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The Baby Einstein Company's "video board books" were designed as music-focused developmental tools to stimulate babies' brains (prompted by research proving that exposure to classical melodies can improve verbal ability, spatial intelligence, creativity, and memory in youngsters). Now the company is expanding into other art forms, including color and art. The idea remains the same--taking bold, beautiful objects (toys, puppets, nature scenes) and setting them to fun renditions of classical music (their recordings are easily the best in the crowded field of child development). A new puppet--Vincent Van Goat--introduces the six primary colors and associates them with Van Gogh's paintings--"The Starry Night" for blue, "Wheat Fields with Reaper" for yellow. The only misstep is the poetry written and read by creator Julie Aigner-Clark, which is strongly reminiscent of Dr. Seuss's My Many Colored Days.

The company suggests the program is for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4. Harsh sounds between segments--such as balloons popping and tires screeching--will draw the attention of youngsters but will probably render the video inappropriate for babes in arms. The video can be purchased by itself or with a beautifully produced 28-page book featuring Van Gogh's paintings, screen shots from the video, and Clark's poems. The combination set may be the best way to engage 3- and 4-year-olds' interest; they can follow along in the text while watching the video. Music includes "The William Tell Overture," "The Blue Danube," "Bolero," and Brahms's "Lullaby." The video also provides information on the cool toys seen in the ending "Toy Chest" segment. --Doug Thomas

Discovering a rainbow of colors through art, music and poetry!
-- Introduces babies to six basic colors
-- Exposes little ones to famous Van Gogh masterpieces

For a growing baby, the world is like one huge masterpiece just waiting to be discovered. And as babies' eyesight develops, their ability to recognize and respond to colors makes their new discoveries all the more exciting! Baby Van Gogh presents little ones with a mesmerizing introduction to six basic colors: yellow, green, orange, purple, red and blue. Creatively incorporating the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, together with original poems, beautiful classical music and the hilarious antics of an art-loving puppet, this vibrant voyage will transport you and your baby into an interactive rainbow of sights and sounds as you explore and celebrate this colorful, captivating, ever-changing world together!

DVD Features
-- Repeat play
-- Language tracks (Spanish, French and English)
-- Discovery cards
-- Puppet shows
-- Toy chest

  • Features classical music by Bizet, Mussorgsky, Strauss, Brahms and Tschaikovsky
  • Includes parents guide to video
  • Enhances motor skills
  • Length of DVD: 72 minutes
  • Length of VHS: 30 Minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Great introduction to colors
    As with all these videos, they are meant for the parents to interact with the children as they watch it. My 2 year olds ask for it by name and have known their colors quite some time now (they started watching this at 6 months). They still get a kick out of the video and enjoy different aspects of it at different ages. The best for me is the music. I can have it on and never tire of it....more info
  • Favorite of the series!
    This is the first Baby Einstein DVD we received. My 8 month old son has watched it since he was about 4 months old, and LOVES it. I do too, because Van Gogh is my favorite artist and the paintings in the video are beautiful and choice of music used goes perfectly together. Now, I have since bought different B.E. DVDs for my son, but he really does like this one the most.
    I don't know if watching the DVDs will add to his intelligence, but I do know that they calm him down when he is extra fussy, and they keep him entertained when in the mornings when I am getting ready for work. Baby Van Gogh is our family's favorite!...more info
  • Mission Accomplished
    My daughter is 10 months old and LOVES this video. From start to finish this video keeps her attention and illustrates colors with lovely Van Gogh artwork.

