Angels in the Outfield
Angels in the Outfield

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Catch the movie that flew over the fence and into the hearts of millions of cheering fans! It's Disney's ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD, the feel-good film of the year about a young boy praying for a father -- and a struggling baseball team praying for a pennant. Danny Glover plays George Knox, the frustrated coach of the California Angels, a ragtag team of major-league misfits who are down on their luck. But things begin to look up when 11-year-old Roger, their biggest fan, starts giving Knox some winning tips from a real live angel named Al (Christopher Lloyd). The team miraculously climbs back into the pennant race ... all the while learning to believe in themselves. With its heavenly mix of outrageous comedy, dazzling special effects, and amazing baseball action, Disney's ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD is an entertainment home run for the whole family!

This effects-heavy, 1994 remake of the 1951 film starring Janet Leigh and Keenan Wynn is all computer-generated pizzazz, with none of the charm or imagination of the original. Aimed squarely at children this time, the story focuses on a boy who gets some divine intervention on behalf of his favorite ball club. Christopher Lloyd plays the head angel, and Danny Glover is good as the team's manager, but the real star of the film--for better or worse--is the software that makes a glowing, celestial presence on the field seem real. --Tom Keogh

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Customer Reviews:

  • It must've been that chili dog I ate before the game.
    A tale of two orphans.

    Roger and JP are two lovable, bland,
    parentless, baseball lovers who battle
    the courts, the league, and even the
    Voice of the Angels to get a rich dad to
    adopt them.

    It's a good thing the Angels only had
    to win the pennant cause Mel Clark's
    arm couldn't take it.

    ...more info
  • Uplifting Family Movie
    I have heard many people say that this version of "Angels in the Outfield" is vastly inferior to the original 1954 movie. Well, if that's the case, the original must have been pretty darn spectacular, because this movie is very well-done. Roger and J.P. are foster children living under the temporary care of a kind woman named Maggie. Roger is the main character. His mother is dead, and his troubled father rarely visits, even when he promises to. One day, however, his father jokingly says that they have as much chance of being a family again as the last-place California Angels (now the Anaheim Angels) have to win the pennant. Roger takes this statement at face value and prays for heavenly help, which soon arrives in the form of angels who actually come onto the playing field to assist the team. This begins a wonderful summer in which the players, along with their disgruntled manager, start to believe in themselves and find the value of teamwork and courage. Although this is a good film for the entire family (only some very mild profanity and the awkward parent scenes are carried out appropriately), there are several issues that will not be missed by knowledgable (older) viewers. For example, the potential for racial trouble involving the manager and the two boys at the end of the film (I don't want to give it away!) is completely skipped over, although it is a very likely scenario. Although, it is a Disney movie, so everything is supposed to be too good to be true! Overall, "Angels in the Outfield" is an emotional, although sometimes unbelievable, story with a good message....more info
  • Good Movie
    Good movie for my nephew. Arrived in perfect new condition and everyone was satisfied....more info
  • 0 Stars for the Movie. 5 Stars for the Dogface!
    First off I wanted to say that I hate this movie. The only good thing is dogface. I just like looking at the cover to see wrinkley ol' dogface. Some times I cut his picture out and feed him dogfood. Jeez, this movie sucks. Danny Glover?! Where's that one other guy from lethal weapon?! AND NO GARY BUSEY?! YOU B@#%#$@*!!!!! But i gotta give 'em points for the dogface. No dogface no movie. That dogface.....i liked himm......loved.....funny...when....remember that one part....

    PS:Dogface is Danza. I loved the dogdace. A wrinkley guy playin baseball?! Sounds like a sitcom!!!!!! Or a bad movie!...more info
  • Heart-warming Story for Children & Children at Heart
    Two foster children, Roger and JP, go to the Angels ballgame. The Angels are losing, but Roger sees an angel behind the ball-players who have the best plays. He eventually convinces the manager to put certain players into the game. His choices seem to be the players who have not proven themselves all year. The ball game announcer mocks the decisions but is amazed as they perform the most unusual outstanding maneuvers which turns the luck of the team into winners. Knox, the manager, is finally convinced that Roger sees something and reluctantly follows his suggestions which keeps the Angels on a winning streak.

