Dirt Devil 082500 Breeze Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

"BREEZE VISION" CANISTER VAC 12 amps 20 cord Bagless "MicroFresh" filtration Tools on board for bare floors and carpets Replacement filter (Ace No. 1204775) Replacement HEPA filter (Ace No. 1235571) Cobalt 1 year warranty UL/CUL listed Boxed

The Breeze bagless canister vacuum from Dirt Devil combines lightweight maneuverability and versatile cleaning power. With a 12-amp motor and an 11-inch carpet nozzle, the Breeze cleans thoroughly without full-size bulk or messy bags. Its multiple attachments also make it great for bare floors and above-floor cleaning. Conveniently transparent, the bagless dirt-collection cup pops off with a simple mechanism for easy emptying. Dirt Devil's Permafilter--inside the dirt cup--helps filter dust and debris and lasts the life of the vacuum with regular cleaning. In addition, the MicroFresh filter traps 99 percent of dust allergens inside the machine. The Breeze is structurally smart and rests stably upright or flat, and it even comes with a carrying strap for above-floor cleaning. In addition to the machine's stretch hose, Dirt Devil includes a 10-inch floor nozzle, two extension wands, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a tool-clip on the extension wand, and two carrying handles. Other handy features include a 360-degree swiveling front wheel, sturdy back casters, and a quick-release clip for the dual power cord hooks. --Emily Bedard

