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This brightly-colored wooden train is over 17" long and includes 15 interchangeable pieces to get any child's imagination rolling. The solidly-built engine and multicolored freight cars have sturdy pegs for linking the cars and stacking the "cargo" blocks. Get on board for a high-quality, value-packed adventure.

  • Made of solid wood
  • Comes with interchangeable pieces
  • For ages 2 and above
  • Recommended Age Range 2 Years and up

Customer Reviews:

  • Could Not Ask For More!!!
    We have had this toy for nearly 6 months now. It is a timeless favorite that looks as though it will hold up beautifully to years of play. The pieces are brightly painted and smooth, so as not to scratch little hands. The train is sturdy and best of all, requires NO batteries! Our train's 23-month-old engineer gets in a lot of play/learning time with this fabulous toy! This puzzle train will undoubtedly grow with your child, as she or he discovers how to configure the blocks on the train cars and use the finished product for hours of imagination-powered play. HIGHLY recommended for ages 18 months to 4 years!

    Some of you might like to know that this train is now available in BRIGHT NEON colors! I have not been able to find it online yet, but we recieved this newer, neon version as a birthday present, and love it just as much as the original. Now we have one for Grandma's house and one for home!...more info
  • Worth every penny spent!!
    This is a fantastic toy. I have and 18 month old, 4year and 7year old. All have enjoyed playing with this toy. It is very well crafted. This toy is a must have, it has kept mine busy for hours....more info
  • Fun to stack but hard to keep together.
    The children enjoy putting the pieces together but get frustrated when they try to play with the train by pulling on it because it falls apart again....more info
  • for little train lovers
    i bought this a few months ago for my then 19 month old son who loves trains. although he did play a great deal with the box it was shipped in, he loves this stackable train even more! he's not one to sit still for long, but he will to play with this train. i love it because it is real wood & something that will not be easily broken, if at all, like plastic toys. it can be handed down to future siblings or even his own toddlers. the blocks have been tossed across the room & banged together & they are, so far, holding up well to toddler abuse. unlike plastic toys, there were absolutely no fumes of any kind when i opened the packaging. the only downside is at the end of play, there's more to pick up ;) but this helps in teaching my son to help put away his toys by making it fun to put all the blocks back on the train cars. it's also helping him learn colors & shapes. i have since bought other toys from this same company & will buy more in the future. good quality, good price & good fun make this a great buy.
    UPDATE...2 years of play & there's only a couple of the pieces have paint chipped from the edges but I expected that. In general the train has held up well to play with the blocks being banged together or tossed. My son still plays with it but not as much as he is beginning to outgrow it. This toy is a keeper, so into storage it goes for a future sibling or maybe even grandchildren......more info
  • Very educational and entertaining
    I would highly recommend this classic toy. I bought this for my son when he was age 1. At first, he would just chew on the pieces and throw them all over so I kept the train for a while and reintroduced it to him a few months later. This is one of his most favorite toys and he will be 3 years old in a few weeks. He plays with it everyday. We still have all the pieces as I have been very vigilant in looking for any misplaced pieces. Because of my son's very positive experience with this toy, I have bought another one recently to give as a gift to a 2-year-old boy. I've read that Melissa and Doug offer a lifetime warranty for this toy so that's another big plus....more info
  • OK, but..
    ..When not stacked, the cylindric posts are potentially dangerous, if the child should fall on them. Otherwise, sturdy, non-toxic, great to play with....more info
  • Great "choo-choo" train!!
    We gave this to our daughter as a Christmas gift when she was 12.5 months old. She was a bit young at that point to enjoy it very much, but she definitely has grown into it! I'd say at about 18 months she really started to take a lot of interest in the train. Now at 21 months she loves to sit on the family room floor and remove the blocks and replace them on different pegs.

    All of the blocks fit on all of the pegs--sometimes more neatly than others. There is no way a child can put the blocks on the pegs that will prevent the wheels from turning, so your little engineer won't experience that frustration!! We have berber carpet in our family room and this train scoots along easily on the carpet as well as on the wood floor in the kitchen.

    Although my child can replace all of the blocks (in a different order than originally intended!) she cannot reconnect the train cars yet, so she often uses them as three seperate choo-choo trains. The nice thing about the pegs used to connect the cars though, is that they are the same size as the pegs the blocks are "supposed to" go on--so she often sticks blocks on those pegs too.

