Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold

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Product Description

Includes five easy-grip, wooden stamping cubes, three rolling pins, four modeling dough tubs with molding lids and a patterned wheel press!

  • Includes five easy-grip, wooden stamping cubes, three rolling pins, four modeling dough tubs with molding lids and a patterned wheel press
  • Perfect for creative play
  • Great for Hours of fun
  • Enrich a child's imagination
  • Exceptional quality and value

Customer Reviews:

  • Exceptional
    This set is the best I've ever seen. My grandson and his parents are very pleased ! Good quality, unique, lots to experiment with. Thanks for making such a great activity for the little ones !...more info
  • Needs more playdough
    I've always been happy with Melissa and Doug brand toys, but the playdough that comes with this toy isn't enough. It dried out really quickly. It stuck to things very easily. When you peeled the dough off, it left some of it behind (a sticky mess) -- not something I remember seeing from Play-Doh brand playdough. I would definitely recommend buying Play-Doh or making it at home. Since it is easily made at home, that wasn't a big issue for us.

    My two year old really loves the rollers! I think they would be a wonderful addition to the kitchen when making pizza or sugar cookies. ...more info
  • Fun toy, bad play-doh
    Great product, I would just recommend buying play-doh brand clay because the Melissa and Doug brand that comes with it is not really malleable....more info
  • Loads of Fun!
    My daughter received this as a Christmas gift and unlike many of the other toys, she's still playing with it over six months later. She loves all the variety it offers and is gaining a lot of dexterity....more info
  • Wonderful Playdough Toys!
    These wooden playdough toys by Melissa & Doug are absolutely wonderful! We have several playdough toys for our 2.5 year old daughter, and these are by far the most played with. She loves the little blocks that create different shapes (triangle, circles, squares, very cute) and she loves the rollers!

    I have had no issues with paint chipping off on our set.. we've had this set for about 3 months now - played with several times a week.

    The dough that comes with this set.. yeah.. throw that away. Not very good.

    Highly recommend these toys - excellent playdough toys!...more info
  • This is great
    This is great. The tools are much more sturdy than playdough tools. The clay isn't that great, but we mainly bought it for the tools. Of course, it still makes a mess....doesn't all playdough???...more info
  • Nice pieces, horrible quality molding clay
    We just purchased our set and it is has high quality pieces, however the dough is awful. We have only opened the green one and let me just say, the color was all over our white little table, and luckily washes off well. Also it is way too sticky and we had to peel it off of the wood a few times. I wish the roller that looks like a pizza cutter actually could cut through, it just leaves a thin indentation across the clay which is not that exciting to a 2 3/4 year old. Rolling pins are fun and the little block molds as well. The plastic molds on the clay are not great and I don't expect them to last long. Overall nice set but I guess I expected more from Melissa & Doug and for the price. I will look into other brands to add on to our crafting box for clay play....more info
  • Great Fun!
    My daughter loves this toy! She spends hours making designs and animals out of clay. Also, clean up is a snap with included wooden case!...more info
  • Could be better
    Just not what I expected. Pieces are smaller that they seem to be online and the cutter is not actually a cutter. My daughter prefers the Play Doh kit instead... ...more info
  • Fun with the dough
    The Shape,Model and Mold is lots of fun. Easy and fun for all to play. Nice patterns are made with the blocks. This was a Christmas present and I think the mom of the 2 year old was as excited if not more about receiving this product. ...more info
  • Great play dough tools but get the play dough some where else
    We got this toy as a gift for my 3 1/2 year old and 21 month old. They loved playing with the tools and stamping shapes in the play dough. I read a review on this before we got it and it said that the play dough was not the greatest so I was proactive and bought a box of playdough from fisher price. I am so glad I did, because the play dough that comes with this toy is terrible. I actually threw it all away so that it would not get accidentally used. Outside of the bad play dough, this toy is fantastic. ...more info
  • Not as great as it looks
    i thought the toy was better in the photo than what we received. the pieces were a lot smaller than i thought they'd be and not as well made as they appeared. the 4 press in round stamp toys were cheap plastic with sharp edges on the back where the kids would hold them to push them into the play-doh - not comfy or safe for little hands or big hands either! i thought they were going to be solid round wood stamps. the square shape stamps were made of wood and were ok, but very very small. the rollers were also very small. i was honestly pretty disappointed and didn't think it was worth $[...]....more info
  • Playdough fun!
    Cute playdough set. My grandson saw this, he hung on with bear claws. He loves playdough and enjoyed creating all afternoon! Wonderful set!...more info
  • Tools are nice, but the dough sticks
    My daughter loves to use the tools with her dough, but the dough that is included tends to stick in all the corners and is very difficult to get out. I had to wait until it dried to get the excess off. Otherwise this is a good product. My daughter likes to pretend cook so the rolling pins are great for her....more info
  • shape, model & mold
    Very cute product. Grand daughter loves working with clay when her mother and I do gumpaste. The tools in this kit resemble our real ones. Seems to be made pretty well. Only disappointment was the clay was dry and unusable. I had to buy her some different clay....more info
  • Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold
    What a great toy! My two year old grandson loves it and plays with it also most everyday....more info


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