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World Of Warcraft lets players experience the lands of Azeroth from a newer, in-depth perspective. They'll discover new lands and take on epic quests and challenges in massive online multiplayer action. Adventure together with thousands of other players simultaneously A monthly subsription fee is required to play online

World of Warcraft didn't invent the online role-playing genre, but it certainly benefits from the missteps of other titles that have come before. A mind-boggling array of improvements in graphics, gameplay, networking, and interface--really every category--makes this game the crown prince of the genre, a great starting place for newbies, and a challenge to any other MMORPG currently in the works.

Inside the human camp
The game's beautifully rendered locations are filled with small details, such as flying birds and flowing water.
A History of Conflict
WoW takes place just four years after the real-time strategy Warcraft series, which chronicles a 25 year struggle between the Alliance (humans, dwarves, gnomes, and elves) and the Horde (orcs, tauren, trolls, and undead). Even though there's tons of accumulated story to the series, new players should not be daunted. The background is there for you to explore, but you don't have to tread a lot of Azeroth history to get into the action.

The makers boast 2,000 existing quests with more being added, many of them noncombat in nature.

The game looks magnificent. There's plenty of detail and variety to the landscapes and interiors, and the artwork has a refreshingly playful style. There's not a lot of variety in the character creation process, but with all the skills and proficiencies to combine in the game, WoW focuses its customization not on the appearance of your character but rather on the character of your character. The game lets you adopt any two trade skills, regardless of character race or class, and combine those skills in useful ways. If you choose skinning and leatherworking, for example, you can fashion bags from the carcasses of monsters you defeat, which will allow you to carry even more inventory items.

Expanded Commerce
You can sell the items you make, find, and loot through a variety of outlets. Like any role-playing game, WoW has merchants who will buy your cast-off items for fixed prices, but you can also sell to other players at your own price through in-game chat or by leaving it with one of the auction houses located across the map. This virtual free market is a game within the game, like Monopoly somehow inserted into the middle of Chess. Heck, you can even send items C.O.D. to other players via the game's mail system.

In-game quest log
The game's Quest Log keeps track of up to 20 quests at a time.
In other online role-playing games, starting players have to invest dozens of hours whacking at small prey and doing other odd jobs one at a time to gradually "level up" to more interesting challenges. WoW lets players accept a variety of quests--up to 20 at a time without penalty for abandoning any of them before they're complete. The makers boast 2,000 existing quests with more being added, many of them noncombat in nature. Where some games only grant experience through battle, WoW grants experience for exploring and fulfilling quests too.

A Level Playing Field
There's also a built-in handicap for casual players where your character enters a rest state when you log off from the game. The longer you're logged off (up to a week), the bigger the experience bonus you'll get when you return to battle. An enemy tagging feature--the player who lands the first attack on an enemy claims the loot for himself or his party--prevents onlookers from swooping in and pilfering items from a monster that you brought down. That resolves a common complaint of other titles.

WoW interface
Icons and pop-ups help put complex controls easily within reach.
Most games severely penalize players when they die in-game, usually by shaving experience points, funds, or both. In WoW, death just relocates your ghost to the nearest graveyard, and the only penalty is the time it takes you to get back to resurrect your character's corpse.

All of this makes for a very complicated game, but the well-designed interface puts all the game's elements into icons either visible framing the action or within a simple keystroke. The enemy's artificial intelligence is quite strong too: Monsters will join nearby fights to aid their comrades, switch targets strategically midbattle, and ambush players. The map system fills in details on places you've visited, so you always know where you are and where you've been.

Overall, World of Warcraft is a game that's easy to learn, challenging to master, beautiful to watch, and tons of fun to play. --Porter B. Hall

System Requirements
Minimum Recommended
Operating System PC: Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista (with latest Service Packs)
Mac: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or newer
CPU PC: Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlong XP 1500+
Mac: PowerPC G5 1.6 GHz or Intel Core Duo processor
PC: Dual-core processor, such as Intel Pentium D or AmD Athlong 64 X2
Mac: Intel 1.8 GHz processor or better
Graphics Hardware PC: 3D graphics processor with Hardware Transfor and Lighting with 32 MB VRAM, such as an ATI Radeon 7200 or NVIDIA GeForce2 class card or better
Mac: 3D graphics processor with Hardware Transform and Lighting with 64 MB VRAM, such as ATI Radeon 9600 or NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4600 class card or better
PC: 3D Graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capabilities with 128 MB VRAM, such as an ATI Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT class card or better
Mac: 3D graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capability with 128 MB VRAM, such as ATI Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA 7600 class card or better.
Memory PC: 512 MB (1 GB for Vista)
Mac: 1 GB
PC: 1 GB (2 GB for Vista)
Mac: 2 GB
Hard Drive Space 15 GB of free space
All Platform Requirements Keyboard and mouse, required for controls. Other input devices not supported. Active broadband Internet connection required to play.

For the first time, players can experience the lands of WarCraft's Azeroth from a new, in-depth perspective. As heroes, they explore familiar battlefields, discover new lands, and take on epic quests and challenges in Blizzard's massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Blizzard has taken care to make the game accessible and fun both for hard-core 60-hour-a-week players and for more casual adventurers.
  • This game requires a monthly fee, and an internet connection to play
  • Create and customize your own hero from the unique races and classes of the Warcraft universe
  • Explore an expansive world with miles of forests, deserts, snow-blown mountains, and other exotic lands
  • Visit huge cities and delve through dozens of vast dungeons
  • Adventure together with thousands of other players in an enormous, persistent game world

Customer Reviews:

  • Dollar for dollar... best entertainment value in a game
    MMOs are the future of entertainment. WoW has been one of the big innovators in this field.

    Consider the price of the monthly subscription relative to the price of a movie these days. (Hours entertainment per month)/(Monthly subscription... WoW wins. I play an hour or so nearly everyday and get more fun from this then any other game I have (PS3/Xbox360 owner.) For a relative small price, you get to "play" in a large, complex fantasy world with a good deal of activities, as often as you care to.

    Best PvP system.

    I think many of the complaints about this game tend to be the "this isn't an RP game" (You can completely ignore the RP content and play). Perhaps a better description is MMORPGE (E=Ennvironment).


    This can be a huge time sink of a game. Much more so then others. I mean, no one is saying "Give us your money" but understand if you are looking to be a serious WoWer, you'll be spending a good amount of time parked in front of your screen.

    If you are a parent, be mindful of your child's playtime; it's a fast paced game with a hyper reward system which encourages a player to continuously strive to "improve" one's character. This game really has no end, which is good for value, but not so good for moderation. Also, your kids will be hanging out with adults in a non supervised environment.

    If you read the message boards on the official site, there seems to be a lot of complaints about the bias towards Player vs Player (PvP) content. I would say these complaints are unfounded; the PvP content is minimal relative to the other areas of the game. However, no other MMO has it beat yet.

    My only "real" complaint is the graphics. They should be better considering average present day computing power. Graphics are slightly cartoony, especially considering other current MMOs. No, it doesn't get in the way of game play; I've played some of the other more recent ones and better graphics = more fun.

