Nesco American Harvest 5-Tray FD-35 425-Watt Snackmaster Dehydrator

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This unit features Nesco/American Harvest's innovative Top Mounted Powerhead that dries food quickly and evenly with superior results. Detaches to make dehydrator dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Fan-Flow Technology means faster, more even drying with no tray rotation necessary. Perfect for the beginner.

Drying apple slices in just five hours and beef jerky in seven, this 425-watt dehydrator is exceptionally fast for its price range. Its patented hot-air circulation system ensures not only speed but uniformity, so foods dry evenly. Each of the five trays is 13-1/2 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch deep (the plastic dehydrator stands 10 inches high), providing more than 12 square feet of tray space for drying lots of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers at one time. Available separately is a two-tray accessory pack that expands the dehydrator to seven trays. Also available separately are accessories for drying fruit rolls, soups, and sauces and for making jerky from ground meat. Accompanying the dehydrator is a detailed instruction booklet with a drying-time chart for various foods and recipes for cooking with dried foods. --Fred Brack

  • 425 watts of power dries foods, flowers quickly and evenly
  • Use for fruits, vegetables, herbs, jerky, granola
  • Dehydrate meals for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities
  • Patented system generates fast, even drying
  • Includes five trays; expands to seven trays with accessory pack

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Pleased - Worked well for my mom
    Purchased this for my mom and she loves it, we have another brand but this one unlike that one has the motor ontop so she's very happy that its arranged that way. She says it makes cleaning easier. Also she used it a couple times and said it works good too, we use it to dehydrate fruits like Pommerac and Mango (we're from the Trinidad (Caribbean). Good bargain :)...more info
  • Heat on the top, works just fine, but loud
    There are debates if the heating element of a dehydrator should be on the top of the unit or underneath. (Heat rises, but fans blow down...hmm.)

    Whatever the physics of it, the Nesco is reasonably priced, made of slightly flexible plastic that is not prone to breaking easily and makes fine dried fruits. We've tried dried apples, dried crackers of a tomato-onion-flax base and all came out wonderfully well. While there are more advanced dehydrators, this one is priced well and will make your jerky, fruit leather, preserved produce and other dried foods just fine. Recommend you get teflon sheets for making jerky--they are not included with the unit and you need donut-shaped ones. The sheets allow you to pour liquid batter onto the dehydrator and get leathers, jerkies and my favorite, dried flax crackers. I personally think they should come with the unit as it is a special shape and the sheets are an important feature, so I dinged the unit a star. Also the SAME star is dinged because the unit is loud. LOUD. LLLLLOOOOOOUUUUUUUUD. Did I say LOUD? Yes. Run it in the cellar, on the sunporch, in a distant bedroom. OR the garage. Because it is loud....more info
  • cheap and good
  • Beef jerky - YES!!!!
    Does a great job and is well priced. The beef jerky is to die for and is far less expensive than at the grocery store....more info
  • good stuff, but takes too much time to dry fruits
    it works well. all the dried fruits taste good. but it takes much longer than i had anticipated. dried tomatos for instance, it will take about 12-14 hours. ...more info
  • food dehydrator
    This is a great product for dehydrating fruits and vegetables. I am a vegan and I also avoid foods that are high in sodium and fat. I use the dehydrator to make healthy snacks like sweet potato crisps.
    The product is a bit noisier than a room fan, and it does throw off some heat when operating (not so good on a hot summer day), but I would recommend it. The trays are roomy and easy to clean and it dehydrates faster than most other brands. Last but not least, the price is unbeatable....more info
  • Works great.
    The only bad part of this, is that it includes only four trays. Extra trays cost $15 a piece, plus SH. Save yourself some time and buy two! Other than that, it works great. ...more info
  • Thought it would do better
    I bought this product thinking it would save me money by making dehydrated treats for my 2 dogs( who are on an all raw,natural diet). After trying it a couple of times the cost was the same as if I would go to store and buy them.I also thought that this one is a little on the noisy side....more info
  • Great Product
    I own one of these and bought one for my mother-in-law last January. I haven't heard how she likes hers but I love mine. Works great!!!...more info
  • Considered buying the FD-35 but instead bought the better FD-39
    I was really thinking about purchasing this product until I found the FD-39 which is basically the same thing except it is 500 watts and the trays are clear so that you can see the progress rather than stopping the machine and opening it up to see (BIG +). My FD-39 dries things ultra fast and is not as hot as I expected it to get. It is VERY LOUD, almost like a tiny hair dryer (basically what it is). It has vents on top as well as the bottom (you can literally feel the humidity as the air comes out). So far I have gotten extremely great results for everything I threw at it. The FD-35 is very common but the FD-39 can only be purchased at Nesco for $[...] or at Walmart (Bought mine here) for $[...] I could not find the FD-39 anywhere else. It does it's job in half the time and it never has to stop until you literally see the results that you are satisfied with. Another plus is that Walmart's return policy is quick and easy if you should encounter any problems with the unit. Hope this helps anyone who is considering getting a Nesco Food Dehydrator. [...]...more info
  • Great Starter Dehydrator
    Have tried to dehydrate several fruits - peaches, bananas, papaya, pineapple - turned out great. Jerky - better than store bought. Haven't tried leathers yet. Am very pleased with FD-35 - have been using it almost every day since it arrived. Cindy, Watha, NC...more info
  • Great buy
    I bought this dehydrator because I wanted an affordable machine that would also work well and last. I don't know about durability because I've only had it for about a month, but I can attest that it definitely does a good job. The only thing I wish I could change is that it does take quite a long time to dry soaked nuts (which is all I've used it for so far), about 18-24 hrs. I don't know about produce and jerky because I haven't gotten around to those yet. As for it being "loud"--I live in a studio apartment and I have this machine running all night and it doesn't keep me up! It's actually quieter than the heater. In short, I'm happy I made this purchase and I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Good Results from a Noisy Machine
    My garden produces lots of veggies and herbs! Usually, it's more than we can eat, and all at once we're inundated with good things that will go to waste if we don't act to save them. Because dried onions and tomatoes are so good, and so expensive, I decided to try drying them myself. Hence, my first foray into the world of food dehydration.

