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Mastering the alphabet involves much more than recognizing capital letters. Brainy Baby: ABC's offers a healthy dose of phonics and lowercase letter study as well, treating 2- to 5-year-olds to a lesson that proves equally entertaining and educational. The key to this delightful show's appeal stems from an engaging, interactive approach to learning. Vocally introducing each uppercase and lowercase letter pair, sharing each letter's sound (or sounds, as in the case of vowels and certain consonants), and showing examples of words beginning with each letter, a friendly narrator encourages viewers to repeat what they see and hear. Throughout the 40-minute program, playful review sessions help enforce each lesson. Upbeat music and exceptional camera work add to the package, making yet another positive contribution from the award-winning Brainy Baby Company. Favorite extras on the DVD version include a video sing-along and a read-along storybook narrated by a child. -- Liane Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • Truly educational!
    I bought this DVD when my son was about 4 months old, along with the Brainy Baby 123 but didn't show him the videos until he was about 6 months old - which was after I had already made my own home-made alphabet and numbers 1-20 flashcards (the idea was to get him familiarized before showing the ABC and 123 videos). Indeed, both videos complemented my son's learning of the alphabet and numbers 1-20 because at 11 months he started to identify the entire alphabet and the numbers 1-20 in his books. I pasted my home-made flashcards on a board and at 13 months old as he watches this ABC video, he cross references the letters that he sees on the video against my home-made alphabet board. At 14 months old, he points and recognizes the letters in his books, letter and number prints on my shirt, public signs, billboards, and just about everywhere he can see letters and numbers - when we go shopping, at the register, and even at the Doctor's clinic. He even says the sound of the letter when he recognizes it. It's just amazing how these brainy baby ABC and 123 videos complement my son's learning. I strongly recommend these videos that are truly educational. These are great tools to prepare a child and be ready to learn reading. By the way, I have all the baby einstein, leapfrog, bumblebee, your baby can read, Richard Scarry's, and the Do the Alphabet Sesame street videos, and I must say each of these have their own style of teaching babies. And my son loves each and everyone of these videos so much. One tip: be interactive and have fun with your child as you introduce each video. The key is you yourself must enjoy the video first and pass the enthusiasm to your child. (note: REMEMBER TO REFRAIN FROM ANY HINT OF PRESSURING YOUR CHILD) You'll be amazed at how rapidly your child can learn!
    I was! My child recognized letters, numbers, and some words before he could talk and walk....more info
  • Too Much Filler on this DVD
    I'm a big fan of the Brainy Baby DVD series after purchasing both Left and Right Brain for my 21 month old son. He loved both of those and thought we should move to the ABC DVD. He already knew the entire alphabet at 18 months. This video has a lengthy song in the middle that seems to be just filler to hit the 45 minute mark. For the most part, my son loves the letter parts, but loses interest in the songs. Certainly not a regretable purchase but this DVD does lack some creative elements that were in Left and Right Brain....more info
  • WOW!!!
    My daughter is now 15 months old and knows most of her alphabet! I started showing her the video when she was 10 months. I was worried that she's just viewing it passively, but by 12 months she's able to say the letters "H, I , O". For some of the letters she could even say the sounds!!! She could point to letters and say them whether they're on a cereal box or on your sweatshirt.
    She surprised me one time by saying the sound of "L", which is pretty hard to do since they have to learn to roll their tongue.

    I supplement her learning by reading to her and pointing out letters whereever they are. She thinks it's a game and have fun saying her letters. She also liked playing with her Leapfrog ABC's Magnet and also the Leapfrog Phonics bus. ...more info
  • We love Brainy Baby at our house.
    I just can't say enough good things about the Brainy Baby series of videos and toys. I have allowed my baby to watch one Brainy Baby video per day since he was about 6 months old. He loves them. And I love being able to have a few minutes to clean my kitchen. :) As soon as the Brainy Baby theme music comes on he starts to smile. He is captivated. I like them much more than the Baby Einstein videos.

    And the toys.......he LOVES them. "Hello, Brainy Baby!" They are the most loved and most used toys in his toy box. I have to keep an extra stash of batteries just to make sure that they are all working all the time.