    The only drawback or area I'd suggest improvement is on the bonus materials. Baby Einstein should really just do away with this concept if they're not going to put time into what they're providing. ...more info
  • stressfull music
    My baby is 7 months old and loves Baby Einstein videos, but this one does not call her attention at all, especially with its music, it is so stressfull!!!! The toys are not as nice as on the other videos and whomever is telling the story when the "puppets" show up should speak louder......more info
  • Has No One Told Julie Clark about Her Voice?
    I'm sure Julie Clark is a very nice person with many virtues. But, she has a terrible speaking voice. This is through no fault of her own and not meant as an insult, but people should work within their talents and recognize their limitations. Instead, Clark chose herself to read her poetry throughout this video instead of hiring a professional actor. She has neither the voice (who could forget her high-pitched, juvenille "metronome" in the Baby Mozart trailer?) nor the delivery to be reading poetry in a professionally-produced, full-priced video. I understand her wanting to feature her daughters, "Sierra" and "Aspen," in her videos, and it's even OK that she uses close-up action shots of her own pretty hands in them too, but feeling the need to be the "native speaker of English" throughout the Language Nursery video and to read poetry throughout the Baby Van Gogh video is going too far. It's truly grating on the ears.
    That being said, my 16-month-old does enjoy the Baby Van Gogh video, about as much as he does the other Baby Einsteins... but he's certainly not learning much humility from Ms. Clark....more info
  • Our second favorite video
    I think this is one of the better videos, in the series. I actually prefer the videos with no speaking parts (all music), and this has mininal speaking (a few peoms and the colors are said aloud). My 1 yr old and 3 yr both enjoy this movie. We have 5 of the Baby Einstein videos, and this is probably our second favorite (Baby Bach is #1). But then, I am a graphic designer and love color... and this movie has a lot of color and shows works from Van Gogh....more info
  • Fantastic!
    My daughter at about 8 months old was always so into this DVD, it was her favorite thing to relax her and make her happy!! we could never believe the effect it had on her. Somehow the DVD broke and it was a few months before we replaced it so now her favorite is Baby's First Moves!! I reccomend this and many Baby Einstein videos for your littles ones!...more info
  • World of Colors
    We own alot of the Baby Einstein products. Our son really enjoys watching the DVD's. Recently we purchased Baby Van Gogh- World of Colors, I have to say, this one is our least favorite! Some of the sound effects are so loud they scare my son! On each color they have a poem, well, you have to turn your volume way up to hear what they are saying! If you forget to turn it back down, the sound effects are even louder!! I would not recommend this DVD unless you really feel you want to purchase it for your child! Though it would be nice to introduce your child to color, I would recommend finding another type of movie to do so! Unless you want to sit with your child each time he/she watches this with the remote on hand to keep turning the volume up and then back down! It just frustrates me, so needless to say, we don't watch this one!! ...more info
  • Too much repitition!
    I bought the entire 10(or was it 12) pack of BE videos. It is such a waste- 60% of the content in each dvd comes from the other dvds. If I had 1 or 2 of them I would have been satisfied, but i feel as if I have basically 2 dvds worth of content on 10 discs. On to Brainy Baby!...more info
  • Baby Einstein
    Can't go wrong if your child loves these videos. My grandson watches them over and over and over and over.........more info
  • basic colors for todllers/babies
    the video in the einstein series given here, is showing basic colors to babies and toddlers. i always recommend the videos in this series. this will give you colors like orange, green, blue, etc, and then show you objects that have these colors, and use other children and puppets to make the learning of the colors fun. i would say this is acceptable for ages 1-4. my son will be four in one month and he knows these colors very well so other than the makeup of the video he isnt learning anything anymore by watching this. however, i think the footage was well put together, if your children are young and still learning this is a great idea....more info
  • Great DVD
    My 6 month old loves this! Of course, he loves all the Baby Einstein DVD's but this one is one of my favorites in addition to the Farm Animal one. I am looking to buy 1 or 2 more for him....more info
  • Mixed Feelings
    We have many Einstein dvds and I do like this dvd because it introduces my daughter to colors and I follow up w/playing and naming the color of toys during our playtime. She seems to like the video but when it comes to the poems you cannot hear them at all so she gets nothing out of that. ...more info
  • spectacular!!
    My son is absolutely in love with this dvd. He will watch it on repeat play for hours. I even got interested in it. Lots of really cool pictures and music and colors. I can put this dvd on the tv and his eyes will be glued to the tv until i turn it off. I am very very happy with this purchase....more info
  • What's with the poems??
    The music in this dvd is nice. That's about the only good thing. The toys they show between color segments really have no real purpose but to fill up time (like most Baby Einstein videos, in my opinion). The colors they show are yellow, green, orange, purple, red and blue.

