Euro-Pro EP033 Shark Handheld Vacuum with HEPA Filter

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Product Description

Suck dirt, dust, and allergans from corners and crevices with this easy to use mini-vac. Two accessory brushes and an extension hose will reach all those challenging spots in your home. The debris screen and dust cup trap all the dirt and there are no replacement bags to fuss over.

About the size of a clothes iron, the Euro-Pro Shark handheld vacuum is great for small places, quick pick-ups, and hard-to-reach corners. A lightweight at 2.2 pounds, the 700-watt vacuum features a sturdy handle for easy maneuvering and a circular intake nozzle. It uses a 10-ounce dust cup to collect debris and a fitted fabric filter to catch smaller particles. In addition, the pleated HEPA filter traps 99.97 percent of dust, dander, and particulates to reduce the allergens in your home or workspace. Euro-Pro recommends cleaning the HEPA filter after every use and replacing it about every three months. The Shark's dusting brush and crevice tool can attach directly to the intake mouth or to the end of the flexible hose, and the hose can be used by itself for tight corners. The vacuum comes with a shoulder strap for on-the-move use and a 16-foot-7-inch power cord. Euro-Pro includes a limited one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Powerful and lightweight 700-watt handheld vacuum with HEPA filtration
  • Use for quick pick-ups and hard-to-reach spots
  • Convenient dust-cup design for bagless dirt collection
  • Accessories connect directly to the unit or to the flexible hose
  • 10-ounce capacity; weighs less than 2.2 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Zero Stars
    - I kept the box, so I can gift this pig to some unsuspecting sole

    - terrible balance - it feels like using a chainsaw
    - runs hot
    - runs loud
    - hopper fills quickly and must be cleaned out frequently
    - attachments do not snuggly fit and come detached easily & the hose is too stiff and springy
    - not convenient to use with the cumbersome attachments that fall off and the stiff electrical cord

    Good for:
    - gifting to someone you don't really like, or donating to charity for the tax write-off
    - hooking it up to a motion detector and putting it outside to scare off burglars, startle small children at Halloween and keep deer out of your garden

    Bad for:
    - its intended purpose...more info
  • Cheap, lightweight, picks up a bowling ball...
    It's hard to imagine anyone would need a more powerful minivac, as it really does lift a bowling ball, so of course it figures to run hot and be noisey. Yes enough power to quickly clean up after sawing wood or drilling metal, car floorboards, cat litter, etc.; keeps the wife happy when I don't leave a mess.

    You will need a upright or canister for carpets but this is perfect for a quick small job.

    Bonus: gets into corners and edges perfectly!

    As for cleaning/replacing the HEPA, my solution works: I don't bother with doing either! I just empthy the cup and shake the cloth filter, takes 15 seconds total. So what if the filter then doesn't keep the air completely free of dust, or it loses a little suction? I have mine a few years and even with a dirty filter it still lifts a bowling ball, more to the point it quickly cleans up 100% of any mess right through the dirty cloth (HEPA) filter. Let the fastidious folks bother with washing / replacing it, I say (Brooklyn accent) don't worry about it).

    ...more info
  • Good for some uses
    I agree with some other reviewers that the unit runs on the hot side, but we've had ours for several years and it's still working great! My biggest complaint is that it is so good at sucking up dust particles that the filter quickly clogs and won't pick up larger items. Then the filter needs to be banged out in order to restore suction.

    It's great for vacuuming stairs and cars and small things...but I usually have to bang out the filter 2 or 3 times when doing the stairs or the car. Kind of a pain, but at the same time it's reassuring to know that it's getting that much dust out of the carpet.

