WaterPik WP-60W Personal Dental Water Jet System

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Product Description

The Water Pik? Personal Oral Irrigator effectively fights gum disease by cleaning where brushing and flossing can't reach. 1,200 pulsating sets of water per minute reach between teeth and under the gum line to reduce harmful bacteria. Comes with one jet tip and one fresh breath tongue cleaner and is ideal for individual use. Ideal for cleaning around braces, crowns and bridgework. Can be used with water, mouthwash or any ani-bacterial rinse recommended by your dental professional. Reservoir acts as cover for compact storage. Durable, easy to use and easy to clean . 1-Year Warranty.

  • Clinically proven 93% more effective than flossing at reducing gum disease
  • Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below gumline where brushing alone won't reach
  • Massages gums to make them strong and healthy
  • Healthier Gums in 2 weeks, guaranteed, ideal for cleaning around braces and dental work
  • Color coded jet tips

Customer Reviews:

  • Loved it the 2 months before it began leaking...becoming unusable
    Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet. Wow, can I tell you how improved my gums and mouth felt for about 2 months! But.... It was very short lived, as the tubing leading to the pic began leaking--then quickly lost all function. Sorry, but I cannot afford to buy multiple units. Also, it seems the motor is fine...what a waste! Not doing it!...more info
  • Great for Everyday Home Use!
    I got this for Christmas and Love it!!! It makes my whole mouth feel super clean. I can see how it wouldn't be practical for taking it on trips...which is understandable (and that's why they make small hand held ones). I have super sensitive gums and often times when I floss or brush my gums bleed. I feel like this product gets the job done with out all the mess. It's a little hard to get used to at first ( I squirted myself in the face a couple of times) but is worth the hassle. ...more info
  • Great little gadget
    I've had my WP-60W for almost two years, ever since I started getting sore gums periodically, but rarely used it regularly. I have almost no counter space by the sink, so I kept putting it in the closet, where it would be forgotten until I started hurting again.

    I finally gave in and now keep it perched on the edge of the sink. I had some bleeding the first couple times I used it, but now that's stopped and I even think the most troublesome pocket may be holding less debris. When I'm in a hurry I just irrigate the problem areas, but at night I give myself a thorough session with it. At this point, if I floss after I use the Waterpik, I get hardly anything off of my teeth!

    The little monster is loud, but hey, it has to create a lot of pressure from a teeny tiny motor, and I'm sure the short lifespan of 2-4 years is what keeps the price so low. With twice-daily use I don't expect it live more than a couple more years, which frankly is a great bargain if I can avoid an oral surgeon or more fillings due to receding gums.

    Last week I decided to splurge on a Waterpik Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet, which was awful compared with the 60W--tiny reservoir, extremely awkward to handle, impossible to clean thoroughly--and is going right back to the store. Even with its noise and size, the 60W is far easier to use. I did consider the QuickBreeze - Dental Oral Irrigator w/ 36" hose, but it doesn't allow you to use mouthwash, which is important if you've got serious gum problems.

    Here are some tips for the WP-60W:

    * Press the reservoir down firmly over the gasket. When the water level is low it's likely to lose its connection; either press the reservoir down again or add water.

    * When you get started, set the pressure to the lowest level and hold the pik pointing into the sink until the water starts; then you can get it into your mouth with no spray and carefully turn up the pressure.

    * I never leave water in the reservoir; if you do, you're just asking for contamination or bacteria. That's why I decided not to buy the one with the covered reservoir.

    * To keep things as sanitary as possible, rinse the reservoir and run clear water through the machine if you've used mouthwash. Remove the 'pik' and rinse it out under the faucet. Then hold the handle in the sink below the level of the reservoir to allow water to drain out of the cord and shake it into the sink a few times to remove any remaining water in the handle. I then turn the reservoir over and prop it up on the unit until it dries out, since I'm concerned with bacterial or algae buildup.