    We are thrilled with this purchase and I have already given it as a birthday gift to two other one year olds! I love toys that children can grow into!...more info
  • not so much fun
    we got this as a christmas present and my 2, 3 and 4 year never really even played with it. I tried I really did because I love anything trains but to no avail then the peices started to come off and in the end it just ended up in a heap with the rest of the blocks. ...more info
  • Train Lover's Favorite
    My 19 month old has recently started to develop a love for trains. This toy has been a HUGE hit!! The block/train combo is about all he could ask for at this point!...more info
  • The Stacking Train is HEAPS of fun!
    At first, I wondered if the Stacking Train was ever going to entertain my son. You see the cars slide off the linking dowels, if pushed down too hard. Well, at least when traveling on carpet, which is the main playing surface in our home. What's more, the order in which the blocks stack onto the cars is essential for movement. The blocks don't have to stack in perfect order, but certain blocks must be stacked in the appropriate places, otherwise the wheels cannot rotate. My husband and I noticed how aggravated Will became when he first started playing with the Stacking Train; thus, we intervened as the toy frustrated him so. Once he became familiar with the puzzle, (2 weeks later) he began to enjoy playing with it. The Stacking Train soon became a favorite, and now, 7-months later, it still amuses him for 30 minutes or more a day.

    I have found that sometimes the age recommendation on toys is not always accurate. This plaything is appropriately labeled for 2 and up, and will probably continue to entertain my son for another 6 months or more. As a side note, the stacking order is quite complex for little minds. Although this does not take away from the fun-factor, it can add to the level of frustration. This mommy had to go on-line to see the stacking sequence so she could teach her son.

    The Stacking Train is a well-built puzzle! It has been tossed around, stepped on, and even chewed upon, yet keeps on rolling. There are NO sharp edges on this toy, but we have had a few minor mishaps when my son, who plays rough, has pulled the dowels off the cars. We glued them back with wood glue, and the following day this choo choo is back to rolling around on the floor. Recently, my son lost one of the blue dowels, which links the cars together. I called the customer service number, found on the bottom of the toy, and the company replaced the entire train for nothing. Now that's excellent customer service! Overall, I recommend the Stacking Train as it's engaged my son for hours on end, plus the educational values are significant.

    Other Points of Interest:
    , No batteries required
    , There are NO safety concerns with this plaything, i.e. strangling, smothering, cutting, or swallowing
    , Gender neutral plaything
    , No assembly
    , Lifetime guarantee

    Happy Playing,
    Mary...more info

  • Great affordable toy
    This train first caught my son's eye when we went to get him fitted for shoes at Stride Rite and they had this in the fitting area. He was just over 1 year old at the time and was mesmerized. Now, at 2 he still loves this train. He can sit and rearrange the blocks over and over. He also has a lot of other creative uses for them and they make great building blocks in their own right. This adorable train is very affordable, especially considering how long it will last. Our train has survived many rough rides and is still going strong. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Brandon loved this toy
    I first saw in the store I didn't buy it because the 2 age was older than my 16 month old, but then he played with it at his cousin's house. I couldn't get him to let go!

    He loves this train at 17 months, he plays with it everyday, he takes the blocks off and puts them back on. He also is learning his colors.

    Great toy! We have quite a lot of Mellisa and Doug products in our house!...more info

  • Classic and durable
    I originally got this for my son's nursery, to be used as a decorative item on a shelf. Needless to say, it doesn't get a lot of "shelf time", both of my kids, now 4 and 2, love it!!...more info
  • Peeling paint
    My son absolutely loves this train and I did as well until the paint started peeling off of the blocks less than 2 months after getting the train. The train has ended up in my son's mouth and has been wiped clean with a damp cloth once or twice, but I was surprised and disappointed that the paint started peeling off on several pieces. I would have expected a Melissa and Doug toy would have stood up to normal child play and cleaning.
    ...more info
  • Colors, shapes, and choo-choo fun
    My son has had this for about three years (he's 4 years old now). He loves trains. We recently gave it to his little brother (11mo) but he still plays with it.

    When this was still his toy , he would point out the colors and shapes, put it together in his own way, and run it around on the floor. Recently one of the pegs that hold the shapes came off, but my husband used some Gorilla Glue to put it back together and it's back in action....more info
  • reaches for train again and again
    My child loves this wooden train set.
    She started playing with this at 21 months
    and still loves it at 24 months.
    Great job guys!!!...more info
  • good creative toy
    When my Mom got my son this toy, it was a little over his head, because he just took it apart and didn't reassemble it. When he was somewhere between 1 and 2, though, he went through a phase where he played with it a lot. Every day he made a different train out of it, and he worked really hard to figure out how to fit the different blocks onto the pegs in different combinations. We never really tried to get it back together "right", and now I don't even remember how. One thing you need to watch out for, though, is that the pegs tend to fall out after a lot of use. I glued them back in a number of times....more info
    This was the first of a long line of Melissa & Doug products we've gotten. It is so wonderful, I'd give it a six-star rating if I could. These are SO well made and multifunctional, I'm planning on passing them down to my children's children. This company also makes great fridge letters (upper AND lower case) and other brightly colored sturdy wooden toys that are inexpensive and make great gifts. ...more info
  • I like it, but my son never plays with it.
    I guess he is spoiled by the ridiculous number of more flashy vehicles (thomas, hot wheels, etc). I, however, enjoy this toy. It is nicely made, has aged well, and looks great sitting uselessly on my sons dresser!...more info
  • Lots of pieces. Can be personalized easily
    Very great puzzle. Hard to go wrong with Melissa & Doug things in general, but this is especially fun since it is a toy and puzzle at the same time.

