WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos

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Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos is an impressive real time strategy game where you build, attack & destroy in a darker world. Visit the interactive 3D fantasy world of Azeroth, setting of the first two Warcraft games. It is 15 years after the war between humans and orcs. While mankind grew soft and complacent, the orcs were regrouping. The drums of war are beating again -- the Burning legion is coming and with it they bring terror and destruction. Do what you must to stop the death of your world.

  • Choose from four races - The Orcs, humans, undead, and the night elves all have separate, unique campaigns that tie into each other
  • Multiple Neutral buildings, units and monsters to offer new risks, treasures and challenges
  • Build your own heroes, whose spells and abilities will form the core of your fighting force
  • Fantasy 3-D real-time strategy game, with incredible new graphics and advanced role-playing elements

Customer Reviews:

    It was a wonderful game all around the controls were easy for us average Joes who don't have the time to figure out all this stuff like how to move all that its right there for you i was very impressed with the graphics after the first and second crap o romma 2D game play but after all said and done i will break this review done to 3 parts: game play, story line, and Battle.net

    Game play was really second to none as it only won game of the year and was greatly reviewed as you see in these reviews. It is smooth easy to figure out and well great graphics. Realize that this is not your grandmothers videogame its rated T for a reason the gore is freakin awesome and though not much blood some words maybe said like damn that may not do so well with you people.

    Campaigns are usually one of the last things we go to in one of these types of games i go to but one of the first i went to in this game to try out. It has a nice story line that tells a story of a man name Arthas who is a prince and he leads some of his fathers army to try to kill an undead monster but he ends up running into a sword that turns him evil and corrupt he goes back home and ends up evil and kills everyone and enslaving he summons a demon that trys to kill this tree of life and the orcs humans and elves all unite to stop this demon and in the last misson you see what happens.

    Battle dot net is a remarkable feature in this game is an online gamming process that allows you to play with other "nerds" it allows you to play maps they designed and made so its not like all other features were its nothing like Warcraft these maps are a whole other game do not fear though it has tournments for you.

    All and all it is a great game and a good bye
    ...more info
  • Warcraft 3 Review
    I loved Warcraft 2. When I bought Warcraft 3, I thought it would be just like 2. When I saw and played it, I thought it was
    many times better and different from 2. The graphics are so much better and the gameplay is better as well. In 2, spells
    hafe to be manualy controlled, but in 3, some spells can be
    automaticlly casted. Another cool thing is the heros. Three heros for each four races. You can build up their levels and have them learn more powerful spells and abilities. Each hero
    even has an ultimante abilite that is very powerful and usefull.
    Dont hesitate to buy this game....more info
  • Build More Farms!!!!!
    Let me just stary by saying, Warcraft Three is a blast. Practically everything about the game is crafted well, from the voice acting, to the cutscenes, the gameplay and the strategy. Different from the other blizzard RTS titles, Warcraft 3 gives you 4 starting races instead of three. The Night Elves, Humans, Orcs, and the new Undead. All have different merits, and strategic abilities, to keep the game well balanced. The campaign is reminiscent of computer style rpgs, which is a nice twist on the genre, but what will keep this game playing untill the end of days is the epic multiplayer. B.net is now 10X better than it ever was for SC, with all sorts of additions, and gadgets to keep cheaters out. You can also make OFFICAL clans in warcrafts b.net, rather than in starcraft where it wasnt really official at all. The only thing that annoys me, and its just me, is hotkeys. My observation with these games is that hotkeys are what keeps people on the ladder, the better you are at hotkeys, the better you are at rts's. But since this is a complaint about all rts's, I wont take it away from warcraft threes 4 stars!

    Nice graphics
    4 races, all different
    Fun campaign
    Great multiplayer on b.net

    Small population limit
    Relying too much on heros...more info

  • Great,
    I played this game for five minutes and then was hooked for days!

    Great gameplay and fun quests. When your done the game itself internet games with friends provide hours of fun!...more info

  • Boring to play via on-line
    I bought Warcraft 3 thinking that would be an incredible game to play via net. But it isn't. Lots of problems, starting even in the shelf where the game was - 85CAN$??? I decided to wait until the price dropped, and here I am.
    As a Starcraft fanatic, I thought that it would be easy to learn to play W3 - no, it was not. Finally, when I got the ropes of the game, I was deceptionated because this game is horrible to play via net.
    Do not misundestand me, the campaign of W3 is incredible, and so the custom games, very good graphics (although units are too big compared to structures) and the sound was astonishing. But stay away if you are thinking that you will find the same action of Starcraft in games via net. No, you will not. Some problems like very small supplying limit, cannot build anymore water units and the long time need to win a single game turns games via net boring. And worst at all that the campaign editor of W3 is horrible.
    I only recommend if you look for single-games action or like to stay 1, 2 or more hours in the same game. Otherwise, stay away from it....more info
  • warcraft 2 was better
    you play a couple "tutorial" scenarios with the orcs...then you get to play the whiny human prince. the prince turns bad, and you get to play him again for the undead scenarios. i stopped playing shortly after the undead scenarios started, i had enough of the whiny emo prince.

