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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/24/2006

Star Trek: The Next Generation's third year was an important development in syndicated television. After two shaky years, Paramount nonetheless decided the franchise still had plenty to do. Their confidence was bolstered by two significant factors. First, cast uncertainties were finally settled: Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher) was back for good; Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) regretted her first-year departure, and so contrived a return in the Emmy Award-winning "Yesterday's Enterprise"; and Whoopi Goldberg happily continued her actor's-scale contributions.

Second, after the show had survived the previous year's writers' strike, new writing blood revitalized both characters and ideas: Data experienced fatherhood ("The Offspring"), Worf's Klingon heritage kick-started a huge story arc ("Sins of the Father"), and Picard got a saucy vacation ("Captain's Holiday"). There were memorable star cameos: John de Lancie played more mischief alongside Corbin Bernsen ("D¨¦j¨¤ Q"); Dwight Schultz played truant in a gentle warning about addiction ("Hollow Pursuits"); and pleasing fans even more was Mark Lenard as Spock's dad ("Sarek"). The strongest evidence that TNG would continue for some time was the trend-setting cliffhanger finale. Fans and critics still agree that "The Best of Both Worlds" (properly introducing the Borg) was one of the greatest tricks ever pulled on TV to make audiences come back for more. --Paul Tonks

Customer Reviews:

  • The best
    As the third season of TNG started we found that the series had become something similar to the orginal since we find the the next generation of enterprise characters to be their own characters instead of the orginal TV series characters spin offs. A must have season for all trekkie fans...more info
  • DEAR MORONS AT PARAMOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My question for the Morons at Paramount is why do possibly glue the sticker seals the container with such strong stuff that you cannot avoid ruining the container when you remove it. May I remind that this a COLLETOR'S ITEM!!!!! Therefore if you damage it is WORTHLESS....more info
  • Where TNG finally hit its stride
    Star Trek: The Next Generation didn't really hit its stride until the middle of the third season. After the shaky first season and the short second season, in the third season we finally get to see some The Next Generation in all of its glory.

    Unlike most of the 1st and 2nd season episodes, the third season took the time to explore more of the backround of the characters:
    1) Worf's backround was thoroughly explained in "SINS OF THE FATHER." In that episode we meet his long lost brother and learn more about his true father.
    2) Another noted episode is "THE ENEMY," where Geordi is stranded on a desolate planet with a Romulan. It's great to see the La Forge character actually do something besides speaking techno-babble.
    3) "THE OFFSPRING" was a great Data episode and "SAREK" showed that Patrick Stewart is a magnificent actor.
    (Keep in mind that there are also other character-driven episodes to watch that are also enjoyable.)

    That aside, there were many action-packed episodes:
    1) In "THE HIGH GROUND," the Enterprise must battle terrorists after they kidnap Dr. Crusher. A great scene is when the terrorists come aboard the Enterprise and try to hijack it by force so they can destory it.
    2)Another action-packed episode is "THE HUNTED," which is about a genetically superior veteran of planetary war that comes aboard the Enterprise. The last 10 minutes of this episode are some of the best minutes I'sve ever seen in an TNG episode.

    For comedy lovers, there are also some humurous episodes that let the crew lighten up for a few episodes:
    1) In "DEJA Q," Q comes aboard the Enterprise with all of his powers lost, but no one belives him. The "going away present" that he gives to Data at the end is great.
    2) In "MENAGE A TROI," Riker, Troi and her mother are captured by Ferengi. Troi's mother ends up giving "ear foreplay" to a Ferengi and Picard is forced to use his knowledge of poetry.

    And finally, to the classic of the season, "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, PART 1." Just a little better than the second part, this episode is the best overall epsiode. It has great music, stellar acting, awesome special effects, some good action, and THE BEST ENDING EVER TO A TNG EPISODE. The last 7 minutes are outstanding.

    Overall, the 3rd season of TNG isn't only a great one; it's the season that started TNG on its four-season greatness. (Seasons 3-6) Finally TNG has hit its stride.

    1989-1990; Approx. 20 hours; All episodes are Rated PG for for brief language and mild violence....more info

  • The First "Polished" Season, Though the Luster is Uneven.
    "There are times, sir, when men of good conscience cannot blindly follow orders."
    -- Jean Luc Picard to Admiral Haftel, "The Offspring"

    Of all the Next Generation seasons, Three may be the most difficult one to define. It's easy to point out the fact that it's a far more polished season than its predecessors, featuring immensely superior production values in terms of lighting, color balance, and costumes that lend a more dignified look to the show. Beyond that though, things get muddled.

    Season Three undergoes a massive change of identity, most likely due in part to the arrival of new head writer Michael Pillar and a change of executive producers as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry let go of the reigns due to his declining health. The new guard behind Next Gen seemed very concerned with making Trek more respectable and less fantastic. So, while the production values were enhanced to bring about this affect, the direction of the series seemed to follow, largely de-emphasizing the prominence of science fiction in most episodes (with several notable exceptions) and honing in, instead, on political, ethical, and personal drama.

    This works amazingly well in several groundbreaking episodes including "The Survivors," "Who Watches the Watchers?" "The Enemy," "The Defector," "Booby Trap," "The Offspring," and "Sins of the Father". The Offspring, in particular, is one of the most powerful dramatic episodes in the entire Star Trek franchise, while "Sins of the Father" lays the basis for Worf's personal struggles throughout his tenure on Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

    There are also several episodes that play up a more character-rich and light-hearted side of Trek, including Luwaxana Troi's abduction by ogling Ferengi in "Menege a Troi," Q's amusing tenure as an ordinary human in "Deja Q," and Picard's less than laid back vacation in "Captain's Holiday."

    Unfortunately, this season also contains many relatively dull and dreary episodes that necessarily result from this first attempt to lend more dignity and restraint to a formerly far-out science fiction series. It's difficult to decide how to fill 45 minutes of episode run time when the phasers aren't firing and there's no hostile force threatening the ship. As a result, while I'd be hesitant to call any episode in this season bad, there are many that I simply consider skippable. Each has a strong concept at its center, but most simply run too long and fail to provide enough dramatic action.

    However, just as Next Gen is beginning to feel almost uncomfortably restrained in this season, the writers deliver two of the series' best remembered fantastic science fiction premises: "Yesterday's Enterprise," and "The Best of Both Worlds P.1". Both are, perhaps, so utterly successful because they blend the fantastic with rich, realistic human drama and polished, respectable production values. Even if the rest of the season were a total wash, these two episodes would warrant the purchase of this volume by themselves, clearly benefiting from all that the new creative team brought to this season.

    Finally, by the end, Season 3 achieves a new apex of excellence for Star Trek, delivering balanced episodes with compelling human drama at their core while framed by solid, enjoyable science fiction premises operating in the background. The strongest of these are "Hollow Pursuits," which introduces us to the unforgettable Reginald Barkley, and "Sarek," in which Mark Lenard reprises his role from the original series. Then, of course, the series concludes with the already mentioned "Best of Both Worlds p.1" which, though primarily centered on an action-intensive plot, does incorporate significant emotional drama for the characters and viewers alike.

