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Ideal for home or offices with varied floor surfaces. Powerful, 6-amp two-motor system. Includes detachable canister and on-board tools. Light-weight--just 11 pounds. Crevice tool included This item will take 2-3 weeks to ship. Shipments cannot be expedited on this item. .

Designed for bare floors, carpets, upholstery, and stairs, the EasyVac Powerbrush from Bissell is a highly versatile vacuum. First of all, the machine features two motors--one for suction and one that rotates the power brush. The power brush itself is optional, turning off with the flip of a switch for cleaning linoleum and hardwood floors. The machine's 11-inch floor nozzle features an edge-cleaning design and a transparent hatch that reveals the power brush in action. The EasyVac's detachable canister is great for hand-vacuuming and above-the-floor jobs. Onboard attachments convert with minimum hassle and include a crevice tool and a 5-foot stretch hose. At just 11 pounds, this machine is relatively lightweight, so it's easy to carry, lift, and push. Bissell equips it with a bagless dirt collection cup--just note when the cup's full and pop it off to empty. Inside the cup, a reusable filter traps particulates to improve air quality in the home. Dual quick-release storage hooks keep the 18-foot power cord in place, and the machine's casters are gentle on floors. A loop in the handle allows for hanging storage. --Emily Bedard

  • Ideal for home or offices with varied floor surfaces
  • Powerful, 6-amp two-motor system
  • Includes detachable canister and on-board tools
  • Light-weight--just 11 pounds
  • Measures 11-1/2 by 9 by 47-1/2 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't bother
    The Bissell 3198 EasyVac Powerbrush does not have enough power to do large jobs and when you shut it off the dirt that is in the head falls out onto the surface you have just cleaned. It is OK for "dust bunnies" but does not have adequate power for sand or dirt....more info
  • This is not a vacuum
    I've read many reviews of this Easy Vac and have to say that I am not basing my review on a previous model that, by comparison, was far better than the Bissell Easy Vac. No. I've based this review on the minimal expectation that a vacuum cleaner actually suck up dirt, hair, and other particles when turned on. This vacuum barely does that. I have mostly hardwood floors and two 8x10 rugs. On the rugs, in order to get the vacuum to pick up anything, I'd literally have to put one foot on top of the vacuum to "help" it. Of course, as soon as I moved the vacuum from the rug to the floor or turned it off, everything that it picked up was either tangled around the brush (hair) or in a pile on the floor under the vacuum (particles). On the hardwood floors so much air is blown out of the side of the vacuum that it pushes all of the lightweight pet hair and dust balls away from the vacuum so that it can only be reached on hands and knees with the ridiculously short attachment, and only then after making sure that the vacuum is pointed away from the dirt so as not to blow it around.

    I give it two stars instead of one because sometimes when I was truly bored, I enjoyed being on my hands and knees with the two and a half foot attachment hose trying to find and conquer dirt and dust. Wholly impractical otherwise.

    In lieu of buying another crappy vacuum (and wasting at least $50 bucks like I did on this one), I went on craigslist and bought an older royal vacuum for thirty bucks that works beautifully -- 40 years after it was originally made....more info
  • Good Suction, but...
    For a light vac, this one has pretty good suction. However...

    Assembly/reassembly for different uses (one of this vac's selling points, Versatility) is a pain. Parts don't separate/go back together easily. If they did, its versatility would be an even bigger plus.

    Clean-up is NASTY. It's virtually impossible to completely get rid of accumulated hair and fibers, even micro-fine dust etc. on the filter cup.
    The dust flies right up your nose when you're emptying the cup. Needs a better filtration/emptying system.
    ...more info
  • Each use, weakins it.
    I received this Vac as a room hand-me-down; the previous owner used it for less than a year. I only have an area rug 6 by 4 feet to vac, which I vac once a week. The five times that I have used it, it has become increasingly more difficult, and has less powered than the previous. It is very loud and takes me 30 min to vac a small area. I have a Bissell upright at my house, and that's lasted me 2 years, still sucking up the smallest of dust particles....more info
  • May 2008 I wrote raving 5-star review; January 2008 it gets only 1 star
    How many vacuum cleaners does it take to vacuum a house? Ten. Nine broke and only one works.

