Brainy Baby : ABC's : Introducing the Alphabet (Ages 2 to 5 Years)

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Studio: Gaiam Americas Release Date: 04/03/2007

Mastering the alphabet involves much more than recognizing capital letters. Brainy Baby: ABC's offers a healthy dose of phonics and lowercase letter study as well, treating 2- to 5-year-olds to a lesson that proves equally entertaining and educational. The key to this delightful show's appeal stems from an engaging, interactive approach to learning. Vocally introducing each uppercase and lowercase letter pair, sharing each letter's sound (or sounds, as in the case of vowels and certain consonants), and showing examples of words beginning with each letter, a friendly narrator encourages viewers to repeat what they see and hear. Throughout the 40-minute program, playful review sessions help enforce each lesson. Upbeat music and exceptional camera work add to the package, making yet another positive contribution from the award-winning Brainy Baby Company. Favorite extras on the DVD version include a video sing-along and a read-along storybook narrated by a child. -- Liane Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • I like the other ones in the series more
    If you don't already own left brain and right brain, I would recommend getting those first. Though, this one is meant for older children, but it is not quite as entertaining it seems. My child doesn't seem to respond to this one as much as the left and right brain DVDs. If you already own left and right brain, it is still a worthwhile purchase....more info
  • My 2 1/2 year old loves it and is learning ...
    I brought this video at the point when my son knew what a letter was, but could not distinguish one letter from another. He loves the video and he will repeat the information as he goes through the video. We have owned it for about a month and he knows about half of his letters. The video starts off by singing the alphabet and the letters are shown through a puzzle. Then the alphabet is said and show just as letters on the screen. Next they go through the alphabet. "Big A. Little A. A has two sounds. A a a Apple, a a a ape, a a a acorn.", etc. They go through about 5 letters, and then they repeat the letters through a test. "Do you know what sound the letter A makes?" "I know a a a ape and a a a acorn." Finally, they sing a song about the alphabet and different objects to help remember the letter sounds.

    This is not a flashy scene video like baby einstein. For the most part it uses real objects, but does put in some computer graphics that look like real objects. It is not fast paced and it is repetative. It is designed to learn the ABCs and does it very well.

    If your child is ready to learn the ABC's it is very beneficial. If your child is younger and enjoys looking at children and babies at play or real objects they may enjoy the video. Older children who already know their ABCs and the sounds will probably be bored with the video....more info

  • Brainy Baby - ABC's
    Believe it!... This is a great video. Brainy Baby just seems to really know how to connect with children when it comes to teaching. The lady who gave this a one star and wrote a book about her feelings, is a bit over the top and has way too much time on her hands. We also homeschool our children and found that this video really helped them when they were younger to learn the alphabet. Remember, this is a PRESCHOOL video! Your children are being introduced to learning situations, not studying for a college exam! We have found that all the Brainy Baby videos are top quality and do an excellent job of teaching. Our boys knew the entire upper /lower case and all the letter sounds around 16-18 months! It was amazing and I KNOW that these videos played a big part in that. I am also impressed that all of their videos have a very specific educational outline that all my teacher friends say is excellent for teaching preschoolers. After doing a little research, I found a little known fact that it was Brainy Baby that created the first set of "infant-preschool" videos over 10 years ago (way before the Einstein series). So, that really gave me confidence that the producers at Brainy Baby really had the experience and track record. My advice, I don't see how you could go wrong for a mere $15 investment in your child's future. I own all of them and wish Brainy Baby would make more!