    We love Brainy Baby at our house. ...more info
  • Every Baby is Different.
    Well, I read the review from the woman that gave this video 1 star. And I think she might be a little too critical. I have to say though this video may not be good for older kids, but it really all depends on your child. My daughter (20 mo. now) loves the Alphabet and Number DVD's from Brainy Baby. I started teaching her A and B at about the same time she was learning to walk and talk and she learned the difference between them very quickly. I started adding in a new letter every couple weeks and she learned fast. When I got the DVD she knew A,B,C,D, and E. Then after watching the videos for about a month she knew all of her alphabet, (Meaning she could say and recognize them). So I do think that having this video excellerated her learning. Then the Number DVD she watched for a couple weeks and I have to say I was amazed that with in a couple weeks she could count to 10. But she did display the interest in learning her alphabets and numbers before we had the video. If your child looks interested in learning then it's quite possible this would be very helpful. I would recomend this video for children who are 1 year to 2 and a half. It's great to expose them to, but you have to remember that a lot of the work has to come from you. However there is no guarantee that your child will love the videos as much as mine. Children learn in different ways. Mine just really learned fast with the help of this video. If your like me, you might think it's worth a shot. And if your baby doesn't like it, sell it or pass it on to a friend. Chances are someone elses baby might benefit from it. ...more info
  • Great learning tool!
    After reading a few negative reviews of this product, I had concerns about purchasing it. However, I couldn't find any alternatives that I thought would help reinforce my 3-yr-old twins' interest in letters so I took a chance. I am so glad I did!

    The video introduces capital and lower case letters along with the sounds and somehow manages to capture my boys' attention whenever I turn it on. It is interesting to both of them, despite their very different abilities (one has known the alphabet since he was 18 months and the other still doesn't know all the letters).

    My opinion is that the concerns of the reviewer(s) who complained about the pronunciations like, "d-uh" are overstated. It is a great tool for learning the alphabet and sounds! ...more info
  • mom of two little ones
    TRULY AMAZING!! Got this for my son's second birthday. Didn't know if he would go for it because there's no caterpillar at the beginning (he's a loyal Baby Einstein fan), but it has become his favorite video. Honestly, within one week he learned all his letters, uppercase and lower. He now sings the ABC song as cute and as well as a two year old can. This combined with Leap Frog's refrigerator magnets have really helped him with his letters. I highly, highly recommend this video. Our six month old enjoys it, too. We're waiting for her to start singing her ABC's too!...more info
  • A great video
    I am a speech pathologist and was surpised by another review that complained about the repetition in this video. That is how children learn -- by repetition!! Remember, this series is designed for the cognitive and learning skills of the 2-4 year old set, not an adult! I have a 3.5 year old who barely sits still, yet the children and action in this video keep his attention. Yes, there are instrumental and singing portions, but that is what kids love. I have several in this series and my kids love them all. Both my kids learned their ABC's by watching this video (along with practicing with foam letters in the bathtub). I find the Brainy Baby series to be much more educational than the Baby Einstein videos. For those of you who feel your children have advanced beyond the Baby Einstein videos, I would highly recommend this series. Great for the preschool age group....more info
  • school teacher and mom of three
    Brain Baby ABC's has done more to encourage our children on the road to reading than any other video out there and being a school teacher, as well as a mom, I've seen them all! Our kids try to see who can come up with a word for each letter first, as it is displayed. Then, being siblings, they try to out do each other by seeing how many more words with the same letter they can reel off. Oh, the joys of learning-no matter what motivates them!...more info
  • Great way to introduce and reinforce the alphabet!
    Thank you Brainy Baby for this video! I looked all over to find a quality video in order to introduce and reinforce the ABC's to my 17 month old. I began introducing the alphabet to her at age 6 months, and she now knows the letters by name and can "sing" the ABC song. I bought this to help reinforce her knowledge because I like that it starts out by singing the traditional ABC song several times, and then it goes into presenting each letter. I also like that it shows real life images of children and other objects, and its not just a bunch of fanciful images set to classical music. At the end, they sing the ABC song one final time. I think this a great buy for teaching ABCs, its simple and its exactly how most people would teach it. ...more info
  • Great for special needs children
    I have one child with autism and the other with a language delay. My 2-year old autistic child now knows all of the alphabet letters thanks to this video. She also is sounding out the phonics sounds of each letter. My other child has greatly improved his speech after reciting along with this video. I highly recommend this video in addition to the entire series....more info
  • Speech Pathologist - FIVE STARS
    As a speech pathologist, I would highly reccomend this video to any of my clients. To those that have said the phonemes are incorrect have obviously never worked with speech challenged toddlers. There are lots of videos out on the market that encourage children to memorize their ABC's (which in the long run will not benefit their ability to read or spell). I encourage my students as well as my own child to address the sounds of letters first and label them later. I am very impressed that they include the different sounds the vowels (/oe/ and /o/)make and that they review (for those children that need it). To those reviewers who adressed the "uh" they heard attached to sounds - vowels for children under the age of five often need to be pronounced emphatically so they say them correctly (when learning the individual sounds). You can fix the attached "uh" later when spelling and blending words together. Also the vocabulary that follows the pronunciation of the letters encourages against using the "uh". I have not found a video like this one that teaches the ABC sounds and letters. ...more info
  • it was broken
    i received my cd tape and was very excited to watch it with my son. the first time was ok however, the 2nd time it skipped. i cannot watch the entire tape b/c of this. i had thrown out the receipt so i could not return it.