    Our onions are bolting, so onions initiated this dehydrator. Pretty good for a first try! Here's what I found, what I liked, and what I am not so fond of:

    Food should be sliced very evenly. If you're a skilled chef, this may not be a problem. Otherwise, get yourself a mandolin to insure even drying.

    The machine does not distribute heat evenly throughout the drying trays, so food on the two bottom layers was browned as well as dried.

    The machine gets hot. I should have realized that it would, but next time, I'll place it somewhere other than the kitchen counter.

    The machine is noisy. I started it at night so I thought I wouldn't notice the noise. Wrong!

    My onions turned out crispy after about nine hours. Even though some were browner than I prefer, the overall product appeared to be very good. I vacuum-packed them and stored them for winter use.

    On the whole, I am pleased with the dehydrator, with the exceptions I've listed. I expect that, over time, I'll get better at drying produce and will save money and have better products than I could have purchased at our local grocery.

    Three and one-half stars!...more info
  • Great Buy, Great First Dehydrator
    I've been vegetarian since the 70's and have enjoyed dehydrated produce purchased or donated by friends. However, I never seriously looked at doing my own until a couple of years ago. I even purchased a sun-generated one, but it couldn't consistently provide the heat required w/o frequent checking.

    I purchased this Nesco because I was unsure whether I would like dehydrating. I live alone and really get tired of buying produce, then getting called out of town with work only to return to spoilage.

    This dehydrator is certainly intuitive. If there is a way of constructing the machine after filling with produce, I haven't seen it. I particularly like the stacking system where one can only use as many trays on the machine as necessary. Other types force the user to heat the entire device up even for a small amount. I like having the fan and heating element on top, so that any liquid doesn't fall on them.

    I have only done fruit and vegetables since purchasing. The machine has worked flawlessly. There is a heat adjustment on the top but I don't fool with it. Apparently, the most important adjustment is for making jerky. Being vegetarian, I haven't used that.

    Cleanup of trays is average. With bananas, for instance, there can be some sticking to the tray grids. Some hot water with a brush is required to clean. Using the provided plastic insert, one can make fruit leathers with pureed fruit.

    This has been my only dehydrator. I have been familiar with particularly Excaliber units, as they have been advertised for decades in vegetarian publications. One of these days when I am feeling flush I may buy one, but I am truly satisfied with this inexpensive one. BTW, additional trays may be stacked on this basic unit, saving having to purchase a new dehydrator if one's needs increase.

