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Billy Blanks, 7-time World Martial Arts Champion and creator of the Platinum Award-winning Original TaeBo Video Library, delivers more of his amazing energy in this incredible new series of specially targeted TaeBo workouts. TaeBo Focus on Abs & Glutes is a rockin' 30 minute blast of pure Billy Blanks energy, spirit and power that will help you tone your abs and buns while burning fat and building strength in these two important muscle groups.

Customer Reviews:

    This video is PERFECT for an athlete looking for a great ab routine. I've talked body builders into trying it (the kind who do 800 crunches a day) and it totally wipes them out. Fit it in just once a week to your fitness and diet program and you WILL see results!...more info
  • tae bo on crack?
    this workout plays as if it's on fast-forward, down to the music which literally sounds like a cassette tape that's playing in fast mode. and the music has to be the most godawful workout soundtrack i have ever heard! having said that, if you do not want to risk pulling a back muscle, try doing the workout at a slower pace. the ab work is good and works the whole group of muscles BUT there is simply no need to go at that breakneck pace. advanced doesnt mean it has to be faster. ...more info
  • Not as easy as it looks, but FUN
    I love this routine. To me, the 30 minutes fly by, you are constantly moving. I've only had it for maybe 6 weeks, and some parts are a little hard yet for me (flexibility wise), but I can do it all to the finish.
    And I can see that it's working! I've measured, I've looked in the mirror, my husband has commented. And the tape is pretty inexpensive. What more could you ask for!...more info
  • A GREAT workout!
    My goal for the year was to get six pack abs, and I think that by using this video daily I may attain my goal! After 2 weeks I am seeing results, and the 30 minutes is so convenient for my schedule. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of counting errors and some cinematographical problems, but you BARELY notice. I love this buns workout especially because the moves used are straight out of my kickboxing class and aren't the knee-killer squats and lunges. All the moves are unique and effective! Buy this video!...more info
  • This is the best workout I've ever did
    Except for my back pains. I just started yesterday and I can really feel my abs and butt getting stronger. But my back is really killing me. Maybe a pillow under it will help....more info
  • Be careful with this
    This video is good; you do feel like you are doing something. However, the exercise really move to fast for you to understand the best form and get yourself into this. If you have had back or knee problems, then this is not for you. The butt moves are good, but the abs moves may cause your stomach to look bigger. I noticed after doing this video that my abs looked bulky, not lean. All I can say is be careful. I think routines from Denise Austin and yoga are more effective.

    Billy can also get on your nerves; he can be jarring....more info

  • What's WITH Shelly????
    This is a great tape, except for the increasingly annoying presence of Billy's daughter, Shelly. She seems to become more testosterone driven with every new series! Shelly grunts and groans and shouts her way through this one. More than once, I've been tempted to hit the mute button!

    Some clearly find the relentless groaning and shouting motivational--to each his own. But not everyone needs this sort of distracting noise to feel inspired.

    I've noticed that in at least one of Billy's newer tapes (Tae-Bo Cardio) Shelly tones it down to GREAT advantage. Taebo Cardio has since become my favorite tape next to the original Advanced Workout.

    Having said this, the moves themselves are very effective, and you will definitely "feel the burn." I did find some of the moves just too fast for me to complete the reps properly. I simply slowed them down a bit.

    I also wish that they would get the counting thing together. He starts at 8, and Shelly starts at 1, then vice versa. Good GRIEF! This could easily be handled by the two of them simply deciding between themselves to ALWAYS start on ONE!

    Occasionally, Billy interrupts Shelly in the middle of her count and begins counting again. It's all a bit unprofessional, but Billy's presence, genuine goodwill and the overall efffectiveness of his routines saves the day.

    As he says;

    "Are Ya' READY?"...more info
  • Love it, love it, love it.
    I have done at least more than 15 Abs or buns workout tapes over the years. This is the best!

    I have gained 43 lbs with my 2nd baby. With this tape, the pounds just melted away in just 2 months of workout. Last time with my 1st child, it took one year! This time, I didn't even have to starve from dieting. Just keep a low carb, high fiber diet. I alternate this tape with another one of Tae-bo's Advanced workout. With 2 little kids, I only manage to work out 4 times a week.

    I was in a wedding and saw a lot of people I haven't seen for a while. People were amazed how fast I lost the pregnancy weight. The compliments I got is worth EVERY single SWEATING Tae-Bo minute.
    ...more info
  • Extremely fast-paced
    This was my first Tae-bo tape and had had concerns, since I hardly ever enjoy fast-paced workouts and I usually hate to be shouted at through the TV screen. Now, even though it IS fast-paced and the instructor IS yelling at me like crazy, I still love it. :o)
    Combining some of the old-time favorite abs and glutes exercises with new variations AND speed results in a short workout that proves to be real effective. I hardly ever find tapes that leave me feeling the burn afterwards; now, after doing this one for the first time, I could hardly move for two days! I'm not saying it is necessary for a workout to be effective nor is it necessarily good, but it will definitely keep me inspired, since I feel like "good, so I HAVE done some serious work".
    Having said all that I would like to explain why I've still given this tape only 4 stars. There ARE a few reasons. First of all, they lose count several times, thus completing a few sets more times on one side than the other, sometimes even forgetting some. Also, don't expect very detailed cues, which might mean wrong moves that will either cause poorer results or actually even the opposite of what you're trying to achieve. My last concern is also connected to this: those of you that mainly want to lose some fat on the abs AND then tone them, might actually realize that their abs are GROWING instead of TONING - this workout is VERY tough on abs and even though you'll be sweating like crazy (at least I am :o)), you'd better include some serious cardio in your routine and follow a healthy diet, because this tape alone will not melt away the fat on the abs....more info
  • Billy Blanks Rocks!
    What an incredible Abs/glutes workout! Billy Blanks makes sure he gives you a complete workout (by introducing moves besides the basic crunch) to hit every muscle group in your abdomen and gluteus. Billy's extremely personable, is always encouraging, and makes you feel like you have complete control over your workout. This Abs/Glutes workout would be considered by the average person as at an advanced level...so keep that in mind before purchasing. Although this workout is just 30 minutes in duration, it is one of the most intense workouts I have ever experienced, and I am an avid exerciser. It takes extreme control and willpower to complete this tape, but is worth it in the end. I have seen INCREDIBLE results in the month I have owned this tape...amazing definition in the abs, and VERY firm muscles in the gluteus. Billy is constantly reviewing the proper techniques to follow when performing the moves, which is excellent. I have nothing but respect for Billy Blanks and the time and energy he puts into making quality TaeBo videos that will get you the results you have always wanted. As Billy always says, "If you have the will, TaeBo's the way!"...more info


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