Cuisinart TOB-175BC Convection Toaster Oven/Broiler, Brushed Chrome

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Holy space savings, Batman! With the Cuisinart TOB-175 on your kitchen counter, you get conventional baking and broiling, convection cooking and toasting all in one compact, user friendly oven. Slide out crumb tray Baking/broiling pan 2-position oven rack Time and temperature display Automatic shutoff after four hours Cord storage area Three Year Limited Warranty

Bake, broil, toast, defrost, and reheat your favorite foods with one sleek machine: this high-performance convection toaster oven from Cuisinart. A commanding presence, the black and brushed-chrome unit delivers precise control and offers numerous cooking methods. Cuisinart's Exact Heat Sensor lets you choose function and temperature, and then rely on the oven to tell you when food is ready. You can also choose to cook with the timer, according to your needs.

The convection option on the oven (which uses a fan to circulate heat for even temperatures and moist results) is great for everything from roast meats to chocolate cake. Conventional baking on this model works just like a full-sized oven, while the broiling feature lets you broil steaks and fish or brown the tops of casseroles. The oven is preprogrammed for simple toasting but accommodates customized settings for lighter or darker results, bagels or English muffins, or four to six slices at a time. The clean, strong structure of the oven is complemented by an easy-to-use control panel, with a clock that doubles as a function display. Helpful extras include a dual-position oven rack, a removable crumb tray, a "Temp Ready" indicator, a detailed instruction/recipe booklet, and comfortable side handles. --Emily Bedard

  • Great for convection and conventional baking, broiling, and toasting
  • 1/2- cubic foot interior capacity; automatic shutoff after 4 hours with clock and oven timer
  • Total Touch touchpad's controls and Always Even shade control and 4-6 slice toasting button
  • Comes with broiling pan, drip tray, slide-out crumb tray and cord storage
  • Measures 17 1/2 by 13 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty against defects

Customer Reviews:

  • Not Just Toast
    This toaster, oven/broiler is fantastic for small family use. This was purchased some time ago and continues to be one of the most used appliances in my kitchen. I love the convection feature. The oven is the perfect size to hold a small casserole dish and the design is perfect for the counter top. If my past history with Cuisinart products is any indication, this will be a useful appliance in my kitchen for years to come....more info
  • I expected more for the money
    I bought this after reading a lot of reviews. Frankly, I am disappointed. It does not toast evenly, and my daughter's much cheaper convection/toaster oven does as good a job. I think hers is an Oster, but I am not positive. If I had it to do over again, I'd get the one my daughter has....more info
  • Great appliance
    This is a great machine. I didn't know if it was really worth the money but it is very much worth the price. It toasts as well as a regular toaster and the convention feature is great. I don't use my big oven any more!...more info
  • Just right for us
    My wife originally bought the model 30 from Cuisinart, but the reviews here were horrible, so we decided on this more expensive unit. We wanted a toaster oven to help keep the heat down in the kitchen during the summer. The package warns that the exterior gets hot, but it does not seem excessive, and much less heating than from a full-sized oven.
    I had no idea what a great invention the convection oven is: I have made cookies and hot wings with equal success. The oven seems to cook a little faster in the convection mode, so the cookies were done about 15% faster than the package suggested. I'm still experimenting with toast.
    It is a little large, but smaller than some of the less expensive Cuisinart units. I'll try and up-date this review after we've had it a while. ...more info
  • Great Toaster Oven
    After several attempts at buying run-of-the-mill toaster ovens made by Black & Decker, DeLonghi and others, we thought there was no hope of finding a quality toaster oven. After reading the reviews here and elsewhere and checking out Consumer Reports we "gambled" on buying the TOB-175BC. To our surprise, it not only is very well built with solid framework and door, but also has a substantial broiling pan assembly. It makes toast to near perfection and gets to temperature quickly. The controls are intuitive enough that my 8 year has no problem operating it. On the other hand, its numerous features, including convection, may be overkill, but do not detract from the simplicity of design and operation. A great buy....more info
  • Toaster oven
    I opposed getting a toaster oven because it takes up counter space. But I must admit that I am using the oven far more than I imagined. I gave my toaster away so I am saving that space. I am baking or broiling meat in place of pan frying so I am saving calories. The features of the oven are excellent; it is easy to clean and operate....more info
  • functional and durable
    It works and works very well. I have the unit for over 3 years, use it everyday for breakfast, kid's lunch, and dinner, it delivers. This is one of the few things that actually make life easier. Highly recommend....more info
  • Pretty good but not perfect.
    If you want to toast bread, use a toaster. The crumbs from any cooking can accumulate on the oven bottom and make it hard to clean. Not worth the effort for a few toasted slices. You could always use the baking pan but then it won't heat evenly. So it's basically a small oven.
    This oven does the job and maybe even does it too well. Maybe since the oven is new that my food was overcooked even after following proper cooking times. Because of this, you should probably knock down an extra minute or so from the cooking. After some tinkering, the controls are also extremely easy to use.
    The problems that arise are:
    1. Cleaning this thing is problematic. If crumbs or food particles fall to the bottom, you'll have to wait until the temperature cools off and then try wiping it off. If you use the cooking pan then it'll take longer to cook and you might as well use some other heating application for toast or anything small.
    2. This cooking space itself is quite small compared to the overall contraption. Don't expect to cook anything too large or else the top portion would cook faster. ...more info
  • Toaster Oven Great - Warranty NOT
    The Oven itself works like a dream. It toasts, bakes, broils beautifully. However the boiler pans rusted in my dishwasher and cuisinart will only replace one of them and I have to purchase the other pan for $17. Did I just spend over $150 to be told that I am out of luck on a part that should still be under warranty. If I purchased locally I would be returning it to the store and exhanging it. ...more info
  • Glad I finally sprang for it
    My old Black and Decker died a few years ago and I foolishly tried living with a regular toaster. When I realized I rarely even make toast, I shopped all over and decided to try a convection oven to use instead of the old unevenly-heated electric oven in my apartment. I'm cooking for one, though I often make casseroles and whatnot to freeze so I don't have to cook meals every day. I tried a T-Fal from an electronics store and fortunately they took it back after I found it didn't do anything particularly well. I then bought this at a discount from a big box retailer.