    Each color has puppets and a poem is recited (again, I find Julie's voice annoying). Here's an example of the poem for the color purple: "Purple feels wacky, wild, crazy, tricky, mellow, mild. It makes me want to paint my face, kick a ball and run a race." For the color red the poem is, "When I wake up feeling red, I swoop down from my little bed, throw on a cape and rush out the door and leap across the scarlet floor." me these poems are just dumb. Other people proably think they are great, but I can't see having my child sit and watch this and listen to these ridiculous poems. I have written reviews for all other Baby Einstein videos, so please read them too. ...more info
  • Our families favorite Baby Einstein.
    We like all of the Baby Einsteins, but this one is our favorite. The classical music selections are really incredible. The art of Van Gogh is presented in a way that is very baby friendly. Probably one of our all time favorite baby einsteins, along with Baby Shakespere. ...more info
  • Pediatric Warning / TV May Cause Autism
    Your child would love watching this video, but she'd also love eating cotton candy and drinking grape soda. Many pediatric and psychological studies have shown that young children know FEWER words for every hour they spend watching videos like this one. Why? Because they aren't spending time with YOU, practicing their language and social skills. There's also evidence that young children who watch TV have a greater risk of developing ADHD. Last, toddlers who grow up in homes with the TV always on in the background literally seem to have more trouble hearing themselves think. This hurts their developing linguistic abilities and consequently their abilities to engage silent reasoning.

    Please protect your child -- don't let her watch any TV during her early, crucial, developmental years. We only watch TV when our little girl is asleep.

    Update: France just banned TV programming directed at infants.

    From the Associated Press:

    updated 3:35 p.m. ET, Wed., Aug. 20, 2008

    PARIS - France's broadcast authority has banned French channels from airing TV shows aimed at children under 3 years old, to shield them from developmental risks it says television viewing poses at that age.

    The High Audiovisual Council, in a ruling published Wednesday, said it wanted to "protect children under 3 from the effects of television."

    France's minister for culture and communication, Christine Albanel, issued a "cry of alarm" to parents in June about channels dedicated 24 hours a day to baby-targeted programming. In a newspaper interview, she called them "a danger" and urged parents not to use them to help their children get to sleep.
    Story continues below advertisement

    She was referring to two foreign channels that can be seen in France on cable television, BabyFirstTV and Baby TV.

    The council's ruling aims to prevent the development of such programming on French channels. It also orders French cable operators that air foreign channels with programs for babies to broadcast warning messages to parents. The messages will read: "Watching television can slow the development of children under 3, even when it involves channels aimed specifically at them."

    The ruling cites health experts as saying that interaction with other people is crucial to early child development.

    "Television viewing hurts the development of children under 3 years old and poses a certain number of risks, encouraging passivity, slow language acquisition, over-excitedness, troubles with sleep and concentration as well as dependence on screens," the ruling said.

    Read the full article at:

    A recent study has found a worrying correlation between TV viewing and autism.

    Source --,2933,222481,00.html:

    Too much TV time for toddlers may trigger autism, according to a study by Cornell business professors.

    Over the past few decades, there's been an amazing increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism. Some experts think this is due to broader diagnostic criteria for autism. Some point to vastly increased services for autistic children. Others think that something in the environment is triggering an autism epidemic.

    It occurred to Cornell University management professor Michael Waldman, PhD, that the increase in autism cases came at the same time as increased opportunities for very young children to watch TV. Could it be, he wondered, that the explosion in children's TV programming, DVDs, VCRs, and video/computer games is behind the explosion in autism diagnoses?

