T-Fal Initiatives 10-Piece Nonstick Inside and Out

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Product Description

Nonstick inside and out for easy cleaning, this 10-piece cookware set outfits a kitchen with the basics while permitting healthful, low-fat cooking. The set consists of a 7-1/2-inch saut®¶ pan, a 9-1/4-inch saut®¶ pan, a 10-3/4-inch saut®¶ pan, a 1-quart saucepan with lid, a 2-quart saucepan with lid, a steamer, and a covered 5-1/3-quart Dutch oven that doubles as a pot for cooking pasta, simmering stock, or making soup. Lids are domed, made of glass, and have knobs that adjust to vent steam for controlled cooking. Ergonomic handles made of tough plastic stay cool on the stovetop and are oven-safe to 350 degrees F. They're welded, with no inside rivets to trap food, and have hanging holes. Though inexpensive, the cookware is handsome and stylish, with charcoal gray exteriors and charcoal black interiors. Bottoms resist warping for uniform heating without hot spots. Inside the Dutch oven and pans' bottoms are T-Fal Thermospots that turn solid red when the pan is properly preheated. This cookware carries a lifetime warranty against defects, excluding dishwasher damage. --Fred Brack

What's in the Box
1-quart saucepan with lid, 2-quart saucepan with lid, 5-1/3-quart Dutch oven with lid, 7-1/2-inch saut®¶ pan, 9-1/4-inch saut®¶ pan, 10-3/4-inch saut®¶ pan, steamer

Set comprises 7 1/2, 9 1/4 and 10 3/4 inch saute pans, 1 and 2 quart saucepans with lids, 5 1/3 quart Dutch oven with lid and steamer

  • Nonstick inside and out; Thermospots indicate when pans heated
  • Domed glass lids with adjustable knobs to vent steam
  • Stay-cool handles oven-safe to 350 degrees F, welded for interior hygiene

Customer Reviews:

  • Not made to last
    I received T-fal as a wedding gift. The marriage didn't last long and neither did this set. It performed great at first but the non-stick finish wore off. For better wear I suggest Cuisinart or Calphalon....more info
  • performance
    i bought this item for my parents. excellent performance and good looks. i own a set myself. i recomend you to purchase this set if you don't want to spend $200.00+ for a set and want to get a good cookware set under $100.00

    ...more info
  • Great Bargain
    This product is great for the money, so far. I've used every piece and I haven't had any problems with anything sticking. It's easy to wash and I think is a great buy. I like this product and recommend it to anyone....more info
  • My pots and pans
    This is one of the best purchases I've ever made when buying products for my kitchen. The T-Fal items are light weight, easy to handle and absolutely non-stick. I'm extremely happy with my selection...more info
  • T-Fal Initiatives 10 Pc. Nonstick Cook Set
    Another excellent cook set from T-Fal. Was given as a gift. With proper care, these pots and pans will last several years and provide easy clean up and even heating. Highly recommend for the price!!...more info
  • Very Nice!
    The pots and pans work great...nothing sticks to them so they are very easy to clean and cook with. They are of nice quality and the lids fit nicely!...more info
  • Great Cookware by T-Fal
    Bought this set for my wife...replaces the original T-Fal set I bought her almost 20 years ago...great stuff....more info
  • Great beginner set, but doesn't hold heat
    I received this set as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I love it - the non-stick surface makes cleaning a snap. However, the thin cooking surface doesn't hold a lot of heat, and now that I have a gas range the skillets are beginning to warp. But if you don't do a lot of high-heat cooking these pans are pretty good....more info
    I HAD AN OLD SET OF T-FAL FOR 15 YEARS..time to replace with new and I bought this set and now I wished I hadn't! The lids/vent handle DO NOT fit on tightly. the lids are<br /> "put-to-gethers" and come apart. When I removed the lid, it came apart falling onto my wrist and now I am under doctor's care for a very VERY VERY NASTY BAD BURN!<br /> DO NOT PURCHASE THIS !!...more info
  • cooking light
    My new T-fal pans are wonderful. Not only are they easy to clean but cooking with out oil makes what ever I cooking in them healthier.I recently had a accident with a sauce I was cooking it boiled over and run all down the side of the pan onto the burner, by the time I took the pan of the burner I was upset that it had already burnt on the bottom feeling as though the pan was a lost I set it aside to cool when I got to it and was washing it in sudsy water I was amazed how fast and easy the clean up was..I am sold I love my pans.Less time cleaning more time to enjoy other things....more info
  • T-Fal Cookware
    I have been a fan of T-Fal cookware for years. The cost to replace just one piece is ridiculous believe me I've even looked at Wal-Mart. I would never be able to afford a complete set of cookware, until I found it on Amazon.com. I received my purchase in less than a week. The cost is unbelievable and the quality is pure T-Fal! ...more info
  • Great product - recomment to get it
    i have been using this t-fal sets for over 7 years and have been very happy with them. there is one thing, though, it only lasts for about 2 years and then you need to throw it out and get a new set. ...more info
  • Only problem is lids
    I have a hard time making meals in the largets saute pan. You would think that you largets lid would fit the 2 largest pans. The largest lid fits inside the large saute pan which really isn't helpful at all. And the largest lid fits over the medium saute pan. They need to get it right.<br /> <br /> We have had ours for 3 years now and have had no problems with sticking or anything like that. They are my only set of pans so they get used all the time and go right in the dishwashers for me. If you don't go at them with a hack saw then they will last. ...more info
  • Non Stick and Great for Everyday
    I got these as part of our wedding registry here on Amazon and with about 2 months of use I am very happy with this set. More so than any other set of pots/pans that I own.