    I read in another review that the noise level is unacceptable. While it is in no way noisy (nothing like a blender, etc), I use mine in my utility room just off the kitchen. It's won't wake the house, but if one has a quiet kitchen, one will certainly hear the fan.

    A great buy and one of my better appliance purchases!...more info
  • Excellent Dehydrator
    I've been using this dehydrator for 6 months now. The reason I purchased it was to make beef jerky. I love jerky, but it's too expensive to buy. I've searched the Internet, and found many recipes for homemade jerky. I've altered my ingredients, and have come up with the best in my opinion. Beef Jerky is far less to buy using this item. I can buy lean cuts on sale, and make about 1.5 lbs at a time....more info
  • Awesome Dehydrator!
    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my mother. She loved it and it works like a charm. Couldn't ask for a better system!...more info
  • snackmaster
    Received my snackmaster in good time and used it the next day. It dries fruit well and we have made some good beef jerky. Would recommend this product for home use. Works fine....more info
  • Don't get it
    Don't get this product, it simply would not start after the second time i used it. It only has an on/off switch (no temperature options), and it is a cheap product. Spend a little more and get a much better dehydrator. ...more info
  • Great for Beef Jerky
    I bought this little dehydrator about a year ago because I wanted to try making beef jerky.

    On the plus side, the dehydrator does a really great job. I have only made beef jerky, but it is outstanding. The trays are big enough to handle quite a bit of beef. I bought extra trays and I can fit 4-5 lbs of meat in a batch.

    The only minus is that it's a little noisy (about like a microwave or a little louder). The smell of the food sort of permeates the house when in use, and it takes 5-6 hrs to make the jerky. So, I tried putting it our guest bathroom with the vent on, but it overheats and stops working in enclosed spaces.

    Overall it is an awesome unit. It makes me wonder what is so great about these $100+ units I see. I recommend this for the casual dehydrator....more info
  • Not a fire hazard
    I was very excited about my new food dryer, sliced up a bunch of zucchini, laid it out on the trays, pluged in the top and...

    the fan did not come on. The heating element briefly glowed hot red and then went dark. So, nothing worked at that point but it was no longer a fire hazard. It must have some built-in fuse or thermocouple to disconnect the heating element if it gets too hot.

    So, I returned this item and will get one that is more expensive and hopefully more reliable. If you're lucky enough to get one that works, hopefully it will continue to work for a few years. It otherwise seemed to be a decent design for distributing warm air across the trays....more info
  • Good starter dehydrator
    I wanted to try my hand at making jerky and snacks but without spending a bundle in case I lost interest. This dehydrator works well. I've found it takes about 6-10 hours to dry most foods. The jerky is so much better than store bought and so far the kids have loved all the dried foods (except for the bananas - I can't get those to come out without looking black and nasty) Kiwis and pears have been the top favorites. After using it for awhile I invested in a jerky gun (not necessary but convenient for uniform pieces of jerky) and also purchased the fruit roll sheets. I have made plain applesauce ones so far, which the kids really liked. I have found several other recipes for other fruit leathers that I am looking forward to trying.

    Another big plus in my opinion is that it is easy to clean. Nothing puts an appliance on the bottom of my list faster than being a pain to clean. They have special screens you can buy for it that are supposed to be easier to clean but I don't think it could be any easier than it already is.

    It is a little noisy but that was expected. I also wish it had a temperature control but I think that's another nicety, not strictly necessary.

    All in all, I think this is a good value...more info
  • Disappointment
    No directions for use, and of course, you can purchase a book for recipes....more info
  • Habanera & Cayenne pepper
    Runs hot to touch and is noisy. I run it in the garage. However it does dry my chile peppers great. Takes about a day and a half to dry habeneras and cayenne. I air dry my cayenne but that does not work for habanera. So I only use it when I have habaneras. I did dry some bananas and they turned out funky tasting and looked like moon craters. The store bought ones are better.
    No complaints....more info
  • A bit noisy, but easy to clean
    I chose a top-element dehydrator as it's easier to clean (no drips onto the bottom element.) This dehydrator has sturdy, slightly flexible plastic trays. It's a bit noisy; when the heat goes on there is a whine I don't like, and the fan of course is noisy too. So making dehydrated foods (takes hours) needs a separate room, maybe the cellar.

