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THE ART OF SEXUAL TOUCH From the Alexander Institute Loving Sex series, ranked Best by Mens Health Magazine. This program begins where other massage programs leave off. Follow Tina and Al as they learn from a more experienced couple how to attain new heights of sensual and sexual pleasure. Master erotic massage techniques that will improve intimacy in your relationship. Locate and stimulate the G-spot, and completely awaken all the senses. This program is the best step-by-step guide to women s and men s full body and genital massage. Features optional Spanish, French and German audio and menus. -Find new erogenous zones -Locate and stimulate the G-spot -Unique intervaginal video -Massage as lovemaking -Explicit genital massage

Customer Reviews:

  • not pleased with the video. very basic material.
    i was not pleased with the content.it lacked a lot. info was very basic
    .i would not buy it if it was to do over....more info
  • matthew
    these dvd is waste of money it about level bad b movie produce nothing real special about it ...more info
    This dvd is true to its title!! The best part was the man doing it to the woman in the 2nd couple!! She has this full body trembling, body jerking, minding-blowing orgasm!! It'll leave you green with envy!!...more info
  • Somewhat Interesting
    This video does provide some good information, but the music and the acting of one of the couples is very cheesy! In fact, it's so corny at times that you laugh instead of being aroused.

    The video does show full frontal nudity of both couples, and it explicitly shows both the man and the woman having an orgasm....more info
  • This is quite good
    This has a couple of interesting tips and is actually really quite good especially if you are really new to it. ...more info
  • Not just a back rub!
    This DVD is very explicit in how to give genital massage as well as the rest of the body. It's informative and shot very well. This is definitely a massage you only want to share with your partner... my husband and I found some of the techniques to be highly stimulating and very arousing. There is some good information here if you want to show your lover you really know what you're doing. It was definitely a 5-star night for us!...more info
  • Great sexual massage DVD for couples
    I finally got the DVD player hooked up in my bedroom - something that I highly suggest couples doing - and finally got some alone time to watch my assigned DVDs. Today's assignment was Ultimate Massage, The Art of Sexual Touch. This is one of the Loving Sex instructional videos, and since I had read Jenne's review of Lover's Massage I was curious how this video was different from the one she watched.

    The is a 60 minute video which opens with a scene where a wife meets her husband at the door, telling him she has a special Christmas present for him. They then rush from the door to the bedroom and pop in the tape. The opening was a bit abrupt, but I suppose they had to get to watching the video somehow. Once in the bedroom with the tape running, we are allowed to see the video they are watching with begins with an introduction by Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld, the author of the famous best seller MALE SEXUALITY. There was one statement he made that I thought captured the essence of this video. "Erotic massage is a way to wake up the sexual sensual self. Sensual massage is not foreplay. The goal is not intercourse. The goal is not even orgasm. If you happen to have intercourse before, during, or after your sensual massage, that's fine. But that's not really the goal. The goal is simply to experienced pleasure."

    The main difference between the Ultimate Massage video and the Lover's Massage video is that I believe the Ultimate Massage video is more intimate. While the Lover's Massage focuses on whole body massage, the Ultimate Massage video centers primarily on genital massage. The video is broken down into five parts: erotic frontal massage, Male genital massage, female genital massage, practice erotic frontal massage, and practice genital massage.

    The first scene is the woman massaging the man. While instructions are given in the background, the woman follows through with the actions. It's quite sexy to watch how she strokes and touches his body, including the different things she does to his penis. Now in all honesty, if I had read the instruction in a book without seeing the video, I might have thought some of the suggestions could cause discomfort - The Serpent, for example (you'll have to watch the video to find out what it is). But when the instructions are given and I saw her carry them out, it made a connection in my brain that said, "Okay, that's what they mean." Then the video changes and we see the man carry out much of the same things that were done to the woman, along with explicit direction on vaginal massage and instructions on finding her g-spot - which I felt would be very helpful to some viewers.

    After he has finished, our couple watching the video turns it off and they proceed to try out all the things they learned. It's not exactly the same, but it helps to reinforce all the different moves, and it shows you a couple of different ways to change the routine without affecting the eventual outcome - which is to please your lover. I do admit that I love the fact that these people appear to be really enjoying themselves. When he's giving her the g-spot massage you see her body twitch and jump, you hear her moans, just like it happens in real life. And when she is giving him the penis massage you actually see him ejaculate - not the cheesy sort of porn money shot, but a tasteful depiction of a man enjoying himself to orgasm.

    What's it all add up to?
    I think this is a great video for couples wanting to learn how to better explore their lover's bodies and for those who have a goal to just bring pleasure to their partners. This is not the kind of video that centers on `getting your own.' This is about using your senses, especially touch to tease and arouse your partner. I would highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Good, but perhaps not more than that
    The DVD has much of useful information, but I have not particularly liked the "staging" of the video: a couple watching some film and then trying by themselves. Long at times and the actors are not particularly attractive neither, at least to my taste....more info
  • Two dvd in one
    This excellent video is produced by the Alexander Institute and is
    part of the Loving Sex Series. It is a very erotic "how to" video
    about sexual massage. The video has a creative format of two videos
    in one. One part is instruction in erotic massage techniques. The
    second part is watching a "real couple" watching the instruction and
    then practicing the educational techniques. This becomes a very
    erotic format and also provides some excellent instruction. The DVD
    is highly stylized and beautifully filmed. The only negative is an
    introduction from Bernie Zilbergeld of the Alexander Institute that
    comes off "academic" and therefore detracts from the erotic mood.

    Different than other similar videos, this DVD does not attempt to
    provide a full introduction to massage. The video rather focuses only
    on erotic techniques and genital massage. The viewer is treated to
    watching the "watching couples" in playful practice of the erotic
    massage techniques. These sequences are both humorous and very
    erotic. The practicing couple is rewarded with very real orgasms.

    This video can be purchased at many web sites and directly from the
    Alexander Institute.
    ...more info
    The title should be Ultimate Sex Organ Massage. The entire 60 minutes of this video pretty much focuses on how to give a hand job (on a limp noodle most of the time) and how to finger your partner (some of which looked a little painful). If that's what you're looking for then I guess that's a good thing.

    I probably should have purchased Lovers Massage from this series instead of Sexual Massage since the other review on here said Lovers Massage focused on whole body massage rather than strictly genital massage.

    As far as production, its a fairly well done video and a whole lot classier and more sensual than porn. (Porns pretty sick if you ask me) There's nothing gross about the actors, even in the extreme close ups. I guess I would recommend it if you don't think 60 minutes of genital massage would seem drawn out to you. Otherwise, I would go with Lovers Massage like I probably should have....more info


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