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BABY BACH(TM) is a whimsical, playful music video that will delight and fascinate your child. It introduces little ears to the expressive complex music of J.S. Bach in a baby-friendly way. Music therapy research has shown that listening to classical music can produce positive effects on health and well-being. Lovely images of toys, kinetic art, and real-world objects also offer parents the opportunity to teach words and concepts, while the stimulating music and silly sound effects are certain to captivate and engage infants and toddlers.

Designed for infants and toddlers (1 to 36 months), Baby Bach is a nicely produced video that features recognizable, familiar toys and colorful objects, moving to the complexly beautiful music of Johann Sebastian Bach. According to the video producers, "Bach's music has shown to enhance creativity, improve academic achievement, reduce anxiety and heighten mental awareness." Any parent will embrace this theory. Not only did this video completely captivate a 22-month-old for its entire 30-minute run-time, but it's easy on the parents, too. The images are lively, clean, and sharp, and producers The Baby Einstein Company have a firm handle on what interests babies and toddlers. The extraneous segments with two pretty little blonde girls is silly, but forgivable. Given that most children elect to watch a video repeatedly, this is one that parents won't mind in the slightest. The music, available on CD, is simply lovely. --N.F. Mendoza

Customer Reviews:

    Baby Bach is my baby's favorite!!! The colorful toys set to music really holds his attention. A must for any parent!...more info
  • "Baby Mozart" still triumphs over this one!
    "Baby Mozart" is a better title, but my daughter's favorite DVD now is "Singing Babies Nursery Rhyme Time." Classical music is fine, but I wanted my girl to know all the classic nursery rhymes that I grew up knowing. "Singing Babies" has gotten her making sounds and clapping. I am very impressed.

    ...more info
  • Wonderful for baby!
    I purchased Baby Bach for my daughter at about 2.5 months old, after receiving Baby Mozart. She was immediately fascinated with both videos and at 6 months old, she still loves to watch them! She likes the robots and the puppets best, and has begun to recognize pieces of music when she hear them on other videos. The Baby Einstein series of videos, especially the music ones (Baby Mozart, Baby Bach and Baby Beethoven) are by far the videos she enjoys the most!...more info
  • Put this one Bach on the shelf....not worth it
    I don't care for most of the Baby Einstein videos (I have only liked 4 out of 16 that I have watched). Baby Bach happens to be one of the ones I don't like. It's just music with toys and spinning things; like many of the Baby Einstein videos. One toy was pretty neat (a spinning top with blue water inside). Other then that, what really is the point of these videos? I really don't get it. I can just imagine my kid wanting all the toys they see. This video also had some very ugly clown faces in it.