    All in all, this is a great machine. It sounds like Waterpik is great about replacing bad units within a year (without a receipt!!). Nothing is made the way it used to be, but given the low price I'm not too concerned....more info
  • Pain in the you-know-what...
    This is my third Waterpik oral irrigation system. The first two lasted at least 3 years. This one is a piece of you-know-what. First, the resevoir does not fit over the unit with the irrigator tool in place after use. Second, I have to fiddle with the resevoir several times before the water will travel through the irrigator tip properly...pain in the you-know-what. Third, it seems to need flushing with bleach and water to rid it of a musty smell in the irrigator tip. Once I get the blasted thing to work, it does a wonderful job of getting debris left after flossing, but it's still a pain in the you-know-what knowing that there are better models available....more info
  • 7+ Years, still going strong
    I've had this model for over 7 years and noticed the poor reviews so here's my quickie - still runs strong, doesn't leak, but I'm upgrading to the Ultra.

    If you're in the market for a WP you might as well go with that since the price is so close. I lost my extra tips years ago & the storage inside the lid on the ultra seems like it'll be a nice feature.

    The only cons IMO are the lack of a lid over the reservoir which needs periodic cleaning. The 32 oz+ capacity will likely be missed, but I usually only fill this model halfway anyway so it might not be an issue.

    I'm not junking this one - it'll go in a dark corner shelf in case it's services are required in the future. I also ordered the panasonic portable model for the car & travel (runs on AAs) - I hate stuff stuck between my teeth.

    ...more info
  • Waterpik NOT Durable
    I have been buying as family gifts and using WP-60 higher end models of the WaterPik for the past 5 years - approximately 17 units. Every unit has been used habitually on the average of at least 3 times per week. Only one unit had lasted for almost 15 months before the handle and tubing began leaking resulting in hardly any water pressure at all. Every other unit failed in the exact same way lasting less than a year. All units cannot be repaired and have no replaceable parts reasonably available. Even on sale, this product is too expensive for an expected useful life of one year at a frequency of 3 uses per week. This product is very cheaply made in that it fails to return a reasonable value. Yesterday, my newest WP-60 tube and handle finally broke down exactly like its predecessors. I put this into use new only 8 months ago. I am now going to look for alternatives elsewhere.

    Be a smarter consumer than the marketers....more info
  • A gift that was burnt on first use
    I bought the waterpik for an aunt, unfortunately she plugged it directly to 220 and burnt it....more info
  • The best!
    Even more than my toothbrush, I rely on my WaterPik totally (I'm only sorry they can't make a travel version for out of the country that has enough power). This was a replacement and it's terrific...as always. ...more info
  • Waterpik made in China
    American design, Chinese manufacture. Plastic hose came off handle first time I tried to use it. I secured the hose with tape, which seems to work ok, except that I cannot store the handle in the base. As a tooth/gum cleaner, it works great, if a little messy (water everywhere). If you buy it, just be aware that you are buying a Chinese made product....more info
  • Really Poor Product
    As with others, mine started to leak at the handle in 3 or 4 months. So I tried to do what I did with the last one I had (also a Water pik)--I tried to open the handle to replace the cheap plastic tube that goes from the pump to the handle. In a crass exhibit of planned obsolescence, this one is sealed so that you have to break the handle to get it open. Once open, I found, as I expected, the cheap plastic tube had cracked, thereby leaking most of the water into my hand when I used it. At this point, I thought about super-gluing it together, but realized that I really hated this thing and Water pik in general for duping me into replacing with their product the one I had that lasted 10 years.

    Don' buy this one, and if you find one with a plastic tube, determine if you can replace the tube yourself. If not, your machine has a lifetime of at most a year, and probably less....more info
  • Can't live without it
    It's still not perfect but it works better than the last one I had (that one held up much longer than I thought possible). Anyway, I can't live without it - it's the only way my mouth feels clean....more info
  • Save Your Sales Receipt
    What a piece of junk! I had it for a full day -- just long enough to throw out my sales receipt, of course -- before the hose popped off the handle, shooting water all over the bathroom. I'm not sure why Waterpik expected the hose to stay on the handle in the first place; it looks like it must have been secured with spit -- or prayers -- as there is no tape or gromit of any kind to secure it. Apparently a "handle replacement kit" is available from the manufacturer, and I have inquired how I might order one. I suspect Waterpik does a thriving business selling these, as the hose/handle connection is so flimsy it seems sure to fail -- in my case, within one day. My advice: save your sales receipt in case you need to return your unit to the store where you bought it, or you require warranty service. Pathetic.