    All in all: Good, cheap fun....more info
  • Read the good reviews with caution and the bad reviews with even more.
    Warcraft is a great game. I've read some of the reviews here and those who pan it after playing it for a couple weeks are putting out a lot of misinformation, most likely due to their inexperience with the game (kinda like writing a bad review of a book when you've only read the introduction).

    The game is great fun, graphics are outstanding. You can solo your way to the highest level or you can group with other players -- how you play is up to you, the game allows for any playing style. In my mind that's where it really shines. You can spend 30 minutes playing and accomplish quite a lot or you can spend hours really delving the depths of this well-written and well-balanced game.

    For those people who pan WoW because it is addictive, I say, "Don't blame the game." The vast majority of subscribers play WoW with self-control. In all likelikhood, those who get addicted simply have an addictive personality to start with. Get help, feel better, but leave WoW to those of us who don't have a problem with addiction. ...more info
  • Hott Mage Goin' Off
    Watch Video Here: Vid By:

    Atkins Switcher World of Warcraft;4865756;/fileinfo.html

    ...more info
  • Fun... for awhile...
    World of Warcraft is a fun game for a first-time MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) player and for certain kinds of gamers. We'll refer to World of Warcraft in the abbreviated form "WoW" from here on out.

    Before examining the Pros and Cons of WoW, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, know that WoW is not accurate when it comes to Warcraft history and background. This probably doesn't matter to the casual player or to younger gamers but to fans of the Warcraft RTS (Real-Time Strategy) series it can be very irritating. Second of all, keep in mind that WoW is very much a beginner's game in the sense that it's the first MMORPG that most people play. As such, the game includes a lot of children, teenagers, casual gamers and a higher percentage of trolls (griefers who like nothing better than to bother other people) than other games do. In short, the percentage of serious gamers is a bit lower than in other games in the genre. That having been said, we can take a look at the Pros and Cons. They are divided into 6 categories: Playability, Graphics, Sound, Game Development, Player-versus-Player and Community.

    Playability- PRO

    WoW is very easy to pickup and play. Indeed, most WoW players will tell you they were hooked within hours of installing the game and downloading the necessary patches. The UI (User-Interface) is very easy to figure out. In short, you start out with a few skills. As you level higher you get more skills which you have to organize in a bar of buttons. You quickly figure out that arranging spells and attacks in order of use saves you time, saves your life and wins the fight. This very friendly learning curve definitely contributes to WoW's large fan base and its status as the Beginner's MMORPG.

    Graphics- PRO

    WoW features pretty but very catoonish graphics that look decent but manage to do so without stressing your video card out. While the graphics are beginning to look dated compared to other games out there, they are still a Pro for the game because that means most players will have no trouble loading the game up on their computer.

    Sound- CON

    WoW used to feature hardware accelerated sound. The sound was quite literally breathtaking and was so dependable and detailed that some classes even based their attack chains on game sounds. This has unfortunately gone the way of the dodo bird however. In a recent patch, Blizzard (the maker of WoW) removed hardware sound in favor of a software sound system. This change has angered many players particularly serious gamers but Blizzard has made it clear they don't intend to add hardware sound back. Many players now say they experience latency because their CPU (computer chip) has to process sound. Others report distorted sounds and missing sounds. This development forces sound to be firmly in the CON category.

    Game Development- CON

    While WoW does feature an astounding array of options for how to spend your play time, it all boils down to one thing: grinding. This grind isn't as noticeable to a new player but as one reaches higher levels and begins to think about end-game, it becomes quickly apparent that WoW is all about getting better gear. This gear then comes in two forms of rewards: PvE (Player-versus-Environment) and PvP (Player-versus-Player). In order to get this gear, players have to grind... and grind... and grind... and grind and grind and grind.

    Most really good PvE items require running instances over and over until the desired item drops or they require reputation which in turn requires running the same dungeons and killing the same monsters repeatedly for days and weeks. Other items require special tokens as well that only drop in certain dungeons that require reputation with the right faction. This reputation comes from... you guessed it... grinding monsters and dungeons.

    Even PvP isn't immune to grind. PvP rewards in WoW come not from killing enemies or amazing feats of daring-do but rather from running battlegrounds and arena over and over until you earn enough honor and medals for a reward.

    Basically, having good gear in WoW is a sign of status because it means someone spent A LOT of time playing the WoW grind game. Quite frankly, this required grind puts a lot of WoW content out of reach for most casual and even many serious players. This reality places Game Development firmly in the CON category.

    PvP- CON

    WoW is famous for it's in-famous Player-versus-Player. A game based on a war to the death between mortal enemies would naturally include inherent, detailed and in-depth PvP situations... you would think. The reality in WoW is that most PvP was largely added well after the release date. At first, WoW PvP consisted entirely of griefing other players while they levelled. Later on, Blizzard added battlegrounds and PvP Arenas to try and appease serious gamers and PvP fanatics. However, these capture the flag, capture the spawn-point battleground situations are hardly the life and death struggle you might expect. The Arenas, while requiring a bit more skill, are little more than a mini-battleground with no flags or spawn points to fight over. Again, PvP in WoW seems very watered down for a game based on a life and death struggle between enemies. That makes it a definite CON.

    Community- CON

    WoW features nothing if not a vibrant community. However, the game's grind nature means that success in WoW depends on teaming up with other players and dedicating a massive amount of time to the game. This has created on many WoW servers a network of very elitist guilds that not only do not like to help non-guild members but who also genuinely look down on players who can't or won't agree to put WoW first in their priority list.

    The elitist situation in WoW has a major effect on players. They have to choose: 1) Join an elitist guild and choose WoW over real life stuff or 2) Be part of a small casual player guild and accept that a lot of the content that Blizzard makes for you is out of reach. For a game that charges $15 a month to play, making customers choose the game over real life is never, ever a way to make them happy however they may feel about the other features of the game. This fact places Community in the Con category.

    There are nice players in WoW but the nature of the game itself often makes them hard to find because they are scattered amongst the servers in thousands of small to medium guilds. Casual players don't always have time or the desire to surf all those options to find a home for themselves.

    The Final Cut: 2 PROs, 4 CONs = 3 Stars

    In the end, WoW isn't a bad game. Rather, it's a game that had/has a lot of potential which has been/is being wasted. For serious and casual players alike, it's easy to pickup and get addicted to. The game is very fun especially the first time through but it becomes tedious once you reach end level and once you roll more characters and realise you have to do all the same stuff again to level them.

    Basically, WoW's biggest flaw is that it is little more than a grind fest. On the other hand, that may be the very reason it has 10 million players. After all, in a game where everything takes a long time an addicted fan will keep paying and playing until he gets what he wants. And he will get what he wants just in time for the next expansion/content patch. He will then have something else to want/grind for. Maybe they have it down to an art... who knows? 3 Stars for WoW from this reviewer....more info
  • simply addicting
    im not usually a fan of american RPG's but somehow this game manage to include the best things of an old school RPG with the excitement of an MMORPG . If you get addicted like i do prepare yourself to spend a lot of time in this game. ...more info
  • Suposedly great, but buyer beware!
    Everyone says that WoW is great fun, has great graphics, and so on. There are a few things, however, you should know before you buy this game.
    *This game requires a very High-end computer, equipped with a PC-DVD rom drive.
    *To keep playing WoW for any time beyond one month, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of [...]. This may not seem like so much, but for one game, it's not worth it really.

