Vidal Sassoon VS783 1875-Watt Professional Anti-Static Ion Dryer and Styler

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Product Description

Vidal Sassoon VS783 Professional Antistatic Ion Hair Styler and Dryer - Long, thick, flowing hair is attractive but, drying it after a shampoo, can result in frizzy textures. The award-winning stylists at the internationally famous Vidal Sassoon salons have developed a hair dryer that uses ionization to safely modify static polarization caused by other hair blowers. The result is virtually frizz-free hair that's easy to manage so you can look and feel your best. Hanging ring/cord guard Immersion shock protection safety plug (with test/reset functions) UL listed Includes 3 styling attachments

  • Ionic technology reduces the "frizzies"
  • Three heats, three speed settings
  • Three styling attachments
  • Cold shot button
  • Dual voltage

Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't work
    I just recently bought this hair dryer. The first time I used it, it worked fine. The second time I used it, it stopped working after 8 minutes. My hair is long and thick and slightly wavy. It isn't crazy curly, but it isn't pin straight. It doesn't take me more than 10 minutes to blow-dry my hair. I was blow-drying it straight, and after 8 minutes it just stopped working. It's not worth the money at all! Also, it does make a horrible noise and it does smell like burnt hair. I thought that all those things wouldn't bother me if it did the job--but then it just stopped working!...more info
  • From unkempt poodle to sleek afghan hound...
    I have long, thick, curly hair. Think Kerri Russell without the full time stylist. The humidity where I live makes it very hard to style and even harder to hold the style. Enter this jewel. One handed styling with the comb attachments works wonders and the ionic technology dries my hair faster, shinier, and straighter than anything else I have ever used. A few small issues: the brush attachment is absolutely useless. I would have preferred a concentrator. The fine tooth comb, necessary for a smooth finish, is starting to loose its teeth after only four months. When I have tried to use the dryer without any attachments, it overheats, but this is easily resolved by simply keeping one of the combs on at all times. I love my new soft and sleek look and feel that my hair is healthier than ever before....more info
  • Works really great
    after quite a wait, I finally received this. works really great, my hair seems to be in better condition. the only drawback is that its a little on the heavy side....more info
  • This is the ONLY dryer I've used since 1994!!
    I got my first Vidal Sassoon styler dryer in 1994, and haven't bought any other kind of hairdryer since!! I have curly hair that I love to wear pin straight, and this dryer truly delivers. What normally takes me 40 minutes to dry with a regular dryer and a round brush, I can do in 12-15 minutes with this dryer. It's so powerful I only have to use the middle heat setting, and the cool shot button is the perfect finishing tool for sleek, smooth hair. The only problem is the fine tooth comb attachment breaks after about 6 months of continuous use, and the wide tooth breaks after about 8-9 months of use, so you have to either buy a new dryer every 6 months or order the attachment replacement parts ($4 a pop on the Vidal Sassoon website). But all in all, this is the BEST dryer for turning unruly hair into runway tresses, and I've yet to find a dryer that does a better job straightening!!...more info
  • Old model was better
    I bought this dryer at a retail store when my VS model #VS-540 burned out because I figured this was the new and improved version. Well it's not! It's shape makes it very difficult to hang on to, it's bigger and heavier, and the cold shot button is right in the way of where your thumb has to rest and I keep hitting it when I'm using the dryer when I don't want to hit it. Thankfully when I searched online for the VS-540 model & it was still available on Amazon so I bought two of them. Luckily they still have replacement combs that fit both model numbers available through Helen of Troy, since they do break very often. For the people having trouble with theirs overheating, this happens when you get it too close to your head/hair and it blocks the vents. I found if you blow on the air intake vents or wave the dryer back and forth, it cools off and restarts very quickly! ...more info
  • Overheat
    I was waiting for this dryer to come in the mail for a while now. I looked forward to using it. Yesterday, I got it in the mail and used it. I thought with the attachment, it would be more convenient to straighten my hair, not true. I used it for 10 minutes and it shut off on me. I waited 10 minutes for it to cool and start up again but it never did. I will not buy this product again. Do they manufactures think that it takes only 10 minutes to dry hair? They should have tested this dryer out before sending out into the marketplace. I am very disappointed....more info
  • What a POS!
    This dryer is a piece of garbage. I've owned it for 2 years now and I've had to replace 2 parts (the wide & narrow tooth combs) twice now! Ugh!...more info
  • Great for curls
    I have extremely curly hair that is medium-long. I am also not very coordinated. I have never been able to hold a hair dryer in one hand and use a round brush in the other.