    May 2008, I wrote a raving 5-star review about this stick vacuum cleaner. January 2008, I deleted the first review and replaced it with this one giving it only 1 star (0 stars would be better, but Amazon doesn't have 0 stars). The reason for this second review: the 3108 EasyVac Powerbrush broke down one month after warranty expired. Took it apart twice -- nothing apparent. Can't fix it without bringing it to repair shop. Piece of junk. Donating it to Goodwill. Not impressed. Bissell sucks. There, I said it.

    I believe all vacuum cleaner companies spend vast amounts of money testing products so that they break shortly after the warranty runs out. It isn't worth getting vacuum cleaners repaired after warranty period is over because such repairs and replacement parts cost hundreds of dollars. Not when I can go to Walmart and buy a whole new vacuum cleaner for less than fifty-bucks.

    If I buy a two-hundred-and-fifty dollar vacuum cleaner, it breaks shortly after warranty of 1-2 years.

    If I buy a forty-dollar vacuum cleaner, it breaks shortly after warranty of 1-2 years.

    Do the math. Which would you get?

    My opinion is that a more expensive vacuum cleaner definitely does *NOT* ensure that it is better quality than the cheap ones. All it means is that you paid more. Buy cheap cuz it's gonna break no matter what model and you're gonna have to replace it weeks after warranty expires. All vacuum cleaners are pretty much the same: junk. Might as well go for cheap.

    Prior to buying the Bissell EasyVac, I swore I'd never buy another Bissell after my two-hundred-and-fifty dollar Lift-Off Revolution Turbo fiasco (horrible machine). But I did buy an EasyVac, look what happened, regret the purchase. This time I mean it: no more Bissell. I won't buy Eureka, and won't buy Hoover (as bad as Bissell).

    I feel that Dirt Devil is the best product line in the "less than three-hundred collar range," although don't know by how much. Time will tell whether my Dirt Devils will hold up. The situation is so bad that I cannot rely on one vacuum cleaner for the house -- I have to have two on hand so that one will work after one breaks. Pathetic.

    Commentary on vacuum cleaner industry in general: I am disgusted because of their flagrant planned obsolescence and crappy products. There is something wrong with a plain-old person has the replace a vacuum cleaner every year (maximum: 2 years). I consider such corporate behavior as nothing less than "abusing consumers." We're not as stupid as they think we are, or maybe we are....more info
  • Working Mom
    I bought this for my sister recently. I actually bought mine in 2002 & luv it. It works great on hardwood floor & carpet. The onboard tool is great & it is easy to take up/down the stairs. The filter needs to be replaced every 6-9 months depending on usage. My Vac took a lot of banging from my kids & still works great. ...more info
  • good product, but...
    We bought this to use in a second home with both carpet and hardwood floors. It works well on the wood, and about average on the carpet, which is quite understandable for it's size. What keeps this from getting 5 stars is the noise level. This is possibly the loudest electrical appliance we have ever owned, including the router in my husband's woodshop. We cannot use it without wearing ear protection. That's really unacceptable for an indoor appliance no larger than this one....more info
  • if it ain't broke don't fix it
    I used to be an extremely happy owner of the previous model of this vac. When it did finally break, I imediately wanted to replace it with the same item. Enter current model, allegedly improved. Upon receiving it, I was amazed to find that the company managed to completely mess up everything I liked about the previous model. Not only did they managed to diminish the suction (even though they actually made the power higher), but also did all sorts of anoying cosmetic changes: like make the cord shorter (I have to move it twice to vacuum each room, and believe me I have fairly small rooms). They rounded-off the corners of the brush housing, so now you can no longer get into corners (but it looks so much better this way!). They lowered the profile of the brush housing, so you have to lift the whole vac every time you come to something slightly thicker than a piece of paper (but it looks so much sexier this way). They also made it black. I realize that is a minor point, but while the older white version could stand unobtrusively in the corner of my kitchen always at the ready, the black version has to be put away because it just looks sloppy standing out all the time (but just think of how much sexier you will look with the black version).

