Vornado MD1-0004 HEPA 2535

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Product Description

Hepa replacement filter for use with the Vornado 25/35 air cleaner

  • Made especially for Vornado air cleaners
  • HEPA replacement filter for Vornado AQS25 & AQS35 air cleaners
  • 12.50x2.50x19.00 2lbs
Customer Reviews:
  • clean and fresh
    I love my Vornado. The filter helps keep the dust down and it can last for quite awhile without having to be changed. My only complaint is that it is a bit noisy....more info
  • helps asthmatics a great deal
    This product is more energy-efficient than many, which is a big plus for an item that many (like me) leave going 24 hours a day, due to bad allergies and asthma. These have helped my mom a great deal at her place, though she did have to return one unit that developed oily spots inside, then became noisy....more info
  • It's a component
    The filter itself traps a lot of dust, especially when used with the prefilter. However, it is part of the overall system works with two specific models, therefore, shortcomings of the filter are shortcomings of the entire assembly. The only problem I have with the filter itself is that it is very expensive. That is why I am giving it four stars instead of five....more info