  • Carpet nozzle, bare floor brush, and on-board tools for all-surface cleaning
  • MicroFresh filtration traps over 99% of dust allergens
  • 12-amp motor provides maximum vacuuming power
  • Compact, lightweight design is easy to maneuver
  • 20-foot power cord provides room to roam
Customer Reviews:
  • best for the mess
    this might be the best vacuum i've ever owned and i usually go thru one per year. i have children, grandchildren, cats, dogs plus i'm an arts & crafty person. this vacuum needs no bag. you can see how full it is. easy to empty. picks up big pieces of junk with no risk of damaging engine. no belts to snap. very strong. long hose and attachments go to ceiling and ceiling fans. great also for catching bugs. very highly recommend. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil 082500 Breeze Bagless Canister Vacuum
    Terrifically efficient product for lifting dust and dust bunnies off hardwood floor and other rugless floors. Works well on light rugs too. Have not used on denser rugs. Attachments are easy to put on and remove. Light weight with long cord. Easy to store. Highly recommended for small apartments....more info
  • Good suction, flimsy construction
    Recently had the house tiled, so we needed to replace our upright with something easier to use. After doing some research, we settled on this Dirt Devil 082500 canister. It has impressive suction, and is easy to use. The hose, fittings, and dirt cup latch are all very flimsy and we are worried about the long-term. So far so good. On sale, it seems like a decent purchase. ...more info
  • I'd like to send it to the Devil
    I bought this shoddy vacuum for those hard to reach places around the house. We all have such places, and it's a true shame to watch dust, bug particles and other unwanted detritus accumulate and grow ever unsightlier. So I figured I'd buy one of those old fashioned wand sweepers, similar to the electrolux owned by my parents. Having owned several Dirt Devil products in the past and having been quite pleased with their quality and performance, especially on the pet hair infested carpeted stairs, I decided, in my naivete, to purchase this product. Bad idea. These are all rather old, as is my trusty Kirby, so I was a fresh initiate into this whole "bagless" craze sweeping the vacuum world. A bagless sweeper, it turns out, has a simple plastic catcher in which the dust is stored, a container which, when you open it, spews foul smelling dust into the air and continues to spew as you empty it. Add that to the overall weakness of the motor (I have been compelled to physically place dust into the maw of this machine, finding it rather weak-willed and lethargic) and the awkwardness and poor construction of the plastic wand, and you have yourself a lousy and expensive piece of plastic rubbish. I compare it to my older DD products and weep at the clear decline in quality. ...more info
  • Bye Bye Pet Hair and other stuff
    I purchased a Dirt Devil Breeze Canister vacuum based entirely on what other pet owners and professional cleaners had to say about it. I have had it for 3 weeks and am wildly enthusiastic about it's light weight, sucking power. I have 8 cats, three of whom are Himalayan long haired lovelies.This little machine is very easy to use, has a long hose,follows well, and is easy to dump out when full. It gets into corners, underneath furniture,is great on blinds, shucks I even used it to clean cobwebs and dust off of my covered patio. So far it has exceeded my expectations....more info
  • Love this vac!
    I love this vacuum! I have hardwood and vinyl in all but 2 rooms of my house and HATE sweeping! I don't know why I hadn't thought of this sooner. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for my floors. It's also great for cleaning dust on the blinds and ceiling fans. I don't use it on carpet. I would recommend it for anyone who has hard surface floors. It saves so much time and is so much better than sweeping. It exceeded my expectations!...more info
  • Great little vaccum
    We've had this vacuum for a couple of weeks now, and we love it. Small, easy to handle (especially with the shoulder strap which allows you to carry it around) and lots of sucking power. Can't beat it for the price. ...more info
  • best vaccum I ever owned
    We have used this vaccum for years and have bought one for family members also. It is the best thing for non carpeted floors. I bought an extra one to keep in storage incase they quit making them.
    I have recommended them to all of my friends that do not have carpet.
    They have been impressed also with theirs.
    Can't say enough how much we like this little vaccum....more info
  • The best vaccum ever!
    Remanufactured Dirt Devil R082500 Breeze Vision Bagless Canister VacuumDirt Devil 082500 Breeze Bagless Canister Vacuum
    I have found this to be the best canister vacuum for any one who has pets and tile floors! I have used this vacuum for the past 12 years and I highly recomemmed it to all of my friends. I love this vaccum!!!! ...more info
  • Great Product
    We have wood floors and some rugs, three cats and a dog. The vacuum picks up all the hair and dirt. It goes under the couch and chair easily. It is also easy to empty. We bought another one for our daughter when she moved into her new house....more info
  • great light weight vaccumm
    This is a great value. Light weight and easy to use. Perfect for stairs or hard wood floors. Would not recommend for thick carpets....more info
  • Hard worker from a little machine
    This is a pretty good little vacuum cleaner for it's size. It's a bit on the noisy side but it has good suction and is easy to clean. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    My favorite vacuum ever. A LOT of power for being so small. Everything about it is easy & intuitive. Sling it over your shoulder & vacuum away; makes vacuuming almost fun. Might get another one just in case they're discontinued!...more info
  • Good value for hardwood floor maintenance
    This is a good value for a lightweight vac that can be used to keep hardwood floors clean on a daily basis. It doesn't work very well on tile or carpet. It has a very long cord, but it isn't retractable, which is a pain. For the money, however, it does basically what I need it to do....more info
  • Great for our Business!
    Great vac. for business/painting use. Each of the trucks in our fleet has one. Durable, light-weight and versatile....more info
  • Awesome machine!
    After reading all the reviews (pro and con) I felt this was the vacuum I was looking for for my wood floors. With two parrots I needed something I could maneuver easily in a small room under cages and up walls. This little vacuum handles the task great! And the cord is long enough so I can continue into other rooms without unplugging constantly. The suction is quite good and the filter is a big plus. This is a really good machine....more info
  • Great little canister!
    I used one of these vacs for years and finally wore it out. As a replacement I got a Hoover canister vac, instead of replacing it with another Dirt Devil Breeze. Big mistake. The Hoover was like a boat anchor. Heavy, didn't roll well, the hand grip was so large it gave me blisters on my hand every time I used it. Finally gave up and got another Dirt Devil Breeze and love it. The motor is as powerful as the Hoover canister vac, but the vac itself is SO much easier to use. It rolls well, has a lot of suction, is light and easy to maneuver. Using this vac isn't a chore, it's not difficult to carry it as you vacuum stairs. I'd highly recommend this vac to anyone who has floors with no carpeting. This isn't a vac for those who have wall to wall carpeting. The best use for it is on bare floors. Can't say enough good things about it ~ all A++++....more info
  • Broken on contact
    The vaccuum broke the first time we used it. The motor over heated and stopped working almost immediately. The return process was simple and easy, and maybe we just got a lemon, but I wouldn't buy this item again....more info
    I bought this for my mother,and she LOVES it!
    (And I've used it myself -Just to test it out compared to my present vacuum cleaner-also well rated & purchased from Amazon.)
    It has Fantastic ergonomically designed tools.The Ease of use,is PERFECT!
    Since it's bag less, Emptying & cleaning the dirt collector couldn't be easier! The tools on board are sturdy and effective.
    Cons- the carpet cleaner part isn't at strong as others, but it does a very good job cleaning carpets, nevertheless.
    Another Con- The hose is a little stiff, & inflexible and maybe prone to cracks and breaks.(If it had a little more rubber it would be perfect.)
  • Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum is a good deal
    I am very pleased with my Dirt Devil canister vacuum. The amount of suction really surprised me, and seems to be more than the old Rainbow vacuum I used for 40 years. I am especially pleased with the light weight and ease of use of this vacuum. The attachements are easy to connect and use, and the canister is easy to empty. ...more info
  • cat owner verdict: great on floors, bad on carpets
    this thing works amazingly well on hard wood floors - even gets cat litter from in between planks! the attachment for upholestry is terrific too - pulls all the dust and cat hair right off!

    BUT it is not good on any carpets at all!