    ADDENDUM (written one week later): Well, I was wrong. You DON'T need to save your receipt, unless you want to return a failed WP-60 to the store. I contacted Waterpik at their website, explained the problem -- and one week later they sent a whole new unit. I must say, they certainly stand behind their (faulty) product! (Perhaps it helps if you point out, as I did, that if the problem of the hose detaching is common enough to warrant a topic on their customer support page, perhaps they might engineer a more effective solution!) Does the new unit work? The hose appears to be affixed more securely to the handle, but I am still using my first unit, as I devised a simple but effective solution while Waterpik was making their move: just by wrapping a length of Scotch plastic tape around the detached hose, you increase the circumference of the hose enough to make a snug fit with the little white plastic collar tucked in the handle where the hose attaches. So you just remove the collar from the handle, slide the collar on the hose now reinforced with the tape, plug the hose into the handle, then reinsert the collar so the tab fits under the lip of the handle. Again, one wonders how Waterpik stays in business effecting such elaborate solutions to such simple (but critical) design flaws; it's like an auto manufacturer giving you a whole new car because they had installed faulty lug nuts on one of your wheels. Another design flaw that shouldn't exist on such a mature product: the irrigation tips really need a gnurled grip so you can turn them in your mouth easily when they get wet while in use. Beyond this, the motor works (so far), and Waterpik does stand behind the product. One also has to wonder, however, what would happen to Waterpik's market share if a Japanese company who sweats the details like Panasonic decided to make a plug-in oral irrigator...

    SECOND ADDENDUM (written a few months later): Grrr -- the cleaning tip broke this morning when I tried to remove it from the hose. You'll need to keep a spare or two in the house, and I understand that Waterpik only sells the tip with a tongue cleaner, which I don't need. Again, yet another fault in what should by now be a mature product......more info
  • Quality is declining rapidly.
    I've used a waterpik everyday for over 20 years and found it very helpful in keeping my gums healthy. However, I have replaced it frequently over the years, always due to the same problem: leaking hoses. Every replacement lasts less and less time...5 years, 3 years, 1 year... The one I currently own lasted less than 30 days before the motor went out. I am returning it to the store. If I could find a better company, I wouldn't buy from Waterpik. Interplak's and Conair's oral irrigators are not strong enough for me in their stream of water. But until something better comes along, I find it a necessity to own a waterpik if you want to avoid periodontal disease....more info
  • don't do it!
    Ok, I'm an idiot. My 3rd Water Pik has given up the ghost after 2 months. The first two started leaking water like crazy at the handle; nothing came out the tip, it all came out in the handle. The latest one leaks water and so it's obviously an electrical hazard....more info
  • This is not the best!
    I have been using waterpik for about 6 years now, my 3rd waterpik broke this week. When I tried to replace that one I found Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet in a local store, I had to buy it because they did not have a waterpik and I could not live with out one!!. When I tried Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet I was pleasantly surprised by its performance, it was quiet and jet had enough force but it did not hurt my gums at all!!!. A big problem with Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet was that it has a smaller tank, so you have to stop and refill 3-4 times before you complete!!!....more info
  • WaterPik WP-60W
    Product works as advertised and am pleased with the purchase.Keep in mind that all waterpiks make a bit of noise, but its normal. Would recommend this for others....more info
  • Wish I'd had one years ago
    I bought this to replace a similar system made by a different mfr, after that one developed an irreparable leak following many years of use.

    There is no doubt the WaterPik is far more effective than its predecessor. I began using it at mid-power, because I have been a dental water jet user for years and had used my other one at just a bit above mid-power. The WaterPik cleans thoroughly, as the WaterPik Website video illustrates. It removes irritants below the gum line. I can vouch for this because (to my surprise) I had some minor bleeding of the gums during the first few days of use.

    Not that such bleeding is a good thing, but its importance will be clear in a moment. Please note that I don't have any peridontal disease or gum recission. Just a little inexplicable bleeding that comes with any vigorous dental cleaning. I get good numbers on the gum measurements at each exam, so this issue has just been a "keep an eye on it" thing for a long time. But the WaterPik appears to have solved it.

    After regular use of the WaterPik for a few weeks, I experimented by trying a few passes at nearly full power. No bleeding. At full power, the WaterPik is quite vigorous, and I'd guess that anyone with any gum issues would not be able to tolerate it. Mid-power works just fine for me, so that's what I use. I tried the higher setting as a test and can't reproduce the bleeding gum problem that the WaterPik appears to have cured in a few weeks of regular use.