    I still don't like most of the Baby Einstein puppets and this video is no exception. At one point in the video you see a chicken puppet clucking. Then a you hear a voice that starts to say something and then instead of the chicken you see a little girl (Aspen Clark). She's apparently telling a joke. The first time you see and hear this you don't really know what's going on because she starts telling this joke while you still see the chicken puppet. By the time you understand that it's a girl telling a joke, the joke is half over. Her question is very difficult to understand. I had to listen four times to get what she says. She asks, "Why did the Mozart get rid of all his chickens?" Then you hear a squeeky adults voice say, "Why?" Aspen then says, "Because they kept saying Bach, Bach, Bach." Then you hear a bunch of adults in the background dying of laughter. I am sorry but it's lame. It's very poorly understandable and I don't think any babies or toddlers will even understand this joke. I don't know why it was included. At the very end of the video you see Aspen again and she says, "The video of me is all done? I'm not the star anymore?" Again, the adults burst into laughter. Sorry, I didn't find it funny. I wonder how Baby Einstien got so popular? Personally the only ones I like are Baby Neptune (water), Baby Galileo (sky) , Baby Newton (shapes), and Numbers Nursery (counting 1 - 5). I have reviewed these and other Baby Einstein videos as well. ...more info
    Baby Bach is a cancer on the Baby Einstein series. Young baby? Get the original - Baby Einstein Language Nursery. Three months? Get Baby Beethoven. Six month - Baby Van Gogh. Got this? Return it. It's a shame to think some people are going to see this as their first Baby Einstein experience. The best parts of the series are the varied toys moving across the screen and the playful puppets. In this video it's just pictures of the toys. They don't move. You could play Bach on your stereo and flip through a magazine and have a better experience - at least the magazine only cost $3. The puppeteer in this series is apparently a moron. They don't do anything! I have a sneaking suspicion they had exactly one hour to video tape this - how else can you explain in huge difference in this video from the others? The series are great - get the ones above. Do not buy this one - it's a serious disappointment. I am trying creative things to do with this DVD. Like balance the coffee table with the box it came in....more info
  • Amateurish!
    My six-month-old and I had enjoyed a number of the Baby Einstein video titles, and the Baby Bach Concert for Little Ears was a naptime favorite. So the Baby Bach DVD seemed like a safe bet, and I bought it without looking at the reviews here. Mistake! I agree with the parents who were a little disturbed by the overexposure of little Aspen and Sierra, but I think the sound mixing bothered me even more. We'd seen the video several times before I could hear Sierra's riddle clearly enough to understand why those freakin' chickens keep showing up. ("Bach, Bach," nyuck, nyuck.) They don't seem to bother Six-month-old, though, and neither does the shoddy digital editing that makes the robots look so pixelley to me. In short, Baby says thumbs up, Mom tries not to pay attention when it's on....more info
  • Baby Bach is Bad
    Baby Mozart and Baby Beethoven are much better musically and visually than Baby Bach which is unfortunate because of the wonderful pieces that could have been used but were not....more info
  • Annoying promos at the beginning
    When I want to sit my toddler down to watch a DVD, I don't want to have to wait for silly Walt Disney DVD intros, or a plug by the founder for more stuff on the website. It takes me a full minute to get the DVD going. Please, let's just get to the material, I am very busy. Overall this DVD is okay, but not stellar, just keeps my little guy entertained for a bit. Much more prefer "Signing Time", which is much higher quality throughout, with no annoying intro filler....more info
  • Baby Bach
    We bought this video and all of the other Baby Einstein DVDs when out daughter was about 2 months old. She absolutely loves Baby Bach. She's 10 months now and it is harder to hold her attention. But for the past 8 months, if we played that DVD, she'd stop what she was doing and be glued to the video. She becomes bored with the still pictures of the toys and the children playing. She loves the music of Bach. We purchased Baby Beethoven also, but Baby Bach is still her favorite. We're starting on all the other videos now, she really likes the puppets. We purchased those for her, they are a little disappointing compared to the fancier ones in the video, but she likes them anyway. Baby Einstein is a good purchase. I highly recommend the DVDs....more info
  • Baby Mozart is better
    Having enjoyed Baby Mozart, we bought this (and Baby Van Gogh) for our baby--but this one was disappointing. The most disturbing thing to me is the role that Julie Clark's two daughters play in this video. They tell silly jokes, smile at the camera, hug each other--it's a little weird, frankly, and has nothing whatsoever to do with Bach.
    The coordination between the music and the moving toys on the screen is also not as good in this video as in Baby Mozart. The toys don't do as much, and the camera doesn't move in very interesting ways. (On at least five different occasions, the camera just sits on a toy instrument, while someone plays a major scale--on a completely different instrument--in the background. That's not very imaginative.) Finally, I don't like the performances of the music on the synthesizer. I think Bach can be performed on real musical instruments in ways that even very young children can enjoy....more info
  • My son loves it..
    Baby Bach was our first Baby Einstein video, so my son is partial to it. He is just simply mesmerized by the colorful visuals and the wonderful music. As for the creator's children appearing in the video, my son loves those parts. He plays peek-a-boo with the baby in the video and dances along with them. All-in-all, we have found this video to be a nice early learning tool for our family....more info
  • They love it!
    My daughter is 6 months old and she absolutely loves this video!
    If she is in the middle of crying and as soon as she hears the introduction for the video she stops and turns toward the TV. My 3 year old son will even sit down to watch it. Key words are SIT DOWN. He also sings along and repeats the foreign languages.
    It's great to have something they can bothwatch.