    I have three: a cotton rag rug, a thin shag, and a regular dorm-style rug and it's not good on any of them. pulls the area rug up off the floor but doesn't get much off the rug!

    rug owners be warned. if it's just floors and furniture, go for it!...more info
  • Worst vacuum I've ever owned
    I bought this vacuum two years ago for light housework and probably used it 40 or 50 times. It burned out already and is not worth the cost to fix it. It is going in the trash, along with the $100 I spent on it, I'm afraid. Terrible investment, never buy this product!...more info
  • Dirt Devil Breeze vac
    I wanted a vac to use on my laminate flooring. One which would be easy to use. This fits the bill perfectly. It does great on bare flooring!! However, the attachment for rugs is not so great. It is stiff and does not turn at all. The angle of the attachment to the rug is wrong. That could be the problem. But as I have said, I only wanted it for bare flooring. It is easy to clean and easy to put back together. I would buy it again, as it suits MY needs....more info
  • Service after the sale
    The Vacuum is great for what it is used, however, I am more impressed with Amazon for taking care of the issue about a small missing part. Your service is excellent and we will continue to be your customers. This was the first of many years of doing business with you.
    Thank you for being available....more info
  • It is so good we have 2 of them.
    This is a great Vacuum. I got one about 5 years ago and it still works great. My wife used it every day and the tube got weak out and broke. Since the vacuum it self still works very well and it is powerful, I now use it in the garage and got the exact same model for my wife....more info
  • Dirt Devil Really Sucks
    This is a great little vacuum; so light to use and pretty good cleaning power. Not quite as powerful as the big boys, but really easy to move around. I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • Breeze through vacuuming
    I LOVE this vacuum. I owned a Dirt Devil canister vac for 12 years. It finally died and I knew I only wanted another Dirt Devil. We searched amazon and found this Breeze. I LOVE this vacuum cleaner. It is lightweight, easy to clean and empty.It picks up everything easily. I recommend it highly....more info
  • dirt devil vaccume
    This is the best value for my money. I use to drive over three hours to a store to buy this vacuume, then I saw an add for Amazon and searched and found my favorite item. How easy it was to click, buy at a cheaper price and it was delivered within a couple days to my door. Thus, saved me the round trip of gas, time and haggle of shopping and this great item was as my door.

    I thank Amazon for the easy shopping process and quick contact with customer service when I had a question and extremely helpfull. Plus, I thank Dirt devil for the easy use of this vacuume, it has easy attach ments, quick cleaning canister and to honestly tell you I use it daily since I have my own residential cleaning company, these motors are put to extreme use that one has never ever died on me yet, when I feel I have beat them up, I sell them at my garage sale and they are gone within seconds of opening my sale. So I get a few dollars back on an item that has served me the entire year making money. If I can rave about an item this is it folks, I can only find this item on line and one store too far for me to travel these days. You should buy one in the event the company chooses to not make it as companies change models year to year. In my case I hope it becomes readily available year after year or I am back to a broom. Happy Cleaner.....more info
  • dirt devil
    nice vac for the money. my only complaint is that the hose detaches while in use if you are not very careful....more info
  • Good vacuum but for its attachments
    This is a good vacuum but the attachments need lots of improvement. The quality of the attachments is not good and they started wearing out very soon. ...more info
  • great item for the price
    Small and does it job. I've read other review and agree that it is a little noisy...but for that price, you cannot complain. I have ceramic first floor and it does it job great. Also proved good on the area rugs.
    I am happy with this product.
    ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum
    I was very pleased with the fast shipping and the condition of the vacuum when it arrived. I will use Amazon again to do some future shopping when I need to find specific items....more info
  • fair
    I find the hose is not made well enough for what I use it for, 2 to 3 times a day vacuuming cat litter up. I believe the hose may last at least a year which is good, but I had trouble with the other dirt devil I had with the hose giving out on me quickly. I was unable to buy another hose for that one as it was discontinued, so I had to buy a new vacuum. If dirt devil could make a better, more durable hose, that would be a definite plus....more info
  • worth the money
    if you are looking for a cheaper vacuum - the Dirt Devil could be it. It's not the high power vacuum but ok for the price.
    The best is that you don't have to deal with the filter bags....more info
  • great value
    This is the best thing I have ever found to use on my wood laminate floors. I have dogs, cats, birds and a messy husband. I have to sweep the floor every day, at least once a day and sometimes more. This canister vac has GREAT suction, picks up all the hairballs, litter and seed with no problems Even picks up big chunks of dog food and doesn't bust it up and spit it back out all over the place like my old upright did. It has a very easy to clean hepa filter, easy to empty dirt cup and handy tools. I also like that the back end of it is closed and there is nothing to blow the stuff on the floor around before I can sweep it up. Its all sealed up and the air goes through the filter. The extra long cord is handy and it even has a strap to hang over your shoulder when you use it for curtains and ceiling fans and such. Its very light weight and moves about on the floor smoothly and easily. For the money, you just can't beat this one! Especially with free shipping! I LOVE it!...more info
  • OK...but
    This vacuum does a decent job cleaning however, it is the loudest vacuum I have ever had or heard. I am dissapointed with my purchase and will go back to a Royal canister vacuum next time if not sooner. ...more info
  • Fabulous!
    I LOVE the little Dirt Devil! It's so light and powerful. The hose never comes off if you lock it into place by turning it. It really satisfies every need!...more info
  • Nice for hardwood floors
    Our house is 2/3 hardwood floors and we have 2 Labradors and 3 rabbits. I've been looking for something to help with the hair problem on the hardwood and this vacuum works great. Until I got this I was using a stand up floor vacuum and a ShopVac which which were both cumbersome. This little vacuum moves around so much better and has a lot more suction. The hardwood floor attachment works great but the rabbit fur does build up on the brush. After I vacuum I have to take the head off and vacuum it. I haven't tried the vacuum on carpeted floors but I don't think it was meant for that. Suction alone will not match the beater bar in a stand up. I felt the vacuum was well made and it handles very well.

