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For easier reading. It's BIG and easier to read the world's most-read monthly magazine. This is a general-interest family magazine which offers a variety of reading. Its articles and stories cover a range of subjects including health, ecology, government, international affairs, sports, travel, science, business, education and humor.

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally, a Large Print Magazine that isn't childish!
    For years Reader's Digest has offered a Large Print format, but it was more expensive, had less articles, and few, if any, photographs.
    Now, not only do they offer a Braille version (I rather doubt the photography there,buut since I have not yet read one, do not know if they use embossing instead), but the large print version is just as good as the usual bathroom read, without the eyestrain! I am thrilled with this change, as my vision deteriorates I know I can still keep reading "Reader's Digest"!
    They cull articles and quotes from a great deal of printed media, as well as encouraging readers to submit their own findings or experiences.
    Quotable Quotes is often amazing as to who said what, and Word Power is a challenge every single time. For inspiration, public awareness (Did you know you can write to a medical company for a small artificial breast to see if you are checking yours appropriately? Really!), a laugh of kindred humor, whether it be "Humor in Uniform", or "Life is the United States" (Which is now world-wide), or "That's Outragious!" (which points out cases of the Law vs. Justice), or just the tagline pieces at the end of articles; it's all good.
    This magazine tries to bring you the best of the best.

    Find your inspiration here, an alternative perspective, new ideas, concepts, and quite often, the chance for true insight into the lives of others.
    ...more info
  • Nostalgia plus informative human interest
    One reason I like to on occasion read the 'Reader's Digest' is because it and I have been both around so long. It is nice to see something I remember reading 'the human interest' stories in so many years ago. I remember how as a child I would go through their vocabulary test column.
    'Readers Digest'always has had something healthy and homey about it. 'Forty ways to lower your cholestorol' or 'Nine - hundred and two ways to tie your shoes' Things like this always kept me interested.
    I also liked the brevity and economy of the articles.
    I may not read it all the time, but whenever I come across it it is enjoyable to look at .
    I recommend subscriptions for all doctors' and dentists' office....more info
  • Large Print Reading Items
    This is the best thing I ever did for my Sister-in-law, who has impaired vision. She is super happy, can READ without a struggle. The magzine is well done in the Large Print format. Great!...more info
  • good content, bad company
    Readers digest really has alot of great topics, i've had it for two years now, but if you plan to enjoy them, also plan on 'enjoying' countless offers for products, requests for subscriptions long before they are needed, extra mailings constantly, and quite alot of confusion in the process if you don't really read what they are asking. I recent got a 'final bill' along with an explination of how they had earlier sent me a request to 'do nothing' if i wanted to continue with my subscription. However I had no recollection of getting this request.

    but other than this, the magazine offers a good variety of humour, articles, and snippets of the interesting things out there for everyone....more info
  • Great Memories...Great Format!
    This book has been around so long that most people over 50 consider it to be a "fond memory." And, when your eyesight takes a downward spiral (as it does for all of us), it's nice to know that an old favorite such as this can adapt to fit our needs. ...more info
  • Expensive
    Although RD has always been a good read the large print edition contains less articles than the small print edition. I can't see why they need to charge DOUBLE the price ($30.)of a normal subscription ($15.). It seems that the people who need the large print the most can least afford the higher price....more info
  • non receipt of order!
    I have yet to receive a copy of my order but you can be sure I have already been charged for it. Very disappointed in excessive delay in receiving my subscription. If I don't receive it within the week than I will cancel. R.M. Carignan...more info
  • Great Gift For People With Low Vision
    My mother received her first issue only 3 weeks after I ordered it. She loves it and can see all the words! She has always been an avid reader, but this has become more difficult as she loses her vision. Now she can continue to enjoy one of her favorite pasttimes. I just wish more magazines would offer this option....more info
  • Large Print Reader's Digest
    This was a Mother's Day present for my mom. Her eyesight is failing and She was very happy with the first issue that she just received. She could read it with no problems. ...more info
  • Still havent recieved
    I love this product, but unfortunatly I bought it over a month ago on Amazon and still havent recieved it yet....more info
  • Large Print, Same Magazine
    "Reader's Digest" has been my favorite general interest magazine for decades. The articles cover a wide array of topics and are either condensed from an original article in another magazine or are written in a condensed form specifically for the magazine. Each issue carries a portion of a non-fiction book written in such a way as to be an article or story and yet give you a flavor of the book itself. This version is sized similar to standard magazines with larger print for those who might be visually challenged.

    The variety of articles is impressive. Generally there are articles monthly on health and family. Within health are articles on medicine and medical advances, including articles about medical risks. The magazine now has several monthly portions devoted to families and marriage. There are also articles on finances and the economy, international affairs, travel, ecology, science, and a goodly portion of humor.

    In more recent years the magazine has added a letters to the editor section and an "Ask Laskas" section where you may ask questions regarding a large variety of subjects.

    "Reader's Digest" excels in two areas that are almost opposite to each other. "Reader's Digest" frequently has articles pointing out the incredible behavior of people and the government in articles such as "That's Outrageous." Articles have detailed judges who have behaved in an inappropriate manner, including actions that appear to a lay person to be incompetent, people who deliberately manipulate programs such as Medicare, and contractors who mis-bill for their services or products. These articles have the potential to stun you with the arrogance of some people's behavior. On the opposite end of the spectrum, "Reader's Digest" also focuses on "Everyday Heroes." In this section you may read about people doing the right thing in a variety of circumstances, from saving lives to just making someone's life better. Beyond the regular "Everyday Heroes" section of the magazine are often other articles and stories that highlight people who help others in a variety of ways, often ways that you would never hear from other sources.

    Moving into the modern age, "Reader's Digest" also has its own web site that expands the offerings of the magazine. The web site offers nearly as much value as the magazine itself.

    "Reader's Digest" has always several sections of humor, including "Life in these United States," "All in a Day's Work," and "Humor in Uniform." The jokes are generally family friendly, and while many of them will only provoke a smile, a few approach hilarity. Sprinkled throughout the magazine are other jokes at the end of articles. Some are fact based, such as announcements from a variety of organizational bulletins or advertisements that say something other than was originally intended.

    The magazine balances its humor portions with mind-challenging puzzles. Each month the magazine provides words to see whether you know their definition in "Word Power." Usually the magazine will also have at least one other word puzzle elsewhere to stretch your mind.

    As a magazine for general interest with a focus on family, "Reader's Digest" is an excellent fit. Because of its focus on the family and relatively traditional family values, the magazine reads as a conservative magazine. This magazine rarely, if ever, endorses a controversial position economically or politically, keeping to the right of the middle-of-the-road.

    If you find your time to read is limited, and yet want exposure to a variety of subjects and issues, "Reader's Digest" is an excellent magazine. It makes an excellent springboard into a search for more information on a variety of subjects, including other viewpoints to contrast with that of the magazine. Because "Reader's Digest's" articles are brief, expect that for areas of particular interest you will want to seek additional information from other sources.
    ...more info


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