    other then that, the hero system was ok, could have been so much more, made me a little disappointed. turned into just an average game with a poor story and cast....more info
  • Its Astonding!!!
    When I first heard that Warcraft III was comming out I thought it was going to suck. How could they make anything that could even remotly measure up to WARCRAFT II? Well Bizzard more than manged it, they far excedded any of my expectations!!

    The undead-God I love these guys. Its almst impossible to lose because they are simnply so easy to produce

    The Orcs-There back and looking for a little payback who would have thought that they would have a hand in actually saving the world? Thrall is my favorite hero

    The Human-Battered but not broken these guys prove they can still kick some butt!!

    I also like that for every level you hero increased so did there hitpoints and magical ability. Although it did kind of suck that they were maxed out at ten.


    Absolutly no camparioson it blows everything else away and that is after the game is more than a year old.

    Bottom line-If you have any doubts forget them go out and buy this game, you will not regreet it!!...more info

  • Best RTS ever
    Best RTS ever Made. That Simple. And i thank blizzard E for continuing to release there games for mac and releasing them at the same time there released for PC...more info
  • Blizzard seems to be the only one who can make a good RTS
    Represented in this years 2004 WCG (world cyber games). Games voted by the players of the world. The WCG is the equivalent of the Olympic games for video games. Nations and countries from around the world play in this event. This year, It was held in San Francisco(where I attended). Some of the biggest crowd turnouts, Aside from the usual Gamer favorite StarCraft, was WarCraft 3. Loud chants and even national pride anthems were song during the mathches. This game stands up to the test of professionals, tested for it's speed and compatibility. It is among the best in a category dominated by the computer media: RTS. As a long time RTS player I would rank this only second to StarCraft. And for those gamers not really into RTS, the game provides outlets for the online experience. Custom games where gamers like you, make the maps and the rules. Games like Sheep tag, Where you and how ever many other players build obstacles (farms in this case) to surround themselves with, so that online players, playing as Wolves, don't attack and kill you. The point of the game for the Sheeps side is to survive for twenty minutes. On the other side, the wolves, it is to kill every online sheep. The games are endless and thus are the opportunities for fun. I'm currently addicted to custom games. I can't find myself to do anything else. Join the crave.. The community of WarCraft is welcoming to new players.
    The RTS is rather different than StarCraft, who requires blinding speed for not only Macro but also Micro. The average Pro gamer speed for StarCraft is around 200 apm. In WarCraft it's around 50. But that means that WC3 is only differrent. Giving gamers who couldn't compete with the engine of SC a wonderfully new outlet to compete. WC3 focuses more on Hero's. In the WCG those who lost their hero's lost the game. The maximum number of troops is low, around 100. But those numbers are deceiving to the critics out there. If you where given the opportunity of more troops, it would only lead to the emulation of SC. Blizzard wanted a new RTS. One with its own identity. They knew they couldn't cater to the needs of Pro SC gamers. The expectations were too high. So they worked for years, and in the end they gave us a graphicaly superb beast filled with Commanding hero's and spell casters who demand the game's victory or loss.-jeff...more info
  • Orcs are friends, not goons
    I have to admit that I've killed many orcs over the years and never felt an ounce of remorse about it--and who could blame me? They smell bad, they drool, have terrible dental hygiene, steal the jobs of hard-working dwarves and gnomes, and of course...they eat people. Or so I was told. (*Mild Spoiler*) You can imagine what a shock it was to learn in Warcraft III that not only are the orcs not enemies; they are allies you need to save humanity's collective bacon. So as you play the game, you'll need to drive that Lord of the Rings propaganda out of your mind and find peace with your inner orc.

    Warcraft III is a terrific real-time strategy game that goes farther in blurring elements of role-playing and strategy than any game that's come before it. The inclusion of heroes as role-playing characters is terrific and provides extra incentive to explore the entire map because you never know what items or quests are hidden in remote corners. It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you find those hidden magic boots or that ring of protection. Warcraft III also marks the best story to date for a Real-Time Strategy game. In the third campaign of the single-player, I tell you that I was an orc...for about an hour. It's also worth mentioning that he tale cleverly unfolds in a way to allow you to play each of the factions (Human, Undead, Orc, and Night Elf) in a compelling progression.