    Both Roger and JP are foster-children of Maggie. Soon after one of the children in the foster home has been adopted, Roger goes for a custody hearing. There he discovers his own dad does not want him. Roger is given to the state of California for custody. Roger's hearing takes place on the day of a crucial game. He can not make it and without his help the Angels lose. Nonetheless, the Angels made it to the World Series. Knox is worried since he lost the previous game whether or not his team can win. It turns out Roger meets the head angel-in-the-outfield who lets him in on a secret, Mel Clark, the pitcher has cancer and only 6 months left to live, however he does not know it yet. It turns out that the Angels playing in the World Series are not permitted to receive help from the angels-in-the-outfield. The ball players must win this one on their own power ...

    Needless to say, one can guess the ending ... However, the plot thickens, as the announcer of the ball game suspects some trick in the Angels winning streak. He tells the newspapers that the manager believes their winning streak is due to divine intervention, in the form of angels. Due to this revelation, the owner of the team wants to fire the manager. Just when Knox intends to announce his resignation at a news conference, there is an unexpected turn of events. The ball players stick together and each stands up declaring, if the manager leaves so will they. The team goes on to win the World Series and the foster children reeive a big surprise, too. They are adopted by an unlikely "father". This story will touch the heart of children and adults alike. It is a "feel good" story filled with poignant moments and heart-warming results. Erika Borsos (erikab93)...more info
    Definitely a good family flick, not slow or dull..lots of fun to watch......more info
    This movie is AWESOME!!!!!! When future generations use this movie as their blueprint for living, they will recognize the untold wondrosity of Roger and JP's relationship, the acting debuts of Matthew Mcaughany and Adrien Brody, and a sparkling star turn by Delmot Mulroney as the deadbeat dad. Not to mention noted thespians Tony Danza and Danny Glover!!!The following are some sparkling lines of dialogue.