    Now, I do realize that this review might seem biased by the old version of this vac, so I do want to mention my opinion of this product based on its own merits. I find that it has very poor suction for any reasonable vac. I do have to bend over and use the hose attachement constantly. It is impossible to get into tighter spaces like corners. This again neccesitates bending over and using the hose attachement. Finally, the cord really is very short compared to any other vac. I find that I no longer want to replace it with another version of the same thing. I dislike it so much that I am planning to get a different brand altogether....more info
  • My Review
    I gave this item 5 stars even though I have not used the EasyVac Powerbrush myself. It was a gift to a young relative who has just moved into an apartment. I think it will serve her well since her floors are wood and carpeting....more info
  • not well designed
    The Bissell 3108 EasyVac Powerbrush seemed great on paper-- like a stick vac, but with a removeable handheld unit. I liked that it had a hose and the options for bare floor or carpet. I have mostly bare floors. Unfortunately I didn't realize it had a tiny dust cup which does not clean easily, so every time you need to empty the cup (which is at least every useage, sometimes 2x in one use, and I have a small house!), dust goes everywhere. You also have to clean out the filter with your fingers. Why bother vacuuming if you have to sweep up after yourself?

    Also, once the filter is at all dirty, the unit doesn't work anymore, you can roll over a crumb 10 times and it won't get sucked up. When you turn the vacuum off, whatever you vacuumed up last gets spit back out.

    I got so frustrated I went out and bought a SwifferVac and it works twice as well, which is really sad since it cost half as much and runs on batteries.

    I'm really disappointed. ...more info
  • Mostly ineffective
    I bought this 13 months ago and just recently realised how painful it is to use on my rugs. My entire flat has hardwood floors except for the area rug in the living room and a runner down the hallway. I've been vacuuming with a push broom for 13 months.

    If I remember right, it seemed to work ok at first, but it's become a struggle to get it to pick up dust, cat hair, and anything loose on the rugs since then. I tried it on bare floors but it is so loud that I don't like to run it all over the flat. Besides, it won't pick up cat food, cat litter, or crumbs so I end up having to sweep anyways.

    It has an annoying high pitched sound and quite loud for a small, 6-amp unit. It seems louder than the full-sized I replaced it with. It also tends to tip and fall very easily.

    I ordered the full-sized 'Bissell 35766 Cleanview II Plus' and received it a few days ago. I put it together and decided to give it a test run. I had just used the EasyVac 3 days earlier so I knew there wasn't much to pick up-- or was there? I ran through the full-size for a quick test run and went to wrap the cord up and was shocked to see the dust cup was completely full!! It was disgustingly full! You don't realize what the EasyVac doesn't pick up, until you run a real vacuum after it. I may consider keeping it as a glorified hand vac, but it is not useful to me otherwise....more info
  • Bissell 3108 EasyVac Powerbrush
    I have finally found a GREAT vacuum for everyday cleaning. I love the feature of having a hand vacuum included also.

    Gloria Bruno
    Cary, NC...more info
  • Save your Money!!!
    I had an old Bissell that died and the model isn't made anymore. It worked Soooo good I though I would get another Bissell. There were two that I was looking at, the EasyVac and the 3106A FeatherWeight. I tried the EasyVac and all I can say is it is a piece of C--p!! Doesn't have enough suction to pick up a piece of dog food,which is what I use it for. My old one sucked them right up. I nexted tried the Featherweight as it looked more like my old one, no wheels, laid flat on floor. Works MUCH better than the EasyVac. For $20 bucks at walmart it's a much better deal.
    P...more info
  • Pet Hair, Be GONE!
    The amount of cat hair my new EasyVac pulled out of my carpet area rug could have covered a whole new cat. For 6 weeks I have been using an older stickvack to "clean" my 700 sq ft apartment. It did fine on the wood floors but wouldn't touch the cat hair in my rugs. I have been brushing my rugs with the cat brush to get some of the fur out of them -- tedious! I used the EasyVac and then brushed my rug again to test its power -- no more cat hair came up!

    The dual motors are a must if you have wood floors and rugs. Other brush vacuums I've used just scatter the chunky bits like cat litter rather than sucking them up. Turning the brush motor off eliminates this problem. Why don't most other vacs have this feature? And the brush when engaged does a sufficient job of sweeping up the cat hair. It does have a lot of exhaust air blowing out the back, but it vents at about knee level so it doesn't blow the dust bunnies around before you can vacuum them up.

    I was worried about emptying the dust cup, but it was no gross at all! I pulled the cup out and no dust poofed out, no cat hair escaped, it looked clean and tidy with the nasty bits behind the filter where they belong. I took the cup outside, no dusty trail followed me through the house and out the door. I upended the cup and whacked the filter on the ground a couple of times to knock more dust loose and then put it back together again. Voila! Done! My stickvac's cup was disgusting to empty. Dust everywhere! I even had to reach up into the unit to pull out more clupms of cat hair and dust. Nasty! The EasyVac is entirely different and better.