    So, while Season Three brings production values, realism, and political and personal drama to the next level, the end result is uneven. There are many dull moments in this season, yet one can't deny the quantity of exceptional episodes that are spaced out between them. You're not going to love every episode that Next Generation Season Three has to offer, but the highlights of this season are amongst Trek's finest. ...more info
  • First truly great season of a great SF television series
    This first fully satisfying season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is a must-buy. Every episode in this third season is at least solidly entertaining (okay, I admit I have a soft spot for the one where Mrs. Troi is kidnapped by the Ferengi), with at least six or seven episodes being among the best the series has ever done. Stand-outs include "The Offspring" (Data creates an android daughter); the trippy "Yesterday's Enterprise" (a time anomaly re-writes history, resulting in Tasha Yar being alive again); and "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" (the Borg return). A suggestion: if you buy this set, be prepared for a season-ending cliff-hanger, mainstays of ST:TNG from season three onward. This means you might want to have the season four box set ready to go in order to see how the Enterprise gets out of the deadly situation with the Borg seen in the final moments of season three. About the DVD's: picture and sound are sharp and clear, and the extras are often fascinating. I especially enjoyed the surprisingly candid interviews, where cast members discuss what they liked and didn't like about the ways their particular characters were handled by the producers. This is a great set; don't hesitate to pick it up. ...more info
  • TNG now has it's running legs!
    From the beginning of the third season to the very last show of season 7, "All Good Things,", TNG is now running at full stride. In the Hiatus between seasons two and three, the shows producers made some very good and very important changes. They hired Michael Piller, who from then on showed what a consistently good writer can do. They finally got rid of the terrible spandex uniforms, which from what I've read were actually causing the actors physical problems. They changed the main title, lead in for the show. Overall there were a great many wonderful scenes/episodes to come out of the third season! Some of the shows that really made the season:

    The Ensigns of Command
    Who Watches the Watchers? (One of the top shows of the series)
    Booby Trap
    The Enemy
    The Vengeance Factor
    The Defector
    The High Ground
    Deja Q
    Yesterday's Enterprise
    The Offspring
    Sins of the Father
    Captain's Holiday
    Hollow Pursuits
    Menage A Troi
    The Best of Both Worlds Part 1

    With Best of Both Worlds, we received the first and inarguably the best cliffhanger of the entire series. If you were like myself, watching these shows every week as they came out. You were probably in agony over the summer to see the season four opener and find out if they got Captain Picard back. This like all the other seasons is worth the hefty price for the DVD. In addition to having all the wonderful shows, there are plenty of extras....more info

  • Season 3: The best season of TNG
    Season 3 of TNG is the best season of the entire series. Some of my favorites from season 3 include: "The Defector", "The Hunted", "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "The Best Of Both Worlds". This is a must have for any star trek fan....more info
  • Whee! Season Three on DVD!
    "The Best of Both Worlds Pt. 1" & "Yesterday's Enterprise"...'Nuff said!...more info
  • Season 3 of The Next Generation is consistently smart and entertaining.
    I'm a Star Trek fan, and for me this season of The Next Generation is as good as Star Trek gets. It's consistently smart and entertaining. Every episode gives you something to think about. I'd recommend it....more info
  • A great follow-up to the original series...
    Nominated for 58 Emmys, including one for Outstanding Drama Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation fulfilled all the potential and promise anticipated of a long-awaited successor to the original 1960s series - Star Trek. Created by a former L.A. police officer, Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek TV series morphed into a franchise famous for the unprecedented fanatical devotion of its audience. Lasting only three seasons during its original network run, Star Trek struck gold with its syndicated reruns, launching a number of motion pictures featuring the original cast as well as novels, comic books, collectibles, and reams of Star Trek-related memorabilia. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) became the first TV series to follow on the heels of the original, and its success would spark the creation of three additional series - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993), Star Trek: Voyager (1995), and Star Trek: Enterprise (2001). But The Next Generation remained the most popular spin-off. Despite new characters and new episodes, the mission remained the same as before - "to boldly go where no man has gone before..." And to continue the rich tradition of the Star Trek name - a mission Star Trek: The Next Generation accomplishes with relative ease...

    Star Trek: The Next Generation takes place in the 24th Century, almost one-hundred years after Captain Kirk's crew set out to explore strange new worlds. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart - I Claudius) commands the USS Enterprise-D and its diverse crew of humans, cyborgs, and varying life forms. Accompanying him on his voyage is an entirely new cast of passengers and crew including Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes - North & South), Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Lt. Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby), Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn), Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), and her son Ensign Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton)... Together, they struggle against numerous obstacles to carry out the mission of the USS Enterprise: "To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life; new civilizations... To boldly go where no one has gone before!" This pioneering attitude, coupled with imaginative and brilliantly-produced alien worlds, provides Star Trek with its unique allure and special place within American pop culture - especially those episodes from the original series, widely regarded as the most popular of the Star Trek franchise...

    The Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 3) DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "Evolution" in which the crew of the Enterprise is tasked with escorting a top scientist to an area where a star is set to explode. But their voyage is hindered by a computer malfunction plaguing the entire star system... Other notable episodes from Season 3 include "The Enemy" in which Geordi finds himself stranded on a dangerous planet with an irate and injured Romulan while the Enterprise's rescue attempts are thwarted by a Romulan ship, and "Sins of the Father" in which Worf and his brother must work together to keep their father, who has been accused of treason, from being convicted of feeding vital information to the Romulans...

    Below is a list of episodes included on the Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 3) DVD:

    Episode 49 (Evolution)
    Episode 50 (The Ensigns of Command)
    Episode 51 (The Survivors)
    Episode 52 (Who Watches the Watchers)
    Episode 53 (The Bonding)
    Episode 54 (Booby Trap)
    Episode 55 (The Enemy)
    Episode 56 (The Price)
    Episode 57 (The Vengeance Factor)
    Episode 58 (The Defector)
    Episode 59 (The Hunted)
    Episode 60 (The High Ground)
    Episode 61 (Deja Q)
    Episode 62 (A Matter of Perspective)
    Episode 63 (Yesterday's Enterprise)
    Episode 64 (The Offspring)
    Episode 65 (Sins of the Father)
    Episode 66 (Allegiance)
    Episode 67 (Captain's Holiday)
    Episode 68 (Tin Man)
    Episode 69 (Hollow Pursuits)
    Episode 70 (The Most Toys)
    Episode 71 (Sarek)
    Episode 72 (Menage a Troi)
    Episode 73 (Transfigurations)
    Episode 74 (The Best of Both Worlds)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • "From this time forward, you will service... US."
    Following a two-year "shakedown cruise", the NextGen folks finally come into their own in the show's third season, considered by most fans (myself included) to be the show's finest year. I especially loved the principals' propensity to overact their roles, though not nearly to the degree their old-school predecessors did. Ain't nothin' like a nice slice of ham every once in a while, heh...