    Apart from that, I think it's a very fun game from what I know, and I wish I could play it. If you are willing, and can pay [...] monthly; and have a PC-DVD rom drive, then go ahead, buy this and Burning Crusade, and enjoy! ...more info
  • How to best enjoy this game(it's my favorite)
    Hello folks!! here's how to enjoy this wonderful game(advice from an advanced player with several classes)

    1.Choose ONE class and a race and a nice name for the character, choose any you like take your time and remember there is no wrong choice!!
    For the moment while exploring the world of warcraft stick to one character as it will ease your time management.

    2.keybind all your spells and abilities. What i mean is use your keyboard to perform tasks and also to fight instead of using your mouse to click the visual indicators on screen.use your mouse to move your character. open your spellbook using the "p" key and drag skills/spells to your action bar and hit the corresponding key on the keyboard to activate the skill/spell. For example if you need to shoot a fireball , hit the fireball key instead of clicking the fireball button on the action bar ..this will help you in the future.

    3.To talk in the open for everyone who is close beside you type a slash then a letter "s" i.e "/s" before anything you want to say.

    "/1" to talk to talk to everyone in the general channel of the area you are in.
    "/2" to talk to everyone in the trade channel in the major city you are in

    "/g" to talk to those in the guild channel(if you are in a guild)

    and of course "/hi" when targeting a friend or enemy will automatically pass a hearty hello to the target if you press enter

    4.when you get time,go to the nearest major city and ask to join a guild for new players and make sure it has many players...usually at least over 30 active players.

    Finally if you need more detailed help visit the nice people on the official "welcome to wow" forum at this link

    There you go!!!all set to explore!!!! don't forget to be social make friends ,talk to your guild members and most of all have fun!!...more info
  • Love this game!
    I bought this game for my teenage son. He says he just loves it. It is the most fun game ever. He plays it all the time when he's not in school or doing chores or homework. He says it is the best game he's played....more info
  • The Biggest War in this game is installing it!
    I recently played the trial version of this game and was totally impressed with graphics, sound and game play (though repetative at times). I purchased the regular version and sat through 6 hours (that's right 6) while the game installed. Then Blizzard's download manager began to download patches. Estimated time 9 hours (that's right 9). I called Blizzard and cancelled my account and threw the game in the trash. Pity that they just can't get it right!
    ...more info
  • Entertainment Perfection Achieved
    I've been playing this game for about a year now. I've heard that it can addictive so I do not allow myself to play for more than two hours at a time, or more than once per day. Anyway I'll just say it is so well polished. Everything works wonderfully, you can play with your friends or new people with ease. It is very easy to learn, and with all of the skills, talents, wealth, and abilities that you can learn your character will always be fun.

    The in game world events are fun to watch and participate in. I highly recommend it. And the 15 bucks a month is a mega value for entertainment. Especially when you consider the price of a movie ticket....more info
    I thought about getting WoW from amazon but my friends told me they go to this site and fill out a couple simple surveys and within like an hour or so you can get this game for free. its so easy i did it and the game arrived in 2 days. just go to this link and sign up. then check out the FAQ and the tips. im tellin ya, it works like a charm. i also got time cards for WoW doing this too. they email the codes right to you. info
  • Best MMO right now
    I started playing WoW in February 2007. I quickly became very addicted and played every night for 6 months. Unfortunately, I hit the wall at level 70. This is a great game, especially in the beginning. Numerous quests, beautifully rendered graphics, awesome monsters to fight, and other "real" people to share the gaming experience with. Things do get old after a while though. This is especially true at high levels, when the only options left are reputation grinding, raiding, and crafting. I found crafting to be fun but a huge money sink. Raiding involves a time commitment that I am unable to give due to "real" life obligations. Reputation grinding gets old after awhile as well. Try killing the same group of ogres 1000 times in order to get the reputation needed for a nice helm and you understand where I am coming from. One nice thing about level 70 is the flying mount in Outland. This opens up an entirely new area of exploration. Just be careful where you fly, as I discovered one time while exploring near a horde outpost.

    Overall, World of Warcraft is a great game but it does get old after awhile. If you are a busy person in real life like me, you will never have time to see the end-game stuff due to the sheer time commitment needed. The trip to 70 is fun though, more so the first time than the third however. After trying other MMO's, I found WoW to be the best for gameplay, graphics, and entertainment value. I just feel a little left out in the end....more info
  • Grinding on top of treadmills
    The game is, generally speaking, a good MMO and very enjoyable as you attain higher levels and begin participating in instances.

    Eventually, and this happens sooner rather than later, the game becomes a series of grinds and treadmills designed to bleed as much time out of a human being possible - all while repeating the same exact activities.

    For example, PvP. This takes place in one of only 4 battle grounds (closed, instanced zones) or the arenas (smaller, more organized instances). The only real advancement here is gear acquisition: play more PvP, eventually get better gear. The problem is that each piece of gear requires a substantial amount of "points" (earned in PvP by killing people and participating in the matches), tokens which are rewarded when you finish a particular battle ground, and even arena points and a specific arena ranking (you must wait a week for your rank to kick in - I.E. a built-in additional time sink). To get one piece of gear which is a modestly incremental gain, you have to grind for the better part of 5-20 (depending upon how successful you are) real life hours.

    The end-game raiding is even worse. You have to invest three to four hours a session killing the same content, and there's no guarantee that gear you can use will even "drop" (be on the corpse of the bosses you've slain). Oh, and it takes between 10 and 25 people to perform, so that level of coordination between people with lives and jobs is usually impossible.

    World of Warcraft hearkens back to older, less sophisticated days and expects too much time and grinding from the players. I'd recommend passing....more info
    It's real simple. For fun factor, WoW can't be beat. WoW is the KING of the online gaming world for a reason, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Buy this game and the expansion. Just remember to balance your life with gaming because this game is highly addictive. Good travels to you in Azeroth!...more info
  • Late to the party
    I just started playing World of Warcraft a couple of months ago. I've been a video game fan since I was a kid and am amazed at how huge the worlds are and how much there is to discover and do. I play it a couple nights a week with some work buddies and it's really fun. They just added voice chat so now I'll burn less cell phone minutes conference calling with them. This is an addicting game so if you have no self-control, don't get hooked....more info
    this game is very adictive and not in a good first i thogh well it cant be that bad but it IS i cant stress this enuff this game is adictive i have lost intrest in many things that i previossly liked.this game will make u more likely to have a really short temper twords enything that would pul you away from the game for even as short as 1 minute unless u had planed to do this befor plaing the game....more info
  • EVERY GAME IS A RIP-OFF OF WOW! (for some reason)
    World Of Warcraft... a name so many know, and many use in daily conversation.
    World Of Warhammer... something that had been announced by Games Workshop back in 2001, and then mysteriously disappeared. The license was dropped until EA Mythic picked it up, and by that time Blizzard had already copyrighted the "world of" title. This wasn't the first time Blizzard ripped off Games Workshop, either. In fact, the entire Warcraft franchise is supposed to originally be Warhammer.