    jennifer neuman...more info
  • Great Learning tool
    If your gonna let your kids watch TV atleast let it be educational. It's a great video. I'm sure it reinforced my son in learning his ABC's. ...more info
  • Great ABC Video
    My 2 1/2 y.o. loves this video and asks for it often. He now knows all his letters and I believe this video has really helped....more info
  • Shame on Brainy Baby! Terrible way to teach letter sounds!
    I'm shocked that this video is getting so many stars. It makes me wonder if the mom's have really listened to it. Just a warning that this is probably my most critical review I've written and it is quite lengthy. If you are considering buying Brainy Baby ABC's then I'd suggest you please read this.

    As with the other Brainy Baby (I'll call them BB in the review) videos that I have viewed, there is a long introduction that takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Then they sing the alphabet 3 times, once with a fish alphabet puzzle, then with wood letters and then a snake alphabet puzzle. Then kids voices are heard reciting the alphabet. This is followed by a long instrumental of kids at a playground, some of them holding foam letter pieces (this lasts 2 minutes and 8 seconds! How can this hold a kids attention?). I mean, get on with it already!! Finally, 7 and 1/2 minutes into the video, they begin with the letter A.

    In case you don't know this, BB was formerly Baby's First Impressions (BFI). BFI has a Letters video and BB ABC's has many of the exact same things in it. I think BB tried to improve upon BFI Letters by showing upper and lower case of each letter and by saying the letter sound. For the vowels they say both the long and the short sound and they also give the two sounds for C and G. Unfortunately they blew it, in my humble opinion, in not being consistent in their letter sounds and by adding that terrible sloppy "uh" sound to many of them. This is really bad. I am no expert, just stay-at-home mom homeschooling my kids. I am teaching my 2nd child to read and over the years I have learned how to make the letter sounds and how not to make the letter sounds. Before BB marketed this video they should have had some lessons. More about this later. But, first, lets start with how BB does the letters. All the letters follow this same basic format. Here is what is said for the letter A:

    Big A. Little a.
    The letter A makes two sounds.
    A, A, A, Ape.
    A. Ape.
    A. Acorn.
    A. Acorn.
    and Aaaaa, Aaaaa, Aaaaa (this, of course, is the short sound that's being said), Apple.
    Aaaa. Apple.
    Aaaa. Ants. Amazing Ants.

    OK.....sounds good, right? I thought, "hey, this is great that they added in the sounds of the letters. This is better then Baby's First Impressions Letters."
    FYI, in BFI they said:
    A. Apple.
    A. Apple.
    A. Airplane.
    A. Airplane.
    A. Arm.
    A. Arm.
    You can see that BB tried to improve on this.

    Anyway, as the other letters were said I soon realized I was wrong about thinking this was an improvement. There is a ladies voice that I will call the "Narrator" and also a young girls voice that I will call the "Reviewer". The Narrator started saying the letter sounds correctly but then very quickly began saying the sounds wrong. Some were questionable, such as saying "kih" for K and "Nnnnih" for N. Most were much more obvious, like "puh" for P, "tuh" for T, "vuh" for V, etc. This is so wrong! It's a sloppy "uh" that is added to consonants. No wonder there are so many kids in this country that have such a hard time learning to read. If you teach a child that the letter P says "puh", how can they correctly sound out a word? Let's take the word "pat" as an example. A child would sound it out by saying, "puh....aaaa....tuh (assuming they are taught that the letter T says "tuh".....which is wrong). If they try to blend this together they'll come up with "puh-a-tuh". How are they supposed to know that they change "puh...aaaa...tuh" miraculously into "pat"? It just boggles my mind!

    As you can see, this really bothers me. I don't understand why a company won't say the sounds of the letters properly before they put a video on the market that is supposed to teach kids the letter sounds. Get it right first! Try it right now for yourself. How do you say letter sounds such as P, T, V, etc? Think about might take a bit of effort to *not* say that "uh" at the end of the letter. For the letters P and T you say them quite short. Cut them off before adding on that "uh" sound. The letter V can be drawn out a little longer but you just say "vvvvvv" (like a vibrating sound) you should not say "vuh". The letter H is almost like you hear your breath coming quietly out of your mouth (it's difficult to explain but I hope you understand what I mean), you don't say, "huh". The only letter that you can properly say the "uh" sound is for the letter U. To drive home the point a little further, we all know the sound for S. It's like a snake saying, "ssss". No one in their right mind would teach that sound as "suh". So why not teach all of the letter sounds properly? my soap box a little bit....but not all the way. I'm not done with reviewing this video. It gets worse.

