Revlon RV484 Ion 1875-Watt Hair Dryer

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Product Description

Internal Ceramic Tecchnology - Airflow contacts the unique internal ceramic disc, creating high, even heat distribution for shinier, healthier-looking hair.

Professional Features:

  • Ceramic infuses airflow with far-infrared heat for smooth, silky hair
  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY dries fast; hair is shiner, healthier looking
  • Ion switch turns ions ˇ°Onˇ± or ˇ°Offˇ±
  • Separate heat / speed switches
  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • Cold Shot button releases cool air for setting the style
  • Removable end cap for easy cleaning
  • Concentrator attachment for precise drying and styling
  • Volumizing finger diffuser attachment gently dries hair while adding volume
  • Features:
    • Ion technology
    • Quiet operation
    • 3 heats / 2 speeds
    • Cold Shot
    • Removable filter

    Customer Reviews:

    • Ceramic hairdryer
      I bought this hairdryer thinking it did not have the ceramic function because none of the literature said anything about it, yet when the dryer arrived, the word CERAMIC was all over it. I was hoping to get the old dryer without the ceramic feature. ...more info
    • where there is smoke there FIRE!
      I just bought this and opened it up. I thought it would be good as I have fine long hair.

      I used it for about 10 minutes and something popped and it sounded different - I looked inside and it was red hot and started smoking. It may have spit out sparks as I felt something hit my head. I thought, this thing is going to light my head on fire.

      It is brand new and it won't work.
      Everytime I turn it on it starts to heat up and smokes.

      I have a wonderful Revlon hair dryer that works great, so I thought it would be good. The one I have isn't ionic and wanted to try it, guess I'll go back to the old one.