    Waldman asked his colleagues in the medical world to look at the issue. Nobody would. So he assembled a research team and did the study himself -- using tools more often seen in economic studies than in medical studies. The results bolstered his suspicions.

    "We are not claiming that we have definitive evidence. But we have evidence that is awfully suggestive of a link between TV watching and autism," Waldman tells WebMD. "Someone should nail this down one way or the other."

    Waldman will present the study at this week's National Bureau of Economic Research health economics conference.

    What Raises a Baby's Risk of Autism?

    Rain, Cable TV, and Autism

    Autism is usually diagnosed when a child is about 3 years old. Any effect of TV watching would have to happen before that age. But few studies, Waldman found, have compiled statistics on the TV habits of U.S. toddlers.

    But there are statistics, compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on when families watch TV, and on how much TV they watch. These statistics show that toddlers watch more television when it's raining outside than when it isn't raining.

    Waldman and colleagues then looked at county-by-county autism rates in California, Oregon, and Washington. All three states have huge regional variations in annual rainfall. Sure enough, Waldman found that autism rates tended to be higher in the rainiest counties.

    "We ran the tests a number of different ways, and basically every way we run it, we get the same thing. If it rains more, autism goes up. If it rains less, autism goes down," Waldman says. "That is a fine theory by itself, but still one can't be sure it is TV and not some other indoor toxin that is to blame."

    So the researchers did a second test: They looked at the percentage of houses that subscribed to cable television in California and Pennsylvania. Cable television, Waldman reasoned, was linked not only to more TV watching, but also to the availability of more programming for very young children.

    Sure enough, they found that areas with the most cable TV subscribers had the most autistic children.

    "Our view is there is no obvious thing correlated with both rain and cable TV access except television viewing," Waldman says.

    Until more direct studies confirm or disprove this conclusion, Waldman and colleagues recommend that parents follow the American Academy of Pediatrician's recommendation of no TV before age 2, and no more than an hour or two of TV a day for older children.

    ...more info
  • Very disappointing:-(
    My 2 year old boy is just starting to learn his color so we bought this DVD to assist us in teaching him. We have several other Baby Einstein DVD's and this is probably my least favorite. It is supposed to help children learn their colors, but all it basically does is show a bunch of toys and objects that are of various colors without repeating what the color is. For example: It will say/show the word "yellow" and then spend a few minutes showing some yellow things, playing some music and reciting poems (really lame ones, by the way, that have nothing to do with colors). My child is "entertained" by the video at most, he will watch it, but has learned nothing from it. I was hoping it would be more like the shapes dvd, that one REALLY helped my toddler learn his shapes!

    Not worth the money at all. I highly recommend NOT buying it. ...more info
  • Gotta Love It!
    I was a little skeptical of all this Baby Einstein stuff at first... but then I saw the "Van Gogh" DVD... myself being a HUGE Van Gogh fan... I bought my 9 month old daughter this DVD and it is wonderful! She stands at the tv and bats at it, and laughs and its a GREAT time! I highly recommend this product!

    ...more info
  • Fun DVD
    Both of my kids loved the baby einstein collection and so did I. It started entertaining both my daughter and son at very early ages which gave momy a little break! However they are a little pricey compared to most videos, they really should come down on the price that way more familes can enjoy these movies....more info
  • Baby Einstein "Baby Van Gogh" World of Colors DVD!
    Baby Einstein DVD "Discovering Shapes" was such a hit with my grandchildren I purchased the Baby Einstein "Baby Van Gogh" In this DVD Vincent Van Goat, a blue artist goat puppet paints a Van Gogh masterpiece to represent each color. The children love the puppets, the music and the pace of the story as it presented. The length of the film is also timed just perfect for little ones and it keeps their attention during the whole film. I highly recommend this series, Baby Einstein to all parents and grandparents! ...more info
    I never thought I would find a DVD my 10 month old would like as much as Baby Neptune, but I was wrong! She loves this DVD. Her favorite part is during the sequence for the color red. The racecars make her laugh out loud. Great addition to any Baby Einstein collection!...more info
  • Baby Homer Simpson? DVDs not for babies even if "Einstein" is in the name...
    The name "Baby Einstein" is a nice way to lull parents into feeling okay about their babies watching tv, but according to the American Academy of Pediatrics babies should not be exposed to television at all before they're 2 years old! According to Time Magazine and the Boston Globe,