    It's light, it's quiet-ish and it gets the job done. I wouldn't want to use it on a whole carpeted house, but for my needs (small apartmrnt, wood floors, carpet rugs, 2 cats) it's perfect....more info
  • Limited usefulness
    About all its useful for is getting pet hair up from bare floors - even then it leaves a lot of dirt behind, as evidenced by what I see on a dry swifer pad after using this as compared to using a dry swifer on the same floor after using our old canister vacuum.
    I cant imagine it does a good job on carpeting that has any kind of pile at all.
    Overall, not very powerful and disappointing considering some of the other positive reviews here (I guess everyone has different standards)....more info
  • what a lemon!
    For me, this vacume was a total waste of money. It worked great the first day I had it, but after that it was all done. Not enough suction to bring the dirt to the canister. Very disappointing....more info
  • not preforming as expected
    We got this machine to replace a lower-amp Hoover that had died. I was so excited to be getting a new one-I missed having an electric broom for the kitchen. We bought this model based on other reviews, especially since other people had bought it for cat litter. The first machine we got was defective, and we had to have Bissell send a new one. The new one does have suction, but it still performs way less than our old machine, which was actually a lower amp. The cat litter goes in, but falls right back out when you turn off the machine. I am just really disappointed. ...more info
  • Very Pleased for what this is
    I am Very happy with this easy vac. It does an excellent job for daily maintenence of my hardwood floors w/ persian rugs. It has very good suction power and in my opinion does a great job under kitchen cabinets, etc along edges. It is so light and easy to use for a 9 month pregnant woman--much easier than dragging out my canister vaccum. NOTE: this will NOT replace a regular vaccum in my opinion. We have a thourough cleaning every 2 weeks and I then use this easy vac to keep up dirt, rocks, etc in between times. I use it daily bc it is so easy to use. and it will easily pick up small rocks, mud clods, etc my husband tracks in. also easy for cracks in upholstry ( again, easier than getting out regular vac). I returned a Roomba discovery SE bc it didnt do the job this vac does. I highly recommend this product for quick upkeep of house....more info
  • Vac does not suck
    Very disappointed in the Bissell 3108 EasyVac Powerbrush. I purchased the product to clean my bare floors which are saltillo tile, ceramic, and brick. It would only pick up the smallest pieces of sand and some of the cat litter. Just did not have enough power to pick up much of anything. Bissell should not call this a POWER brush. It has no suction power. ...more info
  • Leaves a mess
    Initially I was pleased with its pickup power (compared to our Shark), but I now view it as a failed $50 experiment. The major drawbacks are:

    - As soon as the power is off, it drops all particles. If you've just cleaned up kitty litter, you'll find it all in a pile under the vac head on the floor once you turn it off.

    - It creates a high-pitched whine, which actually caused my wife and I some ear pain.

    - REALLY awkward to use on furniture...needs a brush attachment.

    - No HEPA filter (forgot to check for this before buying it).

    - Cord is just as short as the Shark's.

    On the upside, it's lightweight.

    I'll be donating mine to Goodwill, and am about to buy one of the fullsize vacs....more info
  • Amazing!!
    I tried this vaccum as soon as it arrived - and I was so surprised to see the amount of dust in the bag! I have cleaned my room with my old vaccum almost once a week, but it looked like I hadn't clean the room at all for more than a month.

    This vaccum is really powerful as the other reviews say - of course it cleans the hard-wood floor neatly and it catches literally everything even on the carpet. I used to wipe the carpet with my old vaccum again and again because it didn't catch almost anything but not any more. It picks up hair and even dust inside of the carpet. Now my carpet looks like a brand-new one!

    You can also use this for cleaning the sofa. I usually study on the sofa, so it ends up having some tiny pieces from the snack, my hair... but this can clean them beautifully.

    I felt it a little heavy to carry with (compare to my old vaccum which didn't pick anything) but it's worth the power it has. The vacuum come with the small nozl you can use for cleaning the corner of the room.