    "IT COULD HAPPEN!!!"---stated 7 different times



    "UHM, DAVID, WHERE ARE THE NACHOS??? I'M SAVING THEM FOR LATER!!!"---JP and David...more info
  • A touching an Excellent movie!
    I love this movie is definatly my favourite my friend and I have watched it over 30 times, it never gets old! we've memorized it! A great movie for all ages you have to check it out!
    ~Nikki...more info
  • take me out to the ball game
    A little boy has the power to see angels. The head Angel is a guy he can call Al he doesn't look like an angel cause you don't see his wings he even's wear regular cloths. The whole purpose for the angels coming is the boy prayed for the Angels Baseball team to win a game it turns out their hear to help them win several games everytime the boy goes to a game thats why the baseball coach order them to enter every game....more info
  • Angels in the Outfield
    I give it 5 stares it is very good for younger grand children ages 2 1/2 to 7 or older very good movie...more info
  • Great inspirational family film
    For any family who enjoys the pasttime of baseball, this film is a fun and enjoyable watch for all. It has enough imagination and action to capture the little ones and enough humor to keep Mom and Dad interested. But more than that, the film is about the power to change for the better, which is a great lesson at any age. Some of the language might be a bit rough for the youngest ones, but if watched as a family, a parent can use the film as an opportunity to explain the value of good choices in life. ...more info
  • Disney at it's best
    A spiritual film is what you could name it.Angels really have a presence on the field.They affect how the Basball Team the Angels play.They can help make dazzling catches and hits.Sounds unbelievedle.It is! To better understand the film you have to have imganination.A Christian know Angels do exsict So it's easy for them to not be cynical.Now..I know Angels don't do all those crazy stunts.But it's a very touching moment when Danny Glover the Angel informs his mystic friend Roger,A boy whose father left him,that one of the teamates is going to die and become a basball angel.He knows this six monthes before it happens.It really helps a person to think about divinity.As the foster mother says,players often pray before their big moment to God,so why are Angels running around so strange.Actually a thought provaking film Great for Families.(I heard a reviewer on Amazon critizes the boy Roger for believing his father will take him back if the Angels win the Penent.Geez,He's a child,clinging onto a lost hope.One in despair will ask for the impossible.And the Impossible happened.Just not the way Roger expected!...more info
  • The Angels & The Angels
    I used to watch this film many times when I was young. Now, I see it again, and I still admire it. It's a heartfelt experience that can be shared by children, parents, and relatives (both near and distant). It's both comedic and dramatic, and there's plenty of good special effects. Maybe it's because I'm an Angels fan, but this never gets old. I'd recommend this to any Angels fan, and to those who believe in God & angels from heaven....more info
  • Not just a baseball movie, a landmark film!
    This movie is great including the cast: Danny Glover, Tony Danza, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jay O. Sanders, Taylor Negron, and Chrisstopher Lloyd. I give it a (5 out of 5), because it's more than a baseball movie, it's a landmark film....more info
  • Classic disney
    Angels in the Outfield is the classic disney movie. The movie has a pretty good story with Roger and JP leading the way as foster children. The movie has many very funny scenes, especially one of my favorites which is when the guy buys them food and drinks at the game, but puts their nachos in his seat so he can have hands to give out the drinks and other food. Then Roger says "wheres the nachos" and he sits right on them. "im saving them for later" is his answer. Makes me laugh all the time for some reason. Danny Glover delivers a great performance as the "pissed off coach, coaching a horrible team"...But with Gods angels helping the real life baseball angels, the team is no longer horrible. Very good movie, kids will DEFINITELY enjoy it. Its the classic underdog tale that many kid oriented sports movies of the 90's are about. (Mighty Ducks, Little Giants, Big Green, etc.) highly recommended!...more info
  • Two Thumbs Up!
    Although I wouldn't say 5 stars, this is a really great movie. Wow! What can I say? I've watched this movie around 7 times and it just doesn't get old. It's great! I don't usually cry when I watch movies, but this is one movie I cry when I watch (the happy sort of cry). The "angel scene where everyone stands up at the end (whatever you want to call it)" is really moving. It's especially good for baseball fans. You really feel the excitement....more info
  • 4 stars for the movie, 2 for the DVD
    "Angels in the Outfield" is a charming family film from Disney, certainly one of their better live-action productions. The story's premise is somewhat silly - a boy wishes that the Angels will win the pennant so that his father will take care of him again and he can leave his foster home. Nonetheless, it's perfectly-executed, in the style of '90s Disney films that work (such as Man of the House, Jungle 2 Jungle, Cool Runnings).

    "Angels" blends comedy and drama without ever feeling like either element is forced. Kudos must go to the cast. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does an apt job in his starring role as Roger, and Danny Glover puts energy and heart into his performance as Angels manager George Knox. Christopher Lloyd is wired to comedic effect, as usual. Tony Danza is compassionate as a troubled, aging pitcher. Supporting cast does well, also - Milton Davis Jr. is likable as Roger's friend J.P., and Tony Longo provides some comic power. You'll also recognize some faces that have gone on to get lead work in a number of notable films, including Matthew McConaughey, Neal McDonough (TV's "Boomtown") and Adrien Brody.

    Cynical audiences will surely find fault with the moralistic and uplifting tale of a last place team working their way to the top with some divine intervention. The rest of us will enjoy a very fun movie that is solid family viewing.

    The DVD just barely makes it to first base. The good: the film is presented in widescreen and 5.1 Dolby Digital. The bad: the transfer is a direct port of the laserdisc, not enhanced for 16x9 televisions, and not as sharp or clear as you'd hope. Worst of all, after waiting for several years for the film to come to DVD - there's not a single extra feature. Not even the memorable theatrical trailer. More effort should have gone into the DVD presentation for this wonderful family film.