    A few of my fave (and one of my least-fave) third-season NextGen eppies:

    - "Evolution": A Wuss-ley-centered eppie... which naturally means it should be avoided at all costs!

    - "Deja Q": Thanks to his annual guest shot here and elsewhere in the series as the godlike Q, I've always considered John "Q" DeLancie one of Trek's ultimate overactors. The guy simply steals the show with each appearance he makes, and his turn here as a mortalized former deity-alien is no exception.

    - "Yesterday's Enterprise": Tasha Yar returns in an interesting alternate-timeline eppie that's considered one of NextGen's finest hours. One can almost get the sense that Denise Crosby was chompin' at the bit to be on NextGen again after making the horrid mistake of quitting near the end of Season One.

    BTW I read an article about how the show's writers were considering blowin' up Wuss-ley's head for (very) dramatic effect as part of the climactic battle in this episode. Sadly, this idea was dropped almost as quickly as it was brought up. I guess the head-exploding shenanigans at the end of "Conspiracy' kinda put a damper on any subsequent attempts at cranial combustion on the show...

    - "The Offspring": The unfortunate ending to this show got me a bit misty. Heh, sad, isn't it? Chokin' up over a NextGen episode... good God I'm pathetic...

    - "Sins of the Father": The beginning of the "Worf-losing-and-regaining-his-honor-among-his-people" story arc that popped up occasionally on the show all the way to the fourth season finale cliffhanger. Michael Dorn overacts his part here for all he's worth, and the results are astoundingly entertaining.

    - "Hollow Pursuits": Dwight Schultz, AKA the A-Team's "Howlin' Mad Murdock" doubles his cult-TV-figure status as the wimpy holodeck-addicted engineering officer Reginald Barclay. Hey, that reminds me: I gotta remember to pick up a copy of the A-Team second season DVD set one of these weeks. I think I'll go write a reminder note down somewhere... BRB.

    Okay, I'm back. What's next-- oh, now I remember:

    - "Sarek": Now it's Patrick Stewart's chance to "play it to the hilt" as he helps Spock's terminally-ill dad negotiate a treaty with the assistance of a mind-meld. Picard's overwrought display of emotions following the mind-meld is an unbelievably powerful performance.

    - "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I": Considered by many NextGenners, myself included, as the first part of the greatest two-part cliffhanger in Star Trek history! This eppie features the first and (so far) only `Trek moment that has ever sent chills down my spine: right after Picard says "Magnify!" when the Enterprise makes visual contact with the Borg ship. This visual, combined with Ron Jones' amazing background score, makes for one of the most disquieting moments ever to hit the space-opera sci-fi scene!

    This particular eppie also showcases Jonathan "Riker" Frakes' mad overacting skillz, especially his amazing "slow-burn". And we mustn't forget his incredible ability to strike a dramatic pose/gaze right before the fade to commercial break. Well, if this set HAD commercials, that is...

    As I expected, the sound quality of each episode is really good, far better than their preceding VHS presentations. The subtle background sounds are more perceptible. The picture quality is pretty good, too, although there are some parts that look a bit grainy. Of course, this may be due more to the quality of the source film than the digital transfer, but I couldn't tell you for sure one way or the other.

    The extra features include several documentary featurettes covering the cast & crew's fave memories from the third season, cast interviews, and behind-the-scenes/making-of mini-documentaries. While there were a few interesting factoids and anecdotes strewn throughout these presentations, I probably won't bother to watch any of these extras again more than twice in my lifetime. I was kinda hoping one of the features would dive into the gory details of Gates "Dr. Crusher" McFadden's one-year "hiatus", but was largely disappointed. While McFadden and a few of the principals acknowledged the good Doctor's absence, they didn't discuss the reasons why it happened. Guess I'll hafta stick with the Internet rumor mill...

    And now, my biggest gripe about this set: Paramount decided to make the foldout disc holder out of cardboard, which means you'd better expect this storage unit to disintegrate faster than a Romulan hit by a full-power phaser beam after several NextGen marathons. Unless you have some duct tape handy, that is...

    `Late ...more info
  • Jean Luc!!
    What can you say about a Shakespearian actor set in Sci-Fi? He's awesome, holds the show together when the cast is young, then they all grow into good actors along the way....more info
  • Awesome!
    What can I say - it just gets better and better. I'm so happy they finally have come out on DVD. Can't wait for the other seasons! Great format on the DVDs - includes little known info on some about the making of certain episodes and quirky things about some of the crew. Nice touch!...more info
  • "I am Locutus of Borg. You will be assimilated." - Captain Jean-Luc Picard
    The Star Trek Collection is a worthy hobby and certainly the largest of the television series DVD Collections (The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise). At around 1100 minutes per box (a few hours less than the TOS seasons) we are still looking at approx 30 boxes with 700 hours of viewing. That is 1 month of non-stop Star Trek. No DVD series comes remotely close to that. Get going collecting right now and build up on each succession over the years. By the end you will have a very serious anthology that defines the word awe. This is the kind of item that requires 1 hour a day of your time for the next few years. It is a cherished memory that served your fathers and will serve your children also. Our very planet, Earth, has advanced because of Gene Roddenberry's admirable concept. Roddenberry nailed the premise of the series when he said that he wanted to create a show with characters that we could look up too. `The Bridge' members are like our family. Watch what they do. Then go and spend your life striving for the same on Earth. What engineer, medic, scientist, teacher, worker can not say that Star Trek has not influenced them? The show is this significant in the development of our species. Even Christians respect and quote its authority and it is not hard to see why. The DVD case is not quite as fancy as the TOS (The Original Series) cases. The TNG case is supposed to resemble a TNG crew briefcase. The case opens to reveal the disc booklet inside a sleeve. Sliding the disc booklet out of the sleeve and flipping it open reveals a spread of 7 discs. There are 4 episodes per disc. However the last disc, disc 7, only has two episodes, for a grand total of 26 episodes (TOS has 8 Discs, 30 episodes). The rest of disc 7 is devoted to Star Trek interviews and trailers with the usual expected extras...and then some more. The episodes are ordered not in the sequence they where filmed, but in the sequence that they aired, however each episode has been numbered according to the order they where filmed in. This means on one disc you have shows 4, 2, 12 and 1, in that order although Season Three was aired fairly much according to the chronological produced order except for episode one and two which are switched around. The sound has also been remastered to 5:1 Dolby Digital! Since the show was shot in full frame, these dimensions are retained.