    "...among babies ages 8 months to 16 months, every hour spent daily watching programs such as 'Brainy Baby' or 'Baby Einstein' translated into six to eight fewer words in their vocabularies as compared with other children their age."

    Brain wave activity in babies is actually slower when watching television than when *sleeping*, and yet another study shows that for every hour of television a baby watches a day, their chances of having an attention deficit disorder increases by 10%. (Example, 5 hours a day = 50% greater chance of ADD). I like William Sears' advice that "relationships, not things, make babies smarter". The easiest way to make babies smarter? Carry them in a sling, since it is proven to make them smarter because they are relating to you physically, emotionally, verbally, and visually. For more information carrying a baby in a sling see the Listmania list "Natural Parenting for Baby's First Year". Also, if you want to check the facts out for yourself you can start by google-ing "television and baby studies".
    ...more info
  • Baby Van Gogh
    By far the most entertaining of all the Baby Einstien videos that we own. My son has like this video since he got it when he was 6 months old and he is now 15 months old. The video is educational, it teaches colors and associates the colors with real life objects. Also the music the video is set to really has turned my son on to classical music which is wonderful. At least I feel better showing him this video than showing some of the other videos out there that are less educational and more mindless tv. ...more info
  • Wonderful, educational, entertaining
    My 3 month old baby loves this movie. She kicks her legs, coos, and gurgles at the tv. So far this is our favorite Baby Einstein movie. The music is wonderful, the use of colors is captivating - especially the ties to Van Gogh's art. Unlike some of the other movies, this one features people and puppets. It's a wonderful way to begin teaching your baby about colors....more info
  • VERY Artistic
    As an artist myself I love seeing my baby learning and looking at diffrent colors. Van Gogh is great and I really enjoyed seeing the paintings on it. Buy it, its worth it!...more info
  • Baby Einstein DVDs Are Some of Worst Baby DVSs!
    I have bought 30+ baby/infant DVDS from different production companies, such as the "So Smart" series, the "Brainy Baby" series, the "Your Baby Can Read!" series, and the Nite Light ABC DVD. Baby Einstein DVDs are the lowest in quality, cheap toy props, boring music, nothing stimulating. I would recommend the So Smart DVDs and the Brainy Baby DVDs. Your Baby Can Read! are OK, not very high tech, but it could work. ...more info
  • Ick
    I haven't decided yet if this one or the one about shapes is my least favorite. I agree, all Baby Einstein is is a bunch of toys floating across the screen - however, some of them are put together in a way that is educational and fun for my 9 month old son. I've been showing him the Baby Einstein videos since 3 months (and I have reviewed all the ones we own). Like previous reviewers have said, the poems are ridiculous and the way Julie reads them is horrible. I know these are supposed to be "teaching aides" as opposed to a distraction for mom to get away, but I know most moms use these as a way to take a quick shower or get some dishes done, therefore, the toys they float across the screen don't really have any learning purpose (pointing out the colors or having poems that deal with "real world" items in that specific color would be more effective). I do like the Van Gogh prints they show, and that's about it....more info
  • Never to early to start with the Classics.
    I think the Baby Einstein products are amazing. Why not start early letting your children watch and listen to something very worthwhile. My three year old grandson has graduated to Little Einstein and now sings all the classical melodies....more info
  • Bright colors and soft music
    It's a nice video and I'm glad we got it, we use it a lot, but it isn't one of our best. For some reason it just doesn't hold his attention very long, though he does keep going back to it. I don't think it makes the color names important enough. It spells them out and says them quietly, but I don't think enough. The screen get painted with real life colors and scenes with those colors, balls, balloons, flowers, etc. It's a nice video to view before bed time because it is calming and relaxing where some videos tend to be more hyper. I sometimes put it on the laptop and let him watch and listen to it at bed time, in his crib. That's when he seems to like it the most....more info
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
    One of my daughter's favorites! She loves the goat puppet who "hosts" this DVD! She laughs hysterically at the intro to the color green, when the balloons pop. Most of the Einstein series are good, but at 18-months, this one still holds her attention all the way through! Highly recommend it if you are looking for those of the Einstein series that are the most lively, creative and fun!...more info
  • Good but marred by ads
    The video itself is great, but I find it abhorrent that it begins and ends with ads (for other products by the Baby Einstein company). If some Disney really felt that they had to include ads, they could easily have added a menu choice offering information on their other related products. But no, they placed a video announcement for these products right within the play -- as the first thing you see after selecting play, and the last thing after the video itself ends. So you'll get to hear those ads each and every single time you play the DVD. ...more info
  • A work of Art
    This is my son's absolute favorite, it engages his attention for about 2 hours at a time when I need to study. The Baby Beethoven didn't do it sadly enough but this one definitely has him crawling trying to get a hold of the figures in the t.v and he's only 5 months. He goes bananas during the intro when the cacti are dancing, he stops whatever he's doing and focuses on the cacti. He just loves this, if only the all the baby einstein dvd's were this engaging i wouldn't have a problem buying them all but after my disappointment with baby beethoven, i'll be more cautious in investing my money on just any baby einstein dvd....more info
  • A review by someone who doesn't love Baby Einstein
    Confession: I do not care much for Baby Einstein DVDs. For that reason some might consider me a bad mommy. Yet in my defense, I didn't sit my daughter purposefully infront of the TV until she was over a year old, which to others, is no great accomplishment either, but sometimes I want to sleep in and get a shower for the day :)

