carpet cleaner for it's ease of use. It mixes the soap and water so I can leave the soap container full and just fill up the water container and go when I need it. The dirty water reservoir is super easy to remove and rinse. And it does a *great* job. I use it to spot clean weekly or more often and I don't mind a bit. Much easier to use than the old brontosaurus of a canister shampooer I owned before this.

    Admittedly, it is on the heavy side, but it is much less cumbersome to carry up the stairs and drag around the house than my old canister cleaner. So if the weight is a problem for you might want to take it into consideration before purchasing this shampooer. However, the fact that it's a little heavy does not in any way detract from my own rating of this product....more info

  • Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor
    Though difficult to push, this cleaner made my carpet look new. It does what it says it will do and sucks water back out of the carpet. It makes the carpet dry much faster. I was amazed at how much dirt it pulled out of my carpet! The vacuum is easy to assemble and easy to clean....more info
  • One of the best.....
    Built a new "second" home and had to furnish it so therefore I had to buy a number of different products and my Dirt Devil carpet cleaner is by far the best product out of the bunch. This product is very well made, easy to use, and most important of all, does what it says it will do. My carpets came out cleaner than when I had them professonally done! If you have pets or children and have carpets that are stained, buy this product....more info
  • Pet owners rejoice!
    Stop wasting your hard earned money on those store rental machines while having to lug them back & forth,the dirt devil cleaned my carpet just about as good! I'd say the "Rug Doctor" has a 5% edge in cleaning power, but the convenience, affordability, and ease of use of the Dirt Devil makeup the differance!A "Dirt Devil Plus" was the shampoo dispenser, I found it saved time and over use of shampoo, also smelled and worked great as well! (A free sample came with the product!)The only negative I found with the Dirt Devil Platinum Force was maneuvering, the wheels were a little difficult....more info
  • Good machine
    I am pleased with the Dirt Devil Platinum Force Carpet Extractor. It has more suction and scrubbing power than any other home shampooer I've owned. I think I expected it to perform like a Rug Doctor, based on the reviews I've read, but it didn't do THAT good of a job. However, it is the best home model I've used and will recommend it to anyone. One thing to consider, though, is that this machine is heavy and takes a little muscle to use. You may want to avoid it if you have a bad back....more info
  • Good only for the first time.
    I was impressed the first time I used it. But the next day, when I tried to continue the cleaning job, it started to leak dirty water! Made big mess on my carpet. The product can not be used now because while it cleans, it spills dirty water next to it.
    I would not recommend this model....more info
  • So good, I had to come back and write a review . . .
    With 2 dogs, one of whom has been sick on our carpet (I mean really, yucky sick), we decided we needed a carpet cleaner asap. We checked recommendations on eOpinion, Amazon and pet-owner message boards and came up with what we decided were the top three: Bissell, Hoover and Dirt Devil.

    We were a bit wary of getting a Dirt Devil as we'd heard other Dirt Devil models really weren't very good. But, based on the reviews here and the extremely reasonable price, we felt confident to try it out and are so happy we did. (We also were confused w/ the many models of Bissell and Hoover since many other reviewers didn't specify model #s, or models were updated but not reviewed). We ordered from Amazon on February 24, and received it on February 28!

    To repeat what many others have said, here's what I can attest to now that I've actually used it:

    ~DOES AN AMAZING JOB! It really gets what looks like already clean carpet super-clean and brand-new looking. The clear dirty water tank is an energy booster since you feel your hard work is really accomplishing something when you see all the filth you've picked up.

    ~Clean Water Rinse function is great. It allows a final rinse without soap to get your carpet really clean. I also used it in-between repeat cleanings on really soiled areas.

    ~Dries Quickly. It's very cold here now and it still dried in less than 8 hours. Also, the variable settings allow you to suck up the water w/out adding any soap or water, which also helps the carpet dry faster.

    ~2-year Warranty was longer than other brands I looked into (mostly 1-year). Machine seems pretty well built so should last at least that long.

    ~Extremely Heavy. I mean, really heavy. But it's otherwise easy to maneuver. If it gets too heavy, I'll try filling the clean water tank only half-way. Although it will make me fill water more often, it also ensures I have very hot water all the time.

    ~Dirty Water Tank drips when machine is stopped. As others recommend, stop machine over an old towel to catch the drips.

    ~Clear Suction Part in front of dirty water tank should be removed and rinsed clean when you clean the tank. I don't think it was noted in the manual, but it should be.