    Star Trek, The Next Generation (TNG), Season Two continued with the amazing impact TNG had when it was first broadcast but made it more Enterprise based with less beaming down than Season One. Season Three corrects this somewhat critical tilt with Season Two by reintroducing us to lots of planet based exploration stories... and good ones at that too. Season Three has a whole new opening sequence to improve on the first computer generated images of our solar system as Captain Picard utters the immortal words... `To baldly'... I mean... `To boldly go where no man'... I mean... `To boldly go where no one has gone before.' It was the dawn of the 90s and since CGI had undergone some development, the improvements can be seen not only in the new opening sequence, but with better looking planets (complete with moving gaseous atmospheres) and major enhancements in particle effects. Towards the end it undergoes new model development, lighting and subspace effects of a movie budget look. The crew uniform has changed with a new type of collar. Most of the main characters from Season Two are here, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander William T. Riker (now with a bigger belly), Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, Lieutenant Commander Worf (letting his hair grow even more), Commander Deanna Troi (with more makeup, costume changes and even an aerobics outfit [that really isn't as good as it sounds]), Lieutenant Commander Data and Ensign Wesley Crusher (new hairdo). Dr. Beverly Crusher is back (initially with a terrible hairdo that gets better) and Doctor Katherine Pulaski has been dropped from the show never to reappear again. Pulaski's disappearance is not officially explained (in reality Diana Muldaur was told her character was not working and she was offered a role in L.A. Law instead. McFadden was asked to rejoin the series again) the crew do act like she has just left because her time was up with Dr. Crusher making reference to Pulaski's work in Episode four. Commander Lieutenant Tasha Yar makes a surprise guest appearance for one episode! Dwight Schultz (Murdoch from the A-Team) makes his first appearance as Lieutenant `Reg' Barkley, who would have a reoccurring role. Colm Meaney is here again as Miles Edward O'Brien, Navigation, doesn't have much of a role boost since Season Two, while the Whoopi Goldberg's Guinan character of the wise El Aurian, the bartender in 10 Forward, has her background further developed. Season Three of TNG is mostly about nanotechnology, colonization, super aliens, the prime directive, orphans, ancient space booby traps, Romulans, wormholes, peace negotiations, defectors, super humans, terrorism, Q, court inquisitions, parallel universes, AI, Klingon high councils, captivity experiments, time travellers, biological space crafts, morale, the first law of robotics, Vulcans, Sarek, evolutionary speciation, and the Borg. Unlike Season Two there is much more planetary exploration and lots of alien encounters. There are loads of unforgettable episodes in this Season, "Evolution" where nanotechnology takes over the Enterprise, "The Survivors" is a mystery about a single household that is the only structure to survive an alien invasion on a whole planet, "Who Watches The Watchers?" is about the prime directive failing when the Enterprise team are spotted and kidnapped, "Offspring" sees Data creating another sentient android, "Sins of the Father" has Worf return to his Klingon homeworld to defend his family honour, "Hollow Pursuits" has Lt. Barkley fantasizing about crew members in the Holodeck, "Sarek" is about the Vulcan of the same name from Star Trek: The Original Series, who is back for what looks like his final peace negotiation, and of course the pot-boiler end episode of "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" (widely acclaimed as one of the best Star Trek episodes ever!) marks the grand entrance of Locutus of Borg onto the scene. The bottom line for TNG: Season Three is that it is often cited by fans as the best TNG Season and is probably the first of the Seasons to really be worth the price tag demanded of these very expensive box sets. In Season Three everyone seems to have matured, included the writers who are giving us exactly what we want and the series has a serious enough budget to make every episode look like a movie, especially towards the end. There is lots in this season to enjoy and of course not since J.R. Ewing had been shot did we get the kind of cliff-hanger episode that "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" would deliver on, meaning every Trekie (and who wasn't at this time) across the planet from LA to Hong Kong had to wait all summer to learn how Picard could be saved. There is no time to loose!!! Onto Season Four.... wooosshhhh....more info
  • Boy, this show sure was great!
    I'm falling in love with this show all over again while watching it through a newbies eyes! Great extras and great menus! The menu for the last disk is a wonderful switch reflecting on the cliffhanger episode!...more info
  • To Search Out Great Television
    The third season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is where things really start to come together. After an often cringe-inducing first season, and an uneven second, the third go around is simply wonderful to watch. The entertainment value is high, and the show finds new ways to grow and become deeper and more complex. The production values appear to be higher, and the chemistry between the characters becomes fully realized.

    There is so much I love about "TNG" starting with this season: the set design, the photography, the acting, the stories, the entire look and feel of the show. Patrick Stewart is great as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and Brent Spiner as Data is another favorite. The entire cast manages to form a highly engrossing ensemble.

    Some of my favorite stories from this season are: "The Defector", in which a high-ranking Romulan takes the high road and attempts to warn the Federation of impending attacks. The ending is heartbreaking. "Sarek", which features the venerable Mark Lenard as Spock's father, is another heartbreaking, but also profound story. "Yesterday's Enterprise" is simply a classic. The Enterprise C travels forward in time through a rift in space and meets Picard's Enterprise D. The plot developments, character interaction, and final outcome are some of the best underpinnings to a television episode I've ever seen. The sacrifice of both the Enterprise C and alternate-Universe Enterprise D gave me chills. And, finally, who can forget the absolutely excellent season-ender "The Best of Both Worlds"? The story is simply pounding, the acting wonderful, and even the incidental music adds a rich, tense layer to the proceedings. An all-around solid, entertaining season. A promise of more good things to come.

    I have so far been impressed with the DVD releases of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The third season set should be no different. The picture is crisp and the sound is clear. The format and its content are very much worth the money and the attention.

    Now it's time for seasons 4 and 5....more info

  • Still Short of Being A Great Box Set...
    By it's third season, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" was, undoubtedly, a great series. Some of the series' finest episodes were made during this season and it is considered to be arguably the finest season of television the people of Star Trek have ever done. That said, it's still a bit of a shame to see them not pull out all the stops for the DVD release - the format that's made for bells and whistles.

    Aside from the twenty-six episodes of the series - for which there is little reason to go into detail here given the large number of other reviews that discuss the episodes in detail - the seventh disc of the set features four extra segments - a season overview, a look at the changes in the crew in Season Three, and two "Departmental Briefings": this time around focusing on episode production as well as the usual "Memorable Missions" segment. They're all great segments and they do a great job of bringing the behind-the-scenes community to life. These segments especially illuminate what Michael Piller - who would go on to be one of the most influential backstagers on "Next Generation", "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager" - brought to the show when he signed on board that season. Much of the interview footage was shot new for the episode and it highlights and gives anecdotes for many of the episodes.

    All that said, though, the set - as with the previous two - seems to be missing something. There are no episode commentaries, no scripts, no storyboards, no deleted scenes, and no TV ads. While much of what would be covered in some episodes' commentaries is in the extras segments, it would still have been very nice to see a play-by-play analysis of "Yesterday's Enterprise" or "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" - or even "Who Watches the Watchers" by Executive Producer Rick Berman and the aforementioned Michael Piller - or by Michael Okuda or Jonathan Frakes or any of the other Trek actors and creators that make the show so great. Likewise, there must be an absolute ton of material in the vaults - segments cut for time, episode promos, screen tests, etc. - that are still waiting to see the light of day. To really wow us with a box set, it would have been nice to have more of that in here.