    This vacuum is very powerful but it doesn't take that much space in the house. You can just put it at the corner of the closet! ...more info
  • I didn't know how much I needed it!
    The first time I used it, minutes out of the box and two days after my cleaning people ran my Oreck on the same carpet, I sucked up a surprising amount of cat hair, dust, and small debris. I was shocked to see how much came out of my "clean" carpet. It isn't meant to be a primary appliance for a large home, but for my rugs in the living room and foyer, it's perfect. My complaints are few. I don't like is that the exterior of the unit itself gets dusty when I pop the dirt cup on and off. And, I'm disappointed the unit I received doesn't have the described hook on the handle, so I can't hang it in a closet where I wanted. All in all, more powerful than I expected and easy to use. ...more info
  • Fantastic little number
    It's hard to get too excited about a vacuum cleaner. This one has me about as excited as I can get, though. I never thought I'd look forward to vacuuming!

    We have 3 young children and both carpet and Pergo floors. Needless to say we found our full sized Kenmore at standby constantly - most of the time left out just because it was too much of a hassle to put it away. The Powerbrush has completely taken the place of the Kenmore - and it's always put away. It seems to work just as well as the full-sized unit on both the carpet and Pergo floors. In fact, it gets closer to the edges than the Kenmore.

    As far as the strairs go - they're clean all the time now thanks to the Powerbrush! Even though you can take the handle and powerbrush off, we don't bother - it's light enough to hold on to as you work your way down the stairs with the hose attachment.

    We are completely sold on this machine. ...more info
  • Don't let cheap price suck you in!
    I got this item because it just seemed so affordable but I haven't been very happy with it. It does have good suction and vacuums well enough but is VERY messy to empty and the filter is very difficult to clean. Also, the revolving brush that kicks on for vacuuming carpets is small and has sparse bristles -- there is always hair tangled around it and I don't think it will hold up over time. I wish I had spent a few extra bucks to get a better quality vacuum....more info
  • Very Impressed!
    After reading all the reviews, I ordered this item. As soon as it arrived, I assembled it. It actually took longer to get the box open than it did to put the Vac together. I immediately tried it out on our hardwoods. It picked up the dog hair and dust bunnies with no problems. Then I switched it over to try it on our area rugs. For our low pile rugs, I believe that this worked as well as our full size. As many other people said, I was shocked at how much was in the dust cup when I emptied it. I do think that I will order some extra filters and probably use the upgraded filter that is offered. I do agree that the cord could be longer, but it is still workable....more info
  • Easy to use, but Problematic Profile
    This is easy to use and it collects everything on the first pass. You can use the brushes on hardwood, tile, as-well-as on carpet. For those, quick, company is coming good-looks pick-ups, this works well on getting up cat hair on carpets. However, for real carpet cleaning, DO NOT ABANDON your standard/true household vac for those serious cleaning efforts.

    Regarding smooth floor cleaning, my main complaints about this unit is not the quality of vac, rather, the high profile of the handle on the hand-held removeable unit of the body, and the fact that the vac handle (for the standing position) does not hinge low against the floor. The (hand-held) handle on the body is so high that it will not fit under beds and sofas. Now I still have to either get out the Filter Queen or the dust mop to get those cat hair/dust bunnies.

    Beyond that, it's still a great vac. It's easy to wash out the filter, let it dry, and your on your way again....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    Bought about a month ago and is doing the job and more. Got it for the kitchen floor and bathroom rugs but it really picks up the dog hair from the plush carpet too! Stand alone feature is handy....more info
  • Awesome Vacuum
    I just purchased this vacuum at Linens n Things ($40) after researching all day. I love it so far. It worked great on my hardwood floors and did wonders for my area rugs too - the fact that you can switch between carpet and hard floors is a plus. I'm actually amazed (and somewhat embarrassed ) at how much cat hair and dirt I emptied out of the filter compartment after just one use. Overall a great vacuum for light jobs....more info
  • I Love It!
    If you hate to sweep, get this vacuum for your wood and tile floor. I'm never using my broom again! It picks up all the cat hair, cat litter, sand the kids track in and who knows what else. It is quite an eye opener when you empty out the dirt cup to see what was on the floor. It is light and easy to handle. I would use a bigger vacuum for a large area of carpet, but it works great on throw rugs and entry way mats. Can't recommend it highly enough for kitchen and living room cleaning....more info
  • early pros and cons
    We just started using this: Pros - good suction (6amp motor), relatively slim (stores easily in closet corner), stands upright(won't fall and chip kitchen floor tile), different useful configurations (handle and beater come off for use in small spaces, i.e. as car vac), v. reasonable price; Cons - the uncoordinated will have a bit of a learning curve converting it to dif. configurations, and my son yelled, "Hey, who's landing the plane?!"