    ~Dirt Devil Cleaner solution must be used. Seems to work well but I was hoping to try other cleaners, especially if they end up being cheaper (haven't priced the DD Cleaner yet). Using another cleaner voids the warranty.

    I strongly recommend this cleaner!! Have fun!...more info

  • Easy to use & Quiet
    Very good profomer. Extremly quiet compared to our
    8yr old Kenmore Canster cleaner. The first time we used it the
    return water was very dirty. The switch controls are easy to use and being able to switch form soap to clean water is a big plus.

    The dirty water recovery tank is very easy to empty and the
    seperate water and soap containers are great! The fact that this
    unit can clean both fowards and backwards is a great time saver.
    The vacuum does seems a little wimpy, however it gets the job done. This cleaner is can be difficult to push across the carpet
    but forces you to take your time cleaning....more info

  • Dirt Devil Platinum Force Carpet Extractor
    Wouldn't have anything else. Live on a farm, so making tracks on the carpet is a day to day accident. This carpet cleaner has handled anything I have thrown at it and is ready for more.
    From muddy footprints, to a spilled can of soda, to kitty accidents, the Dirt Devil as taken care off them all.
    VERY pleased with being able to simply rinse the carpet. I have
    done the carpets with the highest traffic area twice, and the water simply comes up black......this unit continues to pull dirt out of the carpet from the previous owners of the house!!! Yes, do to the design of the intake-you must be aware enough to stop this cleaner on a old towel or rag, water will run back down the pickup head. I prefer the twin counter-rotating brushes, I think it loosens more dirt to be picked up as compared to the five
    spinning brushes on the Hoover. It is heavy, but CERTAINLY does the job....don't have to have that gym membership any more ;) Confident in the two year warranty!!! For the price, this unit will not let you down. I am very pleased and will certainly recommend it to friends....more info
  • Turned my carpets WHITE!
    This is amazing. I read all the reviews and liked this one the best. The cleaning power is amazing! It is a little heavier then I expected and its messy to clean, but the way it cleans WOW its worth the extra hassle. I give this an A+!...more info
  • Powerful and easy to use
    I recently purchased a Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Carpet Extractor from Amazon.com. I cleaned my carpet yesterday and am very pleased with the results. After cleaning, my carpet no longer has any dirt stains, and there is no lingering carpet shampoo odor either.

    The Dirt Devil comes with straightforward instructions and is easy to use. There is one tank for water and another tank for shampoo; the machine mixes shampoo and water when you apply shampoo to the carpet. Removing and replacing the water, shampoo and dirty water tanks is very easy.

    The machine appears to be sturdy and durable.

    I'm really pleased with and would recommend the Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Carpet Extractor....more info

  • Excellent Value and Great Machine
    I received my Dirl Devil Platinum Force Carpet Cleaner yesterday and I love it! Like most other reviewers, I put it to work as soon as I received it! It does a wonderful job!! You cant go wrong with this one.

    It is heavy but that is to be expected. Your back and wrists will get sore so have some Tylenol on hand. LOL! I noticed that it does leak (once it is turned off) a little before you dump the dirty water - just place a towel underneath.

    Overall, Im 100% pleased with this machine and I have recommended it to all my friends and relatives. My sister-in-law is buying one today....more info

  • Not bad, but not the best
    I tried a friend's Hoover Wide Path and was very impressed with the results, but not the price. I did did the same research you are probably doing, and decided to get the Dirt Devil due to its good reviews and lower price. Well, you get what you pay for.

    -The machine is indeed heavy and a bit unwieldy (it is hard - jumpy - to push forward on Berber carpet).

    -The dirty tank will drip when removed, and a good quantity of water is left under the machine when removing the dirty tank.

    -The clear suction thing in the front has to be removed when you remove the talk, and it has to be cleaned, something I didn't have to do with the Hoover, but might be a good thing (just not sure).
    -The hose attachment doesn't have a rotating brush like the Hoover, but I don't know how important that it.

    -The Dirt Devil uses belts, which will eventually near replacement; the Hoover doesn't.

