Delonghi DDE400 Dehumidifer, 40-Pint Capacity

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Product Description

This 40-pint dehumidifier from DeLonghi dramatically reduces moisture in the air and can be programmed to suit a variety of needs. Operating at temperatures as low as 44 degrees F, the unit is useful all over the house, especially in cool basements, cellars, and garages. Built with its intake and outtake grilles on the sides, the machine offers flexible positioning without inhibited airflow. Plus, you can choose from two methods of water removal--either continuous disposal through a connector hose or tank collection with periodic emptying. In addition to collecting water out of the air, the unit uses an antibacterial FreshZone filter to trap airborne particulates. This both improves the quality of the dehumidified air and lengthens the life of the dehumidifier.

The control panel on this model is efficiently designed, marked with indicator lights, and protected by a transparent hatch. A rotating dial lets you select humidity level, with options ranging from "econ" to "comfort" to "continuous" to "dry." The machine also has two fan speeds. DeLonghi includes a tank-control safety device to prevent overflow caused by a blocked hose or full tank. At 58 pounds, the unit is definitely substantial, but double wheels and top handles make moving it easy. Outfitted with a 6-1/2-foot hose, it measures 14-1/2 by 14-3/4 by 24 inches. --Emily Bedard

  • Powerful dehumidifier with 40-pint capacity
  • Adjustable humidistat and dual fan speeds
  • Anti-bacterial Fresh Zone filter
  • Tank control safety system
  • Measures 14-1/2 by 14-3/4 by 24 inches; weighs 58 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Poor Customer Service
    I purchased this item, but it arrived dead in the water, so to speak. I called and talked with Joe Pinto at DeLonghi repeatedly; oh, he made promises. Here is his number because you will need to memorize it--(866) 826-7623. Weeks and weeks went by before they finally honored their warranty. Have I learned my lesson? Will you?...more info
  • 3 years and counting
    I bought mine 3 years ago. Its been in use continuously (while docked) on my sailboat since it arrived. I keep it in the main salon and leave the doors to the staterooms and head open. It works great, even in winter (I try to keep the boat above freezing, but not by much), and I would replace it with the exact same model in a heartbeat....more info
  • Delonghi DDE400 Dehumidifer Review
    I bought one of these last winter to dehumidify my husband's shop. It has worked exactly as promised. It runs so quietly you don't notice the noise. It has really reduced the humidity in the shop. I have not had any mechanical problems with it. I would and probably will buy more of these in the future....more info
  • Avoid It!
    I bought two and both came broken. The first one had something loose in the machinery and it was leaving a huge puddle on the floor. The wheel also broke on the first day. I was stubborn enough to go for my second trusting the name/brand. Unfortunately the second one didn't even work at all! And you can only take them to authorized dealers. Obviously there were none in my area......I give up on Delonhgi...more info
  • Very poor quality and service
    I bought a Delonghi dehumidifer two years ago because of the slick packaging. At the time I was worried that even though it looked good, it might have poor quality. My worst worries were confirmed. By the end of the first summer, the motor stopped working. To get repair service, you have to take it to an authorized repairer--there are only a couple on the East Coast. While there was one within 45 minutes--that amounts to a waster of two hours of travel, including time at the shop. Any way, the repair shop was swamped with repairing the same model. When I got it back from the repair shop, after a month, it still didn't work. Delonghi customer service told me that my only recourse was to continue to go back to their sole authorized repair shop. I decided to cut my losses at that point....more info