    I am a big fan of the Baby Einstein series and highly recommend them....more info
  • Buy this after baby Mozart....
    My baby enjoys this video as well. However, it doesn't have as many of the moving toys & puppets that Mozart has. My child enjoys this but loves Mozart. This is good but, could do without Julie Clarks video clips of her children. It feels too home video with the unintegrated shots of her children. Music is wonderful and clips with moving toys and puppets are wonderful....more info
  • Pretty good
    This dvd is pretty good. It's not as good as the Baby Mozart, but it's not bad either. My son will watch it, but I have to keep directing his attention back to it at times. The music is not as peppy as the Baby Mozart, but Baby Bach is still musical in nature-making it better than all of the other Baby Einstein dvd's we have with the exception of Baby Mozart....more info
  • Underwhelming
    This one bores my son (4 mos.), which is no mean feat considering a lightbulb can occupy his attention for half an hour. Maybe these folks can come up with a Baby Lightbulb series; it would take as much craft as the video in question, which is mostly static camera shots of toys and home-video-esque "ain't she a darling?" shots of the filmmakers' kids....more info
  • very cute video
    This video is cute. The chickens going "bach, bach, bach" distinguish it from all other baby einstein videos. My son really enjoys it....more info
  • Great for infants and toddlers
    I don't know what it is about the "Baby" series... my little girl (2 years old) just can't get enough of them! And I love them, mainly because if I'm going to have her zone out in front of the tv at all, I'd rather have her learning something in a format that she enjoys.

    And, on top of all of that, these are enjoyable for the parents too! Unlike some of the other children's programming out there, it takes a LONG time for me to get worn out on this one!...more info

  • 5 Month Old and Mommie Adore Baby Bach
    My 5 month old daughter received the BE Baby Bach video several months ago as a belated shower gift for me. My daughter loves the DVD and I talk to her about what is on the TV. It is counterproductive for parents to use the BE series as a baby-sitter. As one of the reviewers stated in a review of another BE DVD, these products are to be used WITH your child. I find it helpful to talk about colors one day, sizes or shapes the next, and music on another day. Granted, I know at 5 months she does not understand exactly what I am telling her, however, I do believe that the earlier shapes, colors, sizes, music, sounds, animals, etc. are introduced and REINFORCED, the more your child will get out of the BE program, and you will get to spend quality educational time with your infant/baby/toddler. I am sold on BE and even though the videography is simple, it is better than my daughter watching other pre-school programming on TV. At least I have some control over what she is exposed to and I get the added bonus of spending educational time with her!...more info
  • Not to replace Baby Mozart!!!

    My 8 months old daughter loved Baby Mozart from the moment she watched it (she still does). I decided to add another baby einstein DVD to open up her horizon ... BIG MISTAKE!! I think that this is either a very boring DVD or it is for older kids (maybe over a year old).

    My daughter is also terrified by the scene with the light show. She looks at it & cries like she is terrified. It is slowly getting better, but I continue using baby Mozart more!

