The First Year's Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling Blue

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The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler TubAll the security, comfort and convenience parents and growing babies need in a tub. Its deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing, and parents will love that it fits both single and double sinks. Plus, the mildew-resistant pads make for a cleaner bath and a special drain plug changes color to alert parents if the water is too hot for baby. Mesh sling with padded headrest provides extra comfort and support to cradle even the littlest ones. The form-fitting netting provides security...making bathtime less stressful for both parents and baby! And, it's machine washable and dryable. From newborn to toddler, bathtime couldn't be better!

Baby's bath time should be a fun and relaxing experience that generates happy memories for years to come. That's why the Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler bathtub from The First Years offers the security, comfort and convenience growing babies and parents need in the tub. Designed to be used from birth up to the toddler years, this adjustable baby tub mimics the ease and convenience of make-shift sink bathtubs.

The Sure Comfort Deluxe Bathtub offers:
  • Adjustable sizing fits both single and double sinks.
  • Built-in wash basin holds toys, supplies, and rinse water.
  • Drain plug alert for notification of water that is too hot.

The Swing's compact size makes it easy to pump wherever you are. View larger.
Optimum Comfort
Make bath time a special occasion that your baby will grow to love by providing him or her with a safe, comfortable environment in which to relax and enjoy being pampered by mom and dad. To help ensure a positive bath experience, the Sure Comfort Deluxe boasts a deep ergonomic design that holds baby better during bath time and fits both single and double sinks.

The mildew-resistant pads result in a cleaner, more hygienic bathtub, and a special drain plug changes color to alert parents when the water is too hot for baby's tender skin. Finally, a mesh sling with padded headrest provides extra comfort and support to cradle even the littlest ones.

Adjustable Design That Grows With Your Child
The Sure Comfort Deluxe works well for newborn babies to toddlers. First, its truly adjustable design grows with your child, so you can invest in this single unit and use it up until your child is ready to transition to a regular bathtub. Secondly, the backrest can be set lower for infants and then set upright for toddlers who are able to sit unassisted, but need a little extra support.

The included instructions also clearly guide you through your options. Finally, both you and your little one will love the convenience of the built-in wash basin for toys, rinse water, and supplies. For added peace of mind, the Sure Comfort Deluxe comes with a 90 day limited warranty.

About The First Years
Part of the Learning Curve brand, The First Years knows that what matters most to parents is keeping their children happy, healthy and safe. That's why the company strives to develop innovative products for every stage of a child's development--from feeding to playing to sleeping. The First Years products feature enduring and instantly recognizable characters from Disney and Sesame Street to engage children, and their travel gear, bibs, toys, collectibles and hobby and infant products provide both parents and children with a safe and comfortable play time, feeding time, bath time and nap time.

  • Adjustable baby tub with built-in wash basin for toys, rinse water, and supplies
  • Drain plug alerts parents if water is too hot
  • Fits single and double sinks; upright backrest provides additional support for toddlers
  • Includes sling and foam pads to cradle infants
  • Recommended for newborn babies to toddlers

Customer Reviews:

  • This is an excellent tub!
    Giving a bath as a first time parent was made less terrifying by the sling. When my daughter was big enough to do without the sling this tub fit perfectly on the floor of our tiny shower stall. This tub is deeper than the other brands I've seen so I think it will last longer, my daughter is now almost 6 months and not quite able to sit up on the toddler side but has become quite comfortable lounging on the baby side... she likes to put her tailbone on the bump in the middle which allows her to touch the other end with her feet, making her feel more secure. I don't see how that can be comfortable but she manages to get into the position no matter how many times I scoot her back. My only dislike is that the trough on the end quickly fills up with water and can't drain. Anything that you put into the trough then floats in cold stale water until you turn the whole tub over to drain it. But that's a very small complaint, I love this tub!...more info
  • Great product
    We have really liked this tub. We put it inside our bathtub so she can splash all she wants. The 3 different positions are great and have fit our 28" 6 month old really well. I'd recommend this product....more info
  • Disappointed
    I was disappointed by this tub, as there were so many positive reviews. After our baby was big enough to use the tub without the newborn sling, we had difficulty keeping him from sliding downward. The rest at the bottom of the tub did not seem to be high enough to keep him from slipping. I find it much easier, especially when I am bathing my son by myself, to use one of those teddy bear spounge mats in the tub. Less wiggling around....more info
  • great bathtub!
    This is a great tub, I highly recommend! My 2 month old son has loved his baths in it from the beginning! The sling is perfect; it holds him at just the right angle and makes it really easy to bathe problems with slippery baby! I think it'll be great when he's older, too...the seat for a toddler is non-slip. ...more info
  • best tub
    This is the best bath tub I've tried for a newborn and infant. The sling was the real seller , my squirmy little son was cradled safely during his bath and didnt get that horrible "falling feeling" like he did on the ramp type bath support. Very easy to clean and drain , the water stays in the tub when you are rinsing his hair and the shaped seat keeps him from sliding under the water now that he's on the infant side. ...more info
  • Perfect tub!
    Got this tub as a gift for our newborn and it's great. The tub fits nicely into the kitchen sink, and the sling is easy to set up and very comfortable. The baby loves it!...more info
  • Tub is good for baby to toddler but it is not idea for taller
    It is good for newborn and toddler. My daughter is near 2ft and 8in. her feets over on the tub. It should be label what size of height limit....more info
  • Perfect tub!
    3 kids later and I finally find the perfect infant tub. I love how this comes with a sling to use when they are little. Easy to use and drain. Highly recommend....more info
  • The only tub to use
    I first bought a tub that "converted" from an infant to a toddler tub but it was horrible so I bought this tub. I love how you can use it for newborns and toddlers. I used it with my first daughter and 5 years later, I used it with my second daughter....more info
  • Absolutely love it!
    I love this tub! My son loves it too. You can use it three different ways. Newborn, Infant, Toddler
    It's also leakproof which is great!...more info
  • Awesome Long Lasting Product
    I have used this infant/toddler tub through Two children and It is still going strong....more info
  • great basic tub!!
    This is a great tub. I bought it for my baby girl a couple of months ago. I have only been using it with the sling which is great cos it keeps her from sliding into the tub and water. The only thing that disappointed me is that the tub now comes in pink with a pink much cuter than this tub but it was not available at the time I had bought it. Overall I would recommend this tub over others. I had bought it because it was recommended my consumer reports as a good tub and I totally agree....more info
  • The sling makes it all worth it
    I really like this bath, my firstborn we had a different bath and it was way to big for her and she'd just slide down in it so I was too busy holding her head out of the water to bathe her so I ended up just taking baths with her so I could hold her in the water and wash her. Well, now that I have a son I was dreading having to do this same thing, so my sister recommended this. LOVE IT! The baby sling was perfect for him right from the hospital until he could hold his head up pretty well. It did hold him out of the water, but that is a GREAT feature for a newborn that can do nothing but lie down by himself. As for being cold I just bathed him in the bathroom with the door closed to keep the warm air in. Made it very easy for bathing him without my husbands help. Now he's a bit bigger (4 mos) he sits in the regular bath part over the kitchen sink and does not slide down due to the bump in the middle that stops him. Sometimes he squirms up it a little, but still at no risk for his face submerging. He loves splashing in it and I love that it doesn't require me to use both hands just to keep him sitting upright! Great buy!...more info
  • Very good Bath and at a great price!!!
    Originally we were gonna buy the Fisher Price rainforest bath. You gotta admit all the colors and toys really do make it look fun. However after reading the reviews on this bath seeing how popular this bath was not only on this site but on Babies-r-us as well we figured all these people cant all be wrong.