    Anyone who has played RTS games before will be familiar with the interface and gameplay of Warcraft III. All of the usual unit types are there--it's just that in Warcraft III they seem more polished than in other games. Whether it's the endearing signature responses when you click on them or the way the units intelligently form up, move, path find, and attack, every aspect of every unit has obviously been thoroughly tested and balanced. Not once when I gave an order did a unit wander off from the pack to explore some random corner of the screen and cause me mouse-crushing, game-cursing rage (see how well I found my inner orc?). It may not sound like much, but those of you who have played many real-time strategy games know that this is not a given. When I ordered a unit to march to a certain place and kill, they did just that.

    I realize that the game is over a year old now, but it's worth noting how technically sound this game is. I did not have a hiccup in this game. Not once in my single-player campaign did the game crash to desktop, freeze, stutter, spit or delay. The load times were very reasonable and there were also no graphical problems changing resolution or color depth. The graphics themselves are probably the weakest element of the game; all of the units certainly look very blocky and dated. But of course, for a real-time strategy game, who really gives a crap? You don't need state of the art graphics for an RTS. I certainly didn't find that it affected my experience.

    I only played the multiplayer a couple of times and I got stomped like the kid in my elementary school who used to wear cardigans that looked like they'd been swiped from Mr. Rogers' closet. It was that bad. This game has been out long enough that even if you seek out a so-called newbie game, you're dealing with people who obviously eat, slept and breathe Warcraft. But there was no problem finding a game and I didn't have any problems with lag or people bailing out of games. It just so happens that I stink.

    On the whole, this is a beast of a game: fun to play, compelling, balanced and technically sound...and I think it's time we thought about an orc for president....more info

  • This Game is amazing
    I suggest to buy this game!
    Since I bought it I play every day and it's always as funny as the first time.I never thought that I could like a game so much
    and plus you can play online at battle.net where the challanges never finish!
    If you want to spend your dollars in a wonderful game just buy WarcraftIII!
    Enjoy your game,
    Luca....more info
  • Warcraft III is the foundation of World of Warcraft. Truly best "Turn based RPG ever"
    Blizzard has done the turn based rpg's better than anyone ever. Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, are all considered the best of the best. Warcraft III is truly the best of the group and one of the funnest PC games ever created. Hundreds of hours of my life have been put into this game and even 5 years later I find myself playing it here and there.

    If you play World of Warcraft then go back and play this if you never have before. The entire games mythos is based of Warcraft III and for long time blizzard gamers going from War III to WOW was a fantastic experience. Truly WOW took War III to another level.

