Fallene Total Block UVA/UVB Complete Full Spectrum Sun Protection, SPF 60 Tinted, 2 fl oz (59 ml)

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Product Description

For the delicate skin on your forehead, cheeks, and chin, here's the most protective tinted sunscreen foundation you can buy. Fallene Total Block SPF 60 Tinted Sunscreen provides coverage from the full spectrum of UVA and UVB light. This revolutionary skin care sunscreen uses micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide to reflect and refract the sun's harmful rays. Light doesn't sink in it swims!

Fallene Total Block Tinted SPF 60 is a highly effective sunscreen product formulated with photo-protective and cellular-protective agents that are beneficial to the skin. Total Block is unique in its ability to protect skin from the full light spectrum and prevent cellular environmental damage to the skin, regardless of the source of the pollutants. Incorporating eight forms of mill-dispersed solids -- ranging in controlled particle size from 10 microns down to a few nanometers -- Total Block achieves maximum protection throughout the entire UVB and UVA range. These particles are homogeneously suspended and work to shield the skin from atmospheric damage and trauma. Micronized and sub-micronized particles of titanium dioxide, sub-micronized zinc oxide, and ultra-micronized iron oxide form the foundation of this powerful, effective sunscreen.

The Total Block Tinted SPF 60 offers:
  • Full-spectrum sun protection.
  • Combined multiple particle sizes of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide.
  • Special formula that is perfect for photo-sensitive individuals.

Fallene Total Block Tinted SPF 60 sunscreen combines multiple particle sizes of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide to offer excellent full-spectrum protection.
The Full-Spectrum Sun Protection
Fallene, Ltd. produces the most complete full spectrum sun protection available. Total Block Tinted SPF 60, Cotz SPF 58, Lipcotz SPF 45, and Total Block Clear SPF 65, all combine multiple particle sizes of micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide to form a complete barrier from the light spectrum, including UVA/UVB.

The Total Block Tinted SPF 60, as well as the other Fallene products, are specially designed for photo-sensitive individuals, but are perfect for anyone concerned about maintaining healthy skin and promoting the integrity of their immune system.

The Dangers of UVB Wavelengths
SPF rating does not adequately measure protection from all the damaging radiation effects of light. SPF is only a determination of protection from one specific wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, the UVB (290nm - 320nm). Unfortunately, there is no currently approved standard to rate the quality of a sunscreen's UVA protective capabilities. UVA (320nm - 400nm) is the deeper penetrating wavelength that is more often associated with skin changes, such as wrinkling, pigmentation, and long term damage. The SPF rating system does not accurately or completely define a sunscreen's protective capabilities from harmful ultraviolet radiation, except the UVB wavelength.

UVB creates a red, painful irritation first experienced during early sun exposure, but UVB is not the only ultraviolet wavelength damaging to the skin. In fact, UVB has only a minimal effect upon the deeper depth of skin. UVB and UVA radiation are both recognized as causing skin cancer, and SPF 30 protection is just not enough.

Direct Physical Photoblockers Benefits
Most of the physical photoblockers are naturally occurring metal compounds (iron, chromium, zinc, titanium, etc), although some, such as bismuth, are man-made. In addition to their photo-protective attributes, these substances also assist in preventing windburns and skin damage from wind-driven micro-particles, such as dirt and grime. These physical blockers also offer a substantial defense against infrared rays in two ways.

Winter, spring, summer or fall -- no matter what the season, Lipcotz SPF 45 protects your skin from harmful rays.

Minimize wrinkling, skin-damage, and photo-aging with Fallene sun-protection products.
First, particles that are large enough to be seen, i.e. the reflect visible light, will also reflect and refract infrared waves that are the most harmful to the skin (760nm - 1,800nm). Second, regardless of particle size, these metal-based materials act as a "heat sink" and thereby reduce the heat effect on the skin.

Titanium Dioxide: Absorbs Light and Protects Skin
This white-pigment powder is widely used in cosmetics. Products containing large-particle titanium have a greater opacity, which means they have greater lightening or whitening qualities. Opaque titanium dioxide is highly reflective and strongly scatters all UV and visible rays. It also reflects much of the skin-damaging infrared waves, keeping skin cooler and reducing "heat" damage that causes unwanted photo-aging.

To photo-stabilize titanium dioxide it must be micro-coated with a protectant, such as silicone or aluminum oxide. Since titanium dioxide spreads poorly on the skin, another way to inhibit its breakdown is to incorporate titanium dioxide with other blockers. To achieve cosmetic elegance and usefulness, microcoating the titanium dioxide assures a good, even application to the skin. A downside of large-particle titanium dioxide products is that they produce a white, opaque appearance on the skin when applied. However, submicronizing the titanium dioxide powder, as Fallene does, creates small particles that absorb visible light and protect the skin, but they're still invisible on the skin, so you're not covered in embarrassing white salve.

