Holmes HAPF30DPDQ-U 2- Pack Hepa-Type filters for Holmes? and Bionaire? Air Cleaners

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Our Price: $26.24

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Product Description

Extra or replacement filter for use with the HOLMES HAP240 Air Purifier

  • Contains 2 Replacement filters
  • Enhanced with Arm & Hammer? baking soda
  • Removes up to 99% of dust and pollen as small as 2 microns from air passing through the filter
  • Fits Holmes? HAP2400, HAP2404, HAP240, HAP242, HAP243, HAP412, HAP413, HAP422, HAP424 and HAP433 Air purifiers
  • Also fits Bionaire? models BAP260, BAP815 AND BAP825 Air cleaners

Customer Reviews:

  • the first one's free
    there are 2 major things wrong with this (and every?) holmes product i have been 'duped' into using. it is much like when you buy a printer, the initial unit is a mere downpayment for all the cartridges you'll need if u use it 'normally.' the holmes air purifiers i have been intermittently stuck with do help clean the air and thanks to the standardization of the hepa filter (and no thanks to holmes), work fairly well. the downside is they are extremely difficult to clean (i think i used an entire package of qtips) and you have to take the damned thing apart yourself to do so (hence i cleaned mine once and dumped it) if you like cleanliness, once you look inside the thing you'll be prompted to do likewise. the reason why it's popular seems attributable to one factor: it is cheap. seems like a good idea at the time. then u start buying the filters and attempting to maintain it and realize what a poorly thought out piece o' junk the actual unit really is. be smart, spend more and get an air cleaner from a company that cares whether or not the unit can be cleaned after you buy (slantfin, bionaire, honeywell). hope this helps save others from a dirty business....more info
  • Too Expensive Now
    Amazon was my supplier for these filters, but the hike from $25 to now $30 makes them over priced....more info
  • Made of Gold
    I needed replacements for my air cleaner. No big deal, right? Well it shouldn't have been, but wait till you check the prices for your Holmes air filter replacements. The operating expense of this unit for a year almost equals the initial amount paid for the whole unit. This complaint aside the two pack I got from Amazon is the best pricing I could find. My three star rating is more directed at the idea that Holmes has you over a barrel than the service I received from Amazon which I would have given a five star to....more info
  • Too expensive!
    We use the Holmes aircleaner to minimize allergens and to clean the air when my husband lights up a cigar. These filters work well, but they are very expensive and generally last less than 2 months. If I could do it again, I'd buy one of those air cleaners that don't need separate filters -- just a rinse. After all, I'm already paying for the water....more info
  • HEPA Filter Replacements from Amazon
    Very Good product exactly replaces what I searched everywhere to find, and it was here in just a few days. Will use this site again!
    ...more info
    They were shipped timely and for a good price with the super savor...more info
  • Be carefull you get what you order!
    This is advertised as a HEPA filter however what is sent it a replacement HEPA-Type Filter! The true HEPA filters for the Holmes tower unit which is shown in the picture has a white filter section not gray and filters down to .03 microns of particulate filtering 99.7% of dirt and dust. HEPA type only filter out 99%. Not a big deal you say? Well if you are an allergy prone person or have an asthmatic in your family this can be the difference between living with pets or no pets at all! I hope AMAZON fixes this advertising flaw ASAP and actually starts selling the real HEPA filters!...more info
  • Works well, but at a cost!
    I use these filters with my HAP242 air purifier. These filters do work as you can see them turning gray and collecting dust as the weeks go by. The only drawback is that these filters are pricey compared to other filters with other brands. Other than that, these filters do work well.

    I would recommend ditching these filters and going for a more cost effective air purifier that uses more affordable filters, such as the Hamilton Beach brands. The filters I order for my Hamilton Beach purifier is under $15 and work just as well as these. ...more info
  • cheaper
    The filters are standard so the only difference between places that carry them is cost. Amazon was $7 cheaper and by ordering two sets I got free shipping. You can't beat that!...more info
  • Cheaper from the source
    The year's supply of filters costs much more than the unit. Note, however, that you can get them from the holmes site for cheaper if you buy a larger pack - four filters cost around $50. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Works as advertised, and as your original filter did on the Holmes. It's the same filter. Much better deal here than in the store, if you can even find it in a store....more info
  • definetly something to have
    This little air filter does make a big difference
    I have been using it for over 3 years ever since i got stationed near Tokyo Japan and believe me, nothing has more polluted air then japan. It made a big difference there and now im san diego and it makes the night sleep go a lot smoother....more info
  • Fits Well - Close Facsimile to Filter that Ships with Unit
    Overall I'm happy with these filters - but if you compare the filter material with that of the filter that shipped with the unit initially, it is not exactly the same quality - which surprised me because I thought it would be exactly the same. Nonetheless, this is a good, low price way to buy the filters....more info
  • Nice Filters. A Bit Overpriced.
    Nothing much to say except that these are nice filters. They are the only ones that will fit the holmes air filter systems and they are a bit pricey, but there's really no other choice....more info
  • Buy an Oreck XL
    The Holmes unit works "ok" but gets dirt all over the exterior. The main problem: THE 2 FILTERS COST AS MUCH AS THE UNIT!!!...more info