    Even now I see it for sale at Wal Mart and Target for $20+ due to its popularity. If you haven't played this game BUY IT. It's worth every dime....more info
  • king of games
    this is the king of games best game in its kind (rts) and the next episode to the game of the year 1995. the graphics are great, the voices are funny, the stroy is good, the gamplay is good and you can do almost everything with the editor...more info
  • great game
  • WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
    good game, great for LAN parties, because operating requirements are small and once you install disk and open battle net. you can run without CD. so all my friends at college can play for free. cheap price, cant find at most gaming stores. ...more info
  • It Is A Good Day To Die!
    The Warcraft computer games are some of the best strategy games that I know. These games have different types of creatures, some human-like (elves, orcs, etc.), and some not. Warcraft takes you to another time, another place, and puts you in battles sword to sword and ax to ax where you're the commander. You may command elves in the forests near Silvermoon, orcs on the barren plains of Lordaeron, the humans from the alliance of kingdoms, and the legions of the undead wherever they may lie. Test your skills as Artus in an epic struggle against the undead, and lead Thrall and his orcs in their search to find a new land to call their own. If you think you're up to the challenge, get yourself a copy of "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos!"...more info
  • Good game, great fun
    this game is really fun, especially the online action. join TONS of people on Battle.net and play online for hours, its addicting. the sigle player also kicks arse if i may say so. i bought this game when it first came out for 50 bucks and i still play it. its awesome. im pretty sure in a general sense that if you like ANY video games you will love this. ...more info
  • Great game
    I have played all the Warcraft/Starcraft games and must say I enjoy this game. Contrary to another posted review, the gameplay in this game is very easy and intuitive. There are hotkeys for most everything (including grouping units together, allowing for effective, cohesive attacks) and I especially love the ability to switch between different kinds of units within a selected group, allowing you to make full use of their several abilities. I love games with a good storyline, and Warcraft III delivers in the usual Blizzard fashion. With cutscenes in every mission and amazing DVD-quality cinematics, the story is certainly a compelling one. The only great criticism I would have of this game that Blizzard really did make sacrifices for the 3D graphics. The unit limit is rather low, making it impossible to "swarm" your enemies like in Starcraft. However, this also means that each unit is worth that much more and that, in terms of the game, a sizeable army can be built up rather quickly. I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the Warcraft franchise and who has a computer who can run it. If you just barely meet the system requirements, then the game can be unbearably slow. But overall, it is a great game....more info
    i played this game yesterday at a family reunion and i was absolutely fascinated. i love the zelda games, because of the difficulty and cunning used throughout the game, but once i played this i knew it had no match. the only game(s) in the world that could top this one are the other warcraft games!!!!!!!!...more info
  • best pc game i have ever played
    Warcraft 3 is the best computer game I have ever played. With so much to do, the game is hard to turn down. It has lots of races you can be such as humans or orcs and night elves. My favorite is the undead race. There are lots of maps and warriors to choose from which makes this game addictive. Once you start playing this, you won't be able to stop. The best part is the online play because you are playing with real people and can strategize with each other by talking throughout the game. Overall, this game is the most fun any computer game can offer!!!!!...more info
    i bought this game summer 2003 after i played a couple of skrimishes at my cousins and i was hooked right away.good graphics the campain kicks ass and the skirmish is good hoever the multiplayer is defently the strongest point in the game. you can face guys in quick setup that take abought 30 secs find a game and send you to it and then if you get bored of the normal games then just go to custom games and there is a list diffrent games created by world edit (another exelent part of the program) they have games like lord of the rings, (look for a helms deep game it kicks ass) starcraft, resident evil and of course other creative games footman wars. over all there are almost no downsides (atleast none that i can think of at the moment)so those people that gave a low rating suck. BUY THIS GAME AND THE EXPANSION YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • wise words of warcraft
    ... you can go into different fantasy worlds,such as the orcs and the haunted undead and the humans and the last one ancient night elfs.The 3D buildings and warriors make the game more enjoyable.This game is challenging because some teams are stronger than others e.g. orcs.It is rated 11+ but i'm younger and can easily play it....more info
  • I loooooove it
    I give this game 5 stars although there is one problem that makes me really upset - the game downloads, but does not run on my laptop. I get error message telling me to check that the CD is in the CD drive and try again. I think this is a problem of my laptop having a CD-rom, DVD and CD-writer combo. Since I dont have access to a PC right now I cannot play Warcraft. I wish I could, I need a rest from Everquest :oP

    If anyone has a solution for this, please write to me at russian_enchantress@hotmail.com.

    Buy this game you will LOVE it!...more info

  • Greatest Game Ever
    I love this game just like I love Warcraft 2, though 1 kinda sucked because of the low quality graphics, etc. I hardly play computer games and I still loved Warcraft III. I suck at video games and I still have a fun time with this one. The one only thing I don't like about it is that there are no water units. Water units were the best but besides that everything else rocks!...more info
  • One of the Best Games Ever
    I followed up on this game for over 2 years since Blizzard first announced they were working on it. I saw all the changes that the game went through and I couldn't be happier with the final product and each race and their heroes rock the house. Each race is different so you won't feel like your playing the same way every time.

    The Humans- In Warcraft 1&2, I took a great delight in smashing the humans to pieces, but I got into playing as them cause there a lot tougher this time around. The humans can handle just about anything that the other races can throw at them. Upgrade the magical sentery ability and nothing will be able to slip into your base.

    The Undead- I love the Raise Dead spell, especially on autocast. Your forces grow by leaps and bounds without costing anything in resources. The units are so cheap that you can almost go into High Upkeep and still not be hurt by it. They also got some of the best abilites that units (not heroes) can have.

    The Orcs- The orcs have always been (and always will be) my favorite race and they do not disappoint here either. In fact, this line-up for the Horde is the best of all the Warcrafts. If your a die-hard Warcraft 2 player, you'll know that there were only 2 actual orc units in that game, the peon and grunt. There's a lot more in Warcraft 3 and the Tauren and Wyverns are great additions to and I like the new sect of trolls. And best of all, you don't have to shun any of their spells or abilities.

    The Night Elves- They got some of the most interesting spells in the whole game. The farm buildings can heal units too so you can fight for a long time. 2 of their heroes also got the most useful auras, but I won't say what they are. You'll just play to find out. They are a little confusing at first, but it's easy to get used to.

    Warcraft 3 is one of the finest games ever. If you want something that will make you lose a lot of sleep, then this is the one for you....more info

  • Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone!
    Do you like RPGs but don't want to spend hours or days leveling up your characters? Then cross over into the RTS world and Reign of Chaos! Unlike many RTS games you will also command special hero units which gain power with each level and are in a race to acquire magical items before the enemy does. Your hero(s) are your champions who can turn the tide of battle but choose to neglect the rest of your army at your own peril. You will still need a sound overall strategy to win! Reign of Chaos incorporates many strengths of other strategy games but with a much higher level of challenge and intensity. One of Blizzard's many great products, this one is worth a spin....more info
  • Fantastic Strategy Game
    I'm a big fan of Blizzard Entertainment and Starcraft, so I was looking forward to this release 2 years before it actually hit the shelves. What's not to love here?