    I'm returning the Dirt Devil and getting a Hoover (the one with 5 rotating brushes, V2 even better), even though they are a bit more. Only get the Dirt Devil if you cannot afford a better Hoover....more info

  • You can't beat this
    I just wanted to let people know that I just tried out my new platnium carpet cleaner and let me say it's by far the best I have tried. I'm a professional commercial cleaner and have had many carpet machines in my hand. The dirt devil platnium is by far the best. This machine has done just as good of a job as $1500.00 machine I have used. The machine is much heavier than the other well known brands but that is understandable. First thing is, it's well built and you need the weight for the suction nozzle to really get into the carpet and remove the dirty water. I have been buying and studying the other well known brands and let me tell you, THEY DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE!... There is a little more to using this machine than the others but anybody with a feel for cleaning will understand. If your looking for get up and go then this machine is not for you only for the serious @ heart cleaner. Hope this helps . James in Florida...more info
  • Who needs new carpets?
    After much research (in stores and on-line) I ultimately decided The Dirt Devil Platinum Force Extractor gave me all the features I wanted at a very reasonable price. By ordering here on Amazon, I paid [money], for a cleaner that I think is comparable to the [$$$] Hoover. With 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 teenagers and constant company, our carpets really take a beating so cleaning them is a constant battle and [money] to rent a bulky steam cleaner that I only had for 24 hours was a major pain.

    Well, my new cleaner came via UPS, was set up and ready to go in 20 minutes. The separate tanks for solution, clean and dirty water makes getting ready a breeze. The tanks are very easy to remove and replace and since the machine mixes the solutions for you, no more measuring cups. All the controls are right at your fingertips, and there is even a rinse (no soap) cycle which very few machines have.

    Well after cleaning my upstairs hallway and stairs, which get the most abuse in my house, I am SO impressed with this machine. Although heavy, the machine was so easy to use, got my carpets incredibly clean leaving a fresh aroma in the air. I had no problem using the attachment tools for the stairs and was surprised at how well it worked! Even my husband was amazed at the muddy, disgusting water that I emptied from the water retrieval tank. With a 1 gallon reservoir, you don't have to constantly run to fill up the tank, and even then, its so easy since all you do is add water, no mixing of solution. The cleaning solution has its own little tank that automatically mixes.

    I highly recommend this product. It has rejuvenated my poor, beat-up carpet, and all for a reasonable price....more info

  • An Efficient, Well Designed Machine!
    I am so glad that Amazon has customer reviews! The reviews on this machine really helped me make my decision to buy it:

    My family has bought at least 2 carpet cleaners in the past 5 years and neither of them was able to clean the carpet let alone suction the dirty water efficiently. Because we had not found the right machine, we resorted to renting those big clunky ones from the supermarket- but not anymore!

    I have never bought a large Dirt Devil product before this, only the small hand held type. But I am very, very pleased with this machine. It is very efficient and well designed! The power cord is long. One big plus was that the handle can drop 90 degrees(if you are too lazy to move the table, you can lower the handle as low as the floor). Even my vacuum cleaner can't do that! (I have a Eureka Whirlwind Vacuum, which is a really excellent vacuum cleaner and a must if you own animals. We have more than 5 cats in the house). But not even the vacuum can get everything, which is why you should buy this carpet cleaner.

    One small draw back was the way the tools attach. Somehow the tool attachment does not lock very well (the prong is not long enough?) and sometimes falls off if you step too far away from the machine. However, the tools do work very well otherwise. The suction is strong and the hose is pretty long. I used it on my computer chair and it worked great! I love the tools!

    This machine totally met my requirements. I had been researching the Hoover, but those machines cost twice as much! I highly recommend the Dirt Devil Platinum Force! I bought it here at Amazon and got free shipping. It came in the original Dirt Devil box and was packed well....more info

  • Superb Cleaner At A Great Price
    We had been using an 11 year old Bissel that finally died of old age and after reading the reviews here I purchased the Dirt Devil. It was unpacked yesterday and used immediatly since I had only 1/2 of my family room shampooed. It was very easy to put together and to use. The ability to rinse with clean water is wonderful. Also my carpets were dry in no time. What really sold me was that I redid the portion of the carpet that had just been cleaned two weeks ago. I could not believe how dirty the water was. Evidently my old Bissel was not doing the job. I got carried away and did all of my stairs. Wow. It is a heavy machine but for the price it is worth a bit of arm strength. I purchased it here, where the price was lower or equal to other vendors and there was free shipping and zero sales tax so I saved $$$. Great product...more info
  • Great Cleaner!
    I had never used a carpet cleaner before, but as I was potty training my son I decided to buy one rather than hire a professional. (I knew we'd have more "accidents" in the future!) This thing is amazing! It does a better job than the professional cleaners. It was able to remove some stains that have been on our carpet since we moved in. When I dumped out the dirty water I was amazed at how gross and dark it was. (That's not saying much about the cleanliness of my house, but it is saying a lot about this cleaner!) It also does not require any mixing--you pour the soap in one container, the clean water in another, and you're ready to go.