    The price is right on this dehydrator, but you need sheets for making jerky and fruit leathers. They aren't included (that's the minus-a-star) but you can pick them up at kitchen supply stores....more info

  • Great machine
    I ordered this machine to preserve the herbs from our garden. I dehydrated 5 trays of basil in as little time as 40 minutes. The herb retained its wonderful aroma and flavor. I'm going to try fruit next. Glad I bought it....more info
  • Wonderful drier!
    We are drying bananas and it is a joy to use. Hint, use an egg slicer to cut them thin and they will dry in 7 hours. Hope to do some sweet potatoes too but haven't got around to them yet...more info
  • Great product
    I used this product to dehydrate pineapple, apple slices, grapes, and bananas. It took about 12 hours for the pineapple but everything else took probably about 9 hours. I think someone else commented that it is noisy but while it does make a whirring sound, it was not something that was distracting at all, more like if you had a fan on in your house. The unit has four shelves and held enough fruit to make about a quart-size baggie worth of dried fruit. (Actually probably a bit more, I didn't completely use all the space) The fruit was great. Particularly for the price, I am very satisfied with this product....more info
  • Very Happy
    Got the FD35 for Christmas last year and am very happy with it. It consistantly dries things in about half of the time listed in "The Dehydrator Cookbook". Clean up is great; usually I just wipe the trays off, but when they need it everything except the heater/fan unit itself goes in the dishwasher.

    My recommendations:
    - Get the FD35, put it a few rooms away from the main living area as it is a little bit noisy.
    - Get extra trays from Nesco's web site. The trays Amazon carries (at this time) are for the FD50 and _DO NOT_ work on the 35.
    - Get the fruit leather trays and the clean screens
    - Skip the cook books. Ive found online info and recipes much more useful than what is in the cookbooks.
    - Experiment. Ive found that tiny marshmellows are great, but Ive never seen it in the cookbooks or online stuff.

    I do have one problem that will not be an issue for most people.
    The unit generates a lot of electomagnetic interference which causes a problem for my remote control extender. The remote control extender is a pyrimid-shaped device that allows me to use a remote in one room to control a device in another room. The dehydrator causes so much interference that it essentially "jams" the extender making it unusable. Ive moved the dehydrator several rooms away without any improvement. Now I dont get to watch satellite from the bedroom when the dehydrator is running....Oh Well....more info

  • Works Great
    Does exactly what is expected.

    There is a bit of a whiny noise from the blower - goes to sleep from time to time as things get warm.