    Mona & Sina...more info
  • Baby Bach DVD
    Baby Beethoven was the best, so I didn't hesitate to buy Baby Bach. A little disappointing compared to the first. What most annoyed me was the forced spotlight on the two Clark girls. Didn't add anything to the video and was a little too "aren't Julie's girls cute" for my taste. ...more info
  • I hate it but my daughter loves it
    So I bought into the baby einstein hype, I bought her the play mat, some toys but had never got a dvd. Frankly I was against the idea of putting my baby infront of the tv until she could at least sit on her own.
    Well that happened so I decided to get her a DVD. I bought this one but I am SO happy I did not pay this much for it.
    First off I have to say my daughter likes it. Why she does, I cant understand. Its a low production quality DVD with the most cheap looking "puppets" you can imagine. I really couldnt believe that this is what everyone had been so excited over. These are toys set to classical music. The music isnt even real instruments its synthesized and cheap sounding.
    I had been playing her classical music since I was pregnant and I love it myself. But this is so cheap sounding.
    Anyway it really doesnt matter what I think, its not for me. She likes it and is completely enthralled.
    We also have mozart, neighborhood animals, world animals and van gogh. The van gogh is BY FAR THE BEST out of those I have listed.
    But if you would rather not spend this much on it Ill tell you a secret. You can get it at an online auction website for a package of 10-15 brand new for 35.00. Dont spend the money here its too much for what your getting. Gotoebay and get it there....more info
  • Great for babies and moms
    I just love the music and colors. My son just stares and i get house chores done while he is mesmorized....more info
  • All in all, still my favorite
    We have several of these videos now, but this is still my favorite; maybe because it was the first one....more info
  • Quality is missing - Skip this one
    I like and own other Baby Einstein DVDs. The quality of production is missing in Baby Bach. The segments do not seem themed (as in the other DVDs). In fact it is annoying random as if it was just slapped together. There is too much of a reliance on still shots rather than moving ones that work with the music.