    It is quite heavy, but like others have said--the bigger the water tank, the heavier the machine. I was also surprised by how damp the carpets felt afterward. They took quite a while to dry, but that may have been because they were pretty dirty and I had to go over some spots several times. I also suggest keeping the manual handy --I was a little confused by the controls at first but it didn't take too long to figure them out. Other than that, I love this machine! I highly recommend it!...more info

  • Excellent Carpet Cleaner
    Before buying the Dirt Devil I borrowed several different one's from friends and did a large amount of research. The Dirt Devil is definitly the most bang for the buck. An excellent cleaner that is easy to use. It sucks so much of the water out that the drying process is one of the fastest of all those I have tried. I am one happy customer....more info
  • Terrible service
    Unfortunately I never got a chance to use this product because I was sent an opened box with the contents falling out. It was obviously shipped this way, and the tape job was laughable. I sent it back, and won't reorder because someone who cares so little about their product doesn't deserve my business....more info
  • well worth it
    I just received the Dirt Devil Platinum and hooking it up was easy. I was up and running in no time. My carpet was a mess with several animals coming and going. My carpet is very clean and what impressed me the most was how fast it dried. You couldn't imagine how much hair was matted into the carpet. Yes it takes some effort to push back and forth, but I would just do a section at a time and come back to it. I am very happy with this product and recommend it over the higher priced items....more info
  • Worth the $$$
    ... I've been very impressed with the fantastic results I've achieved by using this machine. The seperate shampoo compartment is very convenient compared to mixing the water/shampoo with every cleaning. Other great features are the rinse option, large clean water tank, & large dirty water reservoir. I found the trigger to engage the shampoo dispenser a bit cumbersome but that, & the machine being somewhat heavy, are my only gripes. I think it is well worth the money I invested & gives great results---especially compared to machine rentals or hiring professoinals. It pays for itself with just a few cleanings. I recommend it very highly!!...more info
  • Great product
    I absolutely love it. It gets out almost every stain and is a great value. I bought mine here which you will find is much cheaper than most places since the shipping is free. It was easy to assemble and got the job done. My only compliants are that it is kinda heavy and and is very high pitched but you get that with any shampooer. I have a toddler and 5 cats and it has been a dream. I would recommend anyone to get one. Definately worth every penny!...more info
  • Incredible
    The reviews are right! This machine CLEANS! We have two cats, four birds, two Golden Retrievers,(with an uncanny knack for muddy paws-even on sunny days), and light carpets. In our house this carpet cleaner is definitely put through the paces.

    This Dirt Devil is easy to operate, easy to clean, and the shampoo has a pleasant scent. Yes, it is heavy, and, depending on your carpet, can be a bear to move around. The deeper the pile of your carpet, the more of a workout you are going to get. But the workout is worth the results. My carpets went up a couple of shades in brightness. They look almost like new.

    My only small complaint is that any water not sucked up will end up back on the carpet when you stop the machine. I solved this by putting a dish towel down. Since the leakage is not too extreme, it works out just fine. And if I forget to put the towel down, I simply re-clean the small area of leakage. (This problem might have more to do with my long-haired pets than an actual product flaw.)

    I highly recommend this product. It met with and even exceeded my expectations. Incredible....more info