    .The Cinematics are incredible, absolutely amzing, way ahead of the rest of the gameing-world.

    .The game itself is balanced and tight, providing a technical wonder as well as an imaginative and fun experience.

    .The music is incredible and fitting; I especially enjoyed the Night Elves and Undead Themes. The diologue and voice acting could have been better, but all in all I love this game and would recommend it to anyone and everyone....more info

    OK, how could i put this? Simply... by saying... that this game is very fun. If you've ever played Starcraft or heard from your friends that WCIII is very much like it... except better. You get heros! Wow heros are fun, very fun. Then you have alot more races than Starcraft, for example, Undead, Night Elf, Human and Orc. Ok, one more race but hey:D still good right? And then there is TD's which I play mostly. Those you go on Battle.net to play, TD's are games that users on B.net have created (you can create one yourself if you like with the WCIII map creater) they are very fun. I suggest Winter Wars **one of my favs** and more and more come out every day. If you seem to not like this game at first, give it a chance! I mean really!!! I liked it from begging to now. NO reason you shouldn't.

    **~~Peace~~**...more info

  • A Good Game Yet Confusing to Starcraft fanatics
    A good game which I had difficulty to adjusting to since there are many confusing options. As I progressed through single player (and beat it) I fell in love with the game. I enjoyed the deep class system , and warious options and special abilities. Yet the only thing that made me score it 4 stars is that I miss the simplicity of Starcraft... Definetly a must buy!...more info
  • be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    before i start my review i would like to mention the fact that this game is very addicting and can keep u inside all day. dont say i didnt warn u.

    ok well before i bought warcraft 3 i wasnt much of a pc gamer. i mostly just played xbox live and that kind of stuff. in school i had learned that everyone was playing this game. so i decided to try it out. I was blew away by the new concept of heros. the hero is a super powered unit that can destroy entire armies alone if used properly. the hero starts at lvl 1 and can go to lvl 10. some heros can raise from the dead, summon powerful units, turn into demons and mch more. the 3-d graphics are nice and dont cause much lag. the game isnt expensive like most other games.
    by far the best part of warcraft 3 is battle.net. it is the FREE(yes, free!) online part of wc3. u can crush other opponenets or relax and play a fun custom game.

    so wat are u doing sitting there and reading my review? go get the game!!!!!!!...more info
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
    This game is awesome. It is so mich fun and the best part is that it gets harder as you go along instead of being hard and then getting even harder. ...more info
  • If you are new to RTS games, avoid this title
    Campaign mode:
    Is the best of the game. The graphics are awesome, even
    better of the own WoW.
    The campaign explains to you many things of the warcraft universe.

    Custom game:
    One downside the 4 races may seem unbalanced.
    You need experience in RTS games to win a match,
    if you are new to RTS games, be ready for a lot of defeats.
    ...more info
  • Disappointing
    Maybe I was expecting too much, but I liked Warcraft II much better. I don't care for Battlenet because then the game is no longer a strategy game and becomes a race to produce fighting units. In Warcraft3 I finished the Human campaign, played a couple of chapters of the Undead Campaign, and lost interest on the game. The main problems that I have with this game are the following:
    1 - Resource management is not as critical as in previous Warcraft and Starcraft games
    2 - The Heroes are just too powerfull and over power anything else. No longer you need a nice balanced force.
    3 - There are no water units, which added more strategic depth in Warcraft II
    4 - Air units are kind of wimpy
    5 - They switched from the Apple media player to the Microsoft one, which does not run in older machines
    6 - A lot of compatibility issues with CD-ROM drivers

    I was very disappointed by this Warcraft game. I recommend instead "Imperialism" for those who enjoy extreme resource management and strategic planning....more info

  • Want to see something real scary? Then read these reviews.
    I feel compelled I suppose to bunk some of the other reviews that have been posted for Frozen Throne. The one's that state "this game will rock" I need not say anything about, cause you already know to take them with a grain of salt. But for the one's that are written by actual beta testers (like myself), I need to update you on the facts, and correct some mistakes.

    First off, it's hard to really rate or give a knowledgeable review of Frozen Throne because those of us that are beta testers are only getting to see the multi-player, on-line aspect of the game. There will also be an extension to the storyline of WC3, of which we can only guess at until the game is out. To give a really in-depth review of the whole game, a person would need the complete expansion.