    Nonetheless, this is still a wonderful DVD set and certainly worth owning - even by the casual Star Trek fan. As many others have said, Season 3 was the breakout season for the show - it's worth having on DVD....more info

  • One of the best TNG seasons...#3.
    This is the 3rd season of the TV hit series Star Trek: the Next Generation. This is probably one of the best seasons, with memorable and epic episodes like "The most toys", which deals with Data's kidnapping by an one-of-a-kind rare item collector, "Who watches the watchers" in which Picard needs to prove to a primitive people that he is not a god, "offspring", with Data becoming a parent, "Yesterdays enterprise", to finally meet the crew of the Enterprise-C, "The Defector" a splendidly sneaky Romulan episode, "The enemy" a Romulan episode in the style of enemy mine, "Hollow pursuits" an entertaining episode about shy Lt. Barclay who recreates the Enterprise officers on the holo-deck in ridiculous scenarios to make them less threatening, and last but not least the 1st part of "The best of both worlds" starting the Picard/Borg story line that is concluded in the "First Contact" movie.
    This season is a definite must for a Star Trek fan, but also a good entry into the show for more casual watchers.
    Prepare to be entertained-Engage! ...more info
  • TNG has won me over!
    Until the release of TNG on DVD, I was a stubborn original series faithful. Wow, what I have missed! I purchased the first season DVD upon it's release hoping to become a TNG fan and I became hooked immediately. I am very pleased with TNG's arrival on DVD. When the series first aired, I had trouble tuning in due to a busy schedule of classes among other things. Now that the series has been released on DVD, I can watch the episodes sequentially and at my leisure. And it looks and sounds outstanding! Thanks to Star Trek and Paramount!

    Being fairly new to the TNG universe, many may disagree with my opinions of the third season. I give year 3 of TNG four out of five stars. Season 3 winners are as follows:

    1. Best of Both Worlds Part 1: This episode is believed by many to be the best episode ever. City on the Edge of Forever from the original series comes in at a close second.
    2. Yesterday's Enterprise: Excellent plot and story, great special effects. A temporal rift sends the Enterprise-C 22 years into the future. Picard and crew must send the ship back to the past to avoid war against the Klingon Empire. I almost like it better than Best of Both Worlds.
    3. The Offspring: Jonathan Frakes' directorial debut is a hit. Data constructs an android child, who attempts to adjust to life on board the Enterprise.
    4. The Defector: An excellent adventure about a Romulan officer who comes to the Enterprise with vital news about a potential Romulan attack on Federation outposts near the neutral zone. The defector's questionable past creates a credibility issue.
    5. The Bonding: So many episodes could have been tied for fifth best. TNG tackles the issue of death and letting go.
    6. The Enemy: On a ravaged planet, La Forge teams up with a Romulan to save themselves from certain death.
    7. Sins of the Father: Picard and Worf challenge accusations that Worf's father was a traitor, aligning himself with the Romulans.
    Other big winners: The Ensigns of Command, The Survivors, Who Watches the Watchers, Booby Trap, Deja Q, Sarek, The Price, Transfigurations, The Vengeance Factor, Tin Man.
    [Not as good]: Evolution, A Matter of Perspective, Hollow Pursuits, The Most Toys, Menage a Troi.

    This season is huge because we get to know the characters on a more personal level than we did in the first two seasons. The extras in the box set itself were satisfying to me, but if I were as familiar with TNG as I am the original series, I probably would find it lacking. However, the CD-ROMs that have been packaged with the DVDs as a bonus are a nice extra (episode guide with season 1, enterprise interactive technical manual with season 2, and two MP-3 audio books with season 3). I have noticed that many stores have the CD-ROMs but you will pay ... more. The picture and sound are fabulous. It's tough watching the episodes on TNN even with DSS. I'm glad TNG is kicking it in syndication, and I continue to tune in. However, the DVD experience is unmatched.
    Gene Roddenberry was right when he said Star Trek would take off in season 4, but I don't think the writers, producers, directors, and actors had any idea during the course of season 3 that this would turn out to be the best season of TNG. From what I have read, there is quite a debate as to which season is the best, season three vs. four. I can't wait until early September to find out for myself!...more info

  • Finally, a good season of TNG.
    This is the first season of TNG that for me is watchable. The uniforms are no longer the disgusting, form-fitting ones of the 1st two seasons. They finally get the science and theories right, and the stories are very good for the most part. While some of them still have a corniness that harkens back to the original series and the 1st two seasons of TNG, there are also some classics in here. One of my all time favorites is "Allegiance," where Picard is put in a room with a few other aliens and they have to figure out why they are there and who put them there. Very good episode. I was also pleasantly surprised by the episode in which Yar returned (even though I always hated that character). I almost always love the time travel episodes. This also has the classic season ender part one of the two part "Best of Both Worlds," in which Picard is turned into Locutus of Borg. I will definitely buy this season....more info
  • Why didn't they release these sooner!
    This DVD set is a must for any star trek or sci-fi fan! The extras on the last disk have exalent insight into the background of the show from both actor and producer view points. Many never before seen interviews and comments are included. The menu interface is simple and good looking very easy to use. If your a mid-way star trek fan this and the next two seasons contain the best of TNG episodes. I would recomend to any big or hardcore trekie to get all seven seasons, not only for the great episodes but also for the extra info in the special features included in each season....more info
  • Engage3
    Closet Trekkie is back! Love the new uniforms, hate the cliffhanger season ending. Oh well, there's always next season!...more info
  • great set but way too pricey
    This is a great set of Star Trek out on Dvd and one of my favorite seasons. I've not purchased this season yet and not sure yet if I will because of the price. I have purchased the first season and several seasons of the X-Files but was very surprised when Buffy season two came out at half the price of both shows!! So in spite of a great set being out I just feel like somehow taken now paying that much. I'm still giving this DVD set 3 stars all for just being a great show on dvd but as for marketing I've now seen what a full season of other shows with great quality can be sold for....more info
  • Next Gen Really Hits Its Stride See it in HD
    There are several compelling reasons to purchase this set:

    This is by far the best of several great NG seasons; writing is crisp, the dialog is visceral, the tempo is great, and the shows are generally as good or better than you will find in earlier or later years.

    The characters' development is proceeding on all fronts, human, Klingon, and crew-wise. The production, writing, and directing is nearing its peak.

    But, as important as any of these are, don't forget ILM (div of LucasFilms) did the special effects. This is as high a quality of special effect as you will ever see in television. It is guaranteed with all the computer and CGI junk as there is now, you will not see better sci-fi action than this. MANY OF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THE ORIGINAL Next Gen SHOWS IN HI DEF. YOU MUST!! It is leaps and bounds better than other versions.