    I was hesitant to buy something with all electronic switches. My eyesight is poor and I worried that I would have trouble reading the buttons. As it turns out it's pretty intuitive and user-friendly. Every once in a while I forget to press "start" after setting everything, but it's no different than setting the temperature dial on the oven and forgetting to actually turn the thing on.

    It toasts evenly, if a little slowly; I'm now addicted to health-food-store pop-tarts. The baking is great; I've made small cakes, biscuits, scones, and casseroles using the convection feature. A 4 1/2 pound chicken came out juicy and crispy. Pizza comes out wonderfully. I plan on making yeasted sweet cakes for the holidays, and expect that they'll be better than they were in my oven last year. Spatters that usually spread throughout a large oven get concentrated in the small one, but it's therefore faster to clean up. I haven't figured out how to make the broiling function work well, but I think that's just laziness on my part, and broiling is the only thing my regular oven does well, but once I figure out how it works in the convection oven I'll OK.

    I like that it beeps a few times to tell you when it's reached the desired temperature; it does it again if you open the oven long enough to lower the temperature significantly. The timer is easy to set, and when done will keep beeping until you press the timer button again when you check your food. The beep is very loud, which is great because I can hear it over the TV or radio even when I'm in the other end of the apartment.

    I'm not sure how much less heat this oven gives off when compared with the big oven. Because I have it on a lower shelf of the baker's rack I use for it, it's quite hot in the summer to cook and use the counter at the same time. Someday I'll install a shelf on the wall for it so I can see inside and not get baked along with the food.

    All in all, it's a great buy, and I expect that it will last a long time and give great service....more info
  • Excellent product!
    I love this toaster! Although it has been very complicated to figure out - lots of options, rack settings, convection bake vs regular bake, etc., the quality of the food it produces has been outstanding. Toast is evenly browned, baked and broiled foods are evenly cooked and moist. It has been well worth the effort to figure out how to use it. I would like more information in the product guide about when to use convection baking vs regular baking but that's my only suggestion....more info
  • Great Toaster Oven with a few minor issues
    First of let me say this little item does everything it claims to very well. Great convection oven, broiler and toaster (replaced our old dedicated toaster). If I had to do it all over again I'd buy the same thing.

    Now the minor issues (which are very picky):
    Has a built in clock but the manual recommends unplugging the unit after each use making the clock useless.

    Recommends not using it under cabinets which is where most people have space in their kitchens to put something like this. It seems to me that it should say: "Caution if using this at a high temperature for more than 15-20 minutes then move out from under cabinets to avoid a possible fire or heat damage to the cabinets." The surface does get warm but I doubt it gets hot enough to star a fire unless you are very careless. We use ours under a cabinet which doesn't even get warm when the oven is on. Being an engineer I'd like to see an explanation of why not to do this and then let the user make their own decision. Oh well the lawyers probably got into this.

    In spite of these minor points it's still a great unit.