      Don't buy it....more info
    • Heavy
      Revlon RV544 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Lightweight Dryer, Silver/Black Execelent, but a little too heavy. Good price....more info
    • Louder, Heavier, & Bigger than I thought it would be.
      This dryer is nice, it gets hot and does the job. However it's much louder than I imagined, far from quiet. It's much bulkier and heavier than I would have prefered. ...more info
    • It's ok
      I read these reviews and thought I had found a miracle product. I have medium-thick hair, but it is long, and there is a lot of it. My hair is usually somewhat frizzy after blow-drying. I have used the Ion Stylist for over a week now, and have not noticed a difference in drying time. I have noticed a slight difference in the texture of my hair after drying, but I think that is due to the cool function on the dryer (better than most - cool air is expended almost immediately), rather than the ion feature. The real test, however, will be this summer in the NYC (subways!) humidity....more info
      I am not sure if I got a dud one or not but my experience goes like this. For the first two months of owning this hair dryer, it did a fine job. Nothing out of the ordinary--dried my hair just fine. The last time I used it, I noticed the general smell of burning hair when I was done. The dryer did not feel overly hot so I wasn't sure what happend. The next thing I noticed was the floor of my bathroom. There was alot more hair on the floor than usual. Upon closer inspection, I felt sick to my stomach. I noticed that there were actual clumps of hair that had fallen out---including the root. They smelled like burning hair. There were sections that had 10 hairs clumped together by the burned root. I was scared. Needless to say, I am running out today to buy a new hairdryer. Because of the burning smell, I know the hairdryer is to blame rather than a medical condition or something else environmental. Do yourself a favor and purchase a different hair dryer....more info
    • sparks flying!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I use to love this hair dryer, I even bought it twice...but both times it just nearly killed me...the first time I thought it was a freak accident..but after the second time of a flame shooting out and a loud pop and then sparks everywhere I figuring it time to switch brands..maybe someone from revlon will read this and offer a refund or a least a recall..if this had happened while i was drying my 2 year olds hair he would of freaked out and probably never let me near him to dry his hair..or worse he could of been really hurt!...more info
    • Absolutely Manificent
      I was a little skeptical about the reviews that I read. I had doubts of how a blow dryer can give you shine and reduce freeze, and what was this ion thing. Well, for someone who has two left hands for blow drying her hair this blow dryer is a God's sent. I blew dry my hair with this brow dryer and with the next time I had to wash my hair I dried it with my old blow dryer. For someone who lives in Miami, Florida and where humidity is 1000%, this blow dryer works amazing. The blow dryer deliveries what it promises. My hair was shinier and freeze control. Bottom line, I highly recommend it. It is definitely money well spent....more info
    • Amazing Hair Dryer
      I have a similar Revlon Ion 1875-Watt hair dryer with a variable ion control. My hair is very fine, breaks easily, and gets a little frizzy when I try to blow dry it. It is slightly wavy, and gets dry no matter what conditioner I use. I have better 'second day' hair - drying it just kills it. This hair dryer has changed all that - the very first time I used it - my hair dried shiny - with no frizz at all. I have great 'first day' hair, 'second day' hair, even 'third day' hair. I did not change one single thing - except my hair dryer. I have it set on the 'lowest' ion setting - meant for thin hair - and it dries quickly and evenly. I would never use another hair dryer....more info
    • Good hair dryer
      I received my hair dryer and found it to be the same as other dryers I have owned in the past. It has the high and low and warm and hot buttons which are nice. This dryer also came with a round hair brush. I have no idea what "ion" is. I read the reviews before I purchased it and it seemed others weren't sure what it did for them either. My hair is curly and frizzy and after using this hair dryer, it was softer and not frizzy. However, it think it has more to do with the hair brush you are using and not so much the dryer.
      I have seen (and purchased) similar hair dryers for almost double the price. This is a good dryer and worth the money....more info
    • Hope it works
      I just bought this dryer so I have yet to use it. I just wanted to thank all the ladies for their reviews. It helped me choose this dryer. I have been using the Conair 1875 translucent blue dryer for two years. I had to buy a new one each year why? good question, b/c it stops working. I used it last night, and went to use it this monring and ah ha, it doesn't work! It didn't fall noone else uses it it just stoped! I was going to but the Conair ion blowdryer but after reading all these reviews i said let me get away from conair, the dryer never did anything, and if you live in NY you know what the seasons are like here, I have long thick wavy hair that I dry straight, so I'm hoping this dryer really does work I'll let you know, but again thanks to all the reviews they really helped in making my purchase....more info
    • Versatile
      Powerful. Multi-speed, multi-temperature. Ionizer. What else could you wish? Great!!...more info
    • Move Over Professional Hair Dryers
      I purchased this dryer for about (a little money). one week before I purchased my professional Solano Super X ("SSX") for (for more money). and after using this one for about one week, then using the "SSX" for another, I went back to this one and noticed the difference in my hair immediately. My hair much is smoother, shinier and the (split) ends lay flat with the Revlon ION. My hair doesn't feel like it's parched compared to when I use the "SSX". Yes, it's not an expensive professional dryer so it may not last as long as the "SSX" (I won't know because I won't be using the "SSX" any longer) but it makes my hair look 100% better after it's dried than the professional dryer does and it's a much quicker, healthier dry time. I receive compliments on my hair when I have used the Revlon ION dryer, and needless to say, no compliments on my hair when I have used the "SSX". Buy one, make sure to leave the ION setting "ON" (not sure why you would NOT want to), you won't not be disappointed!!...more info
    • this sucks!!!! do not buy this product!
      this is the worst hair dryer ever!
      i had to wait about 2 weeks for it to come in and i was very happy when it finally came in to find out moments later that it doesnt work!
      i went to turn it on and nothing happend
      i did exacly what the directions said but it just didnt work.
      do not buy this peice of crap!!!!!!...more info
    • As good as the expensive hair dryers!
      I looked at this hair dryer for two reasons: (1) as a back-up to my $100 hair dryer my salon sells and (2) something I could keep in my gym bag. I have long, naturally curly, thick hair that I like to wear very straight to the office. Both my expensive hair dryer and this hair dryer get my hair straight and very smooth. The best method for achieving this was to use the highest heat and fastest setting on wet hair until the hair is damp, then to finish drying my hair with the air-flow nozzle on low speed and medium heat while using a rollerbrush to hold the hair straight and curl the ends.