    So apparently, my previous personal dental hygiene--which included brushing, flossing, and irrigating six times per day (once after each meal)--wasn't sufficient to keep my gumline free of irritants and to properly stimulate my gums. Dentists have recommended digitally (finger) rubbing my gums as a remedy, but I've never been able to stick with it--too easy to invoke the gag reflex. The WaterPik, however, has proven to be a solution I can stick with.

    Because this cleans so well, I now floss only twice a day (meaning I buy 2/3 less dental floss) and yet still have clean teeth and gums.

    During my semi-annual dental cleaning and exams, I sometimes had the same minor gum bleeding that I experienced upon first use of the WaterPik. The reason for this has always been a mystery, until now. It was a mystery because I did everything right--brush, floss, irrigate. What I didn't know was there is a huge difference in irrigators (dental water jets). From now on, it's the WaterPik brand for me. I will accept no substitutes....more info
  • Waterpik
    The unit accomplished its purpose of cleaning between teeth.
    The problem was that it kept tripping the GFI outlet in my bath.
    Probably a random mfg problem. I do not know if this is a typical problem for these units.
    I know the outlet is good since I can ( and DO ) regularly plug in a vacuum sweeper that draws around 10 Amps. ...more info
  • Water pik WP- 60W failures
    I bought a WP-60W less than one year ago and the pump has already failed. It never did work well. It pumped intermittently with very low pressure or not at all. It is a cheesy contraption at best in my opinion. Previously I had a WP-32W. It had 2 Pik Pocket Jet Tips 2 reservoirs Lg. & Sm. and it lasted 10 years. Teledyne has stopped making this one. Go figure !!
    I am looking for an alternative obviously....more info
  • Water Pik Woes
    Purchased this as a replacement of my previous unit which had become very noisy and produced an irregular stream. This one is not noisy but the stream is just as irregular as the one it replaced. I am wondering if I wound up with a 're-conditioned' unit. I will keep this one and I am resigned to having to replace this appliance annually....more info
  • High quality but low price.
    I bought this WaterPik for my daughter who has braces. It is just like mine which I use because I have lots of crowns. We both use Listerine because my dentist recommended it (4 parts water to 1 part Listerine), and it removes food particles as well as makes the mouth taste great....more info
  • E Review
    Wonderful product. There is nothing better for cleaning around crowns, braces and other dental work. A WaterPik is in no way a substitue for brushing and flossing, but it is the perfect adjunct for complete oral health care....more info
  • Really quiet
    The older models are much louder. It's a shame that I have to keep getting new units as they start to leak after a while....more info
  • WaterPic
    The WaterPic I purchased does an excellent job of irriagating my mouth and removing particles from between my teeth and gums...more info
    To be very honest, I only post negative experiences with products since it is my belief that when one purchases a product good quality should be a given. I own TWO of these units, which are model WP-65W, essentially the very same unit as the 60W. All of the negative issues already posted, such as the motor seizing, have been experienced by me. I am posting this review because China has come to earn a very negative reputation for producing inferior quality, just read the newspapers. On the other hand, WATERPIK is responsible for the specifications on these products. I use these units because I have gum disease and daily use helps me. There seems not to be much of a choice in the marketplace just now. ...more info
  • Waterpik saved my gums!
    Ok...I hate to floss...........I was getting bad and worse reviews by my dentist..........pockets getting deeper, and warnings of expensive repairs ahead........dentist informed me he used Waterpik and his gums really responded.........Tried it.............INCREDIBLE improvement......a little messy with the water, but after a really good brushing, watching those impacted little food particles floating into the sink with the water spray keeps me using it......and no more worry about bleeding gums........so I use it about every other day!...more info
  • Stingy on the Jet Heads!
    This is a good product but it's ridiculous that you only receive one Jet Head! The one we had previously had came with three of them!...more info
  • Another Example of Poor Design
    My Water Pik (WP-60W) is unreliable after 5 months. The fault lies with the reservoir. After 5 months the
    reservoir began to shutter and would not pump water. The only way to get the system to work is to
    apply pressure to the seal between the reservoir and the pump while you are trying to use the product. Apparently the seal becomes unseated after a few uses. Terrible quality Terrible design. I guess Waterpik did not perform enough qualty testing on this one....more info
  • Replacement Unit
    I purchased this unit to replace a 12 year old WaterPic.
    This unit is much quieter and it's design makes it much easier to clean and store. the rounded surfaces of the reservoir dry easier and protects the whole unit from dust when stored....more info
  • Great dentaL care
    This has worked wonders for my dental care. Have to be careful what setting you use it on and the direction. It lifted my cap off. :-)