    Bringing me to my next point. I am an educated gamer, as many people who don't play WoW are. We seek out games that actually demand thought and interaction.
    But, shock and horror, all of us "snobs" are suddenly slapped with the cold, hard reality that the WoW community constantly reminds us of: every other MMO in history and in production is a World Of Warcraft clone.
    Now, there are set criteria that must be met in order for a game to be considered a WoW clone or rip-off. First off, the game MUST have a point-based character leveling system. Then, it must be a fantasy universe (elves, dark elves, dwarves, etc). If those two criteria are met, then we have to see if the comparing game has anything like raids, instances, and mounts.
    Does this sound familiar? I thought so. By these standards, every fantasy MMO in history is a rip-off of WoW. In fact, there are so many rip-offs of the game that they can not all fit into the present and future! After all, according to an avid WoW player, i was informed that EverQuest was nothing but "an ugly, cheap WoW rip-off". That's right, a game created in 1999 is actually a dirty, cheap imitation of another MMO released in 2004. I knew it!

    Well here's a real head-scratcher for you fanboys out there. If other games are such huge imitations of "the greatest game of all time", why am i having fun playing Vanguard and Warhammer Online, whereas i never got a second of enjoyment out of my three months in Azeroth?

    World Of Warcraft has managed to appeal to every demographic in the world with its bright colors, its easy social tools, and its general mass appeal. However, many people will pick up this game, play it for a month, and then toss it.

    Just like they say that marijuana is a gateway drug, WoW is a gateway game. You learn the basics from this game, realize there is more out there, and then dump its brightly-colored backside for something with more meaning, more depth, and better overall gameplay.

    Have fun, those of you playing WoW. Us real gamers prefer to play something more challenging and more fun. ...more info
  • Superb
    I've been playing video games since 1987 & WoW is my favorite. It seems like the game will never end. It's also fun playing online & making friends in the game....more info
  • "Enter World" ~ Sometimes Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks, Or Games
    If I was asked to come up with a hierarchical list of words that best described myself one of the last words I thought I would ever consider to put on that list is `gamer'. Not that there's anything bad about being one, it's just not something I've ever participated in. That is until I discovered `World of Warcraft' last week. Out of curiosity and completely out of character I purchased one of those $1.99 14-day trial editions of `World of Warcraft' on DVD-ROM and began the downloading process upon my return home. After a marathon, seemingly unending updating process on my PC I couldn't help but entertain second thoughts concerning my impulsive venture into the world of online gaming but eventually the process was complete and I was permitted to give this cyberspace experience a try.

    I have to say it, WOW and I'm not referring to the acronym for the game in question. After creating your character and clicking on the field labeled "Enter World" you're in for an amazing adventure. The colors, the creatures and the well-defined story-line make you literally feel as though you have literally entered into a landscape of mythic proportions. The most amazing aspect of the game from my perspective is its RP (role playing) capabilities that allow the player to feel as though he is an integral part of the game, molding the landscape and changing the tides of war by his decisions and actions. Truly amazing!

    I'm sure it's obvious to anyone reading this review, I'm hooked. You've got another convert Blizzard!...more info
  • Awesome fun but slow decline
    I am a long time veteran of World of Warcraft, following and playing it from Beta. I have to say that from the start I absolutely loved this game.

    The cartoon graphics are loss at first but you quickly realize and appreciate the genius of their low requirements to your system. The game, even on extremely old systems runs exceptionally well allowing for an impressive experience without the constant fear that you might have to update your computer to fully enjoy this product. The world is also astounding, easy to follow, and at times, breathtaking.
    The map system IS fairly primitive but is an almost unnecessary feature. Quests are extremely straight forward, providing an extremely straightforward description of where to go and what to do almost every time. Travel time is reducible by flight paths that are acquired through the game and various (very functional)means: speed buffs, mounts, potions, etc). Combat is combined with very little lag as well as extremely enriching creature and environment models will almost surely drive you to want to play this game more and more. After defeating a creature you are even able to loot it for fairly worthwhile return. Gameplay is extremely intuitive and non-intrusive tip pop ups over spells, items, and mobs make the game simple while the diversity of abilities and gameplay allows for combat to not get boring. It is also possible to solo through the whole game regardless of class.

    Over the years I leveled to 60 and now 70 quite a few times. The game has continued to provide nearly endless satisfaction. Yes there were bits and pieces here and there that always nagged throughout the whole experience from even day one; the constant change and incredible diversity of the game long forestalled its impact however.
    The fact is though, over time the game does indeed get taxing. This I (personally) attribute to a lack in expansion by the developers. Grouping is limited to 5 players, unless one is in a raid which can then be limited to 10,15, or 40 players. This in itself proves to be a hugely positive thing as there rarely are more than 5 people looking to group for any one particular thing even with 8million players (there literally are that many). The problem that comes up is that grouping rarely pays off. The experience is amazing while grouped and the system for dungeons is interesting. However, most veteran players will tell you that if you are truly looking to level fast that you will want to solo and even just grind. Dungeons and grouping generally SLOWS gameplay considerably. For instance, you may join a group to do a dungeon and find that it took 1-3 hours to get through it, even for low level dungeons. Further, the loot received is almost insulting and after you have gotten another character fairly high level (which is easy) you really start to loath this.
    The game really starts to fall apart in this area and progresses so. Dungeons become time sinks for the only source of truly worthwhile items: especially as you level past 40. It is also the case that as you level past twenty, you'll be changing equipment fairly regularly. So the shiny new axe you just got after god knows how long from this ridiculously long and unchanged dungeon is now nearly as good as a common drop and you're setting your eyes on something else. For the first time through the game and even the second or third this isn't all that frustrating. However, by the third time around pretty much everyone agrees... the game is starting to slack.
    By the time one reaches 70 one is acutely aware of these faults but may or may not be bothered by them. However, max level is a whole new game. Where before you were grinding your way through dungeons and mobs through a really impressive world, you now enter into an arena environment. To really get anywhere you'll be putting 3 hours a night into the game for any kind of character advancement and if you aren't in a good raiding guild the chances of your character's improvements are slim. Further, the loot system drops only rarely drops more than one type of relevant item (worthwhile item) per boss per dungeon. So even if you are in a good guild you'll be fighting with your guild members over it. This leads into a guild squabbling and a general gnashing of teeth between all members and high level players as a whole. A common term to describe end game WoW is "ever grind" because there is no chance to rest and enjoy the incredible game it COULD be. From 1- 70 it is a rush to the top and a fight to even stay above the water.
    The final two points I would say are incredibly important are community and sexism.
    For women I would say to you to find another game. The community of WoW and WoW in general has a passive sexist attitude that really just brings the whole game down. Woman where exposing clothing in even the most powerful suits of armor and the bitterly laughed at example is that some of the best WARRIOR armor for women is a steel thong. You'll be running around nude alot and it is very common to have a male player run up in your face and /dance which looks as if they are doing very perverse things to you. Blizzard does uphold a very strict harassment policy however, which is curious given the latter. Further, within guilds there is a kind of shunning of having many women within guilds as the entirely game just breeds elitism (women somehow being excluded in this) and it is typical to find only two or three guilds per server that are even reasonably respectful of women.