    Quick take: We're buying a second for another floor....more info

  • Works great on carpets, but terrible on bare floors
    I bought this because it is really quiet compared to my Eureka Mighty Mite (Mighty Mite = incredible suction power, but extremely loud). It picks up great on various carpeting. Although with longer shag like my bath mat, the powerbrush gets snagged on the shag. On hardwood or bare floors, it only seems to pick up fine particles like hair, fur or dirt. There isn't enough suction to pickup cat litter (I've used pine pellets) or particles larger that fine dirt. It cannot even pickup the smallest pebble. I am disappointed in this.I would try it again if it came in a 12 AMP version. Maybe then it would have more suction power....more info
  • Really Sucks!
    What a great vaccuum! Obviously, not meant to replace your regular vaccuum, but a great little machine to use every day. Cleans up my hardwood floors with ease & even perks up the carpeting in the house. Before, I was lugging my regular canister to clean the floors-what a pain! This makes cleaning up at the end of the day a pleasure. I wish the cord was longer, but still long enough to get the job done. A cordless would have been my 1st choice, but I was concerned with the power of suction. This is a great machine!...more info
  • only buy this if it is all you can afford
    I really liked this vacuum when I first received it. For the price it seemed to work really excellent. But over time I am less and less impressed. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone with pets, kids, or who live in a sandy area of the country. I have 2 kids, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. This vacuum clogs very easily. There is always something (a little piece of paper with block a big wad of pet hair)in the hose (I have a stick I keep handy just to unclog it). Another reviewer cautioned against long hair - take heed. The brush is all wound up with my daughters' hair and that of the My Little Ponies. The vacuum does work very well on bare floor (including the cat litter another reviewer mentioned). I feel that it works best on carpet and bare floor when it is on the carpet setting. The bare floor setting just seems to push things around. The sandy area I live in does create a different problem. The sand on the bare floor will get stuck in the wheels and interfere with proper movement - the head of the vacuum will get stuck in a position lifted off the floor (not touching the floor = not picking up anything). The cord is too short. This is also my first bagless vacuum and with that feature, I am so not impressed. I have to empty that canister at least 2x each time I vacuum my house which I find very irritating. Considering I have a small house (1248 sq ft)and I vacuum about 3x a week, I find that to be ridiculous and excessive. I guess that shows that it really does suck pretty well overall.
    So, for the price it is not such a bad vacuum. But if you can afford better, buy it (and due to this vacuum I would say "try a bissell"). I would only recommend this vaccum to people who live in small apartments without kids or pets....more info
  • Very EASY Vacuuming
    This is the best handy vacuuming device I have ever purchased. With 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 bird, and a very busy schedule, I wanted something for quick daily sweep-ups. I tried my dust buster, the electric brooms etc. This vacuum is perfect. I have wood floors and area rugs of various sizes and the transistion is easy. Just flip the switch. There is a handle on the top to aid handling. It's light and quiet. It empties and filters like a dustbuster. It rests upright when you want it to and doesn't klunk you on the head unexpectedly. Pick-up is great. Powerbrush works fine. The power cord is basically room size. This vacuum is the one to use for daily and weekly (even hourly) tidying up. I bought it a month ago and haven't brought out the Electrolux yet. Inevitably, I will because for the big time cleaning under the beds etc. I will need my canister vac. with the floor brush on the long handle. Buy this vacuum if you want to do the Monster whole house vacuuming less often. The Easy Vac is perfect for Quick EASY vacuuming....more info
  • Nice light vacuum.....
    but you have to clean the filter with your hands... For the past year, I have been using the Shark electric broom to clean up pet areas (around bird cages and dog baskets)and was fairly satisfied with the job it did, but have used it so much it is falling apart. So, I decided to get something new.