    Here are some pro's:
    1 - The non-stick is truly non-stick and so easy to use. The fact that the outside is non-stick also makes cleaning up easy.
    2 - The handle really does stay cool, even near the edge on gas burners
    3 - The size of all 9 pieces are very convenient
    4 - Easy to wash due to non-stick and dishwasher safe
    5 - Thermospots assists in cooking evenly
    6 - Oven safe

    Great price and value....more info
  • Pretty good
    Good quality. Have been using the set for 1 month now and have been very happy with it....more info
  • T-Fal and cleaning
    I love this set, truly nothing sticks to it EXCEPT whatever juices burns around the metal surface or bottom of the pan duing a spill over, this is the part that is not "non-stick" leaving my pots looking cheap and really really used! Still don't know how to get it off with out stratching the pots!
    ...more info
  • It's really good
    It works fine. Worth the money. But when u wash it clean it with the sponge side of the scrub. Otherwise it'll get scratches. ...more info
  • T-Fal
    As always T-Fal is attractive and works great. I didn't realize how bad my pots and pans were getting, these help me cook so much faster. Easy to clean up and care for....more info
  • Good price, not the highest quality
    Well worth the price, got a couple scratches from using a metal spatchula. Non stick works very nice. Screws come loose after a while i had to tighten. overall if you need something cheap these will do the trick. Cant beat free shipping!...more info
  • Great deal for the price!
    I recieved this set two years ago as a gift, and have been completely satisfied with nearly every aspect of these pans! Even my boyfriend, who has the ability to burn any food you can think of, has not been able to damage the non-stick coating on these pans. The one main factor that has made the set last so long is that we make sure not to use metal utensils when cooking (you can get cheap, heat resistant utensils from Target for about $2 each which hold up equally as well). We also never put these in the dishwasher, and wash them by hand with a non-scratching sponge.

    The only downside to the set is the construction of the lids for the saucepans. They only fit on the saucepans and aren't meant to be placed on the saute pans which may make it hard to make some meals. Also, the handle portion of the lids is detachable, and when the two are reattached the fit is loose. The lid sometimes feels like it may come apart from the handle when I'm using it which is slightly annoying.

    While the lids might not be great, the pans are definitely worth owning (especially for the college student!) and at Amazon's price, they are definitely affordable....more info

  • Unbeatable value, if you get it on sale
    I purchased this set roughly four years ago, possibly longer, and it still looks relatively new. I think they'll last as long as I want them around. They're feather light and the nonstick still performs flawlessly. The thermospot seems a gimmick, I don't need a spot to tell me when the pan is hot, but it does work, which is admittedly cool. The light weight of these pans make cleanup a snap, and heat spreads quickly and evenly.

    The people who complain about the nonstick cracking or coming off must be clueless to cookware care. Hand wash ANY nonstick items you have, dishwashers do a wonderful job of ruining the finish. Cooking on your stove's "high" setting is not only unnecessary, it's harmful to your pans (as stated in the manual). Lastly, be sure you're using utensils appropriate for nonstick. People that ruin cookware and blame it on the craftsmanship rank up there with those who say their $300 knives rusted after leaving them overnight in the dishwasher. ...more info
  • Abolutely Wonderful for the Price
    You can't go wrong with this purchase. For $59.99 this set is truly a great buy. I like the pans because they are very easy to clean, and the handles do not get hot even after they have sat on a burner for sometime. Being very easy to clean is a major plus for me. I am very happy that I received this set as a gift. Also purchased a set for my MIL and she absolutely loves them. ...more info
  • Review by college student
    I'm a trained sous chef who cooks alot at home when i'm not working or studying.