    And her kids are annoying at this point. I got the feeling they were being marketed to us as Adorable Kids. Too much. ...more info
  • Baby Bach Rocks
    My 8 month old son absolutely LOVES this dvd. We don't allow our children to watch tv for the most part. However, these videos are wonderful and really capture their attention. I really want my children to be musically aware and to develop a love of all forms of music, especially classical. This dvd is an excellent introduction of the baroque genre....more info
  • It's OK but not as great as the others.
    I purchased this DVD along with Baby mozart of the Baby Einstein Series, when my son was about 7 or 8 months old and my first though was, "oh my God, how weird!" but then i saw my son paying attention to the video, and smiling sometimes, so i gave it a try, he likes this video a lot, but he likes others much more, like Baby Mc Donnald, Numbers Nursery, Language Nursery, Shakespeare, etc and that is only from the Baby Einstein series, there are so many more educational videos, that will teach your child new things, that is true they will eventually learn without the videos, but the videos will make it faster, I am not a teacher, I am just a mom that wants the best for her 14 month old baby boy.
    So i would recommend this video for variety, it is good yes, but there are better....more info
  • Keep Your Kids Offscreen!
    BABY MOZART had our little boy mesmerized the first time he saw it. Figuring I'd give him a little variety I purchased BABY BACH. This is not quite as good as MOZART, and I have one major complaint about it: Mr and Mrs. Clark are obviously keen to give their daughters screen time. We're treated to little Sierra and Aspen's cuteness way more than we ought to be on this tape. The wonderful thing about these videos is the toys in motion to the music, not the precocious antics of the Clark's young daughters. (I should think parents concerned about the healthy development of their kids would keep them away from excessive exposure of this sort...?) At any rate, I am hesitant to invest in other videos from this line. I don't need my son's first case of celebrity-worship to come at age 1 with a crush on Aspen or Sierra Clark....more info
  • Baby cries!
    My son doesn't like that DVD at all.
    When he was around 3 months old I bought 3 DVDs: Bach, Beethoven, & Mozart.
    He loves Beethoven & Mozart, but starts to cry whenever he seas and hears Bach.
    I love Bach myself and was confused of my child's behavior. I decided to wait and see if he will like it later on.
    Now when my son is 1 y.o. he still cries for Bach....more info
  • Baby Enjoys!
    My baby girl seems to enjoy most of her toys for about 10 minutes. At 11 weeks old, this DVD keeps her attention almost the full 30 minutes. She seems to enjoy it as she intently watches and sometimes "talks" to what she sees on the TV. She is happy with this DVD, therefore I am too!...more info
  • Does'nt live up to the hype.
    I've got a 2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old, and I was tempted to buy the Einstein videos based on word of mouth, but decided to try a neighbors copy first. Unfortunately, I wasn't all that impressed. More importantly, my kids seemed disinterested. I've read a few of the unfavorable reviews I've seen lately and have to agree with their opinions. Another Mom friend recommended a new series that just cam out called "Lots To Learn" There are two available that I've seen: Lots To Learn: Nature, and Lots To Learn: In My House. I've watched Nature and we all love it. I'm going to purchase Lots To Learn: In My House " next, and I'll let you know my feedback, but they seem to be more educational and less condescending to the kids, more professionally produced like Sesame street....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I first purchased this DVD for my daycare group, and they went crazy for it. They would scream and clap everytime it started. These were children ages 1-3. I have never seen any other DVD/show that kept the children so involved and entertained. When my first grandchild was born I gave one to her when she was 4 months old, and even at that age, she was total engrossed in it, too. This is the favorite of the whole series!...more info
  • Another fantastic Baby Einstein! You can't beat the music!
    Can anything with Bach be bad? We don't think so. This one is great for younger children (my almost 4 year old does not want to watch this one anymore). The images, music and narration are simple but great for babies and toddlers. ...more info
  • Cheaper Alternative
    I heard so much about Baby Einstein I just had to try it. Well I watched it with my five month old and determined that by playing classical music on my stereo and turning the tv on (to any channel), produced the same interest (changing shapes, colors, shadows, etc.) I really wouldn't invest in these and save your money for something else....more info
  • My baby has loved this from 5 weeks...
    Our Dr. said at 5 weeks our daughter could be interested in these videos...and she was right. Now she is 15 mos. and still loves this video as much as ever. We've tried other videos, but the BABY Einstein videos are by far her favorite!...more info
  • Great DVD
    My 10 month old daughter loves this video and Amazon got it to me in two days! Excellent....more info
  • Happy Baby---Happy Mom
    I am so happy with all of the Baby Einstein DVD's. Especially Baby Bach. My son is 6 months old and he has been watching Baby Einstein since he was a newborn! It's genius! He sits there and watches all of it! Now that he is 6 months and watched them so much, he has memorized when the end is. He will start fussing right before the credits come up! He just loves Baby Einstein and so do I. It gives me enough time to make bottles or just get off my feet. I will always buy Baby Einstein! I think they should never stop making them! They are GREAT!!!...more info
  • Love BABY BACH music video
    The images are simple with a lot of contrast for little eyes to focus on. My 5 month old son especially loves it when the children appear on screen; he goos and giggles. He has favorite parts, the animated 'singers' and the live children. I appreciate that he is listening to Bach even though it may not be an actual symphony playing the music. I know his mind is being stimulated. My husband & I watch this with him and tell him what he is looking at to put words with the items. ...more info
  • Another hit from Baby Einstein, but...
    While my 11 month old daughter has enjoyed many of the offerings from Baby Einstein, this particular DVD has not 'wowed' her as much as some of the others have done. The music, as usual, is pleasant and enjoyable (I personally am a fan of Bach) and the visual aspects appealing, but she has responded with more enthusiasm to Baby Van Gogh and Baby Mozart, quite honestly. We will keep this in our library of 'baby friendly' videos, without question, but would probably reach for a more 'tried and true' favorite first before Baby Bach....more info
  • Baby gift extraordinaire
    This is a wonderful gift for a new baby -- the music lulls them to sleep, and by the time they reach the ripe old age of 3 months, they will be watching the TV as the shapes go with the music! I wish these had been around when my kids were babies!...more info
  • Love the whole collection
    As many others have said, this video isn't as great as the first one but it is still wonderful. Unlike others, I have no problem seeing Julie Aigner-Clark's children. My daughter particularly loves babies right now and will go to the TV to actually kiss the girls. Tell me which parent(s), given the opportunity, wouldn't put their own child on screen for the whole world to see....more info
  • Not the best
    This video is nice enough, but both Baby and I prefer the Baby Mozart video. This one has more of the incongruous, un-Bach-related bits than we would like, and unlike other reviewers' children, my 2-month-old cries when he sees the kids on the video. Perhaps he's a little young for it, but since I'm a huge Bach fan, I wanted to share something with Baby. I think we'll stick to my Bach CDs and the Baby Mozart DVD for now, and try this again when he's a little older....more info
  • So is this how Bach meant the music to be played?
    The thing that bothers me most about the Baby Einstein videos has always been the music. They implicity suggest that by watching their videos, your baby will be exposed to the Mozart Effect and will become a genius overnight. I am no expert in the psycology of music, but I have a feeling that when they were talking about "classical music", they meant REAL classical music and not some dumbed down synthesizer sounds. The truth is, the videos do work - when you need a break in the day, your baby will watch them and fall into a trance. But you might as well stick them in front of a test pattern or the drying laundry for that matter. If you're interested in real classical music, I'd just pick up some real classical music CDs and play them while your child plays. If you HAVE to get a video for some peace in the day, I've always thought Juno Baby did a very nice job (but they're not really available anywhere which is a bit annoying too) or Fantasia (if you can sit through an entire motion picture). But, if you do watch any of these videos, I've always found it best to interact with your baby while watching - move to the rhythm of the music, dance and hum along, etc. I understand the need for a break in the day, but these videos can be put to good developmental use too....more info
  • Love 'Em
    My daughter really enjoys this video (and that's who's opinion counts for watching this right). She gets very excited watching this. We sit there with her and name the things she's seeing. And since our daughter hated tummy time we used this as bribary. We'd put her on her tummy and she would lift up to see it, she was too busy watching and listening to notice she was having to work her little muscles....more info
  • Great Idea!!!!
    I bought this when I was still pregnant, not knowing if it was a good idea. Well, it was!!! My little boy didn't really get into it until he was about 12 weeks old. If I need to clean or REST, this lets me do it!!! And, there was one reveiw that said that Mrs. Clark just wanted her little girl to be in anouther movie, well that is my sons favorite part!!! He gets to see other kids playing!!! Oh, and if you buy the DVD it has REPEAT PLAY!!!!...more info
  • "Miracle" worker
    When our son was a baby he had many health problems. These problems, and the medications used to treat them, caused him to be very irritable. I bought this video on a whim and when I put it in the VCR an amazing thing happened...he calmed right down. After that, all we ever had to do when he was uncomfortable was to pop in this video.