    ...more info
  • Cuisinart toaster oven review
    Looked at them all and the Cuisinart is by far the easiest to use and the best quality out there. The controls are easy to clean and user friendly. From a single piece of toast to cooking something much larger it can handle it all. Stylish exterior and it doesn't take up that much counter space. Have owned two so far....more info
  • Cuisinart Vs. Hamilton Beach
    Wonderful!!!! Don't buy Proctor Silex or Hamilton Beach (PS & HB are same company). My HB relatively new one caught fire (lucky I was standing right there) and all they would do was offer a new one!!!! It needs a recall. Who trusts the same thing? The timer ticked like a time bomb when it worked and the heating was poor. The Cuisinart is wonderful and from a totally different world. It heats and toasts beautifully, has lots of options, and is silent when it works except for a quiet whirr when the convection is operating. Totally pleased and do not regret the extra money....more info
  • Fire Hazard! Beware!
    When the timer goes off, the oven does NOT shut off! If you are forgetful, it could be four hours before this unit shuts itself off. Plenty of time for it to burn your food, your kitchen or your home. Buyer beware. Major consumer testing agency fails to note this safety flaw. ...more info
  • This toaster model just can't toast evenly, after three of them!
    I purchased this toaster oven after much research and review reading in Sep. 06. It worked very well for about a year, but then it started barely toasting on the bottom side. I could see that the lower elements barely changed color by the time the cycle timed out. I called customer service, and was advised to send it back in Sep. 07. I had to ship it on my dime ($15.00). They sent me a new oven in about three weeks. This one took even less time to do the SAME THING!!. I called again, and asked if there were any service alerts about this problem. The rep said none were in effect. In Feb. 08 I sent the second one back (again on my dime, $15.00). The third one arrived in about two weeks, and within a month, it showed the SAME inability to toast bread evenly, even when I located the rack as low as possible to the elements! The upper element is glowing red in 90 seconds, and the lower ones barely change color after three minutes! Having already spent $30.00 shipping these things back, I just give up. We end up toasting and then manually flipping the bread for about another half cycle. For the money and hype, I expected better. Very dissatisfied with the toasting feature. ...more info
  • Versatile and efficient
    We like this toaster oven because it's compact, it does lots of things, and (after a couple of tries) we find it easy to use. It seems to toast quicker on one side than the other, and there are only two heights for the oven rack, but mostly it does the job well. Convection saves energy. It's big enough for a 9x9 or 8x11 inch cake pan. We recommend it....more info
  • toaster oven
    I have been quite pleased with this appliance. I still use a regular toaster for bread but english muffins and bagels are better in the toaster oven. I have used it to bake a casserole and crescent rolls. It cut the time to bake the rolls in half using the convection feature....more info
  • Just right for my needs
    Great little oven for when you don't really need to fire up the full size oven. Versatile and nice even cooking too! ...more info
  • Best toaster Oven
    I am extremely satisfied with this toaster oven. I bought it because I just moved into a new apartment, and the oven is very old. I like to bake, so I wanted to buy a sturdy, small oven that would be up to the challenge. Sure, this Cuisinart oven costs more than some of the other makes and models I was looking at, but it was worth the extra money. It is a truly beautiful appliance--very sleek, modern, and sturdy. It toasts quickly and evenly--the bagels are absolutely perfect, and they were ready in about 3 minutes! It's large on the inside--I was even able to bake a 9 inch pie. Everything comes out perfect in this oven. This oven is worth the extra money. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Best Baked Potatoes
    I have only had the oven for a few days, but english muffins and toast come out perfectly toasted. I made baked russet potatoes using the convection method. I rubbed them with canola oil and cooked them at 400' for 45 minutes. They were the best I have ever had! Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I can't wait to try more things....more info
  • Good solution
    Because I have a teensy kitchen and no actual oven, this is a perfect solution. Because it is efficient and works beautifully would be a good addition to a larger kitchen. Just what I wanted and I'm not disappointed!...more info
  • Best Toaster Oven I have ever owned!
    I am not a big fan of toaster ovens but have always had one because there are only two of us and I don't want to heat a big oven. This one seemed pricey but thought I would give it a try after opening and closing the door several was not light and flimsy like most ovens. The door was sturdy and closed tightly.