    Lots of suction
    Light weight
    Looks nice (in my opinion)

    A bit loud
    Bagless will get your hands dirty

    I love this vacuum and would recommend it to any one else who just needs a light weight hardwood floor vacuum....more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    I love this little vacuum! It's easy to use and quite powerful! Since it's a bagless system, it's easy to dispose of the dirt!...more info
  • Great little machine
    I purchased this to use in the cars and for my hard surface flooring. It works great on the kitchen floors - light and easy to move around. Also works great on carpeted car flooring. Even picks up the dog hair in the carpets. ...more info
  • nice vacuum
    great vacuum for wooden floor, not so great on carpet. suction power is not bad. a bit on the heavy side. the exterior has that cheap plastic feel. for $90, cant ask for much i guess....more info
  • Good for hardwood floors
    I bought this vacuum for my hardwood floors and it works great. It's very light, easy to clean and rolls well. It's absolutely not made for carpets though and it is very loud....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I have been very happy with this vacuum. The bagless feature is great as this is my first vacuum without a bag. I find the suction excellent and the cord long enough and the abilty to move the canister around effortless. I would not suggest this vacuum to someone with a lot of carpet. I have hard wood floors in my entire home. I have two area rugs and the vacuum does a good job but is excellent on my hard wood. ...more info
  • Dust bunnies are toast!
    I bought this for a space with nearly all hardwood floors. I had lots of trouble with dust bunnies collecting in corners and under furniture; sweeping them up was difficult and messy, and I rarely got them all.

    This vac is the perfect compromise between a broom and a full canister vac. I use the strap to carry it around, and it has plenty of power to pick up medium sized dirt. And the dust bunnies just run to it, esp. from under furniture and from cable nests. Two of the attachments (the floor and detail brushes) are ideal for both large floor and spot cleaning, and some level of furniture dusting.

    When you see what the HEPA filter catches, you'll be glad it's there. Stuff does get stuck to it, making emptying the dirt more challenging. It only needs to be done every third or fourth use, though. For the most uses it's clean, empty, and move on.

    What they say about carpets is true: this vac does not do well there. None of the attachments really dig into the surface, so it only picks up loose dirt. But for hard surfaces/hardwood floors, this vac is a great compromise between size and power....more info
  • Dirt Devil
    I was very happy with the swift delivery. I use this little vac. for hardwood floors and to clean my car. For that I'm satisfied it's very light weight and has plenty of power for those jobs. I don't recommend using it for carpeting....more info
  • good choice at this price
    This is a pretty good vacuum cleaner. If you have a limitted budget and your floor is covered by carpet, I can suggest this product. I know it is not the best for cleaning carpets but it works. Since it is bagless, you don't have to worry for buying bags. But its nozzle and other accessories look like toys....more info
  • 2 things I liked better about my 1998 model
    This Dirt Devil picks up better than the one I bought in 1998, but the longer cord on the 1998 model made it easier for me to clean parts of my home. Also, since I have allergies, having to dump the dirt out and bang the Hepa filter on the side of the garbage can is a problem. It was healthier for me, with the 1998 model, to put the disposable bag into the trash. Environmentally, the new one makes less trash, which I do like....more info
  • Best All Around
    I have a vacuum on each of 3 floors, both upright and canister. In the past 3 years I have replaced all the canisters with the Breeze Bagless Canister.
    Great suction and light weight. Couldn't be more pleased. In fact, I have purchased one for my daughter-in-law and two for my daughter. ...more info
  • Best vacuum ever!
    This is a wonderful little machine - extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver but with AMAZING suction power! It also has a feature to quickly and easily lessen that power with a quick flip of a small tab to easily vacuum blinds and curtains. Lots of great attachments. I absolutely love this little vacuum cleaner. Plus the filter makes it easy to quickly empty and you don't have to mess with bags. I love it! I give it 2 thumbs up!...more info
  • Nice little vacuum for the money
    The low price and good reviews are what lead me to buy this vacuum. It is lightweight, does a good job on hard floors. The suction for carpets doesn't seem that great - it does not pick up any lint on my area rugs. If you have mostly hard flooring, then this is a good pick. Would not recommend for carpets though....more info
  • Dirt Devil Forever
    After purchasing a second home with tile floors and carpet, we looked at several different brands of smaller vacuums. We have experience with the Dirt Devil Breeze in our other home and appreciate these features: vacuums well, light weight, and easy storage....more info
  • Great for vacuuming up dog hair on wood foors.
    Pros: I have two Chocolate Labs, therefore, I have a lot of hair to deal with. The vacuum works great and really takes care of the hair and dirt (wood floors). It works alright on rugs.