    Today, he is almost two and much healthier, thank God. He still enjoys the video, although he no longer needs it for calming. He loves to "sing" along with the music. He also seems to be more musically inclined than my older son who had no such exposure in infancy....more info

  • We love Baby Bach!
    Along with Baby Einstein Language Nursery, my son LOVES this. This video has kept his attention since he was 2 months old. He is now 7 months old and he adores this video. I have tried a couple other in the series, but none keep him focused like this. Perhaps it is because the video age starts from 1 month on. We love Baby Bach!...more info
  • Baby Bach - Musical Adventure, Just the Bee's Knees
    Baby Einstein is a wonderful line of videos to help aid in your child's development. Get them off to a very good start with these videos, and this special one, Baby Bach - Musical Adventure. Get them well on the way to a successful future now! Don't wait!...more info
  • Not What I Expected
    Having bought so many of the other Baby Einstein DVDs, I couldn't wait to watch this one with my 18 month old son. We were both very disappointed. My son could not "get into" this one. It is the only one in the series that he hasn't liked so far. I believe it may be that the visuals just don't match well with the music, and the whole dvd is quite dull....more info
  • Not worth it
    My daughter (12 months old) is a big fan of Baby Mozart and Baby Beethoven, so I went out and bought Baby Bach and Baby Neptune. I was very disappointed by Baby Bach even though it seems to entertain my daughter for about 10-15 minutes. The excessive display of the children is annoying and seems to be the reason my daughter gets bored with the video. Baby Neptune is cute and I like it, but my daughter won't have anything to do with it. I'm hoping that the other Baby Einstein videos are better because I just bought Baby Van Gogh and Baby Neighborhood Animals for her 1st birthday.

