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Thoughts of His Purpleness parading around in a Speedo shouldn't deter you from picking up Barney's Beach Party. Despite the dorky dance numbers and stiff dialogue (would it be Barney without them?), the made-for-video show ends up among the sugarcoated series' most palatable. It could be just the scenery, but the star seems more freewheeling in the fun-in-the-sun setting. He shows off a silly hat, slathers on the sunscreen, leads the gang on a sailing expedition, hunts for seashells, chills out with some icy creamy ice cream, flies a kite, builds a sandcastle, assembles s'mores, and even shimmies into a grass skirt for hula lessons. Best of all for dino diehards, Beach Party is a fiesta for DVD/video eyes only--50 minutes of fantasy rays you can't catch on the tube. When they're this harmless, you might as well let your preschooler lounge around and soak up every second. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • Awsome Movie
    Buy this movie. It is really cool. GO CUBS!!!!!...more info
  • Not the best
    The content of this dvd is not that bad (it's not that great either). The thing that really ticks me off is that there is no menu or extra features like the other dvds: Let's Play School, More Barney Songs and our favorite is the Circus one. The Circus one even has segments of videos from other Barney shows giving you more bang for your buck. Our neighbor heard that Barney fired their old dvd production company - the one that put out good dvds with the extra features, coloring books, games, read alongs, etc.. Big mistake Barney!...more info
  • No chapters, no menu
    I have three children and all three have loved Barney videoes and DVDs. So, I'm intimately familar with the content of these products. We have several Barney DVDs and this one is the absolute worst as far as usability. The content itself is fine; however, there is no way to fast forward through the ads or the movie because there are no chapters!! For the price of this DVD, I would expect these basic features. The only other DVD I have without these features I got for free in a kids meal! The first time my youngest sat down to watch this DVD she cried for the first 5 minutes because she was expecting to see Barney, not ads for Kipper and Bob the Builder! I would recommend "Lets Play School" instead. Also, check the bargain DVDs at Walmart. I found "Musical Scrapbook" for $5.50 there and guess what? It has chapters and a menu. ...more info
  • NO MENU or Captions
    My daughter loved this movie, at 2 years old she jumped up and starts dancing for most of the songs.
    I am very disappointed that you are forced to watch commercials
    for what seems like an hour before the movie starts.
    English sub-titles would have been a real boon to children learning to read....more info
  • VCD not DVD
    Great content but TERRIBLE DVD! It's like they recorded their video to a video CD! No chapter search, no menu, commercials to fast forward through!

    Lyric studios put out high quality Barney DVDs with all sorts of extras. ......more info

  • Where's The Menu?
    My 2 year old girl is fascinated with this DVD, but there's no menu or special features. We're forced to watch commercials before the actual feature. A pain in the behind when she's screaming she wants to watch Barney. ..., excellent content, but no menu (?)...more info
  • Good movie overall, but bad message about eating healthy foods
    This movie is fine, and my son was very entertained (20 months old), but one thing bothered me about it. There is a scene when they talk about eating fruits and vegetables, and then they decide that those are bad and that ice cream is better. Not to be a stickler (my son loves ice cream as much as the rest of them), but it makes fighting the battle of vegetables even harder when Barney doesn't back you! There are other videos (like the zoo one) where they make fruits and veggies fun, but this one dropped the ball....more info
  • Barney , couldn't stand you b-4 but now I love you
    My 10 month old daughter loves this DVD. First and only DVD she has of Barney so I really couldn't compare it to others. But I do know this, when I put it on my daughter is so busy "dancing" and "singing" that I can do my housework without having a crying child on my leg....more info
  • Best Barney Ever
    This is the best Barney video to date! It's one of the few that doesn't annoy the grownups! It has catchy songs, pretty scenery and lots to keep little Barney enthusiasts completely entertained. It may not have extra DVD features but the movie itself is worth buying! A must have for Barney lovers....more info
  • Regular Barney Fare
    I can only repeat what other reviewers have said ....there is no menu, no subtitles for a hearing impaired family member.. you are forced to watch at least ten minutes of previews for other cartoons, absolutely no extra features or bonus clips....nothing.... Also the video itself seems rather standard....same songs as you would see on tv....silly hat and so seemed like a regular Barney episode from PBS....I wish I could return this one. Despite all of that it does hold my two years old attention as anything Barney I gave it the two stars. I would pick up the VHS version of this particular one if you are set on having it....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    My 3-year-old daughter was very excited for this video because she saw Barney on a surf board on the cover and assumed (as did I) that there would be some surfing in the movie. She cried when it was over because there was, in fact, no surfing and now she does not want to watch it again.

    If you want to get this, I would just get the video version as this is essentially just a video (no menu or special features) in a digital format. Not worth the extra price of a DVD....more info

  • Kid loves it BUT................
    Why the hell would you have a song on ice cream???
    Every time my 2 year old sees it, he wants us to get him ice cream. I thought this was so stupid on the part of the makers of the barney company.

    Why couldnt they sing a song on cucumber or veggies?...more info


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