    This little vac gets material the electric broom can't pick up. Unlike the broom however, the little vac has a cord you must drag around and hold out of the way as you vacuum. Like the electric broom, the little vac is easy to use compared with my big vacuuum, which I am loathe to pull out for small jobs. However, I like the little vac better than the electric broom because my rugs are cleaner now than they were when I was only using the electric broom so,the floor looks a bit neater between large vacuumings. The dogs bark at the little vac as much as they do at the electric sweeper and the big vac. Guess the noise hurts their ears...I'm giving the little vac 4 stars because I have to clean the filter cup by hand and it can be really dusty and messy. I am still sneezing from vacuuming earlier....more info

  • Not all it's cracked up to be.
    I was disappointed in the EasyVac. It works well on bare floors but not on carpeting. I have two dogs and it doesn't pick up the dog hairs very well. Also, it doesn't transition easily from bare floor to area rugs. You have to pick it up to move it on to the rugs. The cord is way too short. For someone who has large rooms it would be a problem. Helga...more info
  • If you have pets, you need this!
    I do animal rescue, and usually have tumbleweeds of dog and cat hair flying around my house, as well as cat litter, spilled food and who knows what else. In the last 15 months, I bought 2 other vacuums, both from Euro-Pro, that didn't do the job, and then broke. I kept going back to an elderly Eureka that I got from my mother 10 years ago, but then that broke too. I decided it was time to take the plunge again - I did my homework about what vac would work best for me, and then found the best price for it on Amazon of course. The dirt cup is huge, so I don't have to stop and empty it all the time, and the attachments are so easy to use. It does a great job picking up hair and cat litter too. I wish I'd gotten this a long time ago!...more info
  • Small but mighty!
    I think every apartment that has wall to wall carpet should come with its own vacuum cleaner. Why should I have to spend $200-$400 on a decent machine to keep it clean? It's not my carpet. If it were up to me there'd be hard wood or tile in the whole place. The Bissell 3108 solves the problem. It may look like a weak electric broom but as soon as you plug it in you realize it's closer to being a muscle car than a econo car. It's way powerful. Unless you have a multilevel home with tons of wall to wall carpet or need a hepa filter, this machine should do you fine. Even better is that it acts as a hand vac too. Bissell did it right this time--cheap, well built, powerful and Amazon shipped for free! My only criticism is it would be nice if the handle folded down to make storing it a little easier as the average apartment does not have enough storage space....more info
  • Lot's Of Power For Such A Little Vacuum!
    Bissell Easy Vac is a great little vacuum, It cleans very well. There's just one little problem with it. It has such a short cord. Other then that it's a pretty powerful little vacuum....more info
  • What a great tool!
    I love this vacuum. I have hardwood floors with braided rugs in traffic spots and live where sand is tracked in all the time. I have been using either a broom for the hardwood and heavy full size vacuum for the rugs, or a cordless powervac. The powervac just wasn't strong enough to do the job and usually ran out of power before I was done. The broom and full-size did the job - but with a lot of heavy work. This little tool never runs out of power, is powerful enough to do a great job on both hardwood and carpet, and the best part is that the switch to change from carpet to hardwood is easy to reach while still running it. The only downside is that the cord is not as long as my full size and I have to change electric outlets a little more frequently. I found that the handle on the front made it easy to carry upstairs. I was also suprised to see how far I could reach under furniture with it. I got to places like behind the legs of my night stand! I could never get there with the full size vacuum. All this for the price is a real deal!...more info
  • Great Value for the price
    I bought this vacuum after using a Dirt Devil for 10 years. The handle on the dirt devil broke off, so I needed a new vacuum. We live in a small home with mostly hardwood floors with a few area rugs. I've been so happy with this machine! I haven't used my broom in two weeks. Everytime I vacuum the rugs, I switch over to hardwood floor mode and vacuum the floors too. I love the fact that it is lightweight, but still powerful. I've never had a "bagless" vacuum before, but I love seeing all the dust and dirt that I pick up each time I vacuum. Thanks Bissell!...more info
  • Happy Vacuum person from VA
    Well, I love my little Bissell. We have a huge vacuum cleaner which is pretty new and, though it is power driven, it's bulky and I get blister from it. I am small and my hands aren't large but it's the massive size that bothers me more than the weight. It works fabulously but it's a pain to get around (and I weight train!). So my little Bissell is great to use on a daily basis and I need something on that basis with three children (including an almost 10 month old who is finally starting to eat solids). It does a decent job on the carpets and cleans the hardwood floors well so I can swiffer after without the worry of crumbs, paper, long hair, pencil sharpener shavings etc.