    Cons: Not cheap. Loud. The plastic clip used to connect the strap to the vacuum comes out so you can't carry it, you just have to roll it instead. Not a big deal....more info
  • Good for its class
    I have a small home with mostly tile floors and wanted something that is quick, efficient, and doesn't take up a lot of precious storage space. I feel the DirtDevil is a good product in the class of mini-vacuums. It does fine on the tile (the cannister needs to be changed after each use) but it doesn't do as well on my area rugs. I like the upholstry attachments and it is quick and efficient to use and store....more info
  • Was great for a few months...
    I have a dog, two cats and a toddler. All super messy and giving me credo as a vac expert. I need to keep my floors cleared, but suffer from major back problems. I was ecstatic about the carrying option of this model. It was nice as a semi-backpack for a spell. Back pack vacs do not come cheap either!

    Mine was super for about four months, then the suction left and the little belt clips broke (super flimsy clip design) and I cannot say the performance is worth yanking it around the house ANY more. I hate to throw it away, but it has for years been replaced by the brand that, "doesn't lose suction".

    So the cost effectiveness of the item was not too bad if you think of it as disposable. Not too great for landfills though......more info
  • Dirt Devil Breeze Bagless Canister Vacuum - (blue)
    I love it! Especially for hardwood floors and hard to get to places like steps and behind/under furniture. It's light and easy to empty. And better yet, there are no bags to have to buy! ...more info
  • Dirt Devil does the dirty work!
    I Love my dirt devil for the following reasons: It's nice and light--easy to carry by one of the two handy carrying handles, or strap on my back, especially when cleaning things like ceilings, walls, drapes, and stairs. The hose is very long and flexible, as is the cord, and there are a multitude of attachments. It is also compatible with many of the attachments I already have from other (dead) vacuums. I like not having to buy bags, too. The suction power is great,and it does a great job picking up pet hair, which scores big points with me.
    The things I don't like about it are: It's not the BEST vacuum I've used on carpet, especially plush types, but it's OK. The brush attachment helps. Also, it's really quite LOUD, particularly for such a little unit. The other thing is that emptying the dirt cup is annoying. The dirt jams into the folds of the hepa filter and you have to take the hepa filter out and bash it and shake it to get the dirt out, and then you get dust all over yourself as it wafts through the air. Do this OUTSIDE, and wear an apron! A tool of some kind, like a specially made brush would maybe help the situation, but I can't think of anything to use. Maybe the Dirt Devil people can come up with something. Other than that, it's well worth the money, and will get the job done as well as a lot of the other spendier vacuums I have tried--I am in the cleaning business, so I have used quite a few vacuums in my day....more info
  • # 1
    Great Vacuum...It picks up everything..Its the only vacuum i will ever use.Excellent on pet hair.......more info
  • Short term performance - excellent
    I have only had this vacuum for several weeks. In that time it has performed very well. It has power for removing cat hair from area rugs, does not scratch my wood floors and empties easily.
    So far, I would buy it again and recommend its purchase, I'm very satisfied......more info
  • SUCKS bad
    I bought and now i use my old one. It does not vacuum hardwood floors good at all. Its a little better on carpet.
    And yes it scratches hard floors.

    Would not buy it again ...more info
  • Best vacuum for everyday life
    I initially purchased this vacuum for my tanning bed repair and maintenance business. It cleaned the tanning beds extremely well including the lampholders and the ballasts. I use it every single day for the floor, furniture and curtains. I'm eager to purchase another for the second floor.
    ...more info
  • Cute, but not effective
    I recently purchased this vacuum. The attachments are cheap and it has a hard time picking up dirt off carpets. I do like the bagless canister, very easy to remove and empty. It is also a attractive vacuum, but if I were going to by another vacuum for $100 I would choose another type or buy a vacuum from Target and have the option to return if it doesn't do the job...more info
  • just "OK" not great
    Purchased because I wanted a bagless vacuum and something fairly light to carry around a small house and get under furniture. My very good old bagless Sanyo I got for $5 at a yard sale bit the dust when the kitties crashed a piece of furniture onto it (my fault, of course, really). This is pretty good at cleaning but the floor attachment's brush strip grabs the cat hair bunnies and clogs the head rather than sucking it up like the Sanyo did. I may remove the brush strip. Rug attachment likes to keep the cat hair even more, rather than sending it on its way. The most annoying thing is how extremely high-pitched and noisy the motor is. Bottom line is it does the job, with a little nozzle cleaning now and then, so I suppose I will live with it. ...more info
  • great
    It is a great vaccum cleaner. Light weight and easy to glide around in small areas. It is bagless so you can keep it clean. It picks up cat fur like a breeze. Plus its a great buy at $99.00....more info
  • The Best for Folks with Long Hair
    I like this vacuum for many reasons.. but the best one is that it picks up all the long hair that I leave anywhere I go in our place. I have long, thick brown hair and I shed constantly so the carpet gets to hold all of that between vacuumings.

    The reason this vacuum is so great for people with long hair is that it is a powerful sucker (ha ha!) with NO roller bar. This is key because with normal vacuums all my long hair gets all tangled up on the roller bar, causing the vacuum to fail eventually and burn up the belts. Then you have to take the entire machine apart and cut away all the hair. This is not a problem with this machine, and I love it!