    Finally, as a whole, the general populous of WoW is equally passively rude and obnoxious. This is largely attributed to the massive number of children from 13 to 17 that play the game. For the rest ... most people (newbies) do not start out this way. Rather, slowly having played through the game the general bitterness from all stated above tends to wear down on EVERYONE playing and once one has had a few months of play the generally pessimistic feelings of those around you becomes palpable.

    Neutral Points:
    Pvp is both exceptional and not. While diverse and providing many rewards, the rewards often out shined by dungeon loot.

    There is a definite balance problem that is just sickening as one reaches into the 70s that really only is apparent in PvP of any variety. Dungeon equipment being superior (typically) to PvP equipment, can still be worn in pvp and has a rather devastating impact. Warlocks and Hunters are also (even relatively poorly equiped) demoralizingly powerful in pvp situations leaving further gaps in player vs.player combat balances. While this can be avoided by joining the vast number of PvE servers available, a huge and very fun chuck of the game is lost: pvp.

    For Married Couples... this game is for you in alot of ways. Almost everything from 1-70 can be accomplished in a two person group. However, do NOT add a third member to your parter or you exp for fighting will be woefully dismal. That's true for everyone by the way.

    Equipment gained outside of dungeons is largely horrible compared to what is gained from raiding. This seems not so until one really sits down and does the math. Very truthfully though the difference may be as much as 400 damage out of 1000 in difference. So it's very impacting.
    This is balanced (kind of but not really) by the variety of skills that one uses and how adept you are at playing your class. A skillful play is often able to defeat and entirely overpowering (by equipment) character simply because they know what they are doing. However, in reality the chance of meeting a skillful AND overpowering character with 8 million people playing a game is about 50 / 50. This makes pvp the very difficult to judge.

    Lastly, I would bring up the time constraints. Blizzard literally BUILT time into the game. Everything that you do is perfectly calculated so that, regardless of how hard you grind, (unless you never sleep) the average time it takes from 1 - 60 is roughly 14 days. REAL TIME DAYS... so if you are working a lot or care to have a social life but enjoy gaming... this game really will tax your time.

    I hope this gives a better view of wow as a whole. It's an amazing game, immensely flawed, subtly sexist, and disbalanced... but you won't find one that runs better on any computer nor many as stable and reliable to be the same game the next day you log in. ...more info
  • From game to phenomenon
    Having a below-average PC, I haven't even bothered checking out any computer games whatsoever and had to rely on console ports on the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. Back in the day I had Diablo II but other than that, I've mainly been on consoles but after getting a pretty sweet laptop, I figured "eh, what the hell, see what the craze is about."
    Now I've never played an MMO before, mainly because I hate subscription fees but also because of the lackluster PC I had so I can't compare this to Warhammer Online, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online...or really any of the "Online" ones. But other than that, I'll say that this is quite a worthwhile game to play...just watch your relationships deteriorate at the same rate your character's level raises...just kidding, or am I?

    So after buying the game plus a game card for 2 months of play, in comes the incredibly lengthy install which literally took me from 6 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning and that's with a 100 MB/S connection speed. Then turns out that most of the names I was picking were not available and I'd rather have a "real" sounding name, not something like "XxXkilla" or something like that so after finally finding one, it was off to the races. Based on the kind of character you pick, you'll end up in a different area of the world than others. My first character was a night elf warrior so I was put in the tree of Teldrassil, a massive tree with purple foliage and visually I have to say it really looks impressive. Sure graphically the art style is "cartoony" but it's very pleasant to the eye, especially those with high-end PC's/Laptops with minimal framerate hitches or lag. It's also a nicely varied world with snow valleys, countryside having an almost pastoral feel to tranquil forests to ominous bogs.

    As far as gameplay is concerned, at first you're a little " do you sell stuff?", but eventually you will get the hang of it and it's incredibly accessible and the more you play the more things get added for you to use in the game such as additional skill slots, abilities for other weapons and skills that you can use from cooking, enchanting and the like. And with the ability to have multiple characters as "alts" or alternates, it'll be fresh and new from visually to gameplay since different classes get different skills and specialties. As far as PvP and PvE, I generally avoided PvP playing since I prefer co-op type games like Left 4 Dead and whatnot and I'd rather help out fellow players during tough spots than trying to kick someone's face in (which I have Street Fighter for, or at the very least, shoot their face with Call of Duty).

    Now since this is an MMO, you have to get used to one thing, and this was the surprising part since it didn't bother me but this is heavily geared towards grinding. You know, "kill 20 x to get 5 y for person Z" and thankfully the drops are not that rare unlike some RPG's where it's like "oh come on, should've had one by now". Grinding is a big thing and too often you'll run into quest givers with many leading to other quests that'll yield bigger rewards once you reach the end. My one complaint about this is that some quests make you give a certain item or talk to an NPC you haven't met yet however your map/mini-map sometimes doesn't tell you till they're actually near and when you're told "they're in the city" my first thought was "um...where?"

    This isn't one of those kind of end paragraphs where I say this is the best MMO on the market and all the others don't have anything of World of Warcraft since, as I said, I haven't played one subscription based game's enough but I will say that Warcraft is quite a fun experience and certainly different than the console games I normally play but your addiction level may vary but there's enough content here to satisfy new players and plenty of depth and quests for the frequent players....more info
  • It is a nice game at first but extremely boring after a while
    When I bought the game last January I was very optimistic, being a great role playing and fantasy fan, I thought the game was a lot of fun at first. The quests I had accepted was trivial and most of the fun was from looking at the Warcraft world while moving in it. But I was confident that the quests would improve and be more interesting. I am now level 26 (I know that is a low level compared to all the people who are level 60 and 70) but I feel that the game has to be fun even at this moderate level. It is not. The quests have not become more interesting. They are always collect X many of this and that, or kill X number of this and that monster. I never feel like I'm accomplishing anything while doing the quests. But what I am really SICK AND TIRED of is the running/walking. The extreme distances that I have to run is ridiculous, and I have to wait until level 40 to be able to buy a horse and that is extremely expensive, from what I have read on the net. What is the logic that a person has to walk/run from one city to the other? There is a minor transport system and it helps a little (only a little), but why people cannot get a horse to be able to get between two places is beyond me. One of my friends has a character that is level 70 and he says to me what I haven't even seen the game yet. All I keep think then is how long and how high level do I have to be to be categorized as having seen the game? I think you should have the feeling that you have seen the game from day one and not after you have spent hundreds of hours and dollars on subscription fees.

    The bad game play is one thing, but another is the antiquated graphics. This game looks like the 5 year old game it is poor copy of (Warcraft 3). The graphics have not improved one bit over the years after many many gigabytes of updates. I feel that the money I have paid one month after the other is totally wasted because there is no visible update at all. I feel like I'm being charged for leasing a webhotel or something and there are webhotels with sql servers that charge one fourth of the total cost that Blizzard charge.

    If Blizzard cannot improve the graphics and the extremely boring game play I won't be playing the game anymore, and I will advise people who is considering buying this game that it is extremely old looking and no speech at all in the game. I would think that all those gigabytes being downloaded would include some speech in the game, but no....more info
  • Best Evil Game Ever!
    First of all.... this game is Evil... 100% pure evil. Its way to addicting for your own good.