    Another thing that I find upsetting is that one of the reviewers has gotten a lot of helpful votes, just for the simple fact that people don't know whether he's correct or not. His review would have been appropriate when he wrote it. He wrote his review in March, and the game has made some drastic changes since then. So, for example, saying that Orc Batriders are overpowered is no longer applicable. To be honest, people rarely use them anymore.

    Also, there is no Night Elf hero that can change Day into Night. That is an item that the Night Elves can buy from their own specific shop. To explain this, each race has the ability to build their own shop, which is very inexpensive at the moment, from which they can buy items, such as scroll of town portals, heath potions, etc. Each race has certain item specific to them. Like the Night Elf item to change the time of day or the Undead item called a Wand of Necromancy that can summon 2 skeletons from a corpse. But for some reason Blizzard decided to give Undead that item, but take away the Wand of Negation from the Original WarCraft 3. I haven't understood that move (taking away the Wand of Negation) since the beta started.

    There are many other changes as well, but if I was to try and list them all, it would take me quite a while. Just rest assured that Blizzard has done a bang up job of not only making it feel like an expansion, but also adding the excitement back to when we first got WarCraft 3 and got to try out all the "new" stuff. And if I listed them all, I would take away some of the excitement of when you first pop it in and play it yourself.

    Okay now that I got that off my chest, my opinion on FT so far is that it is fantastic! Bear in mind that I am only reviewing this game from the multi-player, on-line, battle.net aspect of it; I have no idea what the storyline will be to the game.

    Veterans to WC3 will find some very interesting changes in Frozen Throne. While still not complete, the game seems to be reaching its home stretch. Blizzard does an excellent job of fixing balance issues, as many WC3 players already know. So that's why it was not a good idea for someone to post in March on how powerful certain units were, because Blizzard has since fixed that issue and it's no longer true. Recently they changed it so that you can get Wyverns at tier 2 now, but whether or not that will stay in the final edition, I can't say.

    I personally give the game 5 stars because it excels at what I loved about WC3 so much. The on-line aspect. In all my years of gaming I don't remember a game that has pulled me in as much as WC3 has, and now Frozen Throne.

    There is however a nice learning curve. Even if you are very good at WC3, you will run into some bumps in the road with Frozen Throne. But this is to be expected with new units, new heroes, new buildings and new creeps. Be warned though, a lot of the newer creeps are very, very tough and are not to be fought unless you have quite a few units. I say this mostly in the vain hope that I don't get to hear "our alley's hero has fallen" to creeps. So don't say I didn't warn you, he, he....more info

  • For kids who have a strong moral understanding
    Due to peer pressure, my 9-year-old son wanted this game. Although the CD case and the literature were non-conforming, the game itself is good. There are unique challenges and a progressive learning system. Battle.Net is very very difficult to win at. People that you battle are generally extremely good and my son has yet to win more than a single battle. More than likely they have some sort of robot executing their strategies. Laughable but possible.
    ...more info
  • War Craft III
    War craft is a game that allows you to battle aganist the compter and other people. Its realistic and has 3 D animation . It perfect the way they made it...more info
  • Cheaper than the mall
    Game arrived the next day and was almost half what I would have paid at the local mall....more info
  • one sweet game
    this game is really fun. Not only does it have good graphics, it has lots of action fun!...more info
  • Great Game
    WarCraftIII is one of the best games ever. Online play is very competitive....more info
  • Imbalanced integration of RPG into strategy.
    This game is entertaining--don't get me wrong. However, it is not and never can provide the well rounded multiplayer experience of Starcraft and Warcraft II because of the "superhero" aspect of the game. Top strategy for this game? Spend as little time as possible building economy, infrastructure and army, and concentrate on upgrading your heros. Two upgraded heros will thrash two or three GROUPS of units. For those who enjoy the challenge of balancing production power with speed, prepare to lose when I build a minimal war machine and upgrade my heros. Economy does play a factor if two players both focus on character development, but armies are of secondary import which is a shame for a RTS.