    After every few letters there is a review. Here's where it isn't even consistent! The Narrator said "Lih" for the letter L. This is also wrong. You should say "LLLL" and not add on another sound to the end. Then the Reviewer (the young girl) says, "Luh. LLLL. Ladybug. Luh. LLLL. Lamp." The Narrator says, "That's right!!" WHAT? How can that be right? They have just taught your child 3 different sounds for the letter L. I don't know what school they went to! First the Narrator says it wrong. Then the Reviewer says it wrong (but a different wrong way) and then she actually says it right (LLLL) and then repeats herself (the wrong way and the right way, but both her sounds are different from the Narrators wrong sound). How can this be considered "right"??

    Maybe by now you are thinking I am being way too picky, but think about it. This is supposed to be teaching the impressionable little mind of our child. Why have them view this and pick up the wrong way to say the sounds of the letters? It could have a negative impact on them when they are ready to start to read. Just *some* of the sounds said incorrectly by the girl Reviewer are: "Buh" for B, "Kuh" for C, "Duh" for D, "Qwuh" for Q, "Vuh" for V, "Wuh" for W, "Ex" for X, "Yuh" for Y. In comparison, the adult Narrator says sounds like: "Bih" for B, "Dih" for D, "Nih" for N, "Qwih" for Q, "Ur" for R, "Vih" for V, "Whih" for W, "Yih" for Y, "Zih" for Z. Both of them say about half of the alphabet incorrectly and it's not always the same letter. Sometimes the girl says it right and the woman says the same letter wrong. Sometimes they switch roles and the Reviewer gets it wrong and the Narrator says the same letter right. Drives me crazy! How can they be teaching one sound and then for the review they say a different sound for the same letter? And, while I am being so critical in this review, I might as well add that for the letter E they end it by showing an eagle wearing a graduation cap. They say, "Un Educated Eagle". Let's really show that we *are* educated, shall we, and say "*An* Educated Eagle" not "un" (unless they are really saying "Uneducated Eagle"....which would fit with the uneducated way they present this video).

    As you can tell I have serious issues with this video and could never recommend it to anyone. It really deserves no stars from me but Amazon requires I give at least one. Even though this did have some improvements over BFI (noting the upper and lower case, two sounds for the vowels and letters C and G, better graphics, etc) I'll keep my BFI Letters and get rid of this one (it belongs in the trash!). Please don't buy it. At least see if your library has it first. Please read my other reviews. I promise they aren't this long!

    ...more info
  • nice for older toddlers or preschoold age kids
    these brainy baby videos are great because they kind of pick up where the baby einstein leaves off meaning that they are geared along the same thought of learning the basic school/world skills as the einsteins but are for the older kids that are at school readiness. for example, my son already knew the alphabet but i bought this anyway and it really is improving his alphabet skills because the focus on word pronunciation using the alphabet, and also the lower/upper case difference, as well as vowel pronunciations. i recommend these videos in the brainy baby series to the older kids who may have outgrown the dvds or tapes which cover numbers 1-5, and primary colors, and the like...more info
    I am so thankful to these reviews. They help so much in determining if a product is right for us. After reading all the reviews, I decided to purchase this DVD for our 20 month old son. He had been watching The Letter Factory (which is great) and I wanted to offer him something new. At first, I was worried, as he wanted to watch The Letter Factory, but after sitting through the DVD with him ONCE, from then on, he has been very interested in watching the video. I like it because it's not all hyper. It's taught in a relaxed calm method. No regrets. I LOVE the way they repeat over and over the sounds of the letters. It's an excellent video for learnig the alphabet and letter sounds. A++++ We bought ours directly from Brainy Baby. We didn't want to wait. We received our order within a week....more info
  • A winner with my child
    My 20 month old son loves this DVD. He has taken a real liking to the alphabet song and stays glued to the TV whenever this DVD is on. He also recognizes the objects associated with each letter and likes to point out or sign (according to the ASL signs he's familiar with) the objects that he knows. Good product!...more info
  • Greatest Video Ever!!!
    I love this video. My newly 2 year old little boy loves to watch this video. It does a great job keeping him entertained while also teaching him. He now knows the entire alphabet, upper and lower case, and also knows many of the sounds that the letters make. We also have flash cards and ever since this video he loves to get out the flash cards and go over each letter. I am truly amazed how much he has learned. I cannot wait to get the number video and see if we have the same results. I would recommend this to everyone....more info


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