    That being said, Its a really fun game :D
    Theres is a HUGE online community to play with and lots of cool and continually updated content. Really fun to play with people you know.

    Buy, and Enjoy!!...more info
  • Don't be a stupid loser nerd that never gets laid
    Here's some real good advice for you.

    Don't be some stupid loser that sits at your computer playing World of Warcraft for hours on end. Read books instead, or learn music, or exercise, or do homework, or go somewhere and meet people... Meet girls. Don't be some stupid loser nerd that never has sex and sits around playing WoW, thinking about your character as you fall asleep every night. Don't be that stupid loser. Do yourself a huge favor and leave that fate for someone else. Don't be a stupid loser....more info
  • Good game but repetitive and too easy
    This is a great game with great graphics, but it's easy compared to older MMOs like Everquest so there are a lot of kiddies who think they are "uber" because they are playing a really easy game. But it's a fun game nontheless until you realize that even at lvl 70 you are getting the same kinds of repetitive quests as lvl 1....more info
  • Best game I ever played!
    I'm one to get burnt out on computer games after a month or two. This game is the best value because it will hold your interest for so long. Even as a "girl," I immensely enjoyed playing this online game for about three years. No other game has ever held my interest that long! I tried EQII, LOTR and Warhammer, but they just couldn't compare to this one. It's a winner!...more info
    it is the best game than it exists, is very complete, really it has good colors and textures, many personages... are the best thing of the best thing......more info
  • Dont buy this game
    I have played this game for around two years and have multiple level 70 characters and thoroughly enjoy it. However the game is broken (as of october 2008) and unplayable at the moment due to horrendous lag issues and server shut downs.

    My advice is avoid this game and the new expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King like the plague until the game becomes playable again. Just thought I'd save you some dollars and whole bunch of frustration. ...more info
  • WOW is right!
    This is such a spectacular game! I can play it for hours and hours on end without getting tired. I impress all of the guys I met in Chatrooms with my awesome WOW skills! I usually play from 3 PM (when I wake up) until 6 AM (when I go to sleep) without being disrupted... until my mom tells me to come out of the basement and take a shower. But anyway, this is an awesome game that helps me score with the dudes and makes me look cool!...more info
  • Worst popular MMORPG evah!
    Graphics are awful, grinding is awful and majority of the online community either are or act like pre-teen or teen mooks. One of the worst, yet inexplicably popular, games ever released. I cannot comprehend how anyone's life could be so tedious as to make this an attractive option. I also can't comprehend how the same company that brought us the elegant and timeless Diablo II came out with this wretched, sloppy mess. I know millions like it--but millions liked Brittney Spears and Pet Rocks, too. If you've never played before and you have some taste in games--STAY AWAY--don't waste your money like I did! ...more info
  • This is my entertainment!
    I play this game almost nightly, I solo every character. It is not like those other MMORPG games that you have to group all the time to level. There is lots of quests to help you level, I used to play EQ but where was the quests??? This game beats it hands down. The graffics is fantastic! Any time I have had a problem (2 times in a year and a half) a game master has helped me to my satifaction. WOW all the way!...more info
  • glad I did the 10 day free trial
    I did the 10 day free trial just recently and I have played about 3 days. The game is very repetitive. I played 3 different races and each of their quests was pretty much the same: go kill so many of these monsters, go retrieve this item, collect so many of these items, collect so many things by killing these creatures. I saw quiet a few 70th level characters just standing around. I will probally take it off my computer in a few days. I like my Rpg time sinks with more of a plot. The graphics are really cool though. If you want a good storyline try scrolls of morrowind III or dragonquest 8. Single person games. If you like running around and killing things play Diablo 2 or the doom or quake series. If you like a hundred different players trying to fight the same quest and causing you to wait around until monsters respawn so you can finish your quest the WoW is for you. Plus I can spend $20.00 on a game play it for 60-200 hours and be happy I am done with it and have a sense of accomplishment that I won the game and have no monthly fees. WoW I can see being some form of self inflicted torture that you cannot escape. ...more info
  • Best GAME!!
    This game is very addictive. A little slow understanding a new game but once you get going, GREAT GREAT game. I have the Burning Crusade as well, which is the expansion for it. ...more info
  • Addictive as all get out...
    I agree 100% with all the previous reviews claiming the game is addictive as can be. I mean this in the best possible way, I just can't get enough of it... its just *that* fun to play. I have been away from gaming for several years, and I can safely say that I have not had this much enjoyment playing a game since the Diablo and Diablo II games (also from Blizzard ... hmm, coincidence?). You will find yourself staying up into the wee hours of the night just saying "one more level" or "if I could only get that one new spell it would make all the difference." Just so much fun and the online aspect just plain works. I can't recommend this one highly enough... just be prepared to be spending many a sleepless night on this one. Great stuff, thank you Blizzard!...more info
  • Excellent Online Game
    I had seen the title "World of Warcraft" around the Internet but never gave it much attention, so I never really knew what the game was all about. I assumed it was based on modern world war battles which does not interest me. So, I continued to play Zelda, which I really like, on the Gamecube and Wii.

    Recently, I bought a laptop and downloaded the latest graphics driver from the AMD/ATI website. The driver package included a trial version of WOW. I decided I'd give it a try, mainly just to see if the laptop would play the game well (it's a MSI gaming machine).

    After I installed the game, I began to play, and much to my amazement, was very similar in scope to the Zelda games. It's definitely a hundred times more complex than Zelda (in world size, scope, actions, roles, abilities, graphics, etc., etc.). The graphics are amazing. My daughter also installed the trial game on her laptop the same day. We usually sit next to each other and play on the same Realm.

    Since the trial was only ten days and we knew that this game is something we would continue playing, we decided to purchase a couple of retail copies at a local brick and mortar. After we installed the game, we could not play until the next day. It literally took most of the wee hours to download about 3-4Gigs worth of patches. Keep this in mind when you buy the game. Blizzard keeps things updated, so be prepared to wait for updates to complete. After all the required, latest patches are automatically installed, any new patches download in the background, so, your game is not interrupted. If you know someone who plays this game, you can backup the patches from their PC and place them on your PC. WOW will recognize this and not download them again.

    The game is about finding items, completing quests, building up your level. All of this involves killing things, including hogs, robots, wolves, bears, weird creatures, and humans. Certain obtained abilities cause blood splats but it's really not that bad. You can choose characters which fight with knives, swords, axes and rods, or you can choose characters which use spells. The latter is good for those who don't like the violent acts of swords and axes. Read on the Internet about the character you like best because once you create the character, it can't be changed into something else. You can have lots of characters under your account. Right now I play a Human Warrior but I also have a Night Elf Hunter, Dwarf Paladin and Human Mage character which I play sometimes.

    About PC's: I'm playing on a AMD Turion X2 64 laptop with 4G RAM, Vista 64bit and a dedicated ATI Radeon 3850 graphics card. No issues at all. My daughter has a $400 laptop which has a AMD Athlon 64 X2, Vista 32 bits, 3G RAM and a non-dedicated Nvidia GForce 7000M card. She can play the game with no problems but there is a very slight lag when panning while moving forward (i.e., moving right and left while going forward).