    I would not use it for big jobs, but think it works great for small jobs. The biggest issue is trying to track down replacement filters...when I find them I usually buy a couple....more info
  • shark
    excellent product does what it says it can pickup anything, it feels like holding a chainsaw in your hand. ...more info
  • Don't buy Shark!
    I bought a different model of Shark vacuum cleaner about three months ago at a Target store near my home. It's a different model than the ones sold on Amazon, but after reading the reviews here from customers who have purchased different models the results are the same: Shark vacuum cleaners die out after a few months, and even when they work for a few short months they are so high maintenance it's not worth it. Stick with Eureka, Hoover or another trusted brand. The only thing going for Shark vacs is that they look good..... ...more info
  • Hot- in a bad way
    Wish I had read some of the reviews before I bought this- They are right, what a piece of junk!!!! The unit does get quite hot after very little use and blows hot air all the while. The hose is awkward and there are no small attachments to allow you to get into small spaces. VERY LOUD too. Shoulder strap is useless since you have to get on your hands and knees to use the vac or the hose. Filter is a pain to clean every time (who needs the bother and mess) and the dirt cup holds very little. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This is an over-hyped piece of junk. It does not have much suction and does not hold but a thimbleful of debris....more info
  • don't waste your time
    honestly, i tried to find something good to say about this vacumn cleaner. alas, i could not find a big enough positive that would offset all the negatives.the predominant minus is the heat factor, this unit gets way too hot! as with any size motor, overheating will drastically reduce the motor life. the hepa filter may be a good thing, but the constant cleaning of it is time consuming and is cheaply made, definitely not built to last very long. i could say more,but i believe the overheating aspect should convince most folks not to waste their time or money on this unit....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    This product had adequate suction while it lasted which was about 4 months. One day it just stopped working, I can only assume that the motor died....more info
  • It shouldn't be marketed
    All I wanted was to have an easy-to-use vacuum for my studio apartment. So I got this one for it's cheap and good for bare floor. Yet it died off at the first time I used it-rather tried to use it. It was on just for 20 mins, not continuously though. I had already emptied the bag for two times and my back was virtually broken when I used it. Anyway, if anyone from the Euro-Pro is reading the reviews on this product, they should recompensate all of us because I believe marketing such a product is kind of abusing customers! Don't waste your money on this product....more info
  • UGH!
    I got this vacuum as a x-mas present and couldn't believe how strong it was and how well it worked, I loved it! Then halfway through the very first time I used it, it just stopped working. I let it cool down and cleaned out the filter, but it never worked again. I read that the filter has to be cleaned often, but I refuse to stop halfway between a light job to clean out my vacuum!...more info
  • It Sucks, But Not in a Good Way!
    Save your money and your time. This vacumn is a complete waste of both of them.

    The suction is adequate for light jobs, but the dust cup needs to be emptied often.

    Even with the shoulder strap, there is no comfortable way to carry it around.

    It gets HOT within minutes of turning it on.

    After approximately 5 uses, it shut off and that was the end of it. It's gone to vacumn hell and deservedly so....more info

