Dirt Devil Type D Vacuum Cleaner Bags, 10-Pack

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Product Description

Royal / Dirt Devil Standard Paper Bags - 10 Packs - Dirt Devil Upright - Type D Part# 3-670148-001

This 10-pack of vacuum cleaner bags fits most Dirt Devil upright vacuum cleaners. Each bag holds up to 99% of the dirt and dust in your carpet. They're easy to store, easy to use (snaps right into place in the vacuum), and easy to throw away. --Chris deMaagd

  • Featherlite bags
  • Fits the following Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners: M085300; M085335; M085355; M085360; M085400; M085405; M085410
  • Also fits M085430; M085435; M085440; M085440CA; M085460; M085470; M085475; M085480; M085500; M085500-1; M085550B; M085560
  • Also fits M105315; M5200; M5231; M5235; MDU5220; MDU5320; MDU5420; MRY5000; MRY5200
Customer Reviews:
  • Perfect
    Dirt Devil Type D Vacuum Cleaner Bags / B00005V9E2

    These bags fit my cleaner perfectly, they are strong and durable, and if you're lazy like me you can get away with over-stuffing them without any immediate difficulties. They are especially easy to fit into the cleaner, and I haven't had any trouble with them ripping, burning, or breaking. And the current Amazon price ($7.99) is cheaper than the price on the Dirt Devil site - and you get free shipping from Amazon on orders over $25. ...more info
  • Good Value
    Bags are a good value and worked well in my vac. I'll buy these again....more info