    ...more info
    After experiencing guilt for letting my daughter watch to many wiggles tapes I purchased this video. She loves the video and i feel as though it has helped her communicate.

    as nelson would say - smell you later...more info

  • Brainy Baby-123's
    This video is bright, engaging and upbeat. It drew my daughter in because the children are happily doing things that all children love to do, play in water, play on the playground, etc. The review of numbers 1-10 is quick and then we pause for a jumping around, danceable song and then its on to numbers 11-20. Never boring and I have found it is interesting to even older children!...more info
    I am so thankful to these reviews. They help so much in determining if a product is right for us. After reading all the reviews, I decided to purchase this DVD for our 20 month old son. He had been watching The Letter Factory (which is great) and I wanted to offer him something new. At first, I was worried, as he wanted to watch The Letter Factory, but after sitting through the DVD with him ONCE, from then on, he has been very interested in watching the video. I like it because it's not all hyper. It's taught in a relaxed calm method. No regrets. I LOVE the way they repeat over and over the sounds of the letters. It's an excellent video for learnig the alphabet and letter sounds. A++++ We bought ours directly from Brainy Baby. We didn't want to wait. We received our order within a week....more info
  • Taught my son his ABC's
    I purchased this DVD for my son at Christmas. He was 26 months old and has autism. Up to this point, he only could say a couple of words. He had shown interest in the alphabet, though.

    When I first watched the DVD with him, I thought it was really dry and boring, and he hardly watched any of it. BUT...then we played it a few more times and he started to show a lot of interest. Soon he was saying many of the letters, and within a week knew the whole alphabet. Two months later he is saying 25 words, and I think it all started with learning the alphabet!

    Although I still don't think it is a very exciting video, and yes...some of the letters are not pronounced has done a world of good for my son!
    ...more info
  • My 19th month old knows his letters!
    I love this Brainy Baby video! (After owning both, I think BB is much better than Baby Einstein.)
    My 19th month old son knows a lot of his letters thanks to this video! He LOVES it and begs to watch it all day. He doesn't like watching TV in general, so he's allowed to see ABC's at least once a day.
    Just this week he held up a block with the letter M on it and said "M", and then did the same to two more blocks! It's amazing! Now he's pointing out letters in the words in his books and telling me what they are.
    I know this is from watching the video, as well as reading with our family.
    I HIGHLY recommend this video, as well as 123, Animals, and Shapes and Colors. All are excellent.
    The Brainy Baby people know what they're doing....more info
  • Great Learning tool
    If your gonna let your kids watch TV atleast let it be educational. It's a great video. I'm sure it reinforced my son in learning his ABC's. ...more info
  • My TWO year old knows his letters, but he's learning the sounds wrong!!
    This review was very difficult for me to write as I have mixed feelings toward the video. As a first grade teacher, I am very critical of anything that requires the very particular and accurate use of phonemic awareness. Unfortunately, as the mom in the last review pointed out, this video has many inconsistencies when the narrator and little girl say their letter sounds. First of all, when saying letter sounds, one NEVER wants to add the sound -uh after any letter!! For example, when saying the sound for "T" we don't say "TUH", we simply whisper it by dropping our tougue from the roof to the bottom of our mouth. Or, we say "W" not by saying "WUH" but by forming the W with our lips, then holding the W sound like wwwwww. Though most of the sounds in this video are correct, they occasionally slip into the "-uh" trap! How on earth are our children supposed to read if they add -uh to every consonant....tell me....for instance, what the heck is puh-a-tuh! (translation without the -uh and you get the word "pat"!)
    Now, looking beyond the inconsistencies in pronounciation, I have to say that my 2 year old son LOVES the video!!! I am completely in awe and amazed that within one time of watching it, he repeats EVERY letter as it drops onto the screen. Though I find it terribly repetitive and boring, he is COMPLETELY engrossed!! And you know, HE IS the one who is supposed to love the video (not me!) so I suppose Brainy Baby has hit the mark on that aspect! He sits through the seven minute introduction and is totally aware as each written letter comes on. He enjoys the kids and babies on the screen and it doesn't seem to bother him that there is no real "action" or fun puppets like they have in the Baby Einstein videos. So, as a mother, I am overjoyed that he is enjoying the video, learning his letters AND gaining a nice vocabulary. He is slightly speech delayed, so anything that will help to improve his language awareness is a blessing.