    If you are more interested in RPG type play, this game is for you. If resource management and military strategy are more your cup of tea, stick with starcraft. While I still usually win, I have to admit this game fell short in my estimation. Superweapons and hero units are great--but they should not be available right from the start of a round, and should need much more cost and effort to develop....more info
  • Impeccable....Simply Impeccable...
    This game was my life for about 4 months straight. Every morning I'd wake up and play Warcraft. Blizzard has done well with all its games but this one(and diablo of course)has been by far the best(or at least till world of warcraft comes out). The cinematics on this game are a work of art and I could watch them again and again. What's really impressive about blizzard is their battle.net feature. Not only is it free but all the games people create are mad fun. With this feature it's virtually impossible to get bored with this game since new games are being created everyday. I sadly have a crap computer now with dial up...a few steps down from a nice gateway and cable. But nonetheless this is a fabulous game. Blizzard has never let me down and if all their work is like this they truly never will....more info
  • Most Customizable Blizzard Game Ever
    I may be a bit close to the matter to be objective, since I've been an uncharacteristic Warcraft fan since I got the very first Warcraft game, 'Orcs&Humans', but I'd say the Warcraft games have continually gotten just better and better.
    This game is the biggest jump in the Warcraft series, boasting a 3D rendering engine and pulling no punches with how you can customize maps on the Custom MapEdit program. One of my favorite things is creating custom scenarios to play with friends on over Battle.net.
    The only reason I held it down to 4 out of 5 stars is because I anticipate The World of Warcraft, a 'Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game' which should come out this November by Blizzard, looks like it will be far better even! ...more info
  • Funnest RTS of all time
    Warcraft 3 is the best entry in the Warcraft RTS series. It offers extraordinary 3D graphics that will amaze anybody who played Warcraft 2. The best part of Warcraft 3 is Battle.Net and the World Editor: which lets you make your own custom maps to play either offline with computers, or online with people on Battle.Net. Warcraft 3, along with its expansion: Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, are the best RTS games. Of course, some would mention Starcraft, but we'll just have to wait until Starcraft 2 comes out. ;)...more info
  • Imbalanced integration of RPG into strategy.
    This game is entertaining--don't get me wrong. However, it is not and never can provide the well rounded multiplayer experience of Starcraft and Warcraft II because of the "superhero" aspect of the game. Top strategy for this game? Spend as little time as possible building economy, infrastructure and army, and concentrate on upgrading your heros. Two upgraded heros will thrash two or three GROUPS of units. For those who enjoy the challenge of balancing production power with speed, prepare to lose when I build a minimal war machine and upgrade my heros. Economy does play a factor if two players both focus on character development, but armies are of secondary import which is a shame for a RTS.

    If you are more interested in RPG type play, this game is for you. If resource management and military strategy are more your cup of tea, stick with starcraft. While I still usually win, I have to admit this game fell short in my estimation. Superweapons and hero units are great--but they should not be available right from the start of a round, and should need much more cost and effort to develop....more info
  • Warcraft III is awsome
    i used to have this game when i was in high school and i loved it, so i bought it. shipping was quick, the product was brand new and cheap. would buy from again...more info
  • Where it stopped being Warcraft
    So I mark Warcraft III as the point where the franchise stopped being WARcraft, and became MAGEcraft, or Magiccraft, or some stupid snippy pun regarding a favor towards magic rather than war.

    And don't worry, this negative review isn't all just about the visceral hatred of high fantasy involving lots of magic. The game itself has plenty of bad flaws.

    I used to love Warcraft. But I hate Warcraft since they made it "Blizzard presents: Magic: The Gathering".

    My favorite thing about Warcraft was exactly what they took out in III and World of: a sense of grittiness and uniqueness in a world of fantasy. There were no "Thyalawynd" or "Darkheart"s or "Ebonheart"s or "Gyilwind"s magic fantasy crap with gravity-defying robes and swords made of silver and no shields or any semblence of tactics or strategy or even blood.

    There was no "We ah the Knoights of Lothar the Guilywind, son of Gunther the Loinhearted, son of Baxter the Baxton, son of Aragorn of Aragorn, and we foight fo peeeeeace" versus "Graarrgh we are demon spawns from hell who want to crush the world and kill everything that moves".

    Warcraft wasn't like that at all---Warcraft had the Orcs coming into Azeroth because their own world was destroyed by civil war, and rather than accomodate, the Humans responded with war. And it blew up in their faces as the Orcs destroyed Stormwind Keep and forced the humans into Lothleroin, with the Orcs following. I don't remember what happened after that, but I think eventually the Orcs were beaten back by the Alliance of Humans and Elves.

    Then I completely do not remember a single thing about Warcraft III other than Taurens supporting the Orcs for absolutely no reason, and the Undead randomly appearing out of nowhere for no reason, and Night Elves appearing out of nowhere for no reason, and lots of pixie dust sprinkle winds magic and demons and wizards and keys and powerups and upgrades and magical fire pansy moves of doom for make benefit glorious magician of kingdom of Godwynn EverNeverwind P. Dark-Ebonheart.

    Warcraft and Warcraft II were to me, the modern Medieval-fantasy equivalent of Conan the Barbarian, in that yes, magic was there, and magic was used, but only the magicians practiced magic, and the magicians could not stand up to an army of a billion Orc Grunts and Troll Axethrowers. Sure, then there came Ogre-Mages, Death Knights, Paladins, and the like, but even those were but a small asset in an army made to fight with steel and wood and flesh, not just magic.

