DeLonghi PAC290 Portable Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Fully portable on sturdy casters and operating on ordinary, 110-volt household current, this air conditioner cools a room up to 16 by 16 feet (with an 8-foot ceiling) by exhausting warm, humid air by means of a flexible 51-inch hose. It comes with an adjustable 4-foot window bracket that the hose fits through. Or the hose can be placed in a 3-1/2-inch-diameter hole in a door, wall, or ceiling (bracket included). The air conditioner is energy efficient because it operates entirely inside--unlike a window air conditioner, which uses hot and/or humid outside air to cool its condenser. Filled with water, it features a "Super Cool" setting for operating at its full 8,500-Btu capacity for 8 hours, and it operates indefinitely at 88 percent (or 7,500 Btu) of capacity even when it's dry. It has a two-speed fan and can be left on around the clock thanks to an electronic thermostat that turns the unit on and off to maintain a selected comfort level and to a 24-hour timer that can be programmed to turn the unit on and off at selected times. To dehumidify a room, the unit collects about 51 pints of moisture from the air in 24 hours. In a patented process, it then employs that moisture to enhance the cooling cycle, exhausting excess through the hose and eliminating the need to empty a water-condensation receptacle. (The unit can be operated as a dehumidifier only.)

The unit measures 22 inches wide, 28-3/4 inches high, and 16-3/8 inches deep and weighs 97 pounds. It can be moved from room to room or installed semi-permanently. (Installation kit included.) Hand grips make it easy to move. Ruggedly constructed, it has a metal cabinet, copper piping, and a first-rate finned evaporator. The cabinet is fully insulated so the unit operates exceptionally quietly. Two antibacterial filters collect dust particles and prevent bacteria buildup. To prevent freezing, the unit shuts off automatically when the temperature drops too low. Made it Italy, it carries a one-year parts-and-labor warranty against defects, with the warranty extending to three years for the sealed system of compressor, evaporator, condenser, and factory-connected refrigerant tubing. --Fred Brack

  • Exhausts warm, humid air through window, door, wall, or ceiling
  • Adjustable window bracket, 51-inch exhaust hose, semi-permanent installation kit
  • Electronic room thermostat and 24-hour programmable timer
  • Cools 16-by-16-foot room with 8-foot ceiling; uses ordinary, 110-volt current
  • 22 inches wide, 28-3/4 inches high, 16-3/8 inches deep; weighs 97 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • five summers later no problems
    I bought this in 2002 because my landlord doesn't allow window units, due the dripping and ugliness factor of window units. This machine has worked perfectly for five years of extremely hot summer days and nights. I set it on maximum cool and fill it with water twice a day. Spent a lot of money, but well worth it! Yes it is heavy and noisy and after five years it rattles a little. I spilled candle wax down it by accident two years ago but it still keeps working! One thing I have been doing that may be the reason for it's trouble free existence is that I flush it every summer month with descaling fluid. ...more info
  • Best Air Conditioner I have tested
    I work at an electronics retail store that sells a lot of air conditioners, so I have had an opportunity to test most of them. Out of all the portable air conditioners on the market I found this to be the most sturdy and able to provide the best amount of cooling for the space it takes up. The best part about this unit is that you do not need to add water to it to get ice cold air. Unlike all other portable air conditioners, you dont needs to add any water to this unit, which is incredible convenient if you live in an apartment like I do. I bought one of these for my apartment and one for my parents last year and the units are working great. The one drawback is that this unit is very heave but the wheels help with that. I guess the weight is a good indicator of how well this unit is made, i expect it to last a long time....more info
  • Defective merchandise
    I tried to set up this air conditioner in my home last night. The unit does not have the on/off, temperature or time control buttons in the control panel, so the only way I have to turn the unit on or off is to disconnect it. The alarm light comes on about 10 minutes after the air conditioner starts, the A/C shuts off and the unit becomes a very expensive fan. I have called customer support but have received no response as yet....more info
  • So-so
    Cools well and efficiently; I've used one for three years and never had any of the scary problems other reviewers have reported. BUT, it it is loud, big, and refilling the water container is a pain (though you can operate (less well) without it.) I would recommend a window mounted device instead, unless you need either portability (no complicated window installation necessary,) or use in a room that only has windows that open outwards (the type you can't install a window AC in.)...more info
  • More Heat, Less Cool
    I bought one of these a few years ago and couldn't wait to return it. When you have an AC unit in a room, it generates heat -- there's a reason that a window unit hangs *outside* the room. There is heat dissipation along the exhaust hose also, and at the window: if your window has 2 sections, the heat can rise just outside the lower section, and re-enter at the window dividers. At least, understand that a 10000 BTU unit in the room does not equal the same outside the room, because the room is not insulated from the machine. I had this unit in a small bedroom -- maybe it was windy in there, but it really wasn't any cooler. The unit did act as a dehumidifier, and required a fair amount of emptying. Anyways, don't, don't buy this thing -- it does nothing, and it's expensive....more info
  • Leaks water!!!
    Within 30 days of periodic use, this unit has leaked water, thoroughly soaking the oriental rug on which it was placed. Further, the water soaked through from the second floor to the first and dripped on our leather chair. I have followed all installation and use instructions to the letter. The included Service Manual from DeLonghi provides no "troubleshooting" advice only a State listing of authorized service centers--of course this happens on the weekend.
    This disappointment comes on the heels of a 2 week delivery time using the "Free Super Saver" shipping.
    Overall, highly disappointed with this purchase and trying to return the item....more info
  • Works well, but way too expensive
    Portable air conditioners are popular in parts of Europe and Asia but never here in the States. They differ from our traditional window- or wall-mounted ACs in that they reside entirely inside, hence draw air from inside the room. There's an exhaust hose that connects to the outside. The upshot is they are energy efficient and work well, but for mysterious reasons they are really expensive. Probably because they are niche markets. DeLonghi is the best brand in this category and the EER rating on this 10,000 BTU unit is high while you can still run it on regular 110V, no need for converting to 220V as with older 10,000+ BTU ACs. The DeLonghi appears to be well built and it has four wheels so you can move it around. But the high price... If it were less than half of that, I think everyone should get one....more info