    This bath is great. It fits great in the sink. Our bathroom sink is kind of a weird octagon kin of shape and it still was able to fit securely in it. Our son was born 8.5 lbs so by the time it came for him to take a real bath he was already too big for the hammock that comes with it. He seems to sit pretty comfortably and seems to really enjoy taking a bath. I think him feeling comfortable and safe has a major role in him enjoying bath time. The reason why I took off one star is mainly due to looks. I think it would be perfect if it was little more colorful and more kiddy colors than hospital colors. (just my personal opinion)

    I would recommened this bath to everybody. This is a great bath at a great price....more info
  • Practical and efficient
    What's not to love about this tub? For the price , it is practicall a steal. The tub is even great for "fresh out of mommy's belly" newborns as it has a mesh attachment that you can use to sponge bath the baby. TI keeps the baby out of the water while letting you put a warm water source in the tub itself making it a breeze to clean the baby part by part while keeping the rest of the little one warm. Once the umbilical cord falls off that when the real fun beings!!!...more info
  • Nice
    Received this item about two weeks ago for my first daughter that is about to be born, looks and feels very nice, unfortunately I guess she will be using it for a very short time as I see the tub smaller than I thought....more info
  • sooooo simple
    I looked and looked for a tub for my daughter-in-law to bathe our new grandson. One that fit on the kitchen sink. I finally ordered this one and our newborn loves it. He hated his bath until we tried this. Now he is cozy and comfortable. Great product and much better than the ones we had when I was raising babies!...more info
  • great tub
    I've used this tub since my daughter was born, and now she's 13 months old. She was in the 75th percentile for height at her last checkup, and she really can't stretch out at all...but it's about time for her to just use the big tub anyway.

    I love how this product converts when baby can sit up, unlike one I got at my baby shower that only reclines. It's a lot easier to rinse my daughter's hair if she isn't struggling to keep herself upright against a reclined back!

    The only things I didn't like were the several small, deep spaces that are nearly impossible to get clean, even with a Q-tip. And if you're trying to fill this up in a regular-sized bathtub, the water has to go slowly otherwise it will mostly just splash out. But I still love this product!...more info
  • Love the Tub!
    I purchased this bathtub for my granddaughter, 3 months old, who grew too long for her first bathtub. This one is great! It is sturdier and she doesn't slip down while being bathed. It comes with a sling net, too, that helps keep her safe and in one place! I would recommnend this product!...more info
  • Doesn't work for older babies
    This is a wonderful idea, if only it worked longer. My little girl is two months old and already she needs something bigger or perhaps just a plain tub. The sitting area for infants are just to shallow and every time she kicks, she slides out and down. Rather get something plain that you could use longer....more info
  • Love this!
    I love this tub for all the same reasons as PP. Convenient, inexpensive, long life. Our son loves it too, very calming. (Sometimes he just sits in the sling of the empty bath while mommy is otherwise occupied in the loo!) We don't use it in the sink, though. Plus there is a small area near the foot of the tub where the water is separate from the bath water. So after washing the baby, we use this clean water to go over his face or head one more time before getting him out....more info
  • Do Not Buy!!
    I bought this tub because I had read the reviews for the Aquarium Tub and this one seemed beter. Horrible! The design is poor and the foam stuff that comes on the tub came off. I mean literally peeled right off one day. I do not recommend this tub for any baby. I ended up getting the Aquarium tub I wanted to get her in the first place and so far so good!...more info
  • excellent bathtub for babies
    this is the best product.I bought it after redaing several reviews and am very happy that i got this tub for my little one. she loves it....more info
  • Great transistion tub!
    This is the second tub we owned since the first one we had was a little weird. It was not this model and leaked. This one is wonderful! It has a little hammock for the the bitty babies and when they are sitting up and ready to splash, it has two sides to choose from to take a bath. After our oldest was old enough for the big boy tub, we would set this tub in the regular tub to get him used to the hugeness of a regular tub. He now uses it as a water table and floats his toys in it when it is bad weather outside. We are expecting our second little one soon and will definately be using this tub again! Great find and nice price!...more info
  • Great find
    The bathtubs in our house are not feasible to bathe an infant. I was trying to figure out how to bathe my daughter in our narrow kitchen sink. I was in Target and came across this tub. It caught my eye because it said it can fit OVER a single or double sink. I brought it home and it's a perfect fit over our kitchen sink. This tub is a great alternative if you can't use the bathtubs in your house. My daughter nestled perfectly into the tub. I did not use the sling for her (she is about 9 pounds)....more info
  • Not sure about the sling feature
    My daughter is 6 weeks old so I cannot comment about the use of the tub for an older baby. Using the sling for an infant can be challenging/dangerous because it does not really craddle the baby. My daughter slips down, her feel fall over the sides, and there is not enough give in the fabric for the slind to cup her in. While I always have my hands on her while she is in the tub, it would be nice to have the sling make her more secure in the torso area so I could have more freedom to actually bathe her. I found my daughter almost fell out of the sling, and would have if my hand was on her torso. My daughter is a big newborn (10.8lbs) so her size may have something to do with the lack of safety of the sline, but she is not mature enough to sit up in the tub yet. Just be very careful with the sling and your newborn. ...more info
  • It's good for a newborn
    The sling works great for a newborn. My baby was over 9 lbs. and very strong. He tried to throw himself out, but couldn't (of course I had my hand on him the whole time). Once his cord fell off, I tried to lower the sling into the water, but I think you'd have to almost fill the tub with water to get them down into the water at all. So, I just took the sling off and put him in the newborn end and it worked very well.

