Vidal Sassoon VS428C 1000-Watt Ionic Hot Air Brush Kit

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This antistatic hot-air brush creates ions to reduce the size of water droplets on hair shafts, allowing the hair to absorb more water. That means fewer frizzies; softer, shinier hair in better condition; and more hair volume overall. It also means faster drying. With a 1-1/2-inch brush attachment, a concentrator attachment for precise drying, and two heat settings, the 1,000-watt hot-air brush provides styling flexibility. The device is encased in rugged plastic and carries a two-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

  • Anti-static hot-air brush creates ions to reduce size of water droplets on hair
  • Smaller droplets mean softer, shinier hair, faster drying, more volume
  • 1-1/2-inch brush attachment
  • Speed-drying concentrator attachment
  • 1000 watts; 2 heat settings
Customer Reviews:
  • vidal sassoon hot air brush
    When I received this product in the mail I was very excited to use it. Unfortunately, after the first use of the product, I was very unsatisfied. The product turns on and off while I am using it, therefore making it defective. I contacted the seller and told them of this problem to try to receive a different one and they responded with that I would be responsible for all the shipping costs. After purchasing this thru that seller, I will never purchase another Vidal Sassoon product again and nothing thru that seller again....more info
  • vidal sassoon
    This one I have liked more than others. Since I use it everyday on my hair, the long life of the product doesn't usually last a very long time, which I hope it would. I love the heat levels to dry my hair, but most of all I love the cool level to lock in my style. I have thin short hair and these type of air dryer stylers have been important to me, especially with the cool setting. Although I wish would last a long time, I do hope they will continue to make this product available for a very long time, I would be lost without it....more info
  • Started Smoking
    I have purchased this same product three times. The first time it lasted about a year and then stopped working. I replaced it because I really liked the way it worked with my hair and the cost was less than $20. The second one lasted about six months, but I had traveled with it quite a bit and assumed it took a beating in my luggage. I bought my third one in October 2007 and it stopped working a few days ago. Actually, I don't know if it stopped working. Once the smoke alarm in my home went off, I unplugged the dryer, boxed it up and returned it to Amazon. It was really light puffs of smoke that I didn't even notice until the alarm went off. Just a warning, since it seems other reviewers have had the same problem....more info
  • I like it
    I'm really happy with this purchase. It's easy to use and does what I need it to do. I normally wash and set my hair. After that, I use the airbrush to straighten and smooth it out. It leaves my hair pretty straight with a nice curl at the end. The metal part does get very hot, however, so watch out for your fingers and ears. For those of you with really curly/ethnic hair like me, this is not a miralce worker. It will work best if you still set your hair first. Try it. It's a cool product....more info
  • fast and easy
    The Vidal Sassoon Ionic hot air brush is the best thing ever, it works great for me and makes my hair smooth and straight. It is quick and easy to use. Just do not touch the metal part, it is hot. This is the fourth one I have ordered after a year or so it burns out, I was using it every other day. Worth the price and quality is good....more info
  • Great Item - works really well!
    This items works really well -- does just what it claims. It curled my hair really nicely and even made my hair shinier. I'll definitely be using this a lot. My only complaint is that there's no cold air button (you have to slide the selector to the cold setting) and the slider to select speeds/heat is a bit awkward. But the results far outweigh this minor inconvenience. Plus, I like that the price is less expensive than the identical product at a big-box store that has competitive prices....more info
  • Didn't work for long...
    Have had this less than two months and used it perhaps 3 or 4 times a week on slightly spritzed hair to tame the frizz. The thing died!! Did work great while it lasted.... Now trying a Conair, so keeping my fingers crossed....more info
  • When it works, it's good... then it dies. I GIVE UP!
    My first one survived about 10 months, with occasional use.

    My second one just died ten minutes ago, and I've probably used it ten times, maximum. I'm so unhappy that I had to log in and report my experience.

    HAIR TYPE: My hair is long, fine, wavy and I have a lot of it. I usually let it air dry, so it is very healthy.

    - This is a decent dryer that makes it easier to straighten, de-frizz on days when my wavy hair isn't working for me. I can't hack the hair dryer and separate round brush combo, so this is a decent substitute.
    - It's not silent, but certainly not deafening as some hair dryers I've heard.