    So how do I rate this?? As a teacher, probably no more than a 3. As a mother, I'd have to give this a 5 since my own child is rapidly developing his language awareness just by watching a simple DVD! I haven't watched any other letters video, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! ...more info
    This video is amazing! After 1 week of viewing this video, twice a day (once in the morning and once after nap time) my 18 month old daughter could sing the alphabet song AND recognize BOTH upper case and lower case letters. If you are determined to give your child the best head start and realize that education begins at home, you will run out and purchase this video for your child now. I only wish I had picked it up for her when she was 6 months old. I will purchase this video as a baby shower gift before a Baby Einstein video (and we love our Einsteins)
    ~eDee...more info
    This is a wonderful video. It REALLY teaches your child the alphabet! All the Brainy Baby videos do a far better job in teaching. ... The Brainy Baby series is most certainly worth the investment. ...If your child watches Brainy Baby, they actually LEARN their ABC's, 123's, Colors, etc. as well as being entertained with BEAUTIFUL images! (Not to mention that Brainy Baby is 50% longer than Einstein for the same price). Brainy Baby has not only taught our 17 month old daughter the ENTIRE alphabet, but it has been a lifesaver for my sanity too! I can't imagine any home without Brainy Baby....more info
  • Great ABC Video
    My 2 1/2 y.o. loves this video and asks for it often. He now knows all his letters and I believe this video has really helped....more info
  • Speech Pathologist - FIVE STARS
    As a speech pathologist, I would highly reccomend this video to any of my clients. To those that have said the phonemes are incorrect have obviously never worked with speech challenged toddlers. There are lots of videos out on the market that encourage children to memorize their ABC's (which in the long run will not benefit their ability to read or spell). I encourage my students as well as my own child to address the sounds of letters first and label them later. I am very impressed that they include the different sounds the vowels (/oe/ and /o/)make and that they review (for those children that need it). To those reviewers who adressed the "uh" they heard attached to sounds - vowels for children under the age of five often need to be pronounced emphatically so they say them correctly (when learning the individual sounds). You can fix the attached "uh" later when spelling and blending words together. Also the vocabulary that follows the pronunciation of the letters encourages against using the "uh". I have not found a video like this one that teaches the ABC sounds and letters. ...more info
  • May not be perfect, but my [...] is finally learning to talk.
    I agree with most of the other reviewers regarding MOM OF MANY MUNCHKINS review. She was way too critical! For hating the dvd so much, she has it memorized. She is correct about the "uh" sound, but my son has started talking so much since we got this dvd from our local library. He has even started saying complete sentances! Brainy Baby may not be perfect, but they are obviously doing something right. He also watches it from beginning to end without getting bored, and even giggles when the babies giggle. It is very cute! I think they did a great job. We have to remember that this video was made for babies and toddlers, not grown up adults....more info
  • The best
    I think the reviewer who gave this video only one star must work in marketing for the baby einstien (now disney i think) people...the baby einstein videos are pretty but content-free. They have a catchy brand name, but not much substance.

    On the other hand, the brainy baby series is truly educational. And they captured the attention of even my very young baby (lots of little kids and babies pictured in the videos) (If you like the brainy baby series, you'll like the first impressions videos as well.)...more info

  • Great learning tool!
    After reading a few negative reviews of this product, I had concerns about purchasing it. However, I couldn't find any alternatives that I thought would help reinforce my 3-yr-old twins' interest in letters so I took a chance. I am so glad I did!

    The video introduces capital and lower case letters along with the sounds and somehow manages to capture my boys' attention whenever I turn it on. It is interesting to both of them, despite their very different abilities (one has known the alphabet since he was 18 months and the other still doesn't know all the letters).

    My opinion is that the concerns of the reviewer(s) who complained about the pronunciations like, "d-uh" are overstated. It is a great tool for learning the alphabet and sounds! ...more info


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