    Beyond that.. my husband and I live in two small rooms, so this vacuum is great for cleaning our space. I'm a small woman (4'6" and 70lbs) and this vacuum is easy for me to deal with because it isn't too heavy or bulky. I can't vacuum with other larger machines, but this one is just right for me and still gets the job done. I was a little concerned that it wouldn't do well because we have really thick carpet, but it really does preform fine but not perfectly. I think for the price we paid ($89.99) it's a great machine though.

    I think once we get a larger place we will have a need for a larger vacuum, but assuming this one holds up I will still keep it around for smaller clean-ups.. and for a quick once over to pick up all my hair before we would bring out a larger vacuum. Even though we would have to go over the job twice, it would be worth it to avoid the ceremonial removal of my hair from the roller bar....more info
  • Suits our needs and pocketbook perfectly!
    For hard surface floors with pets (dog, cats, bird) & kids this vacuum is perfect. It is light-weight and compact, easy to use, easy to store. Except the carpet attachment (which we rarely use) accessories attach to the handle, convenient for use & storage. My wife likes the machine because it rolls nicely and is light. I prefer toting it across my back (strap included).

    Related to other reviewer comments: (1) The new model has only one filter with recommended changing once per year. (2) Suction is very adequate but not what I expected of a 12 amp motor. Perhaps the HEPA filter requires extra horsepower. (3) When the house is really dirty, the cannister is probably best emptied after every room. (4) Less dusty than compressed air, we use a shop vac to clean the cannister and filter. It gets fine dust out of the filter. We feel we have to be careful, however, not to scrape the filter with hard edges of the suction tube. (5) Power cord retraction would be nice, but I am glad not to have the weight and bulk of such a mechanism.

    Summary: This machine is efficiently designed, optimized. The addition of anything more would be a detraction. Because it is easy to use, it gets used more often. If you have carpet, spend the big bucks. If you don't, this machine will do the job nicely. The low price & HEPA filter are nice bonuses. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil 082500 Breeze Bagless Canister Vacuum
    It's a nice unit a little noisy but since it's so compact it's easy to store. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil
    I'm very pleased with the Dirt Devil canister vacuum. I was looking for a light weight machine & this one is definitely light weight. It's so easy to pull around and to pick up to move from room to room. Great on bare floors but may not have enough power to do a really good job on carpets.
    Only semi-complaint I have is that the attachments seem to come undone from the wand too easily. I can't find a way to secure them....more info
  • Miss Judy
    I can't say enough about Dirt Devil Products.

    This new model has a great deal of power and of course suction.

    It is light weight and it comes in a new style and color.

    No bags, just empty the canister.

    I am really satisfied.

    ...more info
  • Good vacuum, filter not permanent
    This vacuum seems to be the cheapest way to get a HEPA cleaner. It does fine, but the filter in the canister has to be replaced every year according to the manual (and in my experience), in contrast to what the amazon reviewer says. Expect to pay about 1/4 the sale price to replace the internal filter, and another 1/10 for the micro-filter (that you need to really get the allergens out).

    Mine came with an adjustable roller head, though the adjustment was fairly minute. It is very loud, and has lots of suction power. I do note that the roller head has to be taken off to pick up moderate-sized dirt.

    Cleaning has to be done outside, it's true, but anyone with allergens won't be cleaning their filters or replacing their bags inside anyway....more info
  • Good vaccum, good price
    ** Update **
    I have owned this vaccum for a year now with absolutely no problems! I haven't changed the air filter, just clean it from time to time and it's still picking up dirt and dust like magic!
    ** End of Update ***