    My only complaints are that the plug really doesn't change colors to warn you of hot water and that there is no padding or foam in the place their little rear ends sit. I was worried he's slip, so I just put a washcloth on it and he stays perfectly in place!...more info
  • The best product I have been able to find
    I LOVE this tub. I have tried other baby tubs, and I prefer this one because of its size, the no-slip padding, the angle of the recline, and the sling. I used the sling while my son was under 2 months old, and have been using the tub without the sling since then. The sling is very useful for sponge baths and tiny babies, although you do have to hold the baby's head the whole time to keep him from slipping (but most parents know to do this with a tiny baby anyway). The tub is great for in the sink or in the regular tub. My only complaint is that the drain plug does NOT change color if the water is too hot or too cold. DO NOT RELY ON THIS FEATURE!!! Buy a good tub thermometer if you are not sure what temperature your baby's bath should be. Otherwise, another great product from First Years!...more info
  • One year and still going strong!
    I am so happy that I listened to reviews over a year ago! My daughter is 12 months old and I am still using the tub! The sling feature was unbelievably awesome when she was a newborn. I had a c-section so it was hard for me to get around and I was almost afraid to handle my daughter, especially when bathing. The sling made it so easy. She was nice and secure which made her very easy to handle. When she got bigger and took off the sling things were still easy. The contouring of the tub held her up to where she needed to be without slipping. As she started to sit up the seat kept her secure and she really loved bathing at this point so it was still an easy task to wash her. Now she is standing and once again, not problems in this tub. We have used the flip side with her sitting, but we like the idea of keeping the water around her in the winter so we may use the seat feature more in the summer when it's warmer. This is truly a convertible bath tub that will last you for a long time. This is the best tub out there!...more info
  • there are better tubs
    When I put my baby on the sling only her butt was in the water and the rest of her got cold. She was shaking and screaming the whole time. I tried it without the sling and filled the tub way up with water and it was much better. Although her chest was still exposed to the air so as soon as her chest got wet she started screaming. I wish now I would have spent a little more and got the Eurobath or a Tummy Tub which gets them more "in" the water so they aren't cold.
    But it's not a terrible bath- I do like the foam padded seats and it will last her a long time. I just can't wait for her to be old enough to splash and play and actually enjoy bath time- cuz right now it's a little stressful. If you are going to get this tub- I'd recomend buying it without the sling and save a little money....more info
  • I love this tub!
    When i recieved this tub i was so excited. The sling makes it so easy to wash a newborn without worring how slippery they can be. I have two hands free and it makes tubby time super easy and enjoyable. Now that my son is older and a little bit more wiggle i put the sling back on so to keep him where i want him! Its a must have for a newborn....more info
  • Just what I was looking for
    I have to say, I am very HAPPY with this tub. It fits in our kitchen sink perfectly and seems very stable and durable. Mine did not come with a sling, unfortunately....but my 3 week old daughter had no problems at all sitting safely upright in it. As long as we keep a warm washcloth on her chest she is content sitting there. I was so lucky to have found this for only $1 at a garage sale (definately the deal of the day) but it is TOTALLY worth the full price, anyways. I recommend this baby tub....more info
  • Cute but not perfect
    I wanted a tub that would grow with my baby so I put this on my registry because it has three stages from newborn, to infant that can sit up, to toddler. My baby is still only two months old, so I can only speak on the first stage. My baby keeps slipping down in the mesh seat so that the back of her head goes into the water if I'm not holding her up with one hand. If she turns her head water will go into her ears or mouth. To end on a positive note, I like how the tub fits into my kitchen sink and the plug will turn white if the water is too hot....more info
  • Love this tub!
    My son is 8 weeks old, and my husband and I have used this tub to bathe him since day 1. So far, we have no complaints - we love it! The hammock works great for infants - my baby is comfortable and secure in it. I can bathe him and wash his hair easily. The temperature plug in the bottom of the tub is great for new parents who don't know how warm to make the bath water. And the compartment to hold accessories is very useful. This item is a staple in my home, and I'd highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Secure- but hard to clean
    I like the fact that you can support your newborn on the sling and you don't have to give him/her a sponge bath on the counter. It's also nice that there are two different "sitting" positions (one side for babies who can't sit up yet and one side for those who can). The only complaint I have is with the leg design. The legs are hollow and part of the tub basin, so bathwater sits in them. This would be fine if they were bigger, but they are too narrow to get your fingers far enough into them to reach the bottom to clean...and the bottom is where the mold/mildew collects. I usually have to use an old toothbrush to push a cloth into the legs to get the buildup out. If they would block off the legs so water didn't get into them, the tub would be perfect:)...more info
  • great bath tub!
    Im so glad we choose this bath tub its simple, inexpensive and works just as well, the newborn sling is great and such a big help for having a newborn. ...more info
  • Great Tub!
    We absolutely love this bathtub! It is easy to give our newborn a bath in this tub and it is something he will be able to grow into. We definitely recommend this tub!...more info
  • Love this tub!
    First and only tub I tried with my newborn daughter. The hammock feature was wonderful when she was a few weeks old and I was still quite sure a slippery bundle would slid from my hands. Now that she's a few months old and learning new things it seems every minute she adores bathtime and having mommy right there in her face for splashing! Love the over the sink feature (no back aches here) and the plug is in the perfect spot for draining! ...more info
  • The good
    What we liked
    1. Fits in sink.
    2. Baby fits great.
    3. Plug changes color if water is too hot.
    4. Easy to use.