    I used my vac a total of 2 times. The first time I used it on my car for a total of maybe 20 minutes and it worked great! I was extremely pleased...until the second and last time of use. I plugged it in and used it for 5 minutes before it just quit running. There was no smoke or any other indication what the problem might have been. I let it sit until the following day hoping once it cooled down it would work. I returned it to the store that afternoon as it never did run again. I have no idea what was wrong, but I will never buy another Shark/Euro-pro product again!!...more info
  • Yes, this does have powerful "suck"tion
    I used this vacuum for one semester in college. It was so loud, that people down the hall in my dorm could hear it, and it was terrible at sucking up the dirt off my carpet. Unfortunately while I was cleaning out my room for move-out day, it broke down. I threw it in the trash....more info
  • Shark? more like a guppy!
    Hunk of junk. At full charge (in the charger for days unused) the thing stops picking up dirt after 45 seconds and is totally dead in less than a 1 minute, no exagerating....more info
  • cute compact and over-rated
    My euro pro hand held vacuum does not live up to my expectations. I had wanted a shark forever because of the ads, but when I got it home, I found out that it didn't pick up much...and when you were vacuuming for a while, it would over heat and shut down. I like the look of it, but my next vacuum will be a dyson....more info
  • not impressed
    This little thing is soo loud. I was using it to clean my carpeted stairs, which took forever, and the noise from it made my ears hurt. I am not really impressed by its cleaning power either. I ended up picking hair out of the brush after each don't waste your money on this thing....more info
  • Love mine!
    Great for cleaning out the car! I don't have to pull the car out of the garage anymore, this goes right in to the car with me. Also works great for dusting high above kitchen cabinets. Gets back in small areas where the regular vacuum won't fit. So powerful it almost jumped out of my hand the first time I turned it on! So good to have around the house....more info
  • Does NOT come with HEPA filter
    I bought this vacuum as part of my quest for an allergen-free home because it supposedly had a HEPA filter. However, the package I received included a filter, but not a HEPA filter. If you want HEPA capability for filtration of dust particles and other allergens, the filters are sold separately at the manufacturer's website. Otherwise, I like the vacuum very much--enough to keep it and not send it back to ... when I realized I would have to pay extra for HEPA filtration. It's not the most powerful vacuum in the universe, but it is more powerful than I expected at 700 watts. Don't expect it to rival a full-size vacuum. It was designed for convenience, not power. It is very light and comes with a nice shoulder strap and good attachments, including a hose. When you want convenience, the little Shark is great. If you want the best, most powerful vacuum, use a full-size model. The Shark would be good for a dorm room or any time you don't want to lug around your full-size vac....more info
  • Burned out after less than 10 minutes!
    Worst vacuum I've ever encountered! Purchased to vacuum up pet hair, stray litter, and dust - didn't get to use it more than 10 minutes. First time I used it, after 2 minutes, motor was running EXTREMELY hot and I thought I smelled burnt electronics so I switched it off and checked the dust cup. The dust cup was virtually empty. I asked my husband if he smelled anything (which he didn't - yet...). Several hours later, I tried again and not only did the unit overheat, but glowing pieces of god-knows-what came flying out the back. THIS time my husband also smelled the burning! It's going back to the store asap....more info
  • I love my little shark.
    Not meant to be a whole house vac. It is great for vacuuming the computer, cleaning off my desk and shelves. It does put out a lot of heat. I guess with the great suction you have to expect that there will also be a lot of exhaust. I recommend the shark for quick clean ups and general dusting....more info
  • Loud but strong
    This is not a vacuum for the whole room--it's too little and you'd break your back trying to to use it! But it is fabulous for the uses for which it was designed. I have had a dustbuster in the past, along with one other little vac, and neither worked as well as this one. It *is* loud, and will scare your dogs (at least, it scared mine), but no louder than my regular vac and just as strong as my regular vac. The bagless compartment is quite small, so if your animals shed seriously you will have to empty it frequently, but if you do that, you shouldn't have any complaints. The HEPA filter is a big dander gets back out into the air....more info
  • I think it's great
    I love this little vacuum. The main reason I bought it was because of my two cats and the hair on the couch. I don't understand, why most people are complaining. It does a great job and it's just a small vacuum, it's not ment to vacuum your carpet. It's like a cordless one for the little mess you make here and there. Just a little more powerful...more info
  • this vacuum did not clean my furniture or rug
    i was so disappointed in this vacuum. it was so loud did not pick up dirt on my furniture or rugs. nor would it pick up pet hairs. i would not recommind this to anyone. i sent it back after trying repeatedly numerius times....more info
  • I really like this vacuum
    i sweep up my kitchen floor, then just suck up the pile with this vacuum. it's great for that. it gets big things. not that great for pet hair on carpet though. also, because it's so small, it gets full quick so have to watch for clogging and empty frequently. this is the best small vacuum i have had. it's very powerful....more info
  • its great
    this little vacuum may be little but its powerful. its just what i have been looking for....more info
  • Let's Get Real
    Let's get real here. Most of us don't have to pick up metal bolts with our vacuum cleaners. We do, however, have to pick up pet hair, dust & the like. This little vacuum doesn't work for everyday cleaning. I have hard wood floors & bought it primarily for the rug we keep in our dining room. My roommate & I had a race to see who could get the most cat hair off of the rug within one full minute. Even with the brush attachement & me working up a sweat, my roommate, with her bare hands, was able to clean the rug better than the "Shark." I wish I would have read the reviews here before I purchased such a worthless piece of equipment....more info
  • Mediocre
    Runs Hot & Loud with only mediocre suctioning power. I originally bought it to clean the inside of my car, but it takes forever to clean the whole thing....more info
  • Don't bother yourself buying it
    if you want to vaccum only metal bolts or some pebbles (not hair and dusts), it should be a good item. first time when i bought this, i thought that it was the best small vaccum i would ever have, but i was totally wrong about it. all the dusts and hair got into the machine and i had to take all the stuff out through the part where air goes out using tweezers. you would be really amazed once you see all the hair and dusts stuck in it. it's been too much hassle having this vaccum doing all the "cleaning process"of the vaccum itself. The manufacturer must be very deceptive. this is my second vaccum and i think i 'll give it to goodwill and buy a new vaccum, but i haven't found any good one. never ever buy this vaccum....more info
  • Not a great buy.
    This was given as a gift, and while it seems to have a lot of sucking power, the compartment is small and fills up quickly. I think I need another vacuum just to suck the filter clean.

