Delonghi Always Dry Dehumidifier 40-Pint Capacity

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Product Description

Always Dry -DEHUMIDIFIER W/ Condensation removal system 40-PINT Capacity - white - Tank control system (TCS) with auto shut-off with auto shut-off features warning lights that indicate whether the tank is full,missing, in the wrong position or if the drainage hose becomes obstructed.Top mounted control panel-allows you to easily make adjustments and transparent protective cover prevents dust build-up. Anti bacterial filter prevents bacteria to form and collects large dust particles. Perfect for any room. Its suitable for a living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement, porch, office, etc. Adjustable humidistat in a side control panel and lights that indicate if the pump is on; tank is full; unit is plugged in; or if it is dehumidifying. 16- Ft. drainiage hose is simple to connect due to its easy snap on design. Patented condensation removal system-(CRS) effectively removes humidity from the air; thus, preventing bacteria from forming and the result is a healthier living environment. Fully portable dehumidifier with easy roll casters and convenient hand grip. Lateral intake/out take grille allows you to place the unit in several different positions. MANUFACTURER WARRANTY:andnbsp;andnbsp;90 DAYS

  • Tank control system
  • Top mounted control panel
  • Perfect for any room
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • 16-foot drainage hose
Customer Reviews:
  • There are better options available
    The dehumidifier works great then it breaks. Then we have it repaired. Works great for a few months and then it breaks again. This pattern has repeated itself for several years. Now it is out of warranty, and aside from the hassle of taking it to the repair center every 6 -12 months, the last estimate to repair this lemon was more then half of what we paid for it, so it is going in the recycle bin. I would look at consumer reports as a good place to start shopping and then return here to buy a better, more reliable model. ...more info
  • Works good but leaks
    There is a small in-line filter that appears to be molded plastic and it eventually fills up with sediment and then the unit spills over the top and doesn't pump out the way it did when new. I've written to DeLonghi to ask for a better filter system that can be thoroughly cleaned by the consumer without any tools. Some sort of mini-screw-on filter would be perfect. Otherwise, it is quite and well-made, but the filter is a poor design....more info