    I also recommend the Brainy Baby series. The Brainy Baby Right Brain, Baby Mozart and Baby Beethoven DVDs are my daughter's favorites....more info

  • Is Bach "enchanting"? Prelude to "Kenny G Plays Bach."
    I haven't seen "Baby Mozart" and decided to preview this one before giving it to my granddaughter. If this one deserves the criticism of some other reviewers, the Mozart video must indeed be terrific. The arresting images made me think I was watching in HD/Blue Ray yet, despite the visual enhancement, they're all familiar objects, toys, and child faces that should grab the little spectator's attention. The music, too, is "enhanced," and therein lies a potential problem. Why must all of Bach's music--piano, organ, orchestral, choral--be played on a soft and echoey synthesizer? It's all quite enchanting, but how often is Bach, of all composers, ever described as "enchanting"?

    I like the repeated use of Minuet in G, since that's the piece kids taking Suzuki or conventional lessons are likely to play after Twinkle Little Star. But if Bruce Springsteen's "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" is considered suitable for innocent young ears, Bach deserves to have producers less bent on covering up his authentic authoritative voice. ...more info
  • Baby movies
    I watched this dvd with my 11 month old. It was ok, but she didn't seem as interested in it as the other Baby Einstein movies that we have. It just didn't grab her attention like some of the others....more info
  • boring
    I purchased Vol. 1 which is a series of 6 Baby Einstein DVDs (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Neptune, World Animals, Neighborhood Animals)for my baby when she was a newborn. She is now 17 months old, and she has never cared for any of them EXCEPT for the Neighborhood Animals DVD which depicts scenes of familiar animals like cows, horses, cats, dogs, etc. She really loves the part when they sing "Old MacDonald". The other titles, including Baby Bach, are downright boring. I think overall the Baby Einstein series is over-rated. I could put on a better puppet show myself using the toys in my living room. I think a lot of folks, including myself, were intrigued by the catchy "Baby Einstein" name, because we all want to raise little Einsteins. I'm sure the folks at Baby Einstein are laughing all the way to the bank! I haven't seen some of the other titles like Van Gogh, Numbers Nursery, Shakespeare, etc., so I don't know if these are any better, but with all the money i'm out on Vol.1, I won't be giving Baby Einstein another chance. We much prefer the Brainy Baby and Baby's First Impressions (predecessor of the Brainy Baby series) series of products. But, to each his own.