    If you like role playing games such as Zelda, get this game. You'll like it even more. Have and good one....more info
  • World of Warcraft has Enough stuff to do to ensure almost constant entertainment
    World of Warcraft (WoW for short) is an excellent game that is well thought out, and well driven for the market. It allows for both solo and team play in a world that is filled with monsters quests dungeons, and team events. Some of the quests are puzzles, others are calls to action against a horde of monsters troubling a village. Perhaps they are a quest to find a buried treasure in a cave full of half snake fiends.

    Throughout all of this is a world held together beautifully. Just wandering the beautiful Landscape, you will find interesting battle scenes perhaps a sunken ship with bodies lying around it that is never mentioned in a quest. It is just the chance to add realism to the world. Objects that don't have any significance to the players have significance to the world itself. and this kind of thought is throughout all of WoW.

    With 10 Playable Races and 10 Playable classes it is a wonderful game for anyone who likes a fantasy adventure game....more info
  • Over time, it becomes an unreasonably demanding time sink
    I played WoW off and on for a couple of years, with one year in between where I had quit playing. My game play was sporadic at best, and I had a bad habit of restarting characters or switching servers because I had friends who played and did the same thing, so in my efforts to stick with them, it took me longer to max a character. Initially, I found the game incredibly fun and engaging, from level 1-59. It didn't take a massive chunk out of my day to level my character, or level my skills/crafts, or to locate items and materials I needed for my professions. At the time, it was the perfect game for me- I could play 1-2 hours a night, and still get up for work/school in the morning, without any problems.

    My error was assuming that end-game content would require the same amount of time, and would allow me to play WoW in the same manner I had during lower levels.

    Once I maxed my first character, I soon found that I was dead wrong.

    Once you have reached max level, it's almost as if you're not even playing the same game anymore. At this point, the only viable way to get new, better items is to go on "raids", or join 25 (it used to be 40) other people in brining down a huge boss in a dungeon. Trying to get 25 people together can take untold hours, so waiting for everyone to get ready already takes up a huge part of your day/night. Then the actual raid takes place, which, depending on what happens, can take any number of hours. It is not uncommon for people to raid 6-8 hours a night, if not longer.

    Don't want to raid for hours on end? Too bad, it's the only option this game gives you to get the best items. Yes, you can get good items through PvP or professions/crafting items, but raid items are always better.

    Ultimately, this game turns into a job. Raids become scheduled, and require you to sign up for raid events. If you sign up for a raid, and fail to show up, you lose points that are tallied by your guild that you would use to bid on items that drop in raids, which you earn by showing up to raids. So, if life happens (you know, that thing that's more important than WoW?), and if your guild/raid leaders are jerks (mine weren't, but I know most others were), you're out of luck.

    Blizzard has everyone played. You buy this game, and pay the 15 bucks per month to play it. If you have a life, it takes you longer to level a character. During this time, you're earning money, which will ultimately go to them. Because it takes you longer to level a character because of your job, Blizzard makes more money off of you because you're enjoying the game, since the way it's designed doesn't require you to devote your life to it. Once you hit 60 a few months down the road (some need more/less time to do it, depending), you realize you don't have time for it anymore, so you quit. By this time, Blizzard has already made its money off of you, so in the end, they ultimately win. ...more info
  • wow for Wow!
    The only complaint I've known people to have about world of warcraft is that it takes up too much of their time (or flat-out takes over their lives). Who can blame blizzard for making a game THAT much fun? Personally, I've been able to avoid becoming that engrossed with the game because I'm actually pretty terrible at it, but it's still a really great pastime when you have nothing else to do. When you have warcraft, you never get bored!...more info
  • Very good game
    If you have alot of free time on your hands and like video games than get this. Such a good game I had to stop playing because it started taking over my life....more info
  • Excellent game, but use caution, read this post.
    This is a very long post, but well worth it if you're seriously considering this game.


    First and foremost this game is a milestone in the both the MMORPG and online gaming industry. With over 11 million subscribers, it's the largest online game to date, and for good reason.

    The graphics, while cartoonish, indulge you in a moving work of art with flowing waterfalls, freezing tundras, and shadow-ridden caves. The world itself is simply huge (though surprisingly easy to navigate), spanning across four continents (one in outer space), and leaves the gamer with an unparalleled sense of citizenship. Once you log into World of Warcraft, you truly plug into a hidden universe.

    The music is truly worthy of mention. When you first launch the game, you are met with a symphony of heart-pounding drums, violins, bassoons, or what-have-you. The music/ambience then changes frequently throughout the game depending upon your current location and really adds an element of class to the experiences of stepping into a haunted mine, or riding up to the gates of a citadel.

    The gameplay ranges from simple to slightly complicated depending upon your class selection, but always maintains the smooth controls that are oh-so-user-friendly. You can select from 9 different classes at the start (another is available further on in the game), each of which have their own roles to fulfill by either Healing, Tanking (taking the hits for other less-hardy classes), or DPSing (DPS: Damage per second, a term used to explain classes adept at dealing damage). Also with the introduction of "dual-spec," a character is able to switch between two customizable talent builds (determines your main role: healing/tanking/dps, through the selection certain talents) at the drop of a hat.

    The most basic gameplay consists of leveling your character from 1 to 80 via the completion of quests, invading of dungeons, and slaying of monsters, all of which grant "experience," and move you closer to the next level. If you grow wary leveling, it is possible to "que" into a battleground from anywhere in the world. There are four different types of battle: capture the flag, protect the resources, defend/attack the keep, and control the territory. You compete against real players controlling real characters on different computers, which is typically referred to as "PVP," or player versus player.

    Once you have reached the maximum level, the fun has just begun. You will continue advancing your character by upgrading his or her equipment (or "gear"). Raids, dungeons and "heroics" offer thousands of powerful monsters that, when killed, give weapons and armor that strengthen your character. Dungeons and heroics are typically conquered by five players effectively working together to defeat the obstacles and creatures within. Raids follow a different suit, requiring 10 to 25 skilled players able to communicate and coordinate themselves in order to (hopefully) kill the most difficult monsters in the game.

    Another option to the post-leveling stage (or "end game content") is coordinated PVP. Beside the four available battlegrounds, the game contains four "arena" maps offering extremely competitive play in the form of 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5. If you are successful, the rewards are some of the most powerful upgrades in the game.

    Guilds, world events, seasonal events, mounts, professions, mini-games, parties, transportation and real-time economies are just a few more of the many other unnamed aspects to this game. Some things are simply best if discovered.


    In recent times, the game has found difficulties in PVP in terms of equality. Some classes seem to always be more powerful than others, however, the developers of the game promise that they're addressing this situation.

    It is fairly expensive if thought of as simply a video game. The game runs at (I believe) $15 a month, or $12.99 if you pay for 6 months at once. By the time you've purchased the original game and the two expansion packs, you're out $100+, which doesn't include subscription fees. The cheapest route to take is to purchase the Battle-chest (the first two games), the second expansion pack (soon to be added to the Battle-chest) and a large chunk of game time.