    Anyway, For those that love Baby Einstein (BE), you don't need to read these reviews, especially mine. But for those who are wondering, let me offer a non-passionate point of view. I think B.E. DVDs are a good introduction to basic concepts for pre-toddlers. But I don't find these interactive enough to teach my toddler colors, shapes, etc, which I thought was their purpose. Of course this seems to be the basis for many B.E. devotees--not overly-stimulating and in your face, etc, which they aren't, but I think mesmerizing, and passive are more accurate descriptions. The pictures and music are delightful. The poems (and Julie's voice,) however, I find to be dreadful. Also, I hardly think naming the colors only twice during each 5 min segment is enough to keep toddlers clear on what they are seeing. I believe repetition and communication are the best teaching tools. Which is probably why nearly every video contains the "These are designed to be educational helps" disclaimer, which is fine if that's your style--I much more prefer a more hands on approach, touching things in HER real world, rather looking at things in the somebody else's real world.

    Conclusion: These are fine for pre-toddlers, as an educational HELP, or sheer entertainment, but not solely for teaching concepts....more info
  • Baby loved it, BUT...
    as much as baby loved it, I really couldn't justify allowing her to watch it more than a few times. After a child gets the idea of colors (which doesn't take too long, really), this is pure entertainment and actually king of mind-numbing (or should i say baby-dumbing). better picks are Trebellina (music dvd for babies), Muzzy (language dvd for baby) or even a brainy baby....more info
  • My baby loved it
    My child at 4 months old watched this video on a trip to G-ma's house (a 9 hour drive) Over that time he watched it 3 times (it's about 20 minutes long). The first time through he would look at it and get excited occasionally but was not captivated. By the 3rd time he saw it, he was squealing with delight through the entire video....more info
  • If only...
    This dvd is entertaining enough that my 8 month old watches it. He loves the puppets and laughs at them. However, for the rest of the family, viewing this dvd can be painful. This is due to the so-called "poems" which introduce the colors. Green slithers in to make me cool? Purple makes me want to paint my face? Whatever happened to comparing colors to things children recognize like frogs and grapes? The dvd would be 5 star if not for the sad attempt at poetry. If you can bear to listen to annoyingly bad poetry every few minutes, I recommend this dvd. After all, it is for the kids not us. ...more info
  • The content is too good. But the Disc ??
    Five Stars for the content and ZERO star for the DVD disc.

