Brita 35548 Classic Pitcher
Brita 35548 Classic Pitcher

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Product Description

Do you ever wonder what is in the tap water? Yuk! Get a filter to remove 99% of lead, copper, and unpleasant tastes&odors from your tap water supply.

  • Crystal clear plastic unit with handle
  • Removes 99% of lead, copper, and unpleasant tastes&odors
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Softens water without adding sodium
  • EPA registered
  • Uses replacement filter #35503 (3-pack) or #35512 (single pack)
  • Features:
    • Contains 1 pitcher and 1 filter
    • Capacity: 6 to 8 ounce glasses
    • Healthier great tasting water
    • Retains beneficial fluoride
    • Certified to reduce chlorine,sediment 98% lead and more

    Customer Reviews:

    • Classic is classic
      I love the classic because it is good looking and it works well. It doesn't leak and the top doesn't fall off if it is put on right. Match arrow, arrow to arrow. When you pour and your fingers are on the handle it is very easy to rest your thumb on the arrows on the handle/cover, offers security and a nice method of handling the pitcher.

      This is a two-stage pitcher, I use it for coffee and tea and cooking.

      I use a Pur three-stage pitcher for drinking water.

      For looks and handling, I think the Classic Brita has it all over the Pur but have learned to live with wanting the three-stage process for some things, wish that Brita would consider a three stage filtering system....more info
    • Brita.....
      We have been using the Brita Classic Pitcher for a couple of weeks. It suits our needs very well. Brita Classic Pitcher...more info
    • How many things work this well?
      Helping my lady friend remodel her kitchen, I investigated water filtration systems for an under-the-sink kitchen. I would have been happy to install a complex reverse-osmosis system or something else, but do you know what? It turns out that it is nearly impossible to do a better job than this Brita filter system. So we saved a few hundred dollars and have great tasting water!

      Plus, this unit goes along on a camping trip quite nicely. It isn't made to deal with parasites from a stream, but if you are stopping by a campsite with yucky tasting but potable water, this is a godsend.

      There are, of course, other products on the market that are equally simple and basically just as effective, using the same activated charcoal type filter--not totally different from what you used to put in your fishtank. But frankly I am embarrassed to buy a product called "Pur" with a long-vowel-mark over the "u" so that we don't pronounce it as "purr." Right, I get it--pure. Like in pure water. It feels like we're back to the days of "Uneeda Biscuit" and such not. (Brita might sound like it's based on "Bright-A" but the inventor actually named it after his daughter. Why he named HER Brita, though, I have no idea. I guess it sort of begs the question of the name, doesn't it?)

      Really, product naming shouldn't matter but it is just embarrassing to imply that you are suckered in by some ridiculous name that tells you have good the product is. I'm not going to buy pants called "Stur-D" or cheese called "Yum-E" or anything that makes the check out boy snigger. Remember Haagen Dazs? With as many crazy Northern European diacritical marks as a death metal band, this ice cream's name was meant to sound vaguely Danish. And they even put a little map of Denmark on the package in the early days.

      That's cheap. End of story. It's misleading and dishonest, as well as bizarre. I know that the Danes love their chocolate!--but since when is good ice cream Danish? Why are people always putting on false fronts? Can't you just name your ice cream something like "Dan's Ice Cream" (if your name is Dan)--or after your daughter, "Brita's Ice Cream" if her name is Brita? Actually, the daughter of the inventors of Haagen Dazs was named Doris. Not very ice-creamy. So maybe part of the secret of Brita is knowing to give your kids names that will work for products! [34]...more info
    • Works well
      I first wanted to get the ULTRAMAX. Then my lazy side came out and I didnt want to CLEAN that damn big thing, though it holds quite more water than these little pitchers. Also I heard about the SPIGOTS leaking, screw that. And the MOLD issues, blah. Also the filling up with other containers to keep it full. Thats all a hassle. I just want to drink the damn water.

      So I bought TWO of these suckers. If one is low, I just go to the sink and fill it up and take from the other. Its not brain surgery. However, yes, I am paying for TWO FILTERS every other month, but thats my problem and its the price you have to pay. Its better than lugging plastic 2.5 gal. Arrowhead water containers and having to pay the extra CRV (those not in CA, its a recycling fee for the plastic)

      I still think bottled water tastes BETTER than BRITA but carrying the 2.5 gal. containers from the market is a hassle. And also a professional filtering system that is hooked up to a kitchen sink tastes just as awful as BRITA or PUR.

      My parents have one hooked up at their house and it tastes like crap too but better than the "raw sewage" that normally comes out of the pipes.

      You cant beat electronic reverse osmosis and the 3 step filtration process which Arrowhead and the other bottled water mfgrs use.

      In closing BUY TWO of these standard "CLASSIC" 6 glass pitchers. Use them in tandem, fill one up when empty, use the other as needed so you'll never have to wait for a pitcher to filter. You just have to spend a little more on filters and always keep a sharp eye out on the multiple packs when they go on sale....more info
    • Rating Pitcher Alone
      I am reviewing this standard Brita pitcher on the pitcher alone as the filter is also standard across the pitchers.

      The biggest, and most obvious design flaw for small fridges, or fridges lacking space, is that the cylindrical shape of the container is very space inefficient.

      I own two of these, one back home in CA when I had a mini-fridge in an apt. and out here in IL for a dorm mini-fridge. I can fit one of these pitchers comfortably. But since I use the fridge for a lot of food and beverages, I often have to keep in mind that I have this pitcher in there.