    - The buttons are located right where you put your hands, so it's always changing settings, including the ionic feature being accidentally switched off.
    - The fan holes at the base of the unit can catch and pull out strands of your hair, twisting and burning them. Ouch and Ew, what a smell.
    - You can get burned by the barrel very easily.

    I'd liked my first one well enough, and was bummed when it went to Hairdryer Heaven. So I picked up a second one and, well, guess this one's going in the trash as soon as the barrel cools. RIP, old friends.

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, I'm buying another brand!...more info
  • Burned out!
    I bought 2 of these at the store 3 years ago and was so excited to find them here on Amazon so I bought 2 more. The previous ones lastd about a year with daily use, but the two I purchase on Amazon burned out within a month. The first one only lasted a week. Maybe a bad batch? I dont know but I don't think I will take a chance again. I am lucky to have kept an old one and have pieced together a working model. Beware! I'm out $40. Don't let this happen to you!
    ...more info
  • This is the best Ionic Hot Air Brush I've ever used.
    I love the size, the way it curls my shoulder-length hair and makes it shine. The price is right even though they only last about a year before overheating. It is so worth it, I've been buying them two at a time. I hope they never discontinue this model.

    ...more info
  • I Love It!
    I love this hair dryer. I have frizzy hair and the ionizer completely takes the frizz away. My hair is short so it not only dries the hair but styles it as well all at once. I have read comments about problems with these dryers. I have not had any problems at all. They do wear out--after almost daily use for 2 years. And for the price, that is really a good value for me. I am buying 2 today--I for now and 1 for a spare down the road in case they stop making this model. Maybe I should buy even more. I love it....more info
  • Watch your ears....
    This dryer works great but it gets pretty hot. Watch your ears and fingertips....more info
  • Defective Product
    I went through 3 of these in less than 2 months. After about 2-3 weeks of use, the first two dryers wouldn't shut off when the switch was placed in the "off" position; the dryers had to be unplugged to turn them off. The 3rd dryer just stopped working completely after about 2 weeks. I definitely do not recommend buying this product....more info
  • Straightens hair well
    The Vidal Sassoon hot air brush is the best air brush I have ever tried. It got my frizzy processed african-american hair silky straight quickly and without stripping my hair of all its moisture. It also curls the hair very well and gives lasting body and bounce. In order for me to get the results I desired, a bit of tugging was involved to pull the hair straight while the hot air quickly set the hair. The reason I can't give this product 5 stars is becuase it has poor construction. The plastic attachment base of the brush broke after a year of use. Over the years, I have purchased other brands of hot air brushes only to find that I would never be able to match the results achieved with the Vidal Sassoon version. ...more info
  • Doesn't work for long
    The first one I purchased lasted about 2 weeks, then sparked and smelled like something was burning and quit working. Exchanged it for another one - it lasted about 3 weeks - then the same thing. Have now purchased a different brand. Would not recommend this product....more info
  • It was great while it lasted.
    I bought one and it worked great. At first it's hard to manuever because it's really hot, and the barrel's bristles are kinda rough and pull your hair a lot, but once you get used to it, it does a stellar job of straightening your hair. Around 6 months into using the straightner, the machine slowly overheated and died. Thinking I had a faulty model, I went out and bought a new one. Guess what ? A few months into THAT one, it ended the same way.