    I am about to invest in another and in the bare floor steam vac....more info

  • Great, but not if you have long hairs laying around...
    I've got two levels of hardwood floors and this vacuum does a great job of picking everything up! I like that it is light, sleek, convertible, economical, and bag-free. It has a nice long cord.
    However, if you have hair any longer than chin-length, I'd say: buy a more powerful vacuum (> 6 amp)! I find that my shedded hair gets stuck in the floor piece and its rotating brush and must be "combed" out frequently. If you have short hair, and your loved ones and pets have short hair - go for it!...more info
  • Works like a charm!
    Not only is this vacuum cleaner lightweight, it's powerful, and convenient. It works as a good upright vacuum, and the easy switch allows you to turn off the brush so you can use it on bare floors. It worked wonders on mine, and also worked very well on the carpeting. It's also very quiet, and the fact you can remove the handle and base for other vacuuming purposes, makes this a great find! The cobwebs are all gone thanks to this thing!...more info
  • Suprisingly powerful
    I bought this to replace my old vacuum, which was essentially a dustbuster on a stick. Imagine my disappointment when I got this, and found that releasing a simple latch allows you to remove the suction unit: it's a dustbuster on a stick.

    But, surprise surprise, the dustbuster is super powerful, and the stick includes a powered rotating brush that really gets up dirt from carpets. This thing rocks.

    It's not only effective and versatile, it also looks good. Not that appearance makes one bit of difference to the doomed dust bunnies on your floor, but this Powerbrush just looks and feels like a quality machine. It's relatively light and easy to handle, the clear plastic removable dirt collector lets you see when you need to empty it, and it's solid--this thing won't fall apart if it falls over.

    Perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, and condos. You might want to go with a bigger unit if you've got a lot of floor space and need super-deep cleaning.

    Oh, and you can shut off the rotating brush with a simple flick of a switch mounted on the handle, allowing quick transition from, say, your carpeted living room to the hardwood-floored kitchen.

    Great buy. 5 stars....more info

    This Powerbrush proved to be a whiz at cleaning our hardwood floors, as well as other bare floor areas in the kitchen and adjoining breakfast area.

    It's lightweight, thus easy to pull out for quick clean-ups. But, don't let its size fool you - it has maxi power and picks up every crumb and mote.

    A Bissell Powerbrush is a most welcome addition to our household appliances. Bravo Bissell!...more info

  • Fantastic! Powerful! Lightweight! Bagless vacuum with tools!
    This is the only mini-vac I've ever tried... I was amazed at the power it has! It sucked up more dirt and cat fur that I realized were even in the rug. My 3-1/2 year old daughter who is afraid of vacuums even wanted me to let her help use it! I hadn't realized there were vacuums this small that come with attachments! These have a bit less suction power than using it a a regular vacuum, but I guess that's probably normal. Overall, I'd say it's a very good vacuum for those that like bagless vacs. If I hadn't decided I prefer vacuums with bags, I would definitely stick with this one! Being bagless is the only reason I give it a 4 instead of a 5....more info
  • Perfect little vacuum for hardwood floors and area rugs
    I bought this vacuum so that I wouldn't have to haul my other canister vacuum up and down the stairs. My first floor is primarily wood floors with oriental rugs, and (for the time being) vinyl flooring in the kitchen. This vacuum is the perfect size for this job -- it's light, easy to store, and has the right amount of power to pick up dirt and other things people track in from outside. The powerbrush attachment is great -- I use it to clean our rugs, and it picks up all the lint (these rugs are relatively short pile). I may have to buy another one for our third floor (also all wood floors). Great value!!...more info
  • Perfect for a small space
    Great value. Surprisingly powerful for such a lightweight vacuum. The long power cord is also a plus as I can pretty much vacuum the whole living area without having to unplug and replug the vacuum. I'm not sure about the bagless system though- unlike the traditional bags, the dust can fly around a bit when you are emptying out the dust cup....more info
  • A multi talented little vacuum!
    I live in an apartment, and don't have the space to store a full size vacuum, so I bought one of these instead. It works awesome. It has a brush that you can turn on or off so it can be used on carpet and hard surfaces (I've used mine on tile and linoleum). It's really light and easy to maneuver around. There are no expensive bags to buy, you just empty the dirt container. It also has a hose with some attachments that work great (nice for cleaning crumbs from the chair and couch)....more info