    Many of us trekkers are just now getting the high quality 1080i or 1080p high def televisions. You will not believe how much better the quality of Next Gen is until you see it on one of these hi def sets. Get one with HDMI and upcoding, and it will up-convert your standard def show like Next Gen DVD TO HDMI and 1080i or p. It is unbelievable!! As good as the VHS tapes were, as good as you can record Trek off TV nowdays, the factory stuff with the Dolby Surround encoding cannot be beat. Many movies do not have the quality of these Trek shows. Some of these shows had as much as 3 Million in special effects budgets- for 1987 that was a ton of money. Some blockbuster films did not have much more budget than a single trek show!

    So, add this new compelling element, top quality video, to the OTHER strengths of Season Three Next Gen and you have an all time winner. No collectors set of videos would be complete without Year 3, the Third Season, of Star Trek Next Gen. It is excellence personified. The stereo is near perfect, audio mixing is the best I ever heard (check out the subwoofer content in engineering scenes), surround is first class, the directing, writing, acting, and direction, cannot be beat for TV, and the special effects are as good as you will ever see. You can bet there will never be another Trek Next Gen. But if you have a high def television, you are in for a treat, as this is historic. The Pinnacle of television.

    This is the complete package for Sci Fi and Trek fans. You get the action, the effects, the cerebral, philosophical nature of Trek, and video that cannot be beat, 19 hours of it, for 62$. Mighty hard to beat. Gene, the Great Bird of the Galaxy, would be proud. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some really classic trek and sci fi and at least get season three. If you are a trek fan, this one season is the least you can try out. Science Fiction simply does not get any better than this. Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Third Season...more info
  • Excellent Collector's Edition
    The third season changes rescued The Next Generation (and the Star Trek franchise) and solidly defined how every Star Trek episode and every new series would be developed from then on. The single most defining episode was probably "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1". This is the collection Next Generation fans (and hopefully other fans) have been waiting for since its cancellation in 1993. In one swift stroke, you can have the entire third season. What more can you ask for? Get the other complete seasons of course!...more info
  • TNGers dream come true!
    As the other reviewers have pointed out this is an awesome DVD set. The other two seasons were very good but this is the one all the fans have been waiting for. I won't mention all the episodes, since other reviewers gave excellent summaries. Mine will be just my favorites and opinions.
    The Booby Trap (Picard saving the ship at the end is priceless and that music matches perfectly), The Defector (the suspense if the Romulan will attack or not and the surprise Picard has for them), The Hunted (nice to see someone give our heroes a run for their money and the message on war), Deja Q (Q being human and having new experiences very good), Yesterday Enterprise (man that is one of the best all time!! This is one of the best what if, time-warp episodes), Sins of the Father (the beginning of what I call the Klingon saga, this is the springboard), Hollow Pursuit (Barclay's fantasy world), and the Best of Both Worlds (every Trek fans know about that one!).
    The interviews that they have on the DVD are very cool especially how this was a season where they had lots of new writers and basically writing on the fly. It also features heavily Michael Piller. He gives his insight on a lot of the episodes and why the Best of Both Worlds was so good. When he talks about it, makes a lot of sense!!
    The interface of the DVD has changed and the last episode there is a surprise I won't say but is very cool. I strongly recommend any fan to get this set and if you can only pick one this is the one to pick....more info
  • TNG hits its stride
    The core of Next Generation - the period that makes most fans sigh with nostalgia - surely has to be seasons 3 through 6. The first two seasons were full of growing pains, while the seventh was somewhat underwhelming due to producers and writers shifting their focus elsewhere.

    Season 3 is generally remembered for three fan favorite episodes - "Deja Q", "Yesterday's Enterprise" and part 1 of "The Best of Both Worlds." But I think what is remarkable is that there are almost no bad episodes - the only read duds are "The Price" and "Menage a Troi". Instead, you get a mix that's split about 50-50 between episodes that you'd characterize as very good or better, and episodes that are solid, watchable but unremarkable. That's different from season 5, where the quality dispersion is much wider.

    Besides the fan favorites, there are two remarkable episodes I would like to single out as personal favorites - the classic military thriller "The Defector" and the wonderful "The Offspring". I would put those up against any other episode in the series.

    The series would peak with season 4, but this one is not that far behind....more info
  • Absolutely awesome
    Star Trek TNG is great. The writing and acting are superb, and still beat most modern sci-fi in quality....more info
  • Not much stands out until until the season cliffhanger
    Most of the main characters have a personal crisis of one kind or another(including Q if you can believe it).The character of Tasha Yar makes a one time reapperence after being killed in the first season.Than the Borg cliffhanger....more info
  • The best season of the lot?
    The DVDs themselves are of good quality; I've rented many seasons' worth and reminded myself which stories throughout the run were good and which were not...

    $50 per season is on par and is a good price. (So what's coming soon that's compelling people to buy these current sets?)

    Wish I could afford it; thanks to the prices of necessities gone up so much (food, shelter, and distilled petroleum products being slightly more important than Captain Picard standing around as if he hasn't spent a penny in decades...), $50 is still an effective $100 out of my pocket in the end.

    Don't get me wrong, the entire series IS fun and seasons 3 and beyond have their appreciable values as well; but they are a change...

    Evolution: A terrific season opener that reintroduces Dr Crusher with aplomb. Wesley starting the problem is a big boost too.

    The Ensigns of Command: Another home-run with this entry of Picard having his hands full; fighting a stolid species of inflexible corporate bugs while finding means to persuade a bunch of colonists to vacate the planet that the inflexible corporate bugs claim ownership too. Very good story indeed!

    The Survivors: An oddball, but highly enjoyable and well cast. Especially if you've never been keen on Troi.

    Who Watches the Watchers: Badly dated and preachy, but it's got enough set pieces to remain worthy.

    The Bonding: I think, as with When the Bough Breaks, this one features kids on it as a result of a candy bar write-in contest... It's a bit soapy, and why the alien wants to cajole one little kid seems silly...

    Booby Trap: Shades of season 2, but this one is back on form with good ideas; especially with seeding an idea to be followed up next season. Though, in reality, the ship caught in the trap would not survive a thousand years...

    The Enemy: Utterly perfect, with one problem: No Vulcan, a race that is a blood-brother to the Romulans, has the blood type needed to save the captured Romulan - yet Worf, a Klingon - is the sole person who CAN save this Romulan?! Talk about shoehorning rubbish science into a scenario that's otherwise excellent, even with the silly uberdrama... Maybe he should donate some blood and have it transfused into a poodle and see if the poodle survives. That's what it boils down to.

    The Price: Even today, the romance subplot is heavyhanded, but the Ferengi get just desserts with their meddling. :D

    The Vengeance Factor: Well done story about blood feud.

    The Defector: I used to love this one, but rewatching it reveals the uberdrama petty soap opera it sadly is. It DOES have potential and a few surprise twists, but Picard taking all that time to instill excess drama into a situation that warrants fast response? At that point I'd be cheering for the opposing team!!

    The Hunted: A decent parallel to Vietnam vets; and hasn't dated much by today's standards either.