  • Don't buy new carpet!!
    Buy a Dirt Devil Platinum Force extractor. This machine is a work horse!! I love the fact you can see it working to suck up the dirt and that it has the attachments to do areas the machine won't fit in like stairs. Our home is 2500 square feet, the only rooms not carpeted are the kitchen and bathrooms. We have 3 dogs, and 6 felines. This machine handles it all. It is a machine built to do the work and is not for someone that can not handle a heavy duty machine. It is easy to fill, easy to empty and clean and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to use it. The price is very reasonable. I did alot of shopping around/research on carpet cleaning machines and this was by far the best value. My other machine is going in the yard sale!!!...more info
  • Excellent product at reasonable price
    It was easy to assemble and operating instructions were clear and precise. It was delivered on Aug 23rd and I used it to for couple of hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I am very happy with it's performance and it did excellent job better than I expected. It is little heavy to operate but not as heavy the ones you rent from Hardware stores. I highly recommend this product because of the price and performance. I would have paid much more than the price I paid for it to get my carpets cleaned professionally....more info
  • Makes Grey Things White Again
    I bought this carpet cleaner because of the excellent reviews and the fact you could turn the soap and brushes on and off independently of one another. I loved the fact I didn't have to mix soap and water together myself. I put the right thing in the right container and the machine did it for me.
    Why we decided to buy dining room chairs with white covers and put in beige carpeting is beyond me. Our two-year-old certainly showed us what a mistake that was! The seat her booster seat was on was literally grey from where she would place her dirty shoes on the seat. She's partial to pasta with tomato sauce, macaroni and cheese and chocolate. So you can imagine what our chairs looked like. After going over the chairs once with the hand tool, they looked a full ten times better. They were in bad shape to begin with though, so we poured some oxy-clean over them and let them soak for a few minutes. That got the rest of the dinge out of them. They are now a brilliant white! And the suction on the hand tool is *amazing*. The cushions were dry within hours.

    The carpet was another disaster, thanks to numerous "drippy cups" that never quite held apple juice inside them. The juice didn't stain, but the sugar attracted dirt from our shoes, making wonderful black marks all over our beautiful carpeting. With a few passes of the carpet cleaner, they disappeared. There was very little effort involved: no elbow-grease, no heaving and dripping with sweat. Simply push the machine forward and pull it back. Again, the suction on this machine was so wonderful that our carpets were only slightly damp afterwards, and dried within an hour.

    The next day, we had another unfortunate "toddler accident", where a cup of coffee (fortunately not scalding hot) was knocked off the coffee table by our toddler. I did find that even though we attacked the stain immediately with our carpet cleaner, the stain did not come up entirely until we used oxy-clean on it. To the machine's credit, the coffee was made very strong so that was probably why it was tougher to get out.

    All in all, a fantastic machine that is well worth the price and does an excellent job!...more info

  • Excellent Product
    I purchased this item in August of 2002 to maintain the look of our plush carpeting. After the first use alone, I was amazed at the difference in the carpet. Even more amazing is how dirty the water was after use.

    I feel the result is comparable to that of a professional carpet cleaning, but obviously takes longer than the pros. However, at least when you are done, you have something to show for your money (It will pay for itself in two carpet cleanings compared to a professional).

    This definitely beats renting machines such as a "Rug Doctor." The tank sizes, cleaning solution tank, and dirty water tank are all comparable. However, the Dirt Devil has a rinse option and the changing of the water and cleaning solution is more user friendly. When I was done cleaning, it took less than five minutes to clean up. A rental machine is a hassle anyway with the paperwork, hauling to and from, and the limited time use. Using this comparison, the Dirt Devil is the best choice hands down.

    Like any product, it isn't perfect....it is somewhat heavy and takes some strength (on plush carpets - it may be easier on different carpeting). After awhile, holding down the button for a long period of time can start to make your finger ache. It can get cumbersome changing the water if you plan on doing the entire carpet, but you would have this anyway if you were renting one. These are only minor issues and the benefit of the machine makes it well worth it.

    I purchased mine right here at Amazon.com. Amazon is my recommendation and it only took a week to get. This isn't one of those items that you need to have the next day. It was packaged well and looked great out of the box.

    Bottom line - it cleans the carpets great, the price is right, and you can't go wrong with the Dirt Devil name. I give it the highest recommendation....more info

  • Love this machine
    I bought the Platinum Force for three reasons. 1. Seperate soap resevoir. 2. Clean water rinse. 3. Dual brushes and water extraction. This machine works GREAT and is very easy to use. I couldn't believe how much dirt I pulled out of what I thought was a fairly clean carpet. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • It works :-)
    I got this cleaner last week and I am using it since then. I am impressed with this machine. It does well what it is supposed to do. The components are easy to remove and install. It is a well thought design I must say. I like the option to select soap and brush with simple click of button. That helps if you want to remove soapy residue after the shampoo. The dual suction is a plus point and carpet dries quickly. Take care of your back and arm grip as it is a heavy cleaner. But I have not seen any 'good' cleaner that is not heavy. Well they are bound to be heavy as they carry two buckets of water. It is well priced and I found best deal at amazon.com after doing extensive research....more info
  • Big Bang for the Bucks
    Ditto the rest of the reviews here!