Transparent (sub-micronized) titanium dioxide works by absorbing, reflecting and scattering UVB and some UVA rays. However, protection against UV, visible and infrared is significantly limited when submicronized titanium dioxide is the primary protectant.

Zinc Oxide: Extends Photo-Protection
Zinc Oxide has been known and used topically for centuries as a skin protectant and wound-healing adjuvant and is also recognized as a mild antimicrobial agent. More than 50 years ago, zinc oxide was indicated as a block for ultraviolet light (UVB/UVA). It also reflects infrared from the skin, as does titanium dioxide. However, its ability to protect in the long UVA range (300nn - 400nm) is much higher than titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide absorbs, rather than scatters, most UVA, while titanium dioxide primarily scatters these wavelengths. Thus, formulated in combination with titanium dioxide, ultra-fine zinc oxide "closes the window" in the UVA range. Zinc oxide works to both complement titanium dioxide's protection and extend photo-protection to the skin where titanium dioxide is insufficient. The optimal particle size range for ultraviolet blocking zinc oxide (without blocking visible wavelengths) is approximately 80 to 150 nanometers (1,000 nanometers = 1 micron).

Iron Oxides: Adds Color and Complements Primary UV Blocking Agents
Iron oxide is used in a wide array of cosmetics to provide cover-up color. Cosmetic iron oxides are manufactured to a high purity, desired color and particle size.

Iron oxide pigments for cosmetic use are micronized powders. They are available in a number of shades and tones of red, yellow, black and brown. These cosmetic pigments, if incorporated at adequate concentration and properly dispersed, not only add color, but they also provide significant skin protection from multiple wavelengths of light.

Ultra-submicronized iron oxides protect against visible light waves, but also add a little color to the finished product. This allows for the addition of higher levels of infrared protecting iron oxides, while retaining the cosmetic elegance and shade of the final preparation. Submicronized iron oxides block ultraviolet rays, which is a great complement to the primary UV blocking agents.

What's in the Box
Fallene Total Block Tinted SPF 60 sunscreen (2.0 fluid ounces).

  • Specifically formulated for individuals who require full spectrum protection from solar radiation for medical reasons
  • Protection from all UVB/UVA visible and infrared light
  • Covers blemishes, post-laser redness, uneven tones (as in Lupus)
  • PABA free
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Customer Reviews:

  • just turned 50
    Why can't you buy this stuff off the shelf?
    I love it but no one carries it, lucky I just
    found it here. It is a great foundation and
    sunblock I am 50 and it doesn't make big
    crevices out of your wrinkles, it goes on smooth
    and hides imperfections of age quite well
    Why doesn't the company advertise on tv?
    I would volunteer to be in the commercial.

    ...more info
  • Excellent but.........
    The zinc molecules are too large to absorb into your skin leaving the skin with a " chalk " like look. Will without a doubt block the harmful UVA / UVB rays.

    If you're into protection 100 % this is for you. If you're vain.......don't complain....more info
  • Fantastic Coverage & Protection
    This is the best foundation I have ever used. It is easy to apply, completely covers and evens the skin tone, and stays on all day without clumping up. Like the other reviewers, I appreciate that it dries matte. I tried it because I have lupus and live at a high altitude, so I need extra UV protection. So far so good. The ability to lighten and darken the tone is great, although I do wish there were a way to add cooler/pink tones, since it is a tad yellowish. That being said, I get lots of compliments about my skin when I wear this and, hey, I feel pretty! ...more info
  • Best sunblock for makeup wearers!
    I am an Esthetician and I wear makeup and I love this product! It is not oily at all. It can be a little thick looking if you don't "play" with it a little. At home where it's dry I add a moisurizer underneath but, when I travel to where it's more humid I wear it alone and might even mix a couple of drops of water with it on my fingers to thin it out. I have bought this for friends and am reccommending it all the time. ...more info
    Excellent coverage, I use it as make-up. It does not come off in the heat and does not cause breakouts....more info
  • Great sunscreen and even better foundation!
    I do a good bit of gardening and this product is actually keeping my chest from getting a not-so-pretty "farmer's tan." Nothing else I've tried has worked as well and I've tried a bunch!

    The even more exciting news ... for me! ... is that it is an incredible foundation!!! My skin looks smooth and it evens out any "discolorations" (A nice way of saying age spots and rosacea). Wow!!!...more info
  • Great sublock/so-so make-up base
    I use this product on my daughter's port wine stain both to protect it from the sun and as a cover-up. While the sunblock aspect of this product is excellent and we are usually able to tint fairly close to her skin color, it REALLY needs to become waterproof. It tends to wear off fairly quickly.
    ...more info


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