    What we didn't like
    -The only thing we didn't like is that we didn't get it sooner!...more info
  • Good solid tub for babies
    This tub is pretty solid even though it's also very light. It's well designed to be comfortable for the baby. The first 10 or so times my daughter got a bath she cried, but now she loves loves it! My wife usually puts her in and then pours water over her instead of dunking her in the water. That method works good because then you can rinse the baby off and there won't be too much water in the tub when you do that. 5 stars, I cant imagine giving my baby a bath without it!...more info
  • Toddler Tub with Sling-Pink
    This was purchased as a gift for my Granddaughter. The baby has not arrived as yet, but from observing the tub I can honestly say it looks amazing. I was not fortunate enough, when raising my children, to have the opportunity to use this useful tub. ...more info
  • Great For The First Year, Too Small For Toddler
    This is a great bathtub for a newborn and an older baby (but not a toddler). It fits nicely in most standard kitchen sinks, so you can bathe your baby comfortably. There is non-slip padding on the newborn (recline) side, so the newborn doesn't slide to the side. There is also a raised thing in the middle of the tub that keeps the baby sitting in place and prevents him from slipping.

    But to call it a "toddler" tub is laughable! Sure, the toddler can fit in there, but he'll be sitting in a little puddle of water. We used this tub for my daughter until she was about 8 months old. Then the tub started looking and feeling too small for her - not much room for her bath toys and not much water to splash. After that, we got a bigger tub called "Euro Bath"....more info
  • Great Tub for little ones!
    This was perfect for my newborn with the hammock-like insert it has, then it was perfect for my growing baby in the reclining position and finally it was useful when he could sit totally upright until he was too long to be comfortable. It made life so much easier to just fill and clean a small tub rather than the adult tub everytime!...more info
    I have used this product on my first born and will reuse it again with my 2nd baby as well! Newborn to toddler tub was recommended by fit pregancy magazine, so I bought it and loved it! The sling is included which is great! ...more info
  • Smaller than the Eurobath
    The other common baby bath tub, the Eurobath, was too big, but this one might be a bit too small. (I have no idea how this could ever be considered a toddler tub, my son seemed too big for it when he was less than a year old.)