    So basically, not worth it. ...more info
  • Ionic drying helps dry, frizzy hair
    I love this product! I thought I was going to have to cut my long hair off. I have tried everything but it was always so dry, frizzy, and over processed. I thought I couldn't save my hair. I used this dryer a couple years ago and when it broke I never bothered to get a new one, I just used my old blow dryer. I finally found it again and bought two! It saved my hair. Its not frizzy anymore and its soft and managable. Its true, they do have a tendency to blow up quickly but for me its worth it. The cool setting really helps hold in the curl. ...more info
  • The Best Hair Tool EVER!`
    I love this tool. I bought it 2 years ago, and fell in love. I have thick, curly hair, and it makes it straight/wavy. I forgot it while on vacation, so I went to a store other than Target, and had to buy another brand, which was horrible! It just didn't do the same job as the VS model. Well, it has finally died on me, but I am going to buy another one today -- it is worth the $20. ...more info
  • Definitely better than I expected
    I wish it were a little smaller, it's size makes it slightly awkward to handle when trying to reach certain areas. But it is MUCH easier than trying to do it with a hair dryer and separate brush. The dryer is very powerful and the cool air function is nice. The only other issue I have with it is that hte bristles don't always catch my hair and hold it -- maybe they could be longer? All in all though, definitely worth the money....more info
  • good while it lasted... which wasn't long
    Initially I was so impressed with this product I bought a second one within a week, so I could have one at home and one at the gym. After 4 months, however, the first one refused to shut off. About 2 weeks after that, the other one burned out. I'm not willing to throw away money every few months on any product, so I won't be buying this, or anything else under the sassoon label again....more info
  • I Love It
    I bought this dryer about a year ago. First time I used it I was in love. I told all of my friends about it - and they all went out and bought one. I couldn't wait for my next hair appointment so that my hair stylist could see how wonderful this product was. He was really impressed - told me I should go out and buy another - just to have on hand. I went to the store that I first purchased one and they were all out! I finally found the dryer again on-line and I am going to buy two!!! I am pretty rough on my blow dryers and this one I have dropped about a million times - my daughter also uses this dryer every day. I have never had any problems with it - I urge everyone to get this dryer - you will love it so much that you won't want anything else to EVER be used on your hair again!!!...more info
  • Better than I expected
    When I first received my dryer, it had a loose connection and wouldn't even work. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. However, Target replaced it free of charge, with no additional shipping charges, and I rec'd it within a few days. Now that I have actually tried it, I'm thrilled! I have super-fine, thin hair which only looks good when it's blown dry with a round brush. I find it difficult to manage a brush in one hand, dryer in the other - having it all in one is ingenious! I first blow out the excess water with the blower attachment and then finish with the round brush. And it didn't dry out my ends. I highly recommend this product...more info
  • DOA
    I was looking forward to trying this product. However, when I plugged it in, it ceased working within minutes! Seems to have a bad connection from the motor to the cord. Very disappointing....more info
  • Fabulous! Until...
    This dryer was great when I first bought it. It's easy to use, dries evenly, and my hair is soft, straight, and beautiful. I have very thick, curly, coarse hair but this dryer worked just fine. I'm dyslexic with a round brush and dryer, so having both in one appliance is great. Note: I've noticed that some people have had issues keeping the brush attached to the dryer. The key is to keep turning the brush until you hear a loud CLICK and it's snugly inside the barrel. Otherwise, it's apt to fly off while you're doing your hair and burn your hand. Not fun! Over time, the brush bristles have started to collapse into the barrel, which makes the whole process a pain. I've had it since June and it's now October, so I guess that's okay for the 15 or so bucks I paid for it....more info
  • Great until its early death
    I read the reviews, and took my chances purchasing this.
    I bought it July 26, used it about 5 times a week, and it died on Oct 2. I was hoping I would be the exception, and it would last - but like many warned, it burned out. However, while I had it, I loved it! I kept my packaging and receipt and hope that Target will return it or exchange it.
    ...more info
  • Does Not Last
    I have been using hot air stylers similar to this for several years. I was very impressed when I started using this one. My hair felt great. However, it only lasted two months. I usually use the Revlon styler, but I thought I would try something new. My advice is purchase the Revlon brand. They typically last over a year....more info
  • a treasure of a hair product
    I used the hair brush kit when i first got it and i cant think of why it took me so long to get it.The first time I tried it has made my hair shiny soft managable bouncy full of life and my husband loved running his fingers through my hair.Thr brush with its soft managable bristles easily moves through hair without pulling it out of your scalp whivh is always a good thing. I would tell anyone who wants soft shiny vibrant hair to buy it and enjoy it....more info