    The High Ground: Whew boy. This anti-terrorism story doesn't fit well today. It's too one-sided...

    Deja Q: Another Q episode. How can't it be good?! CLASSIC! Q becomes human and the interplay with the crew is classic. Especially when Guinan hears about the development... Picard saving Q's bacon by the end is to be expected, but well handled.

    A Matter of Perspective: Pity we didn't have that in the terrorism story. :rolleyes: This one is far worse for having it... best left forgotten.

    Yesterday's Enterprise: Classic. Nice to see Yar back. Also sets up a concept to be revived later on, which all things considered is brilliant.

    The Offspring: Remake of "The Measure of a Man" and the story, much like Lal, self-destructs because it's 100% derivative.

    Sins of the Father: Continues the Worf saga. Until season 6 then DS9, this saga is fun.

    Allegience: Preachy and predictable, but has some nice set pieces.

    Captain's Holiday: More Ferengi? A few nice set pieces and comedic moments, but naah...

    Tin Man: Another classic. Reuses some f/x from Star Trek The Motion Picture, but it's easy to relate to Tam and especially To the Tin Man entity.

    Hollow Pursuits: Unworthy of any spite accorded to it; and Dwight Schultz is inspired casting. great story on a man who isn't like the rest of us. Pity we don't get more background info on him, but it is highly underrated.

    The Most Toys: Another well-handled gem. The toy collector getting his just desserts in the end, too... Great Data-centric story.

    Sarek: A plot so good that it got reused in Deep Space 9... Sarek comes aboard and Picard mindmelds because Sarek is past his prime... also sets up for a later story too...

    Menage a Troi: garbage.

    Transfigurations: An anti-xenophobia story. A typical entry but has its momenets.

    Best of Both Worlds: A bit soapy at times, but there's no real reason to even begin to dislike it. The Borg never improved after this story (apart from a novel released in 1991 that isn't considered canon...)...more info
  • Great Price and Wonderful
    What can I say... Another A+++++++++++++ for Amazon! Great quality and good price. Always a :-) with Amazon!!! ...more info
  • Great no how many times seen
    I love this series. I pick up something "new" every time I watch an episode. Can't wait to purchase the last two years of the series (I now posess season 1-5). Will then start to work on Voyager and Deep Space Nine....more info
  • Buy it, watch it, keep it.
    I wasn't into Star Trek TNG when it was on TV, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I purchased this season on DVD (and seasons 1,2 & 4 at roughly the same time). In my opinion, Season 3 is the best as between seasons 1-4. The episodes are consistently excellent and several of them are simply outstanding. Yesterday's Enterprise and The Price are alone worth the cost of this collection.

    The audio and video quality of the DVD is movie quality. This is a fabulous entertainment value for anyone interested in Star Trek in my opinion. Frankly, the episodes are far better than the original series, and the DVDs are far less expensive. All of seasons 1-4 are worth owning in my opinion, but the 3d is the best as between these. (I am presently waiting for seasons 5-7 to be released, so I have no comparison to offer there)....more info

  • This is where you start to really love it.
    The third season seems to be the turning point in many ST spin-offs- both TNG and DS9 became amazing once they started their third season.

    Stardate 43125.8 "Evolution" This is one of those annoying ones where Wesley breaks the rules and sets a disaster (this time it's tiny computeres that eat the Enterprise) loose on the ship, and then miraculously, he's the only one who can fix it. Just skip it, it's not worth it. 1 star

    Stardate 43133.3 "The Ensigns of Command" Data has to convince a colony of 15,000 humans that they must evacuate their planet so an alien race can come and colonize. Data is awesome. 3 stars

    Stardate 43152.4 "The Survivors" After an attack on a planet, the crew finds an elderly couple that somehow survived. 3 stars

    Stardate 43173.5 "Who Watches the Watchers?" A bronze age race of Vulcanoids think that Picard is a god. Excellent episode. 5 stars

    Stardate 43198.7 "The Bonding" A ship's achaeologist is killed, leaving her son alone. Worf, who was in commmand of the mission, tries to find a way to help him. 2 stars

    Stardate 43205.6 "The Booby Trap" Enterprise gets caught in radiation trap. Geordi uses hologram of ship's engine designer to solve the problem and falls in love with her. 3 stars

    Stardate 43349.2 "The Enemy" geordi gets stuck on a stormy planet with an injured Romulan. 4 stars

    Stardate 43385.6 "The Price" A wormhole is discovered and the Federation has to decide who to sell it to. They discover that it is unstable, but the Ferengi go through it anyway and get stuck in the Delta Quadrant. (Watch out for them in VOY) 3 stars

    Stardate 43421.9 "The Vengeance Factor" Two warring factions are trying to reunite, but the woman Riker falls in love with tries to stop it. 3 stars

    Stardate 43462.5 "The Defector" A Romulan of foermerly high rank gives Picard information, but it is false because he was used by his superiors. 4 stars

    Stardate 43489.2 "The Hunted" New planet seeking membership in the Federation loses a prisoner, and it is discovered that they genetically programmed soldiers. 3 stars

    Stardate 43510.7 "The High Ground" Dr. Crusher was kidnapped by a terrorist group. An interesting look at the fine line between terrorist and freedom fighter. 3 stars

    Stardate 43539.1 "Dej¨˘ Q" Q is condemned to live as a human. One of the funniest episodes of the whole show and a great look at the Q Continuum and at Q's character. Only Q would order ten chocolate sundaes. 5 stars

    Stardate 43610.4 "A Matter of Perspective" Riker is accused of murder. Good re-enactment. 3 stars

    Stardate 43625.2 "Yesterday's Enterprise" The Enterprise-C comes through a portal from 22 years in the past and the whole future is changed- the Federation is at war with the Klingons and Tasha Yar never died. They set things right and Tasha Yar goes with the Enterprise-C, leading to some very interesting episodes later on. And, Worf laughs, for the only time in two series. 5 stars

    Stardate 43657.0 "The Offspring" Data creates an android to be his "daughter". A great look at Data's personality. 4 stars

    Stardate 43685.2 "Sins of the Father" Worf must answer charges against his father as a Romulan spy. 3 stars

    Stardate 43714.1 "Allegience" Picard is captured by aliens who want to learn about leadership and is replaced. 3 stars

    Stardate 43745.2 "Captain's Holiday" Picard goes to Risa and meets a young adventurer, Vash, and they thwart the plans of time-travelers to steal a valuable artifact. 4 stars

    Stardate 43779.3 "Tin Man" Enterprise crew discovers organic-ship and make contact with it through a pwerful Betazoid. 3 stars

    Stardate 43807.4 "Hollow Pursuits" This one goes down in ST history. Lt. Barclay and his holodeck fantasies of Counselor Troi and evil crew members. 4 stars

    Stardate 43872.2 "The Most Toys" Data appears to have been killed, but was actually kidnapped by a man with a mania for collecting one-of-a-kind objects. 4 stars