    Nonetheless, it's appropriately low-priced, and the movie is a home run. Highly recommended....more info

  • Great family movie
    We loved it. My son watches it over and over....more info
  • Pretty sappy stuff
    Foster-child Roger (Joseph Gordon-Leavitt) prays for the California Angels to win the pennant in the mistaken belief that it will lead to reconciliation with his father (Dermot Mulroney). Angels begin to intervene on the Angels' behalf, bringing hope, faith, and a renewed sense of self-worth to bitter manager George Knox (Danny Glover) and his clumsy team. Diabetics should avoid this film at all costs. It goes for easy sentimentality every step of the way, leading to a very predictable outcome. Kids may like it, though I don't want to be the one to explain why God would pick sides in a sports contest, especially since He and His angels ought to be well aware that answering Roger's prayers will not lead to the outcome he so desperately desires. Oh well, if you can put your brain on hold and get misty-eyed over a stadium full of spectators flapping their arms like angels, you ought to have a good time....more info
  • Good Baseball Movie
    This is a good baseball movie, but I thought this was rated PG for mild language, and the only langunage I heard was "Jackass." This movie is good but there are other baseball movies like "BASEketball" staring Trey Parker, and Matt Stone, and "Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch." I give this 4 stars....more info
  • Angels in the Outfield
    This was a replacement video for the first one that our disabled son wore out. He loves this movie!!!! The first copy was probably watched a thousand times.Angels in the Outfield...more info
  • "Should keep children very entertained...adults may like it..."
    This is the kind of stuff Disney needs to consistently produce, because "Angels in the Outfield" just happens to be a pretty good movie. One day a foster child named Roger asks the man who was once his father, "When are we gonna be a family again?" The man's response is, "I'd say when the Angels win the pennant," and with that, he leaves the boy behind.
    Of course, Roger doesn't really catch his Dad's sarcasm, so he then asks God to help his favorite baseball team, the California Angels, win the pennant. Soon after, Roger actually SEES angels coming from the sky to help his team prevail.
    What follows is a sports-fantasy that should keep children very entertained, which makes the film a success, for children are obviously its target audience, but adults may like it as well. The movie's special effects are indeed special, and the story provides a nice, uplifting ending. Danny Glover is good as the Angels' manager, while Christopher Lloyd provides plenty of comedic moments as Al, the head angel. Look for acting legend Ben Johnson in a brief role as the owner of the team. ...more info
  • Sentimental, Touching, and Sure to Make You Smile
    While it's true that this movie has a high quantity of cheeziness, in this case it works. This movie reminds you that all things happen for a reason, even if you can't see it right away, it shows the value of beleiving, and it restores your faith in people.
    The cast is very well chosen. All of the characters are well established, with very definite personalities, and all of the actors step up and fill their shoes nicely. Your heart will be touched a thousand times over during the course of this movie. You'll laugh, and you'll cry, and when the movie's over you'll feel like maybe the world is a little bit better place.
    The film is greatly suited for children, as it doesn't involve the sort of foul humour that so many movies do now. It's just good old fashioned fun, as any baseball movie should be. There IS a heavy dose of morals in the mix. Beyond the over-all theme of believing in yourself, and having faith that God has a greater plan, the film also touches on the dangers of smoking, and how unnecessary profanity is.
    Many scenes in this movie are truly beautiful and inspiring. Everytime the crowd stands up to flap their arms in support of Mel Clark (Tony Danza) I can't help but shed a tear, and when Roger's prayers are answered and he gets a family my heart melts all over again.
    This movie is truly among the most uplifting of children's movies....more info
  • Baseball fans
    of all ages will enjoy this movie. I purchased it for my 8 y.o. grandson and he was delighted....more info
  • Angels in the Outfield
    This is a really fun Disney family film. It is about as good of a film as it can be without living up to the original 'Angels in the Outfield.'...more info
  • "Championships Have To Be Won On There Own, It's A Rule"
    In an attempt to repeat the magic and financial success they had with `The Mighty Ducks' (92) two years previously, Disney turned their attention to major league baseball and the hometown Angels. Deciding to do a remake of the '51 film `Angels in the Outfield' which starred Paul Douglas they had all they needed available right from the beginning; a tried and true storyline to work from and access to a local, professional baseball team. What could make things more perfect? Well how about the fact that the team in question just happened to be named the Angels fitting perfectly into the title and theme of the proposed film! Ahh..., the genius of the Disney machine is a beautiful thing to observe isn't it?