  • I never got to use it.
    The first time I tried this dryer it blew out as soon as I plugged it in. It started burning -- smoke came out. It was a total waste of time searching for this product and ordering it. I will never try another ionic hot air brush again. My advice is stick to the basics....more info
  • Great while it lasted -TWICE
    Two stars is being very generous actually. I bought the first one even after I read the reviews- I turned it on and "POP" w/ a stark and it was dead! I never even used it. I returned it for a new one- which worked GREAT for about 3 months- I turned it on one day and NOTHING- I do not believe I will go for #3... I have had other hot brushes last MUCH longer than this one- The ION dryer is nice, but not worth the hassle!...more info
  • Good shine and body; brush too small; way too NOISY
    If this styling brush had longer nylon bristles and a larger barrel, I would have given it more stars. The bristles don't grab my hair very well. On the plus side, it does make my hair shinier and a little bit fuller. I have fine, straight hair so I need all the body I can get. The hairstyler is just a few months old, so I can't comment on the durability yet. One big negative is that it is very loud! Compared to my old Conair hairstyler, this one is at least twice as noisy. I'm afraid it is damaging my hearing. I hope newer models will be quieter....more info
  • If only it worked
    I bought one of these and it worked for maybe two months. It wouldn't shut off and like the others have stated I had to unplug it. Next the ionizer element stopped functioning and I wasn't getting the frizz free results. I bought a second one and it didn't work for more than one day. Day one I was glad to have it back again and I worked like the old one but by day two it just stopped working in a puff of smoke. The motor apparently burned out. This time I had kept the receipt and the original packaging but I would like to have one like this that works. Sasoon, wake up, you almost had a good product here....more info
  • Not so hot
    I have had this curling brush for a total of 4 months before the fan blew out and the burning element nearly burnt through base. I don't reccommend. It worked good for the four months but should be able to last longer that 4 months....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I've had the same problems as other reviewers of this product - after using it for a few weeks, the switch quit working so that the dryer must be unplugged to go off. Also: this device is VERY hot, even on the cool setting. My theory is that it dries hair faster just because it's hotter; not due to any magic ion benefit. It is also extremely loud. If you try to use it on a young child, you will probably either burn their skin or hurt their ears. This is NOT worth the money....more info
  • Don't mind throwing money away? This dryer is for you!
    When it worked, it did a great job! BUT....the first one lasted two weeks and then it stopped turning off. I had to unplug the dang thing from the wall. Then it just quit. I took it back and exchanged it for another. This one didn't last two weeks and now it doesn't work. I didn't overuse the hair is not that long. I don't know how to contact Vidal Sassoon -- I looked online and they're out of business in the US. I guess I'm out the $ I spent on it. Definitely try another brand of curling brush if that is what you're looking for....more info
  • An incredible hair appliance!
    I had a Jet Aire Hair Styling System for many years until it broke. I couldn't find anything to replace it until now. This product dries and styles my hair so fast! It has a lot more power than my old appliance. I also purchased another vidal sassoon ionic hot air system. It has the curling iron attachment that I loved with the Jet Aire. You may think "Why would I buy two products?" - let me tell you why. I searched Ebay for the Jet Aire and you know what? Every auction is closing at a higher price than what I paid for both Vidal Sassoon products! Plus, Jet Aire, only 350 watts - Vidal Sassoon products, 1000 watts of power! I hope I have helped convince you to buy this....more info
  • Don't buy this!!
    In the last year I've been through 2 of these things!! They worked great for about 3 months and then all of a sudden they started loosing power and then they made a popping sound and died. They both went the same way. I've tried to make contact with Vidal Sasoon to replace it, as of yet they have been very unhelpful. I bought the second one thinking i had just gotten a bad on the first seems they all have the same problem....more info
  • why didn't they think of this sooner?
    This won't get you salon results, but it's very nifty to help give your hair some flair. I have very fine, straight hair, and to get the slightest body I would have to spend an hour in the curlers. With this product, I can quickly add a bit of volume and shape to my hair while drying it at the same time. I haven't had problems with the thing pooping out on me, but, it is only 20 bucks, so if it does, I'll just get another. By that time there may be an even more effective product on the market anyway....more info
  • Possible mechanical flaw.
    This is one of the best stylers I've ever used. I have frizzy, curly hair, and not only does it straighten my hair, it leaves it very smooth and shiny. The anti-static ion feature really works. It is also a very powerful blow dryer at 1000 watts, which can save a lot of time. It comes with a concentrator attachment for speed drying, but I never got a chance to use this feature. I gave this styler only one star because of its durability.