    Cheap for Tefal's nonstick set with Thermal hotspot.

    just one word, follow the care instructions that came in the box.

    Use only wooden/plastic cookware to do your cooking

    wash immediately after use with dish cloth and soap.

    try to minimise putting it in the dishwasher and it will last u a long long long time....more info
  • Perfect for the price
    I looked all over for the best deal on inexpensive non-stick cookware, and I believe this was it. Probably the first time I ever read the care instructions before using pots and pans, so they will last as long as possible. I am sure they aren't the finest quality, but they look and feel sturdy enough. They are working very well for us at this early stage. ...more info
  • Good Product
    This is a good product although it is not as heavy as I expected. I have owned T-Fal for many years and this is considerably lighter than the older ones. I hope it performs as well as the older ones....more info
  • Just okay
    They are not made in France, they are made in China. And they don't have Thermospots. ...more info
  • Fast and Afforable
    I saw the same exact set in the store for over 100.00. They got here the very next day!
    Exactly what I needed, I recommend this to EVERYONE...more info
  • Love It
    I am a housewife and mother and I have a family who LOVES to eat. I am italian so I am ALWAYS cooking. I have had this set since I got married 3 years ago. The only scratches on these were made by my little brother who used a metal fork fork and spoon in them. The lids have no problems with the seals, others must have gotten a bad set which can happen with anything you buy. This is a great deal for the price. I know I still have plenty of life left in my pans. Very even heating and I do NOT put mine in the dishwasher. As long as you take care of your nonstick cookware it will last....more info
  • Awesome Set!!!!!!
    I just received my set of these pots and pans. And they are absolutely wonderful. I love that they are non-stick inside and out. They are light weight but very durable. I bought these because my last set of T-Fal pots and Pans I bought over 20 years ago needed replacement with some pieces. In the past I bought miscellaneous replacement pans, but they would only last a year or two, nothing stood up to my T-Fal set. I am very happy with my new set and I'm sure these will last 20+ years....more info
  • Good quality But poor design!
    I bought this set thinking the lids to the pots would fit the skillets but they don't. This was really frustrating. The set has been great except for the lids.

    -Ryan...more info
  • Excellent Cookware Pro or Amature!
    Whether you spend hours a day in the kitchen, whip together a meal or two a week, or cook for friends/family on the weekend...your gonna love this cookware set!

    I previously owned a set of "bachelor hand me downs" from when I first moved out. They were fine but nothing special, eggs stuck like glue, the Teflon flaked like old paint...basically needed to be replaced! I purchased these on Amazon and got them the next day (I was sick of eating Teflon chips in every dish)

    The difference was like night and day! I had some friends over and the first thing was an amazing high quality box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Not my choice at all since I love to cook, but hey who am I to judge. After my buddy added the cheese sauce and mixed it in, he dumped the cheesy sticky mixture into a huge bowl and threw the pan in the sink...shocker. That night I cleaned up and thought well lets test the Teflon coating in these...even after 5 hours of drying on it rinsed right out with the tap water pressure!

    After this experiment I got to try some real cooking, which included blueberry pancakes, stir-fry veggies, chicken Parmesan, and shrimp fettuccine Alfredo. Everything cooked perfectly, even heat, and your sauces and stuff glide right off the awesome coating in this cookware, inside and out.

    The covers, and steamer are also an awesome addition to the set, everything is well built and feels very even in your hand. Durability so far (4 months) has been incredible, tons of dishwasher cycles, lots of cooking, even a few mishaps with metal flatware (which I wanted to avoid) haven't phased this stuff!

    I was so impressed with this set I picked one up for my moms Birthday this year, she cooks ALOT more than I do so I'm sure she'll give them even more of a workout! Overall Id say if your needing some new pots and pans at a great price that will last a long time...these will do the trick! ...more info
  • Size of lids
    Unfortunately, lids match saucepans only, they don't match pans.
    Pans are somewhat thin.
    Box says: made in France, Italy, Hungary, China.
    Lids and the steam-opening handle could be designed and manufacture better.