    Instead in Warcraft III, and extending into World of Warcraft, magic becomes the centerpoint of virtually any army. You can still use the backbone of infantry and cavalry and the like, but their effectiveness against magical heroes and magical elves and pixies is reduced by the sudden jump in population everything costs and the stupid upkeep.

    But while magic would become the more central point beyond Warcraft III, War3's focus instead came upon HEROES!

    The entire RTS aspect of this game is not fully broken, but rather fractured by not just the inclusion, but the heavy reliance upon individual heroes, who have dozens of hero-only chests to pick up for upgrades and equipment that can make them MORE powerful, and they have the ability to LEVEL UP and research MORE abilities and powers.

    At least half the missions in the campaign I was apart of either involved playing ONLY as heroes, or playing in such a mission that only heroes could determine the outcome of battles.

    Then, UPKEEP.

    The idea of upkeep in this game is in no way relevant to how upkeep really works in games like Total War or in real life. Upkeep is the cost of maintaining an army. Upkeep does not exist in traditional RTS games.

    In this game, upkeep means "you no longer mine as many resources" when you have too many units. And "too many" ranges from 50-75 population points taken up.

    And then comes the fact that full-army battles are rendered impossible when the average Orc Grunt starts costing THREE population points, and the maximum population is no longer the Blizzard standard of 200, but somewhere near 125-175 or so.

    Controlling the first level of upkeep means your peasants now gather 7 of a resource rather than ten. Medium upkeep reduces it to 5. High upkeep reduces it to 3. And an army under high upkeep can consist of a handful of heavy units not fit to take out a militia force twice their size.

    This is only balanced by the fact that it affects all player on a map. But another problem involving this is that because the basic units take up so much population and are so ineffective, the player is basically forced into an arm's race with their opponents, to build up their base technologies, upgrade all they can, then build the most powerful units available while ignoring the 90% of other units available to train, just to meet an evenly matched opponent who has done the same thing.

    And then again, the RTS idea is fractured and shattered by the powerful emphasis on building superunits and superweapons as quickly as possible, and to hell with all other available units.

    This is not how a good RTS works. Starcraft comes to mind: an army of 30 basic Terran Marines can slaughter an enemy army of Hydralisks or Ultralisks. An army of 30 Battlecruisers seems unstoppable, and yet can easily be torn asunder by a few Corsairs or Valkyries, or a flood of Scourges. Or they can be broken up from all-out attack from an Arbiter's stasis, or a Ghost's lockdown. They can suffer huge splash damage from Psionic Storms from High Templar or Infested Kerrigan.

    In short, in Starcraft, every unit is effective if utilized properly. You can win one game by playing a megalomaniac and massing dozens of super units, and win another game in the same amount of time with a ragtag militia and some special tricks of infiltration and the like.

    Warcraft III has none of it. Every unit that is not a superunit or a hero is simply cannon fodder and/or base defense until that superunit or hero is available for building.

    And so what was once "WARcraft" and I so deridingly called "Magecraft" could more accurately be called "Herocraft", because heroes are so ridiculously overpowered that they become the center point of every game, EVEN the skirmishes, as you cannot start unless you pick a hero for your side. AND you can get MORE THAN ONE hero on a map, one for heavy combat, one for support, and one for magic....more info
  • WarCraft III
    Whether you are a fan of the old WarCraft games or are new to the series you'll love WarCraft III. It is the same gaming style of games such as StarCraft and Age of Empires. Build units to gather resources so you can make buildings to train soldiers (such as knighs, ghouls, archers, ect.), build seige weapons (such as catapults, balistas, ect.), or upgrade weapons, armor, ect. Then gather more resources and train or make what you want. You can play as four different races, Human, Undead, Orc, and Night Elf. The human are well humans with units such as knights, gunmen, and sorceresses. The undead are zombies with units like ghouls (which can devoure corpses to gain health), abominations, and skeletons. The orcs are green brutes with units like the grunts, peons, and strange little men riding rhinos and playing drums. The night elves are purple elves who pretty much are entirely focused around trees. Most of their builldings are trees and uproot themselves and fight (though they are extremely slow). They have units like archers, huntresses, and hypogriff riders (might be something else instead of hypogriffs). Through out the main quest you will gain control of heroes. They are stronger than normal units, sometimes are not allowed to die or the mission is over, gain levels, use items, and you can choose a spell to get (or upgrade one) each time you level up. The main quest (luckily) is not someshort cake walk. It will a while to beat and some levels are extremely difficult. Though if you get stuck there are lots of codes to help you get through them. I reccomend WarCraft III to everyone. It's a great addition to the WarCraft series. And once you buy WarCraft III you should get the expansion pack which contains many new units, heroes, a new main quest, and more custom quests....more info


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