    Unfortunately, after a few weeks, the barrel started getting very, very hot, to the point that I thought it would burn my hair. It burned out shortly after that and wouldn't come back on. I thought maybe I had just bought a lemon and went back to the store and bought another. Within a couple of weeks, the same thing happened, but this time it started smoking. This is the first time I've every had this happen with any hair styling appliance.

    I've never reviewed anything before, but I thought I should speak up about this one. I love the design, but I think there is a serious mechanical defect in this styler. If the manufacturer could work this out, I would love to have another, but I don't dare take the chance....more info

  • Great product... if only it lasted!
    I loved using this Ion Hot Air Brush... my hair looked soft and shiny... not frizzy. However, after two months of use, my brush would not turn off. I had to pull the plug each time I used it. I have short hair. No hair got inside the appliance. I called VS Sassoon and they are replacing it (after they receive this broken one). Should the new one break after a couple of months, I am just going to ask for my money back!...more info
  • Not Worth The Money
    I recently purchased the VS Sasson curling brush based on the reviews. I used it about 2 weeks, for a brief amount of time (just used to give a slight flip and fullness on top)and this morning there was a puff of smoke and it died completely. I have short hair so I certainly did not over work this product. I plan on contacting the company for a refund. Don't waste your money on this product....more info
  • Great when it works...
    I tried this product an initially loved it but after only 2 weeks of use it died. I returned it for another and in about the same time it died again. I have given up on it....more info
  • A great product!
    I actually found this styler by accident! I was searching the website for a straight iron and stumbled across this item. I went to my local Target and it was there on sale! I bought it and came home then later in the day I used it. I am left handed, having difficulty with a regular hair dryer this styler worked great. It was very easy to use. I got a lot more volume than I expected without any product in my hair! I have straight hair and this styler helped to straighten my hair more, so now I don't need the straightening iron. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a styler....more info
  • Well Worth the Investment
    I had been looking for a heated brush with a built-in ionizer, and so when I saw this brush I ordered it, not knowing what to expect. I have rather thick, wavy hair, and I was amazed at how well it worked to both dry and straighten my hair. The bristles don't seem to be long enough to my liking--they did not penetrate my hair as well as I would have liked them to--but they did impart enough heat to do an excellent drying job. I have also used this brush when my hair was dry, for a quick touch-up and shine before going out for the evening. I now find myself using this brush more often than my hairdryer!...more info
  • A MUST for people with flimsy fine hair.
    Amazing!!! I have very straight, fine and flimsy hair so I have to wash it everyday to keep it look alright. To make my hair look nice, I have to add mousse and blowdry it very properly. The 1.5 inch brush is too big for my hair, yet it works on my very short hair like magic!!! It adds volume without any hair product and makes me look like just walking out of salon after using it. The best part is it that takes me less than 5 minutes to finish drying and styling after the shower! My hair becomes shinier and healthier, too!!! It's a dream comes true for me. No chemicals, no excessive heat, and no time needed! Now I'm going to let my hair grow long because it is now feasible for me to deal with it in the morning! I'll give it 6 stars if it comes with more than 1 size of brushes and if it's a bit smaller with dual voltage so that I could travel with it, too!...more info
  • I love my VS Ion Hot Air Brush
    Not too many things work on my thick curly hair but this one did impress me. Compared to the other three hot air brushes in my drawer, this VS hot air brush did live up to my expectations. Not only did it cut down on my time spent drying my hair, it really made it more manageable. Because I always need to use a lot of gel on my hair, this brush attachment will come off for easy cleaning unlike all the others. Yes, this one is a keeper and I will always use this one over every other one I now own....more info
  • This definitely met my expectations
    I read all these cool things about Ion hair dryers, but didn't really believe it until I bought this one--turns out all those things are true! It does leave your hair really soft and silky and takes less time to dru. And it's great for straightening hair and for making curls. Also, one other thing is that it's really light, so your hand doesn't get tired. My only complaint is that I wish the brush attachment was at least 2 or 2.5 inches instead of 1.5. Also, this is the only hair drier that I found that is both Ion and has a brush attachment. Everything else I saw was one or the other or had a much smaller brush attachment. So I definitely recommend this one. I ordered it back in May, but they were all out of these and I only got mine 2.5 months later, but it was definitely worth the wait....more info