    As a parent, it is a pain to pick up all the pieces when my 18 month old pulls it apart. He hasn't figured out how to keep it all together, but my 3 1/2 year old has loved it for years. It is a good toy when you have multiple children of difference ages in the house.

    Also, my friend who gave it to me personalized it by painting my boys name on the engine pieces. It looks great!

    ...more info
  • Stacking Train
    My son LOVES this toy. From the moment I bought it- has been completely obsessed with it! The old fashion wooden blocks come in bright colors & leave many combinations for the toddler to play around with. This train occupies so much of my son's time & he adores it!...more info
  • Great durable toy
    My son ended up getting 2 sets of these trains. I can't tell you how much he loves them. The first set he got as a gift last year when he was 10 months old. He got a second set as a gift a month ago (at 20 mos) and we were going to return it, but he became so excited when he saw them, we let him keep it. I am so glad we did, he has combined the trains, can now sort the blocks by color, "parks" the trains and takes them everywhere. Our Parent Teacher Educator commented that he plays really well by himself, ESPECIALLY with the trains. They look simple, but they are great for children to develop imaginitive play....more info
  • A toy with longevity!
    We got this train for our son when he was 2 and now he's 4 1/2 and he stills plays with it on a regular basis. The only negative thing I can say about it is that after 2 1/2 years of hard playing, a wheel came off, but it can be easily glued back on. ...more info
  • Choo-ricfic!!!
    Love it, love it, love it. I bought this for my son's second birthday. His eyes lit and and he played with it 1/2 hour straight. I finally had to take it away for bedtime. First thing in the morning he was asking for his train. My 4.5 yr daughter loves playing with it too.

    He can't put the train back together perfectly yet, but much better than I expected. Great learning tool, great puzzle, great for hand eye coordination. I only wish it had a pull string - I might have my husband add that on.

    ...more info
  • Great toy -- contains no lead
    I was worried that this paint on this toy might contain lead since it's made in China. I bought a lead tester and confirmed that it's safe (I sampled several colors of paint, both were negative for lead. The tester used was an one of an eight-pack of Lead Check Swabs by HybriVet Systems, Inc.). The toy is sturdy and well constructed, and I think that it has good educational value since there are many ways that the blocks can be assembled, and a variety of shapes. My only minor concern is that the some of the unpainted blocks that form the base of each train car are slightly rough at the corners--which could lead to splinters. I'll probably need to sand these a bit before putting them to use, but that's a problem that's easily fixed....more info
    I bought this toy for my little girl last year. I was shocked to find that there had been a recall on it in Canada..they have stricter testing methods than we do in the US.

    "this train has been recalled in Canada for containing high levels of barium. Apparently barium can cause (according to Health Canada), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps as well as more severe symptoms."

    There was also a recall on their geometric stacker.

    The Melissa and Doug representatives were AWFUL!! The said it was an isolated incident and not a big deal!!! It is dishonest and wrong that they never issued a recall here and there was hardly any information on this recall available. DO NOT BUY THESE TOYS!!! ...more info
  • Excellent toy!
    My son loves it. It's durable and lots of fun. It can be used for learning to stack the blocks or just used as a fun little train, and he loves to do both. ...more info
  • Love this toy
    My daughter just loves this train. She has taken it apart and put it back together many times, plus she just loves trains. Very durable and colorful. She is just now turning 2 and was about 20 months when I purchased this for her. Great stacking and learning toy. A lot of fun....more info
  • Wooden Stacking Train
    I didn't see the toddler play with the toy because they were from out of town and were taking it home all sealed up so no parts were lost.
    The parents thought it was a wonderful toy. They have not shared how their little one liked it....more info
  • Better of as decoration
    We've had this train for 12 days and already the paint is chipping off like many of our other Melissa & Doug toys. M&D toys are Made in China, supposedly in a responsible factory. However, there have been recalls on M&D toys issued in other countries that have not been issues in the U.S. Due to this I am hesitant to let my son play with this toy as the paint is chipping off and this has been minimally played with in the less than two weeks we've had it. For now it will go on a shelf and serve as decoration.

    This is even more disappointing since I had to take my son's other sorting train (Toys R Us Imaginarium brand) away after it broke the day after he received it.

    As a substitute I will consider the Plan Toys sorting train, which is made in Thailand using abandoned rubberwood. We have several Plan Toys that have look brand new after a year or more of use. ...more info


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