      I'd highly recommend this hair dryer. One thing to note: I do not notice any difference when using the ion switch (depends on hair type?). But with the multiple settings and the air-flow nozzle, this is a great product. I've had this hair dryer for six months and felt compelled to write because most commercial stores don't sell quality hair dryers like this one....more info
    • Love this Dryer!!!
      Can you actually love an appliance? B/c this dryer is great! I have long thick wavy hair and with my old dryer it took 30 minutes to dry, with this dryer only 15 minutes!!! Its so light weight my arm doesn't hurt. My hair is softer after one use. I used to hate drying my hair, now I look forward to it. If you are looking for a dryer just buy this one, its absolutely great!It delivers everything it promises. You'll love it....more info
    • Unsatisfied Customer
      I have curly, medium-length hair.I bought this dryer in the begining of the year thinking it would produce less frizz. After using it for 6 months (always on the warm settling, not hot), it fried my hair. My hair has never been this dry and unmanagable. Since the dryer was the only thing I changed in my hair-care regiment, I figured that was the answer. When I couldn't stand it any more, I started using my old non-ionic blow dryer. Within two weeks, I noticed my hair wasn't as dry and frizzy. I hate this dryer because of all the damage it did to my hair. And, although I did not experience the sparks, it short-circuit on me on a weekly basis.