    I do like this tub for use with babies, though. I liked the little trough for rinsewater; the foam padding that help keeps your baby from sliding; and the lightweight construction. If you plan to bathe your baby in your own bathtub (meaning you'll have to move the baby bath out each time you shower), definitely get this one since it's smaller than other models and easy to move around....more info
  • Great tub for under 6 months
    We received this tub as a gift when our daughter was just a week old. We didn't use it until after her umbilical cord had fallen off, and she always had excellent head control, so we never used the cradle part of it.

    I had been concerned because our kitchen sink is awkward, but the tub fit right in with no problems. The supports underneath are rather ingenious, and both double and single sinks. We didn't even have to take out the in-sink dish drainer that is one side of our double sink!

    The green grip material on the infant side of the tub does a great job. My daughter had a tendency to tip to the side at first, but she never slipped up or down. The seating ridge at the bottom is also well gave her something to brace her bottom against and kick her feet in the water.

    The colour-change plug was very handy, especially at first when we were getting the hang of what is too warm for a baby. If it's too warm, it turns a light colour, very easy to see against the dark blue background.

    The drain plug was easy to pull out and to put in, but I did notice that it just doesn't drain all the way, mostly because of the way the bottom is designed. The only way to completely get all the water out is to turn it upside down.

    The tub was quite easy to clean as well, I was at first concerned about the grip material. For some reason, I'm very sensitive to the smell of mildew (not allergic, just seem to be able to pick up the smell earlier than a lot of people), and I was afraid that the grip material would be difficult to get dry and would mildew. But no fear -- just washed the whole thing down with dish soap each night and left it to air dry, and there was never a hint of mildew or mold.

    Once she could sit up with support, we tried her on the toddler side, but that didn't work very well. It would have been nice if the sloped infant side was adjustable -- she wanted to sit up, but needed more support than the completely vertical toddler seat. It was possible for her to sit on the infant side, but then she had no support behind her back and we had to keep our hands on her all the time.

    And once she started sitting without support, I found it was easier to just put her in the big tub. She's on the larger end of normal size (9 pounds at birth, 18 pounds at 5.5 months) and once she started wanting to play in the tub, the baby tub just wasn't big enough. There's no way there's enough room to put her and the bath toys she now wants in there either.

    I know First Years says it is an infant/toddler tub, but I honestly don't think that it would be a good tub for a toddler. That said, I know that some little kids are scared of the big tub, and this would be a great alternative in that case. Or if you don't have a tub and don't want to take your baby into the shower. For us, though, it really didn't work once she was able to sit up unsupported.

    All in all, if you want to use a baby tub, then this is an excellent choice. And if you get it as a gift, this is a great tub to have! But, barring the circumstances I mentioned above, it might be easier to just bathe baby in the sink when little, get in the tub with baby when a little older, and then just go straight to the big tub on his or her own....more info
  • Love this tub
    My husband and I love this tub. Our son is 6 months old and we've used it since he was born. We attached the sling (it's a net that resembles a hammock) to the tub when he was a newborn and he fit right into it. He hung, just like a hammock, across the length of the tub. The sling is a great feature for newborns because they can lie down on it.

    When my son outgrew the sling, we sat him on the newborn side of the tub (the big green pad that baby leans against). If you don't remember that the big green pad is the newborn side, "Newborn" is etched on the top of the blue frame of the big green pad. Now that my son can sit up on his own, we switched him to the opposite side of the tub where his butt sits on the small green pad. "Infant Toddler" is etched on top of the back that baby leans against.

    We're very happy with this tub. My friend registered for the same tub for her baby shower and I told her we have the same tub and love it....more info


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