    The end result of their endeavors, `Angels in the Outfield' is definitely a kid friendly film that the whole family can not only enjoy but the wise parent may even be able to use some aspects of the storyline as "teachable moments" with their children. Maybe a conversation on the plight of the orphan and the importance of parenting might be in order, or on a more personal, human potential level how confidence in yourself and your own abilities can lead to miraculous achievements? if you're more spiritually oriented you may wish to use the film to initiate a discussion on the existence and function of angels and the role of faith? One that immediately comes to mind is the warning that smoking is hazardous to your health (remember at the end when Al (Christopher Lloyd) the boss angel informs Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) that one of the players will be playing for the REAL Angels soon due to his twenty year smoking habit). Leave it to Disney to not only entertain, but instruct (I hope you realize I'm being facetious). ...more info
  • "And remember, we're always watching"
    Everytime i watch this movie i laugh histerically, and feel good about myself. I recommend this film to everyone and anyone within reading distance of this review....more info
  • Why are most sports film don't have a G rating?
    Disney took its turn to make a baseball movie about 8 years ago, and remade the 1951 movie with the same title. The main team is this movie is (then) Califoral Angles. The movie stars Danny Glover, Branda Flicker, Tony Dnza and Christopher Lloyd (in his last movie of 1994). The Angles are on a losing streak, but still keep two young boys as fans and they are Roger Baumont (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and J.P (Milton Davis Jr)....more info
  • Beautiful, Wonderful and Very Enjoyable
    This is one film I am aiming to get on DVD. But even on VHS, this film sparkles. The cynical amazon review talks about the effects heavy side of the film, but I guess I must have seen another film, since I thought that the material was treated with respect, and done as unobtrusively as you can possibly do with the appearance of Angels.
    The cast is excellent, and I feel that this film works in a great way, not simply because it is a Disney film. Forget the comments that slate this film as cheezy, or sugary... it is just plain wonderful.
    The brief appearance of the kid's Dad is memorable in retrospect, since it is played by the actor who also appears in ABOUT SCHMIDT, and does a wonderful job there as well.
    Danny Glover fills an absolutely brilliant role as the coach, and eventually fills bigger shoes in the lives of the two main children.
    Tony Danza plays a very accessable role as a "has-been" pitcher, who is given one final moment of glory thanks to the magic of the Angels, and the intercession of the young child lead ( you can see why when you watch the film). It is all very heart warming stuff in many ways, and whilst it has a lesson or two for many people, it is mainly very fine entertainment.
    Christopher Lloyd does a great job as the lead Angel, and the ancilliary Angels are great as well.
    This is one immensely beautiful film....more info
  • 3rd Rock kid when he was 10--great sweet film!
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt carries this movie. He's the kid who sees angels, and whose heart brings hope to the cellar-dwelling Angels and Manager Danny Glover. It'll make you laugh and cry, and believe that it's a good idea to stick around for the miracle. Get it for your kids and grandkids....more info
  • "....When the Angels win the pendant"
    A kid wants to be with his dad again, but not until the angels win the pendant. This seems an okay plan, but the Angels are a bad team. The kid prays to God that he wants to be with his father and asks if he (or she) could help the angels win the pendant. Christopher Llyod shows up the next day as the head angel to help the Angels. This movie also stars Danny Glover (of the Leathal Weapon Movies) as the coach for the team....more info
  • purchase of used movie
    The used DVD we purchased was in excellent condition and arrived in 4 days. I will use this service again!...more info


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