    A key thing to consider in terms of price is that you're buying much more than a game. You're paying for the new content which is released almost every two months, the server maintenance, and in-game customer support. Also, keep in mind, that this game will (probably) entertain you for much longer than a TV or DVD or Console game. Sure, an XBox game is only $59.99, very cheap compared to World of Warcraft, but within a few weeks/months the XBox game will become dull, whereas this game will have already released new content to be conquered.

    *This is why I only gave it 4 stars*
    The game is addicting. Extremely. Dangerously. No, seriously, if you have any history of alcohol/drug/gambling abuse, you should reconsider, or at least be informed prior to purchasing.

    I offer to you this solution: first, download the 10 day free trial. Next, keep a log of the amount of time you spend on the game during these 10 days. It's expected that you will 1-3 hours a day initially, but will quickly fall into the 4+ hours as your trial nears its end. After the 10 day trial, take a look at how much time you've spent on this game. Some might find themselves in "good shape," with only a couple hours of play time. Most will find that they've spent an upwards of 30 hours (or much more) on the game in only 10 days.

    Determine for yourself if you truly have that much free time to spend on a video game. If you do, wonderful, then this is the game for you, and I hope you enjoy your experience. If you believe this is too much time to spend on a game, don't fret! Within the account creation process, you will be able to set up "parental controls" for the availability of play. It is in this device that you can limit your playtime to a healthy and sustainable amount.

    I hope this was helpful....more info
  • A Real Neverending story
    World of Warcraft takes the mmorpg genre to the next level. With rich storylines in every quest and dungeon, a high level of interactivity not only with the environment itself but with other players from around the world with over 10 million users online. An addictive gameplay style, with different kinds of races and classes to choose from, a leveling system that upgrades your stats and a whole bunch of skills that can be learned by each class. You can gain experience to level up by completing quests and even at maximum level you can keep doing raids to gain better equipment, higher reputation, and hours of fun. a must have for computer gamers....more info
  • Fun but takes a lot of time, aka your life.
    Its a fun game to play with some friends but dont get too hardcore into it because it will take over your life....more info
  • Moving on................
    After eleven months of playing WOW my thoughts on it are somewhat mixed. Although I've enjoyed playing and developing a character, I'm starting to look to other games like Guild Wars and Lord of the Rings.

    One of the biggest downsides to this game are the other players. I've met very few "casual" players. Most people I've interacted with range from immature teenagers to people so obbsessed with the game the suck all the fun out of playing. At lower levels there seems to be an abundance of people begging/mooching for money, water, supplies etc. At higher levels other players think they're so much better then you because they're five levels or so higher. And for a game with 8 million players you would think that it would be easy to find four other players for an instance. If you want to do an instance, just trying to get a decent group together can easily take an hour. Then you have five people doing an instance that can take a few hours to get a sword or some piece of equipment from a boss that has a 25 percent chance of dropping it in the first place. And if you get lucky enough for the boss to drop it, you have a one in five chance of getting it away from the other people in your group. That's pretty much the only way for you to get the good equipment.

    I was in a guild that wasn't too bad. The people were pretty mellow considering some of the other hardcore players on the server. Then I find out the one day someone was stealing from bank which caused a HUGE fight between the guildies which split up the guild. I recieved a four page email from the guild leader pouring his heart out to me about how the other people from the guild are harrassing him and taking his loot everywhere he goes(I didn't think harrassment was possible in this game because of the "ignore" feature, apparantly I was wrong). For some reason he still had to change his name and pretend like he was someone else to avoid all the harrassment he was experiencing, despite whatever blizzard had built into the game to avoid that kind of nonsense. The guild that was formed out of that one was terrible. The people were such snobs because they were higher lvls then me. I then decided to start my own guild with two friends of mine, which is cool if we were going to be the only ones in the guild. But, trying to recruit people into the guild is extremely hard as I had to pay people just to sign the charter. Trying to get reasonable people in the guild is impossible(people just to bs with and be social).

    Don't get me wrong it's still a good game. But be careful what kind of people you get mixed up with and what you say to them. And DON'T let it take over your life, because the fact that this game is addictive is both a good and bad thing....more info
  • online gameplay
    An excellent game by an excellent company that continually provides updates and sertvice to their software. You will need a fast internet connection, and a credit card for the subscription fee. Be ready for a long install, though, the virtual-world is huge, and you will have to download a lot of "patches" before you can play....more info
  • Just to show you how good WOW really is..
    Scroll through the 1/5 star ratings here, and most of the complaints are regarding how the game requires too much of your time once you get to level 60. How could you possibly play ALL THE WAY to level 60, yet still call this a 1 star game lol?...more info
  • Immature Players
    The problem with Warcraft is that you have to deal with loads of immature players. Some go far out of their way to make things hard for others, just because its fun for them. This kind of behavior is technically against the rules, but reporting them never accomplishes anything.

    I made the mistake of prepaying my account for six months or so, and I'll keep playing until then (even I'll admit its pretty fun at times), but I'm not renewing after that....more info
  • This game is mindless bashing.
    The graphics are beautiful but the game is oddly devoid of certain kinds of content, in my opinion. It became like onerous work to train my characters by attacking monsters non-stop, and there seems to be little else involved in the game. I am a company shareholder so I want the game to do well, and I realize it is immensely popular. I guess I am lucky not to be so into it....more info
  • Don't buy this game unless you have a motherlod of time in your hands
    Simply the most awesome MMO I ever played, WoW is a great way for you to get a bucket full of friends and lose hours and hours without noticing. Don't buy it if you are in college, you'll never deliver a paper in time or remember studying for a test again....more info
  • Broken...and no end in sight
    I saw other posted similair reviews to what I'm about to post.

    If you're looking at getting into this game, avoid it for now. There are several other mmorpgs coming out that I'm considering picking up now. When I first started playing this game two years ago it was fun, challenging, and custormer service was good. As of November 2008, the realms are down daily, the patches have made the game easier and easier (Quest objects sparkle from across the map, instead of actually having to LOOK for them), classes are unbalanced (they constantly nerf and buff classes with each patch), and customer service is horrible...not providing real answers to thier customers.

    Overall, Blizzard has finally come to understand that so many people play this game and will continue to play. Despite being treated like crap by Blizzard, we all keep playing because of the social networks we've created. I have several people who I just enjoy gaming with. Blizzard now knows this...and understand it can get away with shotty customer service and extremely long down times.

    So if you're looking for a good MMORPG....this is no longer the game for you. Two years ago, it rocked...and I would be 5 stars across the board. Now? Avoid it....more info
  • Love/Hate Relationship
    WOW (world of warcraft) deserves 3 stars. The short and sweet run-down:

    1)Beautiful scenery with lots of little details
    2)Easy to learn, but complicated enough (as in many different approaches to playing it) to give you plenty to do while playing
    3)Lots of playability--can basically play it forever
    4)No bugs (at least not for me)

    1)Takes forever to load (I mean hours)
    2)Monthly fee
    3)Tuesday is the day Blizzard updates/fixes the game, and they aren't quick about it.
    4)Constantly downloading patches, which you need to play. Sometimes I have a hard time downloading these patches. My computer often tells me I am unable to for various reasons, which can get pretty frustrating.

    4 PROS + 4 CONS= 3 stars...more info


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