    We had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, and in 8 hours, this machine can handle several pounds of raw tomatoes, to produce a quart baggy full of really nice sun-dried tomatoes....more info
  • Great value and function.
    I own one of these and bought one for my son-in-law for Christmas. Works like a charm and makes beef/venison jerky wonderfully. I have to hide some just for me when I make it otherwise, I won't get much....more info
  • Everyone Should Have One
    I use mine all the time--every day. Healthy way of living. Amazon has the
    best price and shipping cost--fast delivery too....more info
  • Nesco 5 Tray Dehydrator
    I received this machine for Christmas 2000 and have used it regularly ever since. It dries evenly and the big asset is that the trays do not have to be rotated manually! The jerky and fruit roll-ups have been a big family hit. I will be purchasing this as a gift for others this Christmas....more info
  • Very Excited about this gadget
    I have the FD-39; I made my purchase at wal mart. I also purchased the jerky gun at the same time. My family wanted to try and dry our own foods for many reasons. First the economy is in pretty bad shape so we wanted to do our part to not only save money but to conserve what we purchase from the stores as well. I do not know if any of you have noticed, but in the area we live in the stores are not getting in shipments as often as they were and are not keeping as much on the shelves as they once did either, as well as because of the price to manufacturer and transport supplies has risen, so have the prices we as consumers pay for things. Secondly, we wanted to learn to dry meats, fruits and veggies to have a more natural alternative to our dietary needs. We have two children with ADHD and the preservatives in foods do impact children with ADHD. By controlling preservatives and dyes in our foods it makes it easier to manage ADHD. The third reason is we can and freeze a lot of garden items each year and jars take up a lot of cabinet space and even though we use a vacuum sealer, we still use up a lot of freezer space as well.
    It is still winter here but we decided to go ahead and get the dehydrator so we would have the time to learn to use it before garden season starts in. We are very pleased with this inexpensive gadget and are now wondering why we did not get one years ago.
    The first test we put it to was to make some jerky. Jerky is very expensive in the stores, and my family loves deer venison jerky, which you can not get in the stores, at least not around here. We used a recipe from a family member for part of a batch and used the packaged seasoning pack for another batch of meat. Both meats are wonderful although my guys say they do prefer the home made marinade a little more than the store bought stuff. We made the strips as well as the sticks and they are all wonderful.
    Next we tried drying some fruits. Again they are great. We have been buying dried fruits for years; they make great car snacks but again are expensive. We dried bananas, oranges, apples and pineapples. The first batch was gone as soon as they come off the machine.
    This machine is a little noisy, it sounds like a hair dryer, but all in all we are very interested in getting a second on, we LOVE this machine and look forward to many years of using it not only to save money but to eat healthier as well. We anxiously await garden season so we can produce and dry our own herbs and spices.
    There is tons of information available on the internet about drying all kinds of stuff. I wouldn't bother wasting money to buy a cookbook on this when you can get the information for free and print it out and put it in a binder.
    ...more info
  • Great bargain - exactly what I was looking for!!
    I wanted to dabble into making some homemade Beef Jerky.. but I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on a dehydrator because I wasn't sure of the outcome..
    Well this dehydrator has exceeded all my expectations. It's easy to use.. it's an affordable appliance, and it's economical because I can make better tasting Jerky than I can buy in the store for far less $$$ ... it works FANTASTIC!!
    The fan at the top of the unit prevents you from having to rotate the trays versus the types that have heating coils at the bottom. This also makes the unit & trays much easier to clean.
    My experimentation into the Jerky world has been a successful one. I would definately recommend this unit.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Device.
    My wife and I talked about getting a food dehydrator to make jerky for a few years now. Her father has a Nesco (bigger model) and loves it. He's always got jerky when we visit.

    Well, we have a toddler now and he absolutely loves dried fruits. So, we finally bought this model.

    Its awesome. Right out of the box, I did some bananas and apples. They are great. We then tried some jerky from a beef loin I had in the freezer and it came out awesome.

    We visited my father in law again last weekend and he bought us the jerky kit and we made some from ground sirloin and its great. Just ordered the two add on trays and four of the fruit roll up sheets. Already have the clean screens and love them too. Get it all. Its cheap, works well and you'll save a bundle over buying this stuff in the store....more info
  • Love it!
    I was a little reluctant to buy this product as reviews said it was very noisy. Perhaps I'm desensitized to background noise, but for the price, performance and quality, I can stand a little background humming...

    I have used it to make venison, beef, turkey and fish jerkies, dry mangoes, pineapples, pears, apples, bananas, and papayas.

    I also made potato chips.

    All were yummy and perfectly dehydrated.

    Don't understand what the fuss is about with regard to the noise? What noise?...more info
  • Excellent Value
    We've had this food dryer for about 3 weeks and are loving every minute of it. The trays are relatively easy to clean (just soak a little first,) and the dryer works well and circulates the air really well. We noticed that the trays on the bottom dry a LITTLE faster than on the top, but nothing that makes the fruit get over dryed or anything. It's good anyway because it's good to have a slight variation in the texture of each chip.

    We love doing bananas, and this dryer does them really well. Incidently we also got the fruit roll up trays, and those work really well. The recipe tells you to put oil on the trays, but you really don't need it. You can just bend the trays and the fruit peels right off.

    I highly recommend this dryer, and am even going to buy one for my parents as a gift. They are trying to replace more of their diet with raw food just like I am - this thing is just perfect for when you get the desire for snacks, or even to have as part of a meal.

    Don't be afraid of this unit - it's an excellent one, at an excellent value....more info

  • I'm just loving this dehydrator!
    I would have given it a five star but the trays are just too big for my dishwasher and it's a pain to wash them in my small sink but other than that small inconvenience I extremely happy with the product. The noise from the fan is loud but not overbearing or I'm just not that sensitive to noise. ...more info
  • Inexpensive BUT...
    This dehydrator worked great for the price, but it was extremely LOUD. Additionally, if you are a concerned Raw Food-ist--there is NO tempterature control on this one. ...more info


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