    It runs hot and loud.

    I use it to clean dog hair off the couch, and the machine doesnt do the work, the brush and I do the work. I have to keep cleaning off the brush and putting it in the vacuum.

    There's gotta be something better out there for small cleanups. I definately dont recommend whole room cleaning!...more info

  • Good, limited use vacuum
    - powerful - 700 watts
    - long cord - 14"
    - good balance - tri-foot stand
    - filter easy to remove and clean
    - decent attachments - one tube, two brush attachments

    - runs hot
    - does not come with adapter for car lighter
    - loud
    - hopper fills quickly and must be cleaned out frequently
    - attachments do not snuggly fit and come detatched easily

    Good for:
    - light, quick cleanups (kitchen and bathroom)
    - bookshelves (excellent!)
    - non-toxic ant cleanup!
    - good for tight spots in car (with extention cord)

    Bad for:
    - computer keyboard (needs finer, straw-tube attachment)
    - heavy-duty, whole room cleanup
    - long vacuuming sessions
    - animal hair (gets clogged)
    - anything wet, even mildly so...more info

  • Useless
    I bought this vacuum to use on the stairs as well as my car. It barely picked up any dirt from either of the places but it was very loud and sounded like suction was being applied. It was also steaming out dust everywhere. The filter barely holds any dirt that it does pick up and is very messy to clean up....more info
  • Do not use on dry grout mix or anything very fine
    I originally purchased the shark to clean up after my 3 border collies and 2 cats who like to lounge on the sofa when I'm not looking. The Shark worked fine on pet hair, but most of the work was done by the actual brush on the unit. The hair gets stuck in the bristles, you pull it off manually while the unit is running, and the hair gets sucked into the unit. The real problem comes when attempting to pick up a very fine, powdery substance. I burnt out my unit in a matter of seconds after attempting to pick up a small spill of non-sanded tile grout (dry). Apparently the fine dust got through the filter. Speaking of the filter, definitely have a regular vacuum on hand so you can clean it fairly often....more info
  • Pretty good, but . . .
    The 600 watt power is nice, real nice. But be careful about misleading descriptions, the unit doesn't need bags, but you may need to replace the dust cups which can fill up REAL FAST with a unit this small.

    Also, the flexible hose is TOO flexible. The soft plastic is easy to crimp. I had to move or hold the unit in order to keep the hose open. A longer hose might make more places to crimp.

    Furthermore, after 2 hours of use (in my car) it died without warning. There was no smell of the engine burning out and I tried to keep the dust cup clear as much as possible.

    The power and size is good reason why I am getting another, but if the second one dies than I am looking for another brand.

    For those looking for more power, there is the 1000 watt Gold Ultra Big Shark (model #HV166) with HEPA filtration....more info