      The second downside is that the lid is not locked down. Meaning that if you havn't waited for the water to completely filter down into the pitcher, the water waiting to be filtered will be poured out along with the filtered water. This may not be a problem if you're patient, but I often want a cup of water right away and not have to wait a couple minutes.

      Other than that, the 3 piece pitcher setup is very simple, and for the price, a poor college student like me can deal with the design inefficiency....more info
    • This is great!
      I love our pitcher. We used to have water delivery service, but when the prices kept going up, I decided to try the pitcher. I can honestly tell you that the water from the pitcher and the water I had delivered tastes the same, only I'm saving $40+ a month.

      I only wish I had tried this earlier!...more info
    • Works great, but really big...
      This has worked great for me over the last several years, and I have become accustomed to the great-tasting water I get from the Brita pitcher (yes, you will be able to tell the difference!). I have begun drinking more water because it tastes better, and everyone would agree that is certainly a benefit worth my 4 stars... However, I have a (rather small) side-by-side fridge and with milk, juice, etc., etc., on the same shelf, this pitcher takes up too much room. I am currently shopping for another model of Brita filtration pitcher to replace it with a little narrower profile....more info
    • Loveit!
      I have one that sits on my desk and helps to remind me to drink more water. It filters most of the bad stuff and helps me make some good tasting coffee!...more info
    • Drinking purified charcoal
      I followed the instructions exactly. Every pitcher of water (about 20 so far) has pieces of charcoal/carbon in it, mostly gathered around the filter in the top filling tank, some black "dust" smeared around the lid, and a few chunks at the bottom of the pitcher itself and in my water glass! I'm taking them up on their warranty, getting my money back, and buying a different brand....more info
    • The old one was better
      I wanted a replacement for my old Brita pitcher and I wanted something simple, without the need for fancy-shmancy batteries/electronics - after all this is just a PITCHER!

      This one was the one most similar to the one I had. However, unlike the one I had before, this one does not keep the lid on when there is water in the reservoir trickling through the filter. This means that you can't use the pitcher easily while it's refilling unless you remember to push the lid down with one hand while you pour with the other. Not doing so will result in a disastrous spill each time as the lid will slip off pouring water all over.

      Not sure how/why, but the earlier version of this pitcher had a nicely designed fit that this would not happen. Had it been available, I would have purchased it.
      ...more info
    • Handy Dandy
      I am happy with this little pitcher. My previous Brita Deluxe pitcher was 10+years old, and I figured it was time for a replacement. I like the round shape of the Brita Classic. I don't keep my water in the refrigerator; I keep it on my kitchen counter. The Deluxe pitcher is heavier and actually a bit harder for me to handle with one hand than the Classic model. The Classic also has a smaller footprint on my counter. I have very hard water where I live. I don't necessarily use the Brita to drink water, as much as to take out some of the calcium and magnesium salts that destroy so much equipment where I live. I use the Brita water for cooking, pet water, my fish tank, plants, etc. I also use bottled water, but that can get expensive with our tap water, so I like to use the Brita water when I can and save the RO/DI water for better use. I'm talking about the 5-gallon bottled water that you fill at a machine. The Brita helps me keep my costs down, doesn't take up a lot of space, and is light-weight for me to handle. I am very pleased with my purchase. I could not find the Classic round model at the stores. ...more info
    • Wish we'd have gotten one of these a long time ago!!
      These work great. Period. Definitely worth the investment. One taste and you will see! This looks to be a pretty good deal from Amazon for replacement filters, too....more info
    • Great Tasting Water
      I purchased one of the Brita pitchers to try on a recommendation of a friend since we have some sediment in our well water occasionally, now it's crystal clear! I love it! Makes me want to drink water. I'm not usually very good at that. I would like to purchase one of the newer model Brita pitchers when I see one on sale, they are a slim design and will fit in the refrigerator door. ...more info
    • Brita 35548
      I read all the reviews and decided to replace my old Brita with this pitcher. The old Brita was many yrs old and finally a minute crack had become long and it was leaking. Unpacked this pitcher, washed by hand and started to dry it. As I am drying the pitcher, the handle cracked and now I am without a pitcher. Maybe it was a defect caused in manufacturing. I am glad that I did not have it filled with water. I will replace with Brita..have the filters and do not intend to waste them. ...more info
    • Great low cost pitcher!
      I've been using this pitcher everyday at work for several months, and I love it! It was inexpensive and is well designed. It doesn't feel like the most durable pitcher you can buy, so I wouldn't recommend it for kids. But, for use at the office were I'm the only one using it, it is perfect. Water tastes great....more info
    • Everything I Expected (and more)
      The tap water in my town had begun to taste bad and the water department had reported contaminants. I drink at least 8 glasses a day so I was concerned. Also, as the Public Health editor of BellaOnline, I am always looking for products that will improve the health of my readers. I examined several types of filter pitchers and chose the Brita Classic pitcher. My first taste of the water told me I made the right choice! It was delicious! The research supporting the filter's effectiveness in removing lead, copper, and other contaminants is impressive. My house has some old plumbing and lead can be a serious problem. With the Brita Classic pitcher, I have no more worries!...more info
    • Works Wonderfully
      This really does a great job of improving the taste of tap water. And it is saving me a mint on bottled water, not to mention saving the planet from a bunch more plastic bottles....more info


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