Delonghi PAC600T Pinguino Water-to-Air Portable Air Conditioner

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Product Description

The Pinguino portable air conditioner by DeLonghi adds quiet, cool comfort to any space--an office, bedroom, living room, garage, small apartment, or particular zone in a large room--and saves energy by cooling only when needed. Simply attach the exhaust hose to vent warm, moist air out a window, plug in, and the unit is ready to go. Water added to the plastic bucket improves efficiency and provides a blast of super-cool air when the Cool-Jet button is pushed. A clear plastic lid covers the control panel, which features a three-speed fan, two air conditioning settings, a 24-hour programmable timer, and an adjustable thermostat. Meaning `penguin' in Italian, the Pinguino has the sleek, engaging look of its namesake and fits any decor, rolling easily on castors. The Pinguino can be used year-round as a fan and dehumidifier, and can reduce mold and bacteria in the air with its unique 3M Filtrete electrostatic anti-bacterial filtration system. --Ann Bieri

  • Portable air conditioner features sleek Italian styling
  • 24-hour programmable timer allows air to be cooled when needed
  • Adjustable thermostat won't let room get too chilly or too warm
  • Cool-Jet button gives a blast of cold air in a quick amount of time
  • Also functions as a fan, dehumidifier, and mold remover
Customer Reviews:
  • keeping cool
    i have used a delonghi portable a/c for about 15 years (that's how long it lasted, so a very good investment). my model had a bucket to fill with water, which i was looking for again as it significantly increases the cooling. happy to find the pac600t. the first one i ordered, unfortunately, was damaged/defective: when i added water, it flooded my bedroom floor (amazon was excellent with the return). undeterred, i ordered another one, no problems, and am now very comfortable in this heat. it cools beautifully, even without the water. it's a bit clunky, but wheels around easily. sort of looks like a blue r2d2. it is much sturdier (made in italy) than newer models/other brands, which tend to be made in china. highly recommend....more info
  • Product flaw
    After comparing multiple products from several different sellers, this seemed like the ideal choice. When the item arrived (via UPS), the box was pretty beaten up. When unpacked, it seemed fine and worked on the regular setting. However when I added the gallons of water it requires for high-effificiency cooling, the water leaked all over my floor within a few minutes. After closer examination, I found a cracked part in the base. Amazon promptly sent a replacement (via FedEx). The box was in much better shape this time, but I immediately examined the interior of the unit. Again, the exact same piece of plastic had broken leaving a jagged edge. Apparently, this is a weak spot that snaps somewhere in transit.
    The saving grace of this transaction was that Amazon responded quickly and efficiently to resolve my problems....more info
  • Avoid This Product
    My experience with this product is totally unsatisfactory since purchase in early summer. Out of the box it was defective, as it leaked water. Following instructions I returned it to an authorized service rep. rather than return it to as I was informed that it was an easy fix. Weeks later and after many calls, I was informed that DeLonghi changed its parts agent, and they could not find the parts! Of course 30 days had past so Amazon would not accept a return. The service agent instructed me to return it to the manufacturer. I did ($84). A month later, no response nor satisfaction from the manufacturer regarding repair, replacement, and no satisfactin from Amazon for refund. Conclusion: stay away from Delonghi products until they have their act together....more info
  • It does what it advertises
    It's quiet, it cools a room very quickly. You do need a lot of room for this unit, approx 30" high, 25" wide and 15" deep. It is heavy and bulky. The wheels help but it would be too hard to move it up any steps. It makes a slight gurgling sound which is not bothersome, almost like a water fountain.
    You want to make sure blue goes with your decor because there's no hiding this unit.
    It would be perfect if it was at least one third smaller and came in other colors....more info
  • Product Misrepresented
    As a very old customer of Amazon who values everything we ever bought on line, I have do be frank about the Delonghi PAC600T Pinguino Water-to-Air Portable Air Conditioner. This unit looks much better than it is.

    However, the real problem is the gross misrepresentation about the performance and "convenience" of the unit. Delonghi says that there are no water tanks to empty, but obscures the fact that a water tank must be filled once or twice a day to get even minimal results. The unit "kicks out" at the slightest disturbance; its engineering requires the owner constantly to attend the unit for it to yield any cool, much less cold air. "Semi-permanent" installation is offered, but the unit will never run effectively unless permanently installed. This defeats its "portability". In all respects, this product is a failure and its characterization on the web is both false and deceptive....more info

  • Looks cool and really works
    ...The Delonghi Water-to-Air Portable Air conditioner is a great purchase. It is the second portable air conditioner I own, and it is the best. Quiet, efficient, easy to move, and easy to use... these are the things that make this unit superior to my cheapie. It works with or without water when the outside temperature is below ninety, thus it stays on even when out of water. Cheapie turns off once it fills with water, so if you forget to empty it, forget about cooling from cheapie. Penguino works no matter what and it is very easy to fill. Stylish and attractive, effective and efficient, I can't say enough about the Delonghi Penguino. It costs a lot, but I can say from experience, it is worth it....more info