    Stardate 43917.4 "Sarek" The re-introduction of one TOS's much loved characters. Ambassador Sarek comes aboard the Enterprise_d with his new human wife, and it is discovered that he is suffering from Bendii syndrome. 4 stars

    Stardate 43930.7 "M¨¦nage ¨¤ Troi" Counselor Troi and her mother are kidnapped by Ferengi. The Ferengi at this point are so annoying that they are impossible to watch. 2 stars

    Stardate 43957.2 "Transfigurations" A humanoid with remarkable abilities is discovered. 3 stars

    Stardate 43989.1 "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" The Enterprise chases after the Borg who destroyed a Federation colony. They find the Borg, who capture Capt. Picard, intending to use him to communicate with the human race as they conquer them, thus ruining everyone's summer. 5 stars

    This was the turning point of TNG, where it really started to be excellent. And it still gets better. ...more info
  • Completely Grand!
    For me this is the lynchpin season upon which ST:TNG pivots. It looks back to the first two seasons, improves upon what is good there, develops our main characters much further, and fixes what was "broke" (Wesley saving the Enterprise every third story is no more!). Season 3 sets several trends upon which the remaining four years will be based. Worf's saga of dishonor and subsequent redemption is begun in "Sins of the Father". Patrick Stewart carrying a whole hour practically by himself begins with the first among several memorable Picard stories in "Captain's Holiday". Although Data cannot feel heartache, we can as he creates a child android with painful consequences in the moving "The Offspring". Even Q gets a decent story in this season as he becomes less of an eye-rolling annoyance and more of a real character. And of course, we have the first of many season cliff-hangers to come, "The Best of Both Worlds"!...more info
  • I can't rate just one!
    I love the ST:TNG cast, but when it originally aired I never did get to see all of the episodes. I can't rate just one season, because all the years it spent on the air I have enjoyed. I purchased this collection for two reasons: (a) I can watch ALL the episodes in chronological order [as they aired], and (b) so that I can watch it again and again. The bonus features that are included with the boxed sets adds to the interest I have in the show. Some people may not enjoy behind the scenes featurettes because it could detract the excitement of the story, but it's the opposite for me -- it adds to the enjoyment.

    Because the collection is distributed on DVD it will display great picture quality as I'm sure the producers intended to be. It also won't wear down as quickly as tapes do, which is a good thing for those who like to watch and watch and watch until it's engrained into the subconscious. I think it's worth the money spent....more info

  • Consistent at last, with greatness around every corner
    After two OK seasons, Star Trek: The Next Generation finally hits its stride in the third season. When people mention that this is one of the greatest TV shows ever made, the third season is what they're talking about. Each episode is crisply written, well-plotted, and multilayered. The show's powers have grown enough to take on more of the massive and difficult-to-film topics that the second season hit only intermittently. All around, the show has finally become completely consistent and satisfying.

    Character-wise, season 3 continues the developments introduced in season 2. Riker remains the risk-taker, and Data's arc toward humanity is developed wonderfully, especially in The Offspring. First-season casualty Tasha Yar makes her first of several reappearances in Yesterday's Enterprise, generally considered one of the best TNG episodes (though considered overrated by myself). The tension between Worf's Klingon heritage and Starfleet commission is explored in greater detail, especially in Sins of the Father.

    Most every episode in this season is at least entertaining, and picking highlights is difficult. Who Watches The Watchers is a beautiful and suspenseful treatment of Trek's most difficult dilemma - accidental human interference in a developing culture. The Defector features a dangerous political game between the Federation and the longtime antagonist Romulans. The Hunted is an extremely action-heavy episode with a twist of meaning between the numerous fights and chases. The Offspring is an excellent companion piece to season 2's The Measure of a Man, with less intellectual depth but more emotional resonance. Captain's Holiday introduces a new facet to Picard's often-muted personality.

    About the season finale, The Best of Both Worlds, a great deal has been said. This was one of the first TV cliffhangers to go between two seasons, and certainly one of the most effective as well. It's a bold stroke, and the final line of the season is guaranteed to stick in your head until the episode's resolution at the beginning of Season 4. All in all, this is the first essential season of this excellent sci-fi show. Highly recommended. Just be warned, if you're in for this one, you'll be in for Season 4 as well....more info
  • TNG Comes of Age in Season Three
    Star Trek: The Next Generation moved from puberty into growing adolescence in Year Three with the maturing of the prime characters, the change in uniforms and the standardization of much of the ship's functions and sounds -- without denegrating the story lines in any way. So much was gained and, no matter who or what the cause, episodes such as "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "The Offspring" proved the growth that Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner brought to their characters, which continues through Year Six. Well worth the purchase price!...more info
  • TNG comes roaring alive in the third season
    We have a theory at home that it takes until the third season for shows like TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, to really come alive and get the jitters out. They seem to need that amount of time to get good cast interaction and to rid the scripts of all kinds of bad mistakes. Well, almost all bad mistakes. The Ferengi still cropped up after the second season; without a doubt they are the most annoying race Star Trek ever created, making even "Q" look adorable.

    The Third Season of Star Trek Next Generation really showed us what Picard and his crew were capable of. This DVD is worth it for just a few of the episodes such as "Yesterday's Enterprise" which is a perennial winner in "vote for your favorite" polls. The development of Data as more than a circuit-filled Pinocchio is welcome and really set the stage for the later seasons. But I love the last episode "Best of Both Worlds I" most of all. I was totally blown away by this episode, some of the most exciting science fiction to hit the small screen ever.

    It always amazes me how this show progress from some real blunders in the first two seasons (Troi's bad hair and worse accent, that episode where Tasha Yar has a cat fight, complete with claws to earn some vaccine, puh-leeze!) The third season takes all the promise of the first and second season (and there were many bright spots) and totally delivers. Great stuff.

    Episode list:
    The Ensigns of Command
    The Survivors
    Who Watches The Watchers?
    The Bonding
    Booby Trap
    The Enemy
    The Price
    The Vengeance Factor
    The Defector
    The Hunted
    The High Ground
    Deja Q
    A Matter of Perspective
    Yesterday's Enterprise
    The Offspring
    Sins of the Father
    Captain's Holiday
    Tin Man
    Hollow Pursuits
    The Most Toys
    M¨¦nage ¨¤ Troi
    The Best of Both Worlds, Part I...more info

  • The season that saved TNG
    From the beginning of season three of ST:TNG,it's obvious that the show was coming from under it's spin-off banner and became its own show.
    The writing was excellent,the characters were more fleshed out with room for growth.Gates McFadden returned as Dr Beverly Crusher,finally restoring the magic chemestry between the cast.
    The best episodes included The Survivors,Who Watches The Watchers,The Bonding,Booby Trap,The Enemy,Yesterdays Enterprise,The Offspring,Sins Of The Father,Sarek,and of course,The Best Of Both Worlds pt 1,regarded as TNG's finest moment.
    If you avoided the first two seasons,then this season three is the one to start your TNG DVD collection...more info


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