DeLonghi PAC210 Portable Air Conditioner

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Requiring no water, fully portable on sturdy casters, and operating on ordinary, 110-volt household current, this air conditioner cools a room up to 10 by 10 feet (with an 8-foot ceiling) by exhausting warm, humid air by means of a flexible 51-inch hose. It comes with an adjustable 4-foot window bracket that the hose fits through. Or the hose can be placed in a 3-1/2-inch-diameter hole in a door, wall, or ceiling (bracket included). The air conditioner is energy efficient because it operates entirely inside--unlike a window air conditioner, which uses hot and/or humid outside air to cool its condenser. Unlike many similar air conditioners, this model operates at its full 7,500-Btu capacity indefinitely without the need of water. It has a two-speed fan and can be left on around the clock thanks to an electronic thermostat that turns the unit on and off to maintain a selected comfort level and to a 24-hour timer that can be programmed to turn the unit on and off at selected times. To dehumidify a room, the unit exhausts about 45 pints of moisture in 24 hours without "drip" so there's no need to empty a water-condensation receptacle. (The unit can be operated as a dehumidifier only.)

The unit measures 22-1/4 inches wide, 28-3/4 inches high, and 14 inches deep and weighs 97 pounds. It can be moved from room to room or installed permanently. (Installation kit included.) Hand grips make it easy to move. Ruggedly constructed, it has a metal cabinet and copper piping. The cabinet is fully insulated so the unit operates exceptionally quietly. Two antibacterial filters collect dust particles and prevent bacteria buildup. To prevent freezing, the unit shuts off automatically when the temperature drops too low. Made it Italy, it carries a one-year parts-and-labor warranty against defects, with the warranty extending to three years for the sealed system of compressor, evaporator, condenser, and factory-connected refrigerant tubing. --Fred Brack

Features: Cooling capacity (BTU): 7,500 (approximately 250 square feet). Advanced technology exhausts humidity so there is no need to empty a water condensation bucket. Operates on air alone and requires no water to cool. Features an antibacterial filter that collects dust particles and prevents bacteria build-up. Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): 8.4. Air flow (CFM): 212. Built in dehumidifyer (Pints per day): 45.67. 24 Hour programmable timer with bypass option and adjustable thermostat provide variable cooling when you need it most. Voltage/frequency (V/Hz): 120/60, 6.5 amps. Noise level: 51.5 dB. Length of exhaust hose/pipe (feet): 4.25. Compressor type: Reciprocating. Room thermostat. Anti-freezing function. Two-speed fan control with protective dust cover makes operation simple. Timer bypass switch. Fan motor protection and a double condenser. On light indicator. Wheels. Weight: 97 lbs. Warranty: 1 year parts and labor. 5 years on compressor/sealed system (parts only).

  • Exhausts warm, humid air through window, door, wall, or ceiling
  • Adjustable window bracket, 51-inch exhaust hose, semi-permanent installation kit
  • Electronic room thermostat and 24-hour programmable timer
  • Cools 10-by-10-foot room with 8-foot ceiling; uses ordinary, 110-volt current
  • 22-1/4 inches wide, 28-3/4 inches high, 14 inches deep; weighs 97 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • No better than a fan
    I live on the third story of a townhouse in a historic part of town, where we are prohibited from having anything other than a flag that extends more than six inches out of the windows. I thought this air conditioning unit was the perfect solution to my problem, however, it has proven to be completely useless. I even keep the curtains closed during the day in an attempt to keep the room from getting too hot. However, the air that blows out of the unit is not any cooler than the temperature of the room....more info
  • A Great Portable Air Conditioner
    We really needed something fast for our bedroom. This portable unit is great. We have a large room, so a 7500 btu unit is a little small. None the less, it does the trick. It's a really nice looking unit - almost like a piece of furniture; much nicer than its picture shows. It's reasonably quiet & we love the timer. The only setback is that it really should have a longer vent hose. Because it's so short, we vented it thru our attic that is also vented. We couldn't make it to the window. I agree with another review that the hose needs to be insulated which we will do this weekend. But this unit is well worth the money & is put together VERY well. It's a sturdy unit & first class. Thanks....more info
  • DeLonghi PAC210 Review
    Set-up took only 5 minutes in my attic bedroom. The exhaust tube/window sash adaptor was simple to install, but I would suggest you plan to supplement its temporary installation with some weather-stripping.

    This rolling unit is solid, and the controls are convenient and easy to operate. Adequately cooled a 90 degree room in about 2 hours and kept it comfortable afterwards. Adjustment of the thermostat is simple (twist a knob).

    I agree with another reviewer that the exhaust tube gets warm, but this is to be expected given the unit's mechanism of action. I don't see it as an issue.

    The enclosed instruction manual is sparse but covers the basics. Reads like a translation from Italian (which it is).

    The unit is also a little louder than I expected based on previous reviews, but I'm very pleased overall. It has made an unusable room very comfortable!...more info

  • DeLonghi PAC210 Review
    This unit works well enough and the layout and features suggest that some careful design went into this unit. The buttons are guarded by posts and the thermostat control is recessed to guard it, yet is very accessible by a thumbwheel in a recessed area. The timer appears to be a precision element driven by a synchronous clock motor for an easy to understand setting. A cover nicely slides over it to protect it from dust and damage.

    The intake for the cooling coils has a nice filter that fits snuggly to prevent dirty air from bypassing it. It is pretty quiet for a unit with all the working parts inside the room. The hose and window bracket worked perfectly for my horizontally sliding window.

    The cooling effect is about what you would expect from a 7,500 BTU/hr unit operated with the noted inefficiencies. One inefficiency, though minor, is the hot ununsulated flexible hose that expels the heated air. It is like a radiator. I positioned the unit to be as close to the window as possible for shortest hose extention. Applying wrap-around insulation will address this detail.

    After many hours of operation, the lower steel panels are only slightly above room temperature, indicating that the hot components are well insulated.

    The finish level and physical contours, along with the thoughtful handling of the controls and markings, make this a nice unit. The lifting handles are properly contoured and fit very well into the steel panels, allowing me to lift this unit 2 stories.

    This unit takes room air for cooling the hot coils and expels though the single hose. As such, this unit will cause the room to pull in air from other rooms or leakages to make up for the air forced to the outside. This design, in effect, has the equivalent of an air exchanger active even if via a different manner from normal A/Cs. Better is if the condenser coils are larger to allow proper cooling using another hose to take cooling air from the outside air as with regular air conditioners to avoid air mixing and increase cooling. This unit is best used when operated in a home in which other rooms are already cooled.

    All things considered, this is a great quality unit....more info

  • Excellent portable cooling
    This air conditioner is great for cooling that one room in your place that just won't stay as cool as the rest of the rooms. No need to empty condensation buckets as this air conditioner exhausts all condensation out with the warm air unlike any other brand of portable airconditioner. This unit is quiet enough to have in a room where you want to read or watch tv, I am very satisfied with this unit....more info