    Though a good deal for the $50, this set is short of "T-FAL"
    brand design and quality....more info
  • Works great at first
    I love it when you first start using it. But the inside does wear off and now I wonder how safe they actually are and how much of the wearing off stuff gets in your blood stream. I dropped the one pot and it dented really bad. Next time I will use stainless steel. Feel safer with that. I wont by this product again.
    JJ...more info
  • All I need in the kitchen
    I looked for this set because while living overseas in a furnished apartment recently I had been provided with its French equivalent and used it with pleasure. So when I returned to the US I replaced an aging, heavier, and more expensive set of cookware (one that I had been unwise enough and lazy enough to wash in the dishwasher) with this economical, practical, and completely satisfactory one....more info
  • My 2 Cents
    Know that none of the included covers fit any of the saute pans. Also, despite the description, there are no "knobs that adjust to vent steam for controlled cooking" or "T-Fal Thermospots that turn solid red when the pan is properly preheated."...more info
  • Good stuff
    As I said before the Teflon and aluminum botton of the Tfal set is really great. The handles are the only drawback. They get loose. ...more info
  • The lids are terrible
    No complaints about the saute or sauce pans, the lid design is terrible. Aside from the fact that the sealing mechanism doesn't seal properly, the whole setup is so flimsy one of my lids is completely unusable. My recommendation, is to avoid this set and look for a set with less fancy and more sturdy lids....more info
  • Unbeatable at This Price
    I took the free shipping option when buying this set, and I was surprised receive them in 4 days. Thanks Amazon :) I will tell that this is a great set. I read the earlier reviews before buying, and I had no problem with having any lids fit. The nonstick is awesome; however, I ensure that I use plastic utensil. Tis set is unbeatable at this price! ...more info
  • great product
    we bought this as a christmas gift for a new and upcoming cook. it is an excellent product and forgiving to the trials of learning to use them. her comment was...i have never had a set of pans that are so wonderful...thank you thank you thank you...i guess you could say she loves them ...more info
  • T-Fal cookware
    The cookware was purchased for a new cooktop stove and I just love it.
    It is light to handle; easy to clean; keeps my burners clean and cooks evenly. The cover handle and pot handles make it easy to lift when hot.

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Best Non-Stick Pans
    T-Falls are the best non-stick frying pans. After my 10 year old T-Fall wore out, I replaced it with two Bialleti pans. I had read how good they were. Both Bialleti pans were horrible. Fried eggs stick to them like glue. After two months of struggling with them I went out and bought the three T-Fall frying pans that are part of this set. They are superb. The eggs glide off the pan and onto the plate without any effort whatsoever. Needless to say, I tossed the two Bialleti pans. ...more info
  • Cookware Review
    My daughter was moving, and needed her own kitchen items. We went to Amazon.com to view items. I saw this, and ordered it for her. It was delivered promptly. It was everything as promised.

    T-Fal Initiatives 10-Piece Nonstick Inside and Out...more info
  • bad quality - a review after long term use
    I brought T-fal pans from my local Sam's Club wearhouse, and initially, the pans worked great. this is my review after about 1.5 years of use:

    1. the handle on the lid (plastic) broke after about a year.

    2. the non stick coating began to crack from regular use in about about 6 month, and it got so bad that i tossed the pan out in about a year and half.

    3. the handle broke twice on me and for both time i super glued them back on. on the third time, i just tossed them out and got an expensive Anolon titanium non-stick set.

    4. the pan is not made of aluminum and there are "hot / cold" spots on the pan. the hot / cold spot is caused by uneven distribution of heat. a good pan, generally with copper or aluminum core will evenly distribute heat. this pan does not.

    bottom line:

    do not use this pan in the oven eventhough the instruction said up to 400 degrees. the handle will and did crack on me for 3 times with occasional oven use.

    the pan is thin, and does not distribute heat well. and the worst: the non-stick coating is a joke.

    i found out that it's actually cheaper to get a expensive set and use it for like 10 years instead of getting a cheap set for a third of the price and replace it every 2 years or less.

    not recommended.
    ...more info
  • I love this set.
    The T-Fal 9 Piece set is, so far, amazing. It heats up quickly and evenly and won't burn. It cleans well and I haven't had any sticking problems. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great pans, but did NOT fit the description...
    I love T-fal, but was very disappointed to get these and find out that they did NOT match the description. I have owned T-Fal for years, and specifically picked these because the description listed that they had thermospots and handles that vented. I was very disappointed to get them, and then realize that they aren't vented, nor do they have thermospots. I will still use them, but they are definitely not what they were advertised as....more info


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