Braun Brita Patented KWF2 Water Filter (2-Pack)

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Product Description

A 2-pack of replacement water purifier filters for Braun all flavor select coffee machines

Designed to fit all Braun FlavorSelect coffeemakers, the two water filters in this pack improve coffee flavor by filtering out chlorine and other off-tasting elements. They also slow down the calcification process. Each filter lasts for about 70 brewing cycles--or about two months. --Fred Brack

  • Two-pack of Brita water filters for all Braun FlavorSelect and AromaDeluxe coffeemakers
  • Improves coffee flavor by filtering out chlorine
  • Also reduces calcification
  • Each filter lasts for about 70 brewing cycles

Customer Reviews:

  • Price is outrageous
    A year ago Amazon had 2-packs of these filters for $9.99 which is fair and reasonable. Now, I see prices for the same at over $65! The chances of buying another Braun product of any kind are zero and none. To be fair the coffeepot is great; I'd give it 5 stars but the rip-off on the filters is ridiculous, hence the one star rating....more info
  • Great price!
    Works fine. Great price. You should change these, Don't forget about them. They can get nasty if you leave them in to long!!...more info
  • Great Product
    I am still using the same Braun Coffee pot from several years ago.. I buy these filters once a year. Coffee continues to taste great....more info
  • Brita filter
    We brew 2 pots a day (12 cups total). We changed the filter after 2 1/2 months. My wife claims that the improvement was quite noticeable. ...more info
  • price gouging
    I saw that in 2006 the price for 2 was $9.99. Today it is over $68.00 for 2. Is that possible? Where can I get cheaper ones?...more info
  • Braun water filter
    We have been needing a new water filter for our coffee maker for quite some time. We couldn't find any at stores so I finally went on-line and there they were on The filter works great....more info
  • Does make coffee taste better
    Effective for coffee fanatics who demand the purest water for their Braun brew. Very hard, if not impossible, to find in retail stores. Price is good at Amazon, if free shipping is offered. To be honest, of course, one could use a Braun machine designed for these filters even (gasp!) without them, so you've got to be willing to pay a little extra to get a little extra....more info
  • 3rd party sellers are taking advantage
    $65/pair is a really ridiculous price for this item. Looks like Eleven Adar and a few other unscrupulous 3rd party merchants are taking advantage of the limited availability for these filters....more info
  • Expensive, but it works
    Austin TX is having its annual algae bloom, but these are keeping it out of my work coffee. Actually, the system is really good for work because I don't have to keep a separate water filter system in the break-room fridge....more info
  • Expensive but worth it
    I love my morning coffee because of these little babies. Our water is rock-hard and these keep our coffee maker running like new. Expensive but worth it, in my opinion....more info
  • Braun filters review
    This product is a component of a new coffee maker I bought my wife. Like most guys, I didn't pay attention to the instructions when I bought the coffeemaker, and didn't know where to buy the filters. I found the product on Amazon, and purchasing these filters was easy and quick. Thanks, Amazon!...more info
  • Great for our Braun Coffee Maker
    We have hard water and although I flush out our coffee maker frequently, these Braun Brita filters do help in preventing so much calcium deposits from accumulating.

    These particular filters are difficult to find in the stores and why I purchase them from [...].

    Additional Note: I checked my order from Amazon for these filters and they were under $10.00 each. There has to be a price error on these filters. Stop and think, filters Braun recommends be changed every two to three months cost more than the coffee maker! No...don't pay this ridiculous price! Buy a new coffee maker every few months...just kidding folks! The suggestion is about as silly as the filter price! :)...more info
  • KWF Brita Water Filter
    These filters are very easy to use, last a long time (2 months), and really improve the taste of the coffee I make in my Braun coffeemaker....more info
  • Shipping Charges:
    Polstein's service was fine but the fact(according to your pricing information) that I would be charged $5.99 for each small box prevented me from ordering 4 boxes. I made this comment to Polsteins but received no answer. I can buy it locally (Sarasota) for less including tax!