    ...more info
  • Bach Beats All
    I have several of these tapes and this is the best for children under 2. Both my babies seemed fascinated by the images, the music and the children interacting. When my daughter was a baby she loved the little girl at the end saying, "I'm not the star anymore?" This is definately my favorite, it has a soothing effect and helped my babies through cutting teeth, injuries, sickness and just basic baby crankiness. Baby Bach, baby Doolittle and Baby Galileo are my three top picks. Bach's music is lovely and while I am a big fan of Mozart, Bach has a tranquility and peace Mozart lacks....more info
  • To me, it's the most boring but to my baby...
    LOVES it! We have Mozart, Newton, Neighborhood Animals and Discovering Water and this is by far his favorite! But it may be just for the time being. A friend lent this to me to try before we buy and my 9 month old seems to be glued to it much more than the others. I don't know if he's just maybe tired of the others or what but I DO know that he LOVES this one. However, it is very annoying to me -- Ms. Clark's oldest daughter, who is the "star" is such a complete HAM who seems to have her 8 year old ego stroked every time she opens her mouth, the room roars with laughter. son loves it and that's what counts and it does allow me to get some things done while he's watching!...more info
  • Mom of Baby Max
    I received this DVD for my baby shower. My son was born in September and when he was about a month old, we began playing the DVD. It's been amazing to see him light up and even giggle at certain parts. After one pass through of the video however he begins to get fussy. BE videos are a must have for new parents. They entertain the baby just long enough for you to get a load of laundry done or dust around the livingroom. ...more info
  • There are better DVDs in this series
    I bought this disc along with the whole Baby Einetein series for my 6 month old, and he still watches it at 2 years. This follows in the tradition of most of the Baby Einstein discs as it is great for kids' skills. Parents will enjoy teaching their kids with these discs. Also the discs offer just the music separately.

    The only thing I personally dislike strongly about these discs is that Julie Clark puts her kids in to perform rather inanely, and they have little to no value. This disc strikes me the most as it is just about two of her kids playing while you can see them taking direction from someone off-camera. That's all fine and dandy, but I think this disc would have benefitted without her daughters' jokes and canned laughter mixed in....more info

  • Don't Get This Baby Einstein. There are better!
    We bought Baby Bach for our daughter when she was 6 months old. At that time, anything moving on the screen would capture her interest. Now that she's 13 months, she has no interest in this one at all. And why should she? Baby Bach has none of the things that make some of the other Einstein videos great. It has no puppets, no songs, no animation, no spoken words, and almost no children in it. This DVD is just plain boring. It has nothing but shot after shot of random toys and occasionally a not very attractive child. There is no continuity from scene to scene and the toys have nothing to do with anything going on. Baby Bach is pure brain candy with no educational value at all and isn't even interesting enough to watch for half an hour. One positive about this video though is the music. I happen to enjoy the simplified versions of Bach's songs and think they're a great introduction to classical music for babies. Next time, though, I would just buy the soundtrack. It's got much more entertainment and educational value....more info
  • My children can't get enough of these!
    I have a 2 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. They've loved these videos since birth! I'm amazed that even my 3 year old still loves and begs to watch these movies! He got into the habit of saying Baby Outside instead of Baby Einstein and still calls it that at his age. His favorites are Baby Bach and Baby Shakespear and both of my children will sit and watch the whole thing. They love to identify the animals, shapes, pictures and colors. They dance to the music and make animal sounds. It's been a great learning tool as well as entertainment for our little ones....more info
  • Great DVD
    My 10 month old daughter loves this video and Amazon got it to me in two days! Excellent....more info
  • My 4 month old love this DVD
    My 4 month old son loves this DVD; he cries when the music stops; he also has the baby einstein bach rabbit which also plays music....more info
  • Doesn't hold attention
    The music is great and the images/items are okay. I didn't start showing this video to my son until he was about 4 or 5 months and he quickly lost interest in it because there wasn't anything in particular going on. I would say this video would work best for 1-3 month olds that are just recognizing colors and focusing on objects, past that, I don't see any interest or learning possibilities from it....more info
  • Not so great
    I bought Baby Einstein's Neighborhood Animals for my now 10 month old. She has enjoyed that DVD since she was about 7 months old and never grows tired of it. She cannot take her eyes off the TV when it's on and squeals everytime a new animal comes on. After that one was such a hit, we bought Baby's okay, but not nearly the DVD that Neighborhood Animals is. My baby's interest in Baby Bach is nothing compared to the other. The objects used are just not as captivating and seem a little dull after the first couple of segments. My husband and I agree that it's pretty boring compared to what we got used to. Some babies may enjoy it, but this is the result at our house. Baby Galileo is a GREAT one too.

    ...more info


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