    The content on this DVD was too good and my 2 year old daughter never took her eyes off it. It was an enjoyabale view for the parents too. The colors were very good and the background music was also fantastic.
    But one problem is that after viewing it for around a month now, we are experiencing some long "reads" and "pauses" while the player is trying to play. Either the DVD disc recording is not upto the mark or else my player decided to scratch this particular disc alone !!!
    And - for those who say that it is very repeatable, my answer is that it has got to be repeatable. Else it is going to take a longer time for the little ones to learn it....more info
  • A good classic puppet format
    While I hate to admit it, my 8 month old is hooked on Baby Einstein. His favorites are Baby VanGogh, Baby McDonald, Numbers Nursery and Baby Shakespeare--i.e., all the classical puppet format types. Baby VagGogh is a sort-of introduction to colors, and after seeing it dozens of times my baby still smiles at his favorite puppets. I've researched the BE series thoroughly, and highly recommend these titles. While I am not crazy enough to think the videos will make my little one smarter, I do like that I know what he's seeing, I get a few minutes to shower, cook, etc, and most importantly, he loves them! ...more info
  • Baby Einstein - Baby Van Gogh - World of Colors
    My 20-month old grandson is mesmerized by this DVD & learned the colors quickly....more info
  • World of Colors -
    My 4.5 month old is watching this one and loves the fast paced music and the vivid colors. So far one of the best of eight that I have bought...more info
  • Excellent!
    I'm a big fan of Van Gogh's work so it was exciting for me to introduce this Baby Einstein DVD to my 11 month old daughter. She loves all the Baby Einstein DVD's and this one is no exception. The puppets are her favorite and they appear often.
    As an adult, I love the poems, seeing van Gogh's work, the music (Ravel's Bolero) and the sheer joy it provides me daughter. ...more info
  • Discordant noises and music ruin it
    If you've seen Baby Einstein's Old MacDonald, you know how great these videos can be. Unfortunately, this one is a disappointment. My 1-year-old isn't very interested, the learning value is minimal, and the discordant noises and music ruin it....more info
  • Great DVD
    It's fun all the time! Not one part boring. My baby loves it and she watches with other kids who are older than her and they all give the mommies a break!!
    I love to watch it too cause it's colorful and withn beautiful images... the puppet show is very cute too!...more info
  • A Winner in My House...
    Baby Van Gogh is by far my 17 month old daughter's favorite Baby Einstein video. I even like it a lot. There are a lot of segments involving the different puppets which is probably why she enjoys it so much. I think the duck at the beginning of the yellow segment is so cute. Every time the duck squeals, my daughter squeals along too. I highly recommend this video!...more info
  • Decide for Youself
    There have been a lot of reviews written about all of the video products designed for infants to pre-school age children; some good and some bad. Since so many have been posted I was going to forgo writing a review of the product, even though I normally do write up something for all the products I purchases online, because I know that product reviews help me when deciding to purchase a product online.

    However, after reading a review that rated these products low based on statistical and case studies done by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) or the APA (American Physiological Association) I changed my mind and decided to pen my two cents.