    This machine does a fantastic job and is very well built. It's a snap to put together right out of the box and simple to operate and clean. I have been disappointed with a competitor's carpet cleaning machine in the past and was hesitant to buy another one, but the great price coupled with the excellent reviews here prompted me to take a chance. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This one is a solid winner. Stop paying for the "experts" to do a mediocre (at best) job on your carpets. After one or two cleanings with this machine, it has paid for itself!...more info

  • I was ready to be impressed, and I wasn't disappointed
    I ordered this Dirt Devil full-sized carpet shampooer because I was so impressed with the little hand-held Spot Scrubber by Dirt Devil. I figured if the full sized shampooer did as good a job as the little hand-held, I'd be pretty pleased. I was also pleased with the price for which it was being offered here on Amazon.com. The free shipping offer clinched the deal.

    It arrived yesterday and I immediately set out to use it. I was pleased to see that it was substantially assembled -- I only had to put in four screws to attach the handle to the body of the shampooer. The assembly and operating instructions were easy to read and follow. I was shampooing my carpet within 20 minutes after UPS delivered the package.

    I was amazed with the results I got. When I emptied the dirty water tank into the sink, I couldn't believe how much crud had been extracted from the carpet! I wrestled it upstairs (it's heavy) to clean my bedroom and upstairs hallway carpet, and again, I was duly impressed. This did a better job than professional carpet cleaners and for the very reasonable price of [money], just a little more than what I paid last year for professional cleaning. My carpets really look rejuvenated. Before considering the Platinum Force, I was looking at carpet cleaners that were about [price]. I was pleased to learn that I could get excellent results for half the money....more info

  • Excellent Carpet Cleaner
    Our carpet was cleaned by professionals but the result was not so satisfactory -- partly due to the condition of the carpet and partly because the worker was not so hardworking, in some sense.
    So we decided to buy a cleaner and do it by ourselves. But the price of a steamer cleaner is always high. By some chance I noticed this one and the price was comparatively low. And it seemed everyone gave good comments. So I bought one and started working on our carpet. After about two days work, the carpet got a new life. WONDERFUL!
    The machine is heavy though, because of the water....more info
  • Excellent Carpet Cleaner
    Our carpet was cleaned by professionals but the result was not so satisfactory -- partly due to the condition of the carpet and partly because the worker was not so hardworking, in some sense.
    So we decided to buy a cleaner and do it by ourselves. But the price of a steamer cleaner is always high. By some chance I noticed this one and the price was comparatively low. And it seemed everyone gave good comments. So I bought one and started working on our carpet. After about two days work, the carpet got a new life. WONDERFUL!
    The machine is heavy though, because of the water....more info
  • Super Product - Great quality for the money!
    I have two dogs so it seems like my beige carpet always needs cleaning. This machine does a GREAT job. It cleans much better than the machines that I have rented. I really like the feature that lets me rinse the carpet with clear water. The suction is very good, my carpets dried quickly and feel so soft. The delivery time was fast. All in all, very happy with my purchase....more info
  • This is the Best
    I recently purchased a Platinum force Dirt Devil Rug shampooer for my light beige carpeting. I have 2 dogs and although they are house trained they still occasionally have dirt on their paws and sometimes they drool when then nap on the carpeting.
    This Platinum force cleaner was not only easy to use, I couldn't believe the results. Like new, clean and soft and great smelling. We also cleaned the satin fabric on our recliner and a spot was there for 2 years, it came out of the recliner like it was a new spill..........amazing. This is a great cleaning system, up and running in minutes and the guesswork is gone.
    The price is also very attractive too.
    Platinum is a great name for this shampooer, it is PRICELESS!!...more info
  • satisfied customer in Seattle
    Just bought and used the Platinum Force Extractor for the first time and love the fact that unlike most other "home units", that with this machine you can wash with shampoo, then rinse with clear water without changing bottles. Even with a good vacuum, it was amazing how much dirt and pet hair came out of the carpet. I thought it was fairly clean as it was professionally cleaned only a few months ago. Thanks again Dirt Devil for another wonderful product....more info
  • The best I've ever used
    I clean houses for a living, so you can imagine the abuse my equiptment takes. When I first looked at this steamer, the price almost scared me off, but after some more research, I decided to go for it. What an amazing machine!! This is the third steam cleaner I have purchaced,and I am extremely impressed by its performance! With its two bruches and dual suction, not much dirt stands a chance. I've even gotten old stains up, many that I had treated before. It's about time that somebody (Thank you Dirt Devil) put out a home machine that can handle everyday kid, pet etc dirt....more info