      I don't recommend this product to anyone, especially for people with curly, think hair.
      ...more info
    • Wonderful!!!
      I thought I had a fairly decent blowdryer...until it died. Now I'm glad the thing is gone. My hair is thick and has always taken a long time to dry. Thank you Revlon for cutting my drying time in half. My hair has a smoother texture and is much softer with this blowdryer. Since I started using it people have been commenting on how nice my hair looks. I was skeptical after reading the online reviews but after reading about the other blowdryers I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did!...more info
    • Be careful!!!
      I had been using this hairdryer daily for about a year or so... until today. As I was holding it above my head, drying my hair, I heard a pop. A few sparks flew out the end and into my hair and the whole thing shut off. As it turns out, the area where the cord attaches to the handle got so hot that it melted through the plastic coating, exposing about a half-inch of singed wires. A tad bit dangerous if you asked me! Granted, I used this dryer on the highest heat setting everyday for a year, so I got a lot of use out of it, but every other hairdryer I've had in the past simply blows cold air when it stops working properly--this one could've caused me bodily harm. I think I may look into buying a different brand this time around....more info
    • very satisfied
      Until recently, I had never done any research before buying any household small appliances. When my Conair dryer finally died last week, I decided to shop around before making a purchase for its replacement. After reading other reviews about this dryer, I went straight to Target and bought it and I have been very pleased! I live in an area that has high summertime humidity and my hair is fine and tends to frizz a bit on the ends. The ion feature really does seem to work and since I've used this dryer, I do not even need to put styling creme on the ends of my hair to keep them in place and de-frizzed. I also love that the dryer has 3 heat settings (my old Conair only had 'high' or 'low' and I've found that the mid setting on this dryer is just perfect for me- not too hot or too cold. Great product!...more info
    • another fire...
      Mine caught fire this morning- also at the spot where the cord meets the dryer. Pop, fire, and a singed wrist... I dropped it on the floor, which is luckily tile, so it only left a black mark rather than catching the floor on fire. What is up with this dryer????...more info
    • Stay away from the dryer... stay away...
      I loved it at first... I thought it was GOOD that it got so hot that my hair held its shape better. Gradually I started noticing more and more breakage from the heat damage. OK, don't use it on the highest setting, lesson learned. After about a month of not quite daily use, the thing started shooting out SPARKS. I'm not about to aim something that does that at my head. So... it never died, but it did become possessed, so some element of the afterlife is definitely evident. This thing is a hair-singeing, spark-shooting weapon, folks. If you buy it, use it for something other than what it was designed for or you'll be bald and blind!!!...more info
    • Another person with burned off hair
      I have owned this dryer for about 6 months. Over the last few months I have noticed the ends of my hair have been dry, frizzy and brittle. My hair has never been like this before. This morning while drying my hair, I noticed a bad smell and then saw clumps of hair with the ends melted together on the floor and bathroom counter. This dryer is a hazard and I cannot believe they are still selling them with all the other complaints I have read about them that date back to 2006! Don't buy this product!...more info
      On the 5TH DAY of use EVER, this drier burned off a WHOLE SECTION of my hair! I smelled burning and turned off the drier, ran my hand over my hair and the whole section fell to the floor! The hairs were scorched and melted together. My hairdresser always comments on the great health of my long hair, I've never processed it, I never even get split ends, so that's not even an issue here. I bought this drier because my last Revlon drier was great. Never again! I've complained to Revlon, still waiting to hear from them. ...more info
    • Be careful!
      I started out really liking this dryer but after a few weeks it would overheat within seconds and send out a spark that would actually burn my hair. It would singe it at the roots and burn off clumps of hair. Then it would be cool for a minute and overheat again. I didn't notice a difference with the Ion option but this is my first dryer with that option so I can't compare it to others. Other reviews seem to be great so I may have gotten a faulty one but be careful....more info
    • Not as pictured
      I am fully pleased with the dryer, however the dryer pictured is not what I recieved. The outside is not a shiny metallic as pictured it is a gray plastic color. ...more info
    • My hair is falling out from this dryer!
      I decided to try an inexpensive hair dryer for the first time since money was tight, and now I really regret it. I have very thick long hair and it took the hair dryer much longer to dry my hair than my old one. After a couple uses I noticed the smell of burning hair and thought maybe it was a little too hot but my hair seemed fine so I didn't really worry about it. Then I began to notice after I showered and started to comb my wet hair a lot more hair than normal was falling out. It was falling out in thick strands which has never happened to me before. I thought maybe it was stress or horomones since I recently had a baby but the more I used the dryer I realized the intense heat was burning off and damaging my hair! Even now that I've stopped using it my hair is still fragile from the dryer and still comes out in clumps after I shower. Please stay away from this dryer! I'm glad mine never shot sparks like the other reviews I saw but it doesn't surprise me....more info
    • good dryer for the price
      its too hot on the hot setting and too cold on the warm. try not keeping it too long on your hair when its on the hot setting.

      good luck...more info
    • Worth the money
      I love this thing and I'm so glad I bought it! I used it this morning for the first time and found that it really did make my hair feel much softer than with my other, cheaper quality, hair dryer. After reading other people's reviews, I didn't know for sure whether I should buy it or not, but I convinced myself to because there will always be someone who's not happy with a particular product. But I'm happy with my purchase!...more info
    • Great while it lasted
      Loved that it had three heat settings and two speeds. Did what a dryer was suppose to do. However, it is a bit noisy and it crapped out on me pretty quickly. From other reviews, I would say don't buy it if you want a hair dryer that lasts more than a year to two years max. ...more info
    • Revlon RV484 Hair Dryer
      Dryer came as expected. Frys hair quickly without frozzoes thanks to ion setting. Volumizer not really worth it but it's included. Would buy another. Best hiair dryer I ever owned!...more info
    • I can't be the only one
      I bought my Revlon Ion hairdryer. It lasted a little over a month. I could not believe it. Hair dryers last for years. Yes, I only spent about $16. And, of course, after the initial tryout, threw out the receipt. It's not the money, but the principal. You buy a name brand, you expect them to work. This product must be defective. There is a statement in the paperwork that says if the dryer stops working, wait 5 minutes and push the reset. Well, that doesn't really sound right to me, but it didn't work anyway. I've waited 5 days, and it still doesn't work....more info


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