    Before I get into why I feel information like that should not be so carelessly thrown around, I would fist like to say that parents should use their own common sense and judgment when purchasing and using any products for their children. In most cases this will produce the best results for your child, and I would trust the judgment, and the experience, of parents that have successfully raised several children over that of person who holds a Doctorate or PhD; especially considering, from my own experience, that the time required to get those heavy weight educations is time not spent raising children.

    I could explain the common fallacies behind the validity of data collected from statistical surveys of relatively small numbers, or putting to much weight to premises based solely on authority, but most educated people today understand these basic critical thinking skills, even though they may not know the jargon. Instead I will take a couple of the "statistical studies" that were quoted, not cited though, and apply them to my own observation of my son while watching these videos.

    The first statistical example I saw posted, without proper citation and reference needed to check it, was this: that the brainwave activity of children was recorded to be lower while watching TV then it is when sleeping. I will skip over the fact that the age of the children were not noted, nor was the specific television content they were watching. I will also refrain from a monologue concerning higher than usual brainwave activity being normal during certain phases of the sleep cycle. What I do know is that when my son watches one of these videos his level of excitement is amazing. He tries to dance, play with his toys, yells, sings, and basically is having a great time. Unfortunately, I do not own my own EEG, nor would it be possible to attach all the electrodes to the skull without strapping him down, so I can not positively refute that claim; however, I think I made my point.

    The second AAP study I saw referred to, again not referenced, stated that a child has a 10% chance of developing ADD for every hour they watch television. This person also stated that five hours of television a day would result in a 50% chance of developing ADD. I will skip over the fact that ADD is one of the highest misdiagnosed psychological disorders in children, but I can imagine if I asked our pediatrician to start our son on Riddlin because we plan on allowing him to watch Baby E. for four hours a day what he would say. Besides thinking we were nuts he might suggest we seek psychological treatment. These studies show correlation in data and the cause and effect involved is the problems being researched, however; common sense tells us that allowing our child to watch television for 10 hours in a single day will not automatically give them ADD or any other psychosis. These studies are for research purposes to help physicians understand certain disorders; they are not intended to be used as strict parenting guidelines. If you are concerned about how much television is too much, then ask your child's healthcare provider. Although, I think most parents know what is too much, and allowing these videos to keep them entertained for a few hours a day is most likely more beneficial overall; parents have to be able to get a break now and then and if they don't then stress can become a problem for the whole family.

    I personally think these videos, all of the ones developed for this age group, are both educational and a great help to parents, but what I think does not matter. Parents and their children will decide if they are right for themselves, and setting a child down to watch these videos for a few hours a day does not make anyone a bad parent. They will be a great asset for some families, and for others they may not have a place. If unsure about them, buy one and try it; if it works out then great, and if it does not then don't purchase more.

    The main point I wanted to make, trust your own judgment and don't over analyze what is right for your child. Most importantly, do not feel guilty about using these videos when unknown strangers start waving psychological statistics at you and claiming bad parenting techniques; most likely that person does not have children. ;-)

    ...more info
  • Audio is Poor -- Interferes with Comprehension
    I was disappointed with this DVD. I bought it to help me teach my 10 month-old colors. We have to turn the volume way up to hear the colors announced and the corresponding poetry read (which I assume is corresponding -- it is always too soft for me to hear). Then, we are blasted by the music. If I have to leave the room for a couple of seconds and turn the volume up so my son can hear the colors announced the subsequent music blasts our eardrums. The company needs to have done a better job of evening out the volume in production. As an aside, the children shown are often cheesing heavily for the camera which is nauseating -- I'm not sure why the creators didn't just show the kids playing. I gave it 3 stars because the CD is very creative -- for each color there are children wearing and playing with different items of that color, the background will be of that particular color, toys will be shown of that color, the host puppet goat will act as if he's painting a Van Gogh painting that has that color as the dominant color, etc. However, clearly stating those colors to reinforce the teaching done at home is a primary purpose of this DVD and because of the audio problem it fails in that aspect. ...more info


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