    ...more info
  • filter for coffee maker
    Great product to filter water while making coffee. Have used this coffee maker for several years. Easy to insert filter into coffee maker. ...more info
  • Great product for the price!
    I purchased these filters for my coffee pot. I have purchased them several times from Amazon. It is convenient to order instead of having to search the stores. They are difficult to find in the general marketplace. I appreciate being able to order them from Amazon and the price is right....more info
  • Overpriced
    The pricing for this product is unbelievable! I just checked the European webpage for Braun parts and there you can get the water filters for 11.00 Euro (approx. $ 17.50). Somebody tries to make big bucks....more info
  • Just what you need
    This is a product that DOES work. It makes the flavor in the coffee 100% better!!! Get a coffee maker with this filter....more info
  • Brita
    Brita pitcher does agreat jog of suppling filtered water. When full- it is a bit heavy but slim style fits on shelf nicely....more info
  • Brita replacement filters
    This was the only place I could find replacements for my coffeepot. I was grateful, becuase I didn't want to buy a new one. The price was right, too!
    In today's economy, every penny saved helps.
    ...more info
  • New High Pricing - FYI
    Just an FYI: I called Braun this morning to find out about the huge increase in prices. I was also suspicious since many on-line dealers were out of stock. It turns out the Braun is ceasing all U.S. business...that means the filters too. The high price is just reflective that the retailers are not getting any more in from the supplier so it will go up in price until they are all gone....more info
  • Braun Brita Filers for Coffee Maker
    Very difficult to find these filters - no local stores carry them.
    Coffee finally tastes normal now that I replaced it. Supplier shipped the
    product before the charges were posted to my credit card - **** FAST ***
    ...more info
  • SAver Cleaner
    This will be short, but to the point. I threw out my shaver cleaner with my last Braun Shaver. Big mistake. It is like shaving with a new shaver everyday.

    Very, Very nice...more info
  • $68 some kind of sick joke, Amazon shouldnt allow gouging of this magnitude
    Great company you are Braun, you dont specify the filter you need in the instructions. They are not available in any major retailer, and then when you do find them on Amazon they are $68. This will be my last Braun coffee maker....more info
  • Braun Brita Coffee Water Filters
    I have been using this product for some time and have been very happy with it.

    Thank You...more info
  • You must be joking
    These usually go for $10 -$15. Look at
    Target or other online retailers. ...more info
  • Review
    Simle unique design. Takes some practice to get it aligned to the can, but one done, it does a great job opening the can w/o the usual sharp edges....more info
  • unconscionable price-gouging
    Not sure whom to blame in this instance, Braun, Brita or both, but surely the ridiculous price demanded for this product does no service to the reputation of both of these otherwise creditable companies. Has the item been discontinued, or is there some kind of current production glitch? Neither really do as excuses, but the unconscionable price-gouging here demands some kind of explanation. ...more info
  • I was disappointed thus far.
    My experience thus far with this purchase has disappointed me. I was already charged for the item; then it had to be back-ordered and I was sent an email saying my card would be charged at that time. I have since sent two emails on this subject and have been ignored; in all fairness to them; it is not 5/31 yet and the situation may be rectified; I hope it is. I have found my other experiences on Amazon to be pleasant....more info
  • Factory Replacement
    This is the same Brita filter that ships with the Braun coffee maker....more info
  • filter
    I received my filters in great condition and fast! I think it is great that I was able to find this product on Amazon because I could not find it at any other store. ...more info
  • Good product
    This is good product. It fits exactly into the coffee maker and filter the water....more info
  • Great Product
    Braun makes the best coffee makers and this feature makes it even better. The coffee tastes more smooth because of this filter. I love it....more info
  • price error?!?!
    Please explain price increase for this item. Two filters (total of four months usage) cost more than the coffee maker. I paid about $14 last summer. Now the price is $65???Braun Brita Patented KWF 2 Water Filter (2-Pack)...more info
  • pure water
    It is worth changing the filter. It does affect the flavor of the coffee. Simple to use....more info
  • From $9 to $65 in one year
    Even though the filters are nice to have, the coffee pot works quite well with the 'stub' in place. These filters were expensive at $9 and a joke at $65 for an average four month supply. I will no longer use the filters and will certainly never buy a Braun coffeemaker in the future if they continue this kind of business practice.
    ...more info
  • Brita coffee maker filters
    Brita makes a great water filtration system. I purchased a coffee maker that came with a Brita water filter in it. I thought what a good idea. This should make my coffee taste even better, and it does. The only fallback to this product is that it cannot be purchased all over. Amazon was the the only place I found it at a fair price. The filters are a bit costly but they do not need to be changed every month....more info


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