    This product is my solution. I have had the older model of this dryer for about 6 years and only recently has it started to die out. Even so, it still works, it just doesn't get as hot as it used to.

    If you are like me and don't have the talent to use a regular blow dryer, buy this product. It dries and almost completely straightens my insane curls in 10 minutes or less. I run a straightener through my hair for 3 minutes and it looks like I have naturally straight hair.

    The one complaint I have about it is that the comb attachment started melting and becoming deformed. It doesn't really affect the outcome of my hair style, so I'm not too worried about this slight defect.

    ...more info
  • It's true--the ionization does work for fine hair!
    I read the reviews and decided I needed a second dryer just in case my other one pooped out when dashing out of the shower for work, so I bought this one. It was a good choice. Fine hair will dry rapidly but this dryer gives the hair more body and shine.
    The only thing which wasn't a plus for me was the loudness of the motor when it's on medium, and high is much too shrill near your ears as you dry your hair.
    It is worth the price and Amazon is a good place to make a purchase....more info
  • Great Dryer, But.....
    This is the best blow dryer I have ever had. It's fast and leaves my hair straighter than the others did. It is loud, but it's fast so who cares. It does stop when over heated but that's a good thing folks. It could also mean that you are placing too much heat on one area of your hair. When blow drying, you have to keep the dryer moving constantly. When the dryer stops, I blow into the vents to cool it off and it comes back on within seconds - so I don't know where some of these 5-10 minutes cooling times come from. My only major complaint is that the combs need to be more sturdy. This is a powerful dryer and the combs cannot withstand the heat. ...more info
  • Hair Blower
    Excellent product; feels great in the hand, and performs reliably. However, the cord was miserably stiff. I replaced it with a supple rubber cord....more info
  • Sensitive ears?
    This hair dryer is the LOUDEST appliance in my entire house. I can only tolerate the lowest setting - Any higher than that and I have to put in ear plugs, it's THAT loud. And the low setting really doesn't kick out the kind of heat I need to straighten my wavy hair. Also, the bristles on the brush are totally wimpy. They're made of cheap plastic that's supposed to look like boars hair, which simply don't grab the hair well enough to do the job. AND - The handle of the dryer is too fat to easily grab and my hand gets tired before my hair is dry. All these things combined - Think twice about this one before buying. I definitely wouldn't do it again. ...more info
  • Perfect for curly hair
    I could not live without this hair dryer. If you have curly hair that you want to style, this is the dryer for you....more info
  • Works Okay But The Brush Sucks!
    I've had two or three of these over the years. The ion feature does make your hair look nicer. It's easy to work with curly or long hair using the brush attachment and another hair brush together. The main problem I have with this dryer is that the brush is made from boar bristles. In the beginning the brush works fine, but after a while the bristles start falling out and the brush is worthless. I have, in the past, ordered new brush attachments online.

    It would be a much better product if it had another type of bristles or they gave you an option to special order a brush with plastic bristles. Makers of the more expensive brushes say that you should NOT use boar bristle brushes on wet hair as it damages the brush. Well DUH, this is a hair DRYER, made to use on wet hair, and it uses boar bristles, makes no sense! I'll be shopping around soon for a new hair dryer. There aren't a lot of brands who make dryers with brush attachments, but hopefully I'll find a DIFFERENT brand that has a more efficient brush!...more info
  • Great results, if you can get the dryer to stay on
    This dryer made my wavy hair straighter than a seperate brush and dryer ever could. THe problem is that it just shuts off. The first time I used it, it shut off twice within a 20-minute period. It wouldn't restart when I plugged it back in, or even when I tried a different outlet. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't restart for about 5 minutes. I've used an older model of this dryer and the same thing happened. I wouldn't recommend buying this product....more info
  • Short lived! Twice
    I have owned two of these. When the first one's switch gave out after about two years use I bought another because I liked the dryer. The second one's switch has quit working after a years use....more info
  • Love the hairdryer!!
    My hair is much softer after using this hairdryer for the past month. Great product!...more info


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