    Only problem is the need to make frequent solutions....more info
  • Bad spelled with two bad's
    I didn't believe all the bad reviews having used WaterPiK for over 20 years so I went ahead and bought one anyway, what a disappointment. Within a week it started to stutter and lost water pressure now two months later almost all the pressure is gone. I could have saved some money had I just disregarded all those glowing reviews from questionable sources. I am not sure just what we old time WaterPiK users are to do. Anyone know of a product that works? Please email me if you do....more info
  • Victory over closely spaced teeth
    For many months my wife has had problems of things sticking between two of her teeth. Toothpicks didn't work, dental floss didn't work. I purchased for her, the devices that are pre strung with floss in the hope that having a rigid support, the floss would work...to no avail. Her last resort was the WaterPic. It worked like magic!!!...more info
  • Can't pump water anymore
    I bought a WaterPik in about 1963, and it ran fine till about 2001, when the pump wore out. Teledyne, the new owner of the brand, said no replacement parts were available. I bought a new WaterPik, expecting another 40 years of use -- silly me! The switch malfunctioned in a couple weeks, and I exchanged the Pik for another one. This one ran okay till a few weeks ago, when it lost its ability to provide pulses of water at more than one setting. Yesterday, even that setting produced insufficient pressure to serve any purpose. And the water in the reservoir simply ran out the bottom of the unit. I assume the pump leaked. Anyway, the firm listed on the WaterPik web site as the repair place in Dallas says it does no repairs, but only ships units under warranty back to Teledyne. Anybody know another brand of oral irrigator that I can try?...more info
  • Quit Carping!
    I don't know about you, but my dentist charges $35 a minute for his fillings. For the same price, you will get two years from a device which, no matter how hard you brush, will kick surprising amounts of crud from between your teeth, can be filled with mouthwash to kill halitosis sources from between your teeth, virtually stops gum bleeding (me) with use 3x a week, and (bonus) can clean industrial parts quite well! Sure, its 89 decibals, vibrates like a banshee and squirts all over the bathroom (until you become expert), but let's not quibble! There is no substitute....more info
  • Not worth the money
    I bought this product since I have gum disease and need to floss. I always had trouble flossing and this product seemed to be a good solution.

    I read some of the reviews before buying this product on Amazon. The reviews were not necessarily glowing but okay. I should have paid more attention to the reviews since they are not wrong. The problems that I ran into are as follows...

    1) There is no switch to shut off the water stream without turning the system off. So if you move the spayer from your mouth, water will spray across the room. At the lowest setting the stream is strong...

    2) As other people have noticed, the WaterPik has a vibration problem. The WaterPik periodically starts vibrating and it makes use very difficult.

    Since my dentist is now recommending an oral irrigation system, I need to look at a different brand. I am now considering the portable Panasonic irrigator. It is not perfect, but I have a number of Panasonic products, at home, which I am happy with......more info
  • The tem i received only has one jet tip
    According to the description of the item, there should be 2 color coded jet tips, I only got 1 instead. I am not satisfied with this seller. ...more info
  • Good design
    The WP-60 has proven very satisfactory - easy to use; easy to clean; very effective. The only important item missing from this product is the sub-gingival tip, which apparently can only be purchased in sets of two. The regular & tongue cleaning tip are excellent. If you use soap as I do, remember to rinse it out after every use. Otherwise you will collect junk in the tubing, tip and pump. Same if you have hard water - protect your investment by running a soft water rinse. Remember that you can force water under the gum if you have soft gums and the force is set high. Start low - your gums will harden up from the pounding of the jet....more info
  • Just Okay
    I had another dental system that was working well. I purchased this because of the brand name and the compact design. It works okay, but vibrates too much which is annoying....more info
  • Water Pick
    I bought this for my mother. Her old one had broken. She is thrilled with this product. It is the perfect size for her and it performs beautifully....more info
  • waterpik-60
    i receive the items within 10 dys . satisfied with the shipment, received in very good condition. operates perfect helps clean teeth efficiently and clean tongue satisfactory . only one problem i need mor acessories e.g. tip for using below the gums etc....more info