    I was right to think that this was a stronger, better oven. Heat is more accurate, toasts well, quiet, controls are easy to use and performs beyond my expectation for ANY toaster oven. Have recommended to family and friends...this is priced will have it for years at the rate mine is going. I purchased over a year ago and it looks and cooks like new. Oh and by the way, the door is still closing tightly. Solid machine. Highly encourage you to try it.
    ...more info
  • Jewel of Convection Toaster Oven
    This is a wonderful little convection oven which I have owned and used for over a year. Although I have a large convection oven in my range, I purchased this oven for smaller items in order to save electricity and to decrease the health issue from microwave food. I was surprised to find that toast and English muffins are absolutely delicious when toasted in this oven. The outside is brown while the inside of the toast is moist; consequently, I gave my regular toaster away. Cooking and warming vegetables takes a little longer than the microwave but the taste is better. The broiler is great for small items but not large meaty products.
    Although we seldom use the microwave anymore there are items which still require it. Heating tortillas to soften is one of these items. I estimate that we use the microwave at least 80% less than before we had this little convection oven. Despite greatly reducing the microwave oven use, our electricity consumption has decreased because we use the Cuisinart most of the time instead of using the large range convection oven.
    Frozen food that previously we cooked or defrosted in the microwave tastes much better when processed in this Cuisinart Convection oven. Most food does taste better when using a convection oven. No! You cannot heat a frozen pizza in this oven - it is slightly too small for that. If this oven were larger it would cost more to heat. If you're primary use is to heat frozen pizzas than this oven is not for you.
    My family uses this oven much more than we expected when I purchased it. We can bake 3 large potatoes with success and without the additional energy of my larger range oven. It takes about 3 minutes to reach 350 degrees, much shorter time than my range convection oven. We now use the range oven only for large meaty products like roasts. Baking cakes, cupcakes and similar products still need a larger oven.
    This Cuisinart oven with its black front and chrome body is easy to clean. I attached my oven to a surge protector as I do all my electronics in this static electricity with frequent power surges of southern Arizona. Because of the 12 inch surge protector cord I do not unplug the oven between uses and I am able to just turn the oven around to the back for removal of the crumb tray. Crumbs DO accumulate in the front in a little space between the glass and frame. I just use an old tooth brush to brush out the crumbs in about a minute. The outside is also easy clean. Not much time used in cleaning this oven.
    If you are looking to decrease use of the microwave and still decrease electricity use, have great tasting food, and ease of cleaning this Cuisinart Convection Oven will be a jewel to you as it is my family.
    ...more info
  • Cuisinart TOB-175BC
    Makes excellent, always-the-right-doneness toast (after a little experimenting to discover the right settings for each type of bread.) Defrost setting a plus for out-of-the-freezer slices. Convection oven works very well. Three-way adjustable rack helps in finding just the right setting for baking. Timer (on bake setting) a welcome addition not expected on a countertop unit....more info
  • Great Toaster
    Forget the rest, this is the best. This is our second one and will never own anything but. Received it promptly and in excellent shape. Very happy with the whole transaction. ...more info
  • Much better than a microwave or a toaster
    This is by far the coolest thing you can have in your kitchen. It toasts thing to the perfect brown and the convection cooking is great on chicken. Overall a very well made and thought out product....more info
  • An excellent product!
    I purchased this as a holiday gift for my wife and I and I have been using this convection oven daily. This oven is very easy to keep clean, there is a removable tray at the bottom so crumbs can be easily discarded. The interior is non stick. You get a stainless pan, drip tray and rack and all are dishwasher safe. I have used all three functions including convection, bake and toaster. I am pleased with all three especially the convection feature. The instruction booklet was a bit scant especially with recipes but I am sure you can find some at the Cuisinart website. Although I have used this less than a month, I have been pleased with the performance of this product and the ability to cook with the different features offered. I also got the best price through Amazon. If you are going to use the toast feature put the rack in the middle as this will prevent burning. Would I recommend this to family & friends absolutely, Would I purchase this product again, Yes! ...more info
  • Best toaster oven yet!
    I couldn't love this product more. It truly cooks everything perfectly. I use it every day for toast and for making lunch and dinner. The best features, in my opinion, are the various choices for toasting (there is even a bagel-specific setting) and the convection option. I have cooked meat, fish and poultry using the convection option, and I have never had such evenly cooked, tender and juicy meals. Great price, great product. Highly recommend, and would definitely buy again! It costs a little more than I would like to spend on a toaster oven, but it is worth it for what you get. Go Cuisinart....more info
  • cuisinart convection toaster oven broiler
    very satisified with this is well constructed,priced right and versital.has all the features i need,cooks just about any thing and is
    easy to saves me turning on a hot oven in hot houston texas......more info
  • More than a toaster and worth it.
    We have loved this toaster for 2 years now. It does toast well and is simply awesome for bagels and for broiling small dishes. We also use a small pizza stone and the convection bake to reheat pizza slices - which is sooo much better than a microwave. It heats fast and the convection baking is terrific. It is an excellent product that lasts, is easy to clean and does a number of things very well. Ours is still going strong after years of daily use, but if it did finally die we definitely would buy another....more info
  • Great oven
    This oven works great. The only down-side I have found is...crumbs get stuck on the bottom of the door where it hinges and I don't know what could be done about that, other then vaccum them out....more info


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