    I actually found this vaccum at Big Lots for $70. Our home is very dirty, since we have an acre and a half of land, which is mostly a dirtbike track. With the windows open all day for summer and everyone riding in the backyard, kicking up dirt, the house gets dusty and dirty in a matter of a day and a half. The first day I used this, I was amazed as to how much dirt it cleaned up in just one room! It was almost half way full! This vaccum is very light weight, easy to put together, hides well in your closet and a great price. The filter isn't hard to clean either. Just tip it over and empty out the dirt and dust, and the dust bunnies that stick to the filter, just take it outside and blow it with the air compressor and viola! Clean filter. Overall a very reliable and easy to use vaccum. ...more info
  • Good suction power, but....
    The carpet nozzle is very flimsy...I'm glad I saved the one from my old Dirt Devil can vac. The floor brush doesn't seem to pick up dirt very well, either. Personally, I prefer using throw-away bags...too much dirt & dust flies all over when I'm emptying the cannister (have started going outside to empty it). I bought this model to replace the Dirt Devil can vac I had for years that finally died...not a good replacement at all. ...more info
  • Hose Malfunction
    I had no problem with the performance of this item, but the hose keeps coming disconnected from the body of the vacuum. It is very annoying to have to stop and reconnect it when you are in the middle of a job. I would rate the cleaning power 5 stars, if the manufacturer could fix this problem. It works great on kitty litter....more info
  • I clean homes for a living
    So trust me on this.I usually can not stand dirt devil products they never last more than three years and you tend to hang on to them in that last year because you cannot believe you that purchased such a piece of do-do This is the one and only product I will stand by with DD. These type of Machines are usually not that great, but this one rules. lower that price & Then I might think about upping that Star rating....more info
  • Needs improvement
    This product could use two improvements: the bayonet clips used to attach the carrying strap to the main body needs to be made out of metal. The current plastic clips will break as evidenced by mine. Second, an auto-cord rewinder would be nice....more info
  • Not for hardwood floors!
    Although the description for the item claims that it works well on hardwood floors, that is certainly not my experience. The first time I used the vacuum, it left scratches on my floor! So beware!...more info
  • Great Value!
    This vacuum is light weight & works great! I have stairs in my house. It is easy to carry not bulky! If you have a bad back like myself you will love this item!...more info
  • great
    Helps with the dust I love this vacuume I use it for my small cleaning company the 1st one lasted 2 yrs cleaning 2-3 house a day....more info
  • Light weight easy to use with powerful suction
    This is the greatest little vacuum that I have used in a long time. It does wonderful job of sucking up pet hair, fir needles, lint, and dirt in no time. The attachments are conveniently placed on the hose wand for the small jobs that come along as you are tackling the hardwood, laminate, tile, and linoleum floors. The Dirt Devil Breeze is the perfect vacuum for use in cleaning the furniture, RV, auto, and home. I highly recommend it....more info
  • I Clean Homes For A Living - Great Little Appliance
    Excellent vacuum on the hardwood/slate/vinyl flooring for my clients.
    > UPHOLSTERY ATTACHMENT is great for cleaning carpeted stairs > has vertical strap and horizontal handle allowing for great manageability
    > easy access to attachments
    > travels well
    > effectve for LIGHT cleaning of carpeted floors....more info
  • Terrific!
    This little machine is a godsend for bare floors! It is easily maneuvered, had surprisingly strong suction, picks up just about anything, and maintains good cleaning power even as the canister fills. It is very easy to get out, use, and put away - its lightweight, rolls easily, and does the job VERY well. I vacuum up dog hair instead of sweeping - it picks it all up and it doesn't fly around and land some other place. The hose is long enough to get the cobwebs from the ceiling corners, too. I can't say enough in praise of it. It does have one drawback - cleaning the filter is a pain, but I have bought an extra filter, and alternate them, so I can clean it at a more convenient time....more info
  • you get what you pay for...
    Nice packaging, convenient canister design is very easy to use adn lightweight, BUT:

    1. You have to empty the canister about every 10 minutes in order to maintain decent suction,

    2. Emptying it is a pain, you get covered in dust and practically have to use your fingers to get debris out of the filter.

    We resold ours and opted for a Dyson instead, which cost almost 4 times as much but worked like a dream!...more info

  • I love it
    I'm surprised at the negative reviews for this product. I've had it about a year and I love it! When I bought it I had a large dog and 4 cats, you can imagine how bad my allergies were! I've never had it overheat or act up in anyway, a year later it's just as good as it was the day I bought it. DO NOT buy it if you have carpets, it's great for hard floors, but does not work well for carpets! ...more info
  • dead within a month
    I thought this vacuum would be a good value after reading the reviews. The first time I used it, I though it was okay on the floors, but not very good on the area rug. The second time I used it, it just stopped and died. I emptied the canister, checked the cord, detached all the parts to see if something got stuck somewhere, but couldn't bring it to life. It's a waste of $$$....more info
  • Not worth it!
    The Dirt Devil Company does not stand behind their product!!!...more info
  • Great for hard wood floors and tile! (Not for carpet)
    The perfect vacuum in this price range for hardwood floors and tile. Great design, long power cord, light (so it's easy to actually carry around, vs. dragging on the floor). Comes with handy attachments for getting into nooks and crannies.

    Although I rated it 5 stars, this is NOT the vacuum for you if you have rugs or carpet. There is no "spinning brush" on this vacuum, so moving it across carpet is difficult and won't clean nearly as well as a vacuum designed for that purpose. Otherwise, I couldn't be happier with it....more info

  • Nice at first but then...
    When we first got this it worked great for the first few uses then the suction died on it. Replacing the filter still didn't help. It was trashed later down the road. not recommended...more info
  • Excellent
    This vaccum is great. I have a cleaning business and I take it every where I go. Also, my husband sells used cars and uses it to detail the cars, they look professionally done. The suction and power is great.Though it is not great on carpets, it is excellent on carpeted stairs, wood floors, kitchen and bathroom floors, basement floors, you name it. My best purchase for my business, I will be buying a second one to rotate the two since I use it so often....more info
  • Dirt Disaster is more like it.....
    I tried to like this vacuum cleaner after spending $..., but have grown to hate it. It is impossible to clean. The only way to get the filter clean is to vacuum it clean after each use---"tapping" it against the side of the garbage can does nothing but spew dust into the air-- since you are vacuuming the filter outside the vacuum all that dust and dirt clog up the tiny screen protecting the motor, which you then have to clean as well. And you too wind up covered with a fine grey coat of dust. The vacuum is made of cheesy plastic and though motor seems fairly powerful, it is not worth the time it takes to clean the vacuum cleaner (and yourself) after you are done cleaning the house....more info
  • don't buy this vacuum cleaner
    Yes this canister vac is bagless, but what exactly does that mean? It means wear a surgical mask when you empty the bin because the dust and dirt will go flying... (they tell you to replace them every other year...HA! that might work if you have a small apartment with no rugs, kids, animals or dirt.) This is a bad deal all around. Approach with utmost caution....more info
  • Good on wood, braided rugs, hopeless on carpet
    I have a small townhouse and replaced my huge upright vacuum with this sleek canister. It has powerful suction and works well on wood and very dense rugs such as the braided rugs in my dining and bed rooms. However, it is hopeless at picking up cat hair on carpet. You really need a vacuum with a power brush to get up cat hair on carpet.

    The filter is also icky to clean. Fine dust really sticks to the filter. Plus, I find I don't want to see my dirt!...more info

  • Hard surface solution
    I have a million vacuums-- ok, exaggeration but I own about 5 different vaccuums because I keep buying them hoping the next one will work better. This time, I did a little more research and based on the reviews, I decided to go with this one. I checked it out at the store and was worried because it seemed a bit flimsy and light but bought it anyway since I was desperate for something to vacuum up my 1300 sq. ft. downstairs which is all hardwood and tile. The hard floor attachment does a great job of picking up all the dust, kitty litter, and white cat hair littering my floors (my floors are dark so you can see everything). The lightweight canister on wheels follows you easily with a little tug and the stick allows you to get underneath the furniture. The drawback to this vacuum is that the carpet attachment is useless, there's no place to store the cord (retractable would have been great) and there seems to be a little air leakage on the stick part of the vac. Other than that, if you're looking for something to use on hard surfaces, this vacuum is a great solution....more info
  • bagless = mess
    This vacuum works ok on hardwood floors power-wise (haven't tried it on carpet). It's major drawback is emptying the canister - yuck - dirt and pet hair stick to the filter and sides of the canister and dust flies all over the place....more info
  • Great Unit
    this vacuum was everything that I expected. Works good on our hard floors. Also good for cleaning the car. Powerful suction, lightweight, and easy to clean....more info
  • Best for tiled floors
    I bought this vacuum for my saltillo (sp?) , slate and wood floors. The shoulder strap makes it too easy to tote from room to room in my 3,000 sq. ft. plus house. The accessories are readily available on the handle and easy to switch out during the process. I am very happy with my "Breeze" and strongly recommend it for homes without carpet....more info
  • It's OK
    I bought this vacuum cleaner for the air filter because, at the time, it was about ... less than a HEPA filter vacuum. I also wanted to try a bagless vacuum cleaner.

    The suck power of this vacuum is good, but not about to pull up any carpet. I found that having a bagless is not all it's cracked up to be - especially since trash and dirt are affected by static electricity and don't always pour right out. Make sure you clean the filter outside -- banging it around inside the house will just put dust back into the air.

    The vacuum is compact and stores well. I'm a little displeased with the handles, though. I don't think they're air tight enough.

    3 stars means I'm satisfied, but when it's time to get a new vacuum I'll look for a different one....more info

  • Great Little Vacuum
    A good vacuum for floors with out a carpet. a lot of power and is good for small type of rugs and bare floors. I got this one because of a wood floors and tiles. And if you want a for carpet then get a vacuum for carpet and stay away from not this one. Cord could be a little longer but is OK just keep unplug in. Still 5 stars.................more info
  • I own a house cleaning bussines
    and this is the best canister I ever had I have four of them...more info
  • Great Bagless Vacuum!!!
    This is a great vacuum. I use it to clean my tile floors and to clean the car out. This compact vacuum has incredibale suction power! I also like the bagless featurs so that i can actually see what i am picking up, and bags are a pain any way. The reason that i gave it four stars is because the cord could be a littlt bit longer and also i lost the blue head for cleaning carpet so i do not know how it does at cleaning carpet. Oh and is also a great price!...more info
  • good for vinyl or wood floors,not carpet !!
    As you might gather,this vacuum is lousy on carpet.However it works fine on bare floors in small apartments or condos.Its easy to maneuver with swivel dusting nozzle and it rolls on the floor or it can be carried with handle or shoulder strap.As I said,this thing works fine on bare floors but for carpets you better plan on buying an upright too if you dont have one already....more info
  • Excellent vacuum !
    This is the best vacuum I've had yet for hard wood floors. I have 1 child, 2 cats ,a dog and a bird and it literally was a breeze on all of their mess, such as candy wrappers, hair, cat litter and seeds. We have a large townhouse and I could do the first-floor and steps without having to replug somewhere else. The dirt canister is larger than I thought it would be and the suction was great! It's also very easy to clean. It is lightweight and easy to handle and the micro-fresh filter only needs to be replaced 2 times a year ... (Now that makes me breathe easy). The only